Saturday, May 29, 2004

Guess Who's Back, Back Again..

I would've updated this thing earlier today, but I kind of slept away my entire afternoon like I usually do on the weekends. So where did I leave off at? Last night around 1:30, I put in You Got Served. After about 15 minutes or so into the movie, I started to doze off, so I figured I better stop it while I was ahead. I then go to my other room to get online for what I thought would be a few minutes. The next thing I do is look up and I'm talking to DerekHood at 6:00 AM. So much for me getting a rare early night of sleep on the weekend. After finally getting thangs together, I roll into bed at 6:30.. And on a sidenote, I pulled the 24-hour deal with that, since I woke up a day before for "work" at 6:00 AM..

I wake up today at 2:30 and have 2 movies to watch before taking them back tonight. I had to get started in a big way, so I have my "breakfast" today of Ramen noodles (Beef flavor and for those interested, crank in some worcestershire sauce; you won't be disappointed with that concoction). Then I finally get to watching You Got Served. It's a predictable movie, but they try to throw in a few twists for ya. If you're not into the thug scene with rap and R&B music, hip hop dancing, then this probably won't be for you. But if you like that type of thing, the soundtrack for movie is really good, while the dance moves are insane. Some of that stuff will have you looking twice. I think it's worth the rental though. For those who saw my Lobstah post on this, Omarion (former B2K leader) and Marques Houston (formerly of Immature/IMX)are the main characters in this one. Omarion's chick in this movie (in the storyline it's MH's sister) is good times indeed. Her name is Jennifer Freeman. You might've seen her in previews for Johnson Family Vacation. Ironically, Steve Harvey is a big part of that movie, as he's a big part of You Got Served as well. Harvey is one funny dude, or I've always thought so. At Kings of Comedy, he tore the house down. So for as bad as the movie was ranked on (the best site out there for movies), I didn't think it was as horrible as was made out to be.

Here in a few, I'm about to watch Torque with Ice Cube. Yeah, I'm always on a kick for thug movies, sports movies, or as you know me, chick flicks. Yeah, bash away at me for the chick flicks, but they're good stuff. So lately I've been in a kick for the thug movies. My local theaters never ever get them since I'm in a redneck area, so I always have to wait until they come out on DVD. This is another one that got bad ratings on IMDB, but I'll leave my judgment out wide open for that until I see it.

I got the entire weekend off from working out, which is rare, but I can deal with that. Nothing out of the ordinary planned for Memorial Weekend, but it's going good nonetheless. Tomorrow I have a few family parties (one retirement party and another for a birthday), so that should definitely be good Italian eats there. And the first doesn't start till 2:00, so I get to sleep in till at least 1:30 or so if I must. Then when I get home from partying like a rock star (not quite, but you might want to check Big Cork, Derek, and Tall Dude's recent posts for the good drinking stories), I gear up to watch two of my favorite shows, Viva La Bam and WildBoyz. I linked those guys' Blogs on a previous post, so check hit that up. Not 2Pac style to Biggie, but you know, Hit Em Up.

And as I'm typing this live, a rumble! Yes! It doesn't get any better than a baseball fight, but this one didn't get all hardcore. Bobby Hill for the Pirates slides into 2nd Base and was out, but the fielder was in his way. So what does he do? He tries to get the 2B out of the way by spiking him. The 2B barely gets out of the way. Dirty play? Definitely, but it's part of the game and the 2B was in direct path, so Bobby had all right to do so. NL ball is so awesome with strategy compared to AL. And I'm an AL fan being a Yankees guy, but I prefer the NL style of play. Benches clear and even the bullpens erupt from the outfield. A sellout at PNC (the nicest stadium in the league) tonight, which is good to see for the .500 Buccos.

UGH! I'm about to bash my computer in over Spyware. Does anyone else not have this problem? My computer is all ate up with this junk. And it won't go away, no matter what kind of programs I install to wipe it out. So before I take out all of my pent up aggression out on you guys, I'll go to the video game room and watch Torque. And I'll see you all later tonight.

"Guns dont kill people. People kill people."- 2Pac


Cork said...

Go Bucs! A sellout. Thats insane. Might be the first time since we were there for the Cleveland game :)

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