Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yahoo Search #39 & #47

I'll open this up with a message from the studious Mr. Clark Riley, father-to-be in the fall of 2006. He sent along this email, explaining today's title of the Blog, so we all want to give him some big props for that:

Yahoo Search #39 & #47

That should be your title for the next blog ... why? Well, in my boredom yesterday afternoon and after checking to see if you had a new post up. I did a search on Yahoo for "blog shinnston" ... Just out of curiousity to see if anyone else I knew had one going. And I went through the top 100 results. You came up twice.

Just food for thought really, but I assumed you would enjoy my findings.

It's hard to believe that May is here already. Summer is right around the corner. I like warm weather, but the crazy hot stuff can stay away for a long time if you ask me. I'd rather it be 40 than 80, but then again, I'm weird. It's been in the low 70s here lately, so I can handle that. In this saga of events, I'll talk about my Cleveland trip, the NFL Draft, wrestling, the anniversary this blog is approaching, and many other things. Strap up and enjoy the ride..

Saturday at noon, the crew rolls out of Shinnston and heads towards Cleveland. Who is part of this road trip? Well, it's just me and Cork this time. I'm doing the driving for the festivities and that's rare enough. I didn't freak Cork out with my bad driving skills, so I guess I ended up doing just fine. On the ride up, we listened to the NFL Draft on radio and that was good entertainment as well as some various rap action of course. It got way too much hype, but we were able to listen to most of the 1st Round while on our way. The trip is 4 hours for those keeping track at home.

We hit up some good Italian eats at a place in Akron called Panatierre's. I know I mangled that spelling, but it'll work. I can't find the name of it anywhere. Good prices and it's just this tiny place that reminds me of a home style atmosphere. I loaded up on lasagna and I would get it again. If you're in that area and drive by the place, it looks like a dump, but it was a good time. Check it out. Then we roll into Cleveland around 5:00-5:30. Very easy to get there and I didn't have any problems. I've driven it before, so I knew what to expect. After paying $15 to park, we then get our pimp strut on across the street to Jacobs Field.

I liked out seats a lot. We were high, but behind the plate just a bit on the 1st base line. We could see the pitches perfectly. Of course it was Grady Sizemore Bobblehead Night. It's insane how much the town of Cleveland loves Grady. Chicks are all over his nads as they're almost fainting when he gets up to bat or does anything, seriously. It's also a nice change to see a crowd of a team that is a competitor in the league, rather than Pittsburgh who are bums. Granted, I love going to Pittsburgh more than anywhere and the stadium is top notch, but they're basically done before the season begins. The Jake is a great stadium, I highly recommend it. The bobblehead is quality too, well done.

The coldest baseball game I've been to probably. I got a free blanket there and put it to use. Yes, it was that cold on the last day of April. I liked it that way though. After the game, we got out of town really easy. Then we get the car going back in the direction of WV and we stop at Akron. Around midnight, we see a Waffle House. The big lightbulb went over our heads and a Waffle House is a MUST stop. Very good service, eats were fine, but it wasn't dirty enough. Say what you're asking? We were a little disappointed this was a fairly clean Waffle House. It doesn't get any better than a filthy grimey Waffle House, I'm not joking. My theory is that if the place looks dirty, the food inside rocks. I then stop to get gas on the way home and we watch this dude hanging out of the back of an SUV parked in the lot. He's trying to get himself to throw up as his buddies are there for support. I thought it was funny. Yet another reason why I don't drink, forget that junk. They probably didn't know what to think when we were just sitting in the car after getting our gas and watching this idiot try to make himself puke. We didn't care though, it's quality entertainment, so we stayed for the action.

A real quick capsule of the Bears draft. I'll just run through the picks in order, but won't bore you with a biography on these guys. Our first pick was Danieal Manning, a safety out of the mean streets of Abilene Christian College. 2nd pick we go with Devin Hester, CB out of Miami. 3rd pick we go with Dusty Dvoracek, DT from Oklahoma. You gotta love that name alone. 4th pick goes to Jamar Williams, LB of Arizona State. See a trend here? My guys mean business on the defensive side of the ball. 5th pick, Mark Anderson, DE of Alabama. 6th pick, JD Runnels, FB of Oklahoma. Hey, we have an offensive player! Why not go for 2 in a row? We end the weekend with Tyler Reed, an OG from Penn State.

Big wrestling news to mention. A nice Sunday and Monday combo. On Sunday it was WWE Backlash and I thought it was a solid show. The only down part was Big Show and Kane, but that was expected to be brutal. HBK and Shane took a beating, Cena ended up retaining but HHH got the last word in, and Trish dislocated her shoulder as it was nasty to see. RAW was where the stuff went down though. Quite possibly the best final 20 minutes of RAW in a long time. First, we had Joey Styles cut what is said to be a partial shoot, but we know it's really not. Either way, he supposedly wrote all of his lines and the WWE writers let him get away with the pro wrestling vs. sports entertainment argument. Great lead-in for ECW, good job Joey! Hopefully they don't screw it up this time. And the end had more teasing towards the reformation of DX. In the final 20 minutes it was my favorite promotion of all time getting in the spotlight (ECW) and my favorite stable of all time (DX) there as well. A good time to be a wrestling fan.

Mobb Deep: Blood Money. A real good CD here. This is the infamous Mobb Deep's first album with G-Unit. Of course you're going to get that crew on there, but they don't do away from their old style. It's still as rough and lyrically sound as they have ever been.

In other CD news, I'm not sure if my computer will be able to handle it or not, but I've downloaded some country CDs this week. No, it's not what you think, so hold on. Since I'm a nice guy, I don't mind making some CDs for people. I'm weird, but it puts a hop in my step (BSG style) to send mail out to my crew. And half of these people I don't even have a clue what they look like, let alone know their songs.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. We're almost there. On May 21st, we will hit the 2-year anniversary in here. I'm excited for that, doesn't seem like I've been typing a blog up that long. I still enjoy it though.

2. Another week or so and I'll be done with my class part of my Masters courses. That'll give me a good bit of extra free time as this has been the busiest semester I've had since I'm doing the teaching thing, running a fantasy NBA league (now over), plus keeping up with my Masters on top of that. I'm pimp like that though, you know how it goes.

3. Your lucky number today? 367.


Anonymous said...

Did you do the Vince McMahon "HE'S GONNA PUUUKE!"...that would have been the best. Or if you were like Droz and just walk over there and puke in that guy's face.

I'm with you on Waffle House, but most of em I see any more are cleaner. Hash browns smothered, chunked and covered are the best.

Anonymous said...

that was me on the last post - mandingo

c-note said...

Ed ... thanks for the props on the title. You know I am good for at least 1 every six months.

Kristen said...

You know you're big time when you show up on a Yahoo search. You and your fetishes for dirty Waffle Houses..that's hilarious to me. Sorry I didnt post earlier..for some reason I thought I had. Oh well..guess you got a few already. Take care and have fun up there..

Brooke said...

Hey Ed. I totally have to agree with u with your waffle house theory. But hey if the waffle house is clean it isn't a bad thing either. lol talk 2 ya soon

Whitney said...

Hey Ed, just wanted to say...gotta love your blog..I enjoy hearing the stories that you post on here..that and I love are officially my new Wrestling partner....well, just wanted to leave ya a comment, and tell ya that I like what ya wrote.