Thursday, May 19, 2005

What's Going On?

My school year is about up, so that means it’s almost time to be a bum most of the summer. I’m good at that, so I shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever. Since I have more than enough days to qualify towards retirement pay this year, I’m taking all of next week off just to get away for a bit and do some fishing. I should have another update before I leave on Tuesday morning. I’m only staying till Friday though, so it’s not like I’m leaving for weeks at a time. A big weekend planned and I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully on Friday night, we get to battle in Hillbilly Horseshoes once again. Then on Saturday, we’re going to see the Rockies come into town to battle the Pirates at beautiful PNC Park. To wrap things up, Sunday night is Pay Per View Night and this one is WWE Judgment Day, a SmackDown production. Can you say too much action in one weekend for one guy to handle?

Nothing major has went down this week so far really. I really luck into these easy sub jobs. Not that it’s ever hard, but tomorrow they’re paying me to be doing something I’d be doing at home. That’s right, I’m being played yet again to play video games and watch movies. I should feel bad when I cash my work checks, but nah. Most of my group that I’m with goes on a field trip tomorrow. The ones who either don’t want to go or aren’t allowed to go get to hang with me instead. That will probably be a group of just 3 or 4 kids tops, so I packed up the PlayStation 2, threw in some controllers, some games, and I’m good to go. The GameCube is easier to pack up, but I figured I’d switch things up a bit.

Cork burnt me a few new CDs the other day. He first loads me up with Tech N9ne’s latest, Vintage Tech. Tech can rap pretty well in my opinion. If you can get past his demeted lyrics, you might like his stuff. This dude is one of a kind though. If you’ve never heard his stuff before, I can’t really compare it to any other rapper. The only song you might have heard of, unless you’re a big time rap fan, would probably be one of his older ones, I’m A Playa. Cork also loaded me up with The Best of Timbaland and Magoo. Underrated guys here and they flow well together. Tim is better known for his producing, but he can also bring it in the rap scene as well. Magoo’s voice is unique and it’s worth checking out. My favorites on this one are easily Considerate Brotha and To My. Considerate Brotha features Luda in his earlier days in one of his better verses I’ve ever heard. To My features the lyrical genius himself, Nas, so you can’t go wrong there. Ironically on this CD, a few songs involve the man that must bow down to Nas and that’s Jay-Z.

In a rundown of RAW this past Monday, it was a good show for about 75% of it. Then the main event bombed I thought. It was Edge taking out Kane in the Finals of the Gold Rush Tourney to see who would be #1 contender to Batista’s World Title. Not only does Edge have this, but he’s also Mr. Money In The Bank, which guarantees a title shot anytime he chooses over the next year. I realize West Virginia is nothing, but if places like Nebraska and New Hampshire can get a RAW, bring one here. Flair and Christian had a nice one in which I was surprised that Flair won. I don’t get how they’re trying to push Christian when they appear to build him up and then over the past few weeks he’s lost to Flair and Kane. And the ECW Rules Match with Benoit and Tajiri got cancelled when Bischoff came out to stop things when Benoit was about to pull off the Headbutt from inside the ring on top of a ladder to the outside through a table. Both of these guys are amazing mat wrestlers, but they’re not the symbol of “hardcore” that try to portray ECW as. Let them go at it for a half hour and I guarantee they’ll get the crowd popping for their traditional wrestling. That gets respect. I like the hardcore stuff too, but don’t put guys in that who aren’t hardcore.

This Sunday is WWE Judgment Day and it’s a SmackDown event. As of right now only a few matches are announced. Our main event is an I Quit Match for the WWE Title that John Cena holds going up against Bradshaw. I look for Cena to retain since he’s going through his CD promotion push. We also get Booker T against Kurt Angle. This has potential to be nice, especially if given time, because Angle can carry anyone to a good match. In a rematch from WrestleMania, we have Eddie Guerrero (now a heel) going up against Rey Mysterio Jr. Again, give these guys time and they’ll tear the house down.

Whenever the next update is, it should be loaded up with things to talk about. We’ll have the conclusion of our 162-game MVP Baseball 2005 season to chat up, Bobblehead Night at PNC, Judgment Day, and who knows what else. Now tell me you’re not excited for that.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I’m craving the thought of the new Nintendo Revolution for next year. As BSG would say, that puts a hop in my step.

2. In a funny one, this dude at a high school I’m at most of my days, got fired up at this teacher. So what does he do? He goes and punches a concrete wall and it mangles his hand to where the bone is popped crazy out. Nice move slick.

3. Just one time I want to lock a submission move on someone and have them tapping out like a little girl.


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hey hey hey
just thought I would comment..... I agree.... nothing good posted about you lately.. you're still entertaining :=)

Jodi said...

did you catch any fish on your trip?