Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Baby Girl, Just A Lil' Bit

I’m sitting here typing this one all sore, but I won’t complain. Last night was the first night tennis action for me and Cork and it was a good time. It doesn’t get much better than that, although not a lot of other people are on our schedule. I’d much rather play tennis from midnight on instead of during the day. We get there at Heegan and Dinkle or whatever for the locals and usually nobody is there at that time of night. Instead, there were two other dudes playing and then a bit later two others show up. So three of the four courts were filled up till close to 2:00 in the morning when the lights get shut off. Through it all, me and Cork ended up playing nearly 30 total games, so that was hardcore. We played two sets against each other and then played these other guys in doubles. Doubles is different, but it was better than I expected. I hadn’t played doubles in a while. One guy we played was a state champ 12 years ago, but he’s put on the pounds since then. Still, he had some talent. Me and Cork put it on them though. After that, we roll to Denny’s with those guys and it was a pretty good time. I get home and Derek sends me a funny message on AIM. This would be 3:05 our time, so here it is:

JGTheKingofCrunk: it's 2:05 here and you guys are still playing night tennis. Fuckin' lunatics

Big happenings going down in Shinnston. I was going through town the other day and there’s a sign on an empty building. It says China Wind and how it’s coming soon. At first glance, I wasn’t sure what it was. Going through town again, I find out that we’re going to have a Chinese restaurant. Are you kidding me? They’ll have a regular customer here for sure. My Dad talked to the guy who rents out the building and it won’t be rednecks running this place, so that’s a relief. We’ll have the real deal, Chinese people or whatever foreign country they come from. That equals quality food and they best have some General Tso’s Chicken. I figure it’ll be a while before they get it opened though, but I’ll be ready. The question is, will they be ready for me? In another thing, I always wonder what these people think. How do you end up in Downtown Shinnston? Our town is a mess. Downtown is a dump and half of the buildings there are empty. Oh well.

WWE is doing the right thing. They must know I’m watching because I got cold chills on Monday watching the latest episode of RAW. Of course, this Sunday, WWE puts on ECW One Night Stand. I won’t miss that for the world. More on that in a second. To open up RAW, Jericho announces John Cena as the first drafted SmackDown dude to jump to RAW. That means we still get to keep Christian, nice. Him and Christian went at each other good on the mic and that could be a nice feud. For those wondering, Benoit is the first RAW guy to jump to SmackDown. But the big thing on RAW to me was the end. Bischoff runs down to Paul Heyman as he’s with the Dudley Boyz in the ring and brings out a bunch of WWE jobbers to scare them away. Heyman kept telling Bischoff that he never learns and that ECW never backed down from anyone. This brings The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Balls Mahoney, Axl Rotten, and Rhyno out from the crowd to regulate. I know I’m weird, but I was literally out of my seat all pumped up for this sight. Nobody is better on the mic than Heyman and he got it done. Rhyno hit the Gore and the place went crazy. Hopefully this Sunday, the WWE doesn’t water the show down too much, but either way, I’ll be excited to see the ECW crew go at it. Not that I don’t have enough ECW things the way it is, WWE puts new ECW merchandise on their website. I hope not to spend too much here, but hard to tell. So far I’ve only bought the ECW pendant.

I loaded up more CDs again, imagine this. In the past few days, I’ve done pretty good. And here’s the list:

Birmingham J: Da Neighborhood Superstar. I haven’t listened to this one yet and don’t know anything about the dude honestly. The only thing I know and you probably could’ve guessed it too, is that the dude is from Birmingham, Alabama. It’s rap, so I figured I’d get it.

Dru Down: Best Of Dru Down. The man who inspired my AOL Instant Messenger screen name (DruDown894) and is definitely one of my favorite rappers ever. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Haystak: It Ain’t Safe No More Mixtape. Nice current beats with this one. About what you’d expect from a mixtape. Haystak is a white boy from Tennessee. He served 2 years in prison for bringing Valium and cocaine to school back in the day for whatever that is worth.

Layzie Bone: It’s Not A Game. I haven’t checked this one out yet, but if it’s anything like his collabo with Bizzy Bone earlier in the year, it should deliver big.

Rakim: Book Of Life. A 1997 production here from one of rap’s old school legends. One of the better lyricists of our time who I feel never got the credit he deserved outside of the rappers propping him for paving the way.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Anybody recommend any cheap local massage places? I’m due to hit one up again soon. One of few downfalls to being single is that I don’t have someone to do that for me every night, but I guess I’ll survive.

2. For the rap fans not up on the game, a hot new track out now you must check is Icy by Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy.

3. What do you need 50? Just a lil bit? Ok, we heard you the first 35 times you said it. Still, that song sticks in my head for some reason.


Jodi said...

wow, tennis, not a big tennis fan, but then again i dont think that i have ever played. Chinese is nasty unless you go to one restaurant in rolla.

That's Me said...

WOW~!~ meeting up with total strangers and then going out to eat with them?? It's not quite as bad as "Over & Over Again" with Tim McGraw.. now that's the perfect name for that song :=)