Monday, June 07, 2004

4 Hours & Still Kicking

Yep, my sleep schedule is all kinds of screwed up, but that's my own fault. Last night I went to bed at 2:00 and woke up at 6:15. But never fear, for I'm a beast when it comes to not sleeping much. Just later in the week I'll pass out and be in a coma, but that's all fine and dandy. I knew I wouldn't have much to do as far as "work" would go, and I was definitely right on that one. This week we won't have any kids and Wednesday will be my last day before summer break.

Today I got paid for hanging on the internet, watching SportsCenter, and cooking. Yeah, I cooked. I know what you're thinking. I put BBQ ribs on the Fire & Ice Grill (a buddy I work with brought this and it's worth the buy for sure) and another old school grill and they turned out sweet. When I want to cook I don't think I'm too bad, but that's pretty rare, and I need more practice. It gets easy when my parents are both awesome cooks. Mom makes the best Italian stuff ever and Dad tears stuff up on the grill and all breakfast foods. But with the help of a few other guys I work with, we cooked ribs for our work buddies. Today we had all the food you can imagine, which was a rough day of work (sarcasm), as the chicks brought in cakes and stuff they baked and the dudes manned the grills outside. Tomorrow it's dudes cooking the chicks breakfast. I get to be at work at 6:30 and give a hand in making pancakes, sausage, and whatever else they put together. We're expecting a huge crowd for this one as it's usually a hit. And yes, I get paid for doing that, so I can't complain.

I don't have to workout today and that's a good thing considering the 4 hours of sleep. Plus I'm all sore after yesterday's big workout. I'm debating getting a nap when I get home or playing tough guy and not worrying about it until after wrestling is over tonight. Oh yes. Monday night! That can only mean one thing, and The Rock says one thing.. Monday Night RAW! And this shot be a HOT show since it's the RAW before Bad Blood, which has potential to be a pretty nice one if all goes down in the right direction. Big Cork will be over as usual to take in the festivities for RAW tonight, as well as Bad Blood. So I'll be sure to stock up the junk food and have all video game systems hooked up for the melee. I have to get revenge on the beating I took the other day in RBI Baseball.

How about the Pistons last night? Dang, that was hardcore. They win Game 1 in LA. Just insane. I predicted the Lakers to sweep the Pistons. Shows how much respect I gave the Pistons I guess. I still don't see Detroit pulling out this series, but I hope I eat my words on that one. $haq and Kobe played great, but got zero help. Detroit played more as a team, as they usually do.

I just got back from playing kickball in the hall with teachers. Cranking it all over the hall, busting up exit signs, banging into lockers hockey style, and all sorts of action. I felt like I was back in middle school again as a kid. And to see teachers 50+ in age out there busting up stuff was classic. I was inside a Beavis episode, which is the greatest show evarrrr.

On that note, I'm rolling out of work early. See you guys this evening. 6.5 hours till RAW!

Rapper: Ice Cube -- Song: Color Blind -- Album: Death Certificate

Killa Cali, the state where they kill
Over colors cuz brothas don't know the deal
And they'll cap you, not if they have to
But if they want to, first they might confront you
But every nigga on my block can't stop
And he won't stop and he don't stop
Not to the bang bang boogie, but they like to gangbang
And rookies ain't the only ones that drop
Some say the little locs are gettin a little too loc'ed
And when it comes to dust, they kick up the most
Say the wrong word
then whistle down the street to your homies like a bird

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Anonymous said...

Well, wouldn't it be nice if we were all fortunate enough to get off work early. Here it is 1:45 and i'm still hard at work, evidenced by me reading blogs. Less than 3 hours til I get to go home. Hopefully nobody will call needing WebCT help this afternoon and I can just chill like Waxamill.

-DHood (I didn't feel like signing in)