Monday, May 28, 2007

People Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Best Friend...

I'm about ready to bust my computer into a zillion pieces. I had 98% of my blog typed out and lost the entire thing. Now it's back to putting more hours into this thing, hopefully it's halfway as good as what I had before, but I can't guarantee much. I wish people knew how long it took me to write up some of this stuff, but it happens, time to gear up for action. This was to be the Memorial Day post, so I'll keep with that theme to open things up, even though technically we're past that. Hats off to the military guys and gals reading along. I know I don't have the nads enough to ever do any of that stuff, so I gotta give props due where it's at. I'm not a fan of war at all, but the troops can't that, they do it big, be sure to let em know. Also, for anyone who cares, I've been rocking this place out now for over 3 years. I've switched my style up some, added some things, and I think it's been an improvement, who knows. Who knew? I first started by writing almost daily with little tidbits. Now I try to get in a post every week or so, while rambling about anything and everything.

The_Freak was talking and had a few classic lines on a blog being due that I had saved, but I'll just have to paraphrase as best as I remember. "The fans have been awaiting. The bitches are getting moist for the blog." That's some big shoes to fill there, but I'll try to deliver to the fans and also the dirties, who are also fans in their own right.

As stated last week, hopefully you got to see the first episode of the new season of Rob & Big. If not, I'm highly disappointed. Just some hilarious stuff. HUGE thanks to Chrissy in the mean street of Webster County for sending me the theme song to this show. "People let me tell you 'bout my beeesssttt frieeeendd.. he's a warm hearted person who loves me till the end!" You know you're jamming like I am and the song is stuck in your head, just admit it. Two words: mini horse! The addition of the mini horse to this season's show is pure gold. They buy the horse and throw it in the backseat with Big. It begins to stomp all over him. On top of that, we get to see Rob tied up to the horse and skateboarding behind it. I guess you have to see it for the laugh, but go to to watch. The show is about nothing at all, but it'll consume you, don't say I didn't warn ya.

My summer took a turn for the bottom. Last Tuesday I was waiting for the NBA Draft Lottery. My Celtics had about a 40% chance of getting either the #1 or #2 pick. I wasn't picky on getting either, but I really wanted Greg Oden. When the envelope comes for the #5 pick, they show the Celts logo and my heart sunk. Here comes another decade of being brutal, I can see it now, but I hope I'm wrong. At this point, I'm looking at taking a chance on Big Yi Jianlian (a 7'0" Chinese dude who plays more of a wing game, a la Dirk, than a center), Julian Wright of Kansas who I've been huge on for a few years, or the ever versatile Jeff Green of Georgetown. I feel Green has the total NBA game right now as far as how he plays, he'll fit right in. Still, the NBA Draft in June is my favorite day of the entire year, I've always said that, so time to get pumped up!

What's been going on with my summer league teams? My basketball team is a total pile of garbage and unreliable guys. Going in, we knew my team wasn't anything good. I can deal with that, fine by me. The bad thing is that I had to rely on 4 guys coming from Fairmont and 1 from Clarksburg as I was the only "local" on the roster. We got our heads busted in and all of a sudden, these guys 30-40 years old start crying like little girls because we get beat. Imagine that. A team that has 4 guys at 5'10" or smaller, you're going to get lit up. Instead of taking our losses like men, these guys are whining like little girls. Wahhhhhh! Cry me a rivahhhh, this is pathetic. Now I'm without a summer league team for basketball. Reason #576 why I never joined my town's summer league in the past, it's beyond unorganized, it's a disaster. You can go down on any given night and practically pick up on a random team. Softball is still going strong though. We're no good there either, but that team isn't about to quit. We didn't play this weekend due to Memorial Day, but this Friday night, it's on! 8:00 PM under the lights to avenge a loss to Brock's Oil in our last game. Last Sunday we played at 10:00 AM, definitely not a good time for my team, we were in comas. After that game, I came home to workout and then mowed grass. I'm a machine for a little dude, hah. We'll get beat again probably, but at least I know that the team will show up for a game and yes, I get to stare at chicks while playing, how hard is that to do?

The iPod purchase is going just fine and I'm happy with what I bought. I'm hooked on podcasts as I mentioned before. Outside of listening to The Thundering Herd by Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio, I'm also big into The Tony Kornheiser Show. Yep, the same Tony that does PTI for those who know him from that. Herd's cast is pushed down to 30 minutes or so, but you get the meat and potatoes. Tony is 90 minutes everyday and by the time you're done listening, you're wanting more. For the Tony fans, Nigel totally makes that show if you ask me.

Within the past week or so, I've been hitting it on the eliptical. I've never really got into those before, but they give you a different workout. No pressure on the knees, that's one plus. For as much ball as I play and things like that, I was surprised how it burned my thighs. You'd be surprised how little it takes on there, a a half hour and you're dripping and got something in. Hopefully now that it's summer, or close to it, I can start running outside. I never did get into that steady like I do with working out or playing ball. Maybe the iPod will help that. I used to go to my town's cemetery and run the hills or if not there, hit up the school's track or our rail trail we have downtown. We'll see, but I won't bug you anymore right now on my workout and running schedule.

I've been due to add some new CDs to the collection, so let's see what I loaded up on the past day or two:

DJ Jazzy Jeff: The Return Of The Magnificent. Yep, the DJ Jazzy Jeff that was sidekick to The Fresh Prince. Jazzy brings back some good hip hop feel to this album. Who is on this? Big Daddy Kane (a legend), Kardinal Offishall, Method Man, Pos of De La Soul, among others. No, The Fresh Prince doesn't show up on any songs that I know of if you were wondering.

Anthony Hamilton: Southern Comfort. I went with a good bit of pimpin' R&B in these CDs. I'm not afraid to switch it up, I always say I have the rap and R&B game on lock. Hamilton is very underrated, I'm not sure why he hasn't made it bigger. He has a lot of old school soul into his songs and I like his vibe. Only 11 songs on this, but if you've never heard of his stuff before, give it a listen, you very well may be surprised.

KRS-One & Marley Marl: Hip Hop Lives. You want some true hip hop? Here you go, KRS-One takes it back, alongside the production of Marley Marl. He's not all about the fake rappers who spit about bling and clubbin', he tells a story in his rhymes. At 41 years old, he hasn't changed his style and still hasn't grown old to listen to. You don't see that a lot with rappers. Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone. A song I recommend on this one? Kill A Rapper.

Ne-Yo: Because Of You. This is Ne-Yo's sophomore album and I liked his first one. He's made a name for himself pretty quick and his name has been out there working with many of the big time players in the business. Not many collabos on this album. The only ones I see listed are Jay-Z and Jennifer Hudson.

R. Kelly: Double Up. Say what you want about the man, but he's downright the best at what he does, I won't argue that. When it comes to R&B, he's the self proclaimed king of it and he brings it again on this CD. This features a cast of characters such as Snoop, Swizz Beatz, Nelly, Chamillionaire, T.I., T-Pain, Urrrrsher, Luda, Baby Huey, Kid Rock, and Keyshia Cole. Check the following out: Double Up with Snoop, Leave Your Name, Same Girl with Urrrsh, and Real Talk. The story that Kells portrays in Double Up and Same Girl are pretty funny. Real Talk is some serious stuff and he gets back at a chick with revenge in a major way, it's classic how he does it. Kells does it again, another piece of work.

Tank: Sex, Love, & Pain. A lot may not know of Tank, but he's quality when it comes to slowing it down for the ladies. My favorites on this one are Who Dat and Please Don't Go (the single that is out right now that you've heard). Maybe this is the CD that puts his name on the map, mainstream style.

Bobby Valentino: Special Occasion. Who is on this beast? Timbaland, Luda, and Fabo. This is Bobby V's second album. I thought his last one was just ok. He had a few songs that were awesome, but overall I didn't think it was as good as hyped. I'll give him another chance on this one since I haven't listened to it yet. Also, bonus points on him for playing his role well on one of those MTV shows where a celeb takes a kid to prom, that wasn't too shabby.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week:

Bird's Song of the Week: Don't Stop by C-Bo.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's try birthdays for Tuesday, May 29th: Indy race driver Al Unser, 68. LaToya Jackson, she's probably doing something whacked out with that messed up mind of hers for her 51st. Melissa Etheride is probably celebrating on top of some chick, Happy 46th. Former baseballer Eric Davis, he's now 45. NBA star Carmelo Anthony, 23. That's a pretty weak lineup, but we can't be picky around here, some days that's all they bring to the table.

2. "Stewardesses" is the longest word that is typed with only the left hand.

3. A game I've been playing a lot of lately? Jungle Fruit on

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Great Bowling Story, iPods, + Rob & Big Return

Ok, it's time to rock this thing out. I'm getting used to the weekend post as that always reminds me to get one in. I don't always stay on that pace, but it's worked recently. A quick preview for this edition is that we'll talk about American Idol, my summer leagues, Cracker Barrel, iPod action, an absolute classic bowling story from Posey, the return of Rob & Big, and whatever else we feel like cramming into this space. You know you're intrigued by the madness that is about to ensue, so let's get this thing underway:

Earlier in the week I had an off day, so I figured I'd get up early for once and take care of business. None of my crew was home from work or awake, so I strolled alone, fine by me. I was craving Cracker Barrel out of nowhere, so I went to Fairmont to load up. 4 pieces of french toast with peaches on them (yum) with some bacon, 2 over easy eggs, and orange juice. I felt like a fat boy, it ruled. That kick started my day. For the locals, a few quality waitresses on duty up there at least when I was there. Kristina and Breanna, if you read the blog, head on down to the mean streets of Shinnston, hah.

That segues me into a trip to Morgantown to Best Buy after getting my belly full. I've been bored to burn a hole in my pocket and get something, so an iPod it was. For the past few weeks, I've argued back and forth on whether to get an iPod or to get a different brand of mp3 player. I ended up getting a black 30GB iPod and am really happy with the choice. I thought it'd be tough to figure out, but it's simple. The music speaks for itself, but I'm big on the podcasts, mainly all of the ESPN and wrestling stuff you can get for free. I'm a huge sports radio guy, so if I miss The Thundering Herd that Colin Cowherd does (one of the best sports radio hosts out there), I'll be able to get the podcast that night or soon after. It downloads in no time and you're on your way, simple as that. You'd be surprised what all type of podcasts are out there.

Hopefully my boy Posey won't mind me posting this story, but I absolutely love it. Him, his wife Scherri, Spank, and a few others hit up thug bowling in Fairmont (Mid City for the locals). They asked me to go, but I was lazy and just didn't feel like doing anything. He gets home and sends me this classic and I'm rolling:

Posey (9:59:36 PM): i got thrown out of the place because while we were bowling Kierstn was throwing a ball down the lane next to us. when we went to pay it was $11 for me and scherri and $11 for kierstn

Me (10:00:07 PM): Hah hah!

Posey (10:00:03 PM): it was stupid

Me (10:00:20 PM): Did Spank go nuts on em?

Posey (10:00:16 PM): no i did

Me (10:00:31 PM): Can't blame ya.

Posey (10:01:41 PM): i asked the guy if you could squeeze a toothpick up the guys ass to charge a 22 month old $11

Posey (10:02:19 PM): had me all fired up

One thing that has me pumped for this coming week is a return of a show. Yep, to the Rob & Big fans, I know you guys are all in anticipation for Tuesday night as well. 10:30 Eastern time, the show that has no point at all, but it sucks you in because it's addicting, is back. These guys crack me up and you can't help but to keep watching. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way because a lot of my buddies in town and also online are huge fans of this duo. If you haven't seen yet, now is your chance. Don't say I didn't warn you when you hear about the hype.

Speaking of MTV shows, another season of the Real World is over. The Denver season is in the book. After a slow start, I was into this season a lot. Drama really picked up and I was hooked. I watch anyways, but you can't go wrong with the storylines they gave us. Brooke being crazy psycho and flipping out on the smallest things, Jenn being a dirty thug ho, Tyree busting up chicks (not cool), Colie being even dirtier than Jenn if that's possible, Davis being the gay out of control drunk, Alex being a manwhore, and Stephen being the moralist who at the end of the season was all over Jenn, go figure. That's the season in a wrap. Good times to be had. I've been watching since Season 1, so I'm ready for whatever the next season has in store for us.. Also, I'm not sure what the name of the show is, but it's one of those MTV shows where a regular bum gets a prom date with a celeb. This goofy guy ended up getting a date with Rhianna. You have to watch this one, pure hilarity. Trust me, it's worth seeing.

It's time for another fingernail rant. What do I mean? Right now, mine are straight up killing me. Half of them I rip down till they bleed. If not, I'm either biting them or picking at them. You'd think if I did that a few times, I'd learn and not want to do it anymore. Just a habit I've had forever, you know how it goes. The next day, it's brutal on ya, but that's part of the game.

This week is the finale of American Idol. There is no in between with this. Either you're hooked to the show or you don't watch at all. You all know where I stand, I'm a mess. Last week, I was surprised like most when Doolittle got the boot and told to get her stuff and head home. For the past few weeks, I predicted that Beat Box Boy Blake would be a goner, but I've been proven wrong. I think he definitely picks up the chick votes who are all over his nads. With the finale, I won't be mad however it ends between Blake and Jordin. If I was a betting man, I'm going with odds that Jordin is the champ this year. We shall soon see.

I've been playing an insane amount of ball this week, which is always good in my book. I'll start with last Sunday. We had a summer league basketball game and lost 50-24. That night, only 3 guys showed up and we had to pick up a fourth. Tuesday I played outside ball at the courts and it was some fun battles. Wednesday, another summer league game, but due to the rain, we played inside on the bigger court and that always rocks. We got beat, 50-34. I'm the type that wants to get out and run as fast as I can since half the people around here are so far out of shape it's a sad, honestly. I don't pride myself on being a marathon man or anything or even a great basketball player, but as far as getting out and running with the ball on the break, I like my chances. Thursday night it was a battle at School Square. We had 10 guys exactly and went to a 7-game series, getting our money's worth. Friday we were supposed to have a softball game at 9:00, but we got rained out, doh. On Sunday, I have a softball game at 10:00 AM (yeah, weird, I know) and also a basketball game at 6:30.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This is one of the better ones I've seen. Thanks to my boy Don-G for finding this gem. It's a short clip, but you have to see the end of it to see this kid get mangled, just nuts:

Bird's Song of the Week: My 64 by Mike Jones, Bun B, and Snoop. Also, in the video if you find it, there's an appearance of Lil Eazy-E as they give tribute to Eazy-E. Good stuff.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's try birthday for Monday, May 21st. Mr. T, he's got his chains on for his 55th, wow. Eric Nies of old school Real World fame, 36. Pothead NFL player, Ricky Williams, 31. What a pile of garbage. Nothing really worthy there and that's all I have. However, I'd like to send out birthday wishes on Tuesday to one of my girls, Mustang, hanging in the mean streets of Michigan, Happy 20th!

2. Quick Fact: Nearly 20% of stolen cars had the keys in them at the time, nice.

3. I'm sitting here talking with Cork about fantasy baseball. He gets me to tune into chicks softball on ESPN2. Brutal stuff, but for some reason we keep watching. These chicks are mostly 8'7", but some of em don't look too shabby I gotta admit. The pitchers are usually quality. In person I'd probably think different, but you know. Yeah, we're dirty old men.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Urban Cougar

What's happening people? We're back for more chatter around this place. Nothing too crazy has went down over the past week, fairly laid back, but we'll get the fingers typing up something to read. That's what we do around here, no time to sit back and take days off. That's my theory anyways as we try for the weekly or if not far off that pace, somewhere in that range for our new editions..

I'll start out with the freak injury. It could've been worse, but it's healing rather well. Early last week I was walking downstairs and was near my Ab Lounger. I wasn't even using it at the time, just walking by and I sliced myself open on it. I didn't have shoes on and blood started gushing everywhere from my left pinky toe, it was mean. I thought I was going to have to get stitches, but no dice there. I take it to the bathroom and put my foot in the sink. Yeah, now I have you thinking of that weird position of me putting the foot in the sink, but it cleaned it up, so that's how I treated it. I played ball on it a few times this week and it's been ripping open, but nothing to worry about. The thing that seemed to cure it (and this will be a free plug for this product) is Nu-Skin. For those who don't know of that, it's basically super glue/cement type liquid medicine that burns like crazy, but it seals things up like no other. It works like a charm, go get some.

I'm behind in times, but I think I'm finally going to get into the mp3 player scene. Unless I change my mind, I think tomorrow I'm going to get a 30GB iPod with video if all goes right. I figured I might as well get one a decent size rather than getting something small and having to upgrade in no time. For everyone else that is hardcore into these things, I'll always take advice or whatever when I finally get things running since I'm new to this business. I know for sure I'll have a slew of music to throw into this thing, that won't be a problem at all with my CDs laying around.

How's summer league basketball going? I think I'll be happy with the team I'm on. I'm probably on the worst team down there, but that's fine by me. I get to play my game, get my shots, and not have any punks on my team. That's worth it for sure. Our first game was last Wednesday against Lil Harmer's team of Eric Ferris, Posey, Big Barney, and Eli Cottrill. That's a nasty squad. I'm with Big Ferris, Brian Ross (he straight dominated for us on Wednesday, easily one of the best down there), and a few guys that Big Ferris works with. We got beat 50-34, but it was ugly. We have no rebounders and not many guys that can handle the ball sadly, but it should be interesting a few times a week, plus it's exercise, can't beat outside ball.

A quick TV update between Real World and American Idol. For those who still keep up with Real World, it's been solid recently. There for a while in the middle of the season, some episodes were lame. The past few? We've been dealt some straight drama and that always equals good TV. Brooke on there alone is worth the price of admission to see her turn psycho and flip out, getting all emotional. On Idol, we're now down to the final 3 of Doolittle, Jordin, and Blake. At this point, I'd say that Jordin comes out the winner, but I'm never good at predicting things. I don't dislike any of the ones remaining, so it should end fine for me either way. Blake did awful last week, but he was able to get some votes since he is the only dude left and LaKisha got the boot.

This weekend I was back to my weird hours. On Friday night, I ended up going to bed at 7:45 AM. On Saturday night, I go there earlier, this time at 6:00 AM. On Monday, I wake up at 6:00 AM for work. If that's not going to mangle my sleep schedule, I'm not sure what will. Then again, I'm used to that enough, so we'll see what goes down. And I wasn't even doing anything too exciting, just the usual of watching wrestling DVDs and NBA for a bit, then being online way too much the rest of the night. The excitement around here.

I'll end the top half of this portion with a shout out to the MILFs out there since today is Mother's Day. Hopefully nobody forgot the big day and hooked up their moms. Nothing too major, but I took my Mom out to eat one night, got a big ice cream cake (doesn't hurt that I get to eat a lot of it too), and a pimped out card. She's the type that doesn't tell you what she wants or doesn't want you to spend a lot of money on her, but you know how that goes. Anyways, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who read the blog!

Onto new CDs of the week for me..

Joell Ortiz: The Brick Bodega Chronicles. This guy was big on the mixtape scene. Think of him as being very similar to Big Pun's style if you're into that. I liked this CD and was my first time hearing him. Worth the pickup.

Profit Money & D-Why: The Wake Up Call. These cats are straight from Morgantown, WV. Cork gave this one to me after these guys dropped it off at a table at Chili's. I was very surprised how good this was, especially D-Why's side of things. I'll listen to any rap, but always interesting when you get some local action to check out. They're known around here for the Country Roads remix, but their other songs aren't jokes either.

Paul Wall: Get Money, Stay True. I haven't heard any of this one yet, but should in the next day or so. Pretty much every song features someone, which I'd rather they have more solo things, but he'll make it work. On this one you get Snoop, JD, Freeway (huge bonus points from me there just because of that addition), Trina, and Juelz to name a few.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week:

Bird's Song of the Week: Anonymous by Bobby Valentino:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Urban Dictionary is a good time killer. If you've never been, hit it up at The Word of the Day is a good read. Here's one I liked: urban cougar. Their definition: "An older woman, typically early thirties to mid-forties, who has abandoned traditional rules of romantic engagement and taken as her mission the seduction of as many game young men as she can possibly handle." And the sentence to go with it: "Some Urban Cougar with a boob job tried to buy me a drink last night." Maybe it's just me, but that's great. I might have to use that one.

2. Let's try some birthdays for Monday, May 14th: For the WV locals, representive Alan Mollohan, he's 64. Star Wars director George Lucas, 63. Baseball Denny Martinez, Happy 52nd. Also for the locals, today is also my Aunt Linda's birthday, so we'll send the happy wishes out to her from all the readers.

3. Right now I'm eating something called Popeye Rollups that my Mom makes, they're excellent. Tortilla shell that has spinach, ranch dressing, and bacon bits inside. It may sound different, but it gets a huge thumbs up from me. You eat them cold for those wondering.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

$400 Pillows? Big Ballin' Indeed.

You know what's crazy? The price of bedding. Yeah, I know. That's a weird way to branch into the latest blog, but I do like to keep everyone awake. Anyways, I found a few rich boy things that are just ridiculous. Maybe some of you big ballers reading can afford this, but check out this "Grand Bed" going for $6500 King size: Unless that thing is going to make my breakfast and give me daily massages at the snap of a finger, that's pretty crazy. Granted, you're in your bed a bunch and need a quality one for sure, but that's extreme. At least for Shinnston standards.. How about this one? You want a fancy pillow? To go with your "Grand Bed", you can also get the "Grand Pillow". A $400 King size pillow. You kidding me? Check it out for yourself: I don't know what else to say on that mess. Maybe I can do my best messed up Cuban accent, a la Tony Montana, and pull this one to some random dirty: "Hey baby, wanna come over tonight and get to know my $400 pillow on that $6500 bed?" The cheap stuff will have to work instead.

My car was in the shop the past few days and I had to borrow a lender. They gave me a 2006 PT Cruiser to drive around in. Even though that's a newer car, it's a total piece of crap in my opinion. I can now see why those things are only around $15,000 brand new. They look fine and unique on the outside, but the inside doesn't seem like it'd be too durable. Maybe it's the just the model I'm driving in, but if you want my opinion on the PT, a big thumbs down here.

The first softball game was on Friday night for my league in Morgantown. We're playing for Mario's Fishbowl for those familiar with that in the area. Of course, I'm rocking out #33 and we're green, so that works out perfect for me. We're also going with the green Brewers hats. We might not be great so far, but we look good doing it at least, dressed to the nines. We ended up getting beat 13-11 in a thriller. Tough to start the year out with the loss, but we feel we'll be fine for the rest of the season. I played left field and batted 1-2 with a single. It's a blast though and we play all through till August, it'll be a nice long season. We're off next Friday, but we're back in action after that. Right now, our infield is pretty solid, but our outfield is brutal. We have a few guys that were out last week that should help, but we need to tweak our defense a bit. I was disappointed I didn't get nearly as much action in left, but that should change. I much rather like playing defense than offense in softball, that's just me. And as I stated before, it can't hurt to play in a co-ed league. Sure, the talent isn't much, but you at least get to stare at hotties (I'm sure not all will be) bouncing around doing their stuff. On our team, we have Miss Morgantown or some title. How can you go wrong with that? You can't.

In other league news, summer league basketball starts up soon. It's always an unorganized league in my town, but I figured I'd toss my name out there to see what's up. This also lasts most of the summer, so I should be a busy boy with softball, basketball, and working out. Good times right there. I'll have more on that later and when the games are soon enough. I won't bug you with that for now, but stay tuned.

Another trip for some hibachi action was last weekend. This trip only featured four of us (Me, Mudcat, Ozzie, & Sweet Pea), but it's always a great time. You can't beat that food and I never leave hungry. Everytime I go, Ozzie, Fortney, and Spank get excited because I end up giving away a lot of my stuff I can't finish. Those guys can put it away. Sweet Pea surprised me too as he can straight tear the food up and he's just a little dude like me. I got to ride alongside Mudcat for the trip and with how his brakes were acting (screeching all the way, Saved by the Bell style), I wasn't sure if we'd make it too far. We survived though, that's all that counts. Once again, I'm sold on the filet cooked medium rare and scallops combo. I'm salivating just thinking about it, so I better go to another topic before something drastic happens.

Anyone get to see the De La Hoya/Mayweather fight on Saturday? If not, Mayweather ended up winning by decision. Boxing is becoming like wrestling in that anything can happen and that's not always a good thing. De La Hoya controlled the entire fight and definitely was more aggressive. Mayweather kept running like a little girl and still ended up winning on the judges' cards. I watched it at Fleece's crib (real nice setup out there) along with Nolan Ryan, Spank, and Chooch Bell. Fleece's dog Max is about as good of a dog as someone can have. He's not running around like a madman, barking, or any of that in your face. Spank was feeding him chicken tenders, giovanni meat and Habenero Doritos all night, he tore it up. A fun time to be had for all, but we were just fired up that the decision went in the favor it did when to us it seemed obvious that De La Hoya won. Who knows. First boxing pay per view we've gotten in a while. Hopefully boxing can make a comeback, but that's asking a lot, it's been in the dumps recently. We also got in some Guitar Hero action in, that's never a bad time. Fleece jams away, probably the best I've seen in person. I'm just fair, but it's still a blast regardless.

The work scene? For the rest of the year, I have a 6th grade science job. The teacher that normally has them is out for surgery, so I lucked into that. The first week went pretty well. Middle school kids still need slapped, but this group isn't what the average 7th grader is, so I'm happy with that with 6th grade instead. Less than a month or so and the kiddies will be done. After that, bum time for a bit, you can't beat that with a stick.

A quick paragraph on sports/wrestling. Today, my boys ended up getting Roger Clemens back to the squad. We need more than him, but he certainly can't hurt since he's a freak of nature, all roided up and in his mid 40s. That shouldn't happen, but it does. My Yanks are a mess, they need all the help possible. It's only early May though, no worries to panic. It's looong season.. Also, wrestling action, and it won't concern too many people reading. Howevahhhh, Ring of Honor Wrestling (ROH) is now going to enter the pay per view world this month. That's big and hopefully it gets the word out to how good of a wrestling promotion this really is. People would be surprised the names that have been on ROH shows. Trust me, I blow way too much money on ROH DVDs (don't even want to think of what I put into that), but it's worth it and then some.

A requested shoutout for the fans reading along at home. Just giving a hey out there to Melissa in the mean streets of Wisconsin. Like I always say, we go worldwide in this space. You never know who I might shout out next. Much appreciated to reading.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week:

Bird's Song of the Week: Naw Mean by Baby Boy Da Prince & Mannie Fresh.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Fellow blog reader Clark Riley.. if we gave points for impersonations and voiceovers, Fortney and TJ have it down exactly. If they do the impersonation, I'd think it was Clark if I wasn't there with them. Good times, that never gets old. Clark is hours away and still seems like he hasn't even left town.

2. Birthdays.. Monday, May 7th: Volleyball legend Sinjin Smith, he's 50. Robbie Knievel, he's doing his 45th. Owen Hart of wrestling fame would've been 42, RIP Owen. 80s Pornstar diva, Traci Lords, she's still slutting it up for her 39th. Not much of a list, but that's all we have for you, deal with it.

3. Fiery Habenero Doritos.. those things will rock ya, but they're awesome.