Sunday, January 31, 2010

"That's Like Hating Corky Thatcher or Radio.."

Where have I been for almost two weeks? Hey, it happens. This is one of those weeks where we'll just bounce around topics to where it might make your head spin. There wasn't many truly huge stories happening around town, but we make it work as usual. I like it that way at times. This will be the last blog of January as one month of 2010 is about to be dusted off. In this one, the movie critiques continue, American Idol thoughts with great things from DerekHood and Corndog, Marky Mark, an update on the deathpool, Jersey Shore returns for a second season, and much more. I already have a movie held over that I watched on Saturday that I'll put on the next blog and the Toughman report will also go next week. As a little tidbit, I'll feature a bloody crowd fight from Friday that they actually had to mop the blood up with. I was a few rows in front of it. It'd be way too long for this week if I put both of those in this post. Away we go..

I'm still in the middle of my world movie tour. I've been lighting it up lately as far as seeing some of the newer features. It's time once again, you guessed it, for yet another movie. Theater time for this one and it was off to see The Lovely Bones. I still haven't seen The Book of Eli or Youth in Revolt yet, as I think both would be good. Bo from #basketball fame, one of my Chicago buddies, and esteemed movie guy himself, he has a perfect rank to mention to the fans. Perfect?? Really? 10 out of 10, yep. That's rare company indeed. Apparently so, because that's what Bo gave the movie Hurt Locker. It's getting a crazy amount of awards, but one I haven't seen yet. I might have to watch that bad boy online.

Oh yeah, the movie I meant to talk about. I haven't forgot about the readers, just wanted to pass on some good information if anyone wanted it. This was the first movie recently I've been to that had an actual crowd at. It was fairly packed, that surprised me. My boy Marky Mark was in this one, so I was at least halfway intrigued based on that. He usually does a nice job in his films. Everyone knows how great I think Boogie Nights was from 1997 (grad year, sweet, go Cougs), it's a definite top 5 movie of all time for me, honestly. This movie though? It was getting bashed online by reviews, but that didn't stop me from making the trip. It wasn't a total disaster, but I'm not going to recommend it to anyone. I wouldn't rent it to watch a second time. My boy Bo who I talked about a bit ago, he watched it online after I told him about it. He wanted to see for himself and he said it was miserable. It could've been better if it wasn't quite as long. It was a slow movie and didn't pick up for a while. Also, if you've seen the "heaven" scenes, you'll quickly see why I think people were on acid making those parts. It's more than bizarre. I thought Marky Mark played his role fine, but I was deep down wanting him to break all kinds of bad in this one and it didn't happen. Susan Sarandon, usually good in movies, they casted her horribly in this one as the grandma. The bright side is that the villain, Stanley Tucci, he was very believable in his role. Nikki SooHoo (real name) in this movie was strange. Somehow she's 21 years old, but looks about 8. As I type this part, IMDB has it at a 6.8. Time for my rating, drumroll please.. I'm going to give this 6 Sour Punch Strawberry Straws, great candy by the way, out of 10.

It's been a regular topic in the blog the past month or so, I might as well get another rambling in about it since it's still fresh in our minds. Last week was the Jersey Shore finale. They're milking this for all it's worth. The question remains, should they bring this crew back for the second season or will they bring in a brand new crew? I could see advantages both ways, but me personally, I want this crew back rather than having it be Real World style. Sure, they'll ham it up for the cameras even more since they know the drill, but they did that already in the first season and it turned out with great ratings, so I can accept that. Apparently, the crew has all agreed to rock it for season 2, we'll see more on details soon enough I'm sure. The whole Ronnie/Sammi breakup on the reunion was strange and why was Angelina even there? A few extra things to plug for ones who still can't get enough of the show now that's it's over. Podcast fans, make sure you check out one Bill Simmons' latest. The sports fans already know him as the Boston Sports Guy, but he does some great reality pods as well. His latest with the czar of reality TV, Dave Jacoby, is a must listen. You won't be disappointed, I promise, just search Bill Simmons in the pods. Also, thanks to Kasher, he found something that may never get old. You know how we all joke around with the amazing quotes from this show, right? Well, here's a soundboard that is epic. You'll have some fun with this creation:

This week's two nights of American Idol weren't that great in my mind. The amount of commercials they push into that hour of TV is rough. On both nights, they showed one performer before the first commercial break. The next, you'd get maybe three or four. How can you get any kind of rhythm with that? A lot of the "singers" they showed weren't that interesting either. I'm not going to miss an episode regardless, so I guess it doesn't matter a whole lot, they still get insane ratings. The first night kept me awake though, just for the sole reason that Katy Perry was on there doing her thing, falling out of her top like she always does. Avril Lavigne though, ugh. She was scaring me in HD view. I don't get the appeal some see in her looks, but I could be in the minority. The second night's guest judges were Doogie Howser and Jonas Brother, whichever one. Doogie I thought was entertaining, but Jonas had no personality and it was like he wasn't even on the show.

There wasn't a lot to pick from, but I'll run down a few people that I thought did a good enough job to keep me intrigued for Hollywood from this week. I think the best this week was the Mexican guy whose parents were gangbangers in the mean streets of Compton. He's doing it all for his little kid and his parents are glad they are out of the hood. Of course if they break it down and give a big storyline, normally that means they're going through, but not always. This guy though, he's legit. On our message board, Corndog says that he really hates Randy Jackson. DerekHood replies with this gem: "How can you hate Randy Jackson?!? That's like hating Corky Thatcher or Radio or any other famous ritard." Derek is one of those fans of Avril though, but here's his comments on Tuesday night, another entertaining moment: "I've always thought Avril was trailer park hot, and tonight did nothing to change that for me. Katy Perry, on the other hand, was making her case for the Butt Pee All-Stars. God damn." I'm not quite sure how you get on that team or what it even consists of, but there ya go.. Also, I thought that Big Sexy and the pimpin' R&B guy who made his own song are worthy candidates to make names in the next round. I thought the girls last week were better singers as compared to this week. This week, the guys took the crown, but what do I know.

I'm not a politics guy whatsoever. I know what's going on and it's not that, but as far as arguing pointless details, count me out. I read the paper everyday and keep up with things, but eh. I much prefer local politics since you know a lot of the people and they can actually have a direct effect on your situations. That to me is interesting, maybe I'm weird. Nationally, take it or leave it. It's the same all the time with that. If a Democrat is in, the Republicans think he's the worst human in the world. If a Republican is in, the Democrats think he's the worst. Each side thinks the other is dirty and lying and it could be true, but it's somewhat amusing to me. I think it's similar to sports teams, but when it comes down to it, the majority of people have no clue on politics, and I'll risk saying it, national politics don't affect the little people as much as people make it out to be. Needless to say, I didn't watch one second of the State of the Union Address on Wednesday night, I admit. Am I un-American for that? Who knows. I vote in every single election though and have never missed in 13 years, even the wee tiny city ones that don't mean a whole lot. Nationally, I'll leave those arguments for everyone else and I'll just stand back and watch the drama.

I'll bore everyone with more exercise talk, that's what I do. I gotta fit it in somewhere. I've been researching resistance bands for a while now, but haven't made a purchase until just recently. I'm still a huge proponent of free weights and that won't cut back on that aspect, but this will provide a different type of workout and burn for muscles that might not be hit on a regular basis. I ended up buying from Ripcords and these are very good. I got them in the mail this week and love the setup already. The price isn't bad in my mind and I'm giving a big stamp of approval to try these bad boys out. You'd be surprised the tension and weight feel that they have and you can do a crazy amount of exercises with these. The good thing is that they're handy for around the house or if you wanted to take them somewhere, easy to transport. Check em out here: The little kiddies will like that Jacob of Twilight fame uses these as well as a lot of military groups since they're easy to take on duty for the troops. The wrestling guys will know these things as what Scotty "Big Poppa Pump" Steiner uses in his promos backstage when he's being a goof. The football fans might know a similar product from Terrell Owens. His is a bit more expensive. I haven't tried his yet, but I might as well throw in that link too, why not:

Bird's Dirty of the Week: We're going with a user submission this week. I like to get everyone involved as you know already, so it's handoff time. Kristen in Florida is going to take her turn and that's the same person as Kristen in Germany. Confused yet? Good. I can explain, but we have business to take care of here instead. The link sent, Kristen says for us all to look through this person's mobile folder. There's an insane amount of pics in there. Some are way out there and revealing. It'll open your eyes for sure. Here you go,

Bird's Video of the Week: This has been out there a bit, but it never gets old. Ninja dude goes into stance to a guy running his mouth. They laugh at the stance and then at the end, he goes Jersey Shore Ronnie style. "That's one shot kid!"

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I'll probably have another blog in before the game anyways, but I might as well throw in an early Super Bowl prediction. As usual, I'm sure I'll be way off, but that's the fun of it, right? I've doubted the Aints defense all season, but it's proven me wrong. I'm going to doubt them again and taking the Colts to win, 35-21, Manning etching another notch into his Hall of Fame career. I think it's funny (and annoying) that Brett Favre is getting more talk around this time of year than the Colts and Aints. He's done for the year and they're alive, go figure.

2. I'm old school and still like to use pencils a good bit. You need to go to the store to buy some pencils, think of that scenario. Don't worry, there's a point to this and I'm getting there. You look at a box that has every pencil unsharpened. Next to it, you see a box that has every pencil sharpened already. Now, the sharpened ones look all neat and ready to use, which they are. You're also paying, not for the pencil, but for the process to already be finished for you, so you're paying more for the sharpened ones. We're that lazy to where people get suckered in to not sharpening them on their own? I like stuff as easy as possible too, don't get me wrong, but sharpen your pencils. No clue why I thought that was worthy of a blog topic, but since I just sharpened some pencils, it was in my head. You never know what you'll see.

3. January is over, so it's time for an update on the #Balls Celebrity Deathpool. Blahah and Kasher are already on the board, incredible. Blahah is leading with 32 points as he had Ali Hassan al-Majid go down by hanging. Kasher is in with 24 points as he had Zelda Rubinstein tap out on us. There are talks of next year's league to have bonus points for how they die, but that's just a work in progress. We're demented, but yes, you're interested just like we are to see how this plays out.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"That's One Shot Kid!"

Here we go, this is the 418th blog in my collection, time flies. Happy Belated MLK Day to all, hopefully you got work off and got to rock it out. If not, it's already over anyways and it's time to relax and read up on the latest words of randomness around North Central West Virginia. Remember the reason we had the day off, a lot of people don't appreciate it. As usual, I like to give a little lead-in to what you should expect. Whether it entices you to read farther or not, who knows, I'll do what I can for you. You get two movie reviews to start this beast off with. Also in this section, I had an unexpected call at 3:00 in the morning and in that, a mini road trip is planned. Count that in with the good deed and it ended up working out for everyone. Yes, you don't have to ask, thoughts on Jersey Shore are definitely in here and I have to do my best The Situation impression. I can't leave you hanging, plus you get some great quotes from last week's episode. More TV you want? American Idol is in here. How much TV per day does the average American watch? Also on the agenda we have more CD reviews, a new laptop and iPod after mine were on the fritz, and how well a new supplement on the market holds up and whether you should buy it or not. Ok, that's a long intro, it's time to get things started like we do around here..

It's becoming a recurring theme of the blog. That's right, my movie reviews with a ranking system. You know the drill by now. It's nothing formal, but just my thoughts on the movies I've been watching lately. Saturday night I was able to double up. Props to the Redbox $1 nightly rental machines, those things are handy. Not theater movies this time, we're hitting up some rentals if you didn't figure that out by now. I figured with my regular movie partner, I'd pick one and Whip would pick another. She picked out Fame, which I had zero clue about going into. I'm down for whatever, so I was in to check it out. The one I picked out was The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. Let's get right to the action and let people know about these bad boys if you haven't already seen..

First off, we go to Fame. Apparently, this is a big hit with some people. Girls seem to be all about it, but once again, I've never even heard of it. Back in the day, they had an original version and this is the modernized platform. Outside of Kelsey Grammer and Charles S. Dutton (aka Roc), I didn't know anyone in this. Megan Mullally is in it, but I don't know her since I've never watched Will & Grace or anything else she's been in. This follows along a group of high schoolers, which in reality we know they're pushing the ripe age of 30 years old. They are all enrolled at the New York Academy of Performing Arts and it follows them in their path to make it big. The storyline is easy to follow. From knowing basically nothing about this going in, it reminded me a bit of Glee. That's not normally my element, but then again, I got hooked like no other on the season of Glee this year. My favorites in the movie who I thought played their roles the best were Denise Dupree (real name Naturi Naughton), Malik Washburn (Collins Pennine), and Jenny Garrison (Kay Panabaker, almost 20 but looks 8 years old). I thought it was a pretty good movie and I didn't have any problems with it, it was fun. Naughton and Pennine are very good together in their duets, Naughton having the R&B voice mixed in with Pennine's hard raps. I wonder how many of these "kids" actually did their musical parts though. Review time and the online reports aren't being kind to it. IMDB gave it 4.3 out of 10, ouch. Maybe I'm being too lenient, but it gets 7.1 mid 20-year old high schoolers out of 10. I liked it.

The next movie on deck? The Goods. This is my kind of movie right there, just your easy to follow stupid humor comedy. It's probably not a movie you want to watch with younger kids as the cussing flies, which doesn't bother me, but just letting you know if you're concerned on that at all. The cast they had for this was awesome I thought, everyone played their parts very well. Jeremy Piven of course is the main guy behind this and his character as Don Ready is excellent. My favorite guy in this one though was Charles Napier who played Dick Lewiston. The off the wall remarks out of nowhere this old guy pulls are hilarious. Noureen DeWulf, wow. The dentist from The Hangover (Ed Helms) and the cop (Rob Riggle) are part of this movie. If you're wanting a good comedy to have you laughing and one you won't have to put full focus in, this is right up your alley. IMDB wasn't as nice as I am on my rating, they gave it 5.8 out of 10. Me personally? I'm going to throw out 7.4 f-bombs out of 10 for this one. I enjoyed it for sure.

After the movies were over, I was about to crash. That's when my phone rang at 3:00 in the morning. I was thinking, who in the world would be calling at that time? Around here, you never know. I look on it and it's Cork's girl Kristin. I didn't put two and two together, so answered to see what was up. She said she needed a huge favor and wondered if I could drive to Waynesburg, about an hour away, as they were stuck on the interstate with a flat tire. I'm always up for a late night mini road trip and since we were the only people awake of our crew at that time, we'd make the trek. It was Maria's car that had the mangled tire. It had five lugnuts on it and one of the lugs was way off kilter and didn't match the others. Either it was stripped, on backwards, or something else. Plus, no tow trucks in the area came to assist. Good deed of the month time at your service. At 3:30, we leave Shinnston and head up the road. I was in a coma, so glad that I didn't have to go alone as it kept me awake. When we get up there, we stuffed six in the Jeep with Ozzie jammed in the very back, Maria, Cork, and Kristen in the middle, and Whip riding along since she didn't want me going alone, so big props to everyone involved. No traffic out that late either, imagine that. We made it home safe and I took one for the team. It's just what you do for family, no biggie on my end. As for Maria's car, it's back on the road and ready to rock like no other. We got home around 6:00, went to bed at 7:00, and woke up at 11:00. Champs.

A week or two ago, my laptop that I've had for 2 or 3 years was dying on me as well as my original iPod. I've had that one for about 3 years, it was a beast. It's not good times when both are spazzing out, but that just gave me an excuse to buy myself some belated birthday presents. They weren't dead so to speak, but I wasn't about to test things and have them really screw up on a day where I'd need them. The laptop's screen color is mangling bad and it has gotten worse over the past month or so. I turn the contrast down and that helps some, but every few days it'd get worse. Now it's green a lot of times and just not worth fooling around with. It works fine, minus the color, so I'm going to use it as a backup and put the old Dell desktop in the corner. The iPod? It'd be fully charged and then I'd take it to workout with me. On some days, it'd only stay on for about 30 minutes and then go all wacky.

On the laptop scene, I picked up a 16 inch Toshiba with a 500GB hard drive, 4GB of memory, Windows 7, and all of that. I wanted one a little smaller than the other laptop I have, which is an 18 inch HP. I have literally no clue what I'm going to do with a 500GB hard drive. No way I'd ever come close to using that. My other laptop has a 160GB in it and I still have most of it free, but since most newer ones today come with insane space, I might as well load up since that's pretty much a basic feature. So far after a few weeks, I'm loving this thing, no complaints yet. That was my theory on the iPod too, the space, more on that in a second.

Is this week really the finale of Jersey Shore? That's going to put me to tears since I'm so hooked on this show that is so bad that it's good. As Kasher says, they could've stretched this out a bit longer and not done a few of the 2 hour nights they've done a few times. Let's touch on last week though. I could type up a blog just with my thoughts and quotes on this show, but I'll try to make it halfway short into one paragraph. This will seem all jumbled up, but I'm going rapid fire speed here. A few Vinny moments for me that I liked. When The Situation was getting his chick in the hot tob and took her down the steps, she busted herself and Vinny is literally rolling on the ground laughing. Then his impression of The Situation was dead on.. How about Pauly D's phone call to the Jewish/stalker girl. He ripped that girl apart after she didn't get the hint. DerekHood posted a photoshopped version of that shirt on my FB wall for those who didn't see, a job well done. Pauly D's Jewish girl would show up everywhere, that was a bit strange.. The main part of last week to me was Ronnie roid raging once again. I love how he acts that he doesn't want to fight and then shortly after, he rages and goes at the guy. Another guy was running his mouth, a bad bad mistake. Ronnie is probably only 5'6" as all of these guys are little, but he's straight diesel. He rocked that dude in one punch and he was laying there a complete mess.. Random, but I've been growing my hair out, mainly due to boredom and I haven't done that in a while. While playing ball last Tuesday at The Lighthouse, the hair was up and everywhere after a while. That's when Buck started fist pumping and started calling me The Situation. I had to crack up at that and it became a good running joke. I might have to run with it just to be stupid. Based just on last week's 2-hour show, I'll paste some quotes that were said, some of these are golden.

"Honestly, all we care about is getting girls and going to the gym."- The Situation

"Ditched the zero and and went with the hero."- The Situation when he stole Vinny's girl

"Get the fuck outta here bro! That's one shot! That's one shot kid!"- Ronnie when he buckled that guy

"You have no game at all."- The Situation
"That's not what your sister thinks."- Vinny

"Me and Sammi, we left at 4:00. You know, I just couldn't take it anymore. We've been here since 12:00. You know. 5 hours, that's like enough." - Ronnie showing his math skills

To the Twitter fans, enjoy if you haven't already been following this:

The first iPod I had and it lasted me a while was a 30GB classic. At the time I got this new one, I had about 20GB free from that 30. More space than I needed, but I like being more safe than sorry. The new one? I could have used my iPod on the iPhone, but I'd rather not. I don't like running the battery down crazy low all the time, don't want to bang it around when I run, and wanted more space than it has mainly. Most people like the wee little fancy colored ones, but to me, you're just paying for the color and look. The way I look at it, I might as well go with the classic I know and can end up getting like ten times more space if not more. It's small to me, plus it has the video if I need that. I ended up going with a 160GB classic. In my mind, for the price of the 160 as compared to the wee little ones, it's a steal that I couldn't pass up, practically giving it away. I doubt I'll have 40,000 songs to fill this thing though, hah. So far, I'm liking it a lot and it's a good bit updated since the other classic I had.

Speaking of working out, it's time to hear me ramble on some of that. You know how it goes, I bring it up at a regular pace, but try not to send you into a bore fest. This won't pertain to many, but it's going in here anyways. To my crew in Lobstah and Twitter, you've heard my reviews of this already, so it'll be much of the same. New supplement time. I'm still taking mainly the same stuff outside of this new purchase. It's a pre-workout nitric oxide mix from USP Labs. It's called Jack3d and it's similar to No-Xplode and Altered State. Both of those are great products too, but I like switching things up from time to time. This stuff here is a little different than those. How so? You notice it kicking in within the first minute or two, no joke. It's scary how it kicks in, the first time will surprise you a bit. It's real easy to mix too. You put a few tiny scoops in 4-8 ounces of water a half hour before you workout and you're good to go. The price isn't bad either if that's a factor you're wondering about on the buy. It gets a big thumbs up from me after a few weeks in.

Like everyone else out there, I'm on board with the American Idol bandwagon as usual. Some people watch this time of the season just to see the bums. Others wait till the bums finish before really getting into it. I like both sides actually. Atlanta last week was pretty strong I thought. Boston was ok. I'll probably be rooting for the same as most people have been talking about already. The hick girl that likes to "jump off bridges", she surprised me. I thought they'd have her on to be brutal, but she's actually good. From Boston, Amadeo Diricco would fit in perfectly on the Shore. Plus, he has talent, he could be interesting. A lot of people seem to like the cop too with his voice. I like Jermaine, the guy who takes care of his sick mom. And what's up with Guitar Girl (the one dressed up as a guitar) doing well? That was a shocker, even if she is a goof. The talk of last week was definitely the old man, Larry Platt. Don't know his name? You know the song for sure as it was on YouTube in a matter of minutes. Pants On The Ground. "Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground! With the gold in your mouth, hat turned sideways.." Yep, now it's stuck in your head too.

It's time for more rap CD reviews. With no time to waste, here we go..

Gucci Mane: The State Versus Radric Davis. We hit up the ATL with this one as Gucci has been all over the place the past year or so. He loads it up with 20 tracks and pushes the minutes in, good to see. First, you want to know who is on this beast. We get Lil Wayne, Cam'ron, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Waka Flocka, Urshhher, Keysia Cole, Nicki Minaj (who I think is real hot when she's not trying to be super slutty), Trina, and Bobby Valentino. That's loaded up with talent. You've all heard Spotlight with Ursh and I'm a big fan of that, even if it is clubby. Ursh still gets it done. Others to get that I can recommend are All About The Money with Rick Ross, Bad Bad Bad that has Cole, and Volume. Gucci does a nice job of mixing the rough lyrics on some songs then bringing along a chick or R&B dude to do a chorus to give you that feel. Good CD here.

Tony Pacasso: Memphis 10-A-Key To NYC Mixtape. Here's one of those CDs that I get just because. When it's someone you really don't know much about, you take a chance and go with it. This turned out to be not bad at all. It comes hard and grimey, so if you're into that style of rap, you'll like this if you can find it out there. It's also not an annoying mixtape to where you're hating it because an untalented DJ is screaming his name over and over the track. This is more like a preview of things to come as it's straight raps.

Snoop Dogg: Malice N Wonderland. A few people were asking me about this for a while. I was hesitant on getting it. One is that I always expect the 1992 Snoop Dogg to make his return. In 2010, I've realized that isn't going to happen, so I'll keep those expectations lower. This compared to his last few albums though, I thought it wasn't bad a all. It isn't loaded up with totally mainstream type stuff as he switches it up. He doesn't get all mean like we'd want out of him, at least out of those of us who were rap fans when Snoop first came on the scene. Some reading this were barely born then, ouch. This is Snoop's 10th album, a veteran of the game if there ever was one. A ton of people are on this thing such as Lil Jon, The Game, Jazmine Sullivan, The Dream, Soulja Boy, R. Kelly, and Pharrell to name some. Tracks to jam to? Pimpin Ain't EZ featuring the legendary R. Kelly, Different Languages with Sullivan who I'm a fan of and I usually don't care much for chick music, Pronto with Soulja Boy (he's still a little dork, but he cracks me up now), and 2 Minute Warning. Check it out.

I had more I wanted to pack into this blog, but some things have to get held over till the next week. That just gives us more material. The annual Toughman Contest is at the end of the month and I can't be anymore excited. You know I have reports on those in the past how many ever years and you definitely get your worth for your money spent and then some.. Also, it's kicking into high gear in my 30-man keeper fantasy baseball league, Chin Music, that is basically a year round league. As I type this part, we're in the middle of our offseason draft that consists of the guys just drafted or international imports. I like it for the fact that you have to be on top of the minor league systems as well. We all have 55-man rosters, have salary caps, and the whole works, it's serious. I may post my draft results one day, but we'll see..

Bird's Dirty of the Week: We're going to North Carolina for this week's action. Apparently she's single and "looken". She's also supposedly the girl that you'll never be. Who knows, I just report on it. In her words, "i want a guy or gurl thats really no bull shit added so you drama dont add or fuck with me love to meet new ppl this is me like it or not". I'll give her credit though, she looks good.

Bird's Video of the Week: The Shore boys goofing off in their hotel before going to a Lakers game.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. We haven't tried birthdays in a while, so why not do it up.. Let's go with Wednesday, January 20th. Before that, we'd like to thank a big blog contributor, none other than Kasher, he celebrates his today, the 19th. Have a good one Kasher! Onto the 20th.. The second person on the moon or so they say in 1969, Buzz Aldrin, 80. Paul Stanley, guitarist of KISS, 58. TV talk host Bill Maher, 54. Actor Lorenzo Lamas, 52. White Sox fiery manager, Ozzie Guillen, 46. Rainn Wilson of The Office, 44. I'll get scolded for this, but I'm one of very few people who have never watched that show. I hear it's great. Stacey Dash, I'm sure she's still looking great at 43, but I haven't seen her in ages. Melissa Rivers, she hits 41. Rob Bourdon, drummer of Linkin Park, I don't know him, but he's 31. That's not a bad list. I could give some lower level sports players, but I'll refrain from that as much as possible.

2. I just read in the latest Men's Fitness magazine that it is 289 minutes. What is 289 minutes you ask? That is the average time an American spends watching TV each day, 4 hours and 49 minutes. Crazy. I'd say I'm in that bunch though for sure.

3. Some weird facts to end up on. Chickens can live without a head. One supposedly lived 18 months after getting beheaded, but I don't believe it.. A car uses 1.6 ounces of gas idling for one minute. Half an ounce is used to start the average car.. Porcupines float in water.. We started with a chicken fact, let's finish with one. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Gym, Tan, Laundry"

Hey everybody, what do we have in store for you this week? It's one where I shouldn't be short of things to write about. You'll get another movie review, doubling up days on playing board games, birthday wishes, Japanese action, Jersey Shore, Real World, CD updates, and of course whatever else we mix in. As I dust off a jumbo sized box of Nerds, it's time to get the show rolling..

I'll start off by thanking everyone for the birthday wishes last week. I was blowing up with messages on Facebook, Twitter, texts, chat IMs, message boards, you name it. As usual, you can tell I'm online WAY too much. It's much appreciated though and I made sure to thank every message I got. 40 will be here before I know it and then I can turn into Mike Gundy of Oklahoma State fame with his classic speech. Sports fan or not, you've more than likely seen it and it's always a running joke with our crew. It's easily found on YouTube of course. "It's garbage! And the editor that let it come out, it's garbage! Attacking an amateur athlete for doing everything right! And then you want to write articles about guys who don't do anything right and downgrade them to the ones that do make plays. Are you kidding me? Where are we at in society today? Come after me! I'm a man! I'm 40! I'm not a kid!" That to me, never gets old just to see Gundy go nuts.

I'll go to the movie review first since that was on the birthday night. Whip has been my partner in crime with the movie watching and we checked out Did You Hear About The Morgans that night. At that point, there weren't many others that I haven't seen that were out that I really wanted to make a point to. I'm one of few who hasn't seen Avatar. I've heard nothing but good reviews for it, but at the moment I have no interest. I'm sure I'll see it one day, who knows. As far as this one goes, it has Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker in it for those who don't know. SJP has that weird complex with guys. I've heard some guys say she looks good, others go with brutal. I'm more on the brutal end, she never did much for me and she only weight 82 pounds, come on. She wasn't too horrible as far as looks in this movie though I guess. I kind of get a kick out of Hugh Grant and his accent, so it was watchable to us.

Sam Elliott (65) and Mary Steenburgen (56) were awesome in their roles and help make the movie if you ask me. Is it weird to say that Steenburgen (who was also in The Proposal that I reviewed) at 56 is hotter than SJP? I'm not afraid to say it. Elliott is the man though and has a great presence in all of his movies. I did like the small town Wyoming lifestyle they had when they left New York in this movie, reminded me of Shinnston. Ok, rank time. I gave this one 6.7 English accents out of 10. Whip gave it a 7.0 due to the fact she's a big SJP fan. Others who reviewed it? IMDB users have it at a pathetic 2.7 out of 10. Boyles and his Caragh said it was the worst movie they've ever seen, ouch. Vanilla Sky still gets my vote for worst ever. This movie wasn't bad at all to me though, maybe we were just weird and halfway liked it. The ending was good and the storyline easy to follow. Either that or we just wanted out of the house. For the locals on FB, check out Farris' movie reviews, they're impressive. He just did one for Up In The Air.

Before we get to some reality TV action, let's first tackle board game night(s). Yes, plural. Since I'm such a rebel around here, the past two Saturday nights I was able to battle in board games. That might not be exciting to some, but count me in for this every single time. Last Saturday we had a crew of six of us doing our thing. Along for the ride were the Riley girls, Pat, Court, Whip, and myself. I hit up Abby and Pat's house and we rolled with some Monopoly and Balderdash. I wrote about those last week in the blog and then joked that a few hours later, I was invited to play the very same games. If I had to pick, those are my top two board games, so I'm all about it. I didn't win either, but I'll take a good enough performance. I finished up 3rd in Monopoly behind Ally and Court. Ally, you're ruthless at that game, hah. That was cracking me up. In Balderdash, I tied for 2nd, so I'll settle for that. No trophy to take home for the night on my end though, but we'll get em next time. Homemade milkshakes though, can you really go wrong with that? Props to Abby for doing that part up big.

Board game night #2 is upon us. Let's fast forward to the following Saturday, which would be this past Saturday. Follow me so far? We did the Japanese trip to Shogun as we were due and that was a crew of ten in total, doing it up. In attendance, not that you care, but I amuse myself with lists of just about anything: three married couples in Ozzie and Maria, The Fortneys, and Cork and Kristin. Then we have a couple that will probably get married eventually in Boyles and Caragh. Mudcat and myself played our roles of wingman. I went with lobster and shrimp as my main courses, yum yum. On a note, it happens at least twice, it's "someone's" birthday. Come on, stop banging that stupid gong that has your ears ringing for 3 weeks. For as nice as this place is, the guys can back me up, the men's bathroom is beyond filthy and the smell, ouch. Health department, let's get it clean in there. Afterwards, we had a different crew for board game night. In attendance? Ozzie and Maria as the hosts, Cork and Kristin, Boyles and Caragh, Matty Cakes and Kari, and myself. We went old school and dusted off Scattergories. It's been a long time since I've played this one, but I'm a huge fan. You wouldn't think it'd be much, but you can get some pretty off the wall answers when you battle, especially when 9 of us are in one game. The winner ended up being Cork with Maria coming in 2nd, and if memory serves me right, I ended up with 3rd. So in the past 3 board games duels, I had two 3rd Place and one 2nd Place finish, not too shabby. Still a loser though, I'm due for a win soon.

Time for the weekly Jersey Shore update. I know, you either hate it or love it. There is no in between with this show. Myself, you know where I stand, I'm all about it. This week featured quite a few nice storylines. One is that The Situation's girl he tried to hook up with in a previous episode came back to the house, but also brought along "the grenade" with her and a buddy. That put a dagger in his heart. Through all of that, Snooki tried to run the other two girls out so Situation could be with his chick, but then she ended up getting punched by the big chick. Cops were soon on the scene and put Situation's chick in cuffs. My favorite part of this whole scene was when the garbage truck was there and Situation kept telling them that their ride is there. This episode also had the infamous fight scene with Ronnie and an annoying guy that kept messing with them. It started with this dude saying stuff to Pauly D at a bar, but Pauly shrugged it off. Later in the night, this guy started with Ronnie, bad move buddy. In short, Sammy Sweetheart basically got Ronnie involved in this fight. He literally roid raged on this dude, dropped him with a haymaker and then landed a knee. After that, it was ground and pound and he punished this guy something awful. Maybe I'm awful for watching this scene, getting all pumped up, and telling Ronnie to mangle that guy, but that's how it was. Rumor has it that our crew is wanting to film a spoof video and make our own Jersey Shore. We'll see.. As an added bonus, for those who watch ESPN's SportsNation on ESPN2 at 4:00 EST, you saw The Situation as a guest and he was great of course. SportsNation is one awesome show that is hosted by my boy Colin Cowherd (a buddy of Uncle Wilbur of the blog) and the little hottie Michelle Beadle.

You're also wanting my thoughts on the new season of Real World based out of Washington D.C.? Ok, ask and you shall receive. After two episodes, we're starting to get a feel for these people. Opinions change by the week on these characters, so I'm sure you'll see me go back and forth. I just hope it doesn't turn into a season full of religion/political arguments. That to me doesn't make good TV. What makes for good TV is Ty who has a short fuse and is going to let people know what he thinks. He blows up in some future episodes according to the previews, so I can't wait for that. Then we get Ashley who I'm not liking one bit so far. She looks nice, but seems to be nothing but drama early on. Mike, the bisexual, he's back and forth between dudes and chicks, whatever. The girls all think he's hot though. Andrew might be my favorite dude so far because he's a total goofball. He's weird, but is real good at trying to be funny and BSing around, plus his mission is to finally hook up with a chick. That story writes itself, does it not?

Then we move to Emily, the youngest of them all at 20. She grew up in a religious cult that now has her totally against religion. She's also one that claims to be bi and is ready to experience new things and be free since she wasn't as a kid. Callie is a little cutie. 21 and from Texas, she's the dumb blonde/small town girl. She's clueless on the big city stuff, similar to how I would be I'm sure. Andrew wants her bad, but when she gets in the middle of a girl he brought home, that lowered her status in his mind. Erika and Josh are the rockers of the group. They instantly are all about each other. They started out rooming, but Erika had to switch up because she knew she'd end up hooking up with Josh. Neither of them are single, so you can see where this will end up. I like Josh, he's from South Philly (one of my favorite places), dropped out of high school twice, has been locked up, grew up around gangs, but walks with a strut that gets some of the other dudes bothered. He reminds me in looks to somewhat like Prince. There's your quick 2-paragraph wrap up on Real World so far. I hope you're along for the ride.

Yes, it's time for more CD reviews. I have a ton to review over the next few weeks, so I should have a busy space here to provide that. This week, we'll go with three and branch out from there..

Chris Brown: Graffiti. Yeah, I know he's a woman beater so he doesn't get any respect for me on that end. I'm not judging that on a CD review though. His last CD got a thumbs down in my book, but this one seems like a worthy enough candidate to check out. It has both good and bad on it, but overall I think the good outweighs the bad if you're into his stuff to begin with. I'm not big on I Can Transform Ya since it's been way overplayed, plus Swizz Beatz is is more miss than hit for me lately. Outside of that though, I'm into Sing Like Me and Crawl. Still one of the best dancers out there, him and Ursh need to have a battle.

Glasses Malone: F Glasses Malone, The Mixtape. He's been rocking the mixtapes for a while now. If you haven't heard of Glasses, he's a West Coast guy from the Watts section of LA. It's not club rap or any of that garbage, this stuff if you're into the West Coast sound, this is for you. He doesn't pull any punches and just straight brings it with his lyrics. This mix features Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Maino to name a few bigger names. The whole CD is worth the listen as he's going to make a name for himself in 2010 when his first full CD will be released. Go find Like Suge, the self titled F G Malone, Where Itz At featuring Lil Wayne where he kills it with his verse, and Lonely At The Top which might be my favorite. The beat on that one is quality.

Tech N9ne: K.O.D. If you can get past the demented stuff, this is a fine CD. It's not as good as Glasses', but still it has some tracks worth listening to. Also, you rarely see skits anymore on rap CDs. You used to get those all the time back in the day, but this one has a good bit. Sometimes that can either be good or bad. A whopping 23 tracks on this beast. One I've mentioned in a previous blog, Leave Me Alone, very good. Others to consider? The Martini, Strange Music Box, and also K.O.D. He packs about all the minutes onto this CD instead of just releasing a half version.

Bird's Dirty of the Week: Layla Meyer and she's a Florida fan? Hmm.. Ok, we'll run with that. 21 years old and from the mean streets of Decatur, Georgia. Unfortunately she doesn't have any outrageous things in her info or a zillion pics. The ones she does have, the staff around here considered into detail. A rare one where I'm not posting any quotes or anything of that nature, but it's lacking from that end. We branch out though. Here she is, this week's winner:

Bird's Video of the Week: When I saw this, it had to go up for this week's vid, no questions asked. I'm stealing this from Klimek's FB and he'll get credit for throwing it up there. I can't get enough of this. I don't even have to describe things, you'll be amazed too. Apparently she's shouting out to her Stickam buddies and throws in some "Ms. Moogoo". Oh, how great YouTube is. Enjoy.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. The world's greatest candy is back in stores once again! Why can't they be out all year long? I've never figured that one out either, but you know where I'm going with this. Cadbury Eggs! That's my crack when it comes to candy. Put em in the fridge and you can't go wrong, just trust me on this.

2. Fact time, here we go.. The average secretary's left hand does 56% of the typing.. Polar bears can eat more than 50 pounds of meat in one setting.. Billy goats wizz on their own heads to smell more attractive to females.

3. American Idol starts tonight! I'm sure I'll ramble on this all through the season, so get used to it. Yes, I admit to watching this mess. Another TV show I'm addicted to, imagine that.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

"What The Hell Is A Bruce?!"

The first blog of 2010 huh? I'll see what kind of topics I can stir up to start the year out right with. One thing about 2009 that really bugged me was the negativity of a lot of people. If there's one message I always write about, it's to stay positive no matter what. That's usually my main theme of the blogs. I couldn't tell you, and you've all seen it as well, how many messages people posted of how awful and bad 2009 was to them. Get out of here with that mess, seriously. I'm sure some people have had it rough and hopefully they pull out of it, but don't try to get the rest of us throwing a pity party for you. I'm sure it wasn't even that bad whatever those are crying about.

Let me get to another topic of 2010 before I switch things up a bit. New Year's resolutions? I've probably written about this in the blog before at the start of a new year as I'm a bit predictable, but that's how it goes. Let's face it and I hope I'm wrong this year, but most people aren't going to come anywhere near setting their goals. I try to not write too much about exercise and staying in shape, but it's Shinnston, most of these people have no chance to stick to their workout resolutions. It's not that they can't do it, but they have no motivation to do so. It's easy to say you're going to do it, another thing to actually stick with it. I'm just being honest, I've seen it for years. They get pumped up for a week to workout and then you never see them lift a finger the rest of the year. To each their own, prove me wrong Shinnston. It doesn't affect me any, but you'd feel a lot better sticking with it, but that's just my opinion. If I had to pick any kind of resolution, it might be to be even more laid back than usual and work on being less straight up with my opinions. I joke around a lot and try to do things in a joking manner, but I'm also not a maybe guy. I'm going to give you a straight yes or no answer and as some people might sit back and not say something they want to ask, I can't do that.

Myself? I'm in an awesome mood as usual. I don't have anything major set in stone for 2010 as I'm pretty good at winging things. 2009 was good to me unlike 90% of people in Facebook or so it seemed. I do want to plan a flight again sometime fairly soon, but not sure how much in the works that can be. Posey and myself were eying the UFC debut in Boston, but right now that's tentatively scheduled for August 28th, one of his busiest weeks at work for him and my first week back to work. I'd definitely like to get something scheduled a lot sooner than that. I know I'm easier to schedule around since I'm single with no baggage, but for the road trip crew, let's get something going soon. What does Memphis Grizzlies rookie James Harden have to say on this on a tweet? "Even though its a new year ppl are still going to act the same way they did in is cheap!!..sorry had to express myself lol".

That was a long opener, but what does this blog have in store for you today? You get several new movie reviews, the infamous #Balls Celebrity Deathpool, Jersey Shore, another family bash, CD and movie reviews both, Penelope Cruz half naked, the Clark Riley Kids For Kwanzaa Hoops Classic, and a whole lot more! If that's not enough for you, well, that's all I got. As usual, I'm always open to any blog suggestions for something new or if you ever want to ramble on and have your own little guest section, I'm sure we can work it out if it's worthy enough.

Movie section time now. We're going to review two new ones for anyone who wants my opinions on that matter. It probably doesn't mean much coming from me, but hey, I like to review them when I can for something to do. The first? It was the annual Christmas night movie tradition and we were off to see Invictus. The list of movies for this year were slim to none, we were disappointed in that action. There weren't many I was interested in seeing and the guys thought the same. By the time we planned it out, it was Cork, Spank, and myself. Funny thing about it, we were the ONLY three people in the theater at our mall, no joke. On Christmas night, really? This was the second time in my life that I had been the only person (people) in the theater from my crew. Another time was in June of 2006 when I saw a noon weekday showing of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift in Morgantown. Anyways, Invictus, we were sold just due for the fact it was Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. They can't possibly have a bad movie together, right? Right. Historically and the detail put into this movie was great. I can't see a lot of chicks liking this one, but for the guys especially, go see this bad boy. The quotes, history, and racial breakthroughs are on point. Plus, Freeman plays Nelson Mandela so well. I could see though in our area with the racial overtone in this movie that some dumb rednecks wouldn't like it, but to each their own. I've ranted on that topic in my area before, but I'll be quiet this time, you know how strongly I feel on that. Final rating? 8.5 rabid rugby fans out of 10. It's that good.

Movie #2. This would be Nine. Yes, I know what you're thinking. Why would I go to such a movie? Whip wanted to see this one really bad last week, but wasn't able to get a day set up with her girls. I didn't mind going when I saw the cast of chicks in it. It can't be THAT bad with Penelope Cruz, Fergie, and Kate Hudson all bouncing around can it? From a guy's perspective, that part can help things. Our mall didn't have it showing, so we rolled to Morgantown for the action on Wednesday night. Counting us, there were a whopping 5 people in the theater. One girl came by herself. I've never done the theater thing by myself before, not that I wouldn't, I just haven't. With the cast of people in this movie, I'm surprised it wasn't advertised a lot more. For my liking, I don't know anything about Broadway and the musical scenes, they did too many of those, but that's probably my only complaint. The actual storyline of the movie was great and really easy to follow though. Back to my girl Penelope, she was top notch in this. As a dirty old man, she didn't even have to talk in this movie and I was fine for it, but that accent doesn't hurt anything either. Fergie's outfits and makeup made her look mean in this movie, but she still looked good to me. I have no experience to judge the musical sections, I'll let someone else handle that. Daniel Day-Lewis was also great at playing his part in this movie too, plus his character name of Guido Contini, that's classic. His chick in the movie, Marion Cotillard, she's quality too. Who would think I'd spend this much time reviewing Nine? I actually thought it was good, believe it or not. I'm not afraid to admit that. Blog reader Jodine comes at us with this, "Nine was atrocious. I want 2 hours of my life back so I can go see Sherlock Holmes instead." That's the only bad review I've seen anyways. I'm giving it a big 8.2 guidos out of 10.

Ok, it's time to get dark and demented. That's right, for it's time to unveil my picks for the 2010 #Balls Celebrity Death Pool! This is now our 6th year of running it as we started in 2005. Our champs since the beginning have been Goathead, Neon, ManDingo, Cork, and ManDingo once again. ManDingo is our only 2-time champion thus far. I've struggled overall, but have picked at least one death in the last 4 years and finished Top 3 in 2009. The only death I had in 2009 was Patrick Swayze. ManDingo won it by having both Swayze and Michael Jackson. Him and Corndog were the only guys to have more than one death in 2009. Corndog had Swayze and Walter Cronkite. These are all over the internet and karma will probably strike us, but it's still competition, even if it's not morally right. The rules are simple with how we do our league. This year everyone picks twelve celebs. If a celeb dies, you take their age at death and subtract it from 100. That's your point value. You know it's messed up, I know it's messed up, but you have to admit you're intrigued by the setup. Now, enough talk, it's time to give my list I'm working with for 2010 that you can also follow along with..

Bobby Heenan (wrestling manager)

Sabu (wrestler)

Scott Hall, Razor Ramon (wrestler)

Raven (wrestler)

Amy Winehouse (singer)

John Gosselin (John & Kate Plus 8)

Lindsay Lohan (actress)

Fidel Castro (former Cuban leader)

Jake LaMotta (boxer)

Betty Ford (first lady)

George Steinbrenner (Yankees owner)

Seve Ballesteros (golfer)

The day after Christmas it was time for a get-together of basketball days. Most of us still play a lot anyways, but when people move away and stuff, we're hardly all together like we were at this time of year. That gave us a chance to get it going for old times sake. We present to you the Clark Riley Kids For Kwanzaa Hoops Classic held at The Lighthouse in Shinnston. Thanks to Sidelli for naming the event which I got a kick out of, and will now become an annual thing. The goal to start was to get as many of our EDDFL fantasy NBA league there as possible. We did well on that front with 8 of the 12 members showing up. The eight that showed up were Clark, Spank, Cork, Fortdog, Sidelli, Big T, Posey, and myself. Outside of those eight, we had Buck, Ski, Sponge, Sonny, Ryan, and Drew Bob in the house. We all talked like we needed to videotape some of this action. For guys our age, most of us are still in pretty good shape that we can get good runs going, but there's also some ugliness as part of it too, it happens. The ball stuff is always fun, but it's busting each other with trash talk and that like that makes things worth it. That and the stories. Yep, we're getting old, but only as old as you make yourself feel. I always say that I'm still a little kid that will never grow up, gotta have fun with it.

Last Saturday we had another family bash at Ozzie and Maria's. As usual, you don't need me reminding everyone how good our food is when the fam is together. But that's always a big part of the events no matter whose house we're at. Throw some bowl games on top of that on TV and it's a good night. As a side note, my bowl picks this year are as bad as they've ever been. I'm taking a serious beating like no other, but it happens. Towards the end of the night we busted out the board games. I'm always in for that, no matter the age. It's just we don't play as much anymore as I'd like. The choice of the night? Would You Rather, one I've never played before, nor had any of the other crew. I liked this and by the time we were done playing, we sort of made our own rules to make it better. It can turn perverted pretty quick, which makes for an interesting atmosphere. It's worth a try for sure. It's not Balderdash, but it's good. Monopoly people of the crew, let's get that going sometime soon too.

We had half the crew playing poker and half going with board games. It was getting late in the night and Kari was ready to go home. She wanted to check on her dog Bruce, which is a name I love for a dog, that's classic. Matty Cakes said Bruce would be ok out in the cold for a bit longer, but they eventually left to check on him. Jim had a classic line from the poker table when he was halfway listening in to the conversation, "What the hell is a Bruce?!" I said then, that could be a great title for a blog and that's this week's reason for the title. As usual with the fam, another good productive night together. An as an added bonus, we all got together again on the next Saturday and went to Colasessano's for lunch. I'm in heaven around here with all of this good food.

You want a Jersey Shore update from the past week? Like it or not, it seems that most of you are watching, just as I am myself. I'm hooked like no other to the point me and my buddies are always doing quotes or acting like these idiots. It's partly lame, which I can see, but it's some quality TV entertainment and these characters are growing on me by the week. This week my boy Vinny finally got some more TV time, which he hasn't got a ton of to begin with. He seems to come across as a very likable guy and I could watch him do the goofy fist pumps all day and never get tired of it. Besides, he's just beating the beat back when the music comes on, right? This week he ended up stealing his boss' chick, which he didn't know was his boss' until after the fact. I'm also liking JWoww's character a lot more. Before this week, I didn't care much for her, but she took up for my girl Snooki and busted up another chick for calling her fat. Then next week, Ronnie roid rages and busts some dude's head up on the boardwalk, should be interesting. What does Kasher have to say on this episode? "And also how they had to treat those girls as human beings, as opposed to other girls, with Pauly D adding that "they're not whores". I love how they don't sugarcoat these comments. Next week, we get more comments from Vinny about how Situation's sister looks like a tranny Situation. Awesome."

So did everyone have a good New Year;s Eve? We planned a fam party, but that got the cancel button hit after a while. For myself, since I'm not a party guy, I really enjoyed a nice chill night to myself. I know, to some that'd be way boring, but it's nice to just do your own thing at times. I'm an only child, I know how to find things to get into, no worries. That night I tore up some A's food, watched wrestling DVDs, hung out online, and played 5 straight hours of Call of Duty with my crew. I ended up going to bed at 6:45 in the morning, so mission accomplished. As I think about it, since I've been off for Christmas break, I doubt I've went to bed before 3:00 on any night. Let's skip back to Tuesday night. That night I went to bed at 8:00 in the morning (yes, stupid) and set the alarm for 10:30. On 2½ hours, it was time to tear it up with a workout and run. Lack of sleep isn't going to stop me from working out. I'll let the rest of Shinnston quit on their workouts. Later in the day I got a 2 hour nap and went back at it by being up till daylight again. The moral as usual, I'm an idiot and never learn, my sleep schedule is all over the place.

Posey, you sure put high hopes on me for 2010 and hopefully karma won't bite me. I'm not sure I like having that much pressure put on me, hah. The Twitter fans have been following it (by the way, we're way too ate up right now with Twitter that it's a problem), but Posey released the Annual Posey Tank Hill Twitter Awards a few days ago. I wasn't there to pick up my trophy though. In his words, "hands down 2009 award winner for best human in shinnston! Next year may I try to be more like u and less like me!" Posey, you're doing great man and I'm excited for you to start the workout plan you have set up. In my ranks, Posey now joins Gayle as one of the past winners from the blog of Dad of the Year. I'm in the process of hand molding Posey's trophy as we speak, but I'm always impressed how great of a job him and Scherri do with the kids and you can see he enjoys every second of it to make them happy. Hey, we go deep around here sometimes in the blog, but we give credit where credit is due.

Onto lighter things and to start finishing up this blog up.. Here's a few CD reviews for the rap fans.

Bizzy Bone & Bad Azz: Thug Pound. Terrible. That's as quick as I can put this into one word. The lyrics on this one were brutal and I expected a good bit better than this mix. I'd recommend things, but I'd rather not, just to save you all the pain. And this is coming from a guy that is normally big into most Bone related things, but this is one to stay away from.

Z-Ro: Cocaine. Quite the change from the Bizzy/Bad CD. It's like night and day. Z-Ro comes strong the entire time and has a great flow if you haven't heard any of his stuff previously. He's a Houston guy, so if you're familiar with that rap scene, he's one of the best the town has to offer. There's not a track on this that I didn't like, but I might as well narrow it down for just a few if you're wanting to get an initial taste of Z-Ro's music. Quarterback Vision, Can't Leave Drank Alone featuring Lil O, Haters Got Me Wrong with Gucci Mane and Chris Ward, and Thank You along with Lil Flip. This CD has a high replay ability to it, you'll give it a thumbs up too I hope.

Bird's New Year's Dirty of the Week: We're going to the midwest this week for our little journey. Where we land is in the mean streets of Chicago. Her info says 25 years old, but her about me says 22, who knows? Apparently you (or any of us) can't touch this, according to her tagline. I do have to hand it to her, she's looking great. Here is her quick bio in her words and what she's looking for. Have at it guys, or girls is you roll in that direction. "hi everyone my name is jasmine im 22 years old. im a very out going person i love to drink sorry i dont smoke.i am puerto rican im 5"7 weight about 126.i am looking for a sweet guy who likes to have a good time thats very kind and truthful and know how to respect a looking for a guy that would keep it real with me at all times that aint on any games." That doesn't seem like they are asking too much, so maybe she has a good head on her shoulders. And a girl that tells her weight out in the open, you rarely see that. That's a question I still feel guys should never ever ask a girl, but you'd be surprised at ones who do. Here we go, she's single fellas.

Bird's New Year's Video of the Week: This week we're joined by the great Corndog with a video submission. He's been all about the prank videos lately and has sent some my way to check out. One in particular I liked is what we're going to post this week. Hoepfully not everyone has seen this, but it could be true since it has over a half million views so far. It's titled the Couch Airbag Explosion Prank and that pretty much tells you all you need to know. The slow-mo part of this video makes it in my mind. I hope you enjoy.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I'm caught up on most of my TV watching, but not yet with the new season of Real World. It started on Wednesday for those who don't know and is based from Washington, DC. I've heard there is crazy drama from week one, so that has me down for sure. I have it on DVR, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Of course, I've been around Real World since the first season, so I'm not about to quit now. Yeah, that shows my age, I know. Wait till next week for any kind of review.

2. Want some facts on New Year's that I dug up? Did you know that the first use of a Times Square New Year's Eve Ball was the result of New York city banning fireworks because they were too dangerous? Did you know that losing weight is the most common New Year's resolution? A stat we all know is that more than 60 percent of American adults are overweight and the number of overweight kids has more than tripled since 1980. Hey, I just report on it. And finally, did you know that Julius Caesar was the first to set January 1st as the New Year? Now ya know.

3. According to the 10-day forecast which won't be too accurate, there is only one day in the next 10 in my area that it will reach 30 degrees. I hope you people like the cold. Time to get out of here for the week, but everyone have a great 2010!