Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dirty Waitresses At Denny's

Yep, we're due for another post, so it's time to get started in a major way. Lots of topics to talk about in this one, so I'll try to make things interesting as that's the goal every time. First, I'm done working for the summer, so now I'm officially in bum mode. Not that I'm not a bum enough, but you know what I mean.

Saturday night we had our first Hillbilly Horseshoes action of the year at Barney's. Always a good time, whether you play good or not. And this time was probably the worst I've ever played. I'm not sure what my problem was. I just couldn't get the shoes to land flat and they were bouncing all over the place. Regardless, it's always fun just to joke around and TJ always makes things fun by making us all laugh till we cry. My team got skunked a few times, which wasn't good, but I also had a few wins under my belt. Most of that was due to my teammates holding me out of the water, but a win is a win. Barney and TJ dominated this time around. Towards the end of the night, I was pretty much the only one of the entire crew not drinking and that never ends up good for me, I'm picky like that. Just not my thing to be around a lot of people drinking, but you guys know that anyways. I stayed till around midnight and tapped out for the night. Overall, a quality night that even had Big Barney bust out some deer jerky, yum.

Sunday rolls around and I spent most of that day playing Mario Kart: Double Dash with Spank. We played so many circuits that my eyes started getting crossed, but that shows how great of a game it is, even years later. Not that anyone cares, but I like using the little dudes on that game because they turn better and are faster. That's your tip of the day.

Spank rolls out around 10:00 and I'm bumming around until 1:30 on here. That's when Cork asks if I'm hungry. I tell him that I'm bored, so I'll go along for the Denny's trip to see what madness erupts up there. Well, it's never anything too exciting, but it's something to get out of town for a bit. A lot of locals were in the house and we got to share our greetings. The story was our waitress, ugh. One of the worst service nights I've ever had. We get there and seat ourselves. Then after a while, the chick finally asks us if we want stuff to drink. Uh, yeah. We've been here for 10 minutes just staring at how dumb you are, I'd like a drink please. Then we get our eat on (my usual 2 pancakes with strawberries and a half order of cheesesticks with sweet tea) and we're ready to pay after eating. She says she'll be right out with our checks. Hmm.. After what was literally 10-15 minutes, she still didn't bring it out. Now I'm a really laid back dude, but we had to go up to the counter and say we were ready to roll out. She apologizes and all of that, but come on, we're regulars up there. Treat us with just a little respect anyways. Still, since I'm a nice dude, I have to give a good tip even if she did suck. So in the end, I guess she won. At least it gave me a story to mention in here if nothing else.

Memorial Day (Monday) is upon us and what did that day hold? Nothing too crazy as it was boring until the night. We had a little cookout at the house, but nothing out of the ordinary. Dad straight up gets it done on the grill though, he's not to be messed with on that thing. It's Monday night and of course that means it's wrestling night. For the first time in a crazy while, I opted to tape RAW and went to play night volleyball with my crew. We go to Bridgeport and I'm not kidding, there were 35 people playing. People came out of the woodwork and ones I haven't seen in ages showed up to play. If you lost, you had to sit 3 games or so and that wasn't cool. I ended up playing 2 games and got out of there. Even checking out a few of the dirty chicks there wasn't worth the time to drive up there while missing wrestling.

So far since it's been summer for me, I've had a crazy amount of time to kill. I haven't done a whole lot, but I won't complain. Usually it's spent being online WAY too much, watching wrestling DVDs, or working out. That about sums things up. At least I'm not spending a lot of money. Me and Cork got some bad news yesterday though. We want to hit up the 2006 MLB All Star Game so bad this year in Pittsburgh. We had to get on a lottery list just to even get a chance to buy tickets. The bad news is that they didn't pick us, so we're screwed. No way do those bum rich boy corporate dudes want to be at those events more than me and Cork. They just want to brag to their buddies that they were there, but know zero about baseball, it's bad times. Give the fans a chance to be there, ugh.

A few real quick wrestling notes. I'm pumped that Kurt Angle is going on the side of ECW after Paul E used one of his draft picks to bring him in. It should be a help to give to the name off the start and bring one of the best wrestlers in the world over. It also will be nice to see the mixture of old school ECW and Paul E's "new vision". Of course I'll be there for every second of the action. Nothing else really to mention on the wrestling front right now to bore everyone with, so I just wanted to make that comment.

My girl Lisa told me a funny one yesterday. She's a huge baseball fan (why can't a huge baseball chick be in my area that looks good?) and a Mets supporter till the day she dies. I gotta give her props on that one. Anyways, the stereotype is that most chicks don't know much about sports. Not all, but you get what I'm saying. Well, Lisa pulls out Xavier Nady, a player on the Mets. She says she was thinking the other day while watching a game and thought I looked just like him. I thought it was fairly close, so nice job on that. It's always interesting to see what other people think you look like as far as a known guy. Over the years, whether close or not I've heard Marc Bulger (NFL), actor Freddie Prinze Jr., and Jeff Gordon. Who knows. Just some food for thought.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I'm totally hooked on Grab Games. What's that? Go to My favorite game on there so far is Easter Eggin'. Yeah, laugh all you want, but you'll be hooked too. Mini Golf also rocks on there. And yes, I'm almost 30 years old and playing a game called Easter Eggin'. I admit it.

2. Eh, I guess I'll give ya some birthdays. Thiese will be for Thursday, June 1st. Marilyn Monroe would've been 80 today. Same with Andy Griffith. He still living? I think he is. Underrated NFL guy Larry Centers is 38. Look at his stats and a lot reading this have never heard of the guy unfortunately. Alanis Morrisette turns 32. Outside of her music and I'm not a fan, the only other noteworthy thing I remember on Alanis is of a funny MTV News story years ago. She was taken to the hospital to have pints of jizz pumped out of her stomach. I forget the exact amount, but it was a lot and I couldn't make that up if I tried. That's what you get from reading this page. Who else would provide you with that valuable information?

3. It's time for a cheap plug. You all need to jump on Lobstah, the #basketball message board that we have topics for just about everything. You get the best sports chat, movies, music, porn, you name it...


Clark said...

Ed ... Bad news about the all-star game. I just got pff the phone with our PA Announcer for Men's Basketball and he also does all the Detroit Tigers home games. He said to go after Home Run Derby tickets. Last year they didn't sell out of them and the players were more accessible. G'luck to ya.

Shell said...

hey Ed! Did I get ya hooked on grab? lol Make sure ya do June 10th birthday and put me in it!! :P Have Fun buh byes


Anonymous said...

at least denny's wasn't out of waffle batter, that would have been even worse.

i might try to get to pittsburgh a couple times during all-star week just to see what is going down, even if i can't make it in to actually see the games.

also a big holler out to clark riley for making the big time on

Anonymous said...

forgot to sign the last comment. - mandingo

Stephanie said...

Hey bubba!!! What's crackin? I'm just sitting here waiting on my date to come and pick me up. I just got ready and everything. I'm actually wearing my hair in curls which I will probably straight before he even gets here because they are getting on my nerves. It sounds like you had a sucky time at Denny's. Maybe next time will be better. You know you suck because I have to message you on yahoo before you ever message me!!! Are you into sports? Well I can tell. What kind of sports are you into and what teams do you like? Well you know what I need to get off here and call me date and see if his sorry butt is ever going to show up. Have fun tonight. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Nice pic of the man, Albert Pujols, but he is hurt and on the DL for the first time, I am pretty sad. It sucks, but he is gonna get better soon and be back out there kickin ass. Good luck on gettin to the all star game, I am still trying to get to a Cardinals game.