Sunday, May 29, 2005

1-Year Anniversary!

Actually, this happened last Sunday but I forgot to celebrate and party like a rockstar for it. May 21st, 2004 was my first post in this very space. And you get all of this information for free..

Yeah yeah, I haven’t posted in about a week. I was out of town for most of that time, so at least I have somewhat of an excuse. But I’m here to put all of that aside and get back to my regular programming. I’m almost done with work for the summer, so that’s never a bad thing. I’m a bum enough the way it is, but I’m sure it’ll be more so over the next few months.

It was nice to get away from town for 3 or 4 days just to have nothing on my mind. Not that I do when I’m here anyways, but it let me just not have to answer any phones or have to go anywhere certain. We got to stay at this pimped out house of a buddy of ours for free, so you can’t go wrong there. I took along my PlayStation 2, did a lot of fishing, and whatever else. I’ll talk about San Andreas in a bit, but for now I’ll mention American Idol.

This is a show I’ve never watched outside of a few minutes early on this season to watch the bums makes fools of theirselves. Wednesday night we had some of our cousins from up there stop by and hang. They were American Idol freaks, so I figured I’d check it out to see what the madness was about. Then Thursday was when they picked the winner. A winnar is you! I know all the girls that read this are in love with this show, but this is my first time. Carrie looked good, but I wasn’t going to root for her on that alone. She’s a country singer, so I was rooting for Bo instead. At least he had a character on stage. I thought both have talent singing though. I can’t see me getting hooked on this show next time it starts, but you never know. Too much crap in between things. They tried to be funny with the hosts and segments with them to kill time, but it just didn’t get me laughing, even though watching Paula Abdul bounce around half naked is a plus in my book.

One thing I am hooked on is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This game is a straight up killing spree. I’m talking uzis to the face from 5 feet away and whatever else you want to do. One of my favorite missions so far (well two) dealt with the National Guard and low rider cars. One mission we had to raid the National Guard base with just two guys. We roll in there with a big van to load up boxes of weapons and have to shoot down the crew at the same time while sneaking around. Another one was a street race where I had to steal a low rider car in order to enter the race. Traffic blazing past you and wrecking into each other, it’s good times.

I forgot to mention a quick story on the way home from my fishing trip. For the local guys, we came home on the back roads this time just out of boredom. We were about 10 minutes away from Quiet Dell and out of nowhere.. a baby goat is standing on the side of the road. We barely missed wiping him out big time. That would’ve been something. Still though, only in West Virginia. Hey Goat! I’m gonna beat your head in with the hickory stick!

I got a few new CDs since I’ve been home. Cork has a few to load me up with too once he burns them, so that’ll be good times. Only two this time, but always adding to the collection. The first is a new one from Goodie Mob called Nuttin’ But Dat G. This may even be a mixtape. I’ve only heard 3 or 4 songs from this one so far, and while Goodie Mob is definitely different in their style (Cee-Lo himself is enough to warrant that), it seems like a good listen. The other I ended up getting is the latest from the Young Gunz. Their past few CDs were awesome I thought, but this one pales in comparison, at least on first listen. Not that it’s a bad CD, but it’s not up to their standards. Chris and Neef! Where the heck is Freeway at on this CD? For shame. Anyways, this one is called Brother From Another and is only 43 minutes long, doh!

Memorial Day is cool and all, but I’ve never really done anything out of the ordinary for the day. We’ll grill out and stuff, but we do that enough the way it is. Still, it gives people a day off and gets the cemetery all packed with visitors. Speaking of the cemetery, I think it’s time for me to start my running schedule. I’ve been playing basketball a few times a week and doing a decent bit of cardio in the gym when I’m working out, but none of that is as steady as consistent running. As dedicated as I am to working out, I’ve never really been able to keep on a strong running schedule outside of a few months at a time. And I know you’re still wondering why I mentioned the cemetery with this? It’s my favorite place to run in my town. There’s a huge hill that I start up running and an entire lap at mine is 0.9 miles, so close enough to a mile to mark off once I get going and easy to keep track of how far you’ve went. Running on a track to me gets boring since you see the same exact stuff, but I hit that up every now and then.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I didn’t do a RAW recap this week, but one thing alone made it worth it for me to mark out like crazy. God himself came on and they gave him the mic in the ring and did it like no other. Yep, Paul Heyman. And the early announced matches for the ECW One Night Stand show has me drooling.

2. Thanks to my girls Susie, That’s Me, and Jodi for keeping the comments alive in here.

3. A good site to kill a lot of time for you if you get bored was one sent to me by my boy The_Freak. Curious about the real heights of certain celebrities? Most of them are in here, so hit it up at

Monday, May 23, 2005


It’s time for another post since I’ll be gone for a few days. I’ll be back to the mean streets of Shinnston sometime on Friday, so hold the fort down till I get back. A good last few days here for me at least though, so I’ll run that down for those wanting to follow along with the Blog.

Saturday I spent the day in Pittsburgh with my boys Spank and Cork. I was overdue to hit up my first Pirates game of the year and we picked this one out for a few reasons. One is that it was Bobblehead Night and that was for the Bucs ace, Oliver Perez. Also, they were battling our MVP Baseball 2005 team, the Colorado Rockies. We ordered our tickets ahead of time and they were in the leftfield homer seats. Me and Cork probably won’t sit anywhere else but in these seats after doing it for the past few years and loving it. You’re right on top of the field, literally, and it usually gets rowdy in that section with the drunken fans. Due to it being Bobblehead Night, it was a guaranteed sellout. The Bucs were smart enough to schedule a Bobblehead Night against scrubs like Colorado, someone they normally wouldn’t have a crowd with. The Bucs ended up winning 8-3. The theme of the night was these two guys behind us who we didn’t think were quite right. The stuff they were saying just cracked us up for a while, but eventually they became annoying. One dude didn’t stop talking. He needed some Sweet Chin Music. A great road trip since Cork is one of few of my crew that I can go to a game with and listen to rap nonstop.

We leave Shinnston around 1:30, wanting to get up there real early just to goof off. We hit up Hooters for lunch and you usually can’t go wrong with that. The food here is actually really good, but nobody goes for that. We had some thug chick who went a good 6’1” or so and I questioned whether it was a dude or a chick. The other chicks in the place were quality for the most part though. A few of them had mangled faces, but I won’t complain. I end up getting my usual, the Strip Cheese Sandwich which is buffalo chicken that has melted American and provolone cheese on it. Highly recommended for the next time you hit up Hooters. I also got a chicken quesadilla and some baked beans.

The day before, Friday, I had a day at work that was about as easy as it could get. The crew I would normally be with had a field trip that day and I stayed back at the school with a few who didn’t go that day. I ended up with just 2 kids and they were with me all day. I worked them hard let me tell ya. I brought in my PlayStation 2 and let them go at it. We played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City most of the day, some Gran Turismo 3, and one dude played on the internet most of the time.

A topic that I’ll touch on next deals with NBA baller Reggie Miller. His 18-year career came to an end the other night as the Pistons knocked out the Pacers in the 2nd Round of the playoffs. Remember, this is the same Pistons who won the title last year. They didn’t get any respect for winning. Instead, we were shoved with promo upon promo of how great Reggie was. I’ll admit I was never a big Reggie fan one bit. I like the fact that he stayed with one team his entire career, but I’m not going to be all over him like everyone and their brother is. Every announcer out there is all over his nads. An awesome shooter, definitely. But I’ll go on record to say he’s overrated. I liked the tribute Larry Brown gave to him by calling a timeout late in the game to give him a standing ovation in front of the Pacers crowd. He’s clutch and he’ll probably get into the Hall just based on that and that being in the league almost 20 years he racked up points. But can you ever say that during any one season that he was near the best even at his position? Don’t even bother thinking about comparing him as one of the all time greats. Could he do anything other than shoot? He couldn’t defend me. He never had assists or rebounds. I know I’m in the minority since I’m not all over his nads, but that’s just my opinion.

It was time for the Wal-Mart $5.50 bin. Looking around, there wasn’t a lot to pick from on this trip. I had The Program in my hand to get, but walking around the other corner of the bin I see Hardball. I was surprised they lowered the price to this one so quick. For those who haven’t seen, this is a baseball movie that you’d like whether you’re a sports fan or not. Keanu Reeves gets a bad rap for some of his movies, and some of the might be deserving, but this one is worth the pickup. In the new releases, Team America: World Police came out last week too, so you need to get that one. It’s one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.

More book time for me. I just finished the Wilt Chamberlain book and it is great. I haven’t picked up a bad book in a while. Not sure if my reviews are lenient or not, but I know that I like all of the ones I’ve had recently, so that’s good times. I picked up another one since I had a 25% coupon and ended up going basketball again this route. This time I went with The Miracle of St. Anthony and this is a book that follows Bobby Hurley Sr. around. Hurley is a legendary coach from Jersey City and this tells about the 2003-04 season in which he said was the most clueless bunch of kids he’s ever had in his coaching career. Straight thugs and they had one whitey on the team that year. He turns that mess around. I’m through with the first chapter and it’s already an interesting read.

WWE Judgment Day was last night and it was a surprisingly good show. I didn’t expect much from the SmackDown side of things, but it delivered in my opinion. The opener had MNM (Mercury/Nitro/Melina) keeping their Tag Titles against Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas. This match was pretty good. Holly had some brutal Flair chops, Haas was downright impressive, and MNM had nice tag chemistry. Carlito against Big Show wasn’t much of anything except for Matt Morgan helping Carlito get the win. Paul London remains Cruiserweight Champion after beating Chavito Guerrero. A very good match here, which gets my props for best actual wrestling match of the night. If Paul London had somewhat of a gimmick, he’d be dynamite. He takes some insane bumps and can do just about anything. I love this dude. Chavo is a super wrestler in his own right. Booker T beats Kurt Angle, getting revenge for his wife. Angle cut great promos leading up to this one calling Booker’s chick (Sharmell, former Nitro Girl and is a hottie) a gutterslut and how he wanted to have sex with her. Angle might be the best in the company right now. Orlando Jordan keeps his US Title against Heidenreich. Pointless match. It was Heat level. Eddie and Rey had a WrestleMania rematch and delivered as expected. The ending was mean as Rey bounced off the top rope only to get destroyed by a chair shot in midair. Rey wins by DQ. I know I’m typing too much on this PPV, but deal with it. The main event had John Cena keeping his WWE Title in an I Quit Match against JBL. You talk about some SERIOUS blood loss in this one. They sliced their heads good for this one, it was a mess. Words can’t describe it. I think that helped the actual match. I didn’t like the JBL character and his push a year or so ago, but he gets it done now.

I was due for another video game to play. I’m still hardcore into MVP Baseball 2005, but I was bored yesterday and picked up Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, used for $40. It’s been out a while, but it has been worth the purchase and then some already. This game is straight gangsta. If you thought the older GTA games cussed a lot, you haven’t seen anything yet. This game also features the best music of any game of all time, as you get rap of the early 90s era featuring Dre, Cube, Snoop, NWA, Slick Rick, etc. I could write a lot on this one. It’s that good.

A quick CD note. I got Battle 4 NYC: Brooklyn vs. Queens the other day. Just a compilation of Brooklyn and Queens stuff, imagine that. Brooklyn features Biggie, Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, M.O.P., Fabo, Lil Kim, Foxxy Brown, and Wu Tang. Queens on this one features 50, Ja, Nas, CNN, Lloyd Banks, Mobb Deep. In an early track, they have Jay-Z’s diss to Nas. Very dumb move at the time. The next track is Nas (and I’ve talked about this song a zillion times in the Blog before) putting the dagger into Jay-Z’s heart with Ether. For the rap fans who have sadly never heard this song before, you’re missing out on the best diss of all time.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Raspberry tea is quality stuff. It’s highly underrated.

2. After going from Axe, to Bod, to whatever else, I’m back to Axe again. This time I load up on the new “longer lasting” Voodoo. Smelling good now. Pimp pimp!

3. I just got done working out. Time to ask the Oliver Perez Bobblehead if I should get a shower immediately. He gives a definitive yes.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

What's Going On?

My school year is about up, so that means it’s almost time to be a bum most of the summer. I’m good at that, so I shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever. Since I have more than enough days to qualify towards retirement pay this year, I’m taking all of next week off just to get away for a bit and do some fishing. I should have another update before I leave on Tuesday morning. I’m only staying till Friday though, so it’s not like I’m leaving for weeks at a time. A big weekend planned and I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully on Friday night, we get to battle in Hillbilly Horseshoes once again. Then on Saturday, we’re going to see the Rockies come into town to battle the Pirates at beautiful PNC Park. To wrap things up, Sunday night is Pay Per View Night and this one is WWE Judgment Day, a SmackDown production. Can you say too much action in one weekend for one guy to handle?

Nothing major has went down this week so far really. I really luck into these easy sub jobs. Not that it’s ever hard, but tomorrow they’re paying me to be doing something I’d be doing at home. That’s right, I’m being played yet again to play video games and watch movies. I should feel bad when I cash my work checks, but nah. Most of my group that I’m with goes on a field trip tomorrow. The ones who either don’t want to go or aren’t allowed to go get to hang with me instead. That will probably be a group of just 3 or 4 kids tops, so I packed up the PlayStation 2, threw in some controllers, some games, and I’m good to go. The GameCube is easier to pack up, but I figured I’d switch things up a bit.

Cork burnt me a few new CDs the other day. He first loads me up with Tech N9ne’s latest, Vintage Tech. Tech can rap pretty well in my opinion. If you can get past his demeted lyrics, you might like his stuff. This dude is one of a kind though. If you’ve never heard his stuff before, I can’t really compare it to any other rapper. The only song you might have heard of, unless you’re a big time rap fan, would probably be one of his older ones, I’m A Playa. Cork also loaded me up with The Best of Timbaland and Magoo. Underrated guys here and they flow well together. Tim is better known for his producing, but he can also bring it in the rap scene as well. Magoo’s voice is unique and it’s worth checking out. My favorites on this one are easily Considerate Brotha and To My. Considerate Brotha features Luda in his earlier days in one of his better verses I’ve ever heard. To My features the lyrical genius himself, Nas, so you can’t go wrong there. Ironically on this CD, a few songs involve the man that must bow down to Nas and that’s Jay-Z.

In a rundown of RAW this past Monday, it was a good show for about 75% of it. Then the main event bombed I thought. It was Edge taking out Kane in the Finals of the Gold Rush Tourney to see who would be #1 contender to Batista’s World Title. Not only does Edge have this, but he’s also Mr. Money In The Bank, which guarantees a title shot anytime he chooses over the next year. I realize West Virginia is nothing, but if places like Nebraska and New Hampshire can get a RAW, bring one here. Flair and Christian had a nice one in which I was surprised that Flair won. I don’t get how they’re trying to push Christian when they appear to build him up and then over the past few weeks he’s lost to Flair and Kane. And the ECW Rules Match with Benoit and Tajiri got cancelled when Bischoff came out to stop things when Benoit was about to pull off the Headbutt from inside the ring on top of a ladder to the outside through a table. Both of these guys are amazing mat wrestlers, but they’re not the symbol of “hardcore” that try to portray ECW as. Let them go at it for a half hour and I guarantee they’ll get the crowd popping for their traditional wrestling. That gets respect. I like the hardcore stuff too, but don’t put guys in that who aren’t hardcore.

This Sunday is WWE Judgment Day and it’s a SmackDown event. As of right now only a few matches are announced. Our main event is an I Quit Match for the WWE Title that John Cena holds going up against Bradshaw. I look for Cena to retain since he’s going through his CD promotion push. We also get Booker T against Kurt Angle. This has potential to be nice, especially if given time, because Angle can carry anyone to a good match. In a rematch from WrestleMania, we have Eddie Guerrero (now a heel) going up against Rey Mysterio Jr. Again, give these guys time and they’ll tear the house down.

Whenever the next update is, it should be loaded up with things to talk about. We’ll have the conclusion of our 162-game MVP Baseball 2005 season to chat up, Bobblehead Night at PNC, Judgment Day, and who knows what else. Now tell me you’re not excited for that.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I’m craving the thought of the new Nintendo Revolution for next year. As BSG would say, that puts a hop in my step.

2. In a funny one, this dude at a high school I’m at most of my days, got fired up at this teacher. So what does he do? He goes and punches a concrete wall and it mangles his hand to where the bone is popped crazy out. Nice move slick.

3. Just one time I want to lock a submission move on someone and have them tapping out like a little girl.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Hillbilly Horseshoes

An interesting week for me, one that was very easy anyways. Then again, I find a lot of my weeks are like that, to where I can just be a bum most of the time and not have it too rough. Let’s take for example the “work” situation I had this week for 3 days at a local high school. I had really small classes, but inside the class they had two PlayStation 2 systems and a Nintendo 64 in there. Is this heaven? And I get paid for this? The setup here is that the kids have to take care of their work and they then get to jump on some video game action or get online. I went to high school 10 years too early.

We had a few TVs hooked up and it was on. Of course I’m going to jump in there and play since that’s what I do at home anyways. The theory here is that I’ll never be too old to play video games. I’ve grown up with them all my life, so why stop now. I’ll let my buddies take care of the marriage and having kids thing right now, I’m in no way ready for that. The big games of the week were Mario Kart 64 (one of the all time greats), X-Men Legends, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Final Fantasy XI, and South Park 64.

Throughout the week at “work” I also got to watch several movies at two different high schools. I’m telling ya, a high school sub has it totally made. You just hang out for 85% of the time and just make sure the kids aren’t idiots, which they aren’t. By that time, the behavior problems are virtually gone and you can actually have a real conversation with them instead of them being crazy immature. Anyways, on the movie scene, I got to watch four this week at “work”. I got to watch Happy Gilmore (one of my all time favorites), Barbershop, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Drumline. I love all of these actually. For those who haven’t seen Drumline before, you’re missing out. You might think it’s cheesy, but it’s good times. And as Dave Chappelle’s kid would say, “Nick Cannon is hilaaarrriioouusss!”

On the CD front, just one since we last updated on Wednesday. I finally got John Cena’s debut, the buffed out WWE wrestler for those in a coma, titled You Can’t See Me. I’ve already listened to this one a few times through. So that means I must really like it. I didn’t expect much out of a wrestler putting out a rap CD, but this one delivers and my buddies think so as well. It even has the advisory sticker on it, something I’m surprised the WWE let him get away with. He brings it hard too, so hopefully he can make a name for himself doing this instead of falling flat on his face. Don’t let him being a wrestler scare you away from getting this. This isn’t a Chris Jericho CD. For as much as I like Jericho as a wrestler, his music CD is atrocious.

Remember in the last update I talked about Bizarro World when we went to Denny’s? Me and Cork hit it up again on the weekend as usual, this time after we played Hillbilly Horseshoes (more on this in detail in a bit, so hold tight) on Friday night. This is the earliest I think I’ve been to Denny’s and we ended up getting there around 11:30 or so. A completely different crowd from Bizarro World. I felt out of my element for this crowd too. This time it was the younger kids, but at least they weren’t annoying and making fools of themselves while being hammered. As usual, we ended up seeing a lot of people we know. You can’t go to Denny’s and not find people you don’t know though, at any time of the day. In attendance for the locals was Smalls Bryant, Matt Pill, Pill’s cousins Caleb and Andrew, Ferris, Mulberry, and Donnie Brasco. There were also a few high school kids that I’ve had in class too, so the place was jammed packed with action. I ended up going to an old staple of mine, the BBQ Burger. I doubt I get this one again. While good, you have to cut it with a knife it’s so big and I absolutely hate to get messy. That’s a big thing of mine. For example, I rarely eat BBQ wings due to the fact that it gets me greasy and messy. I rarely do that in public anyways. I know I’m a neat freak. I can’t help it.

So what’s Hillbilly Horseshoes? I didn’t know about it until just this weekend. The Barnes Brothers call up to get me in on this action, so me and Cork head up to battle. If you’re familiar with horseshoes, you get the basic concept. The only difference in this game is that you have two wooden platforms on each side, 3 foot long by 1 foot wide. In the middle, you have a hole that is 2¼ inches around. Instead of horseshoes, you play with 2 inch washers. If you make it in the hole (a ringer) you get 3 points. If you have it hanging on the hole, you get 2 points. And if you get the closest to the hole, you get 1 point. You play to 21. I know it might sound stupid, but this game is very addictive and fun. I played great for my first time, so I hope I have the hang of it for when we play again, because we’ll have tourneys this summer I’m sure. You also get some good trash talking going during this one, so that’s never a bad thing to get some competitive juices flowing. Me and Big Barney teamed up to form an impressive duo ton win easily on the night. Cork and Little Barney were teams, while Old Barney and one of his boys were on a team.

As I type this up, I’m about to accomplish something I’ve never done in my entire video game life, which is surprising. You all know that me, Cork, and Spank are teaming together in a dynasty season with the Colorado Rockies on MVP Baseball 2005 for GameCube. They don’t have an option for a shortened season, so you have to play the full 162-game schedule or else. It takes roughly 20-30 minutes per game and right now we’ve played 156 total without simming a thing. We’re also rocking it out. By the time I update again, we’ll be in the playoffs. Right now we’re 99-57 and just beating down the competition and should win both the MVP (Todd Helton) and Cy Young (Zach Greinke). Helton mashes like a king and has 70 homers with 6 to go. He should be able to beat the record if he doesn’t fall off pace. And Greinke has a NASTY curveball, one that comes in at 56 miles per hour and makes the batters look silly. I’ll update you guys on our season again soon. I don’t know too many people who have finished an entire 162-game baseball season on a video game. I figure we’ll get deep into other seasons since we don’t have anything to do all summer but be bums.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Did you know that Wilt Chamberlain supposedly would drink a gallon of milk at halftime of each game? I find that hard to believe, but that’s what the book I’m reading now says anyways. That’s messed up.

2. Oliver Perez Bobblehead Night, May 21st. I’ll be there at PNC Park in Pittsburgh with my MVP Baseball 2005 boys and we’re going just to see our Colorado Rockies. Should be fun times.

3. is a great download for the card playing fans. Nice graphics and you even have sound and more options than most poker programs. This one even has a nicely organized tourney feature, something a lot of the others don’t have anymore as much as back in the day.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"The Rudest.. The Lewdest.. The Crudest!"

Last week I went wild and had 3 posts, but I figured I’d calm down some this week and get caught up on some lost sleep. To start off the week, I ended up getting less than 4 hours of sleep on Sunday night going into work on Monday. Yes, only my own fault, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I usually try to make it up on the weekends as everyone knows by now. Last Thursday, I went to bed at 2:30 AM and woke up at 6:00 AM for work on Friday. I didn’t go to bed until 7:00 the next morning, so I was pumped about that. Needless to say, I was out quick when my head hit the pillow. If it’s like this now, what kind of bum am I going to be in the summer? Should be fun.

First I’d like to give some big props to a buddy of mine who sent me some Bobby “The Brain” Heenan action. In one of my recent posts, I had a pic of Heenan in there and his opinion on the Angle/HBK match from WrestleMania. The buddy in question here is Robbie and as soon as he saw that he gave me a pretty good story about how he met The Brain in person and still has the autographed pic. I’ll even post that one right in this very Blog for your enjoyment. I’ve seen and met a good bit of wrestlers over the years, but Heenan I’ve never seen before, so Robbie has me beat on that legend. Anyways, here is the pic:

It seems pretty weird now that my Celtics are done for the season. They got waxed by the Pacers in Game 7 to the tune of a 27-point loss at HOME. It was so bad that the Celts’ home fans booed the team off the court and deservedly so. We were playing bad in the 1st half, but still were only down 3 at halftime. That’s when the wheels came off the boat. What happens now? Walker is a free agent and he’s my boy, but I doubt they give him the crazy money he’s after. We’ll see on that one. I want him back though. Also, our leader as far as handling the ball, Gary Payton is a free agent. He’s older, but he surprised me a lot with his play this year. He was able to calm Pierce down from being a huge gunner. I still think Pierce is overrated, but maybe I’m wrong on that. He’s good though, don’t get me wrong. I figure we have a good bit of changes to make, but I’m real excited to see the emergence of stud-to-be Big Al Jefferson. Some of the prettiest post moves I’ve seen in quite a while and he’s still just a kid. Not to mention he loves to rebound. Imagine that concept.

So me and Cork roll to Denny’s on Saturday night. After rolling around at Wal-Mart before that, getting some stuff for Mother’s Day, we debated whether or not to hit up Denny’s. I was craving McDonald’s and Cork wasn’t really hungry. Denny’s and McD’s are across from each other, so I just whipped it into Denny’s. Good choice, because I was in the mood for about 3 of those greasy cheeseburgers that would haunt me the next day. Denny’s though, you talk about madness. We get there around 3:30 or so and it’s just insane. The bars closed up for the night, so the drunk crowd shows up and it’s really packed. Me and Cork were the only ones of the bunch not mangled. After being around this group, I now see why I never go out and hit up the bars, just not my idea of fun. Anyways, the restaurant seemed to be split. You had your group of diehard rednecks to where I said it looks like we got there real early in the morning before they all went hunting. Then you had your group of thugs and their gangsta chicks. This one fatty redneck fired up some thug and it was on. Everyone was cussing each other, one of the waitresses was telling people off, people complaining about service even though it wasn’t bad, and whatever else. One thug was jealous that these thug chicks were talking to this whitey redneck so he tried to get them to go back to their seats. That didn’t work, so he goes back to the booth and puts on his bling bling jewelry then comes walking back like a tough guy, no joke. This was hilarious. So he rolls over there and they end up talking a bunch of junk and nothing gets accomplished. I was telling Cork how it seemed like we were in Bizarro World. It was that much excitement. Something to see every now and then, but nothing I want to be part of. The drunk crowd isn’t for me at all.

At “work” this week I have it made. I have like 4 kids tops in my biggest class and a few I have 2 or 3. In the class, they have a Nintendo 64 setup and of course I’m getting in on that action. I played a bunch of Mario Kart 64 today and got paid for it. That’s what I’m talking about. Gotta love it.

On RAW, it was the Semifinals of the Gold Rush Tournament to show who is the #1 Contender to Batista’s World Title. This week Kane went against Benoit and beat him. Why do this? Maybe I’m missing something here. Our other match was the main event and that was HBK against Edge, which was a pretty good match. Edge ends up getting the pin by using his briefcase. We all see what’s going on, in that we could have Lita turning on Kane to join Edge. Get Kane a new character or get him off TV. He can be funny if they let him do something, but not with Lita ruining things, plus he has about 3 moves total. Next week we’ll have a good one in Christian facing off against the legendary Ric Flair. We also have the Finals of the Gold Rush and also Jericho and Benjamin team up to face Hassan and Daivari.

I just finished up the Dusty Rhodes book and it was great. It was hard to put down and I finished that one in no time. Highly recommended for the wrestling fans. I’ve already got a new book and this one is on Wilt Chamberlain from 2004. It’s titled Wilt: Larger Than Life. I started this one on Monday and it’s a 400 page book. I’m already through about 140, so it’s that good. Some of the stories in this one are just mind boggling. Wilt couldn’t have been a real person. He was like a superhero.

A few new CDs this week. One I’ve listened to already and another I haven’t. The first is Common’s new one, simply titled Be. This is the one I haven’t listened to, but Common has a smooth flow and he’s labeled as intellectual rap if you’re into that. He’s not what you’re thinking of as far as being rap, but he’s worth checking out. The other one is Memphis Bleek’s new one, 534. This one isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. Just decent is what I’ll say on that. For the Jay-Z fans, he has a song all to himself on there, but I’m not a fan of his. M.O.P. is on there though as well as Young Gunz (new CD soon too), so you can’t really go wrong with that.

He gone!

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I’m drooling over the ECW One Night Stand Pay Per View commercial. God himself, Paul Heyman, uses one of my favorite lines of his that he used to hype up ECW PPVs back in the day: “The rudest.., the lewdest.., the crudest!”

2. Thanks to Kasher of #basketball for finding this and posting it on Lobstah’s porn board. Here’s a page of a quality Latin chick with all kinds of gangsta in her. The bigger the better back there. Girls like this don’t exist. I feel strongly on this. Anyways, check this girl out at:

3. 84 degrees today? Ugh. Too hot for me already.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


3 Blogs this week so far, fear.

You talk about a great RAW this week. Actual wrestling for the majority of the show? Tell me I just woke up from a dream. Not the American Dream Dusty Rhodes (we’ll get to him in the next Blog probably), but a very nice show. They start the show with the Gold Rush Tournament to see who is the #1 contender for Batista’s World Title. Our first match is Kane against Christian. Somehow, they put Kane over in this match. What does Kane bring to the table exactly? Give him a new character or something. And what’s the point of building up Christian for the past month or so with some big interviews and not letting him win the in 1st Round here. Pathetic. Our second match was incredible I thought. HBK taking on Shelton Benjamin. A quick paced match and these guys can go in the ring. The ending was done really well as Shelton comes off the ropes and while he’s in mid air, HBK hits a perfect Sweet Chin Music to his grill for the win. It looked vicious on TV. Our third of four tourney matches featured Jericho going against Mr. Money In The Bank, Edge. With help from the briefcase, Edge advances. I’m liking Edge’s briefcase storyline for some odd reason. Our main event was Benoit against Triple H. This tourney is loaded up. The ending of this one was a shock to everyone as HHH tapped! This is the 3rd time HHH has tapped out to Benoit. Wow, 3 of the 4 matches were very well done. There were a few other matches on the show, but not worth mentioning. Next week we’re down to the Final 4. Kane vs. HBK and Edge vs. Benoit. Should be solid. Oh yeah, during the main event, Good ‘Ol JR busted out both concussed and carnage. I love it. I could listen to that stuff all day. Some words you only hear on RAW and RAW only.

I went to the dentist on Tuesday for two fillings. Yeah, all of this candy I eat does come with a high price. I could be putting worse things into my body I guess. It’s never fun to get your face all numbed up, especially since I had to do a filling on each side of my mouth that day. The good part though is that I had two hot chicks working on me, so I’ll take the good with the bad. You can’t go wrong with that combo in your face.

My boy ManDingo sent me this webpage the other day and it had me cracking up good. Apparently, in Pennsylvania there is this restaurant with a 15 pound burger! It features 10½ pounds of beef, 25 slices of cheese, a head of lettuce, three tomatoes, two onions, a cup and a half each of mayo, relish, ketchup, mustard, and banana peppers. Are you kidding me? The price? $30! It can supposedly feed a family of 10 the owner claims. Before this, they had a 6 pound burger that some freak 100 pound chick was able to eat. Check out the entire article at:

On the food topic, there’s something out there you must pick up. I’m not sure how long it’s been out, but it’s new to me anyways, so I’m going to talk about it. I’m a huge rice fan, especially Chinese type rice. Anytime I can find a good thing of Pork or Chicken Fried Rice, I’m all over it. Mom comes home one day with this stuff called Rice A Roni Express. It’s rice in this microwaveable bag and it only takes 90 seconds to cook it. My kind of “cooking” there. You get a good bit and it’s simple.

I’m sure I’ve talked about this topic before, but I do that with a lot of topics, so you’ll have to deal with it. I’m not a big fan of chicks that get all freaked out with piercings and tattoos. Tats I can’t handle at all though, so that’s another story for another time. Piercings I can handle though to a point. I don’t want some hardcore goth chick with piercings everywhere, but there are a few I like a lot. On the conservative route, I’m big on the belly button ring, but everyone has those now it seems, so that’s not out of the ordinary. One I’ve grown even bigger on is the nose stud. Not the weird nose rings, but the little diamond deals. You know what I mean. Something about that, if on the right chick, totally does it for me. I’ll pass on porn type piercings though as I’m not into that.

Out of the CDs I downloaded in the past two days, both are good. That is Outlawz and Z-Ro. One I’ll talk about to really hype up. Z-Ro’s latest, Let The Truth Be Told, is one of the better albums I’ve heard in quite some time. A few months ago, I said that my favorite album so far this year is Layzie Bone and Bizzy Bone teaming up to give us Bone Brothers. This one is right there with it and may surpass it on second listen. This guy has a ton of albums out there and has been in the game for a long time. Props to Dom for introducing me to Z-Ro a few years back. If anyone doesn’t know, Z-Ro is another Houston rapper and he somewhat reminds me of a harder Nate Dogg in his voice style, but he brings more gangsta to it. Even if you don’t know the dude, pick up his stuff. It’s that good. Or as the great Triple H would say, “I’m that damn good.”

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I can’t get enough of Marissa Tomei in the new Hanes commercials. Not only is she a hot MILF, but one of my favorite chicks out there, regardless of age.

2. Ugh, Celtics season almost over, barring a miracle. Bad times.

3. “After I rock, fast forward through the rest of this song. We the monkey wrench that’s gonna ruin your plan. And don’t fuck with John Cena, I’m a bad bad man.”- John Cena from the song, I’m A Bad Bad Man

Monday, May 02, 2005

Beyond Balderdash

I’m sitting here on an off day to start the week, which gives me a 3-day weekend. I can always handle that. Only about a month left until I get to be a bum all summer, which is never a bad thing. Hard to believe that May is here though, things are going by fast. What things I’m not quite sure of, but you know how it goes.

For those waiting on the WWE Backlash results, I’ll get to that, don’t worry. I know most of the people reading this aren’t big wrestling fans, so I don’t want to start out with that this time and bore everyone off right from the start. Saturday night I hit up the movies with Cork and Spank. We went to see XXX 2 and I thought it’d be really packed. Hardly anyone was there, which was strange. My impression of the movie? I liked it a lot. I also liked the first one, but a lot of other people seemed not to. Just like the first one though, they had too many parts that were unbelievable in a bad way. The last 15 minutes of this one was way overdone. Diving off buildings and catching yourself onto a helicopter, side by side with a helicopter and a subway going 160 miles an hour as a fight scene happens, and driving on a subway rail in a car on the rims. Other than that, it’s worth the price to see it. Maybe I’m just biased because I’m a big Ice Cube fan though, who knows. Who knew?

A few new CDs on the list in the past few days. Just two to talk about here. I haven’t listened to either yet, so I won’t have much of a review. The first is Outlaw 4 Life by the Outlawz. For those who are wondering if this is the same Outlawz that were boys with 2Pac, these are the same dudes. From the reviews I’ve read online, this CD is supposed to deliver all the goods. We’ll see. The second one I loaded up with is Z-Ro’s latest, Let The Truth Be Told. The other Z-Ro CDs I have are all good, so I have big expectations for this one. Hard to tell.

Friday night after battling with Cork in MVP Baseball 2005, we figured we were due for a weekend Denny’s trip. Abby called up and was bored so Cork told her and Whitney to come along with us for the excitement known as Denny’s. Now this was about 12:30 or so. That is crazy early for me and Cork to hit up Denny’s, but we weren’t doing anything else. It was a packed house in there for sure. We had to actually wait before being seated. Usually we go around 2:00 or 3:00 when the drunks and dirty strippers are there, but even then, it’s not too crowded ever. I get my usual combo of pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream and then some cheesesticks. Fear that for some late night food. The night is just starting for me and Cork at that time of night anyways, so the girls wanted to know if we were in for some Balderdash action. This might be the best board game out there, so of course I was down for this. The girls went to Wal-Mart to pick it up and then we ended up at Abby’s to battle. I had the game won, but Cork came from right under me and stole it to win, doh! For anyone reading out there who has Balderdash in the local area, call me up at any time and I’ll probably be game for that. It’s been tradition the past few Christmas seasons with my family to battle in that one. I ended up getting home that night around 5:00 and went to bed at 6:30. The next night, I went to bed at 7:45 in the morning, fear. You can’t hang.

Sunday was Pay Per View night. Yep, WWE Backlash. I was very impressed with this one. Not too many down moments all PPV I didn’t think. The main event didn’t deliver thought in my opinion. It was just a bunch of nad shots and beating on the refs. Batista ended up keeping his title, so I missed picking that one right. Hogan and HBK win easily and it’s insane how over Hogan is. He could do ANYTHING and the crowd would go ballistic. You get cold chills watching how he has the fans eating out of his hand. I always thought for a while that Stone Cold was just as big of a draw as Hogan, but there’s no way at all, no disrespect to Austin. This match alone was worth the $35 price to get this show, Hogan and HBK worked the crowd that good. Kane beat Big Vis in a match that didn’t last long at least. Vis is funny though and I hope they keep pushing him on TV. Afterwards, after Trish got fired up at him for not winning, he bear hugs her and shakes her all around and they carry her out on a stretcher, hah. To keep the violence on chicks deal going, Chris Masters comes out and offers $3000 to anyone who can get out of his Masterlock hold. A buff chick from OVW is planted and she comes in. He messes this chick up bad. He was slinging her around big time. It was so wrong that it was funny if that makes sense. Needless to say, this segment had Cork, Spank, and myself laughing in tears. In the Last Man Standing Match, possibly the match of the night, Edge takes out Benoit. No blood in this one though, weird. Usually Benoit slices his head too deep every week. Maybe he got tired of doing that. We love how Benoit goes into a seizure after a big move is done to him. Probbly the best seller for moves in all of wrestling if you ask me. Tag Team Turmoil was dumb and Hurricane and Rosey end up with the belts. Give Hurricane a new character and let him do his old moves from WCW as they were vicious. Benjamin and Jericho opened up the show. This was a nice match as well and I hope this feud continues. Benjamin keeps his title. My record on predicting this PPV was 3-2. I wrote about the Tag Team Turmoil in the last Blog, but forgot to predict, doh!

I’m really considering getting XM Radio, but can’t make up my mind. If anyone that hasn’t already weighed in on Lobstah has some advice for me on this, hit me up with a comment. Great sports radio, all of the baseball games in play-by-play, uncensored rap stations, and a ton of other things. I’d be all over that.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. The slurve is the nastiest pitch on MVP Baseball 2005.

2. I know she’s not crazy hot and doesn’t really have a body, but something about Joss Stone does it for me. Maybe it’s the accent.

3. May 2nd and I haven’t been to a baseball game yet this year. I’m slacking.