Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Every Blogger Has Its Price.. But I'm Priceless"

Thanks to TheAnswer for providing us with this week's blog title. It's a connection tied to Ted "The Million Dollar Man" DiBiase. Yep, a wrestling reference, good to see.

My blog is becoming somewhat of a tradition around here. After 4 years solid, we're still grinding it out on a regular basis. Now that I'm back after last week's time to relax, we're going to jump straight into things. In this one, there's not one main topic I'll focus on. Those are always fun to write out since I can do the usual style of rambling on and on. Hopefully that same style works for another 4 years, but that's a long time down the road. I like writing them up as much as ever, but getting tons of feedback from everyone after I put one up, whether good or bad, keeps the production flowing.

What are we going to dip our pen into for this edition? We'll hit up the fact that summer is right around the corner, fishing, Idol, Real World, "or best offer", a new batch of CDs, Bret Hart, and who knows what else will fill these pages. Enough screwing around, let's see what the fingers can type out this week for all to wonder about.

One thing I never understood and that is what people call "or best offer". You all know what I mean. You'll see a car sitting and it'll say, for example, "$2000 or best offer". Hmm.. Maybe it's just me, but why don't those people put a big sign on their head that says IDIOT? That's basically what they're trying to tell us what is going on. That $2000 price is just a joke in a sense. If I want that car, I'm not going to go in there and settle for $2000 just because it says so and I'm a nice guy. Apparently he'll take less than $2000. Isn't the point of buying something like that (it doesn't have to be a car) to negotiate? Even when you go to a car dealer, they won't have OBO on there, but it's just kind of stated in standard that you can at least try to talk your way down in price. They're so jacked up anyways that it usually works out for the better. Even if I did want to sell for lower than the $2000 price, I'd still never put the OBO, that makes me sound desperate. Maybe I'm alone in this one.

As promised, I said I'd give the link to the videos from the Pittsburgh trip a few weeks ago. After trying to fool around with adding music and graphics to the clips, I lost my patience and just put them up as is. Maybe I'll get better at that, but that's how it goes. Anyways, you get 3 videos I had from my camera. One is a kid jumping Spank over a set of stairs and the other two are just random shots in Downtown Pittsburgh of the BMX scene. It's worth checking out, even if you aren't into the BMX scene. It's funny talking to the people outside of my area. I know I sound like a big hick with my accent, but I guess you don't realize it if you're around it all the time. People from outside were saying after they watched that they got a kick out of just what we were saying. Anyways, feel free to check out the vids: http://youtube.com/user/DruDown894

From Thursday through Sunday, I hit up some fishing with the family. My parents have a place a few hours away, so it's not like I have to rough it, which is handy. As I wrote about during Spring Break, I was saved that we had satellite up there and I was able to watch my sports and all of that fun action. The only downfall was that there is no internet access in the area that we stay at. I can handle that for a day or maybe two, but after that for those who know me, I need my crack back. My crack would be hanging out online and doing absolutely nothing. On Saturday night, I drive about 15 miles away and go to a rich boy section where I know they have wi-fi. I then have my laptop with me in Dad's truck and proceed to hangout in an empty parking lot and feed the internet as I chill. The looks people would give when they'd drive by were priceless. They probably figured that I was the middle man in a drug ring and just waiting on customers to drive up to my window. But nope, I was going worldwide and getting my internet fix.

Some are wondering how the actual fishing part of the trip went. First off, it seemed like it was a good 20 degrees colder up there from my house. One day we hit it up on the lake (Spruce Knob Lake, the highest point in WV) and I had to wear a t-shirt, two long sleeve insulated tops, a hoodie, and a big coat over that with a hood. Then jeans and insulated bottoms, plus two pair of gloves (yep), and a Notre Dame toboggan. This was May 23rd, it shouldn't have went down like that. I didn't get that cold though, so I guess the layers helped. The water was high on most days since they got a bunch of rain the past few days before. That mangles the streams and doesn't give many options, but I was able to get 3 or 4 per day. Of course, if Dad doesn't catch 50 a day and slay them, it's not a successful day for him, but those days are over. I'm personally happy to catch a few a day and just relax at the place to get away from the regular grind of Shinnston. Saturday night we hit up church about a half hour away and then ate at an Italian joint in Davis called Sirianni's Cafe. If you're in the area, it's worth eating there. I got a pasta dish with spinach, chunks of tomatoes, and garlic. I forget what else it had in it or what it was called since I can't find a menu online, but you get the point.

American Idol is now over with and finished. I watched the whole season, but those last few weeks to me aren't nearly as fun when you have less people around. I'm happy that Cook won and the season still kept me interested. The final show is usually cheezy to me, but I think they did a nice job with it. They brought a nice mix of name rockers/singers out to do collabos. My favorite was probably Cook jamming with ZZ Top. It was also good to see some of the bums return. The funny thing about this show is that my crew on our message board ran by the great ManDingo (http://lobsterrodeo.proboards76.com) breaks Idol down like we know even a little bit about music. We know jack, but just how we argue and make it fun is always a good time. I'll have a real good creation to talk about soon that Kasher came up with today. It's a genius idea for guys (and I guess girls too) to go back and forth on during message board chatter. Stay tuned for that, it's excellent, but I'll hype it up soon enough and make you all wait.

Other TV? If you haven't gotten into the Real World crew this year, something is definitely wrong. If you're all about drama and seeing crazy things go down, multiply that by about 10. We have a roid freak/alcoholic who is currently in rehab. We have a model guy who talks down on people, calls his girls associates and everyone else as peasants. He messes with everyone and they take him the wrong way. He met up with this chick he's been seeing, but to double cross him, another guy in the house hooked up with her in the same house. Confused? It's good stuff. Then we have the criminal/stripper girl. After her, it is Closet Ho as Manda calls her that is the southern accent blonde girl that appears innocent, but I'm sure she's filthy. After Closet Ho is Baseball Jock. He likes to brag a lot and thinks he's big and bad, but doesn't appear to have tons of drama so far, but I'm sure it'll brew. Lastly, we get the goody goody girl who is being corrupted and flips out when people are bold. It doesn't seem like much of my crew is watching this year, which is a shame since it's that good. Kari, you better be watching this season, but I figure I don't have to worry about that.

I'll probably come across as sexist here, but I think it's a valid argument, so I'll say it. Who out there is watching the WNBA? Honestly. Even the girl sports fans that I know could care less about this league. Yet the TV media runs it down our throats making it appear to be good when it's brutal. Fundamentally, I've always said that girls work much more on that aspect of the game than dudes. I'm not even wanting them to throw down on heads in traffic, but it just seems so boring to me when I've watched a bit. As TheAnswer says on the subject, "Anybody else as annoyed as I am with those Super Woman commercials ESPN runs for the WNBA? Can't be helping the league's piss poor ratings. I got this Super Woman crap stuck in my head now. What other league could suck so bad and last as long as the WNBA anyway?"

How's the workout routine going? As of May 27th, I've ran outside at least 2 miles on 23 of the past 27 days. I'd say a good four or so of those days were in the rain. I actually like running in the rain, especially if it's warm enough. My town is a bunch of bums, but you see some characters walking on our trail (usually dog owners), but very few runners. I've also upped the intensity on the free weight action, but I've been hitting that for a while now. I'm no Super Woman like the WNBA chicks (who can compete with those stars?), but April marked 14 years of working out with free weights with never missing more than one week. That's not a bad streak, I just hate missing any time with it, so I try to stay dedicated.

On the book scene, and this won't pertain to many unless you're a wrestling fan. I'm about halfway through Bret Hart's book, My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling. You have to order it as it's not released yet in the US, but it's worth doing that before waiting till the fall for the US release. So far, it's a wonderful read. He's not shy at all on what he speaks either, so that always makes for excitement. You get drug stories, breakdown of matches, how crazy his family is, and you end up getting a ton of respect for the guy, at least I do. I have a lot more to go, as right now I'm 1996, and it's hard to put down. I've been lucky in that most of the books I've read recently have been great. The moral? Reading is a great hobby, maybe that makes me feel like an old man, but I guess that's the teacher coming out in me.

It's that time to get everyone updated with the latest CDs added to the collection. Maybe I can steer you in the right direction to pick up some of these, or drive you away from some, either or. Whatever floats your boat, this is what we have:

40 Cal: The Yellow Tape. The first of two Dipset members that I picked up a CD of in the past week. You can do a ditto when you get to Duke Da God in a few. If you're not a Dipset fan, you won't care for this or Duke Da God's CD. All of them sound the same to me, and while I'm used to it and can handle it, they're not lyrical assassins or anything. The thing that sets them apart is the beats and funky sounds they throw in around their raps, not bad though if you want some New York style rap.

Bizzy Bone: A Song For You. It seems like each of the Bone guys come out with a new CD every other week. It's tough to keep them all apart, but if you're a fan of Bone, you'll want this. Nothing outstanding here, and it won't blow you away, but Bizzy stays steady and does his thing. A few recommendations on this? Mercy Mary, I Need You, and Memories.

Duke Da God: Harlem Classics. I haven't listened to this one yet, but he's Dipset as I said earlier. I figure it's nothing that will amaze me till no end, but maybe I'll be surprised. Most Dipset stuff to me is ok, not awful, but nothing incredible either, just mediocre.

8Ball & E.D.I.: Doin' It Big. This one is going along for the ride to work tomorrow, so I don't get to give a full review. I made copies of these for Spank and Cork. Spank says it's a real good listen through the first 5 tracks. He hasn't listened to the whole thing, but his tastes are a lot like mine when it comes to rap, so I'll take his word for it and figure it'll be worthy.

Fat Joe: The Elephant In The Room. Fat Joe does a pretty good job of balancing between mainstream rap and mixing it in with some street feel. This one reminds me of a great comparison of the late Big Pun, Joe's boy from way back. Songs to pick up out of this one? The Crackhouse with Lil Wayne, I Won't Tell with J. Holiday, and My Conscience.

Gnarls Barkley: The Odd Couple. The title of this CD probably says it all. It's an odd pairing and style of music for sure, but it adds something different. Cee-Lo Green has always been his own guy anyways. It's nothing I'd pop in a lot to listen to, but it has it's own feel.

Krayzie Bone: Smoke On This. After listening to all of these Bone CDs for the past decade plus, these guys must never leave the studio. I bet when they die, they'll be like 2Pac and have tracks upon tracks of "unreleased" things. Who knows. I dig the Bone style though. I'm due for a Cleveland trip just because they have me in that mood.

MJG: Pimp Tight. It's weird seeing MJG do something solo, without his buddy 8Ball. Either way, this one is very good. If you want the hard and grimey raps, here you go, this one has it. Ones I like are Small Town Girl, Pimp Tight, and I Tried featuring 8Ball.

Ray J: All I Feel. I had to throw in some pimpin' vibes to slow down things. Of course, most chicks will be all over this if you stick it in, so that's a tip to all who are struggling in that department. He's known to people who may not be up to date, is that he's Brandy's brother and was in the Kim Kardashian sex tapes. Speaking of Kardashian, I'm a fan of that. Dark hair and some thickness, but not too much, that'll work. I like his songs as I'm not afraid of some good pimpin' tunes, but he has a song called Real N**** with Shorty Mack. Now come on dude, you're not all hard, you're Ray J. 8Ball & MJG saying that, maybe it'd be credible, but stick to doing the baby makin' music. I'm just speaking from a whitey's standpoint, so maybe I'm off on that opinion, but let me know what ya think. Howevahhh, that song is good, go pick it up.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: As usual, we like to let the blog readers have some big input around here. Even more so when we get ladies involved. Or how about the ladies even picking out some of the dirty thug girls? Jas is wanting her turn and gets credit for this one, here is this week's dirty: http://www.myspace.com/96038728

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: Hardcore stuff right here. This dude is trying to impress his girl by juggling bowling balls. First off, not a good idea. Adding to that, he knocks out a little kid in the process for something you just have to see: http://youtube.com/watch?v=7uvV0R0qHUc

3 Quick Thangs:

1. We haven't done birthdays in a while. Let's try for Wednesday, May 28th. We start out with the NBA logo himself, West Virginia native Jerry West, he's now 70. Seriously? Dude doesn't look a day older than 60 if that. Then we move to Rudy Giulani, politician who embarrassed himself this year and Yankees fan, 64. John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival, 63. Baseballer and 1988 NL MVP, Kirk Gibson, he's limping around the basepaths for his 51st. He looked 51 in 1988, he's the reverse Jerry West. Former NBA baller, Glen Rice, he's 41 and has one smokin' wife. Singer Kylie Minogue, 40. That's a pretty good list there, it's no joke. I think I may have done this date before in the past, or it seems that way.

2. A comment from the mean streets of Germany from blog faithful Kristen. She was going through the CD list in the last edition and found something that amused her. She liked how I had Frank Sinatra and Adam Sandler in there. Of course. I know 95% of my stuff is rap, but I can switch it up if need be. An Italian guy like myself has to have some old school Mafia music, so that's the reason there. Old Adam Sandler is about as good as it gets for laughs. Can you really go wrong with Sandler being The Goat?

3. Oh, so it's a quick fact that you demand? This one from funnyfact.com: "Formicophilia is the fetish for having small insects crawl on your genitals." Hey, I only report it. I'm not sure that's considered a funny fact though, but you can find anything on the internet.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mailing It In..

I'll be out of town till Sunday or so. I won't have much internet access then, so thus, we'll have to wait for a real blog to appear. Time to recharge the batteries after 4 years and more on that in the next post. Yes, I could've typed up something quick, but it wouldn't have been as good and that's not my style. CDs are extinct now, but I still get them when new things come out, at least to transfer to the iPod. That's basically all they are good for now. I got 9 new ones the other day that we'll mention in the next blog filled with stories. Until then, it's been a while since I've posted my updated CD list, so here we go. These are full CDs I have, not individual songs I have on my iPod. And yes, I know I'm mailing this one in, but even I'm allowed to relax every now and then. Plus, after the Pittsburgh road trip blog in the last one, I think I've earned a few days off..

112: Hot & Wet
213: The Hard Way
40 Cal: The Yellow Tape
5th Ward Weebie: Da Unexpected
50 Cent: Power Of The Dollar
50 Cent: 50 Cent Is The Future
50 Cent: Guess Who's Back
50 Cent: Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
50 Cent: Guess Who's Back Again
50 Cent: The Massacre
50 Cent: Curtis
50/50 Twin: Grown Man Style
504 Boyz: Goodfellas
504 Boyz: Ballers
6 Shot: The Actual Meaning
Afroman: Good Times
Afroman: Jobe Bells
Afroman: Drunk 'n' High
Akon: Trouble
Akon: Konvicted
The Alchemist: 1st Infantry
Ali & Gipp: Kinfolk
AP-9: On Tha Block
Archie Eversole: Ride Wit Me
Ron Artest: My World
Avant: Private Room
Avant: Director
AZ: Final Call
AZ: A.W.O.L.
AZ: The Format
Baby a.k.a. #1 Stunna: Birdman
Baby/Birdman & Lil Wayne: Like Father, Like Son
Baby: Fast Money
Birdman: 5 * Stunna
Baby Drew: Free
Babyface Assassins: Success Is Revenge
Bad Azz: Executive Decision
Lloyd Banks vs. Cassidy: Big Mike Presents Round 2 - The Future Is Now
Lloyd Banks vs. Cassidy: Kochese Presents Round 3 - The Final Chapter
Lloyd Banks: Money In The Bank
Lloyd Banks: Hunger For More
Lloyd Banks: The Big Withdraw
Lloyd Banks: Rotten Apple
David Banner: Mississippi The Album
David Banner: MTA2- Baptized In Dirty Water
David Banner: Certified
Barbershop 2: Back In Business: Soundtrack
Battle 4 NYC: Brooklyn vs. Queens
Bay Madness: The Compilation
Beanie Sigel: The Reason
Beanie Sigel: Hung Jury The Mixtape
Beanie Sigel: The B. Coming
Beanie Sigel: The Solution
Beastie Boys: Licensed To Ill
Beastie Boys: To The 5 Boroughs
Belo: The Truth
Benzino: Arch Nemesis
Benzino: The Antidote
B.G.: Chopper City In The Ghetto
B.G.: Life After Cash Money
B.G.: The Heart Of Tha Streetz
B.G.: Play It How It Go Collection
B.G. & The Chopper City Boyz: We Got This
The Notorious B.I.G.: Ready To Die
The Notorious B.I.G.: Life After Death - Disc 1
The Notorious B.I.G..: Life After Death - Disc 2
The Notorious B.I.G.: Duets - The Final Chapter
Big Boi: Got Purp - Volume 2
Big D: Club Night
Big L: Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous
Big L: The Big Picture
Big Lurch: It's All Bad
Big Mike: Professional Hood Shit - Part 6
Big Punisher: Capital Punishment
Big Syke: Be Yo Self
Big Tymers: I Got That Work
Big Tymers: Hood Rich
Big Tymers: Big Money Heavyweights
Birmingham J: Da Neighborhood Superstar
Bizarre: Hanni Cap Circus
Bizzy Bone: Alpha & Omega
Bizzy Bone: The Beginning And The End
Bizzy Bone: Speaking In Tongues
Bizzy Bone: Thug's Revenge
Bizzy Bone: A Song For You
Black Eyed Peas: Elephunk
Black Eyed Peas: Monkey Business
Black Rob: Life Story
Black Rob: The Black Rob Report
Blackalicious: The Craft
Bone Crusher: AttenCHUN!
Bone Crusher: Release The Beast
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: Faces Of Death
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: E. 1999 Eternal
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: The Art Of War (WWI)
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: The Art Of War (WWII)
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: Thug World Order
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: Thug Stories
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: Stength & Loyalty
Boo & Gotti: Perfect Timing
Boot Camp Clik: The Chosen Few
Boot Camp Clik: The Last Stand
Boot Camp Clik: Casualties Of War
Boss Hogg Outlawz: Boyz N Blue
Lil Bow Wow: Doggy Bag
Bow Wow: Unleashed
Bow Wow: Wanted
Bow Wow: The Prince Of Fame
Bow Wow & Omarion: Face Off
Boyz N Da Hood: Boyz N Da Hood
Boyz N Da Hood: Straight Outta A-Town
B-Real: The Gunslinger - Part II: Fist Full Of Dollars
Chris Brown: Chris Brown
Chris Brown: Exclusive
B-Rich: Born Rich
Brotha Lynch Hung & MC Eiht - The New Season
Bubba Sparxxx: Dark Days, Bright Nights
Bubba Sparxxx: Deliverance
Bubba Sparxxx: The Charm
Joe Budden: Joe Budden
Bun B: Trill
Bushwick Bill: Phantom Of The Rapra
Busta Rhymes: When Disaster Strikes...
Busta Rhymes: E.L.E. - The Final World Front
Busta Rhymes: Genesis
Busta Rhymes: It Ain't Safe No More
Busta Rhymes: The Big Bang
Camoflauge: I Represent
Cam'ron: S.D.E.
Cam'ron: Come Home With Me
Cam'ron: Purple Haze Mixtape
Cam'ron: Purple Haze
Cam'ron: Killa Season
Canibus: Mind Control
Canibus: From Whom The Beat Tolls
Canibus: Hip Hop For Sale
Cappadonna: The Struggle
Cappadonna: The Pillage
Capone: Pain, Time, & Glory
Ray Cash: Cash On Delivery
Cassidy: Split Personality
Cassidy: I'm A Hustla
Cassidy: B.A.R.S. - The Barry Adrian Reese Story
C-Bo: Money To Burn
C-Bo & San Quinn: 100 Racks In My Backpack
Cee-Lo: Green And His Perfect Imperfections
Cee-Lo: Green Is The Soul Machine
Celly Cel: It'z Real Out Here
John Cena: You Can't See Me
C-Formula & Mic Moses: The Public Broadcast
Chamillionaire: The Sound Of Revenge
Chamillionaire: Ultimate Victory
Chingy: Jackpot
Chingy: Powerballin'
Chingy: Hoodstar
Chingy: Hate It Or Love It
Choices Soundtrack
Choices II Soundtrack
Choppa: Straight From The N.O.
Choppa: Coming Back Home
Chrome: Straight To The Pros

Clipse: Lord Willin'
Clipse: We Got It 4 Cheap - Volume 1
Clipse: The Hustler's Manual (Best Of)
Clipse: Hell Hath No Fury
C-Murder: The TRU Story - Continued
Coach Carter: The Soundtrack
Rafael Colmore: Rock-Hop Volume 1
Common: Like Water For Chocolate
Common: Be
Conspiracy Clique: Kickin Down Dooz
Coolio: The Return Of The Gangsta
Coo Coo Cal: Disturbed
Coo Coo Cal: Still Walkin'
Coo Coo Cal: All Or Nothing
C-Murder: The TRUest Shit I Ever Said
Cormega: Legal Hustle
Cradle 2 The Grave Soundtrack
C-Rayz Walz: Limelight - The Outroduction
C-Rayz Walz: Ravipops - The Substance
Crime Mob: Crime Mob
Criminal Manne: Street Ways
Crooked I: Young Boss - Volume 1
Crucial Conflict: The Final Tic
Crucial Conflict: Good Side Bad Side
Crunchy Black: From Me To You
Cutmaster C & Gravy: The Streets Is Still Watchin'
D12: Devil's Night
D12: D12 World
D4L: Down 4 Life
Da Army: A Soldier Dies Once - Volume 1
Da Backwudz: Wood Work
Da Band: Too Hot For TV
Da Muzicianz: Da Muzicians
Da Unda Dogg: The Crest
Dayton Family: Dope House
Dayton Family: Family Feud
Dayton Family: Return To Dayton Ave.
Daz: R.A.W.
Daz: DPGC: U Know What I'm Throwin' Up
Daz: Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta LP
Daz: Gangsta Crunk
Daz Dillinger & Young Gotti: The Saga Continuez
Daz: So So Gangsta
Daz: Gangsta Party
Dead Prez: RBG - Revolutionary But Gangsta
De La Soul: The Grind Date
De La Soul: The Impossible Mission
Delinquent Habits: Delinquent Habits
Dem Hoodstarz: Band Aide And Scoot
Derek D: Ya'll Ant Ready
Raheem DeVaughn: Love Behind The Melody
Devin The Dude: Just Tryin Ta Live
Devin The Dude: To Tha X-Treme
Devin The Dude: Waitin' To Inhale
Dilated Peoples: 20/20
The Diplomats: Diplomatic Immunity - Disc 2
The Diplomats: Diplomatic Immunity II
The Diplomats: Dipset - More Than Music Volume 1
Dirty: The Pimp And Da Gangsta
Dirty: Hood Stories
Dirty: The Art Of Storytelling
DJ Clue: The Professional #2
DJ Clue: The Incredible
DJ Ideal & Lil Flip: Da Bottom Part 6
DJ Jazzy Jeff: The Return Of The Magnificent
DJ Kay Slay: Protect Ya Neck (Hosted By Ron Artest)
DJ Quik: Quik Is The Name
DJ Quik: Trauma
DMC: Checks, Thugs, & Rock N Roll
DMX: It's Dark And Hell Is Hot
DMX: And Then There Was X
DMX: Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood
DMX: Grand Champ
DMX: Year of the Dog, Again
The D.O.C.: No One Can Do It Better
Tha Dogg Pound: Dogg Food
DPG: Tha Unreleased Collection
Tha Dogg Pound: Cali Iz Active
Tha Dogg Pound: Dogg Chit
Dolla: Get You Drawz Out Ya Boodie
D.O.N.: The Miscounted Soul
Do Or Die: Headz Or Tailz
Do Or Die: Victory
Do Or Die: Back 2 The Game
Do Or Die: Pimpin' Ain't Dead
Do Or Die: Greatest Hits
Do Or Die: D.O.D.
Do Or Die: Get That Paper
Dopegame 2
Dopegame 3
Dopegame: Da Mix Tape
Dr. Dre: The Chronic
Dr. Dre: Concrete Roots
Dr. Dre: Back 'N The Day
Dr. Dre: Chronic 2001
Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg: The Wash Soundtrack
Dr. Dre: Detox
Dreamer: High School High
Dru Down: Explicit Game
Dru Down: Can U Feel Me
Dru Down: Pimpin' Phernelia
Dru Down: Gangsta Pimpin
Dru Down: Best Of Dru Down
Dru Down: Got Purp - Volume 1 Mixtape
Dru Hill: Dru World Order
Dru Hill: Hits
DSGB: 'Til Death Do Us Apart
DTP: Golden Grain
DTP: Fuck U Mixtape
Duke Da God: Harlem Classics
E-40: Mr. Flamboyant
E-40: The Mail Man
E-40: In A Major Way
E-40: Loyalty And Grind
E-40: Grit And Grind
E-40: Breakin News
E-40: Bosko That Fire
E-40: The Bay Bridges Compilation
E-40: My Ghetto Report Card
Eazy-E: Eazy-Duz-It
Eazy-E: Str8 Off The Streets Of Muthaphukkin Compton
Eazy-E: Eternal E
E.B. Daddy Of Da Hood: Hood Rebel
ECW Themes: Volume 1
ECW Themes: Volume 2
Eightball: Almost Famous
Eightball: Lost (Disc 1)
Eightball: Lost (Disc 2)
Eightball & MJG: Living Legends
Eightball & MJG: Ghettoville - The Remix Album
Eightball & E.D.I.: Doin' It Big
8 Mile Soundtrack
Eminem: Infinite
Eminem: The Slim Shady LP
Eminem: Off The Wall
Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP
Eminem: The Eminem Show
Eminem: Encore
Eminem: Rap Attack
Eminem: Curtain Call - Deluxe Edition
Eminem Presents...: The Re-Up
EPMD: Out Of Business
EPMD: Greatest Hits
E.S.G.: All American Gangsta
Essential Contemporary Crying Music: Volume 1
Essential Contemporary Crying Music: Volume 2
E-White: The White Album
Fabolous: Street Dreams
Fabolous: Real Talk
Fabolous: From Nothin' To Somethin'
The Fast And The Furious Soundtrack
2 Fast 2 Furious Soundtrack
Fat Joe: Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.)
Fat Joe: Loyalty
Fat Joe: All Or Nothing
Fat Joe: Me, Myself, & I
Fat Joe: The Elephant In The Room
Federation: The Album
The F.E.D.S.: #1 With A Bullet - Presented by Allen Iverson & ABK
Lupe Fiasco: Food & Liquor
Field Mob: From Tha Roota To Tha Toota
Field Mob: Light Poles And Pine Trees
Fiend: There's One In Every Family
Fiend: The Addiction - Hope Is Near
Flavor Flav: Hollywood
Flo Rida: Mail On Sunday
Foreigner: The Definitive
Jamie Foxx: Unpredictable
Fozzy: All That Remains
Frayser Boy: Me Being Me
Freeway: Philadelphia Freeway
Freeway: Best Of Freeway
Frost: Till The Wheels Fall Off
Frost: Blunts & Ballerz
Froze Ony: Gutta Ways
Funkmaster Flex: 60 Minutes Of Funk Volume 4
The Game: Nigga With Attitude
The Game: The Documentary
The Game: West Coast Resurrection
The Game: Ghost Unit
The Game: Doctor's Advocate
Gang Starr: Hard To Earn
Gangsta Lou: Almost Famous
Gangsta O: Independent Dope
Geto Boys: Greatest Hits
Geto Boys: The Foundation
Get Rich Or Die Tryin' Soundtrack
Ghetto D: Street Campain From A Young G's Perspective
Ghetto Mafia: Straight From The Dec
Ghetto Mafia: On Da Grind
Ghetto Mafia: Da Return Of Ghetto Mafia
Ghostface Killah: Bulletproof Wallets
Ghostface Killah: The Pretty Toney Album
Ghostface Killah: Shaolin's Finest
Ghostface Killah: Fishscale
Ghostface Killah: More Fish
Ghostface Killah: Hidden Darts - Special Edition
Ginuwine: I Apologize
Gnarls Barkley: St. Elsewhere
Gnarls Barkley: The Odd Couple
Goodie Mob: One Monkey Don't Stop No Show
Goodie Mob: Nuttin' But Dat G
Gorilla Zoe: Welcome To The Zoo
Gucci Mane: Trap House
Gucci Mane: Trap-A-Thon
Guerilla Black: Guerilla City
Guerilla Black: Real Niggaz Say Shit - Volume 1
Guerilla Black: God Bless The Child
G-Unit: Beg For Mercy
G-Unit: DJ Mello Presents The Best Of G-Unit
G-Unit: The Realest Killaz

Guns N Roses: Greatest Hits
GZA: Liquid Swords
Anthony Hamilton: Comin From Where I'm From
Anthony Hamilton: Soulife
Anthony Hamilton: Southern Comfort
Haystack: It Ain't Safe No More Mixtape
Haystack: From Start To Finish
Hieroglyphics: Full Circle Tour
Hillside Stranglaz: Celly Cel Presents Bad Influence
Hi-Tek: Hi Teknology - Volume 2 (The C hip)
Hollow Tip: Ghetto Famous
Hollow Tip: Mercenary Life
Hot Boys: Let Em Burn
Houston: It's Already Written
Marques Houston: MH
Marques Houston: Naked
Marques Houston: Veteran
Huey: Notebook Paper
William Hung: Inspirations
Hustle & Flow Soundtrack
Hydro & G-Ron: Illegal Procedures
I-20: Self Explanatory
I Got The Hook-Up! Sountrack
Iceberg Slimm: The World On Ice
Ice Cube: The C.I.A. EP
Ice Cube: AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted
Ice Cube: Death Certificate
Ice Cube: War And Peace Volume 1 (War Disc)
Ice Cube: War And Peace Volume 2 (Peace Disc)
Ice Cube: Laugh Now, Cry Later
Ice-T: Gang Culture
Ice-T: Gangsta Rap
Inspectah Deck: Uncontrolled Substance
Inspectah Deck: The Movement
Inspectah Deck: The Resident Patient
The Isley Brothers: Body Kiss
The Isley Brothers: Baby Makin' Music
Michael Jackson: Off The Wall
Jadakiss: Kiss Tha Game Goodbye
Jadakiss: Kiss Of Death
Jadakiss: DJ F Sharp Presents Top Five Dead Or Alive - Part 1
Jadakiss: Rock The Vote Mixtape
Jagged Edge: J.E. Heartbreak
Jagged Edge: Hard
Jagged Edge: Jagged Edge
Jaheim: Still Ghetto
Jaheim: Ghetto Classics
Jaheim: The Makings Of A Man
Ja Rule: Venni Vetti Vecci
Ja Rule: Rule 3:36
Ja Rule: Pain Is Love
Ja Rule: The Last Temptation
Ja Rule: Blood In My Eye
Ja Rule: R.U.L.E.
Jay Tee: The Thousandaire
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Jay-Z: The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse - The Curse
Jay-Z: The Black Album
Jay-Z & Linkin Park: Collision Course
Jay-Z: Fade To Black Mixtape
Jay-Z: American Gangster
Jermaine Dupri: Life In 1472
Jermaine Dupri: Instructions
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Jim Crow: Crow's Nest
Jin: The Emcees Properganda
Jin: 100 Grand Jin
J-Kwon: Hood Hop
Joe: And Then...
Joe: Ain't Nothin' Like Me
Jim Jones: Ambitions Of A Gangsta
Jim Jones: On My Way To Church
Jim Jones: City Of God
Jim Jones: Harlem - Diary Of A Summer
Jim Jones: Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment)
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Mike Jones: Ice Age
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JR Writer: Writer's Block 4
JT Money: Pimpin' On Wax
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JT The Bigga Figga: Nothin' But Thow Bows
JT The Bigga Figga & Mac Mall: Illegal Game
JT The Bigga Figga: Black Wall Street Compliation
JT The Bigga Figga: Neighborhood Superstarz
JT The Bigga Figga: Who Grind Like Us?
JT The Bigga Figga: Drop Your Thangs (Just Box)
JT The Bigga Figga: Mr. Vice President
Juelz Santana: From Me To U
Juelz Santana: Back Like Cooked Crack
Juelz Santana: What The Game's Been Missing
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Juvenile: Juve The Great
Juvenile: Reality Check
Kanye West: The College Dropout
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KRS-One: Spiritual Minded
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Lil Flip: U Gotta Feel Me - Disc 2
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Lil Head: Tha 4'3" Giant
Lil Italy: Top Of The World
Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz: Put Yo Hood Up
Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz: Kings Of Crunk
Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz: Crunk Juice
Lil Ken: Str8 Out Tha Stable
Lil Kim: La Bella Mafia
Lil Mo: Meet The Girl Next Door
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Lil Wyte: The One And Only
Little Brother: The Minstrel Show
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LL Cool J: Bigger And Deffer
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LL Cool J: 10
LL Cool J: DEFinition
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The Longest Yard Soundtrack
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Loon: No Friends
Lud Duc: In My Own World
Ludacris: Back For The First Time
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Ludacris: Chicken & Beer
Ludacris: The Red Light District
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Luniz: Lunatik Muzik
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Master P: MP Da Last Don - Disc Two
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Master P: Good Side, Bad Side - Disc Two
Master P: Master P & Friends
Master P: Ghetto Bill
Paul McCartney: Memory Almost Full
MC Eiht A.K.A. Tony Smallz: Smoke In Tha City
MC Eiht: Veteran's Day
MC Eiht: Compton's OG
MC Eiht: Representin'
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Method Man: 4:21... The Day After
Miller Boyz: Hip Hop History
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Mr. Shadow: A Name You Kan't Touch
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MJG: Pimp Tight
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Mystikal: Prince Of The South - The Hits
Nappy Roots: Watermelon Chicken And Gritz
Nappy Roots: Wooden Leather

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Nas: I Am...
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Nas: Stillmatic
Nas: God's Son
Nas: The Lost Tapes
Nas: Street's Disciple - Disc 1
Nas: Street's Disciple - Disc 2
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Nate Dogg: Music And Me
Naughty By Nature: Naughty By Nature
Necro: The Pre-Fix For Death
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Nelly: Nellyville
Nelly: Da Derty Versions: The Reinvention
Nelly: Sweat
Nelly: Suit
The Neptunes: Clones
N.E.R.D.: In Search Of...
N.E.R.D.: Fly Or Die
New Edition: The Best Of New Edition - The Millennium Collection
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Andre Nickatina: Bullets, Blunts, N Ah Bankroll
Andre Nickatina: The Wrath of Khan Mixtape
Andre Nickatina: Booty Star - Glock Tawk
N.W.A.: Greatest Hits
Obie Trice: Cheers
Obie Trice: Second Round's On Me
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Ol' Dirty Bastard: Return To The 36 Chambers
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ONYX: Bacdafucup Part 2
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Pastor Troy: Tool Muziq
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Petey Pablo: Still Writing In My Diary - 2nd Entry
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Pimp C: Pimpalation
Pitch Black: Pitch Black Law
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Plies: The Real Testament
Plot: Mission 4 Loot
Pretty Ricky: Blue Stars
Pretty Ricky: Late Night Special
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Project Pat: Crook By Da Book - The Fed Story
Proof: Grown Man Shit Mixtape
Proof: Searching For Jerry Garcia
PSC (Pimp Squad Click): 25 To Life
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Puff Daddy: No Way Out
P Diddy: Press Play
Purple City: Road To The Riches
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RBX: Broken Silence
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Redman: Ill At Will Mixtape - Vol. 1
Redman: Red Gone Wild

Rev Run: Distortion
Rhyme & Reason Soundtrack
R. Kelly: Chocolate Factory
R. Kelly: Happy People/U Saved Me; Disc 1: Happy People
R. Kelly: Happy People/U Saved Me; Disc 2: U Saved Me
R. Kelly & Jay-Z: Unfinished Business
R. Kelly: TP. 3 Reloaded
R. Kelly: Double Up
The Roots: The Tipping Point
The Roots: Game Theory
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Rick Ross: Port Of Miami
Rick Ross: Rise To Power
Rick Ross: Trilla
Roscoe: I Luv Cali
Royce Da 5'9": Rock City
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Royce Da 5'9": Build And Destroy - CD 2
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Royce Da 5'9": M.I.C. Make It Count
Royce Da 5'9": Independent's Day
Ruben Studdard: Soulful
Run DMC: Ultimate Run DMC
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RZA: Digital Bullet
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RZA Presents: Afro Samurai Soundtrack
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San Quinn: 457 Is The Code - Part 2
Scarface: The Untouchable
Scarface: The Fix
Scarface: MADE
Erick Sermon: Chilltown, New York
Shaquille O'Neal: Shaq Diesel
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Sheek Louch: After Taxes
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Frank Sinatra: The Platinum Collection - CD 2
Frank Sinatra: The Platinum Collection - CD 3
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Skinny G: Texasized
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Slim Thug: Already Platinum
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Slum Village: Prequel To A Classic
Slum Village: Slum Village
Smilez And Southstar: Crash The Party
Snoop Dogg: Doggystyle
Snoop Dogg: The Doggfather
Snoop Dogg: Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told
Snoop Dogg: Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss
Snoop Dogg: Rhythm & Gangsta: The Masterpiece
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Soulja Boy: souljaboytellem.com
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Spice 1: Dyin' 2 Ball
Spice 1: The Truth
State Property: Chain Gang Volume 2
State Property: The Lost Files
State Property: The Gang Is All Here
State Property: Out On Bail
Stev-O: The Unexpected
Sticky Fingaz: Decade
St. Lunatics: Free City
The Street Novelist: Turf Talk
Styles P: Gangster And A Gentleman
Styles P: Time Is Money
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Sumthin Terrible: Turf Tested, Hood Approved
Super Mario Smash Brothers Melee: Smashing.. Live!
Talib Kweli: Quality
Talib Kweli: Beautiful Struggle
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Talib Kweli: Ear Drum
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T Dre: California Lifestyle
Tech N9ne: Anghellic
Tech N9ne: Vintage Tech
Terror Squad: True Story
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Three 6 Mafia: Da Unbreakables
Three 6 Mafia: Most Known Unknown
Thug Angel - The Life Of An Outlaw Soundtrack
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T.I.: Featuring T.I.P. - CD 2
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T.I.: King
T.I.: T.I. vs T.I.P.
Timbaland: Tim's Bio- Life From Da Basement
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Timbaland & Magoo: Under Construction, Part 2
Timbaland & Magoo: Best Of Timbaland & Magoo
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Too $hort: Gettin' It (Album 10)
Too $hort: Can't Stay Away
Too $hort: Married To The Game
Too $hort: Pimpin' Incorporated
Too $hort: Blow The Whistle
T-Pain: Rappa Ternt Sanga
T-Pain: Epiphany
TQ: Listen
Trae: Same Thing Different Day
Trae: Tha Truth Show
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Tre: Paper Tha Way I See It Iz How I Spit It
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Trick Daddy: Thug Matrimony
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Trillville & Lil Scrappy: Welcome To Trillville
Trina: Diamond Princess
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TRU: The Truth

2Pac: 2Pacalypse Now
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2Pac: All Eyes On Me (Book 2)
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2Pac: Greatest Hits Volume 2
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Twista: Adrenaline Rush
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UGK: Underground Kingz - Disc 2
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Bobby Valentino: Special Occasion
Vanilla Ice: To The Extreme
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Waist Deep Soundtrack
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Paul Wall: Chick Magnet
Paul Wall & Chamillionaire: Controversy Sells
Paul Wall: The Mixtape
Paul Wall: The People's Champ
Paul Wall: Ain't No 401K For A Hustler
Paul Wall: Get Money, Stay True
Warren G: Regulate... G Funk Era
Warren G: I Want It All
Warren G: In The Mid-Nite Hour
Ohmega Watts: The Find
Wax Murdaraz: City Ta City Killin' Spree
WC: Ghetto Heisman
WC: West Side Heavy Hitter
WC: Guilty By Affiliation
Webbie: Savage Life
Webstar: Caught In The Web
Westside Connection: Bow Down
Westside Connection: Terrorist Threats
Willie D: Relentless
Charlie Wilson: Charlie, Last Name Wilson
Mario Winans: Hurt No More
Wu Tang Clan: Enter The Wu (36 Chambers)
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Wu Tang Clan: Forever (Disc 2)
Wu Tang Clan: The W
Wu Tang Clan: Iron Flag
Wu Tang Clan: The 8 Diagrams
WWE Anthology (CD 1: The Federation Years)
WWE Anthology (CD 2: Attitude)
WWE Anthology (CD 3: NOW!)
WWE Originals
WWE ThemeAddict - V6
WWE Wreckless Intent
Wyclef Jean: Preacher's Son
X-Ecutioners: Revolutions
Xzibit: At The Speed Of Life
Xzibit: 40 Days & 40 Nights
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Xzibit: Man Vs. Machine
Xzibit: Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Xzibit: Full Circle
Tony Yayo: Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon
Ying Yang Twins: Thug Walkin'
Ying Yang Twins: Alley
Ying Yang Twins: Me & My Brother
Ying Yang Twins: My Brother & Me
Ying Yang Twins: United State of Atlanta
Ying Yang Twins: Chemically Imbalanced
Yo Gotti: Gettin' Money Like a Mutha Fucka Mixtape
Yo Gotti: Back 2 Da Basics
Young Bleed: Rise Thru Da Ranks
YoungBloodz: Against Da Grain
YoungBloodz: Drankin' Patnaz
YoungBloodz: Ev'rybody Know Me
Young Buck: Straight Outta Ca$hville
Young Buck: T.I.P.
Young Dalley: Never Say Die
Young Dro: Best Thang Smokin'
Young Gunz: Tough Luv
Young Gunz: Brothers From Another
Young Hootie: Young Compton Mixtape
Young Jeezy: Let's Get It - Thug Motivation 101
Young Kev: Ghetto Gospel
Yukmouth: Godzilla
Yukmouth & C-Bo As Thug Lordz: In Thugz We Trust
Yukmouth & Ampichino Present: AK47 - Soundtrack To The Streets
Yukmouth: Million Dollar Mixtape - Disc 1
Yukmouth: Million Dollar Mixtape - Disc 2
Yukmouth: Million Dollar Mouthpiece
Yung Joc: New Joc City
Yung Meek: Go Get It
Yung Wun: The Dirtiest Thirstiest
Z-Ro: Life
Z-Ro: King Of Ghetto
Z-Ro: Thugged Nigga
Z-Ro: Let The Truth Be Told
Z-Ro: 1 Deep

Monday, May 12, 2008

Road Trippin': Waffle House Spectacular!

It seems like the easiest blogs for me to write are the road trip versions. They take longer to write, but once I get started, the stories flow down the mountain. We have another one to get to this time around and it should have some goodies in it as well as some classic pics. The majority of this post will be Saturday's trip to Pittsburgh for my first Pirates game of the year, but we had other action outside of that go down too. To set the story straight, we were 4 deep on this trek up north. In attendance was Spank, Cork, Kristin, and I took the wheel and did the driving. Luckily, since I'm typing, the car and everyone inside came back in one piece, that's always a plus. It's never taken for granted with my driving skills.

We start the trip off by picking up Cork and Kristin in Morgantown. Instead of leaving late for a 7:05 PM game, we wanted to make a day out of it. We get them at 11:30 and then head off to Bob Evans to get our grub on. We had to wait a few minutes, so in that time, we sat down in kiddie chairs and played Checkers on a preschool type table. Spank doesn't mess around as he takes us both out in quick fashion. I'm a fan of Checkers, but I never was that great at it, but it's one of those games that are still fun even if you lose. On the food, what'd I order? This is always a theme on road trips is to see what I can munch on. Raspberry crepes, biscuits and gravy, and sweet tea. The exact same order I got at Bob Evans a few weeks back and it's money. You think I'd steer you wrong on food? I may be a little dude, but I do know my food. A lot more food to come..

Outside of a few minor instances, the drive up was pretty smooth and I didn't present any problems. The thing that bugs me in Pennsylvania is the speed limit. In West Virginia, we're used to a speed limit of 70 miles an hour on the interstate. Not up here. Some areas have it at 65, but we were in a lot of 55 zones too, not good. I'm used to being in cruise control the entire time, but I felt like a turtle going in that range. Not that we were in a hurry, but still, I'm used to my comfort zone. I never was a speed demon on the interstate (usually am more so on back roads), but I usually like to set it at 5 miles past the speed limit and just go from there. It was Motorcycle Appreciation Weekend or something of that nature in PA and there were signs everywhere. We saw our first sign and then not long after that, I whip into the other lane and get right up on a bike. I didn't think anything of it, and it wasn't too close, but apparently the rest of the car thought I was going to pancake this bike and go right over him. Again, my driving puts fear into some people, it makes for an interesting day.

We get into the heart of Pittsburgh around 1:30-2:00 or so, a city I've always been a big fan of. I thought we'd have a bunch of time to kill and we'd be wondering what to do for a while, but that was settled about one block from where we parked at for the day. We're walking around and lo and behold, we see a good 50 or more kids on BMX bikes going around this plaza, jumping off steps, doing rail rides, and having all around action. Coming from the middle of nowhere, this would never happen in my town unfortunately, but more on that in a few. We were a block or so away from PNC Park and traffic was going by and this group of kids would be all over the place. The tricks these guys were doing were blowing us all away, so we hung out and checked it out for a lot of the afternoon. That gave me a good reason to bust out the camera, which I'd get big use of on the day. I began to take some pics of the crew as well as some video. I hope to get some videos going in YouTube in the next week or so if I can figure out how to add music and crop some vids, shouldn't be too hard.

Back to comparing my town to Pittsburgh. You can imagine that comparison already. My town has a group of skaters and bikers, but they get a bad rap from 90% of town unfortunately. Now don't get me wrong, these kids aren't angels, but just because they portray a certain image on the outside doesn't mean you can't give them a chance. They get ran out of everywhere in town and there's nowhere for them to skate at. These kids aren't ballers, aren't interested in clubs, church, or any of that. Nothing wrong with that, their outlet is skating. Then the town kicks them out of every place they go and people wonder why some of these kids end up all drugged out or getting into crime. Let the kids be and do their thing and you just might be surprised how harmful they really are, but that wouldn't fly in my area since it's stuck in the 1950s. Pittsburgh though, with a group that huge, there was no supervision and they were doing this in Downtown Pittsburgh. The kids were very respectful with each other, taking turns on the jumps, and looking out for one another. If someone would hit a big move, the kids would hype it up with some claps. If someone mangled themselves on a wreck, and that happened while we were there, the kids would run over and make sure things were ok. The kids weren't out there slanging dope or tearing things up, but just because (in my bum town anyways) they don't look the part of most of everyone else in town, they are thought of as worthless. I could get on a big tangent about this topic as it gets me heated, but I'll save it for the time being and move along with the trip.

From 3:00-4:00, outside the stadium, you could meet most of the Pirates players. There were booths set up all down the street. The deal was that if you had your own camera, you could get pics with the players. This was great for the little kids and they ate it up, but we figured we might as well try it as well. You couldn't get autographs as that'd make the lines last even longer, but the pic idea sounded worth a try since I've never really done it before. I'm not much of an autograph guy anyways. I'd rather get a handshake and talk to them. I didn't want to waste the entire afternoon waiting in these lines, so I jumped in to see my so called look-alike Xavier Nady. He was in a booth with Tyler Yates and Heberto Andrade and we didn't have to wait long as we were one of the first people in line. We step up and Kristin handles the camera while Spank, Cork, and myself jump in there. Spank was cracking us and the Bucs players up by joking with them and asking if they had any chew just to see what they'd say. Nady busted out and since he couldn't say straight out, he said to just search around, someone nearby should have some. Then Cork told Nady on the look-a-like thing with me and Nady got a kick out of that. The nose and dark hair do it I guess.

Once we got our pic with the players, it was off to hang out at a restaurant/bar across the street. We were outside just watching the action go down and ordered a basket of fries, no biggie. At this place, the waitresses wore little shorts and cut off tanktops. A few of the girls had bodies for that, but they put this way out of shape chick into this outfit and it was rough times to be had for everyone. All the people in our area out there eating were noticing it and were put off by it. Don't get me wrong, I like some thickness, but you gotta be smart enough when to hide that mess. Not to mention she had a tramp stamp on her lower back that looked hideous, a thumbs down on my end. You all know how I feel about most tats on girls, they look awful. Just my opinion though. If I offend someone, so be it. But the action was about to start up again as we saw a zillion BMX kids come by, flying through the downtown streets. This time, they went to a different section of town, so what do we do? We followed them of course, what else?

On the river, there was a wedding finishing up. Above the steps, we had the gang of kid bikers doing their thing. Spank had the bright idea of sitting on the steps and having one of the guys jump over him. We got video of it and it turned out to be great. Hopefully I can work that onto YouTube whenever I play around with it enough and add some music. I have a few other vids from the day too, so be on the lookout. A few of their dudes had nice camcorders and were filming the action. It was getting near time to head to the stadium, so I see this group of high school football guys coming down to watch the bikers. Not only may I be hooked on getting vids from this trip, but it was a blast to get pics with random bums for no reason other than to see reactions. That shows how much we had going on. Before the football team, I got some of the bike kids together and got a pic with that bunch, a success. Then I go to the football team and tell them I need a pic and they of course are pumped to do so. They and the bikers had to be wondering what us guys pushing 30 years old were doing by not trying to run them off like the rest of the town. Cork told the team and me to flex to be silly, so that's what we did, good stuff indeed. Those kids ate it up. Chrissy from the mean streets of Webster County saw the pics and said all of those guys were bigger than me. I guess it doesn't take much.

The main part of the trip was to hit up the baseball game. It was icing on the cake after how much fun the day had been so far. We sat in my favorite seats in the stadium, the left field bleacher seats, homer seats if you will. We got into the stadium at 4:30 for a 7:05 game, go figure. I love being early to a game to see some batting practice and all of that. Also, it was FlexFit hat night, a nice freebie there. The Bucs lead the league in promotions and still can't get people into the place. Saturday night had a paid attendance of 28,000+, which is enormous for their games. Usually it's you and a few other people there and that's about it. Combine the hat with the Braves in town and you get the crowd. My area always has had a ton of Braves fans. I figure it has to be because when we grew up, most all of the Braves games were on TBS. Of all the pics I took for the weekend, I only took two inside the stadium, imagine that. There was this chick and her daughter behind us who wouldn't shut up. They were just rambling on about who knows what and I had to listen to that mess. I thought I could talk a lot, but this was just her voice mixed in with talking about pointless things, I was ready to explode. Also one of the quickest games I've ever been to, it lasted about 2 hours and 10 minutes, nuts. There's also something about the text message thing they do where you can send in a text at the stadium and it comes on the screens for everyone to see. I was watching that as much as the game, plus we got a few in there just to be stupid. You see some weird stuff up there.

As with every road trip, I have to rate the town's chicks. Me and Spank both put a huge thumbs down to this. You'd think with a decent sized city you'd have them running all over the place, but we saw very few that made us give a second look to. Maybe since it was cooler that night (40s actually, nice), they didn't come out of the house to bounce around half naked. I know I'm picky and all, but this was rough for just about anyone I'd say. It was that bad. Maybe we'll have better luck next time around in that department.

Food inside the stadium and I picked a good one. I didn't go crazy and eat all game because I knew that Waffle House was calling our names later. They had this gourmet cook chick and she was whipping up some steak, onions, peppers, and cheese for a huge Philly cheesesteak. It was so big that I had to help them hold the sandwich together so they could stuff more on it. Top that with some coleslaw on the side and a bag of chips for $10.50. That's not too bad considering normal stadium prices. Way better than the $5 hot dogs I'd get.

Toot the horns for it's Waffle House time! Our last fun stop of the trip and it's always a good time. To start out, you want to know what I ate. I loaded up on a ham and cheese omelette, hash browns covered with cheese, bacon, and sweet tea. Quite possibly the best bacon I've ever had in my life, no joke. Plus, it was a dirty Waffle House. The table we sat down at wasn't even clean, it was crazy sticky, so I knew we picked a good spot. Cork wiped his section of the table up, but I told him if it's that filthy, just go with it for the experience. Cork is a big jukebox fan, one of few I can name off the top of my head. Surprisingly, they had fairly current songs loaded up on this thing. He goes to play a song for each of us, so we had to laugh at that. Then after that section, he goes to play Souljah Boy's Superman 6 times in a row. Like we hadn't heard it a zillion times already a year ago, but he wanted to leave that thing going when we left for the people to have stuck in their heads. Unfortunately, this jukebox was smart and wouldn't let you run repeats all night long. They played it once and then took his money, he was fired up.

Me and Spank (go grammar) were definitely getting the regular standing in front of the restaurant pic. That was a given and nothing creative about it. Then a light popped into my head (Bobby Light) and I had one last idea. I wanted a pic with the dirties that were the waitresses that night. Just pure random, why not huh? So when we're paying, I have to bust out the charm and then ask (let me ax somebody) these chicks if they'd be kind enough to get a pic with me. It must've been the accent or just maybe I was that smooth, who knows. As I'm setting up the pic, there's this chick probably about 45 years old who I was calling a big meth head who was eating. She was a wreck, crazy makeup, falling out of her top, the whole deal. She was all hyped that I thought of this idea. The characters you see at a Waffle House, let me tell ya.

That about wraps up the big portion of this blog. I could talk about other things that happen in my area through the week, but that never changes. You all know my schedule by now and will get that in the next blog. Spank was saying on the way home, "Man.. we live in a hole in the wall!" He's probably definitely right about that considering the options out there in a real actual city. Our town is a complete joke, but it's what we know. I'm still a small town guy, but always good to get out of the house every now and then and see what your non-average bums get into.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: http://www.myspace.com/nataliasingermav

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: We get another sent in from a reader, The_Freak. This features Benny the Bull on Jerry Springer. Enough said, you know you'll like it: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2PE9gQwlQ0E

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Last week on Idol, Jason Castro got the boot. He flamed and had two horrible performances. This led to a chat with The_Freak:

The_Freak (9:58:29 PM): I would bang Syesha without remorse.
The_Freak (9:58:43 PM): You stink pot boy. Go get some more Doritos.
Me (9:58:55 PM): He's a bum, but he cracks me up.
The_Freak (9:59:05 PM): He needs a show on MTV
The_Freak (9:59:10 PM): Potheads are funny
The_Freak (9:59:30 PM): I'm sure he's a laid back dude and all
The_Freak (9:59:32 PM): But damn
The_Freak (9:59:36 PM): Get your shit together bro

2. Mom doesn't know too much about computers. One day last week I was bored and checking out bums (I know I use that term a lot, but that's how it goes) on MySpace just for something to do. She saw me looking at someone and then starts asking gossip. Then she started naming people and I told them I'd find them in no time and how everyone and their brother posts their life on there. She quickly found out how ate up people can get up on there, and if she really wanted to look through it all the time, she'd be ate up like the Waffle House meth chick knowing that she can search the town's day-to-day activity and who is sleeping with who. That should be a TV show all in and of itself.

3. What's that I smell?? Very soon, we've hit 4 years solid rocking this blog out. Pretty crazy how time flies and I hope it keeps going on a regular basis. Now it's time to rest after working on this beast.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

"I Like Turtles!"

We are back to do some business around here. It's been over a week, but that's how things go at times. I haven't heard anyone get on my case yet, so my throat hasn't been slashed for not getting in a post. After some good response from last week's wedding festivities, we're now going to hit up some randomness. For a preview, this time around you'll get doses of girls wearing glitter, horrible fashion ideas, softball times, a new season of Real World, guitar jamming, Mario Kart Wii, energy drinks, a boy who likes turtles, some wise advice from DerekHood and The_Freak, as well as many other things. Step up and get ready!

I'll start out with a few things that I must be out of the loop on, but they each bug me till no end. What's up with chicks wearing glitter? This made me think while watching Idol the other night. Some of those chicks had their faces mangled with glitter. What's that all about? Seriously now. I don't want to be all over some chick and then get glitter on me that will take months to get off, it takes forever to get rid of. Not only that, but it makes them look trashy and goes in the same line with girls throwing 10 pounds of makeup on to cover up how awful they really look, yet end up looking worse with that.

The second deals with, I'm not even sure what the fashion is called. It's usually with anorexic looking chicks, but it's catching on to halfway normal girls too. I was watching Idol and Real World on Wednesday with Manda and had to get to the bottom of this from a chick perspective. Take a skinny chick and put some pants on her. No biggie, right? Well, what if that girl takes those pants and cranks them up past her abs. Now that is downright horrible. It's not like these girls are 400 pounds and are trying to hide their rolls. Yet, they have these pants that button up halfway up their body and to me it looks hideous. If you have a cute little body like that, don't ruin it with those high water pants as Dad would call them. Maybe someone else can explain it to me. Manda somewhat agreed with me, but says a lot of people are wearing them like that.

I very rarely get into the energy drink craze. They're not good for you to begin with and I've yet to have one that didn't taste like dirt. I was on my way home from work the other day and feeling in a coma and wanted to try something different. I figured why not pick up an energy drink. I've probably had just a few ever and with Jas always hyping them up, I figured I was bored enough to give another a try. This time I ended up getting a grape Amp. I paid $2.11 for that piece of garbage. 16 ounces and I probably was able to drink 6 of that, it was that terrible. Maybe I just haven't tried the right ones, but I'm done with those things for a long time. Try to sell me on another one that I may actually like and I could be down.

Mario's Fishbowl returns! Well, somewhat. Our softball team this year isn't Mario's Fishbowl anymore. We're sponsored by people who gave us more money, so we jumped shipped and switched over. That means new gear. This year we're Dyno Nobel, a weird name, but we'll make it work. We're rocking orange tees with navy blue letters and I'm #33 as usual. Our hats are Detroit Tigers with blue bills and blue and white tops, they're pimp. Then finish it out with some knee high Under Armour socks old school style and Adidas cleats. Even if we lose games this year, we'll still be the best looking on the field, gotta do that. To go along with our gear, we bring yet another year of having the hottest chicks in the league on our team for whatever that's worth to the fans. The other teams say that and we do too, so I guess it's true and I've yet to see a close argument to the case. How bad can that be in a co-ed league is what I always say to look at some dirties. At least they don't wear high water pants past their abs.

Now as far as our first game went on Friday night, it's time to break that down. We come into the year as the highest ranked returning team from last season, so that's a plus. We did battle against VFW, but as was the same as last year, we start this year out very slow. We got spanked to the tune of 17-2. Yes, you read that right, it was that bad. I'm not sure why we didn't bring our usual game. I thought I played well enough, but was bummed I didn't get much action playing center field. I like doing that more than anything, which is to do up the fielding skills big time and run down some nice catches. I felt our problem was that our bats didn't hit much out of the infield. I was happy with my game though, but I'd rather get a win. Also, our fielding needs to be improved as well since we're usually real good in that aspect. It happens. We're off next Friday, but the week after we do a doubleheader, so I'll keep the reports coming.

Anyone jumped on the Real World: Hollywood season yet? We are three episodes in. The switch to this season is that each episode is an hour long. We also seem to have more characters than usual on here, which makes for good TV. It seems that half of these are putting on a show just to end up with a Hollywood job when this is all said and done. For the first time in what seems like forever, we don't have a gay dude on the show, imagine that. Now, I don't mind that every now and then, but to have one on every single season, no. Switch it up some. If that sounds rude, so be it, but just my stance. It goes with straight or gay couples, I'm cool with whatever their choice is as long as I don't have to see them all over each other in public. I've also been saying for years, if they can have all of these backgrounds on the show, why haven't they tried some worthless redneck from the middle of nowhere or some gangsta from the mean streets somewhere? You can't tell me you wouldn't watch just to see that drama go down. Or another, throw in someone a bunch older to see how they'd handle the youngster happenings.

One more Real World paragraph coming up, deal with it. The cast this year? We have Joey, the steroid freak stereotypical guido who just goes on rampages and is a mess. After him, it's Kimberly from South Carolina. I dig the hick accent and she's fairly cute. Manda calls her the goody goody girl on the outside, but is really a "closet ho". Good call. Dave is the athletic dude and he's after Kimberly. He's just out to have some fun it appears. Looks wise on the girls, I'm probably liking Sarah the most so far. She's 21 and has already graduated college. She has a dude back home, but has the hots with Will the Thrill. We know that's about to happen. Speaking of Will, he's from Detroit and is a DJ that supposedly is a ladies man. He seems like a down to earth guy with no emotional issues thus far. Brianna is a trip. She's a Philly stripper who Joey is going after. She's a former coke head and also was addicted to meth. She has criminal charges too, interesting. Manda says this chick looks like a tranny, I agree, she's not too great to look at in my mind. Last, is the "character" of the show and that's Greg. He was voted by the fans to be on and his online name in the search is "PretyBoy". He says he's The Chosen One and people don't get his humor yet as he calls everyone peasants and girls as his associates. That's a quick analysis, so you better get to watching on Wednesdays at 10:00 PM EST. If not, watch it on MTV.com, you know you want to.

Not much happens in my town, so last Friday our boy Nolan came in to hang from Dayton. We sat on his porch in scenic downtown Shinnston and watched the town's action go down. There wasn't much of course, but you know. Outside of that, I got to listen to Nolan and Spank jam it out on their guitars, I was impressed. I know nothing about guitars, but I seemed to think it was good anyways, hah. The excitement was seeing the cops pull over this guy for a good 45 minutes. We never did find out what was up, but it was something to see.

A video game that just about everyone would enjoy is now in my hands. Yep, Mario Kart Wii. This game is excellent. If you liked all of the older versions, you are in for a treat with this. The online stuff with this game is just ridiculous enough and worth the purchase. So many options and there's always something going on. As far as the gameplay and controls, it's solid and as smooth as ever. The thing I like is that you have various ways to drive on this game. It comes with the Wii Wheel, which is an interesting concept, but I don't care much for. Most people have seemed to start out using this. I don't mind it, but I prefer the Wii Classic controller. You can also use the Wiimote with the nunchuk. And on a side note, Spank and I were ate up on Saturday night by playing 7 hours straight without stopping, that's how good it is.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: http://www.myspace.com/thebestpornstar

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This one comes courtesy to us from none other than The_Freak. It's a quick video, but I don't know how many times I've watched it in a row. The boy likes turtles, we know that much and I'm busting up over it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMNry4PE93Y

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's try some birthdays for Tuesday, May 6th to see what's going on. We start off with rocker Bob Seger who turns 63. Actor George Clooney, 47. NHL goalie Martin Brodeur suits up for his 36th and I have no idea if he's still even playing hockey since I know nothing about it, but I'll say yes? I'm not even concerned about hockey enough to look that one up. You believe that's all we have that's noteworthy on that date? That'd pathetic and probably not worth the writeup. With that, I'll throw in a fun fact since the birthdays were bad: Anyone under the age of 21 who takes out household trash containing even a single empty alcohol beverage container can be charged with illegal possession of alcohol in Missouri. There ya go.

2. I've talked about it before, but to the wrestling fans, I finally finished JR Benson's Extremely Strange book. This is definitely one of the best wrestling books I've read and I've read a crazy amount of them. The stories and tales in this one are so over the top that it keeps you interested, plus Benson has been around and knows the business inside and out. It's money well spent, trust me on this, you won't be disappointed.

3. I'm ending this post with two great chat lines I had recently with my boys The_Freak and DerekHood. I figured they were good enough to share:

The_Freak (9:51:41 PM): If there's a rice shortage and Chinese restaurants start going out of business I'll cry like a baby.

DerekHood says: I am a heterosexual single 26 year-old man and I am sitting at home on Friday night chatting online with another dude about salsa verde and bell peppers. Fuck me sideways.

Good times right there, see you all very soon!