Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"Good God No It's CT!!!"

Another day, another dollar. That’s how we do it in here. Last night it was another trip to PNC Park in Pittsburgh. We saw a nice game with the Bucs winning to the tune of 9-4. I drove on this trip, a rarity, but I didn’t have too many problems. Great weather and the game was nice as well. Free seats too, can’t go wrong with that. I think this is the first game I’ve seen a manager get tossed. McClendon did it in classic fashion too by kicking dirt at the ump. The crowd loved it of course. Also at the game I tried a different type of sandwich I’ve heard about. This is from the Primanti Brothers, a restaurant up there who also has a place in the stadium. On this sandwich was capicola, coleslaw, french fries, mayonnaise, and some pepper I put on. I know that seems out of whack, but it was actually pretty good. Capicola is quality stuff for those who never have ate that. I’ve heard a lot about Primanti Brothers, so I had to load up.

Nothing out of the ordinary at the game while in the stands. We moved down 8 rows from where we originally were, so that worked out decent. There was 26,006 there, which I was surprised with on a game in the middle of the week. In front of us though was this thug chick all busting out of her top, so you can’t ever complain about that. Hey, at least I admit what I’m looking at.

Now it’s time for me to weigh in on the new Real World Austin season. For those who don’t know me already or are new to the Blog, I’m a Real World freak and every week you’ll get my thoughts on the show. Last season in Philly was the worst season ever, so hopefully this one delivers. Dramafest! That’s what this season is teasing so far anyways. I was at the Bucs game last night and had to tape it, so I just got done watching. In this one, I’ll recap each person, give a little background and of course my opinion. Like with wrestling, if you don’t like my Real World talk, just skip to the next paragraphs if you want. And here we go with the cast:

I’ll go in order how they were introduced on the show. First, we have Danny, a 21 year old Chowdahhhhead. Gotta love the accent up there. He’ll still never hold a candle to CT (the greatest Real World character evarrr), but we’ll see. The chicks want this dude. Rachel is 22 and from Cali. She’s an Army chick and has a boyfriend. Early on, she’s probably the one I’d like best in person on the chicks side of things and I think she’s pretty cute. Then we have Nehemiah, a black dude that is 19. He graduated from film college. On the guys side of things, he’s the one I like best as far as not being a total idiot yet. But this is only one week, so hard to tell. Next up is Johanna, 21 and originally from Peru, but at age 10 moved to Killa Cali. Absolutely beautiful. Easily my favorite based on looks, but she has a big time downside in my book. She’s a huge drinking chick. Doh! She’s like Landon of Philly fame, a totally different person when she’s drinking. I haven’t seen a chick smoke yet though, but we know it’ll happen.

Up next is Wes, 20 and from Kansas. He went to Arizona State and is a frat boy or if he’s not, that’s his character anyways on TV. Melinda, 21 and from Milwaukee. She has a boyfriend of 3 years and a promise ring, heh. She’s an admitted nymph and likes walking around with hardly any clothes on and she says that. She’s stacked too if we’re giving bonus points on that. She’s basically the slut of the group in Week 1. Wes and Danny are wanting her bad, but I’m not seeing it as much as they are so far. Lacey will be the possible outcast. She’s a 23 year old virgin from Ohio who kind of does her own thing. I can respect that. She’s a hair dresser and has short hair, ouch.

This is going on too long, but Rachel and Mel end up kissing. Wes and Danny bet who will get the most chicks. Mel and Danny both want each other. Jo asks Nehemiah to protect her when she gets drunk. He tries to do that, but she goes insane and he walks off. In the meanwhile, Danny and Wes go looking for Nehemiah. Danny gets straight up knocked silly and his eye gets fractured by a bum on the street. He has to get surgery on it soon in the episodes. CT wouldn’t have taken that beating like that. Here’s a line that DerekHood just gave me and I’ll end my Real World stuff this time around:

JGTheKingofCrunk: so you saw what I was talking about how CT would be disappointed in Danny
JGTheKingofCrunk: CT would've already worked like 8 or 9 dudes by then
JGTheKingofCrunk: I expected him to come out of nowhere and clean house HBK style
JGTheKingofCrunk: GOD NO IT'S CT!!!

Time for the wrestling section if you want to skip it, but it’s worth the read. This week’s edition of RAW was definitely interesting. It was the hype before the pay per view this weekend, Vengeance, so they had to deliver. What did they come with from Phoenix? We have another draft pick from the SmackDown side and that’s Carlito. I like this one a lot. He seems to have a funny character and is good on the mic. I haven’t seen enough of him in the ring to give a big opinion though, but better than some big oaf coming over. He is a second generation wrestler though. The second big thing was the wedding between Lita and Edge. Most of the time the WWE tries a wedding on RAW, it ends up in a big disaster. It started out that way and then they really got me with one. As the priest asks if anyone objects to the wedding, the TitanTron showed Matt Hardy’s entrance. The place went bonkers. I was literally out of my seat waiting for him to walk out of the back. They had me out of my seat a few weeks ago with the ECW run-ins on RAW and now this. Not bad. But Edge pulled a swerve and said he was just messing with us. This is a good sign that Hardy could be back one of these days and I hope he gets another chance. Snitsky’s speech during the wedding was over the top, but it was hilarious. Then to get better, Kane’s head pops out of the stage and he wreaks havoc. He clears the stage, busts stuff up, and gives a “Papal Piledriver” to the priest as JR called it. JR was on his A-game screaming during this segment. The main event wasn’t anything special, even though it was big names. It had Triple H pinning Batista with a Pedigree in a Tag Match that was HHH and Angle against HBK and Batista. Hell in a Cell on Sunday though, as well as HBK and Angle. HBK and Angle will steal the show of course, but there’s other great matches on this card that I’ll mention later in the week. Enough wrestling for now.

I have other things I had planned for this Blog, but I’ll stop now and pick up on those next time. There’s only so much of me to go around..

Thanks to my girl Susie for the pic of this cat computer enhanced. Not too shabby.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Certs Cool Mint Drops are quality if you’re looking for a good breath mint while out and I’m not usually into that type of thing. They work though. Pimp pimp.

2. I was at the Bucs game and they were showing old Bucs players who wore certain numbers. Anyways, one number that I forget now, they showed this old school guy named Johnny Dickshot. I can’t make that up if I tried. That has to be the greatest baseball name ever. Yeah, my mind is always in the gutter.

3. Friday starts the Subway Series, Yanks and Mets do battle.

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