Monday, May 31, 2004

Home In Time For RAW

We made it back from the Pirates game and it was a good trip. We left the house and headed to Bridgeport so I could rent a few movies for Tuesday and Wednesday at work. I got The Incredible Hulk and Brother Bear. I'll be at my old middle school, so I had to pick movies that wouldn't have crazy cussing and such in it. I know the kids watch the bad stuff anyways, but I couldn't get by with bringing in something crazy. High schools I could, but we'll go to the tamer side of things with the two I picked here. I hear Brother Bear if good, and even if it's a cartoon movie, I still like that type of thing.

At the game, on our entire ride it was pouring down the rain. We thought for sure around 3:30 that the game would be cancelled, but the game started right on time at 4:35. For being to Pittsburgh a million times, we drove 11 miles north of the city somehow. We still can't figure out where we screwed up at, but at one point me and Cork were riding along seeing towns we had no clue of and was in the middle of nowhere. We roll there and instead of riding the ferry across the river, we roll to a parking lot straight up in the ghetto and pay only $5 and walk across the Clemente Bridge to get to PNC Park. We take our seats in Section 133 (about 4 rows up from the homer wall) in what were awesome seats. At only $14, it's well worth it. I like outfield seats a lot because you get to hear the drunks cuss the leftfielder all game long and it's a great view. I feel bad for Jason Bay (who the homecrowd kept getting on for being lazy in today's game and rightfully so), John Mabry, and So Taguchi (played LF when Mabry was moved to 1B later in the game). Bay at one point was lazy and Jack Wilson (SS) actually beat him to deep leftfield for a ball. At that point, it was on for the crowd. Bay got it the rest of the day, until they finally had to move him to center, Craig Wilson (this year's Giles in terms of crowd favorite in Pittsburgh) Mabry they were dogging for being old, saying he should retire, he deserves to be in AA ball, etc.. Taguchi they were yelling wasabi, sushi, and stupid stuff like that at him. Like he understood much of it. Only 14,000 were announced as paying, and it was much less than that at the actual game I'd imagine.

$1 dogs though. Me and Cork both ate 4 at the game. I also ate 2 double cheeseburgers from McD's (yeah, that's low) before the game in Bridgeport around 1:30 or so. Every Monday during the year it's $1 dog days. Can't go wrong with that deal. And me and Cork also did our good deeds of the day. What's that? We helped out the homeless. We gave this one dude on the way to the game some money. He just rolled up to us and asked for help. I don't do that a bunch, but it feels nice at times, even though we have no clue what he's going to use that money for. Then on the way back to our car after the game, this one dude was standing on part of the bridge and was jamming with a trumpet to Tequila. I had to give him money for that since the song was in an important scene in the greatest movie ever, The Sandlot.

Also, I'm jealous at real cities' radio stations. They get some real good rap and R&B stations, while down in my rinky dink town, we can't pick up a single one. Me and Cork were definitely all over that.

We also saw TONS of license plates from all over.. Check out this killer list.. West Virginia of course, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Washington State, ALASKA, Ontario, Indiana.. And I'm sure I missed a couple in there. That was impressive to me there and always fun for a road trip. We saw this many just going to The Burgh. But that's Memorial Day Weekend for ya.

Got to watch RAW, but I'll post on that at another time if I can. Time to watch the end of the Lakers game and wait for bed here in a bit.. Have fun everybody.

Ham Porter: Hey, Smalls, you wanna s'more?
Smalls: I haven't had anything.
Ham Porter: No, do you wanna s'more!
Smalls: How can I have some more of nothing?
Ham Porter: You're killing me Smalls!

Off To Pittsburgh

This could be a quick post, but I'm due for one. In about a half hour, me and Cork are rolling into Pittsburgh for a Memorial Day baseball game. It doesn't get much more American than that now does it? They're battling the Cards, but rain appears to be in the forecast. I'm excited for a few reasons. I've never been to a 4:35 game and I also get to see Albert Pujols, a real life video game stat producer. So it's Kris Benson against Jason Marquis. I'm especially concerned since I have Benson ( in ManDingo League Baseball. It's always fun to have some fantasy guys at the games you go to, because it means that much more as you watch..

A quick movie deal. When I took back my movies for the weekend, I pick up none other than Outta Time, starring AC Stater of Saved By The Bell fame. He'll always be Slater instead of Mario, and we all know that. But on the front of the movie box, he's all thugged out and ready to bust some crime. That alone has to be hilariously awful that it'll be great to watch. I've read some reviews on it and it's a low budget movie. That should be good stuff for sure. Sometime this week, prepare for a short review on this mess of a movie, but it may surprise us.

Bucs/Cards game on today on national TV.. It's on ESPN, so look for me to catch a homerun ball in the leftfield seats (I'd settle for a foul ball just once in my life, still hasn't happened). Dollar Dog Day! I'm ready to tear up some ballparks for sure. That alone will be worth the admission price.

Now that I look back on this.. this is a really boring post and one I came up with in about 5 minutes since I'm not even dressed to go to Pittsburgh yet. So I better get my gear on and wait for Cork Dizzle to pick me up at 1:00. But I wanted something up here for today, as I'm not sure I'll be able to make another post till tomorrow night. I'll see what I can whip up after RAW maybe if I have time, but I can't guarantee anything.

And in unrelated news, and news that a lot of you won't have a clue what I'm talking about.. but I pulled off a sweep in A#BL this week! I won my matchup against the Houston Buffs, 9-0. My first sweep in ABL history if memory serves me correct. I'll write on my fantasy teams in one of my upcoming posts. Right now I'm in 4th Place out of 20 teams in the infamous A#BL.

Well, I'm really out of here now. Time to get my pimp game on lock and I'll be seeing you all later tonight..

"My job on the show is to be naked, not kill myself." - Chris Pontius, a.k.a. Party Boy

Sunday, May 30, 2004

6:00 AM Madness

For the past two nights, I've went to bed past 6:00 AM. The moral of this story is that I'm an idiot, but this is my theory.. If I woke up at say 8:00 AM, I'd be doing the exact same thing that I would be doing at like 2:00 PM. In my town, it's all the same, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. So where'd I leave off from my last post? I know you all are so anxiously awaiting the next one. Well, probably not, but if you're in here, I'm sure you have some time on your hands to read a little into my daily happenings, so I'll whip something up for ya to feast your eyes on.

After I posted last night, I did get to watch Torque. This movie, for the bad ratings it got on, was pretty good I thought. Sure, we all knew it'd be over the top as far as believability goes, but put that aside and it kept your interest the whole time. I'm a big Ice Cube fan to begin with, so that's one main reason I wanted to get it. Plus, I've heard some bad reviews about it, and for some strange reason when I hear a movie is horrible, I want to see for myself. Sometimes it's funny to see a really bad made movie, but I didn't think this was one of those. The main dude in this movie is a guy named Martin Henderson. I've never heard of him before, but he played the role great. Ice Cube was probably the 2nd or 3rd leading actor in this one. Henderson's chick in the movie was played by Monet Mazur. Interesting name there, but she looks good. In a semi-minor role was none other than my girl Christina Milian. It doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

After that, I take my movies back and come home.. catch the end of the Lakers game and Cork calls to hit up Denny's. We were due for our late night Denny's stop, so I figured I'd jump on that one. Also along for the trip was my cousin Kari. I decide to get my regular combo.. Cheesesticks and pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream on them, with water, for $6.97. No drama went down, but I think that's because we went earlier than usual. When me and Cork usually go, it's like in the 1:00-3:00 range usually, but last night we went around 12:00. So that was too early for the drunks and strippers to roll in.

Dollar Dog Day! That's right. Me and Cork Dizzle are hitting up the Cards and Bucs game tomorrow for Memorial Day. And hot dogs are only $1, which should be fun. I think this is the first 4:35 game I've ever been to if memory serves me right, but we're in the outfield seats down low. Last year during a game, we were in left field, first row, for the play of the year. That's when Brian Giles (he was a God to those fans; a shame to see him leave) made a robbing homer just a bit down from the wall where we were on. That was also an extra inning game that lasted till about midnight, so we definitely got our money for that one. The funny thing about this one is that I'll be missing part of RAW. Since 1996, I've not been home for only one Monday Night RAW show. That's probably a sad stat, but I'm proud of it regardless. We should be back to catch the second half of it, and of course I'll tape it as always. To check out my wrestling tape site, go here:

Skeet skeet skeet!

So the rest of the day.. I'm hitting up a retirement party for a teaching uncle at a local Italian joint, and then after that, I'm hitting up my grandpa's 92nd birthday party. Should be some good eating there. After that, nothing is planned until 9:00. And as you all know, that's when Bam begins. So to kill some time before that, I might battle in some MVP Baseball 2004 for GameCube.

“Larry Bird just throws the ball in the air and God moves the basket underneath it.” - Cleveland Cavaliers public address announcer Howie Chizek after Bird set a club record with 60 points in one game and scored 48 in another during the 1984-85 season.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Guess Who's Back, Back Again..

I would've updated this thing earlier today, but I kind of slept away my entire afternoon like I usually do on the weekends. So where did I leave off at? Last night around 1:30, I put in You Got Served. After about 15 minutes or so into the movie, I started to doze off, so I figured I better stop it while I was ahead. I then go to my other room to get online for what I thought would be a few minutes. The next thing I do is look up and I'm talking to DerekHood at 6:00 AM. So much for me getting a rare early night of sleep on the weekend. After finally getting thangs together, I roll into bed at 6:30.. And on a sidenote, I pulled the 24-hour deal with that, since I woke up a day before for "work" at 6:00 AM..

I wake up today at 2:30 and have 2 movies to watch before taking them back tonight. I had to get started in a big way, so I have my "breakfast" today of Ramen noodles (Beef flavor and for those interested, crank in some worcestershire sauce; you won't be disappointed with that concoction). Then I finally get to watching You Got Served. It's a predictable movie, but they try to throw in a few twists for ya. If you're not into the thug scene with rap and R&B music, hip hop dancing, then this probably won't be for you. But if you like that type of thing, the soundtrack for movie is really good, while the dance moves are insane. Some of that stuff will have you looking twice. I think it's worth the rental though. For those who saw my Lobstah post on this, Omarion (former B2K leader) and Marques Houston (formerly of Immature/IMX)are the main characters in this one. Omarion's chick in this movie (in the storyline it's MH's sister) is good times indeed. Her name is Jennifer Freeman. You might've seen her in previews for Johnson Family Vacation. Ironically, Steve Harvey is a big part of that movie, as he's a big part of You Got Served as well. Harvey is one funny dude, or I've always thought so. At Kings of Comedy, he tore the house down. So for as bad as the movie was ranked on (the best site out there for movies), I didn't think it was as horrible as was made out to be.

Here in a few, I'm about to watch Torque with Ice Cube. Yeah, I'm always on a kick for thug movies, sports movies, or as you know me, chick flicks. Yeah, bash away at me for the chick flicks, but they're good stuff. So lately I've been in a kick for the thug movies. My local theaters never ever get them since I'm in a redneck area, so I always have to wait until they come out on DVD. This is another one that got bad ratings on IMDB, but I'll leave my judgment out wide open for that until I see it.

I got the entire weekend off from working out, which is rare, but I can deal with that. Nothing out of the ordinary planned for Memorial Weekend, but it's going good nonetheless. Tomorrow I have a few family parties (one retirement party and another for a birthday), so that should definitely be good Italian eats there. And the first doesn't start till 2:00, so I get to sleep in till at least 1:30 or so if I must. Then when I get home from partying like a rock star (not quite, but you might want to check Big Cork, Derek, and Tall Dude's recent posts for the good drinking stories), I gear up to watch two of my favorite shows, Viva La Bam and WildBoyz. I linked those guys' Blogs on a previous post, so check hit that up. Not 2Pac style to Biggie, but you know, Hit Em Up.

And as I'm typing this live, a rumble! Yes! It doesn't get any better than a baseball fight, but this one didn't get all hardcore. Bobby Hill for the Pirates slides into 2nd Base and was out, but the fielder was in his way. So what does he do? He tries to get the 2B out of the way by spiking him. The 2B barely gets out of the way. Dirty play? Definitely, but it's part of the game and the 2B was in direct path, so Bobby had all right to do so. NL ball is so awesome with strategy compared to AL. And I'm an AL fan being a Yankees guy, but I prefer the NL style of play. Benches clear and even the bullpens erupt from the outfield. A sellout at PNC (the nicest stadium in the league) tonight, which is good to see for the .500 Buccos.

UGH! I'm about to bash my computer in over Spyware. Does anyone else not have this problem? My computer is all ate up with this junk. And it won't go away, no matter what kind of programs I install to wipe it out. So before I take out all of my pent up aggression out on you guys, I'll go to the video game room and watch Torque. And I'll see you all later tonight.

"Guns dont kill people. People kill people."- 2Pac

Friday, May 28, 2004

Memorial Weekend

With the big weekend ahead, I have nothing really planned. But I am off work for a good 3 days, so that's always good times. Last night I actually went to bed at 10:30 (yeah, that's crazy for me), but up until last night, the most sleep I had gotten during the week was 5.5 hours. One night it was 4.5 hours, which doesn't seem too horrible, but it catches up with you by midweek.

So what went down today at work? I actually got to sub in my field (History), which doesn't happen too often. I was there for 11th Grade History. I had to cover for the football coach's first class, so of course they wanted to watch 2 Fast 2 Furious. I've seen this movie about 10 times this week probably. I know, that's sad, but I'm getting paid for it. Then in my other 2 classes, they had to watch a little Gulf War video and then wanted also to watch some of 2 Fast 2 Furious. These kids love it. I think I could make a home video of suped up cars wrecking and people cussing and it'd be a hit with my kids. I like the same movies, but I think after a while, I'd want to watch something else. They didn't even want to look at Head Of State all week, which is just a hilarious movie. Or as Dave Chappelle's kid would say, "Nick Cannon is hilllllaarrrriooouuus!" I also had lunch detention today and only a few kids, but they brought drama. 2 chicks I had were on probation and got in trouble again today. One has to go to some home or something over the summer now that she violated her probation. And these girls are freshman. If I would've been on probation for something when I was a freshman, my parents would've had my head. One was worried about her drug test on Tuesday, while the other was naming guys in my area near my age that she knows real well. So you go think on that one. Through all of this, these chicks got kicked out for skipping school one day and cried to the assistant principal like it was his fault. A few boys were in lunch detention too, and they were cool, but got all fired up when the chicks cried. They say they cry all the time and if they would've just been reasonable with the assistant, they could've gotten off.

But enough about my kids, you guys are probably sick of those stories, it's weekend time for me. So Memorial Weekend? Not a thing planned, ugh. Sunday I have a few little family parties to hit up, but nothing hardcore. One is a birthday party for my grandpa (Mom's Dad) who turns 92 in a few days, straight from the mean streets of Italy. The other is a retirement party for an uncle, a teacher that I sub for a good bit. This is the family version of his retirement party, at a nice Italian joint in town.

Today I got one of my best workouts evar in. My big thing in working out is Shoulders, and most importantly, Behind-the-Neck Presses. One of the things I can actually compete with the big guys in as far as weight goes is this exercise. I have wide shoulders for a little dude, so that helps a bunch. This is one of few exercises in the gym that I can say I'm far and away stronger than anyone else at, even the huge dudes. Pound for pound the strongest guy in Shinnston, hah. Probably isn't saying much though since the guys I lift with are big, so who do I really have to judge against? But strength is overrated, although I like to compete in that exercise, I'd much rather just be happy with big workouts and how I look, rather than what I bench, etc. Chinups and Dips are other exercises I do really well in. Everyone can't help but get a little caught in numbers, although you shouldn't. One day I'll bore everyone with my workout routine. I'm debating on changing it up soon (I usually change it up every 3 or so months) since I don't have anything to do all summer but attempt to get all "swole".

What's on tap for tonight? Pacers at Pistons tonight. Pistons are up 2-1, so this game is huge. At Detroit too, so Bird and his boys might be in a little jam. I'm surprised so far though. I liked Indy a lot in this series, but so far their offense has been worse than brutal, their guard play is pathetic, and they have no heart. Detroit, led by Rashweed, is going wild. This guy, for as much as everyone hates him, is my personal all time favorite Tarheel. It used to be JR Reid, but most know I turned my back on him when he cheapshotted AC Green in the NBA years ago. That was just dirty.. And in baseball news? My Yanks going strong. A-Rod is in his stride right now as we have the 2nd best record in the game as I type this one up.

I could type a bunch more as usual (especially when I'm bored like I am now), but this is what you get for now. I could be back late tonight with another episode to the madness.

"I'm back like I left somethin! EARLY!"- Freeway

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Neighborhood Drama

I'll get to the subject of this post's title in a bit, but for now I'll run through my day so far. I got to play Health and Gym teacher today for high school. Actually there was nothing to teach. I have 2 Fast 2 Furious and Head Of State rented for a week because I know I'd be showing movies all week. Normally you would think kids would go wild with a sub, but with me, at least high school, they're awesome. But put in 2 Fast 2 Furious and you don't hear a peep. This is my 3rd day of showing it (different classes, but at the same day), but I still had some of the same kids more than once. It just so happens that these kids didn't care. They could watch this movie 1000 times and not get tired with it. At first I didn't think it was that great, but after watching it all week, probably about 7 or 8 times maybe at least, it's growing on me pretty good. Also, during my first class today, one kid brought in the Bruce Almighty DVD and the kids ate it up. A great movie there and it kept their interest.

Graduation at the school I'm at all week was last night (I still find it crazy weird when some schools have graduation during the week), so the gym had chairs and stuff all over it. Thus, no inside ball. Still though, we managed to play a little Home Run Derby with a big whiffleball bat type deal with rubber and foam, and a little yellow "warball". Dodgeball to me is always warball. Just seems weird to call it dodgeball. Back in my day, it was warball. We got a little fast pitch in and it was pretty neat. Not a lot of kids to play, but we just goofed off. And even though the basketball rims were up, I still managed to get a ball out and work on the dribbling skills, being the whitey PG that I am. Always fun there, but kind of funny to try in dress clothes. Still, I was able to thug it out pretty good with the ball..

Now onto Neighborhood Drama. After mowing grass, I swept the sidewalks and made sure everything was spiffy clean. Upon doing the neighbor's sidewalk, I notice that my neighbor's daughter was in. She's from Myrtle Beach (her Mom lives beside me for those not following) and I've met her before. She's my age and looks quality. She leaves to go back home tonight, but out of nowhere, she tells me this story. Her boyfriend has been staying at this house and working for the Mom's boyfriend, who is somewhat of a local legend businessman, for about 3 weeks or so now. I've gotten to know him and he can fix just about anything and seemed like a good guy. Until the story I got today..

The daughter and I were talking in the mean streets of E-Town. And she tells me that a few days ago the boyfriend put the beatdowns to her. He kicked her in the face, choked her (no Crossface Chickenwing though), punched on her, and all of that abuse. On a sidenote, I don't get it. How can a dude bust up on a chick? No matter how mad they may be at each other, a guy will go off 99% of the time on a helpless chick if he really wanted to get physical. The exception would be if you're hooked up with Leila Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali for those in a coma.

Anyways, this girl has a concealed weapons permit, so she had 3 guns on her. They were next to the bed at the hotel they were staying at that is owned by the businessman who lives by me. So, fearing that he was about to get the gun and light her up, she smashes the box the guns were in, and the cartridges go flying all over, thus none of the guns are loaded at this point. She was able to grab her cell phone, but didn't want her boyfriend to know what the deal was. She was able to somehow dial her Mom who was the last number she called. She couldn't talk, but on the message machine, her Mom has 5 messages of the chick getting beat down.

Through all of this, 17 cop cars come to bust the scene after they hear about the madness. Our joke of a city cop crew, State Police, and some others rolled in. Now the dude lost his license over this, can't leave the state (and he's not even from WV), and is currently locked up, possibly serving 12 months in jail. She seemed to think that was a given.

I don't get out much.. I'm in this rinky dink town and don't hear drama. So I'm sitting there after mowing, dripping in sweat, and just listening to her spill this story. Then one of my neighbors, who is a 8th Grader I have in class rolls by. He's buddies with the girl's Mom and boyfriend and is sort of like a handman dude for them (mowing grass, carrying stuff, etc). While he comes up to talk to me, she doesn't stop. Cussing and telling the story into detail. I know 8th Graders see crazy stuff nowadays, but I don't think the kid had a clue what was going on.

So now.. the chick is going back home to Myrtle Beach, SC. Taking her Mom with her for a month to get her out of the area. Looked pretty good, is now single, leaves tonight and the house was empty for a bit until her Mom got back.. but she has my #1 turn-off. She's a smoker, doh! Still an interesting story to hear in my town that I thought all of you guys would enjoy.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

NBA Draft Lottery & More

The one and only ManDingo told me a way to put Blog addresses of my buddies on the side with their links, but I haven't attempted yet, so I'll do it old school style..

ManDingo: (WV native, #basketball resident, and fantasy league member; was aboard the Blog craze before it hit stores nationwide)

Cork: (WV native; #basketball resident, and fantasy league member; for anyone who reads my AIM message, you know that Cork is either at the house a lot or I'm somewhere with him, so he's from my mean streets)

DerekHood: (Arkansas native, #basketball resident, and fantasy league member; I've known Derek for roughly 8 years online and I can easily say he's one of the funniest guys out there, so hit up his Blog)

Tall Dude: (Arkansas native, Derek's roomie who I call Tall Dude; seems like a quality dude)

Ok, so now the NBA Draft Lottery is over. And the results?

14. Utah
13. Portland
12. Seattle
11. Golden State
10. Cleveland
9. Philadelphia
8. Toronto
7. Phoenix
6. Atlanta
5. Washington
4. Charlotte
3. Chicago
2. LA Clippers
1. Orlando

Boston not in the Lottery and that's been rare the past decade or so to not see them around. Poor Hawks. They get the shaft for that sorry team. Chicago could be pretty tough in a few years if their "Baby Bulls" mature some, especially with a #3 pick. Should be interesting to see the expansion Charlotte Bobcats. They will have a decent crew of guys to choose from for the Expansion Draft.

Today at work I got to watch 2 Fast 2 Furious. Had 3 classes and they all wanted to watch that instead of Head Of State. Probably the same thing tomorrow. I have 2 Health classes and a Gym class. Late in the year, kids don't care and won't do work, so basically I get paid to watch movies everyday now. So I can't complain much. At 1:00, I'm done for the day, so that's sweet to end the day with my planning period.

Today I got buff, so I'm off tomorrow with that. I may get enough energy to mow grass, but that's not fun even if it doesn't take me long. When school is over next week, it may be time to switch up my workout routine and also add some running in there on a regular basis.

Not much more I can think of since I'm tired, so I'll leave you all with that stuff.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Real World: Get Out Frankie

Doh! After watching Real World this week as usual, Frankie is still in the house and will be featured in next week's episode. You have to be kidding me. She's passed Cam on my Real World chicks I'm not fond of at all. Cam did good this week for once, but Frankie is out of control. Her 12 year old sister has more sense than her. And not one blow up this week between cast members? I was hoping Brad or Big Rand would do their thang, but no dice. So now after Frankie cried all episode, the storyline now comes next week to see if she stays or not. Looks like she may go home for a bit, but who knows. I know there are spoilers out there, but I don't want any, so hush on that one. Or as Brad would tell Cam, "Shooooosh!"

Then we FINALLY get a storyline for Jamie. Mmm.. Good stuff.. Anyways, she's 20 and has never had a conversation with her Mom evar. You have to be kidding me right? Kidding me twice in the same blog? It can't be. But here's the deal. Her Mom is Korean and only speaks Korean. For some reason, Jamie can't speak much Korean. Go figure. What a messed up group of people in this house.

Basically Frankie and Jamie were the only ones who got a storyline this week, which was rough. No stories of Big Rand porning it up with a chick or Brad getting all liquored up and going crazy on everyone. None of Robin getting all up like a drama queen? We need some drama to go down next week and none dealing with Frankie because that's just a mess.

Now.. as I got that off my shoulder, I better stop before Frankie starts to get me fired up even more. I can't help it if I'm hooked too much into this show. Mostly everyone reading this Blog are big Real World fans, so join the crowd. The Lakers are up 6 right now on KG in the 3rd Quarter. I say it's ovah, but hopefully I'm way wrong as usual. Yanks are up 10-2 after an early rain delay, so that's nice to see. Unfortunately, the Red Sox turned into a video game tonight with a score of 12-2 on the A's. That's 11 more runs than Curt Schilling usually needs to win a game.

For "work" tomorrow, I get to watch 2 Fast 2 Furious and Head Of State with my kids. That should be a good day's pay there for me. Subbing high school rules. They're really paying me for this stuff? I'll take it, of course. Almost time to be a bum for the summer too, which can mean a few things. It's pro baseball games, NBA Draft, a trip to Atlanta in July probably, sleeping in, and getting buffer than usual. Should be interesting.

New ping pong table coming in 1 week, sweet! We're ready to do battle out here in the mean streets.

Until next time, as Don Vito would say, "Jkkjllkjjk jjii ojkjlj ljrkjklre!!"

Mangulated Back

Yep, the ol back is mangled again. Or mangulated, which is a word I say when something is really really mangled. I'll deal with it though I guess. Last night during my workout, I tried Ben Gay all over my lower back and on my shoulder which is messed up right now too and it did the trick. It's crazy hot, I never imagined that. I could go for a daily massage, but money doesn't grow on trees and I don't have a chick here to do it for free. Or I could try Cork's theory. Cork wants to hire a midget to do all kinds of little stuff for him. Just have him running all over the house.

Today I was the Vo Ag (Vocational Agriculture) teacher at a local high school. Until 9:00, I had about 3 or 4 kids. From 9:00-11:00, I watched the senior assembly where they give awards and scholarships to the kids. From 11:00-1:00, I was on my planning period, which rocked.. Then from 1:15-2:40 or so, I had a Forestry class. They had to do a little activity with a map of West Virginia, gather certain kinds of leaves for a project they have, and then I took them outside to play ball.

As far as the ball goes, it really bugs me how nowadays any regular bum can dunk. I'm not that old, but when I was in high school, dunking was a huge thing. Now guys who aren't even ballers can throw down with power. I had this 5'6" kid today grab rim and he's a whitey and had a few others (these were underclassmen since the seniors are done) throwing down. I just want to cram one down in someone's face just once in my life. That's all I'm asking. Can I get that request? Preach.

It's Tuesday? What does that mean? Real World night! Oh yeah, should be good times indeed. That's a show that I can't evar miss. This week stupid Frankie (or Frankie Lavigne as DerekHood would call her) gets her own show again. How many storylines can this crackhead get? This time her parents come and she goes off on how she can't take staying there anymore. Me and Derek were talking ( and we want to see Brad and Big Rand just lay into Frankie. If she's going to cry about it, Brad will at least get his money's worth on that one and send her home packing where she belongs.

Also, Game 3 of the Lakers/Wolves series, which is knotted up at 1 game a piece surprisingly. I think the Lakers were just playing around in the last game and the Wolves won. They tend to get careless and goof off at times I think. Hopefully I'm wrong on this, but I can't see anyone stepping in LA's path the entire way out. Last night Detroit knotted their series up with Bird's Pacers last night as well, with a game saving win from Tayshaun Prince. Tayshaun. Gotta love that name.

I could type more.. and I may have another post tonight, who knows.. but I'll let you guys rest for now. I have to rest this back anyways. Have fun. Holla back.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Viva La WildBoyz!

Yep, last night was two of my favorite shows out there right now. Viva La Bam and WildBoyz. Although I like Pimp My Ride a good deal too, and I watch Punk'd just because it's on before WildBoyz, the main focus of my MTV Sunday Stew lineup is definitely Bam and WildBoyz. Last night was the 2nd part to the Mardi Gras trip for Bam and they finally got there and spent 4 days. Tony Hawk went along with the crew and it was a madhouse. They spent over 60 hours driving there (they sidetracked to go to some skatepark in what looked like a redneck area) in the mobile home and it was a riot. They got stopped by the cops on the way there because Glomb was sticking his head out the window with his cowboy hat. Also some strip poker going on, which in the process, some dude stole Rake's chicks. But my favorite part of the show is Don Vito of course. He makes the show and then some. It's the best when they put up subtitles for him since we don't have a clue what he's saying..

Then it was WildBoyz time. Not only do you get the freaky animals, you get the freaks Steve-O and Party Boy. I could watch a show of just them laughing and I'd be hooked. What did they do last night? Steve-O rode a camel and did a backflip off it, Steve-O puked from one of Party Boy's farts (and I thought I had a weak stomach), having scorpions sting them in the mouth, mean centipedes sting them, getting purposely bitten by snakes, and getting crocodiles all fired up..

Last night I rolled to bed at 1:30. My original goal was 11:30, but that didn't exactly happen. So now I'm in a coma, but it's my fault. Woke up at 6:00, so that doesn't give me much sleep, but oh well. I have it made this week at a high school I'm at, plus RAW is tonight, so that'll easy my tired feelings. I "taught" Spanish today and it was simple. I had one class with 4 kids in it. Tomorrow I basically only have one class of Forestry, which I'll be taking my kids outside to play ball or whatever, while in the morning I get paid to watch an assembly. Not a bad deal at all I must say.

And I'll end with a verse from Freeway's, Turn Out Your Lights, featuring Kanye West:

Freeeee! Put the burners to ya crew
Give me a reason, not to squeeze on ya gang
Man the hammers go bang to bang
In wit a bang, bang Blueprint 2
Before you, slide through to deliver ya gang the thangs
Switch lanes to get Paid in Full
Look it's the rich (?) of transporters
Donvan McNabb of mixtapes, look hey
Follow the kid's orders in other words do what the kid say
We got it locked from the Bay back to Philly
Where niggas pack millies like every single day
We don't play, we all about our change and
Money exchangin, if you bout your pay
Then every single day, bring the lla to ya city
Act up, bring the K's to ya city
Then shots exchangin, every single day

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Sunday Afternoon

I'm not sure here. I'm trying to decide something. Am I really bored enough that I'm already back to posting in here? I haven't been awake long, so there's really nothing to update from last night. And after a few days of you guys reading my Blogs, I'm sure you realize nothing major happens in the mean streets of West Virginia, but I can't complain. Then again, if you're going to be here on a regular basis, you don't have much happening either.. so let's begin..

I went to bed last night at 6:15 AM. Woke up around 1:00. Not too shabby. I could've rolled back over and slept till like 3:00, but this will help me sleep better in the morning. I cooked me some Chinese rice (Pork Fried Rice), which is one of my all time favorites. It's not Chinese restaurant quality, but I have to make ends meet when I'm at home. Now I'm sitting here listening to the Yankees game on the radio (doesn't get much better than listening to a baseball game on the radio; straight up old school there) and they're down 2-1 on the Rangers, trying to avoid the weekend sweep.

So what's on tap for the rest of the day? Not sure. I'm about to go shoot some hoops here in a bit, which I'm sure I'll get sunburnt bad, but oh well. I'm not a fan of hot weather at all, but if it gets me out playing ball, so be it. Give me winter weather any day of the week.. Then tonight is where the fun begins. MTV's Sunday Stew I'm big on, mainly Viva La Bam and WildBoyz. Don Vito makes the Bam show for those who are big on that. And just to hear Party Boy and Steve-O laugh on WildBoyz is worth it enough, not to mention they're idiots. Then tomorrow I'm teaching Spanish at a high school, and the next day I'll be VoAg at the same school.

Throw me some comments on here and let me know if I should talk about something special. Not many options, but I'm getting to be hooked on this thing, so let's get it rolling.

Weekend Action

I'm bored, so I'm throwing up two posts up today. Not sure how often that'll happen, but we'll make an exception tonight. How about Bird and his Pacers winning Game 1 of their series with the Pistons? The offense in that game was brutal, but at least it was a tight game right till the very end. I guess I have to give Reggie Miller his credit due. Sure, he's one dimensional, but this guy is so crazy clutch it's unbelievable. So my hats off to him. Hopefully Indy can hold onto this one, but it's going to be a physical series. Game 1 is a huge one to win though and they have the early momentum. With the teams left, I have to root for Indy due to the Basketball Jesus, Bird himself.

After watching that game, I popped in another video. I just got done watching Love Don't Cost A Thing. For those who read Lobstah (, you know my opinion on this one already. I figured I'd continue the thug movies after watching Honey earlier and this one features two people I like for different reasons. First, we have Nick Cannon who I like his music and he's done movies before and they've turned out pretty good I thought for not being an actor for a while. Then we get Christina Milian, mmm mmm, good stuff there. Even if the movie was awful, it's worth it just to watch her. This is a remake of the 1987 version, which I tend to call that one the whitey version and this one the thug version. Steve Harvey was also part of this and he's funny as usual. I recommend this one..

I went to bed last night at 3:30 and that's early for my weekend standards. Will I go to bed early again tonight? Who knows. Nothing huge planned tomorrow, so I guess I could sleep in all day like usual. I worked out today, so I have tomorrow off with that anyways. I have to get oil in my car is about the only thing for sure, and I'd like to get out and shoot some ball if the weather stays ok. We've been bums out here lately as far as ball playing goes. We were playing 2 or 3 times a week about a month or so ago, but it just fell off. I'm due for some outside ball. I prefer outside ball anyways, especially if it's on a long court so I can get out to run and gun. But not many guys around here want to play on big courts, ugh. Lazy bums.

About 2 weeks left of work and then I get to be a bum myself. Not too shabby if I must say so. And one last thing to end on. The new Method Man CD, Tical O: The Prequel, isn't bad from what I've heard so far. I'm in the middle of listening to it now, so I haven't completed it yet, but so far so good. Who all is on the CD? Outside of Mef of course, we get other Wu Tang Members such as RZA, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, and Wu sidekick Redman. We also get Snoop Dizzle, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Puff, Kardinal Offishall, and some other low budget names that'll go unmentioned.

I better stop now, because I didn't expect to write so much on my 2nd post of the day, but that's how boring it's been lately I guess. Holla atcha soon.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

NBA, Movie Talk, & Other Useless Thangs

I'm back again for another post for everyone who is bored to read this thing. Well, unfortunately the Lakers told the Wolves last night how it was. They're up 1-0 and got off to a start in Minnesota. So much for that homecourt advantage huh? I think LA could care less about that, but I hope Minnesota gets their act together to make this a good series. Last night's game was pretty good, but that doesn't bode well that LA already stole the homecourt advantage. I think the big reason they won last night was due to $haq. I think he was actually mad, which doesn't happen often. How about that dunk in Kandi Man's face? Ouch. The dropstep and spin move was working like a charm all night. And if the Wolves think they can handle Kobe as well, they have another thing coming. Spree really brought it last night though. For an old man (most people don't consider him old), he has some crazy energy. We need a good fight or rumble to make this series a little better, but I personally see a bigger chance of a fight happening in the Pacers/Pistons series..

Last night I didn't get a chance to watch Honey as I was too tired. That review will come in the next post, or should anyways. I woke up today at 2:00 and went to bed last night at 3:30 or so. Some great sleeping action there, which I needed. 3:30 has been early for me to go to bed on weekends lately though, so maybe I'll make up for it big tonight and be awake when the sun comes up.

So what's on tap for today? Nothing exciting I doubt. In a few minutes, I'm on my way to head out to get buff, so hopefully it's a big workout since I don't have much else going on. Then it's time to watch the Yanks game with my parents at 4:00, so that should be good times. Can the Yanks bounce back (as Juvenile would say) and win the next 2 games of the Texas series, or will Texas continue their offensive heroics? Jose Contreras comes back today, so hopefully his stint in the minor leagues taught him a lesson. A-Rod is really coming along now, but I wish I could say the same for my boy Jeter. He's struggling hardcore and that's rare for him.

Well.. off to lift. See you guys later tonight.

Friday, May 21, 2004

The Madness Begins..

Here we are with Day 1 of my Blog..

I'd like to begin things with a plug of Lobstah, #basketball's Message Board: (get in there and register; it's easy and we talk about everything)

While you're at it, download mIRC (, and log onto the Undernet server and check out #basketball. I'm Bird33 in there, as I am here.

Today, and for the past 3 days, I worked at a high school and played shop teacher. Of course, I don't know a thing about shop. I can barely put a nail in a board, let alone teach the kids anything. So basically we watched movies for the past few days. We watched School Of Rock (very funny and recommended for those who haven't seen), my favorite movie of all time (The Sandlot), and one of my kids brought in some taped episodes of MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge on Spike TV). Not a bad deal at all there, especially since they're paying me to do that..

Then I come home to watch Chasing Liberty, which is a great movie. Yes, I know what you're thinking. A guy hooked on chick flicks? Yep, that's me and I'm not afraid to admit it, hah. But how bad can it be with Mandy Moore jumping around? Then I took that back and rented Honey tonight. I figured I was in the movie for a good thug movie, so we'll see how that one is.

Now the Lakers series is about to start and the Wolves don't want any at all. Hopefully I'm totally wrong on that one, but for as good as KG is, he's in for a rude awakening. My next post I hope to talk about how Honey was, the Lakers game, some baseball action, and who knows what else.