Monday, May 28, 2007

People Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Best Friend...

I'm about ready to bust my computer into a zillion pieces. I had 98% of my blog typed out and lost the entire thing. Now it's back to putting more hours into this thing, hopefully it's halfway as good as what I had before, but I can't guarantee much. I wish people knew how long it took me to write up some of this stuff, but it happens, time to gear up for action. This was to be the Memorial Day post, so I'll keep with that theme to open things up, even though technically we're past that. Hats off to the military guys and gals reading along. I know I don't have the nads enough to ever do any of that stuff, so I gotta give props due where it's at. I'm not a fan of war at all, but the troops can't that, they do it big, be sure to let em know. Also, for anyone who cares, I've been rocking this place out now for over 3 years. I've switched my style up some, added some things, and I think it's been an improvement, who knows. Who knew? I first started by writing almost daily with little tidbits. Now I try to get in a post every week or so, while rambling about anything and everything.

The_Freak was talking and had a few classic lines on a blog being due that I had saved, but I'll just have to paraphrase as best as I remember. "The fans have been awaiting. The bitches are getting moist for the blog." That's some big shoes to fill there, but I'll try to deliver to the fans and also the dirties, who are also fans in their own right.

As stated last week, hopefully you got to see the first episode of the new season of Rob & Big. If not, I'm highly disappointed. Just some hilarious stuff. HUGE thanks to Chrissy in the mean street of Webster County for sending me the theme song to this show. "People let me tell you 'bout my beeesssttt frieeeendd.. he's a warm hearted person who loves me till the end!" You know you're jamming like I am and the song is stuck in your head, just admit it. Two words: mini horse! The addition of the mini horse to this season's show is pure gold. They buy the horse and throw it in the backseat with Big. It begins to stomp all over him. On top of that, we get to see Rob tied up to the horse and skateboarding behind it. I guess you have to see it for the laugh, but go to to watch. The show is about nothing at all, but it'll consume you, don't say I didn't warn ya.

My summer took a turn for the bottom. Last Tuesday I was waiting for the NBA Draft Lottery. My Celtics had about a 40% chance of getting either the #1 or #2 pick. I wasn't picky on getting either, but I really wanted Greg Oden. When the envelope comes for the #5 pick, they show the Celts logo and my heart sunk. Here comes another decade of being brutal, I can see it now, but I hope I'm wrong. At this point, I'm looking at taking a chance on Big Yi Jianlian (a 7'0" Chinese dude who plays more of a wing game, a la Dirk, than a center), Julian Wright of Kansas who I've been huge on for a few years, or the ever versatile Jeff Green of Georgetown. I feel Green has the total NBA game right now as far as how he plays, he'll fit right in. Still, the NBA Draft in June is my favorite day of the entire year, I've always said that, so time to get pumped up!

What's been going on with my summer league teams? My basketball team is a total pile of garbage and unreliable guys. Going in, we knew my team wasn't anything good. I can deal with that, fine by me. The bad thing is that I had to rely on 4 guys coming from Fairmont and 1 from Clarksburg as I was the only "local" on the roster. We got our heads busted in and all of a sudden, these guys 30-40 years old start crying like little girls because we get beat. Imagine that. A team that has 4 guys at 5'10" or smaller, you're going to get lit up. Instead of taking our losses like men, these guys are whining like little girls. Wahhhhhh! Cry me a rivahhhh, this is pathetic. Now I'm without a summer league team for basketball. Reason #576 why I never joined my town's summer league in the past, it's beyond unorganized, it's a disaster. You can go down on any given night and practically pick up on a random team. Softball is still going strong though. We're no good there either, but that team isn't about to quit. We didn't play this weekend due to Memorial Day, but this Friday night, it's on! 8:00 PM under the lights to avenge a loss to Brock's Oil in our last game. Last Sunday we played at 10:00 AM, definitely not a good time for my team, we were in comas. After that game, I came home to workout and then mowed grass. I'm a machine for a little dude, hah. We'll get beat again probably, but at least I know that the team will show up for a game and yes, I get to stare at chicks while playing, how hard is that to do?

The iPod purchase is going just fine and I'm happy with what I bought. I'm hooked on podcasts as I mentioned before. Outside of listening to The Thundering Herd by Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio, I'm also big into The Tony Kornheiser Show. Yep, the same Tony that does PTI for those who know him from that. Herd's cast is pushed down to 30 minutes or so, but you get the meat and potatoes. Tony is 90 minutes everyday and by the time you're done listening, you're wanting more. For the Tony fans, Nigel totally makes that show if you ask me.

Within the past week or so, I've been hitting it on the eliptical. I've never really got into those before, but they give you a different workout. No pressure on the knees, that's one plus. For as much ball as I play and things like that, I was surprised how it burned my thighs. You'd be surprised how little it takes on there, a a half hour and you're dripping and got something in. Hopefully now that it's summer, or close to it, I can start running outside. I never did get into that steady like I do with working out or playing ball. Maybe the iPod will help that. I used to go to my town's cemetery and run the hills or if not there, hit up the school's track or our rail trail we have downtown. We'll see, but I won't bug you anymore right now on my workout and running schedule.

I've been due to add some new CDs to the collection, so let's see what I loaded up on the past day or two:

DJ Jazzy Jeff: The Return Of The Magnificent. Yep, the DJ Jazzy Jeff that was sidekick to The Fresh Prince. Jazzy brings back some good hip hop feel to this album. Who is on this? Big Daddy Kane (a legend), Kardinal Offishall, Method Man, Pos of De La Soul, among others. No, The Fresh Prince doesn't show up on any songs that I know of if you were wondering.

Anthony Hamilton: Southern Comfort. I went with a good bit of pimpin' R&B in these CDs. I'm not afraid to switch it up, I always say I have the rap and R&B game on lock. Hamilton is very underrated, I'm not sure why he hasn't made it bigger. He has a lot of old school soul into his songs and I like his vibe. Only 11 songs on this, but if you've never heard of his stuff before, give it a listen, you very well may be surprised.

KRS-One & Marley Marl: Hip Hop Lives. You want some true hip hop? Here you go, KRS-One takes it back, alongside the production of Marley Marl. He's not all about the fake rappers who spit about bling and clubbin', he tells a story in his rhymes. At 41 years old, he hasn't changed his style and still hasn't grown old to listen to. You don't see that a lot with rappers. Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone. A song I recommend on this one? Kill A Rapper.

Ne-Yo: Because Of You. This is Ne-Yo's sophomore album and I liked his first one. He's made a name for himself pretty quick and his name has been out there working with many of the big time players in the business. Not many collabos on this album. The only ones I see listed are Jay-Z and Jennifer Hudson.

R. Kelly: Double Up. Say what you want about the man, but he's downright the best at what he does, I won't argue that. When it comes to R&B, he's the self proclaimed king of it and he brings it again on this CD. This features a cast of characters such as Snoop, Swizz Beatz, Nelly, Chamillionaire, T.I., T-Pain, Urrrrsher, Luda, Baby Huey, Kid Rock, and Keyshia Cole. Check the following out: Double Up with Snoop, Leave Your Name, Same Girl with Urrrsh, and Real Talk. The story that Kells portrays in Double Up and Same Girl are pretty funny. Real Talk is some serious stuff and he gets back at a chick with revenge in a major way, it's classic how he does it. Kells does it again, another piece of work.

Tank: Sex, Love, & Pain. A lot may not know of Tank, but he's quality when it comes to slowing it down for the ladies. My favorites on this one are Who Dat and Please Don't Go (the single that is out right now that you've heard). Maybe this is the CD that puts his name on the map, mainstream style.

Bobby Valentino: Special Occasion. Who is on this beast? Timbaland, Luda, and Fabo. This is Bobby V's second album. I thought his last one was just ok. He had a few songs that were awesome, but overall I didn't think it was as good as hyped. I'll give him another chance on this one since I haven't listened to it yet. Also, bonus points on him for playing his role well on one of those MTV shows where a celeb takes a kid to prom, that wasn't too shabby.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week:

Bird's Song of the Week: Don't Stop by C-Bo.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's try birthdays for Tuesday, May 29th: Indy race driver Al Unser, 68. LaToya Jackson, she's probably doing something whacked out with that messed up mind of hers for her 51st. Melissa Etheride is probably celebrating on top of some chick, Happy 46th. Former baseballer Eric Davis, he's now 45. NBA star Carmelo Anthony, 23. That's a pretty weak lineup, but we can't be picky around here, some days that's all they bring to the table.

2. "Stewardesses" is the longest word that is typed with only the left hand.

3. A game I've been playing a lot of lately? Jungle Fruit on


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i was bout to throw my comp out the window too the other day... still thinking i should... but can't since it's out at the shop getting fixed... did most of the stuff by myself except i couldn't figure out one thing... ya... brother isn't allowed on mine for a while now... gonna cost me another bit to get the stupid thing working again... hopes you have a great hump day tomorrow... lol mine already sux cuz i thought it was wednesday today... take care... huggles..

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Happy (late) Birthday Melo, No snitchin' .. I'm taking your advice from getting called out (no homo) in A#BL and I'll be on AIM more so see ya around on there. Fear Clemens! - ManDingo

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