Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Mangulated Back

Yep, the ol back is mangled again. Or mangulated, which is a word I say when something is really really mangled. I'll deal with it though I guess. Last night during my workout, I tried Ben Gay all over my lower back and on my shoulder which is messed up right now too and it did the trick. It's crazy hot, I never imagined that. I could go for a daily massage, but money doesn't grow on trees and I don't have a chick here to do it for free. Or I could try Cork's theory. Cork wants to hire a midget to do all kinds of little stuff for him. Just have him running all over the house.

Today I was the Vo Ag (Vocational Agriculture) teacher at a local high school. Until 9:00, I had about 3 or 4 kids. From 9:00-11:00, I watched the senior assembly where they give awards and scholarships to the kids. From 11:00-1:00, I was on my planning period, which rocked.. Then from 1:15-2:40 or so, I had a Forestry class. They had to do a little activity with a map of West Virginia, gather certain kinds of leaves for a project they have, and then I took them outside to play ball.

As far as the ball goes, it really bugs me how nowadays any regular bum can dunk. I'm not that old, but when I was in high school, dunking was a huge thing. Now guys who aren't even ballers can throw down with power. I had this 5'6" kid today grab rim and he's a whitey and had a few others (these were underclassmen since the seniors are done) throwing down. I just want to cram one down in someone's face just once in my life. That's all I'm asking. Can I get that request? Preach.

It's Tuesday? What does that mean? Real World night! Oh yeah, should be good times indeed. That's a show that I can't evar miss. This week stupid Frankie (or Frankie Lavigne as DerekHood would call her) gets her own show again. How many storylines can this crackhead get? This time her parents come and she goes off on how she can't take staying there anymore. Me and Derek were talking (http://thekingofcrunk.blogspot.com/) and we want to see Brad and Big Rand just lay into Frankie. If she's going to cry about it, Brad will at least get his money's worth on that one and send her home packing where she belongs.

Also, Game 3 of the Lakers/Wolves series, which is knotted up at 1 game a piece surprisingly. I think the Lakers were just playing around in the last game and the Wolves won. They tend to get careless and goof off at times I think. Hopefully I'm wrong on this, but I can't see anyone stepping in LA's path the entire way out. Last night Detroit knotted their series up with Bird's Pacers last night as well, with a game saving win from Tayshaun Prince. Tayshaun. Gotta love that name.

I could type more.. and I may have another post tonight, who knows.. but I'll let you guys rest for now. I have to rest this back anyways. Have fun. Holla back.

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