Thursday, November 04, 2004

I Got A Living Room Full Of Fine Dime Brizzles

If you're wondering about that topic, I give credit to none other than Blahah The Great of #basketball fame. That's creative stuff there indeed.

Since the EDDFL Draft, it’s time to get back to some regular action. Of course, you’ll still get some basketball info in here too or it wouldn’t feel right to me. It’s weekend time and I can’t be anymore pumped about that one. Do I have anything planned this week? Nope, not a thing. Last weekend was loaded up with action, but nothing going on for this one. I could use some time to be a bum though, as that never gets old.

The second week of Viva La Bam on this new season I haven’t commented on. To start the show, Bam and his boys find a cannonball in his yard. Yes, the old school war type cannonballs. They take it to an antique shop to see if it’s the real deal, and they say that it is. Bam comes home and throws the ball into his pool, which is 36 degrees. He offers Don Vito $500 to jump in and get it. Vito jumps in, doesn’t get the ball and comes out. He starts complaining and then Phil jumps in and gets it, while getting the $500 to his name. Also during this show, for no reason at all, the crew buys a real cannon from back in the day.

Real World you want? That’s what you’ll get. There was only one storyline in this one. I never thought I’d say this during a Real World year, but I can’t wait until this one is over with. Philly is one of the all time worst in terms of cast and drama that I’ve ever seen. I’m just downright disappointed. Yet I watch every single week still, go figure. Landon’s ex-chick of 7 years just happens to stroll into town since her flight got delayed. Landon invites her over and she brings a buddy. Her buddy pukes all over the place and they have to play babysitter the entire time. Landon breaks down because his chick is not the same as she used to be either. On top of that, his ex-chick is now with his old roommate, so fear that one. Vonda then goes crazy on her whitey boyfriend for hooking up with his ex-chick. Weird. Who doesn’t cheat in today’s world? It’s nuts. Anyways, next week Landon tries to turn pimp and hooks up with dirties, while Vonda gets mad over all of this.

NBA season opened up on Tuesday night and that is the ultimate for me. I won’t give a big in-depth fantasy basketball report here, but those will come through the year I’m sure. As of writing this, the Celtics start out the year 0-1, ouch. Philly took us out on Wednesday night and it was kind of ugly. We started out getting thumped, then take the lead and eventually get up to around 20, then blow it in the end and lose 98-95. I hope it’s not a long year, but at least we’re in the East. As I type this (I save portions at a time and then post when I’m ready) I’m watching the Wiz take on the Bobcats. The owner of the Bobcats is also the owner of BET. Sitting with him at the game is Nelly. At halftime, they talk to Nelly and he says he’s part owner of the team, hah. And to top that one, Nelly supposedly owns a NECKCAR Truck Series Team. That’s hilarious. Or as Chapplle’s son would say, “Nick Cannon is hilaarrrrious!” The legendary Ric Flair is also there, as he basically is the city of Charlotte. That’s a good distraction to get me talking about wrestling.

On November 14th (that day is also my boy Hammer’s 26th birthday) it’s one of the biggies. WWE Survivor Series as both RAW and SmackDown take part in that. If you’re into Tag Matches, this one is for you. Several key elimination tag bouts will go down, hence the name Survivor Series. Did anything huge go down on RAW this past week? I’m liking the character of Simon Dean so far. You may know him as Super Nova from ECW. He’s really worked on his body and skills to get with the WWE and he’s been deserving for quite some time. He has this fitness instructor character in which he trashes members of the audience and it gets them all fired up. Old school style there. Nova is also a nice guy in person as well if anyone is taking notes at home. The main event was Jericho, Randy Orton, and Maven taking on Flair and Batista. The “good guys” win this one by a RKO from Orton. I’ll let JR tell you how the show went off the air:

And Batista is getting hammered in every direction! The fans chanting for the RKO. Oh delivered! Ask and you shall receive! The RKO! Oh my gosh what have we just seen? What has transpired here tonight? Is this a sign of things to come? No Triple H tonight! He said earlier he’d be back on RAW next week. That’ll be in Austin, Texas. This is.. I’m not going to forget this night! I can’t believe what we’ve seen! Flair, helping Batista up. It’s been a bad night for Evolution.

How am I doing in the world of CDs? With the help of Cork, we’ve added to our collections. Just over the past couple of days, we load up with some of the following:

C-Formula & Mic Moses: The Public Broadcast

Dolla: Get Yo Drawz Out Ya Boodie

Eminem: Encore

Fabolous: Real Talk

Ja Rule: R.U.L.E.

Mr. Shadow: A Name You Kan’t Touch

Snoop Dogg: Rhythm & Gangsta – The Masterpiece

Sticky Fingaz (of ONYX fame): Decade

The Street Novelist: Turf Talk

I’ll leave you guys be with that. I’ll also leave with some lyrics. I know Ja Rule is a little midget punk, but I still like his music:

Y'all niggas wanna see the N-G
I'll go watch it like its a hundred and ten of me
Guns bustin' in every direction, the Public Enemy
But naah I ain’t Chuck D, Its Rule baby
Y'all niggas wanna get it crazy, come on y'all cant fade me
The music is slavery, roll up and haze
Because most niggas is lazy cotton pickers
Wish they'd find out its me and my niggas they gone
Cuz they prisoners of they own home, we party and get it on
LIVE IT UP! As soon as we hit em home
We tuckin away the chrome and humpin up on some hoes
We dem niggas you love to hate...I know
Who cares I been blowin your bitch back out for years
Plus she shared so many tears for me
While you was away, was around the time I made "Put It On Me"
So homie, stay from 'round here you aint know, this is Rule here
I'm cockin back, I got an idea

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