Wednesday, June 01, 2005

From Parts Unknown

Ok, I’m typing this one up at work, so you can’t go wrong with that day so far. I know I’m usually a bum at work and have it made, but I lucked out big time for today and tomorrow. How so you ask? Well, I’m at a local high school and have my entire morning off. First Block runs from about 7:45-9:10 here and I was to be the ISS dude. They cancelled ISS the rest of the year, so that lets me hang out online, tough for me to do there. Like I’m not online enough the way it is. 2nd Block goes from about 9:15-10:45 and that is my planning period. Since I’m a sub, there’s nothing for me to plan, grade, or whatever. So once again, Mr. Bum is working hard for his pay, stealing the state’s money in a sense it seems like, but I’ll take it gladly. 10:45-11:15 I have homeroom and that’s basically some kids coming in and watching TV and eating, no joke. 11:15-11:45 is my lunch. As #basketball legend DerekHood would say, I don’t have to do JACK SQUAT until noon. The rest of the day we watch movies. Tell me I’m dreaming here.

Yesterday was a fun day. I had work off, so around 11:30 or so, my boys Cork and Spank come barging upstairs, busting through the door and waking me out of bed. They wanted to know if I was in for Chinese. Of course I was, you can never say no to that. We also had to load up junk that Spank had left over from a yard sale and take it to the landfill. It was quick, so it wasn’t hard work, but it was fun to stand in his truck and just break stuff like a madman as I threw it out. Little things like that amuse me I guess. Yeah, I’ll never grow up.

After that, we had to take an old tanning bed to parts unknown. For the locals, we had to go near Lumberport out Jones Run Road. This is about 5-10 minutes from my house. I never realized what a dirty filthy town Lumberport is. I know there’s probably a few nice houses there, but just cuss me if I offended someone. I’m just being honest on what I see. Granted, Shinnston isn’t paradise, but it is compared to the area we went to. The place we went to isn’t even civilization. We were bummed out we didn’t take a camera with us to film this madness. The area we went to for the locals was past the Nolan’s Run sign and take a left off the one lane bridge. This isn’t even that far out of town, but you thought they dropped us off in the Twilight Zone. A car couldn’t make it up this hill safely and we had to go to the top. I had to ride in the back of the truck redneck style with Cork as we held the tanning bed in place as it was busting us up when we hit the craters in the road. This woman we took it to had a zillion dogs. I don’t know if she was breeding them or what, but they were, you guessed it, dirty as Christina Aguilera. Anyways, she has these little dogs in cages barely big enough for one dog and has tons of them all over her land. She had two dogs to a cage, it stunk something awful, and she should be turned in for how she treats these dogs. I’m more of a cat lover than a dog guy, but we felt like just unlocking those cages and rolling out of town. Words can’t even describe this area we were in. I was telling my boys that one day this summer we need to go through some quality parts of WV and take pics of the places people outside of WV have on idea about. Actually it’s no quality, but the pics would be keepers for sure to see how some of these people live. Can something be negative quality? This place sure was.

Wrestling alert, so you can skip this paragraph if you’re not a wrestling person. RAW was Monday and it was a fairly good show I thought. The show starts out with a Swimsuit Competition? Are you serious? Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at half naked chicks like the rest of the guys and maybe I’m weird, but give me wrestling on a wrestling show. Is it that hard to do? I can look at porn for the other 22 hours of the day on Monday if I wanted, but from 9:00-11:00, nothing grabs my attention more than RAW. Our first match was The Heart Throbs getting beat by the Tag Champs, Hurricane and Rosey. The Heart Throbs have some nice charisma, they’re a funny bunch. Then we had a 3-Way Dance for the IC Title in which Shelton Benjamin retained over both Grenier and Conway, who look to be starting their breakup as a team soon. Conway can go, he should do fine on his own. Jericho interviewed Kane, Lita, and Edge. After Edge sucked Lita’s face off (you have to see it to believe it), Y2J announced that next week on his Highlight Reel, he’ll interview the first transfer from the SmackDown side of the Draft Lottery. Should be good times. Bring over Angle, please. I’m begging you WWE. Then we had a Table Match with Benoit getting laid out by Edge. A very good match here. Edge only wins because Bischoff sends the guys who he has against ECW run down and beat on Benoit. Canadian wrestling crowds rule by the way. Christian comes out and does his thing. How can they not make this guy huge? He cut a great promo for his home country as he’s one of my favorites currently. The main event was brutal. Batista went against Hassan and got DQed for choking him for more than 5 seconds. Then he went crazy on Hassan and Daivari afterwards, the end. Batista is going to have to show me more to make me a believer. Sure, he’s an insane roid freak, but you can’t talk or wrestle. I could see if you could do one of those.

Cork came over with a few CDs to add to the collection the other day. In alphabetical order, the first is an older one and it’s the collabo between Jay-Z and Linkin Park called Collision Course. I’m not big on either of these, especially Linkin Park stuff, but I figured since Jay-Z is rap and I have all of his other CDs, I might as well put this in there too. The other one I listened to half of it so far on the way to work today. That one is Pretty Ricky’s called Blue Stars. These kids impressed me a whole lot. You have a mix of pimpin R&B music with some rap, it goes together good. A very good listen so far.

Hard to believe June is already here. It looks to be a huge month for me and I’m pumped about that. A few wrestling Pay Per Views, Pirate games (going to another Bobblehead Night this Saturday at Pittsburgh and this one is for Craig Wilson), NBA Finals, and the best day of my year, the NBA Draft. That and summer officially starts for me in just a few days. Not like I don’t have enough time on my hands the way it is, but that’s how I like it. Or as Christian would say, that’s how I roll. And I’m going to roll on out of here to get back to my busy busy day of being a bum. Onto the 3 things of wisdom for you to chew on.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I’m thinking of going with the shaved head/CT from Real World look for the next haircut. Not sure how short I’ll go, but I might as well give it a try. Even if it turns out bad, it’ll grow back quick.

2. Speaking of Real World, the new season stars up on June 21st. It hails from Austin, Texas. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting all pumped up. No matter how it turns out, it can’t be worse than Real World Philly I wouldn’t think.

3. For an awesome video clip on some guys doing crazy flips and kicks off trampolines and the ground both, check this out: Don’t let the whore part of the address mess with your head, it’s not a bad site. It’s work safe, hah. For some reason, I’d love to do this stuff. Enjoy.


That's Me said...

I like the new layout, pretty nice. That "Scumberport" story is great stuff!! It's one of those "you just have to see it to believe it" kind of stories. Quite entertaining, I must say. That lady should be turned in, she'd make the news like those people in Randolph Co. Until later... Keep up the awesome posts :=)

jellyfish_andie said...

saw this page on your profile, thought i might as well see what you were really about.. haha

Walz said...

Watch the Lumberport trash talk...Im from them hills!!!!!

Susie said...

Nice new set-up! It`s soooo big! :) Take care!

Jasmin said...

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for the advice! Real World is pretty awesome. Do you watch the Inferno? That show is pretty cool, I guess. Landon's hair is hilarious though! Have you seen it? If you haven't, you should. Check out my website if you ever feel like giving good advice! LOL

Bird33 said...

What's up Jasmin? I got bored that day and just found your Blog I guess. Yep, I'm into The Inferno too. It's on at the same time as wrestling on Mondays, so I usually just catch repeats or just watch a big marathon on it. Landon is messed up. Imagine him being drunk on that show and that causing his hair to get like that, oh well.