Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fruity Pebbles

Here we go again. What will go down in this issue? Real World, wrestling, music, MTV Sunday Stew, the NBA Draft, and whatever else I feel like talking about. Now I have to decide which order I should put it in so I won’t lose anyone early on in the reading. Oh well, let’s give this a try..

Remember all of the drama from Real World Austin last week? This week wasn’t nearly as good on the drama scale, but we still have things that must be talked about. The crew gets their job assignment and that is to do a 15-minute documentary on a local music festival. But that’s nothing to make mention of. What you want to know is about all the drama from your baby mamas. Mel and her man split up and she breaks down and goes insane. Note to self, no matter how good a chick looks, if she has major issues, she gets crossed off my list. She freaks and then goes after the guy she really wants and that is Danny. Danny gets surgery next week on his mangled eye and he uses that to hook up with Mel. She stays in bed with him one night as the rest of the members go out partying like rock stars. By the way, Lacey’s hair is pathetic and she’s even a hairdresser. I don’t get it. Next week we see that Wes wants some off of Jo, but gets shot down. He gets fired up and says if she wants to play games, he can play them better. Maybe she’ll throw some bows at him. Just give me the action on TV.

Many of you watch MTV’s Sunday Stew? I’m big into it for the most part. Well, for two shows I am anyways. Pimp My Ride and Punk’d are cool shows, but I don’t have a seizure waiting for them to come on. Bam I’m a big fan of and they moved the time this year for his show to 9:30 instead of 10:30. I didn’t know that at the time and set my VCR for 9:40 or so. I missed the first 10 minutes, but no biggie. The things I liked about this episode was of Don Vito getting waxed in Brazil and then at home, Deco turns Bam Land into Brazil for Ape and Phil since they didn’t go to Brazil with everyone else. I saw Seasons 2 and 3 on DVD today at Target for $33, while Season One is $20. Better load up on the new ones if you already haven’t Susie.

The second is a new show that is on at 10:30, The Andy Milonakis Show. The internet fans will know this kid simply as Crispy. We’ve all seen his raps and this kid is just totally crazy. I want to watch every week just to see what he does next. One segment this week had Crispy eating Fruity Pebbles with Lil Jon. Lil Jon eats it out of his pimp cup and then spits it in Crispy’s face because he was annoying. Then to make Crispy feel better, he pulls him into the TV from his living room and lets him be part of their video. Funny seeing him computer enhanced out there with Lil Jon and his crew. Guess you had to see it to know how funny it is, so you best tune in on Sunday. Still the best part of the show is the rapping that Milonakis does. Some funny funny stuff.

RAW time as there were a lot of big things that went down. First, we had Big Show (ugh) and Rob Van Dam (my boy) transfer over from SmackDown. I’m huge on RVD coming over, but everyone that knows me figured I’d like that one. Hopefully that knee heals up soon. Then we had Angle taking on Flair. This match was a fun one to watch and Flair has some big respect for Angle. He even goes as far to say that Angle has potential to be the best of all time as he wrote that in his book. I can’t see Angle staying in the game as an old man, but we’ll see. I hope so to see him around a while though because he’s an impressive wrestler. Then our main event was a very big one. It was Christian, Jericho, and Tomko facing who? It was John Cena, HBK, and their partner, none other than Hulk Hogan. Hogan can’t do anything anymore, but he still gets more crowd reactions than anyone. Gives me goosebumps to just watch the reactions he gets. “Youuuuuuuuuu!”

What CDs have I loaded up on recently? First we have the latest from R. Kelly and that is TP. 3 Reloaded. R. Kelly is as good as it gets when it comes to pimpin’ music. I don’t care how many little girls he’s wizzed on in his spare time, I’m just judging him on his music and nobody is in his league if you ask me. A nice array of talent on this CD such as Snoop, The Game, Birdman, Twista, Nivea, Do Or Die, and some others. He gets it done big. You’ve all seen the video for Trapped In The Closet, Chapter 1. Curious to how the saga plays out? Whatever you’re thinking, it’s ten times more drama. The story keeps you hooked throughout all five songs. All five chapters are on this beast. A highly recommended album. Sorry, I spent a lot of time on R. Kelly, but look pimp up in the dictionary and you’ll see him. Up next is Royce Da 5’9” with Independent’s Day. How this guy hasn’t made it mainstream yet, I have no clue. Check out some of his older stuff. You won’t be disappointed. Then I loaded up with United States of Atlanta, from the Ying Yang Twins.

I can’t forget out the greatest day of the entire year. Yes, that’s right. It’s the NBA Draft. This is what I gear up for and I’m happy with the results from Tuesday night. My Celtics’ main pick is a high school phenom, Gerald Green, who fell to us at #18. How he fell that far, who knows. He was projected as high up as #3 on some mock drafts I saw. I’m excited about the pick though, hopefully it doesn’t turn on me. Our late picks were Ryan Gomes of Providence at #50 and Orien Greene of Louisiana Lafayette at #53. Green and Greene to wear Celtic Green? Say it ain’t so. I’ll stop with NBA talk. I could write forever on that, but I’ll spare you guys just this once.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Download Put My T-Shirt On from R. Kelly.

2. I swear, late at night, MTV shows the exact same videos in the exact same order. It’s been like this for a few weeks. I need to write down the songs just to prove it. It’s messed up. Give me something different. I’m only here for videos since BET goes to preaching at 4:00 AM.

3. Febreeze is one of the best inventions of all time.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Money In The Bank

Here is one we will have in common. Monopoly. I can’t name too many people out there who aren’t at least somewhat of a fan of the game. If you’ve never played online, now is your chance and it’s good times as you could guess. Fire up and go from there. You can sign in as a guest or get a login name. Everything is easy to setup and you can play anywhere from 2 people at a table on up. You know you want to play. You’re not doing anything else online other than looking at porn. Let me know how it is if you’ve never tried it here before.

I’m not in the majority, but I’m ready for some snow. It could snow all year long for all I care. Today it was 93 and I was out there mowing grass. Definitely not fun at all. I know some people reading this, it gets a lot hotter than 93 in your area. I don’t know how you do it. A perfect year round temperature for me would be somewhere around 55. The really cold stuff doesn’t bother me either. I’d rather it be 40 than how it is today. Forget that mess.

A couple of new CDs on the list to make mention of. The first is Boyz N Da Hood with their self titled album. This is Puff’s boys from the ATL and this is a nice listen. They come across pretty hard. The second is Cassidy with I’m A Hustla. Not a bad album here and it is more gangsta than the first one he put out. That’s all on the CD front this time, sorry.

I saw a few movies these past few days. Cork was nice enough to bring over Anchorman for me to check out. Everyone else has seen this one except for me. It was worth the wait and I thought it was hilarious. Nick Cannon style. Anyways, Ferrell did his thing and you also get Kelly Bundy looking great too. Some good cameos in here such as Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller. The supporting cast was a nice fit as well. The other movie I watched was a disgrace. My favorite all time movie is The Sandlot. So I was dumb and finally gave in to renting The Sandlot 2. Doh! Not a good choice. It’s not totally horrible, but don’t waste your money on it either. It’s pretty much the exact same storyline, except this one is set in the year 1972 instead of 1962. They even use a lot of the same lines. The kids can’t act like the old school version either. Get the first one any day over this mess.

I just got done watching WWE Vengeance, so I’ll give my thoughts on that bad boy. The show started out hot with Carlito remaining IC Champion over Benjamin. Both of these guys can go. Benjamin has star written all over him if only he could talk a bit, which he can’t yet. Our next match had Victoria slapping around Hemme. Please get Hemme out of the ring. Great, you were in Playboy, but you can’t wrestler one bit. The crowd booed this match because it was a waste of time, even if Victoria was looking awesome as usual. Wow, Edge got beat by Kane. I never expected that one at all. Edge accidentally busted Snitsky with Money in the Bank to let Kane pull it around for the Chokeslam win. In wrestling terms, this next match is what we like to call a clinic. It’s an overused word probably in wrestling, but these guys got it done. I’m talking about HBK and Angle. HBK ends up winning, putting their series at 1 win a piece. Hmm.. SummerSlam for the tie breaker? That’s a long time away though. In my opinion at the moment, Angle is the best in the company.

Next we got Lilian call Big Vis to the ring. She proposes to him and then we hear the music of The Godfather. Vis is left in a jam and has to pick between Lilian and the hoes. Vis says there is only one thing he has to say, “All aboard the HOOOOO Train!” Hah, that’s classic and then he leaves with The Godfather. Next up was the WWE Title Match in which Cena ends up keeping that gold. Very nice match here as they all three worked well together. The main event had Batista staying on as World Champion in the Hell in a Cell. This was a blood fest as expected and better than what I thought. It’s not one you’ll want to watch over and over again, but they did decent with this. A quality show indeed. I can’t really think of any big holes that I’d bash this one on. Nice job WWE. As I end this, try to get a hold of a copy to see the Angle vs. HBK match. It’s that good.

Yes, I know. Susie especially, you’re wondering on my thoughts from MTV Sunday Stew. I have it taped due to the wrestling show, so I’ll get around to that sometime this week. Well, I taped Bam and Milonakis, the shows I’m mainly interested in. I’m sure they both delivered. Until next time, here’s where we end this beast, so onto the 3 thoughts of wisdom..

3 Quick Thangs:

1. 182 days till Christmas if I counted right, which I probably didn’t.

2. The wrestler Edge is a goof, but sometimes he cracks me up like in this quote. Sorry if you’re lost on the wrestling action.“Everybody knows me as Money in the Bank. Now they know me as Money in the Sack.”- Edge

3. 1 day away till my favorite day of the year.. the NBA Draft!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"Good God No It's CT!!!"

Another day, another dollar. That’s how we do it in here. Last night it was another trip to PNC Park in Pittsburgh. We saw a nice game with the Bucs winning to the tune of 9-4. I drove on this trip, a rarity, but I didn’t have too many problems. Great weather and the game was nice as well. Free seats too, can’t go wrong with that. I think this is the first game I’ve seen a manager get tossed. McClendon did it in classic fashion too by kicking dirt at the ump. The crowd loved it of course. Also at the game I tried a different type of sandwich I’ve heard about. This is from the Primanti Brothers, a restaurant up there who also has a place in the stadium. On this sandwich was capicola, coleslaw, french fries, mayonnaise, and some pepper I put on. I know that seems out of whack, but it was actually pretty good. Capicola is quality stuff for those who never have ate that. I’ve heard a lot about Primanti Brothers, so I had to load up.

Nothing out of the ordinary at the game while in the stands. We moved down 8 rows from where we originally were, so that worked out decent. There was 26,006 there, which I was surprised with on a game in the middle of the week. In front of us though was this thug chick all busting out of her top, so you can’t ever complain about that. Hey, at least I admit what I’m looking at.

Now it’s time for me to weigh in on the new Real World Austin season. For those who don’t know me already or are new to the Blog, I’m a Real World freak and every week you’ll get my thoughts on the show. Last season in Philly was the worst season ever, so hopefully this one delivers. Dramafest! That’s what this season is teasing so far anyways. I was at the Bucs game last night and had to tape it, so I just got done watching. In this one, I’ll recap each person, give a little background and of course my opinion. Like with wrestling, if you don’t like my Real World talk, just skip to the next paragraphs if you want. And here we go with the cast:

I’ll go in order how they were introduced on the show. First, we have Danny, a 21 year old Chowdahhhhead. Gotta love the accent up there. He’ll still never hold a candle to CT (the greatest Real World character evarrr), but we’ll see. The chicks want this dude. Rachel is 22 and from Cali. She’s an Army chick and has a boyfriend. Early on, she’s probably the one I’d like best in person on the chicks side of things and I think she’s pretty cute. Then we have Nehemiah, a black dude that is 19. He graduated from film college. On the guys side of things, he’s the one I like best as far as not being a total idiot yet. But this is only one week, so hard to tell. Next up is Johanna, 21 and originally from Peru, but at age 10 moved to Killa Cali. Absolutely beautiful. Easily my favorite based on looks, but she has a big time downside in my book. She’s a huge drinking chick. Doh! She’s like Landon of Philly fame, a totally different person when she’s drinking. I haven’t seen a chick smoke yet though, but we know it’ll happen.

Up next is Wes, 20 and from Kansas. He went to Arizona State and is a frat boy or if he’s not, that’s his character anyways on TV. Melinda, 21 and from Milwaukee. She has a boyfriend of 3 years and a promise ring, heh. She’s an admitted nymph and likes walking around with hardly any clothes on and she says that. She’s stacked too if we’re giving bonus points on that. She’s basically the slut of the group in Week 1. Wes and Danny are wanting her bad, but I’m not seeing it as much as they are so far. Lacey will be the possible outcast. She’s a 23 year old virgin from Ohio who kind of does her own thing. I can respect that. She’s a hair dresser and has short hair, ouch.

This is going on too long, but Rachel and Mel end up kissing. Wes and Danny bet who will get the most chicks. Mel and Danny both want each other. Jo asks Nehemiah to protect her when she gets drunk. He tries to do that, but she goes insane and he walks off. In the meanwhile, Danny and Wes go looking for Nehemiah. Danny gets straight up knocked silly and his eye gets fractured by a bum on the street. He has to get surgery on it soon in the episodes. CT wouldn’t have taken that beating like that. Here’s a line that DerekHood just gave me and I’ll end my Real World stuff this time around:

JGTheKingofCrunk: so you saw what I was talking about how CT would be disappointed in Danny
JGTheKingofCrunk: CT would've already worked like 8 or 9 dudes by then
JGTheKingofCrunk: I expected him to come out of nowhere and clean house HBK style
JGTheKingofCrunk: GOD NO IT'S CT!!!

Time for the wrestling section if you want to skip it, but it’s worth the read. This week’s edition of RAW was definitely interesting. It was the hype before the pay per view this weekend, Vengeance, so they had to deliver. What did they come with from Phoenix? We have another draft pick from the SmackDown side and that’s Carlito. I like this one a lot. He seems to have a funny character and is good on the mic. I haven’t seen enough of him in the ring to give a big opinion though, but better than some big oaf coming over. He is a second generation wrestler though. The second big thing was the wedding between Lita and Edge. Most of the time the WWE tries a wedding on RAW, it ends up in a big disaster. It started out that way and then they really got me with one. As the priest asks if anyone objects to the wedding, the TitanTron showed Matt Hardy’s entrance. The place went bonkers. I was literally out of my seat waiting for him to walk out of the back. They had me out of my seat a few weeks ago with the ECW run-ins on RAW and now this. Not bad. But Edge pulled a swerve and said he was just messing with us. This is a good sign that Hardy could be back one of these days and I hope he gets another chance. Snitsky’s speech during the wedding was over the top, but it was hilarious. Then to get better, Kane’s head pops out of the stage and he wreaks havoc. He clears the stage, busts stuff up, and gives a “Papal Piledriver” to the priest as JR called it. JR was on his A-game screaming during this segment. The main event wasn’t anything special, even though it was big names. It had Triple H pinning Batista with a Pedigree in a Tag Match that was HHH and Angle against HBK and Batista. Hell in a Cell on Sunday though, as well as HBK and Angle. HBK and Angle will steal the show of course, but there’s other great matches on this card that I’ll mention later in the week. Enough wrestling for now.

I have other things I had planned for this Blog, but I’ll stop now and pick up on those next time. There’s only so much of me to go around..

Thanks to my girl Susie for the pic of this cat computer enhanced. Not too shabby.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Certs Cool Mint Drops are quality if you’re looking for a good breath mint while out and I’m not usually into that type of thing. They work though. Pimp pimp.

2. I was at the Bucs game and they were showing old Bucs players who wore certain numbers. Anyways, one number that I forget now, they showed this old school guy named Johnny Dickshot. I can’t make that up if I tried. That has to be the greatest baseball name ever. Yeah, my mind is always in the gutter.

3. Friday starts the Subway Series, Yanks and Mets do battle.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Swedish Fish

Wednesday was the last update, so we’re at it again, working the long hours in here to give you a decent post. Now that I’m in my summer, I can hardly keep my days straight. I don’t know if it’s Tuesday or Sunday. They’re all the same in the summer, but that’s fine and dandy by me. It’s nice not having a job in the summer though, I can handle that for sure.

Swedish Fish. Yep, the candy. I’m hooked on these things. I put a 1 pound bag down in a day and have another big bag waiting on me. No wonder I have to go to the dentist all the time. I can’t give up my candy though, that’d be bad times. At least my teeth are all white, but I guess the candy and junk gives me cavities on the inside.

Another trip to scenic PNC Park in Pittsburgh is scheduled for this Tuesday night. Cork is rolling up there with me as usual. This will be our third game of the year and it’s against the Expos. I don’t care if they are sitting in 1st Place in that division, they’re still the Expos to me. We got free tickets though, so you can’t go wrong. The seats aren’t down close, but I’m the type that isn’t picky on where I sit at when I go to games. PNC is a small stadium anyways, so there’s not a bad seat in the house.

On the wrestling scene, no pay per view shows this weekend. I did however load up on one of the newer WWE DVDs. That one is Road Warriors: The Life & Death of the Most Dominant Tag Team in Wrestling History and it’s a 2-disc set. I’ve watched the documentary part of this so far and it’s about 2 hours long. That alone has been worth it and features some great stories from the beginning of the Legion of Doom to the end. I haven’t even begun to watch the actual matches on these discs, so that should deliver. If you’re reading and have some wrestling DVDs you don’t want anymore, let me know and I might buy those off of ya.

I got three new CDs since our last update and I got these last night. As usual, hit me up on AOL Instant Messenger (DruDown894) if you want to see my lists. Go into my profile and it’s there. If you’re not using that, I could always email you my list. It’s always updated, so it wouldn’t be a big deal at all. Anyways, what did I end up getting this time? In alphabetical order as usual, let’s unveil the happenings: Baby, a.k.a. Birdman has one out called Fast Money. He’s already released Neck of the Woods featuring Lil Wayne. A quality song there and the chorus of Lil Wayne mumbling is classic and catchy. Not a huge amount of big names on this one, but you do get Mannie Fresh, Bun-B, Lil Mo, and of course Lil Wayne as mentioned. Next I load up Master P’s latest, Ghetto Bill. A fitting name for an album since he’s the self-proclaimed Ghetto Bill Gates. Lil Romeo, Silkk The Shocker, Slim Thug, and Young Buck on this 20-track CD. Lastly, we get some Bay Area rap, my favorite kind. This one is from Spice 1 and it’s called Dyin’ 2 Ball. I expect big things from that one.

I’ve been mixing up the video game playing lately. I’m going from old school Nintendo to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I was battling in some Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out last night and this has to be the best boxing game ever. Sure, you don’t have real guys other than Tyson. Sure, you don’t have incredible graphics. The graphics are nice for their time though and the play still holds up till this day. The music is unforgettable and the characters are great. Where else can you be a little 17-year old dude named Little Mac who weighs 100 pounds soaking wet to bust on guys twice his size? And for what it’s worth, my favorite character on the game is Soda Popinski and I think that Super Macho Man is harder fight than Tyson.

No big drama or anything majorly exciting in this post, but you’ll have that. It’s always something different in here. I figure the next update will be on Wednesday or Thursday. In that I’ll have the talk about Monday Night RAW, the trip to Pittsburgh, possible more CDs, and whatever else you guys have an idea you want me to chat it up about. Until then, here’s our traditional ending..

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Still no release date set yet, but the new Zelda game, Twilight Princess has me drooling based on the pictures and what I’ve read about it so far.

2. All sports fans have been there, but in case you live under a rock, the definitive baseball site out there is No others can compare if you’re after stats. They also have a basketball and football site too which goes by the same style.

3. They’re easy to get now, but if anyone out there still needs a G-Mail account, let me know. It’s unlimited email space basically.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Quality Action

And we are back. As I type this, I’ve went five straight days of going to bed after 7:00 AM. I need to try to get to bed at a halfway reasonable time one of these days. Not that I do anything special, but I might have to give it a try to going to bed at something like 3:00 or so to change things up. Apparently, a lot of people got a kick out of or were grossed out by the story Cork heard at Denny’s one night. That’s the one I posted in the last Blog about the stripper. Thanks for the comments. I’m not sure I’ll have a story of that magnitude in this edition, but I’ll bring something good for ya.

Saturday night we battled at the Barnes Brothers’ place with some Hillbilly Horseshoes action. Some good trash talking here and you’d think it would be a boring game, but it’s not. I teamed up with Mitch this week and we did ok, but not that great. Big Barney, Old Barney, Spank, and Sean Butler were also in the house playing. Spank’s team at one point got skunked like 5 times in a row, it was a bad night for his boys. A nice time killer on the weekends late at night.

I’m big into video games as everyone knows and have a lot of the newer stuff. While that is all fine and dandy, we all eventually go back to playing old school stuff. It doesn’t get much better and you got your money’s worth out of games in those days. Me and Cork have been on another Nintendo kick and we started up a thing where we try to beat all of the games we have. We hung a paper on the cabinet where we put all of our systems and each time we beat a game, we’ll mark it on the board with the date. I know, we have too much time on our hands.

Allow me to go on a wrestling tangent. I’ll try to make it somewhat short though since I can ramble on this topic. First though was this weekend’s ECW shows, Friday night at the ECW Arena organized by "The Franchise" Shane Douglas and the WWE show on Sunday, ECW One Night Stand. I’m hating myself for not going to Philly for the ECW Arena show, but not much I can do about that now. I’ll get both of these on DVD for sure. I was worried about the WWE version of the show in that it would be watered down, but I was proven wrong. For the wrestling fans who didn’t order the pay per view, please get the replay. It’s worth it, trust me. I could write forever on my love for ECW, but I’ll spare you all the reading this time since most reading probably aren’t huge ECW fans unfortunately. Best match of the Sunday show by far was the Awesome vs. Tanaka battle, both former ECW Champions. This one was sick. These guys took a crazy beating, Tanaka mainly. They hadn’t fought on TV against each other in about 4 or 5 years, but this one showed they haven’t lost a step. Also, the mic work by RVD and Paul Heyman was unbelievable. Heyman, as I’ve said before, is by far the best on the mic in my opinion, and that includes Flair. Joey Styles being there for commentary definitely was huge and he even cried to open the show at the reaction. Heyman cried when he came out as well. Ok, I’m done and didn’t even really talk about the shows like I wanted, but I did promise you guys that I’d go onto more.

Quick thing on RAW. Angle is back! The one guy I wanted to come from SmackDown in the recent draft and he’s here. I’m a big Angle fan and think he’s very versatile. He’s in the mold of Benoit inside the ring in that he can make anyone look good. Plus, he has the added feature of being excellent with his interviews and his character. He has the whole package right now. Please send Kane to SmackDown where the rest of the big oafs are at. Also, during the end segment in which Angle came out, HBK returned, sweet. At one point, you had Angle, Triple H, HBK, and Flair in the ring together, all who can just wing it out there when a mic is on their hands. Batista, I just can’t put my trust in yet. He can’t talk one bit. The woooo battle Flair and Angle had was hilarious like Nick Cannon.

I loaded up huge on CDs lately. This will take up a big space probably. Here are the 8 CDs I got this time around for your enjoyment pleasure. If anyone ever wants to trade or wants me to send anything, just let me know. I’m easy to get a hold of.

Babyface Assassins: Success Is Revenge. This one has the trio of Too $hort; Coo Coo Cal and Mob Figgaz working together. No clue how Coo Coo ended up with Too $hort, but if you’ve never heard Coo Coo’s stuff before, I think you’ll enjoy it. He’s talented, but not many know him.

Big Mike: Professional Hood Shit – Part 6. A mixtape with a lot of new stuff on it. No way you can really hype up a mixtape unless a diss is on it, but it seems good.

Black Eyed Peas: Monkey Business. I’m not a huge Peas fan, but I figured I might as well download it to see the action. They’re different, that’s for sure, so they’re not afraid to do their own style. Fergie though, yum. This chick doesn’t get enough credit. She’s gorgeous I think.

Criminal Manne: Street Ways. This is one of B.G.’s boys, but I haven’t listened to it yet. It’s been getting a lot of plugs on the internet, so it can’t be half bad I wouldn’t think.

Fat Joe: All Or Nothing. I really liked this CD. I didn’t think he’d come this hard on his tracks, but I’m impressed. The diss to 50 is on this CD as well, titled My Fofo. He brings some major heat on this that one. Also on this album is R-Kelly, Eminem, Nelly, Mase, Remy Ma, and Mashonda.

The F.E.D.S.: #1 With A Bullet – Presented by Allen Iverson & ABK. I don’t have a clue on anything from these guys, but I saw that Iverson has some part in it, so that should be worth it just for the rarity or comedy’s sake alone. I wish AI’s CD would’ve came out, but the NBA had to stick their noses in it. The song I heard sounded nice though a few years ago.

Gucci Mane: Trap House. A very good one here. I got a Manne and a Mane download this time? Not bad. I’ve listened to this a few times already. This is the guy who does Icy that I talked about in the last Blog. Pick this one up in a hurry, it’s that good.

Luniz: Greatest Hits. Some good Bay Area rap, classic music. An added bonus for me is that Dru Down is boys with them and featured on some songs. I got 5 on it.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. For what it’s worth, I use a Gilette Mach3 Turbo razor for all of my shaving action.

2. I rant on tats enough, but time for another round. Please girls, how many more of you are going to get a tat on the small of your back? I’m sure I’m offending some readers when I say that, but it’s about as unoriginal as you can get. Oh well. Let’s put some crazy tribal sign or Japanese letters down there like everyone else. Maybe I’m getting old.

3. As I type this, I stretched like crazy today about 3 hours ago. And I’m still shaking a bunch from it. The madness.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dirty Strippers

Week 1 into my summer and it’s been nice to sleep in all day. I’m good at that. Friday night, or I guess you could say Saturday morning, I roll to bed at 9:30. On Saturday night, Sunday morning, I go a little earlier at 7:30. Why I did this I have no idea. You better fear that though. The way I look at it, I’d be doing the same exact thing at 9:30 in the morning as I would be at any other time, so same deal.

Wow, where do I start in this post? I’ll have to cram a lot of interesting topics into one post here, but I’ll try to keep you awake through it all. I think you’ll like these stories. First I’ll start off with a few of my buddies who wrote me some messages while I was up on Friday night till 9:30. These cracked me up, thanks guys. Always good to get some of my buddies in the Blog. This is from my boy Blahah and my girl Susie:

Blahah: you gone to bed yet???
Me: Nope, I'm still up. :-)
Blahah: hahaha thats crazy man

Susie: You can`t still be up?
Me: Yep, I'm a machine.
Susie: OMG
Susie: you are not for real
Susie: lol
Me: I'm being totally for real.
Susie: wow

On Sunday morning, me and Cork went to Denny’s at 3:30 and stayed till around 5:00. We weren’t even hungry. An hour before we left, I tore up three PB&J sandwiches, mmm.. Quick and easy. But I figured I’d go for the ride since the Denny’s trips are usually worth hitting up. Surprisingly, there were a decent amount of people there for that time of night. Cork told me a great story from a hot waitress of ours though. She was telling him the other night how her and her man broke up. Anyways, one day not long ago she let him borrow $100. Nothing crazy, especially when he’s always paid it back before. Well, word got around to her what he was spending that money on and I thought it was pretty crazy. The dude was going to a strip club. That there isn’t anything out of the ordinary. He ends up paying $160 for him to eat out a stripper. What?? I can’t make up this stuff, seriously. Strippers are dirty mane, but that’s his business. At least if you’re going to spend that much money, have her do something to do you. Cork was laughing and saying that the strippers couldn’t pay him to do that to them. The whole dirty stripper concept comes into play here for sure. I doubt it’d be a problem if it was a regular chick, but that’s just a little different to me, and not a lot I find weird in the whole porn department as you know. Yep, that’s the type of stories you get here in this very space. Anyways, the chick with an hour to work made a crazy $160 in tips. One thing hurt me bad though, she’s a smoker. Then again, every single chick at Denny’s smokes, so that’s bad times.

So we’re rolling through town around 5:30 and we went to check out the flea market. I haven’t been for years, but we were curious if people were out or not by that time. Of course they were, these people are hardcore. Cork decides to drive around and ask random people if they’re selling Nintendo games. I didn’t think we’d find that stuff, but he proved me wrong. Nobody was really set up at that time, but people told us to come back in an hour and we’d be good to go. So we went home and played some San Andreas (more depressing news on this in a second) for that time period and went back to the mean streets of Meadowbrook for the flea market. We ended up getting 7 games at $3 a piece, sweet. They are: Trojan, Air Fortress, Sky Shark, Firehawk, Blaster Master, Ikari Warriors, and Super Mario 2. We already had Mario 2, not sure why Cork got that one. They had a lot of rare games there, which was good to see. This lady also told us that a dude in Morgantown is 30 games away from having every single Nintendo game ever, that’s impressive.

Late Friday night I started to go into a daze. How so? I’ve been playing a ton of San Andreas as you all know and the game is unbelievable. Well, I accidentally erased my save file, doh! I couldn’t believe I hit the wrong buttons at first, so I just kind of sat there for a few minutes staring into the screen. That tore my heart and now I have to start all the way over again and work that magic. That’s the morning I stayed up till 9:30, most of that time trying to piece back my San Andreas dynasty. People who don’t play video games have no idea how mad I got at this, but I guess I’ll survive.

One thing I might not survive on would be Saturday night’s Mike Tyson fight. I know
most boxing fans have turned their back on Iron Mike, but I’m a huge fan regardless. I didn’t get the Pay Per View though since it was $45 and I have two wrestling PPVs to get this month as well at $35 a piece. I got updates on IRC in #boxing and while watching ESPNEWS. Tyson got 2 points taken off during part of the match for a headbutt, ouch. Then in the 6th Round, it all came crashing down. At the end of that round, Tyson quits. What?? Yep, quit. His corner throws in the towel. After the fight, the press conferences were strange and tough for me to watch. Tyson said he no longer has it in himself to box anymore and will do missionary work instead. I know he hasn’t been himself over the past few years, but I’ve always been biased with anything Tyson and I couldn’t hold the fact that he’s done. A very classy move by the media in attendance as they ended up the press conference by giving him a standing ovation. I’m not sure if he’s the best heavyweight ever, but in his prime, he was definitely the most dominating and brought about excitement. There’s a DVD out that spans over 14 DVDs and has every fight of his career on it. It goes for $150, which I think isn’t bad at all personally, even at that price. So now, Iron Mike is supposedly done at 50-6. Boxing is like wrestling, nobody ever retires, but thanks Mike for letting me grow up with some awesome fights. I didn’t miss many from around 1988 and on. But the people at the flea market, geez. There were literally people going through the garbage to find things, that’s how bad off some of these people are. Guess I threw that in randomly, but you’ll have that.

I’m going to stop this one right now. I actually have quite a few other topics to discuss in the next Blog if possible. What would those be? Hillbilly Horseshoes action, Friday night’s Hardcore Homecoming at the ECW Arena, tonight’s WWE ECW One Night Stand, new CDs I’ve gotten, and I’m sure I’ll figure out something else for sure.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. For the guys, or some girls if you swing that way, you need to check out Buffie The Body’s website. You might not know her, but she’s in Tony Yayo’s new video and has a body that doesn’t stop. If you’re interested, check her out at: Click on Guests and you’ll be in business.

2. Another weekend night of watching nonstop episodes of MTV Next, quality stuff.

3. Crispy, a.k.a. Andy Milonakis is going to get his own show on Sunday Stew on MTV starting on June 26th at 10:30. That should be hilarious. Also, new episodes of Bam start them too, nice.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Baby Girl, Just A Lil' Bit

I’m sitting here typing this one all sore, but I won’t complain. Last night was the first night tennis action for me and Cork and it was a good time. It doesn’t get much better than that, although not a lot of other people are on our schedule. I’d much rather play tennis from midnight on instead of during the day. We get there at Heegan and Dinkle or whatever for the locals and usually nobody is there at that time of night. Instead, there were two other dudes playing and then a bit later two others show up. So three of the four courts were filled up till close to 2:00 in the morning when the lights get shut off. Through it all, me and Cork ended up playing nearly 30 total games, so that was hardcore. We played two sets against each other and then played these other guys in doubles. Doubles is different, but it was better than I expected. I hadn’t played doubles in a while. One guy we played was a state champ 12 years ago, but he’s put on the pounds since then. Still, he had some talent. Me and Cork put it on them though. After that, we roll to Denny’s with those guys and it was a pretty good time. I get home and Derek sends me a funny message on AIM. This would be 3:05 our time, so here it is:

JGTheKingofCrunk: it's 2:05 here and you guys are still playing night tennis. Fuckin' lunatics

Big happenings going down in Shinnston. I was going through town the other day and there’s a sign on an empty building. It says China Wind and how it’s coming soon. At first glance, I wasn’t sure what it was. Going through town again, I find out that we’re going to have a Chinese restaurant. Are you kidding me? They’ll have a regular customer here for sure. My Dad talked to the guy who rents out the building and it won’t be rednecks running this place, so that’s a relief. We’ll have the real deal, Chinese people or whatever foreign country they come from. That equals quality food and they best have some General Tso’s Chicken. I figure it’ll be a while before they get it opened though, but I’ll be ready. The question is, will they be ready for me? In another thing, I always wonder what these people think. How do you end up in Downtown Shinnston? Our town is a mess. Downtown is a dump and half of the buildings there are empty. Oh well.

WWE is doing the right thing. They must know I’m watching because I got cold chills on Monday watching the latest episode of RAW. Of course, this Sunday, WWE puts on ECW One Night Stand. I won’t miss that for the world. More on that in a second. To open up RAW, Jericho announces John Cena as the first drafted SmackDown dude to jump to RAW. That means we still get to keep Christian, nice. Him and Christian went at each other good on the mic and that could be a nice feud. For those wondering, Benoit is the first RAW guy to jump to SmackDown. But the big thing on RAW to me was the end. Bischoff runs down to Paul Heyman as he’s with the Dudley Boyz in the ring and brings out a bunch of WWE jobbers to scare them away. Heyman kept telling Bischoff that he never learns and that ECW never backed down from anyone. This brings The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Balls Mahoney, Axl Rotten, and Rhyno out from the crowd to regulate. I know I’m weird, but I was literally out of my seat all pumped up for this sight. Nobody is better on the mic than Heyman and he got it done. Rhyno hit the Gore and the place went crazy. Hopefully this Sunday, the WWE doesn’t water the show down too much, but either way, I’ll be excited to see the ECW crew go at it. Not that I don’t have enough ECW things the way it is, WWE puts new ECW merchandise on their website. I hope not to spend too much here, but hard to tell. So far I’ve only bought the ECW pendant.

I loaded up more CDs again, imagine this. In the past few days, I’ve done pretty good. And here’s the list:

Birmingham J: Da Neighborhood Superstar. I haven’t listened to this one yet and don’t know anything about the dude honestly. The only thing I know and you probably could’ve guessed it too, is that the dude is from Birmingham, Alabama. It’s rap, so I figured I’d get it.

Dru Down: Best Of Dru Down. The man who inspired my AOL Instant Messenger screen name (DruDown894) and is definitely one of my favorite rappers ever. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Haystak: It Ain’t Safe No More Mixtape. Nice current beats with this one. About what you’d expect from a mixtape. Haystak is a white boy from Tennessee. He served 2 years in prison for bringing Valium and cocaine to school back in the day for whatever that is worth.

Layzie Bone: It’s Not A Game. I haven’t checked this one out yet, but if it’s anything like his collabo with Bizzy Bone earlier in the year, it should deliver big.

Rakim: Book Of Life. A 1997 production here from one of rap’s old school legends. One of the better lyricists of our time who I feel never got the credit he deserved outside of the rappers propping him for paving the way.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Anybody recommend any cheap local massage places? I’m due to hit one up again soon. One of few downfalls to being single is that I don’t have someone to do that for me every night, but I guess I’ll survive.

2. For the rap fans not up on the game, a hot new track out now you must check is Icy by Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy.

3. What do you need 50? Just a lil bit? Ok, we heard you the first 35 times you said it. Still, that song sticks in my head for some reason.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sergio From Rio

It’s time for a weekend post. I last left off on Wednesday, so it wasn’t that long of a break, but I know you’re due to hear some of the new action. I’ll try to make it sound like I did something exciting as usual, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m officially on summer break now, so that means I get to be a bum. I’m like that anyways, but this will take it to the next level of bumness if that is even a word. It will be for this space though. I don’t have any big trips planned this summer, but that doesn’t bother me. I’ll be hitting up a lot of baseball games, playing a lot of basketball, working out, video games, taking a few Masters classes, and whatever else goes on other than me being an internet junkie 24/7.

When I put something in italics on my new page style, it looks a little different and scrunched up. Oh well, I'll keep doing it that way.

On Thursday at work, it was most of the kids’ last day of school unless they had to take exams. So what that means is basically the entire school is running around the halls and doing whatever they want since there is no point to be there, but they’re required to anyways. In one class a kid brought in a bootleg copy of The Longest Yard, so of course I was interested in seeing this. I haven’t seen the first one before, but I liked this one. Maybe a little too much comedy involved. I’m usually huge on comedy movies, but in a sports movie, I think a little realism should come into mind as well. The actors in this movie is a long list of big time names as a mix of veterans and first timers: Sandler, Chris Rock, Burt Reynolds, Nelly, Michael Irvin, Stone Cold, Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Bob Sapp, James Cromwell (Mr. Skolnick in Revenge of the Nerds is what I best remember him in), Bill Romanowski, The Boz, Tracy Morgan, and I’m sure I’m missing a lot. Out of the cameo guys, Michael Irvin in my opinion did the best. He hit his role and really impressed me. Stone Cold and Nelly also did pretty good too. Goldberg I wasn’t as big on.

I’ve written in here before that I’m hooked on a lot of dating shows. I’ve even wrote about MTV Next. I spent another night watching hours of this. I didn’t have anything going on, but this is one addicting show. Some of these people have to be put on the show to act like they are. People really can’t act or dress like that out in the open can they? The trash talking and people acting cocky makes the show great. One episode had this dude who looked like Screech except he was all tatted up and had his nipples pierced. Needless to say, he was nexted in 1 minute, so he took home $1 to his name. In another, this amazon chick was acting like she gets all of these guys and gave us her tip on how to get a guy to kiss her. She gives them the line for them to smell her nose. I know, that seems weird already. Then when the guy supposedly goes to smell her nose, she reaches down and kisses them. Uhh.. I’m guessing this giant beast of a girl hasn’t had many kisses. And yet another had Sergio from Rio as the dude the chicks would date. Not the real Sergio from Rio, but every Sergio now has to be called Sergio from Rio or it wouldn’t seem right. If you’re lost on that old commercial, I’m sorry.

Last night me and Cork hit up Pittsburgh to see the Braves battle the Pirates at beautiful PNC Park. Yet again, we had another Bobblehead Night and this one was for Craig Wilson. I was shocked though that this one wasn’t a sellout. First, the Braves have a ton of fans in our area and usually are a sellout alone. And second, Bobblehead Night is what I thought was a guaranteed sellout. Nope. Anyways, it was a near sellout and we got to see an awesome pitching duel. I’d personally rather see a mean pitching duel than a homer fest. It was 0-0 going into the 9th inning and I was getting all kinds of jacked up that we’d get extra innings. Almost happened. 72-year old Julio Franco hits in the winning run in the Top of the 9th for the Braves to win. My only complaint on the trip was getting crushed in the backseat the entire trip up and down. 3 people in the back with one of them being Cork’s little cousin in a booster seat. I was all sore when I was done, but it was worth it to see baseball. For the locals, as soon as we parked at Station Square, right beside us parked was Fleece. Always good for stories, we rode the boat over and back with Fleece and his crew.

Here’s the latest 3 CDs to the collection before I wrap this piece up. The first is the latest from B.G. and it’s titled The Heart of Tha Streetz. I’ve always been into B.G. and this one is worthy of the get. Not a huge list of names on this one, but that’s fine by me. The names on this one are 5th Ward Weebie and Chopper from Da Band (or formerly Da Band). The second CD of the list is Gangsta Crunk by Daz Dillinger. Yep, the same Daz from Tha Dogg Pound. This one was a big disappointment to me. I expect more from you Daz. The third of the list is Naked from Marques Houston. A great CD here if you’re into the pimpin R&B type stuff. He even has an advisory sticker on this thing, dang. I guess he’s grown up from his Immature days. This one is the best of the three latest ones I have.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. 1 week away till ECW One Night Stand. I can barely contain myself. I’m sure it’ll be watered down by WWE, but still should be nice to see a lot of the old ECW crew.

2. I didn’t quite go with the CT look on the haircut yesterday, but it’s definitely the shortest cut I’ve ever had. I like it.

3. High of 87 today? Ugh. Give me colder weather anyday.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

From Parts Unknown

Ok, I’m typing this one up at work, so you can’t go wrong with that day so far. I know I’m usually a bum at work and have it made, but I lucked out big time for today and tomorrow. How so you ask? Well, I’m at a local high school and have my entire morning off. First Block runs from about 7:45-9:10 here and I was to be the ISS dude. They cancelled ISS the rest of the year, so that lets me hang out online, tough for me to do there. Like I’m not online enough the way it is. 2nd Block goes from about 9:15-10:45 and that is my planning period. Since I’m a sub, there’s nothing for me to plan, grade, or whatever. So once again, Mr. Bum is working hard for his pay, stealing the state’s money in a sense it seems like, but I’ll take it gladly. 10:45-11:15 I have homeroom and that’s basically some kids coming in and watching TV and eating, no joke. 11:15-11:45 is my lunch. As #basketball legend DerekHood would say, I don’t have to do JACK SQUAT until noon. The rest of the day we watch movies. Tell me I’m dreaming here.

Yesterday was a fun day. I had work off, so around 11:30 or so, my boys Cork and Spank come barging upstairs, busting through the door and waking me out of bed. They wanted to know if I was in for Chinese. Of course I was, you can never say no to that. We also had to load up junk that Spank had left over from a yard sale and take it to the landfill. It was quick, so it wasn’t hard work, but it was fun to stand in his truck and just break stuff like a madman as I threw it out. Little things like that amuse me I guess. Yeah, I’ll never grow up.

After that, we had to take an old tanning bed to parts unknown. For the locals, we had to go near Lumberport out Jones Run Road. This is about 5-10 minutes from my house. I never realized what a dirty filthy town Lumberport is. I know there’s probably a few nice houses there, but just cuss me if I offended someone. I’m just being honest on what I see. Granted, Shinnston isn’t paradise, but it is compared to the area we went to. The place we went to isn’t even civilization. We were bummed out we didn’t take a camera with us to film this madness. The area we went to for the locals was past the Nolan’s Run sign and take a left off the one lane bridge. This isn’t even that far out of town, but you thought they dropped us off in the Twilight Zone. A car couldn’t make it up this hill safely and we had to go to the top. I had to ride in the back of the truck redneck style with Cork as we held the tanning bed in place as it was busting us up when we hit the craters in the road. This woman we took it to had a zillion dogs. I don’t know if she was breeding them or what, but they were, you guessed it, dirty as Christina Aguilera. Anyways, she has these little dogs in cages barely big enough for one dog and has tons of them all over her land. She had two dogs to a cage, it stunk something awful, and she should be turned in for how she treats these dogs. I’m more of a cat lover than a dog guy, but we felt like just unlocking those cages and rolling out of town. Words can’t even describe this area we were in. I was telling my boys that one day this summer we need to go through some quality parts of WV and take pics of the places people outside of WV have on idea about. Actually it’s no quality, but the pics would be keepers for sure to see how some of these people live. Can something be negative quality? This place sure was.

Wrestling alert, so you can skip this paragraph if you’re not a wrestling person. RAW was Monday and it was a fairly good show I thought. The show starts out with a Swimsuit Competition? Are you serious? Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at half naked chicks like the rest of the guys and maybe I’m weird, but give me wrestling on a wrestling show. Is it that hard to do? I can look at porn for the other 22 hours of the day on Monday if I wanted, but from 9:00-11:00, nothing grabs my attention more than RAW. Our first match was The Heart Throbs getting beat by the Tag Champs, Hurricane and Rosey. The Heart Throbs have some nice charisma, they’re a funny bunch. Then we had a 3-Way Dance for the IC Title in which Shelton Benjamin retained over both Grenier and Conway, who look to be starting their breakup as a team soon. Conway can go, he should do fine on his own. Jericho interviewed Kane, Lita, and Edge. After Edge sucked Lita’s face off (you have to see it to believe it), Y2J announced that next week on his Highlight Reel, he’ll interview the first transfer from the SmackDown side of the Draft Lottery. Should be good times. Bring over Angle, please. I’m begging you WWE. Then we had a Table Match with Benoit getting laid out by Edge. A very good match here. Edge only wins because Bischoff sends the guys who he has against ECW run down and beat on Benoit. Canadian wrestling crowds rule by the way. Christian comes out and does his thing. How can they not make this guy huge? He cut a great promo for his home country as he’s one of my favorites currently. The main event was brutal. Batista went against Hassan and got DQed for choking him for more than 5 seconds. Then he went crazy on Hassan and Daivari afterwards, the end. Batista is going to have to show me more to make me a believer. Sure, he’s an insane roid freak, but you can’t talk or wrestle. I could see if you could do one of those.

Cork came over with a few CDs to add to the collection the other day. In alphabetical order, the first is an older one and it’s the collabo between Jay-Z and Linkin Park called Collision Course. I’m not big on either of these, especially Linkin Park stuff, but I figured since Jay-Z is rap and I have all of his other CDs, I might as well put this in there too. The other one I listened to half of it so far on the way to work today. That one is Pretty Ricky’s called Blue Stars. These kids impressed me a whole lot. You have a mix of pimpin R&B music with some rap, it goes together good. A very good listen so far.

Hard to believe June is already here. It looks to be a huge month for me and I’m pumped about that. A few wrestling Pay Per Views, Pirate games (going to another Bobblehead Night this Saturday at Pittsburgh and this one is for Craig Wilson), NBA Finals, and the best day of my year, the NBA Draft. That and summer officially starts for me in just a few days. Not like I don’t have enough time on my hands the way it is, but that’s how I like it. Or as Christian would say, that’s how I roll. And I’m going to roll on out of here to get back to my busy busy day of being a bum. Onto the 3 things of wisdom for you to chew on.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I’m thinking of going with the shaved head/CT from Real World look for the next haircut. Not sure how short I’ll go, but I might as well give it a try. Even if it turns out bad, it’ll grow back quick.

2. Speaking of Real World, the new season stars up on June 21st. It hails from Austin, Texas. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting all pumped up. No matter how it turns out, it can’t be worse than Real World Philly I wouldn’t think.

3. For an awesome video clip on some guys doing crazy flips and kicks off trampolines and the ground both, check this out: Don’t let the whore part of the address mess with your head, it’s not a bad site. It’s work safe, hah. For some reason, I’d love to do this stuff. Enjoy.