Monday, July 30, 2007

"For the sake of your Italian machismo..."

It's official. I'm now a Harry Potter nerd. Hear me out. Last week while you read the blog, I was talking about buying the first book. Well, in a matter of a few days, I wiped that book out like nothing. I'm usually not a speed reader like some, but that was probably the fastest I've read a book since I got ate up with it. I still don't get how some can read it in like one day, but you know. Saturday night comes along and I just had to get out to Wal-Mart for the second installment. I go to Fairmont Wal-Mart and they didn't have it. So I rolled to Eastpointe Wal-Mart and they had one hardback copy left, so I had to load up. Here's something I have to admit, that maybe only the weird Potter fans can understand. I couldn't wait to get home to start reading, so I read 20 pages before I made it home. Told ya I'm a mess, but it's great reading. If you're like me and didn't think it'd ever be for you, and you're a reading person, I say go for it, give it a shot, despite what my buddies say, hah.

Some of my buddies are into the books, but not many. I knew I was going to have a field day getting them going once I said I was starting to this stuff. For most that know me, I'm usually really laid back unless something sets me off, which is rare. I can take a joke and give back at the same time, all in fun. A thing I like about Potter, is of my crew making some funny comments. I figured, it has to be good blog material, so I went with it. It has me cracking up that they're worked up about it, but I knew that going in and that it'd get some opinions going at me about it, so here's some great quotes that you should enjoy:

Kasher: "I am boycotting all things Harry Potter. Too much hype right now and it doesn't really interest me."

Chiphead: "I don't get why people go retarded over fucking children's books like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings."

Blahah was one of the guys on our message board that I had guessed read the books before. I was wrong on that one and this is what he says, "yeah im not a big fan of the harry pothead thing. have not read any of the books and only seen some of the 1st movie, thats it. in fact, im offended you would group me into that category bird, how dare you"

TyLaw with a classic: "Bird you'd better go get laid right now, otherwise this harry potter shit is clinching the gayest in the empire title for you, it's just too far"

Blahah once again: "he's right bird. for the sake of your italian machismo...stay away from the potter!"

The_Freak: "No real Italian would read Harry Fuckin Potter."

August 8th is a big day for me. Yep, that's right. Real World: Sydney starts that night at 10:00 PM EST. The previews are already out and it looks good, but that never means anything. So far in previews I've seen this redneck dude running around with a hat yelling about something. Then this whiney chick shoves this other chick down. She gets on the phone with someone and says how she hates the other girl more than anything in the world. Come on, give me a break you filthy drama girl. She'll get what's coming, probably some rich girl who can't handle herself around normal people in a house, imagine that. Of course I'll have detailed reports on my thoughts on each person when this season begins, gotta love the drama.

A softball update since we didn't have a game last week. Friday night we played a team that smoked us earlier in the season with a 10-run rule. This time, we held our own. We didn't win, but it was 9-4 and we played pretty good I thought. For the first time all year, I played a different position. Each game, someone takes a turn sitting out for 4 innings or so to keep book if more than 10 of our team shows up. This game was my turn and I go in the game into right center. Not much action there, so I'll be good to go to my home of leftfield the rest of the year that I have on lock. No game this week, but a doubleheader on the 10th. Then a game on the 17th and then playoffs start. We're 4-7 and need to win out to be .500, doh. Fun times indeed.

The blog after this one will be the Atlanta trip. I'm heading out of the mean streets on Thursday evening sometime. It'll take us about 10 hours to get there and I go the back way through Kentucky and Tennessee. 80% of that drive is straight in the middle of nowhere and tons of Waffle House options on the way down, can't go wrong with that. Maybe we'll find the one in Tennessee we found a few years that was the dirtiest Waffle House ever, yet it was the best Waffle House ever if that makes sense. Stuff dripping from the ceilings, waitress all pumped up to be working, you know how it goes. I'll be doing the driving, so hard to tell how much I'll scare Ozzie and Maria, but I'm up for the task. I'll come up with a way to write down any good happenings in here of course, no worries there. I may lose 10 pounds in the heat there, something I don't need, but everyone on the trip is excited to go, I know I am.

A quick note of my HD/DVR setup. I know I've been missing out for a while, so I'm finally with times on this. I got it hooked up on Thursday and it's rock solid. On the HD side of things, it's pretty cool to check, for example regular definition ESPN and then flip over to ESPNHD to see the difference. I thought it was a load of crap over the past few years when people would say how good it is, but it's well worth the get. Now I believe it. Baseball is off the charts on HD. You can see truly how old people look, the detailed lines on the grass, and things you never even thought of when seeing before. That's how I am anyways. DVR is also pretty good, I'll get my money's worth out of that, so like I said before, if you have some bum shows that I normally might not watch, let me know and I may check em out. Not too bad that you can tape two different things at once either at the same time. I guess this paragraph was bigger than the quick note I originally typed up when I started, but oh well.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Another Kasher contribution here. This is Part 2 of Japanese Tetris that people were big on not long ago. If you haven't seen it, you need to take a look:

Bird's Song of the Week: Crank Dat by Souljah Boy. This is the song with some bum doing the dance:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Happy happy time.. The last day of July we'll do. Tuesday, July 31st. Who do we have? Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, he's 49. I wouldn't have guessed nearly that old. Actor Wesley Snipes, 45. Ironically, with all of my Potter talk, writer JK Rowling turns 42. Superman Dean Cain, he's doing it for his 41st, but I haven't heard his name in a while. 1989 Heisman Trophy winner Andre Ware, he's 39.

2. Here's today's fun fact, porned out style. Courtesy of, we have this gem: "Women who went to college are more likely than high school dropouts to enjoy both the giving and receiving of oral sex."

3. I was telling my boys and maybe I said it in here too, who knows. I've come to a conclusion. Amy Winehouse is a dude. She literally scares me when I see her. What's up with that crazy makeup and then the weird eyeliner deals out of the corner of her eyes? Ugh.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wheelchair Backflips

What's up blokes? Things are going great here on the Eastside. In this latest installment we'll chat it up about new developments with a project Corndog has with movies, singing shows, Harry Potter, being online too much (not me, can't be true), and whatever else the fans demand. So awayyyy we go..

People of all ages lined up Friday night at midnight. What was that action? You know all too well and don't need me to fill you in. I wasn't part of it, but I'm missing out on the Harry Potter hype. I've decided to possibly start reading these books to see what it's all about. This week, I'll pick up the first book and I'll find out if I get hooked. I love to read, but not sure this is my cup of tea. Everyone who reads that I chat with says that I'll get hooked and then some. Of course I'll update the masses on what happens. Almost 30 years old and I'm going to be reading about some dorky little magic kid who does I have no clue what. I honestly don't even know the storyline I'm about to jump into, but I am a little curious.

Any movie fans out there? Pretty much everyone reading should have an interest in this. One of the blog's favorites, my boy Corndog, started a new project. What he has going is a movie blog, but it's not just your average movie blog. He'll watch movies with the wife and then in his own funny way, he'll give a review telling you whether or not to rent, buy, or not even bother with. His opening post has me cracking up and he has one since that as well. I'll paste the opener to Corndog's Movie Corner. After that, I'll give the link of course:

Hey Corndog, What's this all about?

Well, I'm glad you ask. This is the brand new Corndog's Movie Corner.
I got this idea from the internet legend himself, and master of the blog, Bird33. That's right, Mr. Bird. If you have had internet connection for more than 2 hours you know who I am talking about, and you probably have him on your Instant messenger or Myspace.

So far after his initial post, Corndog has reviewed Premonition with Sandra Bullock. Also he took time to review Shooter with Dirk Diggler, Marky Mark, Mark Wahlberg, or whatever you know him as. How can you go wrong with Dirk Diggler shooting guns? You're right, you can't. I just answered the question for you. Anyways, please visit Corndog's Movie Corner and don't be afraid to give him some comments.

On the TV scene, after watching the singing shows last week, they're both pretty good. If you're too lazy to read last week's edition, those shows are The Singing Bee and Don't Forget The Lyrics. They're cheezy shows, but I bet you'll end up liking what you see. As far as the TV here at my house, I'm going to soon journey into the world of HD and DVR land with my DirecTV. I may be a little behind on hooking that stuff up, but now is as good of a time as any. Time to pimp my section of the house out.

A lot of people are accustomed to seeing a blog around here every week or so. Sometimes one comes out a day or so before the week mark. Sometimes it's a day or two afterwards. There's no rhyme or reason, but once people start asking if a new blog is in the works while I'm online, I know I have to man up and get to work. Take for example this message I just got from Kristina in the mean streets of Huntington: "no new blog?" That allows me to drop an early birthday message. So if you see her out there, send Kristina a Happy Birthday on Saturday, July 28th. You might even see her out partying like a rockstar if you're a blog follower in the southern part of the state. Hope ya have a good one down there!

Last Wednesday was another one of those nights where I was ate up online. Most would say that's everyday for me, which is probably true, but Wednesday I did it up big. I was online a decent bit earlier that day, but from 8:00 at night till 6:00 in the morning, I barely left my computer seat for 10 straight hours. Sad, I know, but what else is there to do? Jas, that's the night you turned into heroin, so I'm blaming you for that, hah. Always a good time doing the late night chats. I always say there's a bit in this space for everyone. Some of the inside stuff people may not get, but I have to throw in some of that for the loyal readers.

Corndog (yep, he's at it again) had an idea late at night a few days ago. He was going through every blog I've done, starting in May 2004. I've changed up the style a lot since then, so I'm always willing to try something new. Back then, I didn't have many pictures and posted more times per week. With that, you got smaller posts, so I think it evens out. Since that we've added the ending that a lot seem to like and look forward to. If I don't hear comments from my regular stories in the body of the blog, everyone seems to have an opinion on the Dirty Thug Ho of the Week and also 3 Quick Thangs. Little things like that keep this place rocking.

What's in store for upcoming episodes in here? July is nearing the end and even though not a ton has went on the past week or so, it'll heat up. Mario's Fishbowl is back in action this Friday at 8:00 after a week off. If I'm correct, we have 4 more games left on the season, we need to finish strong. Also, during the first weekend of August, it's time to head down to the ATL. Road trip! I'll be road tripping with Cousin Ozzie and his chick Maria. Also coming down for the action is Kari and Matty Cakes who are doing it in style by flying. I hope to get in a Braves game on that Friday and then we get to see Big Ashton get all excited for his birthday party on Saturday. Plus, we'll get some high quality true sweet tea, me and Ozzie might set a record of drinking that during the weekend there. The only complaint I have about the ATL is that it's insanely hot, too much for me to handle, like sweat dripping off of you 24/7, for real. Howevahhh, I can deal with that, no biggie at all because it'll be a great time indeed, I'm pumped. Gotta remember, this is the guy (me) that is weird and wants big snow all the time rather than way hot weather, so my opinion on the weather doesn't mean much to the average person. Another plus to the Dirty South? Everyone down there is nice. I mean everyone. Some pure southern hospitality, good times. Up north, people are dicks. That's my theory. Take my advice on that one.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: I think this is some impressive stuff here. Everyone knows I'm a big fan of seeing crazy backflips and things of that nature. Now we got a dude in a wheelchair doing backflips, I kid you not. The backflip attempt is at 2:30, but this entire video I liked a lot. Maybe it's just me.

Bird's Song of the Week: Hood Figga by Gorilla Zoe. That's the TV title of the song anyways which cracks me up with the edit and since I'm a whitey, that's what I'll use in here too. Check it out, pretty good:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. What's up with birthdays this week? We'll try Tuesday, July 24th and see what happens. One of the greatest power forwards ever, future NBA Hall of Famer, Karl Malone, he's 44. Barry Bonds, soon to be baseball's homerun leader and quite possibly the best player of our generation, 43. Actor Kadeem Hardison, he's 42. Former Celtic, Laker, UNC baller, actor Rick Fox, he's 38. J-Lo and her ghetto booty, she's also 38. WWE Diva and former Playboy cover girl, Torrie Wilson, she's 32. Actress Anna Paquin, who I think is a little hottie, she's doing it big for her 25th. In #basketball news, the ever elusive Don-G turns 25, while Mighty Mouse, she's 22. Going old school there. About time we have a pretty good list. Our last few have been worthless.

2. I heard a stat the other day on The Tony Kornheiser Show. A study estimates that by the year 2015, 75% of the United States will be considered obese. You kidding me with that mess? If exercise was easy, everyone would look good. It doesn't take much, once you get started, you'll be fine. But you're not going to get in shape sitting on the couch and crying about it. Hey, maybe it's not the nicest way to put it, but it needs to be said.

3. You want a wacky fact? Here's one for ya: Locusts eat their own body weight in food in a day. A human eats their own body weight in about half a year.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Girls Gone Boring

This is one of those weeks where I'll have to pull something out of my hat. No huge stories went down, but as usual, I'll whip up something good for everyone to read to stop the boredom. That means we can have topics coming from all over the place, a little bit of randomness if you will. Get ready for the ride and if you have some ideas for the blog, let me know, I'd consider it for sure.

Trivia games seem to be making a huge comeback. Who doesn't like a good batch of trivia? I know with our crew, we haven't lately, but we used to tear up trivia nights and it'd get intense. What I'm talking about is the trivia on TV recently. Corndog had me check out the World Series of Pop Culture on VH1. It's a really good one I think. It's an hour long, the team names are creative, and they have little gimmicks of how they all act. It's back and forth action, you should take a look at it too, you just might like it. Then the network channels have some new music trivia shows as well. I rarely watch network TV, I need to since I'm missing out, but last week opened a few new ideas. NBC has The Singing Bee hosted by Joey Fat One and it's on Tuesday nights at 9:30 EST. FOX then has Don't Forget The Lyrics hosted by Wayne Brady. This one seems better, but I haven't watched either, just played the online games on the network sites. I guess this one is on twice a week, Wednesday at 9:30 and Thursday at 8:30? Any of you online bums like me and Corndog who live on here, let us know if you're down for some trivia battles, I'm in.

Another solid win for Mario's Fishbowl on the softball circuit. On Friday night, we beat down Inches Away to the tune of 14-4. I believe that's our first 10-run rule of the season, we brought it. We're now 4-6 on the season and are off next weekend, but we mean business the week after that. It's time to man up! 56 degrees it was on Friday when we played, I was seeing my breath in the outfield, but I thought it was perfect weather. I had 2 hits on the night, a single and triple, 3 RBI and 2 runs. I was happy with the performance for sure. I'll update everyone in a few weeks.

I've been rocking out the running scene as of late. I've been on a schedule running 6 days a week. I'll go 5 days straight and take a day off and keep that pattern. It's been working well for a few months. Twice this week, I ran in the rain and that's always fun. Earlier this week, I got stuck in a huge thunderstorm as I was a good 2 miles out, so I just had to keep going. I was drenched, but it felt good. I'd rather do that instead of run when it's 90, forget that mess. As I was running back into town under the bridge, the shop workers by the river were looking at me like I was crazy since it was pouring the rain down. Lately, I've been going anywhere from 2-4 miles a day, it's a good workout.

So the other day in the mail I got a thing that felt like a few DVDs inside. I was waiting for a wrestling DVD order to arrive, so I figured that might be it. But it wasn't the same packaging as the DVD orders I usually get from Ring of Honor Wrestling. This one had GGW on the front and not much else and was from Cali. I was like hmmm.., this might be Girls Gone Wild. Yep, two free GGW videos. They are First Timers and the other is Ultimate Rush. No paper inside saying that I have to pay on it, how to cancel or any of that, weird. I haven't checked these out yet, but I'm not that pumped to do so if you can believe that. We could film better stuff in Shinnston. It's all predictable and half of them put on an act. It's more of a laugh watching these than something that is actually worth buying. We've seen it a zillion times. The chick will act all surprised and scream, "Oh my god! My daddy might see me on this DVD naked! What do I do?!" You know what to do, you're a dirty, it gets old. If they don't play that act, they give the one about how shy they are and won't take any clothes off. Seconds later, they have everything off and they're bouncing around, imagine that. That's just my theory on it, more on the comedy side than actual porn type things that some people may get it for. Kinda boring. Don't waste your money unless you just want to pop it in with a crew of dudes or chicks and make jokes about it, that's always a good time.

On the video game scene, after bugging my eyes out with Resident Evil 4, it's finally taken care of. Me and my boy Spank put in some heavy duty hours playing that bad boy and the game was beat. I'm not one of these people that loves looking up cheats and things like that. What's the fun in a game if you have to rely on that option? Unless I'm super stuck, and we weren't with this game, we just grinded it out, I like figuring it out myself. Next up for a game purchase? I figure I'll wait till mid-August to get Madden 08 for Wii. That's the plan at the moment, but things can always change.

Ever not wanted to pay $40+ for a pay per view? Or just wanted to see something on TV and weren't able to? It's time to plug some sites I've recently came across. ChannelSurfing is a biggie and right now as I type this, I'm watching the TNA Victory Road pay per view. A very smooth feed with audio and I'm highly impressed. It's like I'm watching it from my TV, real clear too. It's not just wrestling stuff, check it out at Another with similar options is UStream. A few more? Try Stickam and MainEventSite.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This one has been out there, but it's a good. The Asian Twinz with a classic, doing the Weird Al eBay song. This might even be one dude instead of two, I'm not all up on it, but check it out:

Bird's Song of the Week: Poet Laureate V003 by Canibus on the From Whom The Beat Tolls album I mentioned last week. Canibus straight rips it on this song and the entire CD actually. No link on that one, you'll have to find a download, it's worth it.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. It's time to celebrate birthdays. This time we're going with Tuesday, July 17th. Basketball legend, former Harlem Globetrotter, NBA baller, and one of the pioneers of the dunk, Connie Hawkins, he's now 65. Although not what I'd call a celebrity, Lucie Arnaz, daughter of Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy fame, she's 56. The Hoff, David Hasselhoff, 55. Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go's fame, 49. Super Bowl XXV goat, Scotty Norwood, 47. Not a major A-list crew here, but some days we have to stretch with what is given to us.

2. Strange Fact time: The human heart creates enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet.

3. Remember the sick game I play with my buddies each year that Kasher runs? The Celebrity Deathpool? Yep, it's what it sounds for those not familiar. We select 10 celebs each year. If one dies, you take their age they were when they died and subtract it from 100. That's the point total you'd get. Out of your 10, you get to pick one lock, that's the one you feel the strongest on. If they die, you get double the points. Sick, yep. But you know you'd try it too. Anyways, I got my lock points the other day by having Lady Bird Johnson pass away. She was 94 years old, but I doubled up since she was my lock and got 12 there.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Bring it on in to Omeletteville!

How's everyone doing today? Hopefully you still have your fingers in place and didn't blow them up for the Fourth of July melee. Things are going just fine here. On a scale of 1-10 on the happy meter, I'm probably about a 8.75 at this moment, which is usually higher than most people ever register. Why's that? Everyone else whines like babies, even if they're having a good day, we don't need to hear that junk. I'd rank it higher for myself, but gotta save some room for those days where I'm at a 10 on the scale. In this latest installment, you'll get to hear about yet another trip to PNC Park, new CDs, thoughts on Hooters girls, Bobby Light, Dru Down telling people how it is, playing Wii till my eyes bug out, and MUCH more!

Where to start? I'll just let the fingers direct me to a spot and we'll go from there. Where do we land? In Pittsburgh for a Saturday trip to beautiful PNC Park. Before you ask, we didn't get to dance with any 400-pound fatties or anything of that nature. It wasn't a trip like that. This one still rocked though. I went along with my boy Spank, his Uncle Charles (nope, not the same Uncle Charles that Bone Thugs always talk about, but close enough), Aunt Marie, and cousin Calvin. Outside of me and Spank, the other three had never been to a game before, so they were in for a treat. Pittsburgh is a terrible team, but as I've preached on here for years, you have to get to PNC Park if you haven't experienced it yet. Just one awesome stadium. I always talk about randomly seeing Shinnstonites in Pittsburgh when you least expect it. It happened again. While walking down Station Square to go eat, we see Craig Baker and his chick out of nowhere. They were on their way to the Def Leppard/REO Speedwagon/Styx concert. I can see Bake just jamming to that stuff right now. Then at the game, I heard someone yelling my name. I look up and it's Nick Barron, so I went to chat it up with him for a bit. Can't go wrong seeing locals on a road trip.

Before we went to the game, we ate at Hooters. Chick quality this time at the restaurant was probably about a 7 and I'm being generous there, not that great. Our chick was 6'2" anyways, no joke. Plus, she had these mangled eyelashes. Of course her tits were popping out, but that still didn't hide the fact that she was an amazon with weird eyelashes. A few others had great bodies, but mangled faces. Too many dirty tattoos in this joint too. However, there were a few top notch ones in there though that put the others to shame. Pick of the restaurant for me was this little blonde (and I'm usually bigger on dark hair) that I'm guessing was about 5'4"/125 and stacked of course. Looked natural, so forget that fake stuff if you're keeping track at home. So you didn't have the anorexic look going on there, something to her body, an actual good face, thumbs up here. As far as food, it's way underrated if you ask me. I ended up getting a flat iron steak sandwich and it was out of this world, go get that bad boy the next time you go.

Now over to ride the boat to PNC Park. I won't bore you a ton with it as we need to get to other stories, but they played the Cubs that night. There were literally more Cubs fans at the place than Bucs, I'm serious. Ted Lilly, pitching for the Cubs was taken out late in the game after playing great. In something I haven't seen before in person, the crowd gave him a standing ovation. This wasn't your normal standing O that the home crowd gives out of respect, this was Cubs fans going wacko. Then during the 7th inning stretch, instead of the "Root root root for the home team..", the place erupts with the "Root root root for the Cubbies.." The stadium was filled with blue shirts and I have a new respect for Cubs fans, they're maniacs. At the end of the game (Cubs won 7-1), you saw signs with a huge "W" on them from the Cubs fans as they held that up to show the win. People walking out of the stadium doing Cubs chants, it was a sight to see. Oh yeah, how'd the people who went to the game feel about their first trip? Loved every second of it. I came home and for some reason didn't go to bed till 9:00 AM. Yep, the moral once again, I'm an idiot.

If it's not being online and all ate up with that, I'm going into a zone with video games. Yep, we know I'll never grow up. Anyways, on Sunday, me and Spank played Resident Evil 4 on Wii till our eyes popped out. We played for 10 hours straight, nonstop like a bunch of fools. Spank had a classic line when he left around 4:30. He goes, "You know how those reports say if you play for 2 hours at a time, you got a problem? Well, what does that make us with 10?" Well said. An excellent game though and the time put in shows that. I'm not sure what the next game purchase will be, possibly Madden 08, but I haven't made up my mind on that yet for next month.

For those that know my music tastes, you'll know I'm a big Dru Down fan. Most reading may not know him, but he's a Bay Area rapper who has been around the game. He does pimpin' rap and it's worth the check. Also, that's where my AIM name comes from that I've been using for the past 10 years or so if anyone didn't have a clue who chats to me on there. The MySpace fans, you'll know how some pages get taken over by hackers. I'm not up on that, but Dru Down's was messed up the other day till he got it back. He sends out this bulletin, which I thought was funny. Here it is in Dru Down speak (it's another language), exactly how he posted it up, which cracks me up:


For those who don't know Dru Down songs, I'm sure I lost you in that paragraph. But hey, there's something in here for everyone. And if not, check out his page:

Due to this space, a lot of my buddies who haven't watched before are now huge Rob & Big fans. I'm telling you, it sucks you in, it's an awesome show. Anyways, this past week featured some great stuff indeed. The crew made a low budget video and in it was none other than Uncle Jerry. Yep, Big's Uncle Jerry from Mississippi that they hung with at the reunion. Rob was bored one day and created a character based on an 80s R&B singer. They went to wig shops, got suits, etc. Rob's R&B name is Bobby Light and this week's Song of the Week has to be that, so stay tuned for that later in the blog. I guess if you don't watch the show it won't be as funny, but who knows.

We're due for a few new CDs to the collection. Let's see what we're rolling with..

Canibus: From Whom The Beat Tolls. A lyrical assassin, so if you're into lyrics over club type rap, you'll be into Canibus. Fans of his already know of the feud he had in the late 90s with LL Cool J in that they both had diss tracks. I haven't listened to all of this yet to give a full opinion, but from what I've heard, it's good, he delivers.

Crunchy Black: From Me To You. This is Crunchy's second solo CD since breaking away from Three 6 Mafia. I read this CD was put together without Crunchy's consent, so that isn't cool, but they picked good things to release from this. On a side note, Crunchy does one of the best G-Walk dances out there. No, not C-Walk for those familiar with the West Coast dance. Memphis people argue that it's a spin-off from their dance, but the C-Walk guys say theirs is the real deal. Funny argument.

Pastor Troy: Tool Muziq. Atlanta rap here. Troy I'm big on, but he's not for everyone. He's the type that always has crazy energy going. Not a lot of Atlanta rappers bring about the mean side, but Troy can pull it off in his rhymes. He doesn't have a bunch of people on this CD and that's always a plus to me. It's fine having people on your album, but not every single song like some guys are into these days.

T.I.: T.I. vs T.I.P. More Atlanta rap on this one. I highly recommend this CD. After several listens through, I don't think it's on the level of older T.I. stuff, but it's still very good. Ones I'm big on from this include My Swag and Touchdown. Touchdown features Eminem and it's legit. These two work real well together and the chorus that they each have a part in flows so well together. Also on this are Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Nelly (where's he been lately?), and Wyclef. Go pick this thing up.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Thanks to Corndog for the contribution on this one. The SNL fans will know this, but I never saw it at the time it aired for some reason. I think it's a hilarious skit personally, but what do I know. Omeletteville with Justin Timberlake:

Bird's Song of the Week: Dirty Girl by Bobby Light.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. We gotta start things out with some birthdays. Tuesday, July 10th. Baseballer Andre Dawson, 53 years old, time flies, dang. Former San Fran 49er Roger Craig, he turns 47. Jessica Simpson is now 27. I don't have much else for birthdays, it's a brutal list. That's the best we can do, I'm sure the next time we do birthdays they'll be better. Boo to July 10th.

2. I just saw a story on TV on the local news here. Apparently this dude on I-68 killed 5 people in a wreck and injured several others. Come to find out, it's this guy's 4TH DUI. You kidding me? I have no respect at all for that, zero. There MAY be a lame excuse for someone that gets one the first time, but my stance on that isn't too supportive. If it happens a second time, I think the license should be taken away for good, no questions asked. Ride the bus, take a taxi, walk, we don't need ya on the road. But 4 times and they keep letting him drive? Forget that. I'm sure my take on that is way more strict than most others, but just how I feel.

3. Today's fact you might not know? An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Completely Caucasian

The guy is 35 years old, he has to be. You've all seen it. I'm talking about one of the newest Taco Bell commercials. I can't be the only one confused at it. Anyways, I'll set the scene quick before really opening into this blog. The commercial has this 35 year old guy eating at Taco Bell with his mom. Next to him are these chicks that I'm guessing are in the 18-20 year old range. The mom gives hints to the girls that her son is available and he gets embarrassed. He can almost be these girls' dad and his mom is trying to hook him up with them. Not that there's anything wrong with him pimpin' the younger girls by any means, go for it if you can, but I just thought it looked funny for a national TV ad.

It's over a week old, but I haven't weighed in on it in this space. Even people not associated with wrestling have heard this story. The one on wrestler Chris Benoit killing both his chick and his son and then hanging himself. What a bizarre story that had a horrible ending. This is from a guy you've always heard over the years of being a family man and having a ton of respect from everyone. There's still more news coming out from this messed up story as it gets more wild by the day. I've seen a zillion different opinions on this situation, but I might as well weigh in with mine. As far as his personal life, there's no excuse for that and I don't think anyone can justify his case in that one. We all know he's jacked up on roids, but there has to be more that was wrong with the guy. Secondly, I'd be lying if I said that I wouldn't be able to respect his wrestling career anymore. We'll always think of him killing his family upon first mention for the rest of our lives, but inside the ring, he was one of the best to ever do it. He was still at the top of the game before he killed himself, but check out some of his early/mid 90s work from Japan during the Super J Cup for example. Simply awesome as the Pegasus Kid. There's not much else I can say on his personal life though, we know he royally screwed up his friends' and family's lives.

On a quick note, most know already, but I'll be starting a full time teaching job in the fall. I'm pretty excited about this one and got the job I was after too. I loved being a sub, but my only complaint was no benefits. Other than that, I would've subbed forever since there was no responsibility other than being a glorified babysitter and you'd be in different places each day. I don't know many details on my new setup, but I'll be part of the Alternative Learning Center. I'll be dealing with the behavior problem kids who basically get booted out of their home schools. The smaller classes should be nice, but I'll have more on what my actual schedule is later this fall.

As most know of me, 98% of my music is rap and R&B. I don't change styles up too much and listen to a ton out of those genres. However, since I've been running just about everyday, I was willing to try some different things. To me, most of the time rap is laid back to me, even if it's mean rap if that makes sense. I run to a lot of rap, don't get me wrong, but I needed some things out of what I normally listen to that jams. No, I didn't want any death metal to where I can't understand one word they say. Then again, people tell me that about rap music in that they can't understand it, so I guess it all depends on what you listen to. Anyways, I've been on this kick for some older Rage Against The Machine and AFI. I've always liked the few Rage songs over the years (and the lead singer looks like X-Pac for the wrestling fans), but you're probably wondering what AFI is doing on my iPod. Yeah, I know, totally not what one would expect with me. First off, I'm not even sure what these weirdos are. Anorexic, emo, who knows. I wouldn't want to watch videos of them, but I admit several of their songs have a catch to them, except when anorexic boy wants to try to act mean and scream for some reason. The only reason I knew of these bums in the first place is due to wrestling. How so? When CM Punk was in Ring of Honor, he came out to Miseria Cantare from AFI. Since I watch too much wrestling stuff, I guess those entrance songs get engraved into your head eventually and they grow on you. Just something to try when I run this week to change things up. Ones I recommend are Silver And Cold as well as Dancing Through Sunday. Thanks to Jas for sending a lot of that stuff to me. You're becoming a regular in the blog and I'm not doing it on purpose. Like I always say when mentioning my buddies, I gotta give credit where it's due. She's also aboard the Africam craze, how can you go wrong with that late at night?

It's time for yet another softball update. There's things in this blog that are totally random to keep people on their toes, and then there's the things everyone comes to expect. Friday night, winner winner chicken dinner! Yep, we put it on WVU Foundation, 9-6. Our defense was rock solid. I went 2-4 in that game as the leadoff man, 2 RBIs and 1 run. I even almost took out some chick at 2nd base with a slide that I was safe on. She'll have to get out of the way, I'm not about to slow down. Next game is on Friday at 8:00 against Chico's. We're now 3-5 and are playing respectable. My average is up to .333, it's getting there. It's not a great look, but if you're that bored to check out standings in our league, go here: Our league is at the very bottom, Lower Coed, where the dirties play.

Of course the greatest day of my entire year was this past Thursday. Yep, as noted before, that was the NBA Draft. Honestly, that is always my favorite day of the year, I know I'm ate up with the NBA, but that's how I am. I won't take up much of your time with it, but I have to write a small bit if nothing else. The Celtics had the #5 and #32 picks in the draft. With the #5, they sent it across the country to Seattle along with Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte "Redz" West. In return, we got Ray Allen and the #35 pick. First off, I'm for this trade, even though most are bashing Ray for being a broke dick that is aging. He's only 32 and it's not like we're stuck with his contract for a long time. We have 2 years to test out this experiment and he's 32 years old. Sure, his ankles are banged up, but I feel we now have three legit offensive players in Paul Pierce, Ray himself, and one you need to pay very close attention to and soon, my boy Big Al Jefferson. On the side we sent, Wally had 2 years of $26 mil left on his contract and he's always hurt. Lastly, my boys can't do any worse than they did last year, so I'm willing to take the chance here. In our other two picks, we got Gabe Pruitt (6'4"/170 out of USC who is way skinny and isn't really a true PG, but who knows) and one I'm excited about just because he's a character is Big Baby Davis (6'9"/289 out of LSU). As a plug, in its 11th year of existence, the one and only Boston Sports Guy has his Draft Diary up. If you haven't read these before, they're excellent. This one is shorter than usual, but still check it out:

New video game news for me for anyone interested in that. I've been due for a while, but I didn't just want to get a game for the sake of throwing money around, Pacman Jones style. However, this was one I couldn't pass up. The latest game to the collection is Resident Evil 4 for the Wii. The great thing about it is the price, only $30 for a brand new game. I never did get around to playing RE4 for GameCube, so now is my chance to play the updated version. I went to Fairmont Wal-Mart on Friday and they were out. Then I make the trek to Eastpointe Wal-Mart and they had one copy left. My lucky night. This is one excellent game that is an absolute MUST buy. On Saturday night I played for 5 hours straight with hardly leaving my seat, my eyes were bugging out. Then Cork saved me by stopping up to hang late in the night and he did some battle in Guitar Hero II while I just ate and relaxed. RE4 is straight up gruesome stuff, you get a nice storyline, and the Wii controls are real smooth for this one.

A quick Rob & Big update from this week. What went down? Rob was getting the itch to get back onto the pro skater circuit. They made the trip to Florida and fun was to be had. Upon getting there, they saw this gator in the middle of the road, out of nowhere. So they started jumping over it with skateboards and then Big and his fatty buddies were just running and jumping over it. Sounds childish, I know, but you can't admit you wouldn't find that enjoyable. Then (in their rental car I'm guessing) Rob was driving and ripping donuts into the grass of this park. Again, some good entertainment. Last, we had some skater dude pulling off a nude 540 on the skate ramps. Then (another Pacman Jones reference coming) after he hit it, Rob and his boys started making it rain with cash and letting the fans fight over it. Good times.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: Sometimes they're not always filthy skanks, but every now and then we put some that actually aren't quite as dirty, yet pull the hot look off. You get some randomness, never know what kind of chicks we're going to put up around here.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This was from Kasher about a month or so ago, but I never got around to posting it. Here is some Japanese Tetris, a nice game show clip here, you'll enjoy it:

Bird's Song of the Week: The_Freak gets another chance to get in the blog this week. I asked for a song recommendation and he has one for us. Time Is Running Out by Papa Roach. He calls that the White Boy Song of the Month, so we'll throw in here for good measures. He also is credited with the blog title this week and the photoshop pic of me with the roid dude's body, he's putting in extra hours. I haven't heard the song, but I'll take The_Freak's word for it. Sometimes it adds something different with other people contributing to the blog:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. How about some birthdays for Monday, July 2nd? Hard to believe July is here. First up is NASCAR driver Richard Petty, 70 on Monday. Larry David of Seinfeld fame, he's 60. One of my favorite baseball players ever, Jose Canseco, 43. Singer Michelle Branch, she's doing it for her 24th. Last, we have crackhead Lindsay Lohan, 21 and scarred for life.

2. You know what gets me? People that do nothing at all for exercise, yet complain because they look horrible. Then they'll ask people who workout how they keep looking all little and stuff. You can't get ripped up sitting there eating Doritos all day and drinking a 12-pack of pop without doing a little something. Imagine that. I can understand big people who complain even if they workout and can't cut weight, that I can deal with. But to cry your eyes out because you can't lift your finger, get out buddy. Make yourself useful.

3. As I'm typing this up on Sunday evening, my town's fireworks show is going to go down in 3 or 4 hours. It's funny to me because it seems that's where all of our town's money goes to. Granted, they put on an awesome show and people come to my rinky dink town to watch it from towns around us, but still. How about getting us a basketball court that isn't 30 years past its time?