Friday, May 28, 2004

Memorial Weekend

With the big weekend ahead, I have nothing really planned. But I am off work for a good 3 days, so that's always good times. Last night I actually went to bed at 10:30 (yeah, that's crazy for me), but up until last night, the most sleep I had gotten during the week was 5.5 hours. One night it was 4.5 hours, which doesn't seem too horrible, but it catches up with you by midweek.

So what went down today at work? I actually got to sub in my field (History), which doesn't happen too often. I was there for 11th Grade History. I had to cover for the football coach's first class, so of course they wanted to watch 2 Fast 2 Furious. I've seen this movie about 10 times this week probably. I know, that's sad, but I'm getting paid for it. Then in my other 2 classes, they had to watch a little Gulf War video and then wanted also to watch some of 2 Fast 2 Furious. These kids love it. I think I could make a home video of suped up cars wrecking and people cussing and it'd be a hit with my kids. I like the same movies, but I think after a while, I'd want to watch something else. They didn't even want to look at Head Of State all week, which is just a hilarious movie. Or as Dave Chappelle's kid would say, "Nick Cannon is hilllllaarrrriooouuus!" I also had lunch detention today and only a few kids, but they brought drama. 2 chicks I had were on probation and got in trouble again today. One has to go to some home or something over the summer now that she violated her probation. And these girls are freshman. If I would've been on probation for something when I was a freshman, my parents would've had my head. One was worried about her drug test on Tuesday, while the other was naming guys in my area near my age that she knows real well. So you go think on that one. Through all of this, these chicks got kicked out for skipping school one day and cried to the assistant principal like it was his fault. A few boys were in lunch detention too, and they were cool, but got all fired up when the chicks cried. They say they cry all the time and if they would've just been reasonable with the assistant, they could've gotten off.

But enough about my kids, you guys are probably sick of those stories, it's weekend time for me. So Memorial Weekend? Not a thing planned, ugh. Sunday I have a few little family parties to hit up, but nothing hardcore. One is a birthday party for my grandpa (Mom's Dad) who turns 92 in a few days, straight from the mean streets of Italy. The other is a retirement party for an uncle, a teacher that I sub for a good bit. This is the family version of his retirement party, at a nice Italian joint in town.

Today I got one of my best workouts evar in. My big thing in working out is Shoulders, and most importantly, Behind-the-Neck Presses. One of the things I can actually compete with the big guys in as far as weight goes is this exercise. I have wide shoulders for a little dude, so that helps a bunch. This is one of few exercises in the gym that I can say I'm far and away stronger than anyone else at, even the huge dudes. Pound for pound the strongest guy in Shinnston, hah. Probably isn't saying much though since the guys I lift with are big, so who do I really have to judge against? But strength is overrated, although I like to compete in that exercise, I'd much rather just be happy with big workouts and how I look, rather than what I bench, etc. Chinups and Dips are other exercises I do really well in. Everyone can't help but get a little caught in numbers, although you shouldn't. One day I'll bore everyone with my workout routine. I'm debating on changing it up soon (I usually change it up every 3 or so months) since I don't have anything to do all summer but attempt to get all "swole".

What's on tap for tonight? Pacers at Pistons tonight. Pistons are up 2-1, so this game is huge. At Detroit too, so Bird and his boys might be in a little jam. I'm surprised so far though. I liked Indy a lot in this series, but so far their offense has been worse than brutal, their guard play is pathetic, and they have no heart. Detroit, led by Rashweed, is going wild. This guy, for as much as everyone hates him, is my personal all time favorite Tarheel. It used to be JR Reid, but most know I turned my back on him when he cheapshotted AC Green in the NBA years ago. That was just dirty.. And in baseball news? My Yanks going strong. A-Rod is in his stride right now as we have the 2nd best record in the game as I type this one up.

I could type a bunch more as usual (especially when I'm bored like I am now), but this is what you get for now. I could be back late tonight with another episode to the madness.

"I'm back like I left somethin! EARLY!"- Freeway

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