Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Nasty Nazr Mohammed

The title again has nothing to do with my post. It's just one of my fantasy basketball players. And based on Nas the rapper being called Nasty Nas, Cork calls Mohammed, Nasty Nazr. Or I guess that's where he gets it from. Either way, I like the ring of it.

Big news out of South Bend, Indiana today. As everyone knows, I’m a Notre Dame football fan. Their coach is Ty Willingham, who I’ve even had pics of in this very Blog. Well, he was their coach. Notre Dame fired him today and sent him to the curb. A lot of our fans are for this move, but I’m against it. Willingham is a standup guy and carried on the respect that he’s gotten from his teams in the past. It’s a different story at Notre Dame though, as they play for titles, not for a “great” or even “good” season. This in my opinion is the toughest sporting job in all of sports to coach on any level. Rumor has us going after Utah coach Urban Meyer, who was an assistant at Notre Dame for 4 years in the last 1990’s. I wish we could keep Ty, but that won’t happen. Who will coach us during the bowl game? More on this happening as it develops.

On the Christmas card update, I better start writing these now so I’ll have time to send. I have mad amount to write up. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t like it though. It’s just out of habit and tradition that I send to the #basketball crew, my buddies on here, and whoever else is interested. I think I’ll send them out during the second week of December, so if you want in on this madness, holla at me.

While reading ManDingo’s Blog (http://mandingo04.blogspot.com/), he was talking about how he’s tired that the Christmas season happens too early. I kind of agree with this one. Now that December is here, I guess it feels more so, but what gets me is people who have trees and lights up before Thanksgiving. It’s like Thanksgiving doesn’t even exist. I’m pumped for the season though as I’ve mentioned before. Now that December is here, I’ll stop complaining about that and just enjoy what goes down. Tis the season and all of that goodness.

For the people who have MTV2 in their area, you have to check out a thing Snoop has on there. It’s basically the making of his latest album, Rhythm and Gangsta: The Masterpiece. This will have you cracking up the entire time. The best part is where they show Snoop coaching one of his son’s football teams. One of his sons is named Snoopy, so that’s good stuff. Anyways, he gives them this big pep talk when they’re losing and it gets them fired up. Then he gives this interview about how he wants to coach USC one day. Now tell me that wouldn’t be golden. It’s just funny that he probably thinks he can do it too. “Get in where you fit in.”

And on a random note, as I’m typing this up, Georgia Tech is smacking around Michigan big time right now on ESPN. Not too many things can make me more happy than watching Michigan lose in any sport. Or is it happier? With a minute to go until halftime, Tech has 55 points, insane. The allegations and sanctions against Michigan in the past several years have really done them in. Make that 59 at halftime, to Michigan’s 32, hah!

Anybody still need a GMail account? I only have one invite left right now, so jump all over that if you’re interested. Most people have this already, but just in case you don’t, it’s obviously on a first come first serve basis. I’ll get more invites, but right now I’m down to one. It’s advertised as email that has unlimited space and it’s a nice setup. Basically it doesn’t, but it has 1000 megs of space for you to peep. If that’s not enough for you, something is wrong. Email me at Bird33@gmail.com for an invite or if you want in on the Christmas card list.

Hey That’s Me (http://coorsltchicwv.blogspot.com/), at least I got one girl to comment on my rant in the last Blog. And big props to you for not going crazy with the makeup. If you’re lost at what I’m talking about, check out my last post on my opinion on girls with makeup, those who smoke, and other happenings.

On the Jeopardy update, Big Ken got beat today finally. Most knew when he was going to lose, but today was the actual TV broadcast of it. Not bad. Dude won $2.5 mil or something insane.

Wrestling was pretty good this week as it wasn’t watered down too much with scrub matches. The opener was hot as it was the Battle Royal we’ve been waiting on. This one was scheduled to be Triple H against most of the RAW roster, but Vince struts out with roids oozing from his body to say that the winner will face Triple H at night’s end. The rumble winner had Edge and Benoit land on the floor at the same time. Due to that, Orton (who was GM of the night) issued a 3-Way Dance (ECW style) for the World Title. Back to that in a second. We then had a chicks match which doesn’t even deserve my time to talk about except for Victoria and Trish looking smokin’ as usual. A Legend’s Match! Flair facing off against Jerry “The King” Lawler. This one wasn’t bad actually as these guys have been there and done that over the years in wrestling. To use an often used theme, they’ve forgotten more about wrestling than most know. Flair has King tapping out afterwards, on King’s birthday at that. In a rematch clause, The Frenchies (La Resistance) get beat by Regal and Eugene who retain their Tag Titles. The 3-Way Dance didn’t end without controversy either. Orton busts Triple H with a chair and lays him out. Then as Benoit has Edge in the Crossface, Benoit is on his back getting counted for the pin while Edge is tap tap tapping out. Tap tap tap-a-roo as Happy Gilmore would say. I’ll just let Good Ol’ JR recap the finish:

Edge’s hand was raised! Edge is the new World Champion! Wait a minute.. Earl Hebner is awarding the Championship to Chris Benoit! Is Benoit the new World Heavyweight Champion? Edge, battered and bloodied! And wait a minute.. Mike Chioda says that Edge is the World Champion! Orton as the acting General Manager, trying to figure it out here. Oh, Triple H knows what happened. He just lost his World Title, he knows it! The question is ladies and gentlemen, the question is, who is the World Heavyweight Champion? We have seen history tonight! Who is the Champion? You’ll never forget November 29th, Monday Night RAW! We’ve seen history made, but who is the Champion?

Since I talked about Snoop earlier, I’ll end with a funny combo that’s on his latest CD, and has Justin Timberlake cussing.

Rapper: Snoop Dogg – Song: Signs – Album: Rhythm & Gangsta: The Masterpiece
[Verse - Snoop Dogg]
It's legit, you know it's a hit
When The Neptunes and the Doggy Dogg fin to spit
You know he's in - tune with the season
Come here baby, tell me why you leaving?
Tell me if it's weed that you needing
You wanna breathe? I got the best weed minus seeds
Ain't nobody tripping VIP they can't get in
If something go wrong then you know we get to Cripping

[Chorus - Justin Timberlake]
I'm not sure what I see
You better don't fuck wit me!
Are you telling me this is a sign?
She's looking in my eyes, now I see no other guys
Are you telling me this is a sign?

[Snoop Dogg]
Don't think about it, boy leave her alone
(Oh ohhh!! yeah!) Nigga you ain't no G!
She likes my tone, my cologne and the way I roll, you ain't no G!

[Verse - Snoop Dogg]
Now you stepping wit a G, from Los Angeles
Where helicopters got cameras, just to get a glimpse of our Chucks
And our Khakis and our bouncer cars
You wit you friend right? (yeah)
She ain't trying to bring over no men right? (no)
Shiieet, she ain't gotta be in the distance
She could get high all in an instant

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Come To Butthead

So don't change the dizzle, turn it up a little. I got a living room full of fine dime brizzles. Waiting on the Pizzle, the Dizzle and the Shizzle. G's to the bizzack, now ladies here we gizzo. Yep, that’s the video I’ve probably seen literally 1000 times so far since it has debuted, Drop It Like It’s Hot with Snoop and Pharrell. You’ve seen part of it before, as it was a title to a Blog not long ago, thanks to the suggestion of Blahah. I begin to wonder how many times I have seen certain videos on BET. For the most part, you can catch the same group of videos on at all times of the day. BET also shows the same 3 commercials all day long, so I want a count of the times I’ve seen each of those as well.

Last night I hit up a late night Denny’s trip with Cork. He came to pick me up around 2:10 or so. We were both bored to death (imagine that in West Virginia while being online all night long) and hungry, so we figured it was time to get out of town for a few. We haven’t been this late in a while. Lately we’ve been going around 1:30 or so, but this is an entirely different crowd. Let’s call this crowd the Drunk Crowd. We always talk about if we’ll see someone we know. Actually there was a big crowd here at this time of night and we saw a chick that is closer to Cork’s age from our high school days there all trashed. Then I saw another chick I knew, but wasn’t a buddy of mine. This chick graduated high school the same year I did, but at a local school and was a former cheerleader at my old college. She used to look great, but two things ruined it for me tonight and it’s time for a little rant. Again, I’m in a good mood, but I like to give rants every now and then..

The first being by far my #1 turn-off with a girl and that’s smoking. No matter what you look like on the outside, if you’re a smoker, you get crossed off my list. That ruins the mood right there for me. Secondly, this girl was caked up with makeup. I realize chicks get all slutted out when they go bar hopping, but that’s another topic for another time. I won’t touch on that in my rant. I’ll just touch on the makeup side of things. I might be in the minority here, but I’d personally have a girl wear no makeup at all than get crazy with it. Yeah, I said none at all. That does it for me. Yet most of the girls out there freak out and think they look so horrible without it, so they put half the jar on their face like they’re jamming in a 1980’s hair band. 80’s hair bands did rule, but lose the makeup please. Or how about red lipstick? That’s old school and all, but I like the lighter stuff. Or once again, none at all. I’m not asking for anything too much now am I?

Thanksgiving was pretty good times. It’ll be that much harder going back to work now though. Only a few more weeks of work and I get more time off for Christmas. I like work a lot, but waking up early is definitely not cool at all. It’s much nicer waking up at 2:30 like I did a few days ago. I could’ve done the same yesterday, but my boy Spank ran up here around 12:45 to try to recruit ballers to play ball that day. No dice though as we couldn’t round up people, but I didn’t mind he woke me up. At least it wasn’t like 10:00 or something. Speaking on the food thing, I tore that up something mean. I ate an entire chocolate pie in about 7 hours time, but that’s also with eating tons of other real food. You can go wrong with chocolate pie if it’s made right.

Notre Dame’s regular season is now at a standstill. We end the year at a 6-5 record, nothing to be proud of at all, but we do have some high points. Now the question remains, which bowl do we go to? We’re going somewhere with 6 wins I’d assume. Most teams don’t get that luxury, but that’s one thing I like about being an independent team. Why join a conference anyways? It’s all about the money and that’d put us under restrictions. This way, we’re more wide open with our schedule, are the only team who gets a national TV conference, thus it’s a money situation plain and simple. Me and Cork were talking last night about how we’re tired about how certain conferences have to play in certain bowl games. Switch it up for once. You get the same exact teams playing each other in bowl games every few years. Notre Dame against West Virginia would be huge for this area and no matter where the game was held, both have crazy fan bases that like to travel. It’d probably be an ugly game though.

What’s up with the Celtics? We’ve lost 3 in a row as I type this and lock horns with the Heat tonight as $haq Daddy and Wade will tear our hearts out. We’re brutal enough the way it is, but more brutal on the road. 4-7 doesn’t look good at all and it’s certainly not. We have little girls playing on our frontcourt that I could get rebounds over. Well, I wouldn’t go that far since I’m probably the worst rebounder in the history of ball, but it’d be a good battle to see. Mark Blount signed for big bucks in the offseason and now that he’s got his guaranteed contract, he’s a lazy bum and weak. Get Big Al Jefferson some more PT and quick.

I have a video game dilemma going on. I have too many systems laying around my house the way it is, but I may add to the collection soon enough. Right now I have an Atari 2600, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Atari Jaguar, PlayStation 1, Nintendo 64, and a Nintendo GameCube. I think I remembered them all. Anyways, I’m wondering if it’d be worth it to get a used PlayStation 2 for cheap or just stick with what I have for now. Also, I’m wanting older systems as usual, currently looking at getting a Sega Dreamcast or a TurboGrafx 16. The Dreamcast stuff will be cheap and the TG isn’t too outrageous to get. Then one of these days I’ll shell out the money for a Neo Geo or 3DO. At least I don’t have to buy for a lot of people this Christmas, so that means I can do something for myself every now and then.

3 days until December, that’s just nuts. The trees are up all over the place, lights are strung on the houses and it’s officially Christmas time I guess. I’ll be in a good mood with that. Christmas, NBA season in effect, nearing college football bowl games, being a bum. It doesn’t get too much better than that. I’ll hit you guys up with a new Blog early this week probably. Stay on the lookout.

Rapper: Jadakiss Featuring Nate Dogg – Song: Kiss Is Spittin’ – Album: Kiss Tha Game Goodbye

Uh, uh, yo, yo
Sinnin or not, I'm grinnin a lot, spendin a knot
Dirty denim and a cinnamon fox
Bitches'll follow, gangsters'll ride, gentlemen watch
Buy the bar, leave drunk, shoot up the block
You might hear 'Kiss spittin, but after the show
you might hear clips spittin, we after your glow
Things'll never be the same again
when your frame get bent, link get worn, change get spent
Confiscate your whip - you think you a player?
I could confiscate your bitch, take her and slay her
If a nigga nicer than me, then Christ is here
You got somethin in the bank? Then the dice is here
I could show you how to gamble your money, handle a gun
but be a family man and go home to your son
Light a candle where you stand, cause that's where you died
and if you heard 'Kiss spittin, then you know it was won, uh

Chorus: Nate Dogg]
(When 'Kiss, is spittin) They don't love you no more
(When 'Kiss, is spittin) Things will never be the same a-gain
(When 'Kiss, is spittin) Why they hatin on you
[Jada] It's just like that, ha! (When 'Kiss, is spittin)

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Super China Buffet

The title has no meaning at all to what I'm typing about. It's just my favorite Chinese restaurant, so that'll work.

As I write this bad boy up, today is Thanksgiving. To me, I’m just glad to have the entire week off of work. It’s always fun being a bum and I do that as good as anyone out there. Sure, I’m not getting paid all week, but it evens out in the end anyways. Sleep, money, sleep, money.. I’ll take sleep unless I’m really struggling. The way I look at it is that I don’t have to spend a lot of money this Christmas and don’t really have anything huge to save up for, so I’m doing just fine for myself.

Today was the first day of snow in my area and I can’t be anymore happy. Does that sentence even make sense? Most people like it to be 90 degrees, but not me. I must be weird, but I prefer the cold stuff a lot more. At least I’m not sitting around sweating my nads off in the wintertime. It’s not big snow, but at least it’s something to see. Usually we get snow a lot earlier than this, but it’s been pretty nice so far this fall leading into the winter.

The place I lift at is in a garage and it gets really cold starting around this time of year. Most of the lifters there won’t even bother to lift in the cold. I like to bundle up, put on the toboggan, and get to it. If I had to take time off lifting for it being cold, that’s pretty weak if you ask me. Speaking of lifting, I switched up my routine a bit since I was due. I’m going every other day. On one day I’m going Chest, Biceps, and Triceps. On the next day, I’m doing Shoulders, Legs, and Back. Each of those days I’m always doing abs too, as that’s one thing I can’t slack on. I’m sure nobody cares about that, but I’m here to fill some reading space, so you get that added information.

Real World went down this week and what did we get treated to? The main theme was Sarah trying to “change” a gay dude into hooking up with her. How desperate is this dirty girl? From neck down she looks pretty good, but up top she’s a mess. The funny thing to me this week was how MJ brings home this girl and does his thing to her. Then Sarah freaks out and says how wrong that was of MJ. Yet Sarah is always talking about hooking up with some random guy and how she’s way overdue to get some. Go figure. I sure can’t figure it out. I think she’s just jealous MJ won’t give her the time of day. She did get to fool around with the gay dude, but said it was weird. Idiot.

At the start of the week, my Celtics were leading their division with a .500 record of 4-4. Since then, the past two games have been embarrassing. First, on Tuesday night we played the Pacers on the day that the CD Ron Artest promoted came out. Being that half their team was either mangled or suspended from the rumble, they were playing us with bums. So what happens? They thump us by 10, 106-96. It was much worse than that. The next night we play our former coach, Jim O’Brien and his Sixers. Needless to say, we got owned. Sixerz 0wnz j00! The Sixers beat us 110-97 in another ugly game. So far, Coach Obie 2, Celts 0. Tomorrow night we deal with King James, who lit up the joint last night with 43 points and a crazy array of highlights. Is it weird to say that he “could” be the best player in the league at only 19 years of age? I still give the edge to Kobe, but the gap is getting closer and closer. LeBron is a freak of nature. The kid is sick.

“Cut that meat! Cut that meat!”- Peyton Manning

It’s getting that time of year that I send my annual Christmas cards out. I’ve been doing this for a while now and most of the #basketball crew knows about that. A lot of other people not associated with #basketball also get some cards. I probably won’t send these out until the second week of December or so, but I want to see who is interested in having one mailed out from the mean streets of Shinnston. As BSG would say, it puts a hop in my step to do this every year. I guess it’s just tradition. Get back with me with your address for me to send a card if you are interested to Bird33@gmail.com.

Here’s an interesting story. If you’ve been checking this Blog out a few times a day, you would’ve noticed a dude named Saint Eyebeat. Apparently, this dude started crying like a little girl because I used a pic from his website and he said it took up a lot of his webspace. He wanted me to give him credit for using it. Then he pulls a funny by changing the linked pic. So if you saw that, you got a nice laugh out of that. I just crack up that the dude got fired up over that. Thanks for the comment though buddy. It added to my excitement for the day.

I’ve gotten a few new CDs the past few days. I’m sure I’ll get more towards the rest of the week, but here’s my latest:

Cam’ron: Purple Haze. If you like NYC rap, or even rap from Cam and his boys (Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, etc) you’ll like this. I need to count how many times Cam says “killa” in his songs though. More than I could count I’m sure.

T.I.: Urban Legend. One of my favorite rappers as of late. A nice crew of people on this CD such as Trick Daddy, B.G., Mannie Fresh, Nelly, Pharrell, Lil Wayne, and Daz. Yep, Daz out of nowhere. The same Daz that you’d know from Tha Dogg Pound days.

Yo Gotti: Gettin’ Money Like A Mutha Fucka Mixtape. The album name alone was enough for me to download this one. I’ve grown to like mixtapes a lot more lately. It probably doesn’t hurt the fact that I get them for free, so that gives me a better idea to listen to it rather than buying it and not knowing anything about it.

Black Friday tomorrow morning. I did this last year and I have no clue how you chicks do it. I woke up last year around 4:30 and went with Cork and Posey. We got to Wal-Mart and all the stops by 5:30 and it was a mess then. At 6:00, the sales started. So we were in line (I didn’t need anything, but wanted to go for the drama) waiting on a portable DVD player that Posey was after. We stepped out of line a few times and these old chicks go crazy like you set their house on fire or something. I was loving it. Honestly now, can you go anywhere and have a decent chick that doesn’t involve drama? I don’t think it’s possible. Especially when there are other chicks around. That gets me every single time. Tomorrow I might do it again, but I’m not quite sure. Mom wants to go, but I may go along just to hit up some Bob Evans. I’d be better off just staying up all night and going like that.

The rest of Thanksgiving I’m just going to be a bum. I’m waiting for the EPIC Bears and Cowboys showdown. Well, I guess it’s not too epic as neither team is any good. But that’s a good excuse for my Bears to get on national TV to embarrass themselves. I’m watching the Colts go wild on the poor Lions right now. I never thought I’d see the day that someone would beat Marino’s 1984 records, but Peyton Manning is well on his way. As of typing this, he has 6 TD passes today and it’s in the 3rd quarter. 6!! You can’t even do that type of stuff on video games. They took him out at the end of the 3rd or he could’ve went for something like 10 TDs if he wanted.

On that note, I’m out for a while. More to come in a few days.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Nighttime, Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching, Stuffy Head, Fever, So You Can Rest Better Medicine

What’s going on so far on my week off? Probably about the same thing that’d be going on if I was working. Well, the only exception is that I’m not waking up at 6:00, so I can handle that. Today I woke up at 2:30, so I got some much needed sleep. I got a whopping 11 hours sleep and I think I’ll thank the Nyquil to that one and that I have a little cold going.

Last night I got back to playing ball though and that was quality. I actually taped RAW and went to play ball. That has never ever happened. I watched the first half hour of RAW and then finished up watching wrestling today when I woke up. I was saying that since 1996 where I haven’t missed a single RAW, there’s only been about two times that I wasn’t at my house on a Monday night watching RAW live. That’s when my streak began I believe. I’ve always been a wrestling fan, but back in the 80’s and early 90’s it was mostly NWA (evolved into WCW) action that I was interested in the most. Of course wasn’t able to watch it live, I’d have it taped for those rare occasions. I know that’s sad to you guys reading, but watching RAW is probably my favorite thing to do. Celtics ball is right up there, but I get more than one game a week with the Celts, while RAW is only on once per week.

How’d ball go last night? For the locals, we played at the Baptist Church Lighthouse. The floor here is a carpet floor. I know that seems weird, but you can’t tell the difference in it once you play on it a few times. The only downfall to playing on the carpet is that you get major floorburns if you are diving all over the place Larry Bird style. We ran with three teams of 15, so that worked out pretty good. Winner stands and we play our games to 11, playing by 1’s and 2’s. My team was horrible, but it was still fun regardless. My team won 1 game all night, but then at the end, we switched stuff up after a few guys left and I got to win the last game at least. Besides me, on my team was Turtle (5’7”/160?), Sims (6’5”/190), Bishop (5’10”/215), and Matt Clark (6’0”/240). I’m not the world’s best guesser on height and weight, but that’ll have to do for our story today.

My shot was on tonight, so I was happy. I wasn’t on fire, but not bad for my first night back. Then again, I don’t shoot a lot the way it is. I’m probably too unselfish, but that’s how it goes. I just can’t stand playing with some gunners, especially when they’re not on that night. If they are dominating, I don’t mind if they throw up junk and make it. I was happy to make a few good passes (I like doing that better than scoring anyways) and was busting 3’s on a consistent basis. Hopefully we get back to playing on a regular basis.

For the BET fans, if you know of The Center that comes on at 3:00, you might recognize they have a new host. Her name is Julissa. Good times here if you’re into that, so peep that out.

I’d like to send out a big congrats to my boy Clark for getting engaged to his girl Carrie last night. He proposed to her on the New River Gorge lookout if you’re familiar with anything in West Virginia. All of my boys are getting married off, but I can’t even begin to imagine that concept of that right now. I couldn’t take care of myself on my own, let alone a wife to go with it. I guess I could if it came down to it, but that’s something I’m not going to worry about anytime soon. Kids too for that matter. I know little kids have kids nowadays if that makes sense, but I’m almost 26 and still couldn’t think of having a baby to take care of. Forget that mess. Too much drama either way and I like things as laid back as possible.

Tonight my Celtics do battle with the Pacers. Yep, that Pacers team where half the team is either mangled or suspended. Everyone and their brother has heard about the rumble between the Pacers and the Pistons fans the other night, so I won’t give too much reaction on that. It’ll be funny as we play a team of bums though, but with my luck, we’ll still get beat by that squad. Today is also the day that Ron Artest’s CD will be available. I can’t find it anywhere online yet, so this may be a tough one to download. I won’t give up though as we get everything else on here before it even comes out.

On the football front, nothing huge is going down. My Irish go on the road to take on one of the best teams in the nation in USC. That probably won’t be pretty at all, but stranger things have happened. We’re now sitting at 6-4 on the season. 7-4 would be nice, but 6-5 will still get us a bowl due to our name factor and that we can bring fans in from any part of the country. As far as my Bears go, we had won 3 straight until Peyton “Fantasy Football God” Manning lit us up to the tune of 41-10. We’re now 4-6, which is pretty good for this team and do battle on Thanksgiving against Bill Parcells’ Cowboys. Yep, that one is on national TV for the world to see, 4:15.

What’s up with Christmas trees being up already? I saw my first one in a house lit up on Saturday night and didn’t know what to think. I like Christmas as much as the next dude, but come on now. Don’t get too carried away with it this early. Doh!

The beginning of RAW this week was classic. They did a spoof on the Terrell Owens/Monday Night Football scene as well as the Pacers/Pistons brawl. To open the show up, Shelton Benjamin (a black dude playing the TO role) is in the locker room with Trish Stratus. They do everything basically exact until Shelton tells her that’s she’s the biggest slut ever. Then afterwards, Vince McMahon walks in and him and Trish give each other glances. Then Trish disrobes and jumps in Vince’s arms as Vince gives one of his classic looks. I was rolling good through that. Creative idea there. The main event was scheduled to be Triple H defending his belt against Benoit in a Cage Match. Batista laid out HHH though, so Benoit fought Edge instead. Edge lays a Spear on Benoit that knocks him through the cage door, giving Benoit the win. At the end, Batista runs to the ring and calls out HHH. They end up saying it was a hoax and that Batista and the doctors were paid off to make the beatdown on HHH look good. Orton comes out at the end after they reveal their plan and Orton says he’s the GM next week. He announces a Battle Royal next week for HHH’s title, sweet!

Hey JR, how’d the end of wrestling go this week? It’s much better when JR goes nuts at the end of the show after a match, but we don’t always get that. We end this week with an interview segment:

Triple H has to win a Battle Royal to keep his World Title next week! Can you believe this? HHH in a 20 or 25 or whatever it’s going to be, the whole roster coming for the World Title! HHH’s days, are they numbered?

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Actin' All Sophisticated

A long weekend for me. Well, more than that actually. I’m officially on Thanksgiving Break, which means 9 straight days of being a superbum counting the weekends. I figure what better way to start this post than to tell about my weekend. Some things did go down, so I’ll have a good bit of ideas to talk about. Nothing major, but that’s Shinnston for ya. Yep, in the mean streets.

Friday after work I was in a coma, but decided against getting a nap since I have all week to sleep as much as I want. I hit up my old college’s basketball game with Cork, Mudcat, and my cousin Ozzie. There was a tournament going on there, so we got to see two games for the price of one. Not bad at all if you ask me, no matter what level it is, I’m interested if it’s basketball. A few of these teams were trash though. One team, local bums could’ve played for and done as well as these guys did. I know these teams are small college and all, but the talent level shouldn’t be that horrible. Fairmont looked good, but you can’t judge how their season will go when they’re playing the School of the Deaf and Blind.

After the games, we hit up Wendy’s on the way home. While at the counter, this dude and his chick ordered ahead of us. When it was my time to order, the worker chick whispers something to me about that dude. I didn’t understand what she said since it was low, so I asked again. She said it again, but I still couldn’t make it out. Then she said that she couldn’t say it loud since he was pretty much right beside us. Me and Cork got a nice laugh at it though as the chick was some dirty crackhead more than likely. Funny how random bums will come up to me and just start conversations. It happens more than you would think. I can talk as much as the next dude and try to be all friendly, but sometimes it’s weird, but at least it gives me something to talk about in here for the loyal fans.

I stayed up that night until 6:30, making it 24½ hours that I’d been awake. That’s no major accomplishment, but for some reason reaching the 24 hour deal is nice every now and then. I wake up on Saturday at 1:30, kind of mad that I didn’t sleep longer, but I jumped out of bed anyways to get the day started off. Nothing went down during the day. I watched basketball and then hit up church. Once I got done eating after church, I watched the end of the documentary DVD of The Rise & Fall Of ECW. Words can’t describe how good this DVD is and I haven’t even watched the matches DVD.

I borrowed The Girl Next Door DVD from Cork. I figured I’d hit that one up on Saturday night as well. You guys all know the chick in this movie. Cork puts a pic up of her everyday in his Blog it seems, so that’s his girl. She’s Elisha Cuthbert, 22 years old at the end of this month, and high quality. I never knew until a few days ago that she was the high school chick in Old School that The Godfather (one of my favorite movie characters) hooked up with. Cork was all over the trivia on that one. A great movie here though and you need to get the unrated version.

Once the movie was over, Cork stopped over to watch some NBA action. There’s just not enough hours in the day to watch NBA games. Once the night’s games were over, we were due for late night Denny’s action. We used to hit it up all the time, but I haven’t been in a while. It was packed though and we got there around 1:30 or so. I hit up the new “Fabulous Fruit Filled Pancakes” and chose cherry. These weren’t as good as I expected and this is coming from a guy who loves pancakes. They were sort of dry, even when I put syrup on it too. Not horrible, but I’ll go with my usual 2 pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream instead. Also, I get a half order of cheese sticks. Pancakes and cheese sticks. You can’t go wrong with that combo. Can’t beat that with a stick. A hickory stick to the goat if you will.

After Denny’s action, it’s off to Wal-Mart. It’s fun to see the characters you see at Wal-Mart at 2:30 in the morning. We hit up the video game section and then the DVDs. Cork decides to rent Ali G In Da House DVD and if you don’t know who Ali G is, you need to get with it. He has a show on HBO and is this English dude who plays a thugged out character and now he has a movie. Some hilarious stuff. Get this one even if you’ve never seen Ali G in action before. You’ll laugh through the entire movie. It seems like everyone and their brother likes horror movies, but I’m not into that one bit. Give me a comedy any day of the week instead.

While working out today, I started getting into legs again. After my leg workout was done, I was literally shaking. I never was a big fan of doing legs, but they’ll keep me going for basketball season this year. Squats, leg presses, calf raises, you know how we roll. Now I can really feel it burning. I’m walking up and down my stairs to my room and feel like I’m going to drop to the floor. It would’ve been interesting if I had played ball tonight.

I’ll end with some lyrics from the new Lil Jon CD. This one is the hook of a song that features Nate Dogg:

Rapper: Nate Dogg on Lil Jon’s CD – Song: Bitches Ain’t Shit – Album: Crunk Juice
Back in the days I used to like bitches
But I tell ya nowadays bitches ain’t shit
And if you wonder why I say this
I had a lot of women and bitches think they slick
Screwin’ around, fuckin’ around
Whenever I’m not around
Actin’ all sophisticated
Spending money that she didn’t make
That bitch is so bad that I could slap her
Actin’ like she’s Cleopatra
Ain’t no need to ask
She’s a slave to the money
And I’m the bastard

Friday, November 19, 2004

Bow Down To Paul Heyman

It’s finally here! Not many reading this will care two cents about this, but I’ve been waiting for a great ECW DVD for quite some time. The WWE produced a 2-disc set called The Rise & Fall Of ECW. On one DVD, you get a 3-hour documentary about how ECW came to be, the high points, and the low points. They didn’t leave anything out and I haven’t even watched it all yet. Sure, I’ve seen basically everything on both of these DVDs before and have it on tape, but now it’s easier to find and the production is just awesome. You name it and they show it. You name a person involved directly with ECW and he was featured on these DVDs. I could write Blogs and Blogs about ECW stories that interest me, but I’ll save you the time. Needless to say, and I know I’m a weirdo for this, but parts of watching this brought a tear to my eye. That’s how deep some of the ECW stuff gets to me and other of their hardcore fans. Through all of that, Paul Heyman is God.

What’s new in the world of CDs lately? Wow, where do I begin? I got about 15 or so in the past week, so I guess I’ll write some of those down to fill some space for my generous readers:

Chingy: Powerballin’

Derek D: Ya’ll Ant Ready

The Diplomats: Diplomatic Immunity II

DJ Quik: Quik Is The Name

E.S.G.: All American Gangsta

Gang Starr: Hard To Earn

Ghetto D: Street Campain From A Young G’s Perspective

Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz: Crunk Juice

The O’Jays: Imagination

WWE: ThemeAddict – V6

Xzibit: Weapons Of Mass Destruction

I won’t touch on all of these, but I might as well offer up a small preview for anybody wanting to get some of these pieces of music greatness. On the Derek D and Ghetto D CD names, those aren’t spelled wrong by me with Ant and Campain. I guess they’re trying to ganstafy it, who knows. Who knew? DJ Quik is some 1991 Compton rap, so you can’t really go wrong with that. Gang Starr’s CD there is from way back in 1994. Lil Jon has too many people on this album to mention, but I love it. Who are some featured on the tracks? Ice Cube, E-40, T.I., Ludacris, Ursher, MJG, Eightball, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, R-Kelly, Lil Scrappy, Trillville, Pharrell, Ying Yang Twins, Bun B, Nas, Chris Rock, and others. Does a rapper make a CD by himself anymore? Wait, let me ask that another way. Does a rapper make one song by himself anymore without featuring people? Either way, this is a great one to pick up. The O’Jays? They’re old school pimp guys, so I figured I’d give it a try. Baby making music as Steve Harvey would call it. X to the Z brings it on his latest as well. His raps speak for themselves, but if you’re against President Bush, you’ll need to check out the first track of this CD as he lays into him with some serious aggression. I never got into the whole politic argument in my Blog this year. To me it was picking the bigger liar of the two as both are goons anyways, but that’s a story for another day.

I guess I have to say something about Real World in here as much as it hurts me to do so. Please end this season soon. Only a few things happened this week. Fake-titted Sarah cleans the house for 4 hours since everyone else leaves it as a dump. Landon and MJ stumble in drunk one night after Sarah cleans and they cause a riot. Sarah gets fired up at them, yet a few nights ago, Landon gets mad at Big Willie Style for keeping him up till 5:30 while partying with his gay buds. Landon didn’t say anything to Big Willie to let him know he was mad, so he was a punk about it and wondered why Willie didn’t do anything. Back to Landon and Sarah, after Landon cussed her, Willie busts out this great quote: “I don’t know what man tells a woman to fuck off. That’s just rude. Especially when she spent 4 hours scrubbing the scum off the bathroom.” The end of the show had a rumble (not physical, but you know) over how some of the crew are late to work and they want it changed.

I posted this in Lobstah, but I’ll post it here for those who didn’t see. While scanning the latest Real World news and notes at the Real World/Road Rules Blog (http://realworldroadrules.blogspot.com/), I find some good things on one of the best seasons ever, Paris, as well as San Diego:

“Ace (Paris) revealed that he and Mallory (Paris) broke up when she began dating street musician David Blaine. And he confirmed that he and Cameran (San Diego) were also dating until when they broke up when Cameran met athlete Jeremy Bloom in Cancun. As Ace said on the radio show, "their lives are just like a Jerry Springer show." He also updates some of his castmembers: Leah is in Manhattan working on her parents restaurant. Christina is living in Las Vegas, still in an off-again, on-again romance with her fiance. Simon is going back and forth from LA and Dublin, even once living with Adam this past summer. And CT was recently in a rap video.”

CT in a rap video! Hah hah hah! I want a copy as soon as possible.

“And we have an update on the San Diego cast from Angel. Cameran has been dating someone by the name of Jeremy for the past 8 months. Brad again has a steady girlfriend and this may be "the one". Jamie is dating someone who works on Jackass. Frankie has been on the road with Dave. Randy is traveling. Robin is actually back together with Mike, her boyfriend who was sent to Iraq, that is now home. Robin broke up with Mike after he got shipped off to Iraq and hooked up with Mark (USA Tour 1) while on Battle of the Sexes 2. And no update on Charlie.”

Oh yeah, I’m on a 9-day break. That means I get to catch up a good bit on sleep that I always lack on. I’ll also get to be a bum, something I’m good at. What will go down this week? The same as usual I guess, except instead of waking up at 6:00 AM, I’ll be going to bed then. More video game time, NBA watching, movies, wrestling, hanging on here.. Oh, that’s my normal schedule anyways except now I don’t have to be with kiddies 8 hours a day or whatever it is. Not that I mind that, but being a bum is much better. Until next time, be back in a minute.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

R.I.P. Ol' Dirty Dirt Dawg

My name is Ed and yes, I have a problem. I feel like I need to go to a prevention group or something. Why for you ask? I buy way too many clothes. Guys aren’t supposed to be like that. I hit up Gabriel Brothers (Gabes for the locals) with Cork and that was a mistake. Gabes is a bargain store where you can load up on stuff for crazy cheap. A weakness of mine is bargain shopping. If something is on big sale, I’m all over it. I was able to load up on some pimpin clothes though, so all is good. I just have to get rid of some of the clothes I have here now. You can’t go wrong getting a pair of $60 P. Miller sweats for $10. I don’t even like Hollister stuff, but I got a few of their buff shirts for $2. That’s like less than a cheeseburger. I also loaded up on a lot of long sleeve Old Skool shirts and some weird boxers.

How’d the predictions go for WWE Survivor Series? Nothing to brag about, but I kept my head above the water. I went 4-3 on this one. My wins were the Benjamin/Christian match, Team Guerrero, and Bradshaw. The losses were the Spike Dudley (I had Kidman), Trish (Lita), and Team Orton (Team HHH). It wasn’t a bad Pay Per View, but it wasn’t awesome either. Best match on the show? By far it was Benjamin and Christian. These guys put on a show. JR kept screaming during this match (imagine that) of how Benjamin is going to be something special one of these days. The Cruiserweight Title Match was nice, but not as long as I wanted. It did give a good start to the show though.

“I’ve invented a lotion that protects you from the sun’s rays. Brilliant!”

Basketball has finally started in our town, so that’s good news to hear. It’s well overdue too. I haven’t been able to play the past two nights though due to wrestling. Yeah, I know, I can tape it, but it’s not the same for me. I can’t miss my wrestling, that’d be a crime. Every other night of the week I’d be good to go on. I’ll keep you posted on how this progresses through the year.

I was teaching some 7th Grade today and something kind of shocked me, but it shouldn’t I guess. The kiddies were talking about how old their parents were and I heard a few numbers, with a few saying 31 or 32. Dang, that’s rough. In January I’ll be 26. I was saying the other day that I’m now closer to age 30 than I am 20. No way do I want kids, let alone some that are like 13 or so. That’s a scary thought. You ready for that Susie? :-) Then again, I don’t feel that age. I always say that I’ll consider myself old when I’m no longer one of the fastest guys on the basketball court or can’t keep up with the young pups out there. We’ll see how that goes tomorrow. Sure, a lot of guys are more athletic than me as far as being able to jump out of the gym, and I’m not saying I’m great, but I think I can hold my own in a team setting and that’s without no injuries (knock on wood). I just don’t get how all of my buddies can play in low top shoes or not wrap their ankles. I’d be done if I did that.

A movie recommendation of none other than ManDingo I hit up on Saturday night. I rented A Perfect Score. Cork and Spank were over to take part of the festivities. I was interested in this one for one reason basically. It has NBA basketball star (is he a star or not, who knows) Darius Miles in it trying to act. He didn’t do a bad job at all, but his role was pretty easy. The theme has this group of kids trying to steal answers to the SATs so they can get into the colleges of their choice. A few decent chicks in this one too, so that’s worth it if you’re interested. No nude stuff though, but we can’t win all the time. I’ll be off for all of next week. Do you guys recommend anything else that is fairly new that I might not have seen? I’m not into the whole horror movie scene, so cross those out. I’m big into comedy, sports, and chick flick movies. Yeah, I admit I like chick flick movies. Sue me. Am I weird that I want to watch the SpongeBob movie? You can’t go wrong with cartoon movies.

I almost forgot all about putting Good Ol’ JR in here. Since I already talked some about wrestling, I won’t bore you too much. But I do of course have to put in JR’s words of wisdom that ended RAW last night:

Snitsky just kicked Maven right in the face! Oh! The Pedigree! Snitsky did the damage! The referee is going to count it! I’ll be damned! I’ll be double damned! The luckiest man in Indianapolis, Indiana is the World Heavyweight Champion! Let me tell you this, Orton barely, I mean Triple H barely escaped tonight. What is in store next week for Triple H and his World Title defense next week in Buffalo? And just who is going to be the General Manager next week on RAW? It’ll be a red hot night in Buffalo! Triple H’s days are numbered! His days are numbered!

I can’t compete with Cork and Derek’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard previews, but I will leave a space in my place here to give tribute. Only 35 years old and one of the most original and unique rappers has passed away. Here’s a guy who didn’t try to copy anybody’s style and was quite the character. He probably wasn’t all the way there in the head, but his raps were good, so we liked the dude. Too bad we’ll never get to have a full blown Wu Tang reunion CD. Maybe the passing of ODB will let the remaining members band together and put out something in his honor.

I will end with part one of my favorite ODB songs, one in which Cork isn’t big on at all. He also had Snoop helping him out on this adventure.

Rapper: Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Song: MC Conditioner

MC Conditioner, you could never say this boy's a amateur... {4X}

Yeah, yeah
Wu-Tang Clan
Big Snoop D O double G
Somethin’ for the 2000

Your mama name Peter, papa name Cita
Fuck that nigga, when it come to the heater
Be the elevator, pussy eaaaaaater
Too desperator, got shot, a hibernator
Hit a nigga later, he got to vacate 'em
Old Dirty corporata, splash, I'm up on the punanny flash
Bad gas, Macintosh, the light is red
Pee in the bed, I'm frustrated
For 29 years, no educated
High caded, cuz you kept it checkmated
What a waste, I'm up in yo' face like what
All you niggas I'm puttin you in your place

Saturday, November 13, 2004

“I Spit In The Face Of People Who Don’t Want To Be Cool.”

Ugh. If I get another “send this to 10 people to make your love life better” or whatever other crap those things say, I might have to shoot my computer monitor. This is especially true with Yahoo Messenger. As much as I like Yahoo, I could do without that part. It’s not from their system, it’s from people on my buddy list. People reading this it doesn’t concern because you don’t do that, but you know what I mean. Or how about forwarded emails that have no significance that get sent to me? Maybe I’m missing out on these concepts, because I sure can’t figure it out. I can’t be the only one who gets this junk can I? But never fear, for I’m in a good mood as I am most of the time.

So I’m sitting here watching some Howard Stern. And what is on the episode? It is an Amputee Beauty Pageant. Yeah, I said that correct. They have a guy on the set who has an amputee fetish and they bring amputee chicks in to be judged. They get judged on their looks, body, and their level of amputation. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Saturday morning I wake up at 7:00. What?? Yep, I typed that last sentence right. Not sure what got into me, but counting Posey’s wedding a few weeks ago, this marks two Saturdays in a one month span that I’ve been awake at 7:00. That’s just dirty. Filthy dirty, but oh well. Today I was pumped for some Bob Evans breakfast though, as I loaded up with the Western Omelette, which has ham, cheese, green peppers, and cheese in it. It was pretty good stuff. Also, I got some hash browns and some biscuits to go with my OJ. After that, I go about 90 minutes away to the “mountains” if you will. Here is where I do a decent bit of trout fishing and went up today with my parents to fix up a place they bought not long ago. Pimp shack, but when the mean winter hits, that area gets blasted good. It made for a nice ride, as I slept a good bit of course.

Everyone is watching college football on a Saturday afternoon I’m sure. I’ll keep up with it, but the NBA is here to save me once again. Today, the NBA is so kind to give me two 1:00 games (sweet!), so I’ll get my fix of games in before the night schedule begins. Football is just so blah to me around this time of year. It just doesn’t hold the same passion to me that basketball and baseball does. 99% of the people reading this will disagree with me, but oh well. You’ll have that.

I don’t get WWE SmackDown in my area, so I miss out big time on Thursday nights. I did have a buddy just send me Carlito Caribbean Cool’s theme music and it’s pimpin. I’m not sure if Carlito will catch on, as he’s sort of cheezy, but I like what I’ve seen so far of the character. He’s a Latino dude with a big fro who plays the part of the tough guy/cool dude for his wrestling actions. As Carlito would say, “I spit in the face of people who don’t want to be cool.” And then he takes a bite of an apple and spits it in their face. I eat that stuff up. I know, I’m weird. But check out the theme as it jams. “When you’re Carlito, you take what you want. You better be cool. Cool like me.”

One more week of work and I get a week off for Thanksgiving break. That’ll be nice to stay up all night and sleep the day away. I’m good at that anyways. When I was in high school, or in the first few years, we had to go a few days during Thanksgiving break. Now they’ve done without that. The rednecks here could never miss opening week of gun season for deer hunting. So eventually you’d have the girls not coming to school since the dudes weren’t there, and then nobody was left, so they didn’t have much of a choice. I don’t get paid all that week, but getting time to be a bum is much better than money can do for me. Money is overrated. Sure, you need to be able to make a reasonable living, but I’m pretty laid back and try not to overspend. Living at home doesn’t hurt things either as I’m in no hurry to get out of here.

Tomorrow is WWE Survivor Series. I’ll end this post with my predictions for the matches announced at the moment.

RAW Matches:

Survivor Series Elimination Match: Triple H/Batista/Edge/Gene Snitsky vs Jericho/Benoit/Orton/Maven. The winning team will gain control of RAW for a month, with each guy getting his own week. For some reason, I’m going with the team of Triple H to win. Logic says to go against that, but I can make my own predictions. Hopefully Flair doesn’t come out and turn face today, but I wouldn’t mind if Jericho turned to Evolution.

Intercontinental Title Match: Shelton Benjamin (C) vs Christian. I’m taking the champ to retain here in a nice match. Christian’s character is great though. Benjamin needs to work on his flow, as his wrestling is good, but not much color (no pun intended) other than that.

Women’s Title Match: Trish Stratus (C) vs Lita. Ugh. This storyline is lame. Lita lost her “baby” and Trish has been calling her fat and all of this stuff. Lita hasn’t wrestled in a long time either, but she wins the title here.

SmackDown Matches:

Survivor Series Elimination Match: Angle/Reigns/Jindrak/Carlito Cool vs Eddie Guerrero/Big Show/Rob Van Dam/Mystery Man. I’ll take Guerrero’s side in this one. Great to see RVD back on a Pay Per View, as it’s been way too long it seems. Give me some Eddie going at it against Angle for a while too and I’ll be a happy guy.

WWE Title Match: John Bradshaw Layfield (C) vs Booker T. Booker T is good again, but for some reason Vince really loves Bradshaw as champ. I have Bradshaw keeping the belt once again in what may be a bloody mess.

Cruiserweight 4-Way Title Match: Spike Dudley (C) vs Rey Mysterio vs Billy Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero. Yes! Now this is what I’m talking about. This match hopefully will deliver the goods as it should be crazy fast. I’m picking Kidman here. Please give these guys time for a long match.

Undertaker vs Heidenreich. Just shoot me now. This could be one of the slowest matches evarrrr.. I don’t care one bit about this one, but I’ll pick Taker.

So there you have it. Will I suck it up on my predictions? Will I dominate? Ooooh, the drama that ensues. I’ll let you know how that turns out in my next post whenever that may be. Until then, late.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Triple H Almost Beheaded!

I won’t go in any certain direction here. I’ll jump over the place and hopefully it ends up somewhere halfway decent. I do have Thursday off though for Veteran’s Day. Did we always get this one off back in the day? Oh well. It gives me a chance to sleep in, which never gets old. What will I do all day? Probably absolutely nothing. I did load up on some old school Nintendo games last night in Fairmont. What’d I get?

California Games: This one is pretty bad. 1987 style here and I’m not big on it at all. It does feature a few neat games for a few minutes in Hacky Sack and BMX riding. The replay value isn’t that great, but oh well. The price? $2.99.

Low G Man: I like this one a lot, but it’s tough. Basically it’s similar to Metroid, except you’re not in a cave. Your dude, Low G Man, has crazy hops. He can get up there all over the board. Also, he has this little spear or something that you can bust people’s heads up with, as well as guns and little vehicles he rides in. Sound confusing? It is, but it’s not a bad game. 1990 for this one and the price was also $2.99.

Ninja Gaiden: A true classic here. You can’t go wrong with the Ninja Gaiden series. So good that they even make Ninja Gaiden games for the newer systems today. The price for this one was a bit more, but you already know what you’re getting with on this one. Price? $4.99. 1989 here and made by the makers of the greatest video game in the history of video games, Tecmo (gracing us with Tecmo Bowl).

RoadBlasters: 1989 here. If you know Spy Hunter, you’ll know this one. Not as smooth as Spy Hunter, but features the same concept. You have a certain amount of gas for each stage and if you run out, obviously you’re done. You can wreck as many times as you want, but it’s going to hurt you. Your car also has a gun. I only paid 99 cents for this bad boy, so I ripped the people off big time, hah.

Also at Fairmont, we went to hit up some Pizza Hut. A neat story went down though. A group of 6 or 8 people were sitting next to us. This dude moves his arm over and his drink goes all over this hot chick. Between me, Spank, and Cork, we thought the dude got fired up and knocked the drink over on purpose. Still, me and Spank just kind of sat there and took it in. Cork couldn’t keep it in though. He busts out laughing right in front of these people’s faces. It was great stuff. Spank kept asking Cork if it was really that funny, but Cork kept rolling. The people didn’t get mad though, as they laughed too. But yeah, that’s my story.

I’m done with The Bachelor I believe. I haven’t watched it for two or three weeks. It’s just not sparking my interest. Watching it from the beginning this season, I was pumped up to see every second. Then the NBA gets here and that about sums it up. NBA rules all, so Bachelor Boy can take a seat. The drama was good for a while, but it got to be repetitive.

Real World though I won’t miss, even if this season is brutal. Last night I wasn’t big on it again, but that’s how it goes. Basically we have Landon hooking up with this dirty chick and this gets Vonda all mad. Vonda goes back to her man who cheated on her not long ago, but now he’s the greatest guy in the world again after she cussed him like a dog for hours. That gets me every time. He’ll probably do it again since she came back crying like a little baby. Chicks must like it when the guy cheats. Go figure. Not that I know anything about relationships, but if a chick cheats on me, that’s it I’d think. Maybe I’ll be different if it happens to me personally, but who knows.

A little wrestling report you want? Don’t you worry, I’ll let JR tell us what went down too, but a quick recap of RAW without boring you too much. It started out with Bischoff telling Triple H the stipulations for the RAW main event at Survivor Series. In the 8 Man Tag Match, the winning team will be able to control RAW for a month. Each dude will supposedly get a week. You mean to tell me that either Maven or Snitsky will have control for a week? Feel the ratings. Speaking of Snitsky, he’s a bum, but he cracks me up with the baby killer gimmick. He’s in the ring with Lita and brings out a fake baby. To add emphasis, he actually punts the baby into the crowd. Me and Cork were rolling at that one. Only in wrestling. Orton beat Batista clean in this one too. Our main event was Edge taking on Chris Benoit. It ends in a No Contest as the ring is nothing but chaos. You know that was bound to happen before a Pay Per View anyways. I eat the rumbles up though, as it gets JR screaming good. Such as the end of this week’s show:

Oh no! Here we go again! Here we go again! Good God Almighty! This is nothing but a bar room brawl! Randy Orton tattooing the World Champion! Randy Orton with thunderous right hands! Triple H almost beheaded! Orton’s team has regrouped and they’re kicking their ass big time! Randy Orton’s team has completely regrouped here King! Triple H and his team are trying to return to the ring, but to no avail. You’re talking about Orton’s team being on the same page. There’s no doubt about it. No doubt about it! Can the same be said.. Oh My God! About Triple H’s team? Ladies and gentlemen, no matter what happens at Survivor Series during the big Elimination Tag Match, beginning next Monday night, RAW will drastically change for the next month! Oh My God! This has been chaotic! What a night! Good night everybody!

A quick note on EDDFL. I finished in 5th in Week 1 out of 13 members. Not awesome, but with no rookie stats, I’ll take that to start the year off. Hopefully I can build on that and go from there. The rundown of Week 1? 1st Place: Spank, 2nd Place: Balky, 3rd Place: TJ, 4th Place: Sidell, 5th Place: Me, 6th Place: Fortdogg, 7th Place: Flee Diddy, 8th Place: Mudcat, 9th Place: Dean, 10th Place: Cork, 11th Place: ManDingo, 12th Place: Posey, 13th Place: Riley.

Some new Blog action to mention. My girl Meggie has one up finally. You’ve seen her comment on mine every now and then or even give me topics for my own Blog. Check out some of her action and drop her some comments to get it started along at:


Anybody else out there wanting to start a Blog? I never have much to talk about, so I’ll hype it up in here if ya feel me. That leads me into some Dru Down, so I’ll end with that for today’s words of the wise:

Rapper: Dru Down – Song: Can You Feel Me? – Album: Can You Feel Me?

OK, I'm deep down and dirty
You heard me before
But I'm a kick this shit like I be kickin' in some front doors.
Now po-po or 5-0 straight on that real
Always been real
Fifteen blocks down tha street from that feel.
But still see niggas have got it wrong
That po-po is 5-0 and that is my hoe.
Come and see me some time
Bust a rim and bust a rhyme
After that I fucked that rimmy
Bust a rhyme and get a dime.
And lets smoke, choke, until the break of dusk
Fuck that bitch Dawn
And put that penny in my palm.
Understand this, I rolls deep in tha five
I've been down with tha five
I gets dirty in tha five.
And do a hoo ride
That is tha question
Devils be guessin'
Don't question, stressin'.
Livin' in tha ghetto, hello, you betta hear me
And if ya don't you betta really try to feel me...

Can you feel me?
I said I'm doin' what I gotta do, stayin' true to tha crew.
Can you feel me?
I said I'm deep down and dirty, I grew up hella early.
Can you feel me?
I said I fantasize about tha dreams, havin' big fancy thingzah.
Can you feel me?
I can still remember when I stole my first diamond ring.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Bummin' Around

What is going on since the last time we talked? Or as our buddy Joe Schmo would say, “What is goinnnnngggg onnnnnnnn?” The first season of that show was great. You missed out if you didn’t get in on that action. I last wrote to you on Thursday, so this one will be our weekend chat basically. Too much excitement on the weekends in West Virginia! Well, maybe not, but I’ll do my best to give you a few stories in here to hold onto.

Being a sub, I see all kinds of things on a daily basis. That’s one thing I like about the whole sub deal. I get something different every single day. Friday I had an interesting one, but I really liked it. I got a Special Ed job (many of my jobs are that as a lot of people won’t even accept those jobs) at a middle school. Normally when I have Special Ed kids, they’re just on a lower level, but you can reason with them. Nothing is usually wrong with them, they just can’t grasp certain subjects as fast as others, for example they could be slower in Math. I know I’m slower in Math till this day, heh. Every now and then, in those classes, you’ll get the handicapped kids or something to that nature. That day I had this kid who could basically do nothing, it was rough to see, but he was a good kid. Anyways, he was a 6th Grader who wore diapers. Luckily, he had a chick with him who changed his diapers, so I didn’t have to do that one. You’d be surprised how often you see that out there. I only had like 5 kids all day too, plus I got to shoot a lot of ball and get paid for it, so you can’t go wrong with that one bit. Not that you wanted to know that, but with this Blog, I go the extra mile for my readers. What else would I have to talk about anyways?

I’ve been going a little crazy this past week with CDs. I know that I normally do anyways, but maybe even more so this week. Since the last time I wrote, I got a few more CDs. Most of which I haven’t heard of before, but I’ll try it out. Why not huh? The first two as well as E.S.G. and Lil Head are Texas rappers. E-40 I’ve talked about a bunch before is from the Bay Area and T.I. and the Ying Yang Twins are from the ATL if you were wondering. What’d I get this time?

6 Shot: The Actual Meaning

Boss Hogg Outlawz: Boyz N Blue

E-40: Mr. Flamboyant (E’s first album, from 1990. It only features 6 tracks, but has a great old school feel to it.)

E.S.G.: All American Gangsta

Lil Head: Tha 4’3” Giant (How could I not get a CD name that had that title? That has me cracking up good everytime I see it.)

T.I.: Featuring T.I.P. – Double CD

Ying Yang Twins: Me & My Brother (Another CD they have is called My Brother & Me, but these are two different albums.)

Yesterday was a good day for me in the sports world. In the afternoon, I got to watch Notre Dame beat Tennessee at Rocky Top in front of 100,000+ fans. Tennessee was ranked 9th in the country, so that’s always nice. We’re currently 6-3, with Pittsburgh in South Bend and then ending the season at USC. What’s new with the Celtics? They finally got a win! After starting out a rough 0-2, we beat up on the Knicks last night at Madison Square Garden. Two road wins for my sports teams on Saturday. I’ll take that and run to the bank with it. Up this week for the Celtics? Only two games, as we battle the Blazers on Wednesday and then the mighty Bobcats on Friday, both in Boston.

For November 7th, it was pretty warm out there today. I went to shoot some ball with Spank. We need to start playing regularly again, but it’s tough to get it organized in my town. For not playing in a while, one of my longest streaks ever, I didn’t lose much at all from my shooting and dribbling. I was down S to nothing in H-O-R-S-E and came back to win and also won a game of old school 21 easily. He got me good in one-on-one though as I’ve never been a good one-on-one player, taking me two games to none by scores of 7-5 and 7-4. Still, it was nice to get some runs in and I’ve been ready to start playing on a regular basis.

For what it’s worth, we now have 48 days until Christmas. A lot of people start shopping crazy early, but I never do mine until super late anyways. It’s not like I have a ton of people to buy for, so it works out pretty good. It’s still funny to see Christmas decorations in the stores and people jamming to the music. It’ll get hardcore once Thanksgiving is over, as people will be busting heads to buy the latest toy for their kids. What is the toy of the year this season? I’m pumped for Christmas time to get here though, as that’s always good times.

After Week 1 of EDDFL, I should be sitting in the higher part of the first half. I shouldn’t finish below 6th as of a guess right now, but we’ll really know more tomorrow. Richard Jefferson went crazy one night putting up a 20/20. I have no clue where he got 20+ rebounds from, but I’ll take it. Walker has been putting up the numbers in Atlanta, while Stevie Franchise and Maggette hold their own. I need more production from Big Al Jefferson at rookie, but he’s slowly getting more playing time. Willie Green, give me production. You didn’t do bad, but I want more.

See you guys later on in the week.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

I Got A Living Room Full Of Fine Dime Brizzles

If you're wondering about that topic, I give credit to none other than Blahah The Great of #basketball fame. That's creative stuff there indeed.

Since the EDDFL Draft, it’s time to get back to some regular action. Of course, you’ll still get some basketball info in here too or it wouldn’t feel right to me. It’s weekend time and I can’t be anymore pumped about that one. Do I have anything planned this week? Nope, not a thing. Last weekend was loaded up with action, but nothing going on for this one. I could use some time to be a bum though, as that never gets old.

The second week of Viva La Bam on this new season I haven’t commented on. To start the show, Bam and his boys find a cannonball in his yard. Yes, the old school war type cannonballs. They take it to an antique shop to see if it’s the real deal, and they say that it is. Bam comes home and throws the ball into his pool, which is 36 degrees. He offers Don Vito $500 to jump in and get it. Vito jumps in, doesn’t get the ball and comes out. He starts complaining and then Phil jumps in and gets it, while getting the $500 to his name. Also during this show, for no reason at all, the crew buys a real cannon from back in the day.

Real World you want? That’s what you’ll get. There was only one storyline in this one. I never thought I’d say this during a Real World year, but I can’t wait until this one is over with. Philly is one of the all time worst in terms of cast and drama that I’ve ever seen. I’m just downright disappointed. Yet I watch every single week still, go figure. Landon’s ex-chick of 7 years just happens to stroll into town since her flight got delayed. Landon invites her over and she brings a buddy. Her buddy pukes all over the place and they have to play babysitter the entire time. Landon breaks down because his chick is not the same as she used to be either. On top of that, his ex-chick is now with his old roommate, so fear that one. Vonda then goes crazy on her whitey boyfriend for hooking up with his ex-chick. Weird. Who doesn’t cheat in today’s world? It’s nuts. Anyways, next week Landon tries to turn pimp and hooks up with dirties, while Vonda gets mad over all of this.

NBA season opened up on Tuesday night and that is the ultimate for me. I won’t give a big in-depth fantasy basketball report here, but those will come through the year I’m sure. As of writing this, the Celtics start out the year 0-1, ouch. Philly took us out on Wednesday night and it was kind of ugly. We started out getting thumped, then take the lead and eventually get up to around 20, then blow it in the end and lose 98-95. I hope it’s not a long year, but at least we’re in the East. As I type this (I save portions at a time and then post when I’m ready) I’m watching the Wiz take on the Bobcats. The owner of the Bobcats is also the owner of BET. Sitting with him at the game is Nelly. At halftime, they talk to Nelly and he says he’s part owner of the team, hah. And to top that one, Nelly supposedly owns a NECKCAR Truck Series Team. That’s hilarious. Or as Chapplle’s son would say, “Nick Cannon is hilaarrrrious!” The legendary Ric Flair is also there, as he basically is the city of Charlotte. That’s a good distraction to get me talking about wrestling.

On November 14th (that day is also my boy Hammer’s 26th birthday) it’s one of the biggies. WWE Survivor Series as both RAW and SmackDown take part in that. If you’re into Tag Matches, this one is for you. Several key elimination tag bouts will go down, hence the name Survivor Series. Did anything huge go down on RAW this past week? I’m liking the character of Simon Dean so far. You may know him as Super Nova from ECW. He’s really worked on his body and skills to get with the WWE and he’s been deserving for quite some time. He has this fitness instructor character in which he trashes members of the audience and it gets them all fired up. Old school style there. Nova is also a nice guy in person as well if anyone is taking notes at home. The main event was Jericho, Randy Orton, and Maven taking on Flair and Batista. The “good guys” win this one by a RKO from Orton. I’ll let JR tell you how the show went off the air:

And Batista is getting hammered in every direction! The fans chanting for the RKO. Oh delivered! Ask and you shall receive! The RKO! Oh my gosh what have we just seen? What has transpired here tonight? Is this a sign of things to come? No Triple H tonight! He said earlier he’d be back on RAW next week. That’ll be in Austin, Texas. This is.. I’m not going to forget this night! I can’t believe what we’ve seen! Flair, helping Batista up. It’s been a bad night for Evolution.

How am I doing in the world of CDs? With the help of Cork, we’ve added to our collections. Just over the past couple of days, we load up with some of the following:

C-Formula & Mic Moses: The Public Broadcast

Dolla: Get Yo Drawz Out Ya Boodie

Eminem: Encore

Fabolous: Real Talk

Ja Rule: R.U.L.E.

Mr. Shadow: A Name You Kan’t Touch

Snoop Dogg: Rhythm & Gangsta – The Masterpiece

Sticky Fingaz (of ONYX fame): Decade

The Street Novelist: Turf Talk

I’ll leave you guys be with that. I’ll also leave with some lyrics. I know Ja Rule is a little midget punk, but I still like his music:

Y'all niggas wanna see the N-G
I'll go watch it like its a hundred and ten of me
Guns bustin' in every direction, the Public Enemy
But naah I ain’t Chuck D, Its Rule baby
Y'all niggas wanna get it crazy, come on y'all cant fade me
The music is slavery, roll up and haze
Because most niggas is lazy cotton pickers
Wish they'd find out its me and my niggas they gone
Cuz they prisoners of they own home, we party and get it on
LIVE IT UP! As soon as we hit em home
We tuckin away the chrome and humpin up on some hoes
We dem niggas you love to hate...I know
Who cares I been blowin your bitch back out for years
Plus she shared so many tears for me
While you was away, was around the time I made "Put It On Me"
So homie, stay from 'round here you aint know, this is Rule here
I'm cockin back, I got an idea

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

E-Town Diaper Dandies Fantasy League (EDDFL)

As promised, I’m here to write the 2004-2005 EDDFL Blog. I’ll be all over the place. A little note, for the non-NBA fans, you might as well just stop reading now. NBA is my life, some won’t like that, but not much I can do about that one. If you’re too bored to read it, you can at least check out the pics I have here and bust out some comments as usual.

This past Sunday was our local money fantasy basketball league. Yep, it’s the E-Town Diaper Dandies Fantasy League, better known as the EDDFL. This is the 15th year of the league. Yes, 15 years strong as my first league we had was when I was 10 years old. The crew we have now has been with us for a while. Spank has been in every single one except for two that he was in Iraq. I’ll give a quick rundown on everyone in the league, then I’ll go into my team and other things. Hopefully it all plays out by the time you get done reading.

We roll with 13 members this year, our highest we’ve had. We all throw in $50 for the pot and we have some decent money to fight over at year’s end. The top three spots get money with 1st Place getting $430, 2nd Place getting $170, and 3rd Place getting his money back. We run a straight fantasy based league, old school style by using Points, Assists, and Rebounds as our categories. Nothing tricky, but I think that makes things very competitive and we haven’t wanted to change for a while. Also, we start a weekly lineup of 6 players, with one of those having to be a rookie. So in this league, the rookie class is very important. You can win the league with a rookie that isn’t great, but it doesn’t hurt to cash in on that spot either. I think that helps our league each year get familiar with the new guys coming into the league. I’ll list the draftees in the order of our picks this season. We drafted at Damon’s, a sports bar about 20 minutes from me. We had a room reserved for us, TV projection screen setup, plus our draft board which we will definitely get for years to come.

Fleece: Fleece gets the 1st Pick this year. His first year was last season and he ended up in 8th Place out of 12. It’s always tough for the new guys in their first year as they adjust. Fleece goes with KG as his #1. I don’t have enough space to write everybody’s team out, so I might as well just tell about the person rather than the picks. Fleece is my age and a cousin down the line of the Italian Connection in the area. Since Flee had the first pick, he wanted a handshake pic with me beside the board as he made his selection. You can see that here:

Mudcat: Yes, pretty much everyone in our league has a nickname. Mudcat took Kobe Bryant at #2, who I think will just go insane as far as fantasy stats goes. Best player in the league and I still agree with that. Why draft Webber though? Maybe he’ll prove us wrong. Mudcat graduated with me and is a character to be around. He’s a hardcore Steelers guy and is one of the most knowledgeable on high school sports in this area.

TJ: Big T is a year younger than me. He’s also one of the four of the Italian Connection in our league if that’s worth anything. Probably not, but we always get a kick out of it. T’s birthday was on Draft Day, so it was an extra special time for him. He’s also in my opinion the funniest guy in the league (may be tied with Sidell, that's a good battle; it must run in the family since they're cousins) and brings a lot to the table at a live draft, loosening the feel. T’s main stud is Timmy Duncan.

Spank: Spank is back after a 2-year absence after doing duty in Iraq. Me and Spank have been boys since forever and he’s the resident head buster of our crew. I’m not sure any of the rest of us would be a mean fighter or not, but if we have Spank with us, we’re neva eva scared as Bone Crusher says. Spank goes with LeBron as his leader, a player I wanted really bad. Spank also has the first rookie taken in Dwight Howard, so he’s off to a good start with his team. You also can’t go wrong with a guy (Spank that is, not Dwight) who loves old school video games and rap.

ManDingo: Yep, that ManDingo. You all know of the infamous ManDingo from either my Blog, his own, Cork mentioning him, or in DerekHood’s. How else could I get plugs in for all of my Blog buddies?

A quick commercial break for those Blog mentions:

ManDingo: http://mandingo04.blogspot.com/

Cork: http://corkzilla.blogspot.com/

DerekHood: http://thekingofcrunk.blogspot.com/

Back to ManDingo. He takes $haq Daddy as his franchise. ManDingo is 2 years younger than me and I’ve known him for probably 8 years or so now. We met in #basketball on IRC of all places and he’s a local guy, so eventually he got tied into our crew due to that. In all of the years of the league, I don’t think anyone has said anything bad about Dingo, as everyone seems to get along with him great.

Fortdogg: Fortney’s first year was last season, as him and Flee Diddy were both rookies in that league. Fortney had the unfortunate time to be the cellar dweller last year, so hopefully he can go OTR (On The Rise for the non IRC fans) and capitalize this time around. Dirk Diggler is his main player, but it hurts that he drafted Jason Kidd early. Fortdogg gets bonus points for being a Celtics fan though, so fear that one. Fortdogg is 2 years younger than me if anyone cares and has been nursing a broken leg, which is healed, but not enough to ball on yet.

Dean: Dean is The Patriarch (I’m stealing Uncle Wilbur’s moniker for a few minutes) of our group and has been with us for a while. I started playing fantasy leagues with Dean when I was probably 15 or so. Dean is roughly 32 years old, but I’m not totally exact on that. I’m the 3rd oldest of this year’s crew for whatever that’s worth. Dean is married to the sister of a good friend of mine, Chooch Bell for the locals. Chooch used to run with us in our league for years, but he’s not much of an NBA fan anymore, the shame. Dean rolls with TMac as his boy to handle the squad.

Balky: Balky goes way back with us. He’s a year younger than me and when we were younger lived on my street since he was probably about 8 or 9 years old. Along with Spank, Riley, and myself, he was part of the E-Shinnston Gang, which is basically the crew we grew up with. Not many left in E-Town now though as far as that crew as they moved out, so I have to hold the fort down till this day. Balky has B-Diddy Baron Davis as his star. I’m not totally sure on the specifics of this reason, but Balky got his name from the show Perfect Strangers with the character Balki Bartokomous.

Sidell: One of our phone drafters this year. Sidelli graduated with me and is part of the Italian Connection as well. He’s now in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He has drafted over speakerphone the past few drafts, but has ran with us for years. He’s also one of the guys who can spice up the draft, even if he’s not actually at the draft. Last year we had this chick waitress and with Sidelli being on phone the entire time (we leave it on a table so we can all talk to him), he starts yelling all kinds of stuff at the chick and has us cracking up. Definitely not a shy guy out of our crew. His dude will be AI, Allen Iverson.

Me: I got the 10th pick this year and selected my boy Antoine Walker. With the trade to Atlanta, I’m even bigger on Walker than I normally am. I see big fantasy stats coming, so I hope I’m right on this one. I have one lone Celtic on my roster this year, that being rookie Big Al Jefferson. You know enough about me, so onto the next.

Riley: Riley graduated with me and we’ve known each other forever. Some may know him as The Governor, as he knows more people than anyone out there. He’s the PR guy of our crew and we always have a fun time with Clark around. If you ever read Cork’s Blog about a girl named Abby, that’s one of Clark’s sisters. Riley rolls out Starbury for his king of the court. Props to Riley for letting us use his phone for the speakerphone setup with Sidelli.

Cork: You all know Cork as well, but a few things you might not know. Cork is 3 years younger than me, but has been in our leagues for quite some time. Out of this league, him and Spank are the two guys I’m the closest to. They’re always hanging at the crib here or we’re into something together. And no, not in a porn sense you freaks. Cork’s main player is Jesus Shuttlesworth, also known as Ray Allen. For what it’s worth, #basketball’s own Kasher likes Cork’s team a lot. Yeah, that was just another cheap plug to throw in a #basketball reference, so deal with it. You know you like it. Besides, if you’ve already read this long, you either have too much time on your hands or you’re liking what I have here. Make your own judgments on that.

Posey: Posey got married the day before the draft, but there was no way he was missing this draft according to him. He was 2½ hours south of us on the day of and must not have been able to come up with an excuse to drive to the draft in person. So he was our 2nd phone drafter, props to Cork for letting us use his phone for that. Posey is the 2nd oldest dude of the bunch, as he’s a year older than me. He goes with the lethal combo of Paul “The Truth” Pierce and Elton “I’m so underrated since I’m a Clip, but can get 20 & 10 in my sleep” Brand.

If you’ve made it this far, congrats. If you’d like to check out our message board for the league, go here:

EDDFL Blog: http://diaperdandy.blogspot.com/

A pic of the crew as follows. I’m on the bottom left with the green outfit, representing the Celts colors and Balky is on the opposite side on his knees. Fleece is in the white above me, Mudcat to the right of him with the mustache, Fortdogg in the background with the gray shirt, Spank in front of him with the hat, Cork in front of the wreath with the WVU hat, Dean in front of Cork, TJ in the back with the doo rag, Clark to the right of him in red, and ManDingo on the far right with the backwards hat.

All through the year, I’ll be talking enough about this league to make you cringe probably, but that’s what I live for is NBA ball. Until next time, I’ll holla back. NBA OPENING NIGHT TONIGHT!!