Saturday, January 28, 2006

Big Time Like Mike Bibby

Weekend update time. I've been trying to get a few posts in a week. I'd like to get in more, but you know how that goes. So I won't make any guarantees. Hopefully the crew is still around to see what I have in store since the last post I made about the Hall of Fame trip.

I didn't workout any this week due to me having some sinus problems. In my 12 years of working out, I've never missed more than a week of working out, so I like to keep that streak alive. I hate when I have to miss and I was so out of it for a few days that I didn't even play ball on Thursday night. Now that's bad times. I'm getting closer to recovery though, so don't fear.

For the MySpace dudes, I don't get why I have to login EVERY single time I go to that site. Even if I click on Remember Me, it still asks for my stuff. That has me ready to just slap my monitor and give it some Chin Music through my wall. I've heard of other people getting mad over this too. Is there no way around that where it automatically has me logged in? In #basketball speak, that is teh ghey.

Yesterday at work, what were the movies I watched? For two classes, we watched Like Mike. A few of my kids wanted to see this one again. I'm always up for a good basketball movie and this one is quality. Fun for all ages as they say. In another class, this girl brought in White Chicks. I hadn't seen this one before, so I was up for checking it out. It was funny stuff as you can't really go wrong with the Wayans teaming up together in a joint. If you like comedy stuff and haven't seen this one when it was new, it's worth a watch I think.

Sunday could bode to be HUGE for me. The first thing may have me fainting or remembering it for the rest of my life. I'm going to Beckley (southern WV) to listen to The Basketball Jesus himself, Larry Bird be the keynote speaker at the Coal Classic, a big high school basketball tourney in my state. Bird in West Virginia? Are you kidding me? Of course I have to try to jump all over that action. It's roughly a 2½ hour drive, but should be well worth it. In 1989 I went to DC to watch Bird in a game, but his back was mangled, so he stayed in Boston, doh! He could have at least sat there in street clothes, but I was bummed out.

Hopefully I get home from the Bird extravaganza early enough to watch the Royal Rumble. One of my favorite Pay Per Views of the year, possibly my favorite one of all. My boy Rob Van Dam will be back and that's worth the price admission alone. Angle is facing a piece of garbage, Mark Henry, and somehow he'll make that bum look like a million bucks. The other matches aren't anything I'm jumping out of my seat for, but the Rumble itself is why people want to see this event. even has odds of the winners this year, that cracks me up good.

Where have I been on getting new CDs lately? Not sure what my problem is there. But I finally got one after a long absence. I go Bay Area and get a true legend. I load up on Too $hort's latest, Pimpin' Incorporated. This is a mixtape, but plays like a regular album. It's not one of those goofy mixtapes that has a DJ in the background just screaming to ruin the song. None of that stuff. This is the real deal.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Saturday, January 28th birthdays you ask? Golfer Nick Price is 49. NBA rebounding machine, Michael Cage goes for 44. NBA baller Tony Delk, who I met last year, turns 32. Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is 26. Actor Elijah Wood hits 25.

2. Thanks to Kasher for posting this one on Lobstah.. but if nobody has heard, since WV is full of nothing but fatties, within 3 years all of the middle schools are supposed to have Dance Dance Revolution for video games in classes. Sweet.

3. I was watching BET earlier and they actually have a Guys Gone Wild now. I couldn't make that up if I tried. Weird.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Road Trip To The Hall

Here we are on a Sunday and you guys are wondering how the past 4 or 5 days have went in Shinnston. We're getting some good comments back and forth here on the board, so that's always fun to see any kind of reaction. Even if you don't have much to say, just drop a line off at the end of the posts, nothing better to do. Be prepared for storytime on this post.

I'll start with school and then get into the big part of this post, the weekend trip to Canton, Ohio for the Football Hall of Fame. Anyways, the movie this week was The Man. This one features Samuel L. Jackson and the dad in American Pie. He'll never be known by anything else and he's not worthy of getting his real name put up here since we all know him as that. A very funny movie and it's a quick one if you're worried about not having enough time to watch. 83 minutes total, the shortest movie I've seen this year. PG-13, but it has some quality cussing in it for those into that. Samuel L and Pie Dad have some nice chemistry together.

After that, me and Cork roll to the Cougs game at the school I teach at. Easily the hottest gym as far as roasting our nads off that we've been in this year. It was rough, but at least my Cougs won the game. I was there rooting neutral though, because the kids I see everyday were on the court too. The Cougs (my old HS for those not following along) have only lost twice this year and that's a real good start. After the game, we head off to Applebee's. I got the Cajun Steak (medium/rare) & Shrimp again and it was good. The interesting thing there was this hostess chick. She was mean like a viper. It was very noticeable too and other people around us sitting were saying the same thing. A waitress for the table beside us was strolling around and her table started going off on how mean that chick was. The waitress said she was glad she's not the only one who doesn't like her and then me and Cork joined in for some giggles to get everyone started. After that, the entire section was ready to put the hostess in the Crossface Chickenwing and make her tap out due to pain. Good times.

I had to wake up at 5:15 AM the next morning. On a Saturday?! Yep, but it was for a road trip, so of course I was in. I ended up going to bed at 3:15, getting 2 hours of sleep. Not a good choice, but I can handle my own with not much sleep. I was drinking Cherry Coke at 6 in the morning though, so fear. The crew along for the Hall of Fame trip? My cousin Ozzie was driving, Mudcat in the passenger seat, then it was Fortney, Darren, and myself in the back. The best part of the trip, or one of them at least, was the endless amount of sports trivia. Ozzie brought along the latest ESPN board game deal and it's a great setup. We were all pretty even in the end and it gave some good trash talking. Fortney, did you end up with the most wins? I'm not sure what the final tally was, but Fortdog, Mudcat, and me all had several wins to our credit. It wasn't cool getting squashed in the back, but it was worth it regardless.

A big breakfast is a must for a road trip. Even though I'm not a huge breakfast guy, I am when I have time to eat huge unlike mornings when I go to work. We hit up Shoney's in Parkersburg, WV. Our waitress there was this old chick named Ruby. Right off, me and Darren looked at each other and said any waitress that is old and has a name like Ruby, we came to the right place. This place also had some friendly workers and I made a point to mention that to the other older chick running the cashier when we left how it's appreciated.

After that was very interesting though. Ozzie needed to get an oil change in his car and we hit up this place. We get there and the door opens with this foreign dude who is wearing a Yankees helmet that has a MEDIC sticker on it. We're sitting there and figure we just have to drive in and stay in the car. Dude comes to us and asks us the kind of oil in the car and a lot of other things. We couldn't understand 90% of the stuff he said and he was cracking us up good. Then he tells us to all get out of the car. What? We did like idiots, but he just took the car into the garage himself. After we left, I got a pic of the place, but I'm mad that I never got a pic of our whole crew (should have a crew pic at the HOF when Fortney emails one to me this week) with this character.

Then we arrive at Canton for the Hall. This is my second time being there. The first was about 4 or 5 years ago and I went with Mudcat. You can literally spend all day in there if you want, it's great. $15 to get in and worth every penny. The store inside has a section of every team and you can buy just about anything you can imagine, but the prices are crazy jacked up. My favorite part of the place is probably the Super Bowl ring area. That or the Walter Payton display as they have an exact body model of him. It's worth checking out if you've never been.

A side note that I have to mention for the locals. Mud dropped an f-bomb! Yes, he did and said the actual word. For those who don't know Mudcat, he never cusses, but Ozzie fired him up good and he went off. This got the entire car rolling to the point that Fortney and Darren were taking pics of Mud after it happened. They said they'll save that pic and put an edit on it that says "Mud Said Fuck". I think this was easily Fortney's favorite part of the entire trip. I don't cuss too much and when I do (usually when I play ball) people get a kick out of it. When Mudcat does it, it goes up about 100 notches due to the fact that it never happens.

We're gearing towards an end here. We had to eat on the way home, so we figured we might as well eat something good instead of fast food. Red Lobstahhh it was, so I liked that action. Being near Cleveland, some of my boys had Steelers gear on and a Browns fan comes up to our table and cracks on them good. It was in good spirits though, as he was a pimped out thug about 65 years old or so. We ended the trip by more sports trivia on the way back and listening to the WVU basketball win against UCLA.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Birthdays for Monday, January 23rd? MacGyver is 56. Hakeem Olajuwon turns 43. Footballer Eric Metcalf goes for 38. Soccer chick Julie Foudy is 35 for those who care about that. Tiffani-Amber Theissen is 32.

2. For the wrestling fans, since I didn't get a mention in.. One of the best message boards out there, this one is strictly for Ring Of Honor Wrestling:

3. The Flavor Of Love, Sunday nights on VH1 is awesome. You can't go wrong with a show that stars Flava Flav. That's money.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Aftermath From MLK Day

So did everyone have a Happy Martin Luther King Day? I did since I had the day off, so I can't complain with going back to work on a 4-day week. One day is already over with, so only 3 more to go and then I'll have it made. Other than that, it's been about a week since our last post and it's time to get the new one into high gear..

We got some ball playing in on Sunday night. Thursday is our normal night, but if the guys around town are willing to play more, I'm always interested. Bad thing is that with a lot of guys in town, you can't count on them to play on a regular basis. They just want to lay around and be bums. I do enough of that anyways. Well, Sunday we had 15 guys playing. I was the oldest guy and that I got a kick out of. The gym got doubled booked so we had the 20-somethings and then a group of high school kids. I know all of these guys, but when I'm out there playing and they still call me Mr. B, that cracks me up good. Not that I'm claiming to be an awesome player and tooting my own horn, but I like the fact that I'm still one of the fastest guys on the court and can burn by these kids and they expect me not to be able to play. Give me some run and gun ball any day of the week. 3 guys bled that night (me being one) and another dude had to go to the hospital because he came down on his ankle and heard it crunching. We're hardcore.

Then it was time for a Denny's trip. Cork asked during ball if I was interested and I figured I didn't have anything else going on. Then I get online after ball and he sends me this message of how we HAVE to go to Denny's. Hmm.. I was wondering if something big was going down with his reaction. I asked him why he was so pumped. He said we had to go and celebrate MLK Day, hah. I said that was a good enough reason to get me out of the house, so away we went around 2:30 in the morning. One of the deadest nights in quite some time as there was basically nobody there. On the way, we listened to a new Paul Wall mixtape. It was so bad since most of it was Chopped and Screwed that Cork literally threw the CD out in the parking lot. Good riddance and I'm a Paul Wall fan. Just not a good CD for this one.

How'd wrestling go this week? RAW stacked their card. They opened the show by having HBK and Angle go at it. Daivari accidentally caused Angle to lose this good match and then Angle tore him a new one after that. Angle turning face? He said at New Year's Revolution that no matter how bad he went off on the crowd or what he said, they still cheer him since he's such a good wrestler. And during his match that night, they did just that. Weird how things work. Later in the show, the main event was Flair and Edge in a Tables, Ladders, And Chairs Match. Flair in a TLC Match? Yep and it wasn't bad. Flair got rocked once when Edge dove off the top to the outside through a table. Edge also took a great bump off the top of the ladder to the outside through a table. Flair's hair was soaked in blood of course, good stuff. Edge gets the win as Flair's hot daughter was sitting ringside screaming.

I'm really slacking on the CDs the past week or two. I'll get back into it, trust me. The only one I got recently is a new one from Juvenile's boys UTP. I haven't listened to much to give an opinion though, but with Juve being involved, I expect big things. Or it is thangs? That leads us into the usual quick finish..

3 Quick Thangs:

1. How is it that everytime we wash our cars, the next day it gets filthy with rain or something? Especially if I work extra hard on getting it crazy clean. Oh well.

2. I must've been bored, but last night I was watching Jimmy Neutron on Nickelodeon and it's not too shabby. Jimmy Timmy 2. Yeah, I admit to checking out cartoons every now and then. I'll never grow up. You know you're all still into them. Cartoon Network even markets to the younger adults with a lot of their shows.

3. Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Roll Bounce

What's new in my world over the past half week or so? I last left you all on Sunday and since then things have been going good, but nothing amazing has went down. Still, I won't stop from trying to spice this place up and make it seem like I actually do something on a regular basis.

In a funny thing, I was talking to my ex-chick yesterday. We're still buddies for those keeping track at home after all of these years. Anyways, she's with this dude now whose brother was Len Bias' roommate. Yep, that Len Bias of Maryland fame who got all cracked up on coke leading up to the Celtics drafting him in 1986 and died. It's weird that I can remember where I was at when Bias died. I was at a basketball camp at the school I teach at now (feel the irony) when I was 7 years old. My uncle had the radio on in the car on the way out of the parking lot and that's when we heard the news. But to tie the story together, we just joked that she attracts Celtics fans. There's few of us out there, especially in West Virginia, but there's your little side story of the day. That's an easy way to get in some Celts chat.

I got one of those AbLounge 2's over Christmas and it's worth getting if you want my opinion. It doesn't put any stress on your back and I love that. When it comes to working out, abs is one thing I hate to slack on, so I try to never have a bad ab workout. I've had good abs for a while (not like I'm some roid freak wrestler or anything), but I've noticed some nice results already with this thing. Fear the washboard.

I know everyone and their brother is part of the MySpace craze. I have an account and fool around with it some. I add the buddies, and whatever else, but mainly use it to post on other people's sites since you need a login. I don't like to do my Blog there though, as it's much easier to do it here for me right now. I'm sure I'll switch over one of these days, but there's way too many things to do on MySpace and I like things old school for the time being. Mine if you're bored is at:

Wrestling news? New Year's Revolution went well the other night. My boy Flair opened the show up against Edge and kept his IC Title by DQ. Of course he was a bloody mess as usual. In the Trish Stratus and Mickie James match, I thought they were both going to cut off circulation to their head as they were busting out of their outfits if you feel me. Not that me and my boys were complaning as we watched, but I just wanted to point that out. Why'd they have King beat Helms? Big Show is way too slow in there. His match with Triple H didn't do much for me and I'm a big HHH fan. Here's where it got interesting though is in the Elimination Chamber. Cena wins this one and keeps his title. Then out walks Edge who cashes in his Money in the Bank to get a title shot immediately after. Smart move and it fooled the fans. Edge gets the win to become champ. Then we have RAW. RVD is coming back for the Rumble! HBK and Angle were in a tag together, but ended up getting into it. Please give us HBK and Angle again at WrestleMania. They'll completely tear the house down, guaranteed. I'm rambling here, I know, but Batista tore his triceps. He's out, so they needed him to lose the belt on SmackDown. They had a Battle Royal (spoiler alert) at the SmackDown tapings and Kurt Angle walks out in Philly. Sweet! New champ as he threw out Mark Henry. The best wrestler in the company right now if you ask me.

Speaking of, I just went nuts ordering wrestling DVDs. Ring Of Honor has a deal ( that if you spend over $100 by tomorrow, you get a 25% discount. Me being the wrestling shill that I am, I loaded up huge. I won't write about it too much for now, but I will write what I ordered. ROH Night Of Tribute (11-19-05), ROH Vendetta (11-5-05), ROH Enter The Dragon (10-14-05), ROH Unforgettable (10-2-05), ROH Best Of Bryan Danielson - World's Finest, and WWE Rob Van Dam - One Of A Kind which is a 2-DVD set.

Movie day for my kids is going to be tomorrow instead of Friday. Friday starts semester exams, so I can't break tradition and just not show a movie during a week. I always take suggestions from my kids and a few of them wanted to see Roll Bounce. That's the movie with Bow Wow and Nick Cannon in it. You can't go wrong with thug type movies, even if this one does look weird. I think I'll enjoy it though since I'm different like that. I'll weigh in on it for sure.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I opened a bag of Doritos the other day that had an expiration date of October 2005 on it. Nothing wrong with them at all. I crack up at some people who won't eat stuff after it expires, even if the bag hasn't been opened. I should try to keep a bag for like 5 years to see how that goes when I open it.

2. Big Al Jefferson.

3. Birthdays for Thursday, January 12th: Smokin' Joe Frazier is 62. The man with the longest NFL field goal of 63-yards, Tom Dempsey, turns 59. Rush Limbaugh goes for 55. Kirstie Alley and Drew Pearson (footballer) also are 59, dang. The King Of All Media, Howard Stern is 52. The Human Highlight Film, Dominique Wilkins hits 46. That's pretty solid for some of the duds we've had the last few birthday welcomes we did.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ed Bloggess

We got with a creative title for today's Blog. If you read closely, that's close to my last name, but not quite. I was talking to my boy Clark on the phone as he made his traditional call to wish me a Happy Birthday on Friday. While on the phone, his wife Carey thought of something off the top of her head while talking about my Blog. Since my last name is Boggess, she wanted the title to be "Ed Bloggess" instead, as it sounds the same. That's good stuff and I immediately told her she'd be in the opening paragraph of this thing and get some big credit for that.

Also, the comment board blew up in the last post. I must've did something right, so that's appreciated. Maybe I'm weird, but I love reading the comments you guys put in there, whether they're good or bad. I know a lot of you guys read and just lurk around and that's totally fine, but drop a comment off every now and then. Yeah, I'm giving myself a cheap plug. I gotta get people in here somehow.

So the birthday is over and done and thanks for all the wishes out there. For those who are lost, I turned 27 on Friday. Being that it's close to Christmas, I never ask for much as far as presents go. My boy Spank loaded me up with a sweet Notre Dame fitted hat and some blank CDs. Like I need more blank CDs to keep my addiction going. My parents got me a 2006 Sports Almanac (one of the must gifts that I ask for every year) so I can be a weirdo and study sports stats, a fitted Celts hat, a cookie cake (yum) and a nice safe to put my valuables in that Dad was big on getting me. A massage gift certificate coming soon too, not bad.

Since I bored you on that, it's movie time. First, at work this past week we watched Rebound with Martin Lawrence. Some funny stuff here and a good movie that all ages can enjoy. I'm a big Martin fan anyways, plus basketball is involved, so I was curious. My kids were all over it too at school. Then over the weekend at home, Cork let me borrow Ong-Bak. This is an awesome martial arts movie. It's not in English, so you have to watch subtitles, but don't let that stop you from getting it. Some unbelievable moves in this one and great fighting scenes. I recommend it.

Saturday night we roll to Denny's. Me, Cork, and Spank. Cork buys for me since he says it's my birthday and I don't like him blowing his money on me. What a guy though, so much appreciated. Nothing out of the ordinary went down there though, but always a good time to get out of the house. I load up on the Buffalo Chicken and a side of rice. Not many characters this week though, but we did sit by Bowers and his roomie and I saw a lot of kids I've had in class before for whatever that's worth. We did get the blonde waitress that was stacked, so you can't really go wrong with that. Most of the girls there are filthy though, but it can't hurt to look is my theory.

Time for wrestling. TNA Impact this week was really good and it's picking up. The internet fan boys are saying that this past week's 6-Man Tag was the best ever on Impact. I may have to agree. Generation Next (Alex Shelley, Austin Aries, & Roderick Strong) beat AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Chris Sabin. Very good. If you read this before Monday night, watch the replay at midnight on Spike TV. This match is on about the half hour mark. The Samoa Joe and Daniels feud is heating up as well. Joe is the man, simply put. The end had them hyping up the return of Sting and he'll be at the PPV on the 15th. As I'm typing this, the WWE has New Year's Revolution tonight. The main thing is the Elimination Chamber. I'm pumped for this one no matter how it ends up. I also hope that HHH can at least make the Big Show match watchable. Flair and Edge is interesting too.

New CDs this time around? Cork sent me two over and what'd we get? The first is a mixtape from Clipse. It is called We Got It 4 Cheap - Volume 1. Clipse tears the house down at a live show. Still the best I've seen in person as far as live material goes. The second CD we believe isn't a full release, but we got it anyways. It's the latest from Dr. Dre and it's called Detox. I'm a huge Dre guy, so I'm always into anything with him in it. My favorite of all time.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I burnt the roof of my mouth on Chinese food last night and got a blister. Not cool, but the food rocked.

2. Birthdays for January 9th? Here we go.. Bart Starr, former QB legend of the Packers is 72. Is he still alive? Sportscaster Dick Enberg goes for 71. He might be dead? Muggsy Bogues is 41. That about does it.

3. I just flipped a 1982 dime. It ended up TAILS!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

West Virginia: Doh!

This is going to be rough waking up at 6:00 in the morning again, but I'll survive. I was used to going to bed that late during break and now it's upside down again. It's nice to start back to work on a 4-day week though, having Monday off was nice.

I talk a lot about West Virginia getting no respect nationally. Then the big mining story hits the air. I'm about 45 minutes or so from where this happened at. I go to bed last night around 12:30 and they report that 12 of the 13 miners that were trapped were alive. Good ending to that story. Or is it? After partying and ringing bells at the church th ere, a few hours later, come to find out, only 1 of those 13 were alive, the rest were dead. Now people are in an outroar against the coal company for giving false reports and it makes our state look even worse. The dude that survived is 27 and hopefully they're able to get him back from critical condition and we might know a little more. Not good times. My Dad is a retired miner. You couldn't pay me enough money to do that job.

How'd the New Year's Eve party go? I had some fun and we had a big turnout. There were 15-20 of us at Fortney's and I left around 3:30 and went to bed at 7:00 AM that night (or morning). It didn't get rowdy drunk, so I was fine with that. I'm glad I didn't have to play babysitter to anyone, that's not my thing at all. My favorite part of the night was getting the sports chat and arguments going with Mudcat, Fortney, and Ozzie as we watched the football games. We also had some great board game DVD style action going down that was competitive. We tried a music game and a TV one and it made for good trash talking. Count me in for board game nights, we don't get enough of those. On the dropping the ball deal, I didn't get to see the BET stuff for the first time in quite a while. Dick Clark was rough to see though, dude is in bad shape. That'll get a tear in your eye for those who saw, but he still looks like he's 30 years old.

I finally got around to watching Friday Night Lights over break. One of my kids let me borrow it and I've always heard that it was worth watching. I liked this one a lot. Having not read the book, I didn't know what to expect and the ending surprised me. It came off good I thought though. If you guys have any other movie suggestions, either for work or home, I'm all ears.

Rough football times the past few days for my teams. First, my Bears end the season with a big loss to the Vikings, but it doesn't mean too much. They still have a bye in the NFC Playoffs and hopefully they can make a little run. On the college side of things, that's where the bad times are. My Irish lost yet another bowl game, this time to Ohio State. I had no idea how fast this OSU team was and it showed in the Fiesta Bowl. They had 4 touchdowns that were 55 yards or more. That stuff only happens in video games. And to make matters worse, WVU beat Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, so I'll have to hear that forever. I won't hate though, I'll just keep my mouth shut and give them a congrats for winning.

The new season of American Idol starts up in a few weeks. I saw some of this last year, but wouldn't consider myself a fan. I might give it a chance this time around if I don't have anything else going on. At least it could be fun to watch the bums in the first few episodes fall on their face and make fools of theirselves.

How was RAW this week? Vince keeps saying he'll make HBK's life rough and wants him to suffer. He starts him off with a match against Kane and he can't use Sweet Chin Music. Kane ends up winning and then Vince says that HBK has to come out first during Sunday's Elimination Chamber at New Year's Revolution. I'm liking the Gregory Helms and Jerry Lawler stuff, could get interesting. Torrie, Candice Michelle, Victoria, Maria, and Ashley in a Bra & Panties Gauntlet Match at the PPV? That can't be bad to look at. Edge's skit on Flair's road rage attack was done pretty well I thought. The main event had Angle beating Cena in a First Blood Match. Cena was gushing some serious blood. Then everyone in the Elimination Chamber came out to rumble. At show's end, all six men were laying in a coma.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. On the T-Pain CD that I got last time, the title was Rappa Ternt Sanga. Since I have no common sense, DerekHood studied it and said it means Rapper Turned Singer. And he's right, good call. Also, get this CD if you're into pimpin', it's really good.

2. Maybe I'm not up on the chicks fashion, but I'm liking these boy cut panties or whatever they're being called. Well, not on me obviously, but you know. It adds a little gangsta feel to make it look like something is back there.

3. USC and Texas tonight. I'm way off on my bowl predictions this year, but I might as well toss out one for the National Championship. I have USC winning, 44-12. I'll probably be wrong, but I don't think Texas wants any.