Thursday, September 06, 2007

Youngin' On His Grind

We're back in action and not playing any games around here. It's all about business and sending the stories to the people out there reading. They might not all be interesting, but you know you're going to read regardless since you have nothing else to do. The weekend is upon us and it's time to break my life down in the past week to fill you in on what's up. The topics for this time include family cookout time, new computer, Notre Dame being totally brutal, hitting the snooze button, Jubilee, another fantasy football league completed, and the usual happenings. Let's get this thing going..

I was behind times, so it's time to get into the laptop/wireless era. I know, it took me long enough, but I'm glad I finally went that route. As much as I live on the internet, there wasn't a point in getting something just halfway decent. I had to load up because I know I'll get my money's worth. I ended up getting a HP Pavilion with a 17 inch screen, 2 GB memory, 200 GB hard drive, etc. Half of the features on this beast I'm not sure what they do to be honest. I have 2 remotes for this thing, one is for DVDs and audio on here, the other is a TV tuner to where I could save TV shows on my computer if I hooked them up to HDTV. No clue how that even works. Wireless wasn't bad to setup, I went with a N-router from Netgear. Now I don't have to break my back in my computer chair, I can be even more of a bum laying around on the bed or couch. I know most reading have been doing this for a while, but it's brand new to me, so I'm pumped.

Friday night was a trip to the Jackson's Mill Jubilee as I noted in last week's edition. I bypassed the Tally Rally this year as it's usually the same thing, but the Jubilee is good times. I can't see it lasting too many more years as it was fairly dead as far as attendance goes, but the food was amazing. That night I ended up getting an Italian sirloin sandwich with hot peppers, BBQ chicken rotisserie style, frittis (fried dough), and kettle corn. How can you go wrong with that batch of unhealthiness? You can't, I just answered my own question. I also had to get a thing of local hot honey mustard, which if you know me, I'm a big mustard fan, the #1 condiment, I won't argue that.

Family cookout time on Sunday night. It was a busy weekend for my standards, now watch this upcoming weekend be a bunch of nothing. I won't complain either way though. Anyways, we had a big crew at the farm on Cunningham Run at my Uncle Bill and Aunt Susie's place. Getting things ready all day long, Aunt Susie doesn't stop, you know that from the Atlanta trip. Hardworker Award of this excitement though, I definitely have to give to none other than Gayle. Seriously, he didn't stop on that grill. He was taking orders and didn't get to sit down all night basically. Somehow, he continues to never get pissed off either, even though he was doing all the outside cooking work. I just want to see him snap one day, hah. Someone should've gave him a break, but he did cook some awesome food to go along with the rest of the festivities, so we have to give props where it's due.

To WVU football fans' delight, my Irish are going to fall on very hard times this season. Notre Dame in their first game, got walloped by Georgia Tech and were lucky to score 3 points. We played three quarterbacks, all were worthless. I'm glad Kid Prodigy Jimmy Clausen is going to start this weekend though when we get absolutely creamed at Happy Valley against Penn State. Also, our running back is a converted linebacker, our receivers have about as much football experience on the D-1 level as I do, and the defense is just a mess. We're really young, but still, not acceptable. Penn State, Michigan, and Michigan State is the next 3 games. Hello, 0-4 start to the season.

The snooze button. It doesn't usually have a reason for me. I'm not sure I've ever hit it for the purpose of staying in bed for 10 more minutes or whatever it is. Here's an interesting story from Thursday morning though. Apparently, after getting about 4 hours of sleep from being addicted online like usual (the moral is that I never learn), I was in a coma when 6:00 hit. I don't even remember hitting a button, but the next thing I know, the alarm is going off in my ear at 6:10. Not a big deal, because I'm up an hour every morning before I roll out to work, but just felt weird since I didn't immediately jump out of bed. It probably wasn't worthy of going in here, but it's going in here anyways. So there you have it.

Real World Sydney this week was great drama. First we have KellyAnne getting all worried that she's all flirty and fooling around with dudes in Sydney when she has a man. That's when she calls her man back home to let her know what's up. He cuts things off and then she cries like a baby since she screwed it up. Give me a break. I've preached on this before many times in here. Dude or chick, if you're fooling around behind someone's back, then tell them like it's going to fix the problem, then end up getting mad and freak out whining your eyes out like you did nothing wrong? Please. Our second story deals with Shauvon getting mangled drunk. She falls over and busts herself and somehow blames Isaac for it. He flips out and busts out this one when she wanted an apology, "I apologize, you're a drunk ass stupid slut." How can you make up that TV drama? Then he apologized the next day for calling her that and things were cool. Who knows.

Monday night was time for another NFL fantasy league, this one is ran by Sweet Pea and we drafted at Maulberry's. So close that I could actually walk to Draft Central. Ten people in for this action including Sweet Pea, Maulberry, Ozzie, Matty Cakes, Jimmy Mills, Big Mac, Fortney, Pill, Bart, and myself. Live drafts are the best thing ever. Online drafts are a good time, but it doesn't compare to being in person and getting some quality trash talk going. Sweet Pea had a great setup for doing our draft lottery as he had a bucket full of numbered golf balls. Based on last year's standings, I got the most chances at the #1 pick and ended up getting screwed, Celtics style, a la the NBA Draft this season. I ended up with the #6 pick. Ladies and gentlemennnnnn, yourrrrr Super Bowl Shuffle:

QB: Tom Brady: NE
QB: Jay Cutler: DEN
QB: JP Losman: BUF

RB: Fast Willie Parker: PIT
RB: Marshawn Lynch: BUF
RB: Adrian Peterson: MIN
RB: Leon Washington: NYJ
RB: Dom Rhodes: OAK (even if he's all messed up on drugs)

WR: Larry Fitzgerald: ARI
WR: Ron Curry: OAK
WR: DJ Hackett: SEA
WR: Brandon Marshall: DEN
WR: Matt Jones: JAC
WR: Sid Rice: MIN

TE: Chris Cooley: WAS
TE: Owen Daniels: HOU

K: Neil Rackers: ARI

D: Buffalo Bills

Almost always, my priority in drafts is that I draft way young. I rarely take old fogies, never liked that strategy. Others disagree with that, but that's just how I roll. I do admit I put too much stock in "potential" for the kiddies coming into the league, but I like what I have here. WR is a little weak, but I think some of those names will surprise. Everything else I'm fine with. If you hate your team on Draft Day, something is wrong. Gotta start the season out positive, time to bring it this season.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: And he gets right up?!

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Time to plug a video. The rap fans will know this guy already, or at least if you're local you will. Felisha, I know you're already all over your boy here, I need to get up there and see some small show he does one day. Wiz Khalifa, Pittsburgh boy, with Youngin' On His Grind:

2. Another plug, this time from a site that The_Freak wants to make mention of to the fans:

3. So it's a crazy fact you want? Well, this is what you get this week: A cockroach can live up to nine days without it's head before it starves to death.

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DirtyKash said...

Seriously, you gotta stop drafting Neil Rackers on every single fantasy football team of yours. He's not that good. Overrated even, in my opinion! And you draft him early too! What's going on!