Monday, May 23, 2005


It’s time for another post since I’ll be gone for a few days. I’ll be back to the mean streets of Shinnston sometime on Friday, so hold the fort down till I get back. A good last few days here for me at least though, so I’ll run that down for those wanting to follow along with the Blog.

Saturday I spent the day in Pittsburgh with my boys Spank and Cork. I was overdue to hit up my first Pirates game of the year and we picked this one out for a few reasons. One is that it was Bobblehead Night and that was for the Bucs ace, Oliver Perez. Also, they were battling our MVP Baseball 2005 team, the Colorado Rockies. We ordered our tickets ahead of time and they were in the leftfield homer seats. Me and Cork probably won’t sit anywhere else but in these seats after doing it for the past few years and loving it. You’re right on top of the field, literally, and it usually gets rowdy in that section with the drunken fans. Due to it being Bobblehead Night, it was a guaranteed sellout. The Bucs were smart enough to schedule a Bobblehead Night against scrubs like Colorado, someone they normally wouldn’t have a crowd with. The Bucs ended up winning 8-3. The theme of the night was these two guys behind us who we didn’t think were quite right. The stuff they were saying just cracked us up for a while, but eventually they became annoying. One dude didn’t stop talking. He needed some Sweet Chin Music. A great road trip since Cork is one of few of my crew that I can go to a game with and listen to rap nonstop.

We leave Shinnston around 1:30, wanting to get up there real early just to goof off. We hit up Hooters for lunch and you usually can’t go wrong with that. The food here is actually really good, but nobody goes for that. We had some thug chick who went a good 6’1” or so and I questioned whether it was a dude or a chick. The other chicks in the place were quality for the most part though. A few of them had mangled faces, but I won’t complain. I end up getting my usual, the Strip Cheese Sandwich which is buffalo chicken that has melted American and provolone cheese on it. Highly recommended for the next time you hit up Hooters. I also got a chicken quesadilla and some baked beans.

The day before, Friday, I had a day at work that was about as easy as it could get. The crew I would normally be with had a field trip that day and I stayed back at the school with a few who didn’t go that day. I ended up with just 2 kids and they were with me all day. I worked them hard let me tell ya. I brought in my PlayStation 2 and let them go at it. We played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City most of the day, some Gran Turismo 3, and one dude played on the internet most of the time.

A topic that I’ll touch on next deals with NBA baller Reggie Miller. His 18-year career came to an end the other night as the Pistons knocked out the Pacers in the 2nd Round of the playoffs. Remember, this is the same Pistons who won the title last year. They didn’t get any respect for winning. Instead, we were shoved with promo upon promo of how great Reggie was. I’ll admit I was never a big Reggie fan one bit. I like the fact that he stayed with one team his entire career, but I’m not going to be all over him like everyone and their brother is. Every announcer out there is all over his nads. An awesome shooter, definitely. But I’ll go on record to say he’s overrated. I liked the tribute Larry Brown gave to him by calling a timeout late in the game to give him a standing ovation in front of the Pacers crowd. He’s clutch and he’ll probably get into the Hall just based on that and that being in the league almost 20 years he racked up points. But can you ever say that during any one season that he was near the best even at his position? Don’t even bother thinking about comparing him as one of the all time greats. Could he do anything other than shoot? He couldn’t defend me. He never had assists or rebounds. I know I’m in the minority since I’m not all over his nads, but that’s just my opinion.

It was time for the Wal-Mart $5.50 bin. Looking around, there wasn’t a lot to pick from on this trip. I had The Program in my hand to get, but walking around the other corner of the bin I see Hardball. I was surprised they lowered the price to this one so quick. For those who haven’t seen, this is a baseball movie that you’d like whether you’re a sports fan or not. Keanu Reeves gets a bad rap for some of his movies, and some of the might be deserving, but this one is worth the pickup. In the new releases, Team America: World Police came out last week too, so you need to get that one. It’s one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.

More book time for me. I just finished the Wilt Chamberlain book and it is great. I haven’t picked up a bad book in a while. Not sure if my reviews are lenient or not, but I know that I like all of the ones I’ve had recently, so that’s good times. I picked up another one since I had a 25% coupon and ended up going basketball again this route. This time I went with The Miracle of St. Anthony and this is a book that follows Bobby Hurley Sr. around. Hurley is a legendary coach from Jersey City and this tells about the 2003-04 season in which he said was the most clueless bunch of kids he’s ever had in his coaching career. Straight thugs and they had one whitey on the team that year. He turns that mess around. I’m through with the first chapter and it’s already an interesting read.

WWE Judgment Day was last night and it was a surprisingly good show. I didn’t expect much from the SmackDown side of things, but it delivered in my opinion. The opener had MNM (Mercury/Nitro/Melina) keeping their Tag Titles against Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas. This match was pretty good. Holly had some brutal Flair chops, Haas was downright impressive, and MNM had nice tag chemistry. Carlito against Big Show wasn’t much of anything except for Matt Morgan helping Carlito get the win. Paul London remains Cruiserweight Champion after beating Chavito Guerrero. A very good match here, which gets my props for best actual wrestling match of the night. If Paul London had somewhat of a gimmick, he’d be dynamite. He takes some insane bumps and can do just about anything. I love this dude. Chavo is a super wrestler in his own right. Booker T beats Kurt Angle, getting revenge for his wife. Angle cut great promos leading up to this one calling Booker’s chick (Sharmell, former Nitro Girl and is a hottie) a gutterslut and how he wanted to have sex with her. Angle might be the best in the company right now. Orlando Jordan keeps his US Title against Heidenreich. Pointless match. It was Heat level. Eddie and Rey had a WrestleMania rematch and delivered as expected. The ending was mean as Rey bounced off the top rope only to get destroyed by a chair shot in midair. Rey wins by DQ. I know I’m typing too much on this PPV, but deal with it. The main event had John Cena keeping his WWE Title in an I Quit Match against JBL. You talk about some SERIOUS blood loss in this one. They sliced their heads good for this one, it was a mess. Words can’t describe it. I think that helped the actual match. I didn’t like the JBL character and his push a year or so ago, but he gets it done now.

I was due for another video game to play. I’m still hardcore into MVP Baseball 2005, but I was bored yesterday and picked up Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, used for $40. It’s been out a while, but it has been worth the purchase and then some already. This game is straight gangsta. If you thought the older GTA games cussed a lot, you haven’t seen anything yet. This game also features the best music of any game of all time, as you get rap of the early 90s era featuring Dre, Cube, Snoop, NWA, Slick Rick, etc. I could write a lot on this one. It’s that good.

A quick CD note. I got Battle 4 NYC: Brooklyn vs. Queens the other day. Just a compilation of Brooklyn and Queens stuff, imagine that. Brooklyn features Biggie, Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, M.O.P., Fabo, Lil Kim, Foxxy Brown, and Wu Tang. Queens on this one features 50, Ja, Nas, CNN, Lloyd Banks, Mobb Deep. In an early track, they have Jay-Z’s diss to Nas. Very dumb move at the time. The next track is Nas (and I’ve talked about this song a zillion times in the Blog before) putting the dagger into Jay-Z’s heart with Ether. For the rap fans who have sadly never heard this song before, you’re missing out on the best diss of all time.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Raspberry tea is quality stuff. It’s highly underrated.

2. After going from Axe, to Bod, to whatever else, I’m back to Axe again. This time I load up on the new “longer lasting” Voodoo. Smelling good now. Pimp pimp!

3. I just got done working out. Time to ask the Oliver Perez Bobblehead if I should get a shower immediately. He gives a definitive yes.


Anonymous said...

Can I borrow the Perez HeadBob next time I need to use the bathroom so I can see if its ok to take a healthy shit??

Jodi said...

oh i love MVP baseball 2005, that is a great game. Hardball os a good movie although i have only seen it once a few years back, it was very good...sad. also, Axe, some great stuff.

That's Me said...

hey there, hope you are having fun on your get away :=) sure does look funny not seeing you online. Talk to ya when you get back!