Thursday, November 25, 2004

Super China Buffet

The title has no meaning at all to what I'm typing about. It's just my favorite Chinese restaurant, so that'll work.

As I write this bad boy up, today is Thanksgiving. To me, I’m just glad to have the entire week off of work. It’s always fun being a bum and I do that as good as anyone out there. Sure, I’m not getting paid all week, but it evens out in the end anyways. Sleep, money, sleep, money.. I’ll take sleep unless I’m really struggling. The way I look at it is that I don’t have to spend a lot of money this Christmas and don’t really have anything huge to save up for, so I’m doing just fine for myself.

Today was the first day of snow in my area and I can’t be anymore happy. Does that sentence even make sense? Most people like it to be 90 degrees, but not me. I must be weird, but I prefer the cold stuff a lot more. At least I’m not sitting around sweating my nads off in the wintertime. It’s not big snow, but at least it’s something to see. Usually we get snow a lot earlier than this, but it’s been pretty nice so far this fall leading into the winter.

The place I lift at is in a garage and it gets really cold starting around this time of year. Most of the lifters there won’t even bother to lift in the cold. I like to bundle up, put on the toboggan, and get to it. If I had to take time off lifting for it being cold, that’s pretty weak if you ask me. Speaking of lifting, I switched up my routine a bit since I was due. I’m going every other day. On one day I’m going Chest, Biceps, and Triceps. On the next day, I’m doing Shoulders, Legs, and Back. Each of those days I’m always doing abs too, as that’s one thing I can’t slack on. I’m sure nobody cares about that, but I’m here to fill some reading space, so you get that added information.

Real World went down this week and what did we get treated to? The main theme was Sarah trying to “change” a gay dude into hooking up with her. How desperate is this dirty girl? From neck down she looks pretty good, but up top she’s a mess. The funny thing to me this week was how MJ brings home this girl and does his thing to her. Then Sarah freaks out and says how wrong that was of MJ. Yet Sarah is always talking about hooking up with some random guy and how she’s way overdue to get some. Go figure. I sure can’t figure it out. I think she’s just jealous MJ won’t give her the time of day. She did get to fool around with the gay dude, but said it was weird. Idiot.

At the start of the week, my Celtics were leading their division with a .500 record of 4-4. Since then, the past two games have been embarrassing. First, on Tuesday night we played the Pacers on the day that the CD Ron Artest promoted came out. Being that half their team was either mangled or suspended from the rumble, they were playing us with bums. So what happens? They thump us by 10, 106-96. It was much worse than that. The next night we play our former coach, Jim O’Brien and his Sixers. Needless to say, we got owned. Sixerz 0wnz j00! The Sixers beat us 110-97 in another ugly game. So far, Coach Obie 2, Celts 0. Tomorrow night we deal with King James, who lit up the joint last night with 43 points and a crazy array of highlights. Is it weird to say that he “could” be the best player in the league at only 19 years of age? I still give the edge to Kobe, but the gap is getting closer and closer. LeBron is a freak of nature. The kid is sick.

“Cut that meat! Cut that meat!”- Peyton Manning

It’s getting that time of year that I send my annual Christmas cards out. I’ve been doing this for a while now and most of the #basketball crew knows about that. A lot of other people not associated with #basketball also get some cards. I probably won’t send these out until the second week of December or so, but I want to see who is interested in having one mailed out from the mean streets of Shinnston. As BSG would say, it puts a hop in my step to do this every year. I guess it’s just tradition. Get back with me with your address for me to send a card if you are interested to

Here’s an interesting story. If you’ve been checking this Blog out a few times a day, you would’ve noticed a dude named Saint Eyebeat. Apparently, this dude started crying like a little girl because I used a pic from his website and he said it took up a lot of his webspace. He wanted me to give him credit for using it. Then he pulls a funny by changing the linked pic. So if you saw that, you got a nice laugh out of that. I just crack up that the dude got fired up over that. Thanks for the comment though buddy. It added to my excitement for the day.

I’ve gotten a few new CDs the past few days. I’m sure I’ll get more towards the rest of the week, but here’s my latest:

Cam’ron: Purple Haze. If you like NYC rap, or even rap from Cam and his boys (Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, etc) you’ll like this. I need to count how many times Cam says “killa” in his songs though. More than I could count I’m sure.

T.I.: Urban Legend. One of my favorite rappers as of late. A nice crew of people on this CD such as Trick Daddy, B.G., Mannie Fresh, Nelly, Pharrell, Lil Wayne, and Daz. Yep, Daz out of nowhere. The same Daz that you’d know from Tha Dogg Pound days.

Yo Gotti: Gettin’ Money Like A Mutha Fucka Mixtape. The album name alone was enough for me to download this one. I’ve grown to like mixtapes a lot more lately. It probably doesn’t hurt the fact that I get them for free, so that gives me a better idea to listen to it rather than buying it and not knowing anything about it.

Black Friday tomorrow morning. I did this last year and I have no clue how you chicks do it. I woke up last year around 4:30 and went with Cork and Posey. We got to Wal-Mart and all the stops by 5:30 and it was a mess then. At 6:00, the sales started. So we were in line (I didn’t need anything, but wanted to go for the drama) waiting on a portable DVD player that Posey was after. We stepped out of line a few times and these old chicks go crazy like you set their house on fire or something. I was loving it. Honestly now, can you go anywhere and have a decent chick that doesn’t involve drama? I don’t think it’s possible. Especially when there are other chicks around. That gets me every single time. Tomorrow I might do it again, but I’m not quite sure. Mom wants to go, but I may go along just to hit up some Bob Evans. I’d be better off just staying up all night and going like that.

The rest of Thanksgiving I’m just going to be a bum. I’m waiting for the EPIC Bears and Cowboys showdown. Well, I guess it’s not too epic as neither team is any good. But that’s a good excuse for my Bears to get on national TV to embarrass themselves. I’m watching the Colts go wild on the poor Lions right now. I never thought I’d see the day that someone would beat Marino’s 1984 records, but Peyton Manning is well on his way. As of typing this, he has 6 TD passes today and it’s in the 3rd quarter. 6!! You can’t even do that type of stuff on video games. They took him out at the end of the 3rd or he could’ve went for something like 10 TDs if he wanted.

On that note, I’m out for a while. More to come in a few days.


Susie said...

You haven`t shopped a black Friday til you shopped with me hun! No drama here unless given to me..then they get it back! Good blog as usual! Take care!

Beka said...

Uh, don't you have to be dead to be a saint?

And wouldn't a saint gladly share images?

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