Wednesday, May 26, 2004

NBA Draft Lottery & More

The one and only ManDingo told me a way to put Blog addresses of my buddies on the side with their links, but I haven't attempted yet, so I'll do it old school style..

ManDingo: (WV native, #basketball resident, and fantasy league member; was aboard the Blog craze before it hit stores nationwide)

Cork: (WV native; #basketball resident, and fantasy league member; for anyone who reads my AIM message, you know that Cork is either at the house a lot or I'm somewhere with him, so he's from my mean streets)

DerekHood: (Arkansas native, #basketball resident, and fantasy league member; I've known Derek for roughly 8 years online and I can easily say he's one of the funniest guys out there, so hit up his Blog)

Tall Dude: (Arkansas native, Derek's roomie who I call Tall Dude; seems like a quality dude)

Ok, so now the NBA Draft Lottery is over. And the results?

14. Utah
13. Portland
12. Seattle
11. Golden State
10. Cleveland
9. Philadelphia
8. Toronto
7. Phoenix
6. Atlanta
5. Washington
4. Charlotte
3. Chicago
2. LA Clippers
1. Orlando

Boston not in the Lottery and that's been rare the past decade or so to not see them around. Poor Hawks. They get the shaft for that sorry team. Chicago could be pretty tough in a few years if their "Baby Bulls" mature some, especially with a #3 pick. Should be interesting to see the expansion Charlotte Bobcats. They will have a decent crew of guys to choose from for the Expansion Draft.

Today at work I got to watch 2 Fast 2 Furious. Had 3 classes and they all wanted to watch that instead of Head Of State. Probably the same thing tomorrow. I have 2 Health classes and a Gym class. Late in the year, kids don't care and won't do work, so basically I get paid to watch movies everyday now. So I can't complain much. At 1:00, I'm done for the day, so that's sweet to end the day with my planning period.

Today I got buff, so I'm off tomorrow with that. I may get enough energy to mow grass, but that's not fun even if it doesn't take me long. When school is over next week, it may be time to switch up my workout routine and also add some running in there on a regular basis.

Not much more I can think of since I'm tired, so I'll leave you all with that stuff.

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