Thursday, December 30, 2004

By Golly....It Must be a Rat!

A big thanks goes out to Blahah of #basketball fame for picking today's Blog title. Thanks mane..

This break is going pretty good so far. It doesn’t seem like it’s going that fast for me like it normally would. It’s gearing down, but still I have some extra time to be a bum. Tuesday night or Wednesday afternoon, however you want to look at it, I went to bed at noon. Yep, you read that right. Me and Cork battled in Paper Mario all night long. I wasn’t sure how long I’d sleep, but I ended up waking up at 6:00 PM. I could’ve rolled back over and slept for a good while longer, but I had to get up for some spaghetti and meatballs action and then the Celtics game that night at 8:30. It was a mistake on the Celtics game, as the Mavs just destroyed them. That night, even though I wasn’t too tired, I figured I’d go to bed halfway early for my standards on break and get there at 5:45. Today I’m sleeping away, doing my thing, and Dad yells upstairs to see if I’m ok. That was around 2:45, so that gave me 9 hours.

Speaking of the Celts getting spanked by the Mavs on Tuesday, the same thing happened last night. We were playing the Grizz and things were going well all night long. Well, for three quarters anyways. Then the Grizz went ballistic on us and put us away in the 4th quarter. Everyone can make a comeback on us late in the game, it’s rough. Right now Boston is 12-16, not good at all. Only one team in the division is .500 as I type this, so it could be worse. Their last game of 2005 is against the Wiz tomorrow night and then we do battle with the World Champion Pistons on Monday.

While battling in Paper Mario, it’s a 1-player game, so we had to have something else to keep us occupied when we were up all night. Cork hadn’t seen The Rise And Fall Of ECW DVD, so he wanted to check that one out. Three hours later, we finished that beast. That never gets old to me. I could watch ECW stuff everyday if I had to. That’s how good this DVD is. On the wrestling front, we have WWE New Year’s Revolution on Sunday. The only match that is being hyped up is of course the Elimination Chamber. Outside of that epic match is Lita taking on Trish for the Women’s Title and Kane facing off versus Gene Snitsky. That’s the only announced matches currently, weird. Speaking of wrestling, we have some good news for the guys out there. Well, I guess some of the girls may like this too, who knows these days. I posted this one in Lobstah, but there’s a strong rumor going around about most of the WWE divas getting ready to do another Playboy shoot. Some won’t show everything, but here’s the rundown, courtesy of Lords Of Pain, the best wrestling site out there: I’ll just paste it from there.

Victoria -Topless & Full Frontal
Dawn Marie - Topless & Full Frontal
Miss Jackie - Topless Only/Lingerie
Stacy Keibler - Ass and Back only
Stephanie McMahon - See-through Nightie/Lingerie
Michelle McCool - Topless & Full Frontal
Amy Weber - Topless & Full Frontal
Maria - Topless only
Lita - Still Negotiating Poses
Joy Giovanni - Topless & Full Frontal
Christy Hemme - Topless & Ass only
Candace - Topless & Full Frontal
Torrie Wilson - Topless Only/Lingerie
Lilian Garcia - See-Through Nightie/Lingerie
Molly Holly - Topless Only/Lingerie

This is pretty interesting. A few chicks have me wanting to see this a good bit. Who knows if this project actually goes through though. I’m really surprised Stephanie McMahon is considering this, if the source is correct. That’s one I’ll be looking forward to for sure. A few others I can’t wait to see are Victoria and Dawn Marie. I think both of these chicks are underrated. Dawn Marie looks smokin' in person. I got to meet her in her ECW days for whatever that’s worth. And I’ve always been a Molly Holly fan, even if she’s more like the average chick next door. She better grow her hair long again.

I loaded up on a few new CDs last night. Nothing major, as most of you haven’t heard of this guy, but I was due for something to get anyways. I went to search for some older JT Money CDs, but had no luck, but I did get results for JT The Bigga Figga. He’s a Bay Area guy (I can’t pass that up) and you’ve heard of him on a few 2Pac tracks or possibly with some lesser known Bay Area rappers. U-God of #basketball fame back in the day, was always a huge JT fan. The CDs I got of his last night are Nothin’ But Thow Wows, Illegal Game that is a project with recently deceased Mac Mall, and his newest that isn’t out yet called Black Wall Street Compilation. I’ve listened to most of these so far and they’re really good in my opinion. I haven’t checked out Illegal Game yet, but from past experience with Mac Mall’s stuff, it has to be good. Check that out if you’re wanting some good rap you may not have heard before.

January is upon us and that means we get a look at the upcoming CDs. What is coming out in January? I know nothing about any other genre than rap and R&B, so that’s what I’ll post on as usual. They’re putting out an Ol’ Dirty Bastard CD called Osirus on the 4th. He was putting the finishing touches on this one when he collapsed in the studio. On this CD is Ghostface Killah, Killer Mike, Drag-On, Jae Mills, Inspectah Deck, and others. On the 11th, it’s the Coach Carter Soundtrack. Thug soundtracks are usually never bad. This one is loaded up with Kanye, Lil Scrappy, The Game, Fabolous, Chingy, St. Lunatics, and Twista. That same date, for the BET UnCut fans, you get Joker The Bailbondsman’s Bipolar that is said to have Bizzy Bone and Freeway on it to name a few. Anything with Freeway on it, I’m in. On the 18th we’re treated to Paul Wall and Chamillionaire’s Controvery Sells. That should be good if you’re into the Texas rap scene. Then we get The Game’s (I guess he wants to be Triple H now) work in The Documentary with Dre, Snoop, Busta, Tony Yayo, and 50 on it. January 25th treats us to Daz Dillinger’s Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta LP. Also, the Geto Boys (Scarface and company) are back in action with The Foundation. After what has seemed to get pushed back by the day, February 1st gives us one of Chicago’s finest, Do Or Die, with their D.O.D. title. A few more here as we get Krayzie Bone’s Gemini: Good Vs. Evil on February 8th and on the 15th we get one of the hardest hitting Bay Area guys out there, Spice 1 with Dyin’ 2 Ball.

I got a little carried away with the CD stuff, but deal with it. What else is planned for the rest of the week other than gearing up for WWE New Year’s Revolution? Probably not much actually, which is the way I like it. I just can’t get into the bowl season this year. I’ve watched two games I believe and could care less about most of the others. I watched the Hawaii game on Christmas Eve, then watched my Irish get stomped by Oregon State on Tuesday night. It’s basketball season now anyways. I’m getting destroyed in my bowl pools this year, but maybe there’s a chance for hope. I never win those things anyways. Speaking of winning something in football, I have a chance to win my first ever #Balls Empire title. I know I just jinxed myself, but I’m taking on Kris3 this week in US#FL, the Wilbur created fantasy NFL league implemented in spite of Walz. I like my chances, but either way, I’ve never even been 2nd Place in one of these leagues, so I’m getting excited. Walz won the other #basketball football league, the original A#FL. It was tough for me to juggle two leagues at the same time this year. I hope we can come to an agreement next season, but for now I have to focus on trying to win US#FL.

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I guess if I didn’t put your Blog in there, you either didn’t update recently, or I went into a coma and forgot. Here’s to everybody having a nice New Years with greetings from the Eastside.


Cork said...

Doh! Revolution is next sunday mang. Anyways, not sure how much "battling" is done on Paper Mario when I was the only one playin it lol. I took it hostage, you better catch up.

Bird33 said...

Dang.. guess I just got too pumped with the Elimination Chamber talk. No wonder there aren't many matches hyped yet. At least it made for good Blog hype. I'll figure out something next weekend for the PPV. Good call on finding my stupid mistake there.

josh said...

Impressive entry here. I like the sound of that upcoming Playboy and all those CDs dropping soon.

Speaking of dropping soon ... I think I may update my blog tomorrow so ya'll will have to hit that up.

Anonymous said...

HEY DOODLEHEAD!!!! hows it hangin, lol? well i just wanted to say howdy and i like ur site....almost as kool as mine :-p ( hehe jus jokin with ya....well thanks for always helpin me fix my pictures and always bein there for ya!


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