Thursday, December 30, 2004

By Golly....It Must be a Rat!

A big thanks goes out to Blahah of #basketball fame for picking today's Blog title. Thanks mane..

This break is going pretty good so far. It doesn’t seem like it’s going that fast for me like it normally would. It’s gearing down, but still I have some extra time to be a bum. Tuesday night or Wednesday afternoon, however you want to look at it, I went to bed at noon. Yep, you read that right. Me and Cork battled in Paper Mario all night long. I wasn’t sure how long I’d sleep, but I ended up waking up at 6:00 PM. I could’ve rolled back over and slept for a good while longer, but I had to get up for some spaghetti and meatballs action and then the Celtics game that night at 8:30. It was a mistake on the Celtics game, as the Mavs just destroyed them. That night, even though I wasn’t too tired, I figured I’d go to bed halfway early for my standards on break and get there at 5:45. Today I’m sleeping away, doing my thing, and Dad yells upstairs to see if I’m ok. That was around 2:45, so that gave me 9 hours.

Speaking of the Celts getting spanked by the Mavs on Tuesday, the same thing happened last night. We were playing the Grizz and things were going well all night long. Well, for three quarters anyways. Then the Grizz went ballistic on us and put us away in the 4th quarter. Everyone can make a comeback on us late in the game, it’s rough. Right now Boston is 12-16, not good at all. Only one team in the division is .500 as I type this, so it could be worse. Their last game of 2005 is against the Wiz tomorrow night and then we do battle with the World Champion Pistons on Monday.

While battling in Paper Mario, it’s a 1-player game, so we had to have something else to keep us occupied when we were up all night. Cork hadn’t seen The Rise And Fall Of ECW DVD, so he wanted to check that one out. Three hours later, we finished that beast. That never gets old to me. I could watch ECW stuff everyday if I had to. That’s how good this DVD is. On the wrestling front, we have WWE New Year’s Revolution on Sunday. The only match that is being hyped up is of course the Elimination Chamber. Outside of that epic match is Lita taking on Trish for the Women’s Title and Kane facing off versus Gene Snitsky. That’s the only announced matches currently, weird. Speaking of wrestling, we have some good news for the guys out there. Well, I guess some of the girls may like this too, who knows these days. I posted this one in Lobstah, but there’s a strong rumor going around about most of the WWE divas getting ready to do another Playboy shoot. Some won’t show everything, but here’s the rundown, courtesy of Lords Of Pain, the best wrestling site out there: I’ll just paste it from there.

Victoria -Topless & Full Frontal
Dawn Marie - Topless & Full Frontal
Miss Jackie - Topless Only/Lingerie
Stacy Keibler - Ass and Back only
Stephanie McMahon - See-through Nightie/Lingerie
Michelle McCool - Topless & Full Frontal
Amy Weber - Topless & Full Frontal
Maria - Topless only
Lita - Still Negotiating Poses
Joy Giovanni - Topless & Full Frontal
Christy Hemme - Topless & Ass only
Candace - Topless & Full Frontal
Torrie Wilson - Topless Only/Lingerie
Lilian Garcia - See-Through Nightie/Lingerie
Molly Holly - Topless Only/Lingerie

This is pretty interesting. A few chicks have me wanting to see this a good bit. Who knows if this project actually goes through though. I’m really surprised Stephanie McMahon is considering this, if the source is correct. That’s one I’ll be looking forward to for sure. A few others I can’t wait to see are Victoria and Dawn Marie. I think both of these chicks are underrated. Dawn Marie looks smokin' in person. I got to meet her in her ECW days for whatever that’s worth. And I’ve always been a Molly Holly fan, even if she’s more like the average chick next door. She better grow her hair long again.

I loaded up on a few new CDs last night. Nothing major, as most of you haven’t heard of this guy, but I was due for something to get anyways. I went to search for some older JT Money CDs, but had no luck, but I did get results for JT The Bigga Figga. He’s a Bay Area guy (I can’t pass that up) and you’ve heard of him on a few 2Pac tracks or possibly with some lesser known Bay Area rappers. U-God of #basketball fame back in the day, was always a huge JT fan. The CDs I got of his last night are Nothin’ But Thow Wows, Illegal Game that is a project with recently deceased Mac Mall, and his newest that isn’t out yet called Black Wall Street Compilation. I’ve listened to most of these so far and they’re really good in my opinion. I haven’t checked out Illegal Game yet, but from past experience with Mac Mall’s stuff, it has to be good. Check that out if you’re wanting some good rap you may not have heard before.

January is upon us and that means we get a look at the upcoming CDs. What is coming out in January? I know nothing about any other genre than rap and R&B, so that’s what I’ll post on as usual. They’re putting out an Ol’ Dirty Bastard CD called Osirus on the 4th. He was putting the finishing touches on this one when he collapsed in the studio. On this CD is Ghostface Killah, Killer Mike, Drag-On, Jae Mills, Inspectah Deck, and others. On the 11th, it’s the Coach Carter Soundtrack. Thug soundtracks are usually never bad. This one is loaded up with Kanye, Lil Scrappy, The Game, Fabolous, Chingy, St. Lunatics, and Twista. That same date, for the BET UnCut fans, you get Joker The Bailbondsman’s Bipolar that is said to have Bizzy Bone and Freeway on it to name a few. Anything with Freeway on it, I’m in. On the 18th we’re treated to Paul Wall and Chamillionaire’s Controvery Sells. That should be good if you’re into the Texas rap scene. Then we get The Game’s (I guess he wants to be Triple H now) work in The Documentary with Dre, Snoop, Busta, Tony Yayo, and 50 on it. January 25th treats us to Daz Dillinger’s Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta LP. Also, the Geto Boys (Scarface and company) are back in action with The Foundation. After what has seemed to get pushed back by the day, February 1st gives us one of Chicago’s finest, Do Or Die, with their D.O.D. title. A few more here as we get Krayzie Bone’s Gemini: Good Vs. Evil on February 8th and on the 15th we get one of the hardest hitting Bay Area guys out there, Spice 1 with Dyin’ 2 Ball.

I got a little carried away with the CD stuff, but deal with it. What else is planned for the rest of the week other than gearing up for WWE New Year’s Revolution? Probably not much actually, which is the way I like it. I just can’t get into the bowl season this year. I’ve watched two games I believe and could care less about most of the others. I watched the Hawaii game on Christmas Eve, then watched my Irish get stomped by Oregon State on Tuesday night. It’s basketball season now anyways. I’m getting destroyed in my bowl pools this year, but maybe there’s a chance for hope. I never win those things anyways. Speaking of winning something in football, I have a chance to win my first ever #Balls Empire title. I know I just jinxed myself, but I’m taking on Kris3 this week in US#FL, the Wilbur created fantasy NFL league implemented in spite of Walz. I like my chances, but either way, I’ve never even been 2nd Place in one of these leagues, so I’m getting excited. Walz won the other #basketball football league, the original A#FL. It was tough for me to juggle two leagues at the same time this year. I hope we can come to an agreement next season, but for now I have to focus on trying to win US#FL.

It’s now time to plug all of my boys’ (and girls) Blogs out there in the world. So hit this up. If I didn’t put yours on there and you want it in here someday, let me know. Holla at em:

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I guess if I didn’t put your Blog in there, you either didn’t update recently, or I went into a coma and forgot. Here’s to everybody having a nice New Years with greetings from the Eastside.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Yep, it’s go time again. We’re not pulling any stops here and we’ll see what we can figure out. I’m going random again with this one, or that’s the plan anyways. 2005 is almost here, so are you guys getting pumped? I’m just happy to get some time off from work. The work I don’t mind, but I definitely can handle not having to wake up at 6:00 every morning. Instead, I’m going to bed at that time. It’s always fun going back after break and being in a total coma for about a week straight from having your sleep schedule all kinds of whacked out.

Sunday night was the EDDFL hangout at Damon’s, a sports bar in the area. We have 13 guys in our league and 7 of the crew showed up. That’s more than half, so we were happy with that. It’s tough to get the entire crew together, but that’s not a bad start. Hopefully in a month or so, we’ll get together again. Who was there you ask? Cork and ManDingo are the only ones the non-locals will know. Outside of those studs, you get served up with Spank, Riley, TJ, Sidell, and myself. No trade talk went down on this trip, but it was still a good time. Unfortunately, Damon’s doesn’t have NBA League Pass (the greatest invention of all time), so we were relegated to watching junk on the screens. The food was good though. Spank spent $36 on food, he’s a machine. And it didn’t come close to filling him up.

As far as food goes, yesterday me and Cork figured we were due for a Chinese trip. The best thing about it is that it was free Chinese. I had the gift certificate, so I told Cork he didn’t have to pay either, just go along for the ride. I have about half of it left to spend, so I’ll be in business with that the next couple of times I go. Everytime I usually get the same stuff: General Tso’s Chicken (the second greatest invention of all time), cheese wontons, pork fried rice, lo mein noodles, pineapple chicken, and of course I top it off with a final plate of fruit as pineapples, peaches, and then some jello. Quality times.

Pretty much everyone and their brother is now setup with a GMail account. I have a ton of new invites if anyone is interested though for an easy to use email account with a ton of space. This beast features 1000 megs of email space, something that would take a lot to fill. Right now I have 117 emails in there and it’s only taking up 8% of my space. Hit me up if you’re interested with that. I have all of these invites with nobody to use them on since most people have an account already. You can either write a comment on here for me to get back with ya at (well, comment anyways, even if it’s not about that) or write me at I have too many email accounts, but who cares.

I finished the And1 book the other day. It’s a nice piece, giving you the history of each of their main players. You find out a lot of stuff. I’ve been watching all of their stuff, have the DVDs, but there was just so much they don’t tell you from the mixtapes that you find out in this book. It’s worth the price and it goes for $$16.95 in the US and for the Canadian #basketball guys, it’s $23.95 up there. I’ve already began to read Let Me Tell You A Story with Red Auerbach, so whenever that’s finished in the next few weeks, I’ll give a little review possibly.

What’s new in the gaming world? Video games that is. Paper Mario is a very nice game. Laugh all you want about it being portrayed as a kiddie game, but it’s addicting and has a pretty good storyline that has you thinking good in this role player. Earlier today after I attempted to get all buff, I rolled to Spank’s house for some XBox action. I’ve never really played much of this system, but I’m blown away now. I’ll always be a Nintendo loyalist, but I really like this system from what I’ve seen so far. The triggers on the controller are in perfect spots. I don’t like the black, white, start, and back buttons, but you don’t use them much anyways. Madden 2005 is so smooth as well here. The field itself, it looks like the real thing compared to GameCube and PS2.

RAW was back last night and it was live. The Best Of wasn’t bad, but I’m worthy enough to get some live wrestling into my schedule again. A Monday without that wouldn’t be the same at all. This is a RAW before a Pay Per View, so we knew they had to bring it with their A-game. This Sunday is WWE New Year’s Revolution and it’s a RAW Pay Per View. Bischoff came out to say that all 6 members of the PPV’s main event, The Elimination Chamber, have to beat the clock tonight. Whoever gets the fastest win against their opponent on RAW, gets to enter the chamber last. The guys in that match are Triple H, Jericho, Benoit, Orton, Batista, and Edge. Jericho faced Christian and took him out in 10:47. Up next was Orton against Maven, in which Orton won in 6:14. Our third contestant had Edge beating Eugene, but not as quick as Orton won his match. Benoit busted up Viscera in 5:43, so he’s our current leader as you read this. Next up was Dave Batista who straight up roid freaked with a time of 3:02 on the manbeast Rhyno. That left us to the main event, with Triple H taking on nemesis Shelton Benjamin who has beaten him a few times before. There is dissention between Evolution members HHH and Batista. HHH was mad that Batista beat Rhyno so fast. HHH wins, but not fast enough, so Batisa wins the time challenge.

The story of the night came at the end. Bischoff kept hyping up a “special guest referee” for the Elimination Chamber. He finally arrives late in the show and it’s none other than Shawn Michaels. This will surely add to the PPV. I’d love to see HBK turn bad here, but I’ve been wishing that one for years. After a 2-week break from live JR, we get treated to this dose of knowledge to end the show:

No! The Pedigree! The Pedigree by The Game.. By The Game.. The Game is still in the Elimination Chamber! Batista will be the last man released to the Elimination Chamber! Shawn Michaels! Th..the..there he is! No one is going to like this decision! Not one man in the Elimination Chamber is going to like this at all! Triple H can’t believe it! Oh my God what an Elimination Chamber this is going to be! 6 men, only one man can survive! What a law and order! What a RAW! And what an Elimination Chamber! Oh My God! Oh My God! Shawn Michaels!

Real World was finally back tonight. It’s about time too. How does MTV think they can gain ratings if they just stop in midseason with a show and then get back to it 2 or 3 weeks later? This season is rough, I agree, but it’s not like they put anything in its slot that was new. They showed reruns of Pimp My Ride during most of the time they had it off. Anyways, what did this week feature?

Sarah and Vonda are getting fired up at MJ. Sarah and MJ had a debate on religion and The Passion of the Christ. Sarah is Jewish and she said the movie was portrayed wrong. MJ was being his laid back self and told Sarah he didn’t want to hear her or debate. Then Sarah gets worked up saying that MJ doesn’t know how to respect an intelligent chick. Later, Vonda is on the phone with her man. MJ says she’s always on there and he doesn’t get to use the phone much. He goes in to see if he can use it and keeps hanging around. Vonda is getting worked up and he asks again how long she’ll be on. She says about 10 minutes. To that MJ says in 10 minutes he’ll be back and ready to use the phone. She asks him if that was a threat and he says yes, then freaks out to her man, and breaks down crying. I’d hate to see if some of these weak girls got told how it was by some roid freak or something. Then in the interviews, Vonda acts all hard and gangsta about how he shouldn’t disrespect her. Then we see her bawling her eyes out to Vonda. Then they call him a sexist. For the girls reading this, what’s your take? Enough on that. I rant on that enough.

Big Willie Style has been going out every night and gets in really late. He was mangled one night and came home in a cab. He fell asleep in the cab all messed up and walked into the house without paying. A few minutes later, the cops come to get the money. Willie is still passed out, so Karamo pays it. Then the next morning they have to go cut weeds down for their work. Willie sleeps in for it and they joke that he wouldn’t have been able to cut grass anyways.

Next week Landon gets all crunked up drunk again as usual. He then gets all in Mel’s face and who knows what goes down next. Then MJ sees him put a knife in his back pocket and he starts to walk around. Hah! This is some good drama. Now we’re talking. Yet as always with previews, we’ll be let down. He probably went to cut a piece of cake or something. Either way, he needs put in the Crossface Chickenwing, Bob Backlund style, along with all of the girls on this show.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Big Pimpin, Spendin' G's

Greeting to all the Blog fans from near and far. I guess this will be our Christmas edition. Or better yet, the post-Christmas edition since as I’m writing this, Christmas is basically over. After the mad rush of shopping, things came to a close beginning on Friday, Christmas Eve. It’s tradition for our house to hold the annual Christmas party for our family and friends. We’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. There’s enough food to last a week, but everyone always makes too much. Between me and Cork, we drank two pitchers of tea. I was wizzing all night.

The day of Christmas. On Lobstah, there’s a thread started up of what everyone got. A lot reading this will see the exact same things, but I’ll write it on here as well to take up some space and your lack of a life since you’re reading this. I never really needed anything this year, but of course I had to give my parents some ideas. I gave Mom all kinds of ideas, but she kept asking. I didn’t need anything big, so I just went with a variety. You can’t go wrong getting me anything Celtics, so that’s always on the list without saying. Celtics things this year I got a Paul Pierce shirt, a hat, a t-shirt with banners of all their 16 championships, a long sleeve t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. On the hat topic outside of the Celtics hat I also got a Notre Dame one, a Notre Dame/Yankees combo (NY logo and underneath is Irish) for the Italians in the area, a Detroit Tigers hat since I like the logo and it’s gangsta-ish, and a Hank Aaron style 1974 Atlanta Braves hat, another logo and colors I’m big on. Video game wise I loaded up on Paper Mario for GameCube. It’s gotten nothing but great reviews and so far after a few hours of playing, I’m loving it. I was due for a new mouse, so I finally went optical and went wireless as well with a Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer. It’s well worth it. I didn’t ask for any movies this year, but I got the And1 Volume 7 Mixtape DVD hosted by AO and featuring Jason Williams doing his high school thing in West Virginia.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t get a stock of blank CDs. We all know that I’m addicted to them anyways, so why not. 100 new ones for Christmas, I can handle that. Between making new stuff for myself and sending all kinds to my buddies (at least I’m generous), they won’t last too long. As I do every year, I got the latest WWE calendar. RVD, Flair, or HBK are nowhere to be found though, doh! At least Triple H is there. To go with the mouse, I got a gel mousepad so my wrists won’t keep mangling. Out of fairness to my favorite current basketball player, Antoine Walker, I got an Atlanta Hawks t-shirt.

I’m always talking about eating Chinese food as it rocks. I got a gift certificate and they also sent home a Chinese calendar to go with it. Not bad. Printer ink, UnderArmor, and a Yankees tie. My favorite gift of the day probably will have to be my Don Mattingly half-zip jersey type deal. I’m wrapping this gift thing up to move along to something else. Lastly, I got three different books. One is Let Me Tell You A Story by John Feinstein and Red Auerbach. Another is Me And My Dad by Paul O’Neill and Burton Rocks. The third is Italian Pride: 101 Reasons To Be Proud You’re Italian. I’ll write more on the books when I read them, but for now I’m finishing up on the And1 book. It’s awesome. I can barely put it down it’s so good, seriously.

Christmas night I went and hung with some cousins, at one of my aunt and uncle’s places. The usual here, but it was a good time of watching football, eating junk food, and just being an all around bum. While there I got to try the AbLounger or whatever that new creation is called. I really liked this one. There’s no strain at all on your back, which is awesome to me as my back is always hurting. It’s worth checking out and easy to do. You can even use it as a regular chair if you had to. Also there, my cousin Zack got me a present he wanted me to open in front of everyone. I figured he was up to something, but I wasn’t totally sure. I open the package up and it’s a huge coffee mug that is shaped as a big tittie and you drink out of the nipple. Everyone had a good time laughing at that and it’s pretty creative I have to admit. I don’t think I’ll be taking that one to work.

On Thursday night, I went to see Meet The Fockers with Cork. This one is definitely worth checking out. If you liked the first one, you’ll like this one even more I think anyways. Dustin Hoffman played his role perfectly. A few decent previews were before this movie, so hopefully the 2005 movie season will bring us some good happenings. And for whatever it’s worth, Cork is at the theater again watching this same movie. Either he liked it a lot (he did) or he just wanted to do some Big Pimpin (probably that too, but you can’t blame the guy), but it’s worthy of seeing.

Christmas also was the sight of several NBA games. You can’t go wrong with basketball at any day of the year. I’ll argue that one till the very end. The first game was the rematch of the rumble. Yep, that rumble. The Pacers hosted the Pistons. Security was tight and nothing hardcore went down. Jermaine O’Neal was reinstated to come back this game. I’m fine by that. O’Neal has always been a classy guy, gives a lot to charity, but had to bust heads when an idiot fan came after him on the floor. At least he wasn’t thug like Stephen Jackson (everyone talks so much about Artest in this, but Jackson did much more in my opinion) and Ron Artest by going into the stands. Indy lost this one at home. Rip and Billups were both in the 20+ point range. The same can be said for Reggie and O’Neal. It’s hard to believe that O’Neal is my age and he’s been in the year for 9 years. Pretty sick. Or that should make me feel old. One of the two. Then we had the marquee of Kobe hosting Shaq Daddy. Nothing happened at midcourt for tipoff. Kobe went over to give props to Shaq. Shaq gave him a little bump and didn’t look at him at all, giving him the cold shoulder. Interesting. Shaq also won today on the road as both road teams got the win. Shaq had 24 points and 11 boards. Kobe had a ricockulous 42 points and 6 assists. Wade had a wild 29 points and 10 boards. I know Kobe is a punk off the court, but I still respect the guy. Especially his on-court demeanor. Right now, I’d rather watch a Kobe game than LeBron personally. Both are just amazing though, but I still think Kobe is the man in that department. Stop him, you can’t.

Sunday night it’s time for an EDDFL gathering. Thirteen guys in our local fantasy NBA league and we set this date about a month ago to try to get most of the crew together. It’s tough getting everyone on the same schedule, but as I type this up, it seems like we should have a big part of the league showing up. There’s just a few who we’re not 100% sure on yet. Spank has been in 1st Place every single week of the year so far in the yearly standings. I’m holding tight in a 3-way tie for 4th, but I’ll drop this week since I’m struggling. Or as Kornheiser and Wilbon would say, “Strugg-uuuu-liiiinng!” Where’d that come from anyways? If any of the PTI fans know, fill me in. I still crack up at how they do it, I just don’t know the significance. Or as the great Herm Edwards would say, “We play to WIN the game!” We’re meeting up at Damon’s, a sports bar in our area. This is where we had our draft at the past few years. This should be a great time of trash talk for the guys on top, trade discussions, good eating, and whatever else we want to talk about.

Last week’s TV schedule for me wasn’t that great, especially early on. Last Monday we didn’t get a live RAW as we had the Best Of. We also haven’t had Real World in quite some time either. This week that all changes, so put on your seatbelt and hop along for the ride in the pimp wagon. This will be the last RAW of 2004, as it should be a good one, as we’re getting closer to New Year’s Revolution and the Elimination Chamber. Kane and HBK are both set to return soon. Will we see them as soon as this Monday? Nothing is announced yet, but they should be rested up after a little time off for Christmas. There is no offseason in wrestling.

What will I do for New Year’s? Probably absolutely nothing. I’m not a party guy, so I doubt I’ll be out and about for that madness. I’m better off staying here, being myself, battling in video games, and tuning into BET’s 2005 countdown. I’ll update you all on that if that’s what I decide to do. Until then, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! 364 more days until Santa Closs returns!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Hickory Stick

I haven’t posted since Saturday, but that’s ok. Never fear, for the Blog is here. I do have quite a few random topics to talk about today, so that’s always fun. I’m officially in Bum Mode with an 11-day break. Usually it’s more than that, but with Christmas and New Years both falling on Saturday, that hurts the time I get off. I can’t complain though. This past week of work was one of the easiest known to man. More on that in a bit.

For the wrestling fans, there’s no JR screaming action this week. This week was the Best Of RAW 2004 show. It was a nice show, but if you’ve seen every single week, you still mourn for a live show. Needless to say, that didn’t stop me from watching it as it happened and I taped it of course.

I first want to hype up a package I got from none other than #basketball legend, DerekHood. First, he sends a big Priority Mail padded package that is addressed from Keith Closs. For the basketball fans, you’re cracking up at the mere mention of Keith Closs, a former NBA sex symbol that all the ladies couldn’t help but resist. If you’d like to see Derek’s rendition of “Santa Closs”, check out this link at Lobstah:

You need to hit up Lobstah anyways or you might just get your head busted, slapped, hoodwinked, or even bamboozled. Seeing that the package was from Keith Closs, I knew the inside had to be some creative work of art. Inside there is a big bumper sticker of Derek’s Arkansas Razorbacks, with the Back just kind of hanging out looking all mean. Also in this package is the actual Christmas card that is becoming a solid #basketball tradition. If you missed out on a card this year, that’s your fault, I gave you a chance to hop along for the ride. Maybe next year. The front of the card has this dog peeking its head out of a stocking. The front of the stocking Derek put #balls on it and due to the dog, Derek put a Snoop doo rag (correct me if I’m wrong there Derek) that is dripping blood and says Snoop on it to show the Cripness. C-Walk to this. His words inside were as follows: “Dear Birdman, What’s crack-a-lackin in the Dub-Veezy? I looked and looked and couldn’t find any cards with the Snoopy D-O-double gizzle on the frizzont, so you’ll just have to pretend on that one. And now that I’m writing on this paper that’s whiter than what’s spilling down your throat… snow, of course, since you guys actually get that up there. Anyhow, Happy Kwanzaa. One. DHood.” The card itself says “Have a wonderful Christmas filled with all of your favorite things.” to which Derek ends with “Todd Day, Real World: Philadelphia, and of course a nice piece at Sarah Jessica Parker”. For those lost, I’m not big on either of those three. If you need to know more, get at me. Not only that, but Derek also sent a copy of The Echo (the paper he writes for at Pippen Land) and a copy of his writings. A picture of this hot basketball chick there is featured and it says “Graham graduates Cum Laude”. I guess it’s the middle school attitude in me, but that gets me laughing every single time.

This week at work, I did days as an Art teacher, Vo Ag, and I even played librarian for a class. I’m not sure what I’m worst at, anything artistic or anything dealing with shop related classes. I think I’m creative, but I just can’t draw at all. On the shop class, I saw the weirdest possible combo though. At ManDingo High, it’s a HUGE thing for the kids to play Unreal Tournament over the school’s network. They’re not supposed to play games, but they have the game hidden in folders to where the people who check the computer logs don’t know they’re playing. And when the teachers think they have it erased from the system, the kids hide it in another folder. Pretty smart kids there. If you don’t know of Unreal, it’s basically a Doom style game that is all kinds of bloody. They had that going on one side of the room and on the other side of the room was board game battles. What game? Candy Land. This is a game for wee little kids, but one chick gave it to another as a Christmas present that day and they thought it was the greatest thing ever. Since I was hanging out and watching the Unreal kids blow each other’s heads off and blood flying all over the walls, the Candy Land crowd conned me into playing a game. I’m still a kid, so why not. Anyways, 4 people can play and it was these two girls, me, and this so called problem child. He’s been on probation for four years, but is one of my favorite kids at the school. Those kids just need some attention if you ask me. I get along with them anyways. It takes a lot for me not to like you. He just gets a bad rap. But still, you have a teacher and a thug playing Candy Land. And I got paid for that? Dude. Sweet. Duuuude. Sweeeet!

Also that day, another kid had to drop some papers off to me from the office. He came in while we were playing and kept looking around and didn’t even realize I was there. He was about to walk out and I asked what he wanted. He said that I just fit right in with the kids. Half of them are twice my size and have full grown beards, so I can see what he means. Sad that I’m almost 26 years old and can’t grow a real beard. I can grow a dirty Razor Ramon beard if I have to, but I usually go with the babyface. As Beavis would say, “Damn I’m smooth.” I’ll leave the huge 20-pound goatees for Derek and Cork. It’d take me forever to grow that.

Last time I wrote, I had some new CDs, right? Well, I loaded up again. This time I was due for some weird stuff that I didn’t know of. A few I did, but once I caught myself in a Westcoast rap chatroom for download, I was hooked. I won’t give a huge preview, but here’s what I rolled with that is new:

DJ Kay Slay: Protect Ya Neck (Hosted By Ron Artest). Yes, that Ron Artest. This is a brand new mixtape, after the Artest fight and he talks a little about that. Not only does Rappin’ Ron do the intros, but he also has a freestyle on this CD. As with all mixtapes, there’s a ton of people on this one. If you’re into the Lil Flip vs. T.I. battle, check out Track #18, Fuck T.I. by Flip done to the beat of Lloyd Banks’ I’m So Fly.

D.O.N.: The Miscounted Soul. I know nothing about this guy, but from what I’ve heard since I downloaded, it has potential.

Dreamer: High School High. Another that I downloaded just to do it. It adds to the collection and it’s rap, so why not. This is the only way a lot of these types of rappers get their name out there, so I’ll support that, even if it’s free. It still gets them some street cred.

E-40: E-40 Presents Bosko That Fire. E is one of my favorites of all time. Give me some good Bay Area rap anyday of the week. This one features an array of talent too.

Necro: The Pre-Fix For Death. I didn’t know this guy either, but this is some straight up mean and demented rap. I’ll compare him somewhat to Tech-N9ne’s style.

Cork went to Pittsburgh the other day to run an errand for a buddy of ours. I was going to go, but I got a call at 6:00 in the morning, doh! That was Unreal/Candy Land day though, so I can’t complain too much. I just felt bad that Cork had to go up there by himself. He loaded up with more Nintendo 64 stuff though. What’d he add to the collection? Track And Field 2000 for $2 and Mario Kart 64 for $14. You can’t go wrong with Mario Kart. Even at that price, it’s a spiffy deal. Cork also got some rumble packs, something we needed to save our games. Nice find Cork. Possibly in the next week, we’ll be hitting up Pittsburgh so I can blow all kinds of money on old school games.

Today I went shopping in what pretty much finished me for the holiday season. I was proud of myself that I got most of it done. On my way to get my shop on, I witness a pretty good crash and bang wreck. Some dude just waylayed into another at a stoplight from behind. The guy he hit then kept rolling and busted up the car ahead of him. I was directly behind the guy who did the hitting, so I just swerved over and got in the other lane so I could get out of that mess. Get my swerve on! It was mad packed out there, but I didn’t mind it. You get to see some good sights and I took care of my business in a productive fashion. It’ll suck bad wrapping this stuff though, as I’m one of the worst all time present wrappers. Cork, we need that midget up here so he can wrap it up.

Usually I do this on Friday, but since my week is over on a Wednesday, I had to hit up Chinese food. I walk in there and they take care of me good. She says “sweet tea?” each time I’m there since she knows what I want. Then half the time I get a discount for being a regular I guess. I never complain. I always tip decent, so that could be part of it too. The way I look at it, I wouldn’t want to be a waiter or anything, so I try to help them out in the tip department. Most people don’t, so I have to represent at times. I don’t go crazy, but in a weird sense, it makes me feel good.

Through all of the shopping for other people, I had to treat myself. I got a new book that I’ve been wanting since I’ve seen ads. It’s And1 Streetball: All The Ballers, Moves, Slams & Shine. This book is over 200 pages of streetball information. Each streetball legend featured gets 5 or 6 pages to himself. Who all is on this? Alimoe, Escalade, AO, Hot Sauce, Prime Objective, Shane The Dribbling Machine, The Professor, Sik Wit It, Main Event, 50, High Octane, Helicopter, Go Get It, Half Man Half Amazing, and the deceased Flash. Oh yeah, Rafer “Skip To My Lou” gets his own chapter since he’s a streetball god. That’s not all folks. You get a detailed look at most of the popular moves you see these guys do. They take you step-by-step through pictures of some of these moves. That’ll be fun to try. “Ohhhhhh baaaabbbyyyy!”

Today marks maybe the first time EVAR that I went to Wal-Mart and didn’t buy a single thing. That may change. While watching the Celtics game tonight, Cork Diesel stops out during work and says he has to go later tonight. Of course I’m bored, so I’ll go for the ride after celebrating a big Celts win against the Knicks. After seeing 3 zillion commericials for Bod, the body spray stuff, I was curious and needed some anyways. Usually I go with Axe, but wanted to switch thangs up. I couldn’t find Bod, so I go with a new type of Axe. This cracks me up because it says Limited Edition on it and it’s called Relapse. I’ll have to beat the chicks away with the ol’ hickory stick. And speaking of the hickory stick, I have to end with where that one comes from. I can’t find the skit I’m after, but I guess the song will work. It has the hickory stick in it too.

Comedian: Adam Sandler – Song: The Goat Song -

I am a simple goat
I live on the back of a pick-up truck
The Old Man tied me here with a 3-foot rope
Am I happy he don't give a fuck
He's filled with anger, and filled with rage
And tells me I smell like piss
His drink, Jimmy Bean
His chaser, a bear
After that, various alcohols
That's when the beatings get so severe
Asleep I pray he falls
But don't feel sorry for me
Things weren't always this bad
Why, when I was a young talking goat
The Old Man was just like my dad
I come from the hills of Europe
That's where I met the Old Man
He was lost in the woods, I gave him directions
He gave me a tuna can
Then he stopped in his tracks
And he said, "Hey Goat!
Would you like to live with me?
I've got a house with a pick-up truck
In a place across the sea"
I said, "Sure, why not, I've got no family
You seem like a nice guy"
So we went off to America
The home of the apple pie
On the boat, the Old Man told me
I would be a present for his wife
"A talking goat!" he exclaimed,
"She'd never seen this in her life"
I felt so special!
Well, I just couldn't believe it
After all theses years I finally had a friend
He trimmed my beard
He scraped my hooves
I prayed it would never end
But when we got to his house
There was no wife
Only a short, short letter
It said: "I'm leaving you for your broher
Because he fucks me better"
His eyes filled with tears of sadness
His heart was filled with grief
To soothe himself he drank a pint of Old Granddad
And beat me like a side of beef
I screamed, "Send me back to the hills of Europe!"
He just shook his head and said, "Nope!
No one will ever leave me again
To make sure, put on this 3-foot fucking rope."
Present day, I've been on the truck for 51 years
My only friend is the AM radio
Sometimes the neighborhood children stop by
But it's always rocks and beer bottles they throw
At first they're excited to see a talking goat
They gather around to hear what I have to say
But I guess sometimes my stories go ont too long
So they leave and giggle I need a bidet
But you know there was a night that I did get off the truck
When the Old Man was passed out drunk
Three neightborhood kids took me to a rock 'n roll concert
The kind of music, old-school funk
It was the first time I got off the truck
The music made me lose control
The lead singer asked if we were having fun
I said, "Fucking crank that rock 'n roll!"
The women at the show were beautiful
As they danced sexily on the soft grass
One of them even petted my fur
Fuck me in the goat-ass!
Then some long-haired guys grabbed me by the horns
And threw me in the mosh pit
They passed me around and treated me nie
Till I nerviously sprayed them with shit
Then the music stopped
And everything was quite
And all the rock 'n rollers started a fucking goat-riot
Kill the goat!
Kill the goat!
Kill the goat!
Kill the goat!
They chased me under the bleachers
They chased me onto the street
They chased me into an alley
And said I was a dead fucking goat meat
But then I saw a sight
That I never thought I'd see
The Old Man swinging his hickory stick
But he wasn't swinging at me
"Fuck you, pot-smoking turkeys!
Don't you press your luck!"
The long hairs ran away screaming
As I scrambled onto the truck
When we got home, the Old Man said,
"Goat, you broke the sacred law
No! Please! Sorry! Shit!
I'll let it go this time, but if you leave again
I'll break your fucking jaw!"
Super! Great! Okay!
"Thank you Old Man, for saving my life
Thank you again and again
You could have let them barbeque me,
But you acted like a friend"
"I'm not your friend, I don't even like you
I'm just not drunk," he said
To prove his point, he drank a bottle of grain alcohol
And beat the fucking shit out of my tailbone
And I'll probably never walk straight again
I guess you'd call me a scapegoat
A punching bag for the Old Man to mock
Just because his wife left him
For his brother's abnormally large cock
He could have been my buddy
But instead he's a crazy old fuck
And, once again, I go to sleep in my eternal home
The back of the pick-up truck
Goodnight, Old Man!
Yeah, goodnight Goat!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Mind Of Mannie Fresh

I’ll begin this post with new CDs that I loaded up on last night. I went into a zone since it had been about a week since I got a CD, so I was well overdue. Yes, I have a disease in downloading CDs, but then again, I could be addicted to worse things. I loaded up with a total of six yesterday, so I’ll give a little preview on each, in classic alphabetical order and then get onto the rest of my Blog.

Afroman: Jobe Bells. This is Afroman’s Christmas CD, so it has to be funny. He’s not a lyrical genius or anything, but he’s more of a comedy rapper. I think the only thing he knows how to rap about is weed, but he’s still one funny dude. It’s only about a half hour long and I haven’t listened to it yet, but the names of some of the songs on the album crack me up. What are some of these? Deck My Balls, Violent Night, O Chronic Tree, Nutscracker, and 12 J’s Of Christmas.

Jadakiss: Rock The Vote Mixtape. It seems that everyone is on this CD, so it can’t be too bad. Mixtapes are samples of other rappers’ songs and they just add their own lyrics to the beat. They’re a change from the regular style, so I’ve grown to like them. A huge array of talent on this such as Talib Kweli, Nas, Rick James, Kanye West, Young Buck, Styles P, Lloyd Banks, Fat Joe, Fabolous, Twista, YoungBloodz (check these guys out if you don’t know them), Sleepy Brown, Big Boi, Pharrell, Snoop, Marvin Gaye, and Puff. And for the chicks out there, Jada has you covered there too with Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Monica, Brandy, Angie Stone, and Jill Scott (ugh).

Mannie Fresh: The Mind Of Mannie Fresh. This is Mannie’s first and supposedly only solo album he’ll do. He said that his buddies kept telling him over the years that he should put out a solo deal. Mannie says he’s not great as a solo guy, but said he had enough in him to do one album for the masses. If you want happy rap with good flow, this is for you. Is Mannie ever in a bad mood? 30 tracks on this beast and you get some names such as David Banner, Birdman of course, and Bun-B on this joint.

Mario: Turning Point. I figured I’d pimp it up with some Mario. Over the past year or so, I’ve changed my stance on pimpin music. Not pimpin rap, but pimpin R&B if you can’t follow along. This is nothing I can jam to constantly, but I do admit I like it. The chicks dig it, so you gotta get your swerve on somehow. Derek and Cork know all about this stuff and it works in person, hah. Another reason I got this one was that it had several good rappers along for the ride such as Cassidy, Juvenile, Jadakiss, and T.I.

RBX: The Shining. This is a guy who I never understood why he didn’t get a break over the years to make it big. Gangsta rap fans definitely know this guy. If not, you know his voice. He made his voice known on the best album of all time, The Chronic and also was on Snoop’s Doggystyle. A few of his big lines he’s known for: “I drops bombs like Hiroshima; I’m high powered; I have no remorse; Suicide, it’s a suicide; Seven execution style murders; Serial killer..” Yep, you know remember him now. “Remember me??”

Twista: The Twisted Remixes. 33 tracks here. Stuff we’ve all heard for the most part, except an added twist to it if you will. Kanye, Ursher, Lil Jon, Too $hort, Biggie, R-Kelly, Trillville, Jadakiss, Young Buck, Lil Kim, and 2Pac. They’re all on this compilation.

Now that we got the CD talk out of the way, you know I can always email you my latest CD List or if you have AOL Instant Messenger, just hit me up on DruDown894 and click on info and then “View My BuddyProfile”. I’m updating this stuff regularly, so last night’s stuff will be on the list if you check it out.

I finally started Christmas shopping yesterday. I had to get Mom a few things and Dad went along. Getting Dad out to do shopping during this time of year is about as rare as it gets. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much traffic and we took care of business in a major way as E-40 would say. I have a lot to shop for though, but I’ll get it done soon enough. I’m heading back for more shopping tomorrow and then again some next week. There’s been years that I used to do all of my shopping around the 23rd and 24th. That was a tradition with me and Spank for a while, but I’m doing a little better this year.

I’d like to give a big thanks to my boy Clark for dropping off some new DVDs for me. Free ones at that. Wrestling ones at that. It doesn’t beat free and wrestling in the same sentence. Of course he wouldn’t take any money for this stuff. One I definitely have to be excited for and that’s Shawn Michaels: Boyhood Dream. This one features seven matches from 1996 and one from 1997. The description of the DVD goes as follows, “In 1996, Shawn Michaels won the Royal Rumble for the second year in a row. It set the stage for the year that would see Shawn Michaels evolve into ‘The Showstopper, The Main Event.’ When he won the Iron Man Match vs. Bret Hart at WrestleMania XII, his boyhood dream of being WWE Champion was realized. Holding onto the dream took guts & determination.” I’m pumped up to watch this one very soon. The second one I got was a 2-disc set of the 2004 WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony. Not only do I get that show, but I get seven old school matches with many of the guys represented. Here’s the deal on this DVD: “On March 13, 2004 – the night before WrestleMania XXWorld Wrestling Entertainment held a very special ceremony to induct 11 legends, Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura, Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine, Don Muraco, Big John Studd, Junkyard Dog, ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham, Sergeant Slaughter, Tito Santana, Harley Race, Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan and Pete Rose, into its hallowed Hall of Fame. These are the highlights of that ceremony.”

Cork came out with some new N64 games the other night. Well, new to our collection anyways if that makes sense. The first is Madden 2001. This is the one that began the Madden Curse if I’m right on that and it started with Eddie George as the featured man here. It’s not bad at all, but it’s choppy. It’s neat to see the progress of Madden games over the years. The next game he had was NBA JAM 1999. This one has Keith Van Horn of all people on the cover. Sure, Van Horn is a nice player, but is he cover worthy? What a different game this is. It’s 5-on-5 JAM instead of the traditional 2-on-2 we all grew to love in the arcades. It has some of the old features though as you can get on fire and bust them with fouls Arch Rivals style. This one also had me and Cork cracking up good when a player would come down on the break and do a flip dunk. Out of nowhere while using Boston, Waltah McCarty busts one of these out. A few plays later as Cork was using Cleveland since they had Kemp then, was when Big Z did a flip dunk. Big Z of all people. The third game is South Park. I didn’t think this game would be good, but it’s a nice game for sure I think. It’s funny to see the amount of cussing here in a Nintendo game. You name it and they say it pretty much. The storyline is strange, but it works. You’re out chasing down turkeys who are trying to take over the town. Think of a first person shooter with South Park characters. The multiplayer idea is nice too as it’s Unreal Tournament style.

What’s new in the world of EDDFL? Spank has been in 1st Place for the entire season. This week he’s tied with TJ, so we’ll see who can break that streak and be in 1st to themselves. I’m bored, so I’ll run down the standings after 6 weeks: Spank and TJ tied for 1st, Fleece in 2nd, Cork in 3rd, I’m hanging in 4th, Sidell in 5th, Mudcat in 6th, Balky in 7th, Fortney in 8th, ManDingo in 9th, Riley in 10th, while Posey and Dean are tied for the cellar spot. I’m happy that I haven’t had any major injuries yet this year. My bench is finally coming around too. At the moment, after some pickups, my entire 15-man roster goes as follows:

1. Antoine Walker: ATL
2. Steve Francis: ORL
3. Richard Jefferson: NJ
4. Corey Maggette: LAC
5. Al Jefferson: BOS (R)
6. Gerald Wallace: CHA
7. Willie Green: PHI
8. Matt Freije: NO (R)
9. Sam Dalembert: PHI
10. Darius Miles: POR
11. Josh Smith: ATL (R)
12. Damon Jones: MIA
13. Jeff Foster: IND
14. Tony Allen: BOS (R)
15. Nazr Mohammed: NY

I could give a recap on each player, but I’ll save that for another time now that I’m getting long for you all in here. Nothing planned over the next few days that is out of the ordinary. Live on here, watch NBA games, do some shopping, hit up some video games, and that about sums my schedule up. Sound boring? Well, I like it, so that’s how we roll here in the mean streets of E-Town. As usual, let me know what you think here in the comments. Out.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Orton Taking Down The Animal!

So what has happened since the last post? Not a lot actually, but like usual, I’ll whip up something halfway decent for the masses to be part of. As I write this, I’m a week away from my Christmas break and I still haven’t done any Christmas shopping. I did accomplish one thing this season and that’s my Christmas card tradition. Thanks to those who either sent me a card this year or let me send them stuff. For some reason, I eat that stuff up when I send cards out each year. I guess it’s tradition. That and I have way too much time on my hands.

This 3-week drought without the Real World might be like a dagger in my heart. For the season that I couldn’t wait to end, now I’m stuck with wanting to see new episodes and in a hurry. Sure, this season sucks, but at least I’m curious to what goes down the rest of the way out now and a Tuesday night wouldn’t be complete with Real World. To top that off, Viva La Bam is done for the season as well, doh! I didn’t get to see the last episode, but MTV will run marathons forever since they never show videos. Thanks to my girl Susie, the new Bam shows won’t start up again until March. What will we do on Sunday nights at 10:00 now? The madness! And an update, last night I watched the new Bam. I had some of this typed up before that, so the last episode was a good one. They went to play mini golf, but it was done in an extreme way. Don Vito ended up beating Bam, which had him throwing a fit.

Snow is finally in my area and I can’t be happier with that. It’s not a bunch, but we got a few inches the other day and that’s quality. Hard to believe that we didn’t get any true snow until the middle of December in my area. As I’ve said before, I’m by far a winter person more so than I am a summer guy. Forget the hot stuff. You can take that and have it all you want, but give me my cold weather.

How about some Christmas shopping? I haven’t done a thing with this yet. I always do it late though. At least I know what I’m getting everyone on my list for the most part. From what I’m hearing about how crowded it is on the weekends, I’m better off not getting into that mess. But if it gives me something to write about in my Blog, then I’m all for it.

My parents keep asking me what I want for Christmas and I really have no clue. Of course every year I want as much Celtics stuff as possible, video games, clothes, and the like. I can’t think of anything real big that I want, but if you have some ideas, hit me up. Speaking of hitting up, you best check out Lobstah for the best message board out there. All kinds of talk goes down at

On the video game front, I’m in a dilemma. I’ll keep getting GameCube stuff since I’m a Nintendo loyalist through and through. But I’m always looking out to get other systems that I don’t have. I don’t see myself getting a PlayStation 2 unless the prices go down after Christmas. The next ones I see myself getting is a Sega Dreamcast which is dirt cheap now at around $20. I’ve never really played this system much. Do you guys recommend any games to get for it? Also I want a TurboGrafx16 real bad, mainly for Bonk, but also for the rarity part of it.

What went down at WWE Armageddon? Not a good Pay Per View at all and I’m usually a good supporter of their PPVs and give them the benefit of the doubt. Not for this one. I couldn’t wait to watch RAW on Monday after seeing this bad SmackDown show. SmackDown has guys on it I like, but their storylines aren’t as good if you ask me. I still wish I got SmackDown in my area. A very quick rundown of the PPV in a nutshell: RVD and Rey Mysterio keep their Tag Titles, Daniel Puder beats The Miz in a boxing match, The Basham Brothers beat Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas, Cena over Jesus (man beats Jesus!), Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie in a No Contest, Big Show beat Angle, Reigns, and Jindrak, Funaki is the new Cruiserweight Champion, while Bradshaw keeps the WWE Title. Out of these, the only good matches were the RVD match and the little guy fight. Neither of these was a blockbuster though, but I said “good”. The main event started out sooo slow, but it actually turned out not too shabby. Quick enough, now to the real show, RAW..

Huntsville, Alabama got RAW this week. I realize it’s a bigger city, but why can’t the Dub-V get a RAW ever? We could get some fans in Morgantown I’m sure. Or even Charleston, which is farther away for me. Bischoff returns and at the end of the show he makes a big announcement, one I like a whole lot. At the next PPV, New Year’s Revolution (January 9th) will be the return of the Elimination Chamber, sweet. The show starts off hot with Orton taking on Edge. Orton wins this one clean, but a nice opener for sure. Mick Foley shows up this week as well. I won’t lead into the rest of RAW, it was good, but I’ve said enough.

On a sidenote, due to problems Foley and Ric Flair have had in real life, it came to blows backstage. Not on camera, but Flair offered a handshake to Foley and Foley wouldn’t accept. Then Foley asked Flair to autograph his book for him. Foley has been blaming Flair for years during his WCW days of not giving him a push higher up on the card. Flair never thought Foley was much of a wrestler and in his book, he called him a glorified stuntman. In Foley’s book, he trashed Flair, so Flair got him back good in his latest one. I respect both of these guys, but what happened is that Flair actually punched Foley backstage. That’s just some great stuff. Both have awesome books. Then on the SmackDown side the other day, due to God himself getting demoted (Paul Heyman), Chavo Guerrero tries to get at Big Show. What? Chavo is a midget basically and Show is just huge. Idiot. Still, I’m eating up this Flair and Foley beef.

Hey JR, how’d you end RAW this week?

This is a done deal! Elimination Chamber! I cannot believe it! Oh wait a minute! Here we go and here we go, uh… And here we go again! Another fight has broken out! King, I can’t believe it! I’m in shock! The Elimination Chamber! It’s career suicide! Jericho coming out to get some retribution from earlier tonight. The Game, coming back out to fight. He’s a staple. Oh my! Ohhhhh my! Randy.. Randy Orton, the Legend Killer! Orton and Triple H will get back to the ring. But what about the Elimination Chamber, King! Orton in the Elimination Chamber! Who’s going to become the World Champion? And look at this.. In the Elimination Chamber with a chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion! A Reverse Elbow, knocking down HHH. It has been an earth shattering announcement and we’re about to get an earth shattering RKO here! Oh! Batista in! Evolution’s animal! Oh my God! RKO! RKO! Orton taking down The Animal! Orton taking down The Animal! I cannot believe this! Everyone in the Elimination Chamber. 6 men, ladies and gentlemen will try to survive! Benoit.. Benoit, Edge, HHH, Jericho, Batista and by God Randy Orton deserves to be in it! My God the Elimination Chamber! That’s how the World Title is going to be decided!

Rapper: Dat Nigga Daz – Song: Dogg Catcha – Album: DPGC: U Know What I’m Throwin’ Up

Now drop to yo knees
And picture me diggity Daz flowin through the breeze
My style scretches from miles from miles, check my files
10 years in the game I been puttin it down
I loc with the finest
Y'all love the way that I'm rhymin and comin with precision
And you know I'll be grindin
Cause I'm a dogg house dogg pound chittey chow pow pow
Y'all know how we do it (you know we put it down)
Yea, they loving these hits for years
When the smoke clears Diggy Daz appears
I'm here for whatever never the less I got the remedy
to get the party pure energy before the next century
Swoopin down the block in a drop-top
I kept it coming with hit rocks and I don't stop
Movin the traffic in my zone it's havoc
I take caution going for miggy miles and miles
Flippin the wheels off the mother
Pump it up for the summer, I keeps it comin
I'm in the undercover scraping the back against the craw
And this is for my G's and my locs and doggz

[Soopafly chorus]
Dogg catcha, dogg catcha, dogg catcha
Dogg catcha, dogg catcha, dogg catcha
Dogg, dogg, dogg
Why must I be like that, why must I chase the cat, chase the cat

Saturday, December 11, 2004

"This Is Torture!"

It was time to get another haircut. It was getting long for my standards, which really isn’t long at all, but the experience to hang with the world’s greatest barber is always worth it. He had some doozies for me on this trip. Several things went down, so that made things fun. When I get there, he’s cutting this kid’s hair who is about 4 years old or so. My barber has no patience anyways, so this was really getting to him with the kid. The kid asked him if he really knew what he was doing. That’s when he went on this rant to the kid’s Mom about how the kid probably goes to a chick hair person and they don’t know how to cut it and take time with it. He gave a good spiel there and I was loving how he hyped it up. Then once I was in the chair, things got a little more interesting. My appointment was scheduled for 4:00 and I got in the seat around 4:10 or 4:15. Usually he’s out of there on Fridays no later than 5:00 or so, but not this time. He had 5 appointments after mine..

The phone rings, which always is good entertainment because you never know if he’s going to cuss the guy out on the phone or say something else crazy. The 5:00 appointment calls and cancels. Uh oh. Wrong thing to do there with not any notice. My barber hangs up and pulls this one, “Fuckin’ 5:00 fuckin’ cancelled! Now I have to sit around here for a fuckin’ half hour and I still have 3 more haircuts to do!” He drops the f-bomb every other word anyways, but when he’s full of energy, it’s even better. His theory to fix his problem, “Just put me in traffic right now. I’ll wait till cars are going about 40 miles per hour, so when one car hits me, the others can’t stop. This is torture! Fuckin’ torture!”

Yesterday at “work”, it was movie day. Substitutes are basically a glorified babysitter when it comes down to it. Every now and then I actually have to teach something, which I like, but movie days I definitely won’t complain about. Get paid to watch movies? Count me in for that. I was with 8th Graders and the guy I was there for had them watching Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause the day before. We were to finish it yesterday. Sure, it is a kiddie movie, but it’s a good one. I had 5 classes, so I really got to soak it in, besides reading the new SLAM, doing fantasy NBA stats, and running around the place. Doing some research on the great, I find this movie was done in 1994, dang. The second one was done in 2002. I always thought Tim Allen was a pretty funny dude and if you’ve never seen this Christmas movie, it might be worth checking out. I had Johnson Family Vacation for backup. I got to watch about half of that at home and it was pretty funny, but I never got to see the end.

Tomorrow, this Sunday, we’re presented with WWE Armageddon. It’s a WWE Pay Per View, so of course I’ll be buying it. Taboo Tuesday doesn’t count, I’m talking about the ones on Sunday. Here, free of charge, is your preview for the arsenal of matches you’ll be treated to if you order this beast. We get a Fatal-Fourway WWE Title Match featuring Bradshaw as champ, The Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, and Booker T. Then we get the US Title Match with Cena defending against Jesus. Well, not that Jesus, but a dude with that name, except it’s the “Hey-Zeus” pronounciation. For some reason, we have a Three-On-One Handicap Match as Big Show takes on Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, and Mark Jindrak. Just let Angle go by himself, he can carry Show to a good match. In what is termed as a em>Dixie Dogfight Match we get the Tough Enough Finals, Dan Puder facing off against Real World legend, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin. How about what could be the best match of the night as Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio try to get the Tag Belts away from Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree. The Cruiserweight Title Match has Spike Dudley bringing his gold against Funaki. Lastly, unless something gets announced tomorrow night, is the chick’s match, Dawn Marie (mmm mmm mmm) against Miss Jackie.

Today was the day that I first started putting stuff on my Christmas tree. Maybe I’ll put a pic of it in here once I’m done, but then again, maybe not. The first ornament each year is a must for our tree. We have to put the Larry Bird ornament on there. After all, he is the Basketball Jesus. I have a collection of sports figures and other things that we like to hang. What all is on my tree out of the ordinary? A Derek Jeter figure, Jason Giambi (roided up), a Celtics logo ornament, Yankees logo, Bears stocking, Mankind, Shawn Michaels, an Italian Santa, and on. I won’t bore you all with that, but it’s fun to do that every year.

On a sidenote, check out the Photoshop artwork that DerekHood did on Cork’s latest Blog. Derek does this as good as anyone I’ve seen over the years. It’s some funny stuff for sure. To go there, hit up Cork’s Blog at And hit up DerekHood’s at

Tonight is the SWAC Championship on BET. I always like to call it the Thug Bowl. That title truly goes to Grambling taking on Southern, but tonight we get Alabama State against Southern. The game I’m sure is a big interest, but that’s not the big thing here. During a regular game, most people get out of their seat during halftime to get into other happenings. Not at a thug school’s game. They bust out the Battle of the Bands. For not being a band dude in high school, you’d think I wouldn’t be interested in this, but these guys get down in a major way. They jam to all of the current hip hop joints. If you’ve seen the movie Drumline (highly recommended if you haven’t), you have an idea of what happens during halftime. Although that’s commercialized, it’s not too far out of what goes down. Not only are these guys cranking away their tunes to something like Tear It Up from Yung Wun, but they’re also putting the gangsta steps into it with some dancing. Stuff like this has the redneck whiteys like myself jealous. You also have the Dance Line chicks grinding away and doing things made only for BET UnCut at 3:00 AM. I always liked the dance better than cheerleaders myself, especially the ones at WVU. That’d be great to see whiteys having a Battle of the Bands, but we don’t have enough funk for that unfortunately. To hype up ManDingo High School (Liberty for the locals), on a level around this area, they can put it down pretty good for whatever that’s worth. That also gives me a cheap plug for ManDingo’s Blog at Dingo, you’re due for a new one, heh. The masses are waiting.

Speaking of BET, this week there is a testimony that Nas is giving. He talks about all kinds of topics. On the preview, they ask him about his song Ether from the Stillmatic album. This is the track that trashed Jay-Z and made him know his role. On the preview when asked about Ether, Nas says “It was a sad day for Jay, the Family, and that whole crew.” Speaking of disses, Eminem has a new video out called Like Toy Soldiers. In it, he pretty much says he’s tired of his beef with Benzino, then talks about the problems that 50 and Ja have had over the years. It’s pretty good if you’re into the lyrical aspect of rap. And again, back to Ether. Here’s the last verse of that, which brings some straight power:

Y'all niggas deal with emotions like bitches
What's sad is I love you 'cause you're my brother
You traded your soul for riches
My child, I've watched you grow up to be famous
And now I smile like a proud dad, watchin his only son that made it
You seem to be only concerned with dissin women
Were you abused as a child, scared to smile, they called you ugly?
Well life is harsh, hug me, don't reject me
or make records to disrespect me, blatant or indirectly
In '88 you was gettin chased through your buildin
Callin my crib and I ain't even give you my numbers
All I did was gave you a style for you to run with
Smilin in my face, glad to break bread with the god
Wearin Jaz chains, no tecs, no cash, no cars
No jail bars Jigga, no pies, no case
Just Hawaiian shirts, hangin with little Chase
You a fan, a phony, a fake, a pussy, a Stan
I still whip your ass, you thirty-six in a karate class
You Tae-bo hoe, tryna' work it out, you tryna' get brolic?
Ask me if I'm tryna' kick knowledge
Nah, I'm tryna' kick the shit you need to learn though
That ether, that shit that make your soul burn slow
Is he Dame Diddy, Dame Daddy or Dame Dummy?
Oh, I get it, you Biggie and he's Puffy
Rockefeller died of AIDS, that was the end of his chapter
And that's the guy y'all chose to name your company after?
Put it together, I rock hoes, y'all rock fellas
And now y'all try to take my spot, fellas?
Philly's hot rock fellas, put you in a dry spot, fellas
In a pine box with nine shots from my glock, fellas
Foxy got you hot 'cause you kept your face in her puss
What you think, you gettin girls now 'cause of your looks?
Ne-gro please
You no mustache havin, with whiskers like a rat
Compared to Beans you wack
And your man stabbed Un and made you take the blame
You ass, went from Jaz to hangin with Kane, to Irv, to Big
And, Eminem murdered you on your own shit
You a dick-ridin faggot, you love the attention
Queens niggas run you niggas, ask Russell Simmons
Ha, R-O-C get gunned up and clapped quick
J.J. Evans get gunned up and clapped quick
Your whole damn record label gunned up and clapped quick
Shaun Carter to Jay-Z, damn you on Jaz dick
So little shorty's gettin gunned up and clapped quick
How much of Biggie's rhymes is gon' come out your fat lips?
Wanted to be on every last one of my classics
You pop shit, apologize, nigga, just ask Kiss

Ay yo, pass me the weed, pour my ashes out on these niggas man (no doubt)
Ay, y'all faggots, y'all kneel and kiss the fuckin ring

God's son" across the belly, I prove you lost already
The king is back, where my crown at?
(Ill...will) Ill Will rest in peace, let's do it niggas

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Ya'll Hear That Nolia Clap?

Pardon me while I go on a 3-paragraph rant on Real World. Much to my dismay, the past few weeks of Real World Philly have been pretty good. Will the future episodes be enough to save this dreadful season? Probably not, but at least we have something to work with here. This week was another good one, or at least I thought so. We have two main storylines this week and then a great preview for the upcoming weeks. First, we had Karamo and his gay lover Dorian arguing. Karamo wasn’t feeling Dorian (well, I guess he was in that way, but you know) since Dorian wasn’t thug enough for him. Karamo said he wanted a guy that was more hip hop in his words. One night Dorian comes over to hang and Karamo is acting like a punk. He says he has a headache and wants to go back to sleep. In the meantime, Dorian goes out to party with Landon and MJ. As they leave, Big Willie Style and Karamo then and go hang out as well. Interesting.. Well, Dorian comes back to check on Karamo late that night and Karamo is gone, hah. Karamo finally gets home after Dorian leaves and Dorian gives him a call. Dorian is fired up about the situation and Karamo tries to act tough and say they need to talk about this man-to-man. They meet up outside and Dorian tells him that he doesn’t play any games. Karamo says that Dorian is a nice dude, yadda yadda yadda and all of that dumb stuff. Dorian was saying the right stuff and then Karamo can’t handle it and acts like a baby and walks away. Funny stuff. Is Karamo 14 years old? Oh yeah, I forgot that Karamo’s ex chick (I guess he liked chicks at one point?) came by to visit and help him through this situation. When they were dating, he told her that he honestly had feelings for dudes and they split. Yet she’s still buddies with him? Doh!

Then our next storyline deals with Sarah. This girl is an emotional mess for real. Most girls are anyways, but this one is way over the top. Her Mom has had cancer for a while and received her first radiation treatment. Her parents and sister were on their way to New York and wanted to stop in Philly. Sarah thought the notice was too short and wasn’t interested. This is her own family mind you. Then Sarah breaks down after hanging the phone up, saying she can’t handle seeing her Mom like that and goes crazy. Later that night, Sarah realizes she’s an idiot and calls her Mom to go out and eat. Her Mom had a wig on due to getting her head shaved and Sarah was like speechless all night. Then her sister, during dinner, asked her if she’s been throwing up lately since Sarah used to be (still is?) bulimic. Sarah flipped at the mention and said that it’s been a few months, hah. What a trainwreck this girl is.

Then we’re dealt with this tragic news. Real World won’t air for 3 MORE WEEKS! What? Tell me I just heard that wrong. I’m about to bust up my TV due to this information I heard. I’m sure MTV will show something totally stupid in its spot for that time period. We do have something to look forward to once it returns though. Some mad drama is about to go down, or so the previews have us thinking. The girls freak out because MJ supposedly won’t respect a “strong female”. This leads to many of the girls straight up bawling their eyes out. I love it! Then Landon gets the girls fired up and they say that he’s much more of a problem when he drinks and is becoming a threat. I’d hate to see these girls if these guys had a roid rage on them. They’re fragile enough the way it is. Get some real girls on these shows who aren’t crying every 2 seconds. Is it asking too much, as we’ve said before, to have a gangsta hoodrat girl or a redneck chick who won’t take any BS on one of these seasons? Also, the cops return to the house and Karamo goes nuts on that. I think the girls have more masculinity than Karamo does, even though he tries to act all hard. Stay tuned!

This Sunday is WWE Armageddon. It’s a SmackDown-only event, but I’ll be sure to get it as usual. I don’t even get SmackDown (UPN) in my area, but I still get their Pay Per Views. Go figure. I’ll probably run down some matches later in the weekend if I have a Blog before that. Mike the Miz of Real World fame has a match at the PPV. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s true.

You have got to be kidding me. Why send me this junk through Yahoo Messenger? “DO NOT DELETE!!!! This is Yahoo President Jay Russell, I am sorry to announce that Yahoo has reached its maximum number of accounts two million. If you would like to keep your account for free send this to everyone on your list. This way we can know which accounts are being used and which accounts we can delete. Send this within 8 days and your account will remain free. Once again I am sincerely sorry that I have to do this. Please start sending. Jay Russell, Yahoo Management Renee: WHOEVER DOESN'T SEND THIS MESSAGE YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DEACTIVATED AND IT WILL COST $10.00 A MONTH TO USE IT! TO SEND 2 EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST, RIGHT CLICK ON YOUR GROUP”.

I rolled to Fairmont on Wednesday on a rare off day from work. Those are always nice to have. I’ve been working steady lately, so it’s not going to hurt me too bad. Anyways, while there I went to Arby’s to grab a bite to eat. Arby’s is my favorite fast food place out there easily if I had to pick. Have you ever tried their sweet tea? I’m big on sweet tea (even though I rarely drink it now, I actually cut back on “some” sugar and drink it without sugar now), but theirs is hardcore. I was able to drink about half of my cup. It has that much power to it. Maybe I got the bottom of the container and it was crazy loaded up, but either way it was strong. Good, but nothing I could drink an entire cup of. The best tea I’ve ever had was this past summer in the Dirty Dirty, Atlanta. I need some of that southern tea mailed to me on a regular basis. Nothing else can compare.

Also at Arby’s was a funny happening. I was in line behind a group of thugs. They were decked out in full gear too: Pelle Pelle, Timberland, NBA logo jeans, fur coats, etc. A few of them had the walkie talkie phones. Me being out of the cell phone business, I was new to this. Apparently one of these dudes was as well. He was using a buddy’s and was screwing it all up. He was getting mad because the guy on the other end couldn’t hear him so he was screaming at him after a while. And this guy was right in front of me in line, while the chick was waiting to take his order. I was cracking up good. She didn’t know how to react, but while she asked him what he wanted, he kept trying to figure out the phone. Then once I was sitting down, I heard one of their phones ring. It had one of the clearer rings I’ve heard as it jammed to Nolia Clap by Juvenile, Wacko, and Skip. It has a great beat and catchy hook if you know of that one. The best part (or worst) was that Arby’s had some country going in there. I couldn’t take it and I know these guys couldn’t. They probably thought they were dropped off in the middle of the Twilight Zone.

After hitting up Arby’s, I roll to the old school video game shop at the mall. Well, the mall in Fairmont is actually just a few stores now (the rest of the place went out of business) that is famous for having senior citizens get their walk on during operation. I also saw this chick getting her nails done and I guess she drug her man along for the festivites. The dude was sitting in the chair right beside her asleep on one hand. I should’ve waited a while to see him bust himself and wake up in a coma.

Anyways, while at the video game shop, I was there for a few reasons. One really was to get some Nintendo 64 controllers since one we have was mangled. While there, you can’t pass up checking out what games they have in stock. I went to the N64 section and figured while I was there, I might as well pick up a few things. Not that I won’t get enough wrestling games in the mail sometime in the next week or so (have 4 coming in that I wrote about in my last Blog), I bought WCW Backstage Assault. This is a pretty good one from what I’ve played so far today. I’ve never played this one until the day of. You’re not in the ring is the weird part, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. The control and setup of the game I like a lot. The graphics aren’t anything special for a game from 2000 though, but I’ll take control over graphics any day of the week. I also ended up getting NBA Live 2000 with Tim Duncan on the cover. My total buy was two controllers and these two games for $28. Not the greatest deal, but I didn’t want to wait to rip someone off on eBay. I had to have it that day. It’s a sickness. On the Christmas games, I didn’t really know what to ask for, so I asked for Paper Mario on GameCube. It’s gotten some great reviews so I hope it delivers. Sure, it may be a kiddie game as far as the look goes, but I’ll take my chances with this role player.

Is there much better action than West Coast NBA? Last night I stayed up late to watch the Suns and Lakers game. It kept going back and forth. Both teams were over 60 at the half, which you rarely ever see in the East’s slow-down game. Kobe had a triple double almost at halftime and ended up getting one during the 3rd quarter, nuts. I’m surprised by how well the Lakers are playing so far with that team they have. They lost last night to the Suns, but the Suns are a powerhouse offensively. It was a fun one to watch as it was straight up run and gun. Celts are actually on TV tonight against the Blazers at 10:30 on TNT. This is our ONLY national TV game of the year, no joke. I can’t blame the TV companies for not wanting to show us, but only one game all year out of 82? That’s brutal. And it happens to be on a night where I have to wake up early the next day, so I won’t be able to hit it all up more than likely. It’ll be out of hand by that time anyways.

Rappers: Juvenile, Wacko, & Skip – Song: Nolia Clap

1, 2, 3, 4, Bust it!!!!
C'mon, C'mon
Juvenile, Wacko, Skip

Where dat Melph at?
Where da Yo at?
Where dat Thomas at?
Where VL at?
Ya'll Hear that Nolia Clap? Ya'll hear that Nolia Clap?

[Verse 1:]
I'm in the Calio, You know I'm headed front of town
By Kayotic and Lil real One, cuz it's going down
You see the DB's tell 'em Wacko lookin for 'em
I got some dro, I got some change, I got some pussy for 'em
If they ask you where I'm at I'm in the Melph pickin up Chuck
In the chromed out Bubblegum Pickup Truck
Slide on Josephine, Holla at Lil Kia and Pluck
My nigga Troy told me to keep it real as fuck
We bought the House of Blues tonight after the DJ in the Nolia
On Washington & Frerret, across the street from Babosca
But first I'm bout to snatch up all Saratoga
Head straight to Foot Action and snatch me two pair of Solja's
Take a left on Taladonna get a O of that doja
Tell 'em right on my trail and hit the gars and lets roll up
I'm bout to hit Julio and get the blazes from soda
I got Geezy waiting on VL we bout to bang up this Yola

Where dat Melph at?
Where da Yo at?
Where dat Thomas at?
Where VL at?
Ya'll Hear that Nolia Clap? Ya'll hear that Nolia Clap?
Where Hollygrove at?
Gert Town at?
P Town at?
Nigga Town at?
Ya'll Hear that Nolia Clap? Ya'll hear that Nolia Clap?

[Verse 2: Wacko (Skip)]
I'm in Hollygrove searching for the Skip dogg (Whaaa!)
H2 Chromed out, nice whip dogg
Let's hit Gert Town I heard they pop it off
Or hit P town, I heard they drop it off
My couson Leaf on the Vill told me to swing through, On St. lou
He got two hoes that'll eat and drank too
We can bounce thru lil feet and we can Fuck with these hoes
They Take dick in they ass, they take dick in the throat
They take dick in they hair, they take dick in they nose
They take a dick, anywhere your dick can go
But look ain't nuttin like my bitch out the St. Bernard
A gangsta broad, get Wacko Gangsta hard
She said we might could run a train if I pursue my G
If not I got it poppin off on Music Street
Last week I had to do about two of them freaks
But them niggas be thru there trippin so bring two of them heats

Where that Appleville at?
The St. Bernard at?
Lil Feet at?
The 8th ward at?
Ya'll Hear that Nolia Clap? Ya'll hear that Nolia Clap?
Where the desired at?
Dat Florida at? In LA
Cross the canal at?
Ya'll Hear that Nolia Clap? Ya'll hear that Nolia Clap?

[Verse 3:]
I see you learnin, see you peepin out that Nolia clap
I bet you nine times outta ten that whole Nolia strapped
Ok we fell off for a minute but that Nolia back
We got quarters, ounces, and halfs and birds of smack
Ever since Soulja got killed I keep a murda gat
Stand on the middle of my projects where the murdas at
And every nigga every bitch who ain't heard of Wack
I bang women, bang children, bang the murda cats
I bang blocks, bang cribs, bang the Bourbon Lac
I bang anything in sight without the murda tax
I'm just the hit to represent where I was born and raised
And every nigga in my section love to roam with K's (AK-47's)
You got beef holla at me, get it on today
You not quickly uptown downtown Roulette
Knock off your face, taste, waist, take arms and legs
Drop off your neck, wrist, toes, hair, palms, and head


Where dat Melph at?
Where da Yo at?
Where dat Thomas at?
Where VL at?
Ya'll Hear that Nolia Clap? Ya'll hear that Nolia Clap?
Where Hollygrove at?
Gert Town at?
P Town at?
Nigga Town at?
Ya'll Hear that Nolia Clap? Ya'll hear that Nolia Clap?
Where that Appleville at?
The St. Bernard at?
Lil Feet at?
The 8th ward at?
Ya'll Hear that Nolia Clap? Ya'll hear that Nolia Clap?
Where the desired at?
Dat Florida at? In LA
Cross the canal at?
Ya'll Hear that Nolia Clap? Ya'll hear that Nolia Clap?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Oh My God! Goodnight From Charlotte!

Here’s a different type of story for the pet lovers out there. My cat Yogi, who is now almost 16 years old has been missing for a week. It’s been known to wander around and leave for a few days, but it always comes back. I had some hope out, but it has never been gone for this long of a period. We thought it possibly just went away to the woods or something to die off or maybe something got it. While I was hanging up in my room online (imagine me being online) my Mom yells at me to come downstairs. When I go down there, a neighbor is standing at our door holding our cat. What? The story is that Yogi got underneath the neighbor’s house and got stuck. The neighbor heard the cat down there, so went to check on things. She had to bust down some piece to get the cat out of there. 7 days without water and food. That’s gangsta. Yogi came home and tore the food and water up like it was gold.

“No matter what happens, don’t flinch.”- Buddy Lee

Saturday night was a good time. As far as basketball goes, it is about as nice as it gets. 13 NBA games were on tap that night. Count em, 13. That’s 26 of the 30 NBA teams scheduled for one night of play. Boston wasn’t on that night though, but to be able to flip through 13 games is heaven for an NBA guy like myself. As I type this, Boston is now 7-9. One game we’ll look great and the next 3 we’ll fall apart. It’s to the point that our coach busts out this quote:

"This team is one execution away from being a very good basketball team."

Oh really? That’s pretty much admitting that your team isn’t that great, so he says a stupid line like that. Just keep it to yourself Doc. It even got to the point to where he benched our star player, Paul Pierce, for not running hard on a fast break. I like that mentality though. Maybe that’ll bring some fire to the team, but we still need a lot of pieces on this team other than Pierce carrying the crew on his shoulder each and every night.

Props go out to Cork for coming back from a shopping trip in Parkersburg and surprising me with a little gift. He loads up on a GameCube WaveBird, one of the greatest inventions evarrr, for only $15 and it was one of the platinum editions. If you’re clueless to what a WaveBird is, it’s a wireless controller that works even if you’re behind something. Now we have a few WaveBirds at the compound, so no more getting tangled up in cords. It’s definitely worth the buy if you’re a video game person.

Speaking of video games, we’ve been on a Nintendo 64 kick as of late. The wrestling games for this system are just out of the world. Even to this day, they stack up against the new wrestling games. The control on WWF No Mercy (gets my vote for best wrestling game of all time) and WrestleMania 2000 is top notch. Last night I won a nice eBay auction to where I ripped this dude off. Or so I think anyways. I loaded up on four N64 wrestling games, tax included, for only $12.84. You can’t beat that with a hickory stick. As part of the deal, I loaded up on ECW Hardcore Revolution, WWF War Zone, WCW/nWo Revenge, and WCW/nWo World Tour.

Big ups to The_Freak for providing me with this Triple H pic from of old:

RAW was last night and it was “ran” by Jericho. He jammed with his band Fozzy, which is always funny to witness. “Don’t you wish you were me!” Jericho can’t sing at all, but I think that’s what makes it entertaining. Vince struts out to say that due to the controversy with the World Title last week, he’s making the title vacant. It looks like Maven has turned full blown heel, which I hope adds an edge to him. Simon Dean, better known as Nova in his ECW days, debuted in the ring for the first time on RAW. He’s a pretty good wrestler, I just hope they use him right. While I’m hitting random RAW thoughts, Christian’s outfit that Jericho made him wear tonight was hilarious as he put him in a Captain Charisma costume. Benoit and Jericho teamed up against Triple H and Batista. Dissention with HHH and Batista? That’s what they have us thinking anyways. Benoit is cheered everywhere, but not tonight. He busted Flair on the outside and the Charlotte crowd booed him big time. Flair is literally God in Charlotte. HHH went on a chair swinging spree, as he busted everyone, and even accidentally got Batista. Interesting.

Our main event was, get this.. a chick’s match! What? How is that good for ratings? I will give them some credit though as it was a good match for chicks wrestling standards. It was Trish against Lita. How about Lita almost breaking her neck on a Suicide Dive to the outside? They showed replay after replay and it was brutal. Lita beats Trish for the Women’s Title. But what you really want to know is what JR said to this melee:

All or nothing with the Moonsault! The Moonsault! By God Lita did it! Lita did it King! I can’t believe the effort, the heart, that both women displayed! But Lita tonight was the better woman! Lita tonight is the new Women’s Champion! No matter what she had to go through, Lita would not be denied here tonight! It was physically intense! Lita overcame every odd! Lita is the new World’s.. the Women’s Champion! Oh my God! Goodnight from Charlotte!

What else is on tap for this week? Nothing at all that I can think of, sadly. Just counting down the days till I get to be a bum for a few weeks during Christmas time. In a few days, we’re getting our tree, so that should be good times once it’s put up. Maybe I’ll even put up a pic of the bad boy once we decorate it.

How about today when I went to go workout it was 71 degrees. On December 7th! The 7th is also the 48th birthday of the Basketball Jesus, also known as Larry Bird. Is it bad times when I see the date of December the 7th, I think of Bird’s birthday before I think of Pearl Harbor. The madness! What will go down in the next Blog? Real World chat, possible hype for Sunday’s WWE Armageddon, NBA news of course, hopefully some new CDs, and whatever else goes down here in the mean streets. One.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Loyal To The Game

The big thing these past few weeks have been roids. Something I’m always interested in, but never got the point of doing them. Sure, you’re a big pimp and stud for a few years, but afterwards, when you get off the supply, you turn into an out of shape bum with possible health problems. I’ve even seen a lot of this just in my town with the old school lifters. The guys in my area who were big roiders in the late 80’s and early 90’s and who no longer workout are a mess. You’d be surprised how fast the buff “legends” back in the day when I was a kid have went downhill. Maybe it was worth it for them, who knows. But now they definitely don’t look like what they used to. I’d like to look like they did back in the day too, but not if it comes down to that risk.

ABC just ran their 20/20 special on the scandal. Victor Conti, BALCO President (supplier made famous with Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, etc) finally comes out to say his piece. He’s been quiet about it for a while, but revealed all. They had a nice segment on Olympic sprinter Marion Jones (who still denies doing illegal stuff), but Conti straight up tells us what exact type of drugs she used, how and where she injected it into her, yet Jones still is in the dark. The thing that got me cracking up good was this stimulant cream that a lot of the baseball guys would put on. Bonds and Gary Sheffield (Yanks dude for those lost) say they had no idea what the cream even was. As ManDingo was telling me a few minutes ago and we were laughing at this, he joked to what they actually thought it was. We know they both knew what that stuff was, but the excuses keep building up.

How about a Real World update? This past Tuesday was actually a good show. I haven’t said that much at all this season. The main point of this episode dealt with Landon hooking up with one of his co-workers through their arena football team they have their job through. A rule the company had was that there could be no relations between workers. They didn’t get crazy, just went out and were all over each other a few times. It shouldn’t have been a big deal, but one of the older chick bosses had a meeting and told them they crossed the line. The girl didn’t seem phased by it and wanted to take a chance and see where it ended up. Landon was a goof and ended it though as he wussed out. Doh! She looked real good too. Now Landon will cry next week for us probably. Also during this episode, they had an Easter Seals Walk and sponsored this 5 year old chick with cerebral palsy. Vonda was freaked out before it happened that she couldn’t be around a kid with a problem like this. After she whined and everyone made her do it, she did fine. Girls and their drama. For shame. It was for a good cause though, so that was nice to see.

What’s new in the world of CDs? I’ll run down a few of the ones I got the past couple of days:

Nas: Street’s Disciple (Double CD). Nas was due for a new one. I’ll go on my Nas and Jay-Z rant here. Jay-Z gets all of this hype for being a so-called legend. I’ll give him his due and say that’s he’s good, but he never was one of my favorites. Yet the guy they always compare him to is Nas, since they’ve had beef over the years. No comparison to me anyways personally, but that’s just my thoughts. As far as lyrical content goes, Nas is one of the best out there when it comes to that. Nas just doesn’t get the respect that he’s due. Maybe part of that is that Jay-Z is more commercial? Not a ton of people on this CD, which is something I like about Nas. There are some though, such as Ludacris, Doug E. Fresh, and Busta Rhymes. My favorite track is #3 off of Disc 2, U.B.R., the Unauthorized Biography of Rakim. Old school rap fans will appreciate any Rakim action and it’s a nice tribute Nas gives. Nas is awesome live as well if you get a chance to check that out.

2Pac: Loyal To The Game. 2Pac has been “dead” now since 1996, yet he still has tons and tons of CDs released. How come nobody else is like this? Did he just record tracks and tracks of stuff for no reason, to save them for when he died? Very weird indeed, but if you’re a 2Pac fan, you’ll like this CD. You know what you’re getting with his stuff. A lot of cameos on this one such as Nate Dogg (it ain’t a hit unless Nate Dogg spit), Jadakiss, 50, Lloyd Banks, Obie Trice, Ron Isley, Young Buck, and Sleepy Brown.

Yung Wun: The Dirtiest Thirstiest. Catchy CD name here and if you don’t know Yung Wun, he’s an Atlanta guy. You’ve more than likely heard his first single from this album, Tear It Up, featuring DMX, David Banner, and Lil Flip. Also, you may have heard his latest release, Walk It, Talk It, also with David Banner. This is some mean rap here if you like that kind of thing. It’s recommended.

At the moment I’m sitting here all sore. I was bored yesterday during my workout, so I figured I’d go a little crazy with my leg workout. After doing sets of squats and weighted calf raises, I wanted to end with some lunges. Instead of using the bar as I’d normally do, I went with dumbbells and made my strides bigger than normal. By the time I was done with my lunges section, I almost dropped to the floor I was shaking and hurting so bad. Try it out if you want to get crazy sore. Waking out of bed this morning with that wasn’t fun either. I could see if I wasn’t working my legs before this, because I have been, but just tweaking the workout a bit out of boredom helped me a lot. Still burning bad, but I guess that lets me know I got a good one in. And why do I type about that? Again, it must be boredom. That and I like to switch things up for everybody reading.

Da da da, da da da! That’s the SportsCenter theme. Hard to put that into text, but you get what I’m after there. That’ll lead me into my current favorite SportsCenter anchor, Scott Van Pelt. He’s getting close to Charlie Steiner, Keith Olbermann, and Rich Eisen level for me. I liked all of those guys a lot. He’s not there yet, but I think he’s on his way. Some of the rest of the cast can get boring at times, but Van Pelt is the one I like best out of the crew there now.

“If them pigs try to get at you, park it like it’s hot, park it like it’s hot, park it like it’s hot.”

A hard day of “work” today at a high school rival of my old place. It was movie day, so I asked my kids what they wanted to watch. A lot of them said School Of Rock, something I’ve seen before, but I figured roll with it again. This is a funny one if you’ve never seen it yet or are into Jack Black stuff. You can’t beat getting paid to watch movies though. I can handle that anytime they want to let me get away with that one. I have it rough let me tell ya.

With the back mangled, it’s time for a hot bath to see if that’ll fix anything. Being single has its advantages, but a disadvantage is that I don’t have anyone to rub my hurt back down on a regular basis, heh. Cork’s theory is that we need to hire a midget up here in my room to do basic things like put a new video game in when we want to switch games, get us Gatorade out of the fridge, check NBA stats for us, give us massages, or whatever else. Maybe he’s onto something. Until then, I’m on my own and have to jump in the tub. Late.