Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dirty Waitresses At Denny's

Yep, we're due for another post, so it's time to get started in a major way. Lots of topics to talk about in this one, so I'll try to make things interesting as that's the goal every time. First, I'm done working for the summer, so now I'm officially in bum mode. Not that I'm not a bum enough, but you know what I mean.

Saturday night we had our first Hillbilly Horseshoes action of the year at Barney's. Always a good time, whether you play good or not. And this time was probably the worst I've ever played. I'm not sure what my problem was. I just couldn't get the shoes to land flat and they were bouncing all over the place. Regardless, it's always fun just to joke around and TJ always makes things fun by making us all laugh till we cry. My team got skunked a few times, which wasn't good, but I also had a few wins under my belt. Most of that was due to my teammates holding me out of the water, but a win is a win. Barney and TJ dominated this time around. Towards the end of the night, I was pretty much the only one of the entire crew not drinking and that never ends up good for me, I'm picky like that. Just not my thing to be around a lot of people drinking, but you guys know that anyways. I stayed till around midnight and tapped out for the night. Overall, a quality night that even had Big Barney bust out some deer jerky, yum.

Sunday rolls around and I spent most of that day playing Mario Kart: Double Dash with Spank. We played so many circuits that my eyes started getting crossed, but that shows how great of a game it is, even years later. Not that anyone cares, but I like using the little dudes on that game because they turn better and are faster. That's your tip of the day.

Spank rolls out around 10:00 and I'm bumming around until 1:30 on here. That's when Cork asks if I'm hungry. I tell him that I'm bored, so I'll go along for the Denny's trip to see what madness erupts up there. Well, it's never anything too exciting, but it's something to get out of town for a bit. A lot of locals were in the house and we got to share our greetings. The story was our waitress, ugh. One of the worst service nights I've ever had. We get there and seat ourselves. Then after a while, the chick finally asks us if we want stuff to drink. Uh, yeah. We've been here for 10 minutes just staring at how dumb you are, I'd like a drink please. Then we get our eat on (my usual 2 pancakes with strawberries and a half order of cheesesticks with sweet tea) and we're ready to pay after eating. She says she'll be right out with our checks. Hmm.. After what was literally 10-15 minutes, she still didn't bring it out. Now I'm a really laid back dude, but we had to go up to the counter and say we were ready to roll out. She apologizes and all of that, but come on, we're regulars up there. Treat us with just a little respect anyways. Still, since I'm a nice dude, I have to give a good tip even if she did suck. So in the end, I guess she won. At least it gave me a story to mention in here if nothing else.

Memorial Day (Monday) is upon us and what did that day hold? Nothing too crazy as it was boring until the night. We had a little cookout at the house, but nothing out of the ordinary. Dad straight up gets it done on the grill though, he's not to be messed with on that thing. It's Monday night and of course that means it's wrestling night. For the first time in a crazy while, I opted to tape RAW and went to play night volleyball with my crew. We go to Bridgeport and I'm not kidding, there were 35 people playing. People came out of the woodwork and ones I haven't seen in ages showed up to play. If you lost, you had to sit 3 games or so and that wasn't cool. I ended up playing 2 games and got out of there. Even checking out a few of the dirty chicks there wasn't worth the time to drive up there while missing wrestling.

So far since it's been summer for me, I've had a crazy amount of time to kill. I haven't done a whole lot, but I won't complain. Usually it's spent being online WAY too much, watching wrestling DVDs, or working out. That about sums things up. At least I'm not spending a lot of money. Me and Cork got some bad news yesterday though. We want to hit up the 2006 MLB All Star Game so bad this year in Pittsburgh. We had to get on a lottery list just to even get a chance to buy tickets. The bad news is that they didn't pick us, so we're screwed. No way do those bum rich boy corporate dudes want to be at those events more than me and Cork. They just want to brag to their buddies that they were there, but know zero about baseball, it's bad times. Give the fans a chance to be there, ugh.

A few real quick wrestling notes. I'm pumped that Kurt Angle is going on the side of ECW after Paul E used one of his draft picks to bring him in. It should be a help to give to the name off the start and bring one of the best wrestlers in the world over. It also will be nice to see the mixture of old school ECW and Paul E's "new vision". Of course I'll be there for every second of the action. Nothing else really to mention on the wrestling front right now to bore everyone with, so I just wanted to make that comment.

My girl Lisa told me a funny one yesterday. She's a huge baseball fan (why can't a huge baseball chick be in my area that looks good?) and a Mets supporter till the day she dies. I gotta give her props on that one. Anyways, the stereotype is that most chicks don't know much about sports. Not all, but you get what I'm saying. Well, Lisa pulls out Xavier Nady, a player on the Mets. She says she was thinking the other day while watching a game and thought I looked just like him. I thought it was fairly close, so nice job on that. It's always interesting to see what other people think you look like as far as a known guy. Over the years, whether close or not I've heard Marc Bulger (NFL), actor Freddie Prinze Jr., and Jeff Gordon. Who knows. Just some food for thought.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I'm totally hooked on Grab Games. What's that? Go to My favorite game on there so far is Easter Eggin'. Yeah, laugh all you want, but you'll be hooked too. Mini Golf also rocks on there. And yes, I'm almost 30 years old and playing a game called Easter Eggin'. I admit it.

2. Eh, I guess I'll give ya some birthdays. Thiese will be for Thursday, June 1st. Marilyn Monroe would've been 80 today. Same with Andy Griffith. He still living? I think he is. Underrated NFL guy Larry Centers is 38. Look at his stats and a lot reading this have never heard of the guy unfortunately. Alanis Morrisette turns 32. Outside of her music and I'm not a fan, the only other noteworthy thing I remember on Alanis is of a funny MTV News story years ago. She was taken to the hospital to have pints of jizz pumped out of her stomach. I forget the exact amount, but it was a lot and I couldn't make that up if I tried. That's what you get from reading this page. Who else would provide you with that valuable information?

3. It's time for a cheap plug. You all need to jump on Lobstah, the #basketball message board that we have topics for just about everything. You get the best sports chat, movies, music, porn, you name it...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sucking Cops

Summer is upon us and I'm in a good mood. You know how it goes up here, so let's jump straight into the latest post. Today's topic comes from help of the legendary DerekHood, one of my buddies for the past decade or so from #basketball. It was around 4:00 AM or so and we started talking about off the wall topics and one that came up was Tevin Campbell. Many may not remember this kid (not a kid anymore, but was then) in the early 90s with his R&B stuff. Well, we got to wondering where Big Tevin has been lately. Using the infamous Wikipedia, I got some answers and it was rough news to see. I'll post our section of the chat about this, it's interesting and weird at the same time:

DruDown894 (4:06:29 AM): April 2006, Tevin Campbell is planning his long awaited comeback CD, working with producers Scott Storch, The Underdogs, Krucial Keys, Bryan Michael Cox, Rodney Jerkins, Ryan Leslie and many more, his CD is due sometime this winter.

jgthekingofcrunk (4:06:48 AM): holy shit

jgthekingofcrunk (4:06:56 AM): and here's what I had to say ...

DruDown894 (4:06:56 AM): Campbell had long denied rumors that he was a homosexual but in 1999 was arrested after offering to perform a sexual favor on a male undercover police officer.

jgthekingofcrunk (4:07:02 AM):

jgthekingofcrunk (4:07:19 AM): eww ... shit I never heard that. Dammit. Why do I have to like the fags?

DruDown894 (4:07:45 AM): Reading through it now.

DruDown894 (4:09:02 AM): Nice writeup there. Good stuff. He probably is on here like we are doing that stuff.

DruDown894 (4:09:13 AM): That or sucking cops.

jgthekingofcrunk (4:09:20 AM): he and Right Said Fred are hanging out talking about what might've been

jgthekingofcrunk (4:09:23 AM): hah hah

jgthekingofcrunk (4:09:44 AM): "sucking cops" ... don't know I've ever heard those two words used consecutively. That's hilarious. That'd make an awesome band name

jgthekingofcrunk (4:10:01 AM): there's your next blog title.

DruDown894 (4:10:23 AM): I might have to roll with that.

That's a different opener to the Blog and it should get us started in the right direction. So what else is happening down here? It might be summer time for me and I'm pumped. There are only 5 days left for the kids, so I thought since I already got my year's worth of eligibility for my retirement, I can take those 5 days off and be a bum on here if I choose. I rarely take days off during the year, so I might as well take advantage of the situation.

I just got back from a little fishing trip that I normally go on a few times during this time of year. One thing I like is just to get away from my daily schedule and get some relax time in by watching TV and getting my read on. I finished the William Regal book which was excellent and now started the Eddie Guerrero book: Cheating Death, Stealing Life. Yes, I'm a wrestling freak, I can't help it, but these are good reads with some wild road stories. More wrestling news to come later of course.

You know one thing that bugs me? Those big goofy sunglasses that chicks wear. What's up with that mess? They think they look cool in that? I must be totally missing that fashion, but it's a cheap way for them to look like a dirty rich girl in my opinion. They trying to be Paris Hilton? Or maybe that's their overall goal there. Some rough chick needs to slap the taste out of their mouth for wearing those god awful things. I'd crack up good at that. That's my rant of the day for you all.

I was bored the other day and went to get my shop on. Imagine that. Yeah, I shop way too much for a dude, but nothing else to do with my money. You can't go wrong bargain shopping either. That's a weakness of mine. If I see stuff on major sale, I hop right on it like an idiot. But I did pretty good. I ended up getting 5 new pair of shorts, 5 or 6 new pairs of boxers, and a few pimpin' Abercrombie buff type polo shirts. On the boxer scene, I like getting a few of the weird or funny ones. If you want more info on that, hit me up. You know you like it. Well, unless you're the Tevin Campbell type, stay away, so I guess that means females only. Maybe this is my bad fashion sense like those dumb chicks who wear those Paris Hilton sunglasses.

It's time for a CD update. You know that I go in cycles with that, so here's a pretty good batch at once I got this week:

Cam'ron: Killa Season. The BET commercials for this one crack me up. They say it's one of the most controversial albums out there. I didn't feel that, but I really liked this CD as Cam has a style all to his own. His background beats and sounds are one of my favorites.

Gnarls Barkley: St. Elsewhere. This is a collabo between Cee-Lo Green and Danger Mouse. If you thought Cam had his own style, you haven't seen anything yet. I haven't listened to this one yet, but I'm sure it'll be interesting. I like some of Cee-Lo's stuff, but not sure I'm great at handling that style over an entire album. We'll see though.

The Isley Brothers: Baby Makin' Music. The pimps of all pimps. An awesome title for an album and that's exactly what their music is. These guys have been in the game more than double most of us have even been alive. Their first video of this album, Just Came Here To Chill, is quality. Ron "Mr. Biggs" Isley gets his swerve on big time, like nobody else. Of course they get R. Kelly in on a song like usual. Just awesome music. Guaranteed to have you beating the chicks away with a stick since so many will be hounding you. :)

Jagged Edge: Jagged Edge 2006. I don't get it. Why name a CD the same as you've named one before? But enough of that, these dudes have talent and you know it. Chicks will dig this one too, so it's fun for the whole family. More pimpin' music for those not familiar with these cats.

Rick Ross: We Are The South - 2.5 Hustlas. One of the better mixtapes I've heard in a while. Everyone knows Rick Ross for his song Hustlin'. He's from the MIA and looks like Trick Daddy, one of his boys. This one has 41 tracks of energy. Usually mixtapes get boring after a while, but he straight brings it all the way in this one. If you can find this one, check this bad boy out.

Yo Gotti: Back 2 Da Basics. I've had his stuff before, so was curious to his new joint. Lil Wayne, Bun-B (who is on everyone's rap CD), and Jazze Pha are part of this action. Wanting something that isn't mainstream as much? I think you'll like this. His stomping grounds are in Memphis.

Time for quick wrestling news? Judgment Day last Sunday? It wasn't bad. The first part of the show I thought was great. The Chris Benoit/Fit Finlay match was one of the best WWE matches I've seen in a long time. Just a totally awesome match with both giving 100%. Still, they get no credit. London and Kendrick took the Tag Titles away from MNM (who broke up) and an awesome match here. I wish people knew how good Paul London really was. His WWE work doesn't show his abilities like he's capable of. He's incredible, trust me. Kurt Angle is one of the best entertainers out there and no arguments about it, one of the top wrestlers too. A nice combo to have. King Booker! The Great Khali? This might be the biggest piece of trash ever to step foot in a wrestling ring. Rey kept his title by the way too. RAW you ask? It's setting up for ECW: One Night Stand. I still feel as if most fans watching RAW have no clue on what ECW was or even who some of their wrestlers are. It's a shame, but they're trying. RVD will be taking on Cena. The NY ECW crowd is going to eat Cena for breakfast and have him wanting to run out of the arena, guaranteed. Also, we have Dreamer and Funk taking on Foley and Edge. Benoit against Malenko is rumored and I'd love to see that technical festival. The end of RAW teased the DX stuff once again, as HHH came out to help HBK.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. How about birthdays for Friday, May 26th? Sportscaster Brent Musburger is still kicking on-air at 67. Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac goes for 60. Actress Pam Grier hits 57. Philip Michael Thomas, better known as Tubbs from Miami Vice, turns 57 too, wow. Bobcat Goldthwait is 44. Lenny Kravitz celebrates his 42nd. R&B diva Lauryn Hill is only 31. Now that's a pretty good list I think.

2. Let's keep it rolling and go for Saturday, May 27th then. Two birthday mentions at the same time in the 3 Quick Thangs? Say it ain't so! Actor Lou Gossett, Jr is 70! I wouldn't have guessed that. Jeff Bagwell of the Astros will be 38 on that day, but it seems like he's 58. Another baseballer, Frank Thomas, is also 38. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes would've been 35. Former Heisman Trophy winner, Danny Wuerffel, flexes at 32 years old.

3. I just got done eating a bowl of Lucky Charms, one of my favorites.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I Am Ready To Kill Myself And Eat My Dog

2 years in this place huh? Hard to believe I've been rockin' it out for that long with the posts. So far I haven't been bored doing this, writing about the happenings that I go through, and whatever else goes down. Always fun getting the comments over that time and at least I know the crew is still reading my words of wisdom. It's not the same great words of wisdom that my barber gives, but one day I'll get to that level.

Today's title is a weird one, but we're going with it anyways. It's from a message or email that The_Freak got and it's about this dude complaining about medicine prices. It got me cracking up anyways. Here's what that one said:

Hello my friend,

I am ready to kill myself and eat my dog, if medicine prices here ( are bad.

Look, the site and call me 1-800 if its wrong..

My dog and I are still alive

Wednesday night, it was off to our first Pirates game of the year. A few weeks ago, me and Cork hit up a Rangers and Indians game in Cleveland for our first baseball game of the year. The scene for Wednesday? It was Cork, ManDingo, and myself. Cork won 4 free tickets off the radio for singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame on air. We couldn't find anyone to take the 4th, but we were on our way. This was easily the lowest attendance game I've been to in my life. Probably 6000 people were there. 14,000 some was the announced paid attendance, ouch. We had great seats though between the 3rd baseline and left field.

It was Ladies Night and that is one story I have for ya. In front of us about 5-6 rows was a group of probably 20 or so college aged chicks. I'm talking filthy dirty ones, and not in a good way either. Out of that big group, only one looked decent. The leader of the group was a girl that Cork dubbed as Scottie Pippen. She had the nose of Pippen is where Cork got that from. She was trashed and all manly looking, shaking her junk and being all kinds of obnoxious. After about 5 minutes of this, I can see why I can't stand drunks. They're entertaining for a bit unless you have to babysit them though I guess. The cops had to come tell the group to settle down and checked one chick for her ID. She said she didn't have it on her, but the copper stared them down all game. A good game to see though, the Bucs put up some runs.

The game is over and we walk to Cork's car. I'm in the back and ManDingo is in the passenger seat. Dingo gets ready to open the door and his body touches the car next to us. Nothing big right? Well, this stuck up chick rolls down her window and starts screaming and saying that Dingo hit her car with the door. He didn't. But she said she could seek revenge and bash her door onto Cork's. Go for it chick, you're the one driving the $40,000 SUV, mess that thing up. We just laughed in her face, a good time for all.

Waffle House time! On our way home, we hit up the Waffle House in Washington, PA. What an experience and easily the worst Waffle House I've been to in my life and none will top it in that aspect. How about this one, they ran out of waffle batter! I'm not joking either. We all got waffles with our meals, but Cork didn't get his due to that. He noticed my waffle was little and he said he bet they ran out and they did. We had a skanky older chick named Norma as our waitress who was on the cell phone half the time. So Norma tells Charlie the cook to go to the nearest Waffle House and get some batter, hah! Also, Dingo's sandwich he got (bacon/egg/cheese I think) was so bad he only took one bite of it and that was it. So that was our Pittsburgh trip in a nutshell, it was a good time and we're due for another one soon.

Real World was interesting this week. Once again, the show revolves around Anorexic Paula Walnuts. She went too far this week though. She was in the van and started going off on Johnny Bananas. He was calm and ignored her for a while. He told her not to go that route because she was going to lose the battle. After her saying everything she could, he finally steps up to finish her off. He brings up the anorexic talk, how she doesn't eat, her problems with her man, etc. Of course, she breaks down and cries like a little baby. Hilarious stuff since she brought the argument on herself. Paula got p0wned! Excellent TV.

American Idol finale this week and it should be quality. From what I've heard, my boy Posey is having a big Idol party for the festivities. I'm going with my boy Taylor to win this thing, although most people are fired up that Chris is gone. That still totally surprises me because I thought he was in for sure. I won't be mad either way with how this final ends up though. I like Taylor since he's a goofball and isn't afraid to make a fool of himself dancing around. And any guy is going to like Kat with her looks, the ghetto booty, and her busting out all over the place. Sign me up for that.

Sunday is also pay per view time for WWE. This week it's Judgment Day and that's a SmackDown show. Time for quick predictions. Melina over Jillian in what could be a decent chick's match. Benoit over Fit Finlay in what has potential to be a big time hard hitting technical bout. I'm going with Super Crazy to win the Cruiserweight Title from Helms. That looks to be a very nice match too. Angle over Mark Henry. Henry sucks, but Angle will show why he's one of the best in the world by making him look good. Undertaker and The Great Khali go to a No Contest. Bathroom break during this pathetic match. I have London and Kendrick overtaking MNM for the Tag Titles. Paul London is awesome, but the WWE won't ever let us know about that. Go watch his ROH matches to prove that. Lashley over Booker T in the King of the Ring Final. And the main event, JBL over Rey Jr for the World Heavyweight Title that Rey owns.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Time to revisit the birthdays. I'll go with Sunday, May 21st for this one. Mr. T starts things off by turning 54. And well... that's really about it for Sunday unfortunately. I wish I had more, but I got nothin'. The rest are bums.

2. I'm in a drawing for a chance to get tickets to the 2006 MLB All Star Game in Pittsburgh. Probably not much hopes of doing so, but I'm all over it if I can get a chance to get tickets for those 3 days to anything. I don't think you could put a price on that.

3. Right now I'm eating a box of Mike and Ike Berry Blast candies. Good stuff to be had for all.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Action

Happy Mother's Day to all out there. Did everyone do it big for the day? Mine was happy, so I can't complain. It's not like gifts can pay her back for all she does at the house, but I guess that's all mothers for ya. Other than that, things here are going real good, so I'll just jump into some stories right away..

I got to play night volleyball for the first time this year earlier last week. That's always a good time. We had 18 for the festivities and played in Bridgeport since my bum town won't put up a pit for us. We rolled with three teams of 6 and my team was by far the worst. But I was also on a very fun team, so it all worked out. I won't list the entire crew there, but I'll tell my team for the locals: Me, Buck, Sweet Pea's chick, Critchfield, Critchfield's chick, and Matty Mills. One team was stacked like crazy, while the other team had some nice talent as well. Out of nowhere, this guy we didn't even know pimp struts through. He asks if he can play, we don't care, so he gets in. It turns out he starts dominating and becomes the best player there, go figure. He put on a clinic. My serve is my best thing probably. Nobody there is that great, so it's just fun to get out there at night and goof off.

After that, we rolled to Denny's around midnight when we finished. The exciting thing there was Ozzie proving everyone wrong. I've never seen it done, but he said he could eat 6 saltine crackers in one minute. That might not sound like much, but it's a feat to get done. He wiped it out easily and by the time he was done, he was sweating his nads off due to trying it. I know I wouldn't be able to do that. I'm not a fast eater to begin with, but it was something to check out. Like most times, I got my usual, 2 pancakes with strawberries and an order of cheesesticks.

Friday and Saturday I got away and went with my Dad to go fishing. Friday was supposed to be 70% of rain, but it didn't rain one drop and turned out to be beautiful. Stupid weathermen, they don't have a clue. We didn't slay them, but the ones we did catch were some big ones. It was also good just to relax at the place my parents have by reading and watching some TV.

Speaking of reading, the book I took up there is called Walking a Golden Mile by William Regal. Yep, the wrestler. A VERY good book so far as I'm more than halfway through already. He's a great storyteller, is respected in the business for being around forever and knowing his craft, and even goes into detail about how messed up he was in the late 90s on drugs. I've always been a big reader and my favorites are wrestling books or anything sports related. I'm not sure what my next purchase will be, but I'm sure I'll have something fairly soon once I finish this book.

Saturday was a big happening for my boy Cork. He graduated from college that day. Not too bad at all for a Shinnstonite, we do it big here. At 2:00, he had a big thing for his graduation at Damon's. It was mostly family, but myself, Ozzie, and my Aunt Linda were also part of the action as a lot of people showed up. I did get to see Uncle Cork's new baby (his sister had a baby a week or so ago) and everything was healthy there. I didn't hold the baby as I always feel like I'd break them at that size. I ended up loading Cork up with a big gift certificate at GameStop. You only graduate once and he's my boy, so I figured why not spend some extra cash. Cork, saying I spent too much, ends up buying a game for my house too since he's out here all the time. He got Mario Kart: Double Dash and you can't EVER go wrong with any Mario Kart games. I'm not sure why we didn't buy this before for GameCube. He also loaded up on some XBox stuff for his house.

For those who know me, you already know that I'm a big fan of Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball player Seth McClung. Long story to how that happened, but I've told it on here before. He's a WV boy for one, but I won't get into the details. Anyways, on his MySpace, he sent his buddies an email with a request to vote for him to get a figurine made. If you're bored and can help a brother out, go here:

I took a week off work last week and that was pretty sweet. Only a few more weeks left and I'll be more of a bum than I already am. That I can't wait for. Not that I have anything crazy planned for the summer, it'll just be nice to sleep in, be on here more than I should be, go to a good bit of baseball games, play some ball, workout, video games, and do whatever else happens in the mean streets.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. In EDDFL news for 2006-2007, we're adding a new member. That's my cousin Ozzie, as Hammer Time gets the boot due to inactivity. We'll still have 12 members in the league and I can't wait till that time of the year comes.

2. At least until Thursday, it won't get to 70 degrees in my area. The weathermen don't have a clue as I've said, but that's my kind of weather. I'm not ready for the hot summer stuff. I'd be happy if it were under 70 all year round.

3. A week away from hitting the 2-year anniversary in here.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


What's happening out there in the mean streets? Things are going great with me and I should have some decent stories to whip up in this post. One week of May is down and we're nearing summer. I'll start things out with Friday night's action and that's where most of these stories will eminate from. Yep, I gotta bust out the big vocabulary every now and then for the fans at home.

I was sitting at the house on Friday, minding my business, and watching the Cavs/Wizards game with Spank. Around 10:00, we get a call from Stevie Buck and he's hanging out at Fortney's. He wants to know if we're interested in sports trivia and of course I can't pass that action up. It doesn't get much better than that. First, I'll name the cast of characters that was in attendance and the 3 teams: Me, Sweet Pea, and Jimmy Mills were one team. Another was Spank, Cork, and Ozzie representing the rugged West Side of Shinnston. The final team was Fortney, Buck, and Mudcat representing Enterprise. On the sports trivia front, my crew won and that's always good times. Everyone there just wanted Mudcat to lose so he'd get fired up and I guess it worked.

We had stories going all night, but two had me in tears. I don't hold too much back in here, so I might as well just type away and go at it with the style that I've done for the past 2 years. The first story was with a guy named Bam that we've played basketball with before. A really good dude first of all and used to play football at Fairmont State. He's been hooking up with Buck's sister and he's a black dude. I'm the last guy to have a problem with that as I see nothing wrong with it at all, but it's part of the story. When you're dealing with my racist area, you get problems with that all the time unfortunately, so there ya go. That's not the funny part. Somehow, they got to talking about Klem, an older buddy of ours. I won't have this story exact, but it will have to do. He was joking with Buck that he was going to "punish" Buck's mom when he got home. Herb (Buck's Dad) then was saying that there was only going to be one person to punish Sue and that was Herb himself, hah. Anyways, this got led into another story and how Herb was saying something about blacks and messing with them, calling them monkeys. Yeah, it's wrong, but it's part of the story so it's going here. That's when Ozzie out of nowhere pulls out this classic line. "He doesn't know that his daughter is getting punished by those guys!" Of course, total chaos erupted and we were rolling. I guess you had to have been there..

Another story with good ol' Herb was when a black buddy of Buck's was over for dinner. The first thing Herb did to try to break the conversation was to say to this guy, "So.. it's a shame what happened to that Tupac and Biggie huh?" Buck said him and his buddy just kind of sat there. Herb was just trying to be his nice self like he normally does, but was out of it with that question. A little behind the times, hah, but that's what made the story.

The second story that had me in tears was one that also involved Buck and Ozzie. This one will only appeal to the locals, but I'll make it short. They've been umping Little League games and always have great stories with that. They said that we have to get down there just to watch Perry do his thing. They'll be doing 9 and 10 year old games and they said this kid overran a base or something to that effect. Instead of just telling these clueless kids in a normal voice to get back to the base, that wouldn't be Perry's style. Picture this little Italian dude in his late 40s who is screaming at these kids at the top of his lungs and that's how he is all the time. That'd be worth being there for that. Only in Shinnston.

After we were done battling in sports trivia, it was about 1:00 or after. Everyone else was done, but me, Cork, and Spank trekked up to Denny's. While at Denny's, we saw this table of nerds having a Magic The Gathering tournament. No joke, right in the middle of the place. It was good entertainment. One actually had to run to Wal-Mart and buy some new packs before the tourney was over. Nothing else out of the ordinary happened inside Denny's, but stuff did outside..

As we stepped outside, Cork said he could throw a baseball from Denny's to McDonald's. Again, that only appeals to the locals, but I'll break it down. Since we didn't have an exact ruling, we had Spank actually step it off to see how many of his steps it took get to from Denny's to McD's. Spank is walking off 4 lanes of highway at like 2:30 in the morning, great stuff. It ended up being 89 steps. We didn't have a baseball to prove this, so we then went to Wal-Mart and bought one. While in Wal-Mart at that time of night, we couldn't resist to launch some footballs to each other in the aisles. Yeah, we'll never grow up. Anyways, we had the baseball, so it was off to Shinnston. Confused? We then went to the football field at 3:00 in the morning. Picture it being about 50 degrees, we're in shorts and sandals and the field is soaked with wet cold grass. We get out there anyways. I carry a baseball glove just to make it official. Spank starts off from the goal line and walks it off. It turned out to be about 270 feet. Cork realized he couldn't get the ball there after Spank started walking out there, but he tried anyways. Spank was waiting to mark the ball, but since it was dark, he couldn't see too well. It took us a while after going through the cold grass in sandals to find it, but we did. Mission accomplished. The next bet to settle is one we've talked about for a long time. Cork swears he can throw a baseball 70 miles per hour. A few of us don't think he can do it, while another side of the crew thinks he can. I can't wait to see that one when we try.

Yesterday was the first day I loaded up on strawberries. My favorite fruit, so I figured I might as well write something about it. They were in good shape too and I'll be tearing that stuff up all summer. Not too much fruit that I'm not into, so there's your healthy food section for today. Eat your fruit kids.

My crew started to play night volleyball the past few weeks. I haven't had a chance to get in on the action as of yet. They've been playing on Mondays and Thursdays usually. Monday is wrestling night for me and I may have to actually tape wrestling to play on Mondays (the thought!). I'd consider it. Thursday is my basketball night, but I could always play after basketball was over and really get the exercise going. The volleyball stuff is more fun than anything because nobody is that much of a talent. Goof around with the guys and you can't go wrong checking out some of the chicks that play with us, not a bad combo if I must say so.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. For the big wrestling fans, I got a full subscription of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and got my first mailing yesterday. The top of the line as far as wrestling news and happenings go and well worth it.

2. For the locals, get a hold of me if you want to go to a Pirates game soon. I'm always willing to do something like that.

3. I haven't done the birthday thing in a good while, so it's time to revisit that.. The birthdays for May 9th? Actress Candice Bergen is 60. Billy Joel turns 57. Tony Gwynn of baseball fame goes for 46, wow. Hockey star Stevie Yzerman goes for 41. The most whipped guy in the world, NBA baller Doug Christie celebrates his 36th today.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yahoo Search #39 & #47

I'll open this up with a message from the studious Mr. Clark Riley, father-to-be in the fall of 2006. He sent along this email, explaining today's title of the Blog, so we all want to give him some big props for that:

Yahoo Search #39 & #47

That should be your title for the next blog ... why? Well, in my boredom yesterday afternoon and after checking to see if you had a new post up. I did a search on Yahoo for "blog shinnston" ... Just out of curiousity to see if anyone else I knew had one going. And I went through the top 100 results. You came up twice.

Just food for thought really, but I assumed you would enjoy my findings.

It's hard to believe that May is here already. Summer is right around the corner. I like warm weather, but the crazy hot stuff can stay away for a long time if you ask me. I'd rather it be 40 than 80, but then again, I'm weird. It's been in the low 70s here lately, so I can handle that. In this saga of events, I'll talk about my Cleveland trip, the NFL Draft, wrestling, the anniversary this blog is approaching, and many other things. Strap up and enjoy the ride..

Saturday at noon, the crew rolls out of Shinnston and heads towards Cleveland. Who is part of this road trip? Well, it's just me and Cork this time. I'm doing the driving for the festivities and that's rare enough. I didn't freak Cork out with my bad driving skills, so I guess I ended up doing just fine. On the ride up, we listened to the NFL Draft on radio and that was good entertainment as well as some various rap action of course. It got way too much hype, but we were able to listen to most of the 1st Round while on our way. The trip is 4 hours for those keeping track at home.

We hit up some good Italian eats at a place in Akron called Panatierre's. I know I mangled that spelling, but it'll work. I can't find the name of it anywhere. Good prices and it's just this tiny place that reminds me of a home style atmosphere. I loaded up on lasagna and I would get it again. If you're in that area and drive by the place, it looks like a dump, but it was a good time. Check it out. Then we roll into Cleveland around 5:00-5:30. Very easy to get there and I didn't have any problems. I've driven it before, so I knew what to expect. After paying $15 to park, we then get our pimp strut on across the street to Jacobs Field.

I liked out seats a lot. We were high, but behind the plate just a bit on the 1st base line. We could see the pitches perfectly. Of course it was Grady Sizemore Bobblehead Night. It's insane how much the town of Cleveland loves Grady. Chicks are all over his nads as they're almost fainting when he gets up to bat or does anything, seriously. It's also a nice change to see a crowd of a team that is a competitor in the league, rather than Pittsburgh who are bums. Granted, I love going to Pittsburgh more than anywhere and the stadium is top notch, but they're basically done before the season begins. The Jake is a great stadium, I highly recommend it. The bobblehead is quality too, well done.

The coldest baseball game I've been to probably. I got a free blanket there and put it to use. Yes, it was that cold on the last day of April. I liked it that way though. After the game, we got out of town really easy. Then we get the car going back in the direction of WV and we stop at Akron. Around midnight, we see a Waffle House. The big lightbulb went over our heads and a Waffle House is a MUST stop. Very good service, eats were fine, but it wasn't dirty enough. Say what you're asking? We were a little disappointed this was a fairly clean Waffle House. It doesn't get any better than a filthy grimey Waffle House, I'm not joking. My theory is that if the place looks dirty, the food inside rocks. I then stop to get gas on the way home and we watch this dude hanging out of the back of an SUV parked in the lot. He's trying to get himself to throw up as his buddies are there for support. I thought it was funny. Yet another reason why I don't drink, forget that junk. They probably didn't know what to think when we were just sitting in the car after getting our gas and watching this idiot try to make himself puke. We didn't care though, it's quality entertainment, so we stayed for the action.

A real quick capsule of the Bears draft. I'll just run through the picks in order, but won't bore you with a biography on these guys. Our first pick was Danieal Manning, a safety out of the mean streets of Abilene Christian College. 2nd pick we go with Devin Hester, CB out of Miami. 3rd pick we go with Dusty Dvoracek, DT from Oklahoma. You gotta love that name alone. 4th pick goes to Jamar Williams, LB of Arizona State. See a trend here? My guys mean business on the defensive side of the ball. 5th pick, Mark Anderson, DE of Alabama. 6th pick, JD Runnels, FB of Oklahoma. Hey, we have an offensive player! Why not go for 2 in a row? We end the weekend with Tyler Reed, an OG from Penn State.

Big wrestling news to mention. A nice Sunday and Monday combo. On Sunday it was WWE Backlash and I thought it was a solid show. The only down part was Big Show and Kane, but that was expected to be brutal. HBK and Shane took a beating, Cena ended up retaining but HHH got the last word in, and Trish dislocated her shoulder as it was nasty to see. RAW was where the stuff went down though. Quite possibly the best final 20 minutes of RAW in a long time. First, we had Joey Styles cut what is said to be a partial shoot, but we know it's really not. Either way, he supposedly wrote all of his lines and the WWE writers let him get away with the pro wrestling vs. sports entertainment argument. Great lead-in for ECW, good job Joey! Hopefully they don't screw it up this time. And the end had more teasing towards the reformation of DX. In the final 20 minutes it was my favorite promotion of all time getting in the spotlight (ECW) and my favorite stable of all time (DX) there as well. A good time to be a wrestling fan.

Mobb Deep: Blood Money. A real good CD here. This is the infamous Mobb Deep's first album with G-Unit. Of course you're going to get that crew on there, but they don't do away from their old style. It's still as rough and lyrically sound as they have ever been.

In other CD news, I'm not sure if my computer will be able to handle it or not, but I've downloaded some country CDs this week. No, it's not what you think, so hold on. Since I'm a nice guy, I don't mind making some CDs for people. I'm weird, but it puts a hop in my step (BSG style) to send mail out to my crew. And half of these people I don't even have a clue what they look like, let alone know their songs.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. We're almost there. On May 21st, we will hit the 2-year anniversary in here. I'm excited for that, doesn't seem like I've been typing a blog up that long. I still enjoy it though.

2. Another week or so and I'll be done with my class part of my Masters courses. That'll give me a good bit of extra free time as this has been the busiest semester I've had since I'm doing the teaching thing, running a fantasy NBA league (now over), plus keeping up with my Masters on top of that. I'm pimp like that though, you know how it goes.

3. Your lucky number today? 367.