Saturday, December 31, 2005

So Long To 2005

This past week has been interesting to say the least. I'll start off with the biggie that a lot of you have heard about anyways. That would be my computer. What's so newsworthy about that? Well, I'll tell ya. On Tuesday night I was doing my regular thing and spyware ate my computer up something awful. It would boot up fine, but I got a zillion new icons of ads, porn, and whatever else you can think of. Whenever I'd click on an icon, it wouldn't open and other things would pop up. I took it into the shop to get it fixed, got it back in a day, and it cost my only $60. I was literally getting sick to my stomach not having the computer for a few days. Yes, I admit I'm that addicted. My boy Spank was saying how it's like I'm a crackhead who lost his pipe except the computer is my crack. I recommend, and thanks to my boys for telling me this for a long time ago, don't use Internet Explorer. Download Mozilla Firefox for your browser and you'll be thanking me.

Interested in what the exact virus I had was? Thanks to Goathead, the man responsible for Lobstah (, he said it is the WMF Exploit. And here's a video of the virus going down. Mine had a lot of similar things as this video:

Other than that I've just been chilling. The new Chinese place I finally tried in town and it's something else. I recommend the Honey Chicken and you get huge portions for dirt cheap. You can't beat having Chinese 1 minute away from your house. I know people in big areas don't think this is a big deal, but to people in my bum town, we're all excited.

It's that time again for the Lobstah Celebrity Deathpool. For those who don't know about this from last year, this one is sick and demented. What we do, at the end of each year, we all think of 10 celebrities we think will die in 2006. Yes, it's totally messed up, but admit it, you know it's interesting and would do it yourself. Thanks to the one and only Kasher for figuring this one out. It's a hit already amongst the #basketball crew. I didn't do so hot in the 2005 version, so I hope to come back with a vengeance this year. Want to know what 10 I selected? Here we go:

1. Ric Flair
2. Red Auerbach (former Celtics coach)
3. Michael Irvin (ESPN football analyst)
4. 50 Cent
5. Muhammad Ali
6. Tony Danza (totally random with this, I'll give it a try)
7. Mark Mangino (Kansas football coach who is a crazy fatty)
8. Rick Majerus (former Utah basketball coach)
9. Bill Clinton
10. David Letterman

New Year's party at Fortney's this year. I'm typing this up before I go, so maybe I'll be back with some stories during the next post. I'm not a party guy at all, but I haven't been to their house, and my crew is there, so it has to be a good time. Maybe Ozzie or Kari will provide some entertainment for us at the party, hah. Just picking on you two, you know I'm playing around. And I'll probably do my tradition and it'll be boring to everyone else, but not to me. Back in the day, we used to have a video game marathon for the holiday for a few days straight. We haven't done that in a few years, but the past 5 or 6 years probably I've been hitting up the BET celebration they have to gear us up for the excitement. Most of the big names in rap will be there putting on a live performance, so you can't go wrong.

Speaking of rap, yep, I loaded up again on CDs. Imagine that one. I got all of these on Friday night, so here's what we ended up with.

D4L: Down 4 Life. You all know the song Laffy Taffy by now. These guys are from Atlanta and do things their own way with some funky dancing and other things off the top of their head. Their latest song Betcha Can't Do It Like Me is pretty good too. No known guys on this one except for Too $hort.

Eminem: Curtain Call - The Hits - Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe has 2 CDs worth of action. Most of these we've all heard before, so this is basically a Best Of. Still nice to have them all on one or two CDs though, so I figured I'd get it. My favorite Em song ever isn't on this thing though, Marshall Mathers from the Marshall Mathers LP.

Lil Wayne: Tha Carter II. As you know, I'm a huge Lil Wayne fan. A whopping 22 tracks on this beast. He mostly does it by himself on this one, which I give him props for. You all know of Fireman and it's on this one. He kills it on this CD, go get it.

Snoop Dogg: Welcome To The Chuuch - Volume 9. There's a lot of Welcome To The Chuuch mixtapes of Snoop and this is one. He also has the actual album of it out too, but I haven't gotten that yet. Confused? Anyways, this is Snoop going harder like in the old days. Bring back the gangsta Snoop instead of singing Snoop.

T-Pain: Rappa Ternt Sanga. No clue what the title of this album means. The hit here is I'm Sprung and this cat is pretty good. A nice mix of R&B and rap. Mike Jones, Akon, Bone Crusher, Trick Daddy, and YoungBloodz on these tracks.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. On the guest commentary thing, I have Corndog and Wilbur wanting spots. Both should be entertaining if I can get them to commit. We'll work on that in the near future.

2. I'll start it out right. The birthdays of January 1st? We start things off gangsta with Grandmaster Flash turning 48. Morris Chestnut of Boyz N The Hood fame is 37. That's really about it. It's been very sad for birthdays the past few weeks, but nothing I can do about that. Mine is on Friday though.

3. This is the last Blog of 2005 for me. By the time most of you read this, it'll already be 2006. I appreciate the comments you guys leave, big ups there. Hopefully 2006 brings more of the same.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Good Times Over Christmas

Hey, did everyone out there have a nice Christmas? Things went great here, I can't complain one bit. I do have the entire week off, so it can only keep putting me in a real good mood. More on how my Christmas went among other things, but I'll start a few days back. Let's grab that remote and click the rewind button to get back to Friday, that seems like a good start..

Friday's movie at work was Dukes Of Hazzard. I liked this one. It isn't anything amazing, but it's a fun movie for what it's worth. I grew up watching the old school show, so I was interested to see how this one went. You can't go wrong with Knoxville and Stifler in a movie and on top of that you get Jessica Simpson bouncing around half naked. Not one of the best movies I've seen this year, but still good enough.

Saturday rolls around and that is my family's big Christmas Eve party at our house. It's a tradition over the years and it's not just for family, it grows each year it seems. Cork and Spank were along for the festivities. It's a festivus for the rest of us. We spent the night loading up on food, watching football, and getting some good stories going. My cousin Kari was the highlight of the night for most though. She was a mess by the time she left and her brother Ozzie had to actually carry her to the car. Fortunately, my cousin Jill taped the whole deal and it was funny for a while. Kari isn't the type to be embarrassed either, so I'm sure she'll live and learn. The funny part to me was that she was throwing around f-bombs. That fits into our family perfectly, hah. Angie, if you still read this, you missed a good time. Usually I don't care to be around drunks whatsoever, but Kari did bring some entertainment. People were joking how we'll be watching that tape for Christmas Eve parties for years to come.

That leaves us to Christmas Day. I wake up at 9:30 to open and give out some gifts. I didn't have to go anywhere all day, so that made things relaxing. I won't bore you with too many things I got, but I did pretty well. I got way too many DVDs. 7 movie DVDs of classics that I've never owned: Boogie Nights, Office Space, Old School, The Sandlot, Rounders, Rudy, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, and Rocky I. Cork got me Harold & Kumar and Rocky I this year, so props to him. I got him the Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Collection for XBox and the 2006 ESPN Sports Almanac. The Sandlot is my favorite movie ever, while Boogie Nights and Rudy are also probably in my top 5 ever. I got 5 wrestling DVDs that I talked about in a previous post and a stretching DVD showing me how to master my splits. If you're an ECW freak like me, you must buy Forever Hardcore. As I always say, I can write about ECW forever (no pun), but I won't. I also loaded up on some hats, clothes, a bookcase, futon, a WWE calendar, Heartbreak & Triumph (the HBK book which is awesome so far), and some other things. Not too shabby.

I also got Smash Brothers Melee for GameCube. This is an older game, but I've heard about it over the years and never did buy it. A great game and it's crazy addicting. I wish I had gotten this a while back, it's good for all ages.

Christmas Night rolls around and I hit up the movies with Cork and Abby. Believe it or not, this is the first Christmas Night movie I've ever been to. I know it's tradition for some people, but I never tried that for some reason. Anyways, we go to Fairmont and watch The Ringer. You have to go see this one. It's totally hilarious. If you're clueless on the storyline, it's the new Johnny Knoxville movie that has him trying to fix the Special Olympics. Also, Katherine Heigl in this one is smokin' hot.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. December 27th birthdays? They are so bad today that I won't even mention it. I'm serious, it's brutal. Check for yourself:

2. My BuddyProfile on AOL Instant Messenger (DruDown894) seems to be messed up right now. If you ever need an updated CD list, feel free to let me know and I'll send one over of the collection. It's always updated.

3. Rumor has it that Corndog wants to be next in line to give a guest commentary to The Madhouse Of Bird33. Details to come soon.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hop In My Step

Yo yo yo and a ho ho ho! Yep, that's a lame opening, but you work with what you brought to the dance. I'm typing up some of this on Tuesday at work and as of right now, I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. I'm a mess, but it'll get done, trust me. I'm glad I don't have a ton of people to buy for or I'd be in trouble. The world famous (or maybe not) Christmas cards are sent out and glad to know a lot of you already got yours this week. As the Boston Sports Guy would say, that puts a hop in my step.

First day of winter is today for whatever that is worth to you.

I'm not the biggest Subway freak, but I tore up a Cold Cut earlier. That's usually what I get and it's not bad at all. Less than $5 and you get loaded up. No tomatoes or black olives, but the rest is good times. On Hearty Italian bread, you get provolone cheese, lettuce, pickles, cucumbers, jalapenos, banana wax peppers, green peppers, onions, bologna, and Italian dressing. Yum.

It seems as if you guys enjoyed the words of wisdom from The_Freak in the last one. We may try that again one day soon with another one of my buddies, you never know what will pop up in here. He appreciated the comments and I did too. If you think you have something to add to a Blog of mine, let me know and maybe we can work something out.

The movie for tomorrow is Dukes of Hazzard. Last day for the kids and most people everywhere else have been on break for a good while. Yet, I digress. Anyways, it'll be a madhouse as the kids will be excited for their last day until 2006. I got a ton of candy for my kids and will hook them up huge with it for tomorrow. A movie every week and candy? As Christian would say, my kids know how I roll. They should enjoy both.

High school hoops is really kicking up in my area. I just got back from my guys beating Philip Barbour in OT. I'm telling you, for the locals, Mark Summerfield is the real deal for PB. One of the best jump shots I've seen on the high school level ever. He's smooth.

RAW this week was uneventful. I did like the tribute they gave to the troops overseas. But as far as the matches go, those were brutal and quick. An impressive thing is that they wrestled over there, outside, in 46 degree temperatures. It wasn't like they wore less clothing either, no shirts or if you're the chicks, you're still out there wearing next to nothing. It was nice to see Triple H and HBK matched up, but it wasn't much of a match given the circumstances. A Boot Camp Match and HBK wins cleanly. Not much else of substance worth talking about. Foley was Santa and Flair came out to beat on Coach. Next week though, Angle has a "shocking" message to deliver. Hmm.. Anyways, soon, I'm guessing the week after next is the Best Of show. Those are fun and all, but I like my live stuff. As far as Armageddon on Sunday, it wasn't anything outstanding. No matches blew you out of the water (no pun intended), but a few were good. The Hell In The Cell wasn't good at all though, mainly because Orton had to make up for Undertaker's lack of skill at his worn out stage.

I tell ya what, I've been going nuts on getting new CDs though. I need to calm down with that, but I'm an addict, I can't help it. I could be addicted to worse things than getting new CDs. So what'd I get this time?

Boyz N Da Hood: Straight Outta A-Town. A mixtape here from the crew. No review yet since I haven't heard anything on it, but will soon.

Canibus: Hip Hop For Sale. Known for his rap disses on LL Cool J and Eminem over the years, Canibus has some great lyrics. Only 11 songs on this one though, but what I like is that it's mostly him on the track alone instead of with 45 other people.

CB4 Soundtrack. Yep, one of the great movies that doesn't get a lot of respect. 1993 movie and the soundtrack is a nice one. 12 tracks with the first 9 being from actual rappers such as Ice Cube, Beastie Boys, MC Ren, Fu-Schnickens, Public Enemy, PM Dawn (remember that blast from the past?), and Blackstreet. The last 3 songs are what makes it though. You get the CB4 crew doing Sweat From My Balls, Straight Outta Locash, and their version of Rapper's Delight. Old school rap fans would really enjoy this.

DJ Ideal & Lil Flip: Da Bottom - Volume 6. It's crazy how quick these mixtapes get done. You'd be surprised for those not in the know how many of these are out there. Everyone has them, it's wild.

Little Brother: The Minstrel Show. This is from a recommendation of #basketball guy Don-G. Some conscious intellectual rap here and the reviews seem to be good for this group.

Ohmega Watts: The Find. I don't know anything about this guy, just going on a hunch from some internet reports. Another conscious rapper.

Ras Kass: Re-Up - The Compilation. A nice NY MC here. This one is from 2003. It features Memphis Bleek, Kurupt, Xzibit, and Nate Dogg. Nate Dogg alone is enough for me to want this one.

Talib Kweli: Right About Now - The Official Sucka Free Mix CD. This one is straight fire. Talib is awesome. My favorite song on this one is Ms. Hill, a song in dedication to Lauryn Hill. It's powerful. Fly That Knot is also a great one.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. December 22nd birthdays? Tennis star Billie Jean King goes for 62. Baseball great Steve Carlton hits 61. Diane Sawyer of news fame is 60. Another baseball stud, Steve Garvey is 57. That does it. No youngsters for Thursday.

2. I started shopping today. I hope to finish it up on Saturday. I'll be fine, don't worry.

3. I just finished off some beef ramen noodles. I put worcestershire sauce on it after I mix it up and drain the water off. I topped it off with a glass of white milk, 1%, although I much prefer Vitamin D, Fat Boy Milk.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Guido Fist Pumping Since '81

Allow me to bring to you our first guest commentary. This will give a little change to the style that I go with, so maybe it'll freshen things up. As I've said a few weeks ago, I'd try to get some of my buddies to post a little bit every so often to change things up. At the end of this section, I'll have a writeup from me as well on what I've been going through. The usual stuff, except we get an added bonus..

Let me introduce you all to a guy who contributes a lot to this space and that's The_Freak. He also picked the title today as well and without further ado, I bring to you.. The_Freak Show!

Allow myself to introduce....myself, for those of you who don't know. My name is The_Freak, because I am a genetic freak of nature. I reside in the mean streets of Ferndale, MD. I'm 24 and I go to the University of Delaware. Props to my boy Bird Double Tre for allowing me the opportunity to speak out on a few topics, a few random things and the like.

One thing I hate, is when dames feel the need to tell you every 3 seconds how they have a boyfriend. I quote a Positive K when I say "What's your man got to do with me?"

Another thing, is just how lame boxing is. I think we need these four simple things to improve the sport. 1) All fighters must be 300 pounds as a minimum, 2) Instead of a pre-fight weigh-in, there's a hotdog eating contest, 3) Fighters will have to wear oven mitts, instead of gloves, 4) Fighters must eat 1 pound of raw cookie dough between each round.

My boy Berman is a Yankee ticket holder. I just found out today that the Yankees terminated his account because he was selling them, for face value, on Stub Hub. That's fucking bullshit.

Another thing that pisses me off, is school, especially finals week. You bust your ass for weeks, and weeks, and weeks, and over the course of one morning (and here they change the room, date, time that you're used to), can blow the first 15 weeks of hard work. Fucking bullshit.

The national championship game is coming up, and I'm pulling for Texas in this one. Sure, Reggie Bush is this great HB, but I'm tired of the hype. Another team I'm tired of, his the Colts. Peyton Manning looks like a fucking fool each week, yet somehow the team finds a way to win. I hope they DO go 16-0, and then choke their asses off in the Super Bowl.

Now, on the food topic, Sour Cream and Onion Pringles are money, as are Fritos, some cheese sticks, and nachos. If you're not down with any of those foods, you're probably not the kind of person I want to be around.

I was looking at graduate schools, because I plan on actually graduating one of these years. My school is a good, I don't know, $730 a credit, yet grad school, granted it's down in Texas, is about half that.

Also, I think it's fucking bullshit that the Sopranos doesn't start for another few months.

That's all I have to say for now,


Entertaining stuff there I thought, I liked the touch. Now he has that Positive K song stuck in my head all day. Great video with that one too by the way. Let us know what you think in the comments for sure.

The movie we watched this week at school was Fantastic 4. I've seen it before in the theaters and wrote about that on here at the time. My kids loved this one and I thought it was a good one too. I didn't have much else going on during the day, didn't have any papers to grade, or anything else, so I watched the movie 3 times, fear.

I didn't get much sleep all week, but still didn't get a nap. I'll be getting some big sleep this weekend hopefully. Also, it's early Saturday morning as I write this. I'm sending out the Christmas cards today, so you'll get them in time for the big day, don't worry.

A few new CDs this time around:

The Notorious B.I.G.: Duets - The Final Chapter. 22 tracks on this one and it is beats and raps along with some of Biggie's unreleased joints. Way too many to name on this CD, but we will anyways. You get Puff, Eminem, Obie Trice, Twista, Bone Thugs, The Game, Faith Evans, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Freeway, Snoop, Luda, Bobby Valentino, Jay-Z, 2Pac, Mary J, Nelly, Jagged Edge, T.I., Slim Thug, Scarface, Akon, R. Kelly, Charlie Wilson, Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana, Mobb Deep, Missy Elliot, Bob Marley, Clipse, and Korn. I've just messed around by listening to a little, but it sounds decent and I'm not one of these guys who thinks Biggie is one of the all time greats. Good, but didn't have a long enough career in my opinion to be a legend. Super producer Scott Storch on this thing too.

Jamie Foxx: Unpredictable. Yep, that Jamie Foxx. This is big time pimpin' R&B and he's talented believe it or not. You know you want to get this one just out of curiosity. Take my word.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Saturday birthdays? 86 Mets legend Bobby Ojeda is 48. Milla Jovovich is 30. I don't even know who Milla is, but I think they're famous? You kidding me? These are garbage. Check for yourself:

2. One week till Christmas Eve, quality times indeed.

3. Why does printer ink have to be so expensive?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fatty Fat Fatty Cops

My mood today? Pumped up as usual. Sure, I'm tired, but that's how it goes. It's no fun being in a bad mood anyways is my motto. Nobody wants to hear a crybaby complainer. If so, they might get the pimp slap from someone, so be on the lookout for my henchmen to come get ya.

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet? You know you want to get into the madness if you already haven't. Of course I haven't started shopping yet and that's not a good thing. I also haven't sent out my cards, so I hope that last week before Christmas, the mailmen don't slack. They make big bucks anyways, so you can't feel too sorry for them. I do have most of my cards written out though, so that part at least is going well.

I need to catch up on sleep sometime, but who knows when that'll happen. I never learn and am a total internet junkie. I know what kind of jokes I'll get in the comments, but I bring it all on myself. Tough to pull yourself away from some good internet fun. Not that there's much else going on in Shinnston, so what is a single guy supposed to do?

I hit up the first high school basketball game of the year for my old boys. I left with 2:00 to go and the score was 78-28 against South Harrison. Some AWFUL playing by these bums. The highlight, or lowlight rather, is a new cop we have in town that was on duty for the game. I'm not kidding, this guy goes 4 bills easily. We were all saying how he couldn't catch anyone on foot if he had to. He had to know the entire gym had their eyes on him. He was just waddling up and down the court. My town is a mess. Get some buff cops out there. Poor dude.

I forgot to mention. Or maybe I did before, not sure. The school I work at, their freshman boys basketball team got beat by the girls team. What’s up with that? I won’t be too sexist here, but chicks shouldn’t be able to out ball dudes, I don’t care. Not in a physical sport anyways.

RAW on Monday wasn't a bad show. We also have Armageddon this weekend and that's a SmackDown production. RAW had 5 qualifying matches to see who would be in the Elimination Chamber at New Year's Resolution in January. The winners of those matches? Angle used the gold medal to knock Flair out. Carlito rolled Benjamin up for a win. HHH came down to get Big Show qualified against HBK, so HBK advances. Masters messed Big Vis up. Kane took out HHH with the help of Big Show. Outside of Cena who is champ, we have Angle, Carlito, HBK, Masters, and Kane in the Elimination Chamber, one of the better gimmick matches out there. The show was in Boston and they even got some Larry Bird references in as well as a scene with a model of him inside the arena. Great stuff.

New CDs?

Ludacris: Disturbing Tha Peace. This one is loaded up with Luda's crew and it's feature song is Georgia. I've talked about that one before. Who all is on here? Field Mob, Jamie Foxx, Shawnna, Bobby Valentino, I-20, and a lot of other lesser known names of his camp. 17 tracks, pick it up.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. For the locals, you need to hit up a giovanni from Sunset on Tuesday nights. Or any night for that matter. $2.50? You might as well give it away at that price, these are delicious. Highly recommended.

2. Birthdays for Thursday? Miami Vice Don Johnson goes for 56. Baseballer Mo Vaughn is 38. That’s about all I can do for ya for any decent names, ouch. Sorry I couldn’t bring the goods, but not many quality celebrity birthdays today.

3. Today’s random website? Yep, the Guinness World Records. You’ll be on here for a while out of pure boredom:

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I See Dead People

Today's title is courtesy of my girl Lexie. When I can't think of a title to use, I just ask around and someone will always help out.

What’s new in the world? Things are going great here. Trees are up, lights are strung, and everyone seems to be in a pretty good mood unless you’re Scrooge. We even got the cold weather and snow, which I’m a fan of both. Yes, I’m one of these weirdos who likes winter better than summer.

That leads me into Friday. I heard all week how we were supposed to get snow for Thursday night and all the kids were pumped that we might get out of school. I know by now not to believe the hype (no pun on Public Enemy), but this time it sort of worked. I wake up on Friday and we have a 2-hour delay. I still have to be there at regular time, so I leave the house around 7:15. I get to school and me and another teacher are the only ones in the lot. He comes out of the building and says they cancelled while we were driving, doh! I get to go home though and get paid for it, but still had to wake up early.

On that day I came home around 9:00 after some morning shopping at Wal-Mart. Maybe the least amount of people I’ve seen there and I’ve been a lot late at night. Anyways, I come home and need a haircut. Remember the Wahl? Time to test that bad boy out. My Mom was nervous through the whole thing. I said I’m just shaving it, no big deal. Well, she messes the back up and I have to go back to the barber. It wasn’t messed up bad, but enough to get fixed. My Dad and barber got a kick out of it though. Back to the CT/Paul Wall cut for me, I’m digging it. I might get it touched up every 2 weeks or so though instead of doing it myself. I learned my lesson there.

I’m doing real good on the Christmas cards and hope to send them towards the end of the week. If you’re waiting on that, just be patient. I like to get them out closer towards the big day. But you’ll get them. Again, you have just a few days if you still want in on the action, so let me know for sure if you want one.

It seems like more and more people are hopping along the Blog craze. It’s been here a while, but now it’s getting mainstream. If you have a site and I haven’t plugged it before in here, just drop a line in my comments. MySpace, Xanga, Blogger, whatever. You know how we do. Or drop a line in my comments anyways. I need some cheap posts there to keep my week going, hah.

Another big selection of CDs this time around. What’d we get?

Blackalicious: The Craft. I’ve read some good reviews on these guys. They’re a Bay Area rapper and MC duo and they are compared to Eric B. and Rakim, legends of the craft, no pun intended. We’ll see how they match up.

Black Rob: The Black Rob Report. A very good album here. A ton of people on this joint. We have Akon, Petey Pablo, Craig Mack, Louis Farrakhan, Biggie, Ness, Chopper, and Babs. Some straight New York hip hop.

Lil Wayne: Squad Up 5. This is a crew of youngsters that Lil Wayne started. He’s not with them anymore, but helped get them started. I like this one actually, then again, I like most Lil Wayne stuff. Weezy F. Baby, don’t forget the Baby. Birdman Junior.

YoungBloodz: Ev’rybody Know Me. One of my favorites are these guys from Atlanta. Their songs always featured some great beats that stick in your head forever. A nice slew of artists on this: Young Buck, Lil Scrappy, Mannie Fresh, Jazze Pha, Too $hort, Daz Dillinger, and T-Boz out of nowhere. Xcuse Me Shawty with Lil Scrappy is good times.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I can’t be the only one who is annoyed by a zillion forwarded emails can I? 90% of the time I don’t even read them, oh well.

2. Monday’s birthdays: Tennis cutie Tracy Austin is 43 and still looks real good. Former NFL face painter John Randle is 38. Kirk Cameron is 35. Jennifer Connelly goes for 35 as well. We also have #basketball veteran Rahl and he’s 24. That about does it.

3. The winner of the first person to send me a Christmas card so far this year? None other than ManDingo! Thanks again buddy. My girl Susie also got one in early too.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Happy 49th Birthday To Larry Bird!

Welcome back to one that has been long awaited, but we’ve made it yet again. 18 days till Christmas and I haven’t started shopping yet. However, I’ve written a TON of Christmas cards already and love doing that. It’s not too late to get on the card list, so if you want some of my personal touches on a card, hit me up at Forget that sending a card and just signing a name on it stuff. That’s boring. You know you want in on this action, so let me know.

The movie we watched last week at school was Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I didn’t think this one would be good, but I was way wrong. One of my kids in class told me to get that one, so I took his word for it. I know I’m slacking, but I think this is the first Angelina Jolie movie I’ve seen. She’s looking nice in this one of course. Great action in this one too, it’s worth the watch. One of the better movies I’ve seen at “work” this year.

My boy Ric Flair is in all kinds of trouble, but he’ll be ok. He gets arrested for having road rage on this dude. He grabbed his neck and kicked on the car, great stuff. My favorite part of the whole arrest is what this guy said that Flair told him: “had his tag number and should knock the shit out of him.” Hah hah hah! Now that is some funny stuff indeed. Check out the writeup on Smoking Gun and the rough looking picture of Flair:

I talk too much wrestling in here, I know. But I’m going to do it again and have to for this thing I need to mention. I got a DVD that has been the talk of the internet as of late. It is from Ring of Honor Wrestling and it is Joe vs. Kobashi. Samoa Joe that is and one of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen. I’m not joking either fans. This match alone is worthy of getting this DVD and words can’t do how good of a match this one is. Just trust me and spend the $20.

The_Freak came up with a possible idea we may use in future Blogs. As I was just kicking together some ideas, I said maybe I’d have him write a guest commentary. To that, he said I could extend it to other people as well. For the #basketball crew, here are the names of commentaries he thought of if those guys, or anyone else, would be interested:

The_Freak: “The Freak Show”
ManDingo: “Dingo’s Diary”
Corndog: “Corndog’s Cabana”
DerekHood: “DH’s Hideout”

I like the ring of that and if they were down, they could name their little guest deals whatever they wished. It could be coming up soon, so be on the lookout for that in the near future to what my boys, and girls if they want, to speak their mind in this very space. If you’re interested, as Teddy Long would say, “Holla, Holla, Holla!”

Let’s go to the gridiron. My Irish are matching up with the Buckeyes of Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. My guys are the underdogs in this one, but I like my chances. I think we match up well against these guys and have a lot of time to prepare. My personal choice would’ve been to play Penn State as the fans of both of those teams are very deep in tradition. Not that Ohio State isn’t, but give me that whitewash Penn State crowd when they all wear white and get rowdy. Then in the pro ranks, my Bears have won 8 in a row! Now they play local favorite Pittsburgh at Heinz Field. Stupid me had a chance a while back early in the season to get tickets for this one and I didn’t go through on it. Doh! It should be nothing less than a slobberknocker.

Sweet, I just finished up another semester of my Masters classes. One more semester left for those bad boys if all goes right. 18 hours in the book. I just put the clamps down on a 14-page paper and rocked it out, so fear. That’ll give me a month or more to relax and be a bum before my next set of classes start up.

We have a lot to talk about in the world of CDs. Let’s get it poppin’

Chris Brown: Chris Brown. The 16-year old sensation is at it in the self-titled album. I liked this one a lot and this kid has some talent. Juelz Santana, Bow Wow, and Jermaine Dupri on this stuff.

Lil Boosie: Bad Azz. I enjoyed this one too. I compare this dude’s voice as a cross between Lil Wayne and Bone Thugs. I have one with Lil Boosie and Webbie together called Gangsta Musik and this one picks up where that one left off. Boosie goes deep into his family with his raps and where he comes from. Sounds like an honest youngster.

Yukmouth & Ampichino Present: AK47 - Soundtrack To The Streets. I haven’t checked this one out yet, but it’s Bay Area and Yukmouth, so it can’t be bad. I’m not sure what the deal is with Ampichino is yet, so I can’t speak on him.

Yukmouth: Million Dollar Mixtape – 2 Disc Set. I’ve listened to Disc 1 and mixtapes are a nice freshener from the regular style of most albums. A nice selection of beats that Yuk works over on.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Today… be quiet now and bow in respect… because it’s the man’s birthday. Larry Bird! He’s 49 today. I’m not even going to mention any other birthdays today because his is the only one that matters today. The Basketball Jesus.

2. A song you need to check out if you haven’t heard yet? Georgia by Field Mob, Ludacris, and Jamie Foxx. Nice video to go with this one too, but it’s some high quality stuff. “We ain’t playin’ wit ya!” Field Mob is way underrated.

3. I have this kid in one of my classes who wears a size 15 ring. It’s monstrous. I could put it around my waist. Well, not really, but you get the point.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ric Flair Bites

First off, email me at if you want in on the Christmas card tradition that I do. Email me your home address and I'll hook you up big. Something I get into every year and have been doing it for a while.

Wow does the time fly. Yeah, I guess I’ve been slacking. I hope the millions and millions of fans will still be around when this one gets posted up. You never know though, but I’ll see what I can do for the readers.

First off, to the guy that is on the Bird33 payroll, we start with another contribution of The_Freak. You guys should be knowing him well by now. Maybe soon he’ll even drop a few lines into the main section as a guest to give me a break. Anyways, he is giving everyone a heads up on the next sensation, The Kid From Brooklyn. You have to watch this guy’s clips, they’re a riot. A New York accent always cracks me up, especially one that drops f-bombs every other word. I could listen to those guys talk about anything and still be interested. Anyways, go here:

Real World Austin Reunion was shown on Tuesday and it was pretty good. First, everyone says how Danny has changed since the show. Nehemiah starts stuff up and just starts laying into him, calling him a Ben Affleck wannabe like you saw on the previews and everything else. Danny just kind of sat there as Nehemiah turned OG again. They also busted Lacey’s chops for talking behind everyone’s back. Next week we get the stuff they didn’t show on TV, then we wait until February for the next season of the series, nice. Danny and Mel are now engaged too for whatever that’s worth.

Oh, you have to watch the latest MTV Made if you’re out of the loop. I’m telling ya, this one is worth the price of admission. It’s the gay cheerleader dude who wants to be soccer guy. Guy is 295lbs starting off and it’s just crazy funny how big of a wuss this kid is. It makes for some awesome TV, trust me. My girl Jenn Jenn was saying he had bigger tits than her. In my personal ranks, I put this one in the top 3 all time of Made shows. In no particular order, it’s right there with the basketball dude who gets worked by a 6th grader, no lie. Also another of my favorites, not on the embarrassing factor, but one that is actually good, is the whitey rapper who hangs with C-Rayz Walz. Not to be confused with Stonewood, West Virginia and #basketball resident Walz.

Sure, I’ll get in a little wrestling talk. Survivor Series wasn’t a great show, but it wasn’t horrible. I guess it was in the middle as nothing really stood out from the rest. I do love a great 10-Man Tag Match though. That never gets old to see everyone landing their moves at a fast pace and utter chaos ensues. Flair being arrested for road rage and going off on a guy in front of him. That’d be classic to see as you’re minding your business, driving down the road. Also, his chick is accusing him of physical, steroid, and alcohol abuse. She says he slapped, kicked, choked, and bit her. Hah, Flair is biting her. He’s the same guy out of the ring as he is in the ring. Then Flair comes back and says she assaulted him more than once. He’s Ric Flair, he’s not going to get in trouble, come on now. He’s near god-like status to me.

A few new CDs I get that nobody has heard of. Thanks to my boy Dom in Germany, he hooked me up with some new Bay Area jams:

Plot: Mission 4 Loot. I wasn’t big on this one, even if it is Bay Area.

Young Dalley: Never Say Die. Really good stuff here, one I’d recommend. Nobody on it that you’d know, but don’t make that stop ya from getting it.

What is on tap for the weekend? I’m not sure actually. The movie for Friday is Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I heard it’s real good, we’ll see. My kids want to see it too, go figure. I’ll weigh in on that madness during the next one.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Birthdays for December 2nd? Lucy Liu is 37, geez that’s old. Monica Seles is 32. Britney Spears turns 24. What a weak day for birthdays.

2. No ball this week. You talk about being fired up. I wait around for just two things all week to make me happy. Wrestling and playing ball. Didn’t get to play ball this week, doh!

3. Got bored and figured I’d get some hair clippers to shave my own head. I’ll give it a try over the weekend. I rolled with this: 23 pieces on this beast and everything else you can think of. Pimp pimp. Even the 1/8” blade that I used last time, Paul Wall style