Sunday, January 30, 2005

"Tomorrow. Noon, At Our Field. Be There, Buffalo-Butt Breath."

We have some hot topics to get with here today. January is about over and that’s kind of surprising. At least to me, it’s going pretty fast. Here’s a few stats to open things up. Today marked 29 straight days since I haven’t had a piece of candy. I finally broke that streak just a bit ago actually, so it almost went a month, something unbelievable for me. Also this month, I have now went a whopping 4 years without having a drink of pop. I’ve talked about this one for a while, but I’m proud of myself for this feat. It’s not as tough as I thought it’d be upon first try. Every now and then I feel myself wanting a Cherry Coke or Mr. Pibb, but I hold off. I’m a rock I tell ya.

Saturday night I went to the Fairmont State games with Ozzie and Mudcat. First, we got to see the chicks team of Fairmont, who are currently 10th in the nation. I’m not big on chicks ball, but it’s free, so I’ll check it out. Is there any girl out there who hasn’t mangled their bodies somehow playing sports to where they have to wear 16 different knee and ankle braces? It’s like they’re as brittle as can be, tough to see. Anyways, a lot of missed layups here, even on this level. Fairmont has a few real good chicks though in senior Erica Rome and junior Ashley Reed (who I probably messed up her spelling, but oh well). They lit stuff up in this one in their win over West Liberty. Reed’s calves are about 4 times the size of mine, she’s thick for a guard. Then the boys action began. The locals were in support since Lincoln grad Adam Southern was in the house and Cody Loughery of Grafton, both playing for West Liberty. Southern started and had a pretty big game of 17 points, 15 of those off of 3 pointers. This game was intense towards the end though. First, with about 10:00 to go, Fairmont was up by 17 and on cruise control. Then it got all rowdy and West Lib eventually WON the game. Fairmont choked something awful. A few other thoughts to mention from the game:

Fairmont has this dude who wears a full t-shirt under his jersey and it’s about 4 times too big for him. The arms literally go down to near his wrist and it’s crazy baggy. Due to that, we called him Sleeves all night, he was a sight. I guess he thought he was thuggin’ and buggin’ since the Feaster Center was filled with some gangsta thugs. Also, a few delays in the game. One was a big Gatorade cooler tipped over onto the court. Ice and Gatorade was all over the place and it took a while to clean up. Then the shotclock stopped working, so the PA guy actually had to let us know how close they were to the buzzer. That’s straight old school there. I got my money’s worth on the last few minutes of the game though, as a lot of bows were being thrown, technicals, and it got mean. That and it got me out of the house on a Saturday night, not bad. A quick thing I almost forgot about. Grafton brought along a HUGE crew of little kids who had to sit above us. They didn’t do anything all night but run up and down the aisle a zillion times. Then, they’d chase all of the players that were in the gym to get their autographs. Funny to see kids getting autographs of Division-2 guys who they don’t even know. To top that off, they even got autographs from cheerleaders and the event staff, no lie. Mudcat was even asked for an autograph. And does it get any better for the locals than seeing T-Smooth Travis Sinclair sign autographs?

College Hill 2 started this week on BET and they didn’t mess around with the first episode. If you’re into some huge drama and haven’t seen this show before, you are seriously missing out. These thugs get it done. We don’t get any stupid storylines of how Big Willie Style is going to find his next gay lover or how Sarah has about as much self confidence as my right pinky. I’d run through characters, but that’d take a while. This one dude runs around the house naked and tells everyone how big his cack is. That and he’s drinking as much as he can. Then we get this dude and girl who dated not long ago, but they didn’t know they’d be on the show together and there’s already some conflict. Mix that in with a few goody goody girls and you can’t go wrong. What a mixture we have here. We even have a thug who listens to whitey music, go figure.

I was at work the other day at the transitional middle school for the county. This is where the regular schools send the supposedly crazy bad kids since they can’t handle them. I get along good with this crew though. At least they weren’t nuts around me and it made for a smaller class. Anyways, in the afternoon, they watched Summer’s End. I’ve never seen this one before, but it’s an awesome movie. It stars James Earl Jones who is living in a whitey town and faces all kinds of racism. Then a local 12-year old whitey boy starts to hang and respect him. Nobody else in the town does, but it builds from there. I won’t spoil anything, but check this one out if you get a chance. It was a made-for-TV movie, but I’m sure it’s out there since the teachers I was there for had a copy of the DVD.

Then the next day, I worked at another middle school. Special Ed again and I literally had one kid for probably 75% of the day. Tough day there huh? He basically hung out on the computer. I got to play some ball that day too and get paid for it, so I’ll take that. It also didn’t hurt things that I worked with an aide in the class who was a total MILF. I’m bad at guessing ages, but I’ll roll with the early 40’s range. This chick plays tennis 3 times a week and had me impressed.

Saturday it was haircut time and that always means it’s usually classic stories from the world’s greatest barber. Well, not in the haircutting sense, but in the storytelling sense and getting your money’s worth. He drops the f-bomb more than gangsta rappers would and he doesn’t care who hears him which is the great part. “Motherfuckin’ goofy fuckin’ bastards!” was one thing he screamed as he got off the phone with one of his customers. That was a few minutes after I had sat down, which I knew it’d end up being a good day. We got to talking about WVU basketball and I asked if he’d been to a game at The Coliseum lately. He said he never has. “No point in driving down there in that fuckin’ crowd when I can sit on my couch at home and watch. And if I went to a game where it was easy to get a ticket, that’d mean they would be playing fuckin’ junk teams. Fuck that!” It’s worth the time just to go in there and hangout. Thumbs up from me.

I’ll end with some wrestling news and predictions. First, in a bit of bad news for me, one of my favorite wrestlers, Rob Van Dam will be out of commission for 6 months or so an ACL injury that requires surgery. Maybe he ripped it out of socket doing his splits between chairs. Who knows. Who knew? Anyways, today is Royal Rumble day, so let’s get our quick predictions out of the way:

Triple H (World Champion) vs.Randy Orton. World Title Match. I’m taking the champ to retain in this one so it could set him up to defend at WrestleMania. I just don’t think Orton is ready to hold the belt going into Mania.

HBK vs. Edge. I’m taking Edge here since he’s paid his dues and it really doesn’t do a lot for HBK if he wins this one. Win or lose, HBK is still going to be over with the fans. Edge, who I’m not big on, would be better off winning this match for storyline purposes.

John Bradshaw Layfield (WWE Champion) vs. Big Show vs. Kurt Angle. Triple Threat WWE Title Match. Since it seems Vinnie Mac is all over JBL’s nads, I’ll take JBL to retain in this one so he goes into the next PPV as champ since it’s a SmackDown-only deal. Rumor has it that he may face Big Show at that one in a Barbed Wire Match. Hmm.. These two have no experience in that type of match.

Undertaker vs. Heidenreich. Casket Match. This match I hope just doesn’t even happen. It’s worthless. Heidenreich doesn’t deserve a push right now and Taker has been in too many of these types of matches. I don’t care one bit about this match. I’ll pick Taker though, but it’s going to be bad. Worse than bad.

Royal Rumble. Oh yeah! This is what I’m talking about and what makes it the best Pay Per View of the year. Hopefully we get an element of surprise, but I doubt it. Either way, this match always delivers. I’ll go with Batista here and see if they go the route of Triple H facing Batista at Mania, although they may do a 3-Way Dance with Orton involved. Or what?

Since I got the cussing barber tirade in, I might as well end up with some mean rap. Talk to you guys soon.

Group – Geto Boys – Song: Real Nigga Shit – Album: The Foundation

It's on, ring the alarm
Got a full metal jacket and the P7 I'm clutchin in my palm
When the first shot ring out, the last man standin’
be the last man they bring out, ain't nobody starin’
Niggaz is gettin somewhere they know the gunner ain't for play
He got some niggaz in the parkin’ lot sparkin’ off the AK
So rat-tat-tat, tat 'til yo' ass hit the motherfuckin’ flo'
What that FaceMob lookin’ like ho?
You want drama, I'ma send it at you full speed pussy
The last of this motherfuckin’ species, push me
When it's on end your life, fuck who wrong you was right
You the nigga center stage, better go and get a stripe
Cause tonight, you fucked with big dogs but they bite
Now I'm at you with a vengeance nigga, go and grab the mic
I don't threaten motherfuckers in the booth, I'm the truth
I was out there in the hood, nigga where the fuck was you?

[Chorus 2X: Scarface]
I'm quick to introduce niggaz to real nigga shit
I don't bullshit with niggaz, I kill niggaz quick
Face the motherfuckin’ facts, you a rapper I'm a killer
I'm respected in these streets cause I'm a real-ass nigga

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Foundation

Middle of the week update time now. With January almost in the books, has the first month went well or not? I’d say 2005 is off to a good start, although nothing legendary has happened so far. That could change this Sunday though, when my favorite Pay Per View of the year is shown, WWE Royal Rumble. There hasn’t been as many surprises at the Rumble that there normally is in years past, but it’ll still be worth the purchase. I’ll hit on a lot of TV shows as I don’t do a whole lot else than watch TV. Then we’ll see what else we can get into on this edition.

Yep, as I said last week, the VH1 shows definitely have me hooked. Three shows in particular have a lot of people talking each Sunday night. The first shown is Surreal Life and Mini-Me makes this show all by himself. The supporting cast is great too as this has been a good series early on. Mini-Me drank Mountain Dew for breakfast one morning which I thought was great. Then they all go horseback riding and he can’t go since his legs aren’t even big enough for a little pony they give him. Then as they were camping by the fire, Chyna tells everyone that about 6 months ago she tried to commit suicide with an overdose of pills. Yep, that’s surreal.

Strange Love? That’s also a real good one. Flav was on this week. This week he took his pimp suit to a formal dinner with Brigitte and her rich friends. She didn’t know how he’d react, so she got him etiquette lessons the week before. This week he rolls into the dinner and they don’t know what to think. Their reactions when they saw him walk in with the suit were great. They are never around black people for one and he just kept messing with them because they didn’t respect his game. He jumps on the piano and does a pretty good job, but nobody was paying attention. Then Brigitte leaves with Flav and doesn’t say bye to her buddies since they were punks about it.

If you like stuff getting mangled, I saw a good one on Monday while on my way to work. For the locals, the location is between the Stonewood and Lost Creek exits. I was jamming away to some Daz Dillinger (more on that in a bit) and out of nowhere on the interstate, traffic is stopped. After sitting there for about 10 minutes, they cleared a lane off for us to get by. What was the ruckus about? There was an SUV (I think anyways, it was that bad) that was literally laying in the middle of the road on its top. Outside of the SUV was this dude talking on the cell phone. He was hardcore, ECW style. How so you ask? I’m guessing he had to be the driver, but he had blood all over him. His hair was nothing but blood and his face was a mess. Yet, he had to get out there on his cell phone and take care of business. That’s a mean dude there as he didn’t seem to care too much. Put him in this weekend’s North Central West Virginia Toughman Contest. Speaking of that, I haven’t hit that up in several years, but you get your money’s worth. This is a place where a guy can’t even think to take his chick at or he’ll get hounded by the crowd which is 95% drunken rednecks ready to throw bows at your head all night. It’s basically a hardcore rock concert atmosphere (not that I’d know) or maybe like a rap concert (which I’d know about, but they need to come to the area more). The first night is always fun as you get to see the bums get their heads pounded. Some even fight drunk, no joke.

What’s new in the world of CDs since Sunday? We have three to add to the collection and all are very good or so I thought so anyways after the listen. The list:

Daz: Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta LP. 19 tracks on this beast and it’s officially a good CD since Nate Dogg is on it. It ain’t a hit unless Nate Dogg spit. He has a few good updates from older songs such as My Ambitionz As A Ridah 2005 (a tribute to 2Pac), Bomb Ass Pussy 2005 (from his days with Kurupt), and Fuck Tha Police 2005 (out of respect to NWA).

Geto Boys: The Foundation. The Houston trio of Scarface, Willie D, and midget Bushwick Bill who for some reason I thought was dead. If you want some true gangsta rap, this is it. Geto Boys stuff is some of the hardest rap out there, so if you’re all about the clubbin’ rap, this isn’t for you. They straight up tell it how it is. This is the best of the new ones I have, it’s quality.

Paul Wall & Chamillionaire: Controversy Sells. More Texas rappers here and Paul Wall is a whitey for those who aren’t familiar. A very good album and worth the pickup as these two work so well together. Not only that, but you need to go download a song called True and another one called Back Up Plan featuring Devin The Dude. You need more Devin The Dude stuff in your collection too. “Dodgin’ all your calls, you’re horny and want to grind him, but ya just can’t find em. So here’s what ya do, call 832-567-you remember the rest, just ask for Devin. I cum quick, but not too soon, leaving nutty rubbers all over the room.”

Up next is the RAW and Real World reviews before we shut down shop. Real World huh? This week wasn’t anything too huge, but it did have one interesting part. This was part two of the Fiji trip. First, Landon and Vonda have been all over each other throughout the show. One week Vonda hates his guts and will have nothing to do with him. The next? She’s all over him. This reminds me of a generic version of CT. CT is a legend, so nobody can compare to him from the Paris days. CT had the game down if you ask me. He was a punk at times, to where the girls hated him, but the next day he’d get all romantic and have them eating out of his hand. Anyways, Karamo was getting fired up that Landon and Vonda were together. Karamo thinks all thugs should be oppressed like he is. He said he wanted to slit Landon’s throat, hah. Landon is the one who slices people up with the big knives. I guess he doesn’t remember that. Anyways, he sits there and cries about it like a baby wherever they are at and brings the mood of the house down. Someone needs to bust this dude up, but nobody in this house will do it since they’re all wusses.

The last RAW before the Rumble huh? This one was in Oklahoma, home of JR, so they had to hype that one. We hype him every week in here, so that’s nothing new. I’ll just talk about the main event and then later in the week if I post, I might give my Rumble lowdown. The main event I was looking forward to all week. It was Flair taking on Orton. We all know how it’d end with JR screaming about Orton’s fate, but I was excited to see Flair in a main event. I don’t care, Flair still gets it done. Orton eventually wins with a RKO with a lot of interference by Triple H. I’ll save the ending for JR as usual:

Two referees have been decimated! Oh no! Come on! What the hell? This is enough! Enough! Enough! Triple H is going to jam that title into Orton! My Orton just saved his soul there! And Orton trying to fight out. RKO! RKO! Out of nowhere! It can happen that quick! Count him ref! Count him! Count him faster! It’s over! That’s damn right! This kid against all odds is standing! Look what Orton is staring at! The World Heavyweight Title that Triple H was trying to mangle Orton’s knee with! It’s his destiny! Is it Orton’s fate to regain the World Heavyweight Title? How can Randy Orton be derailed? He’s beaten every member of Evolution in the last few weeks in one-on-one competition. Oh look out now. Triple H doesn’t want any of Orton! If he wanted any, he’d go back in there and get some more right now! Triple H is frustrated! He didn’t want anymore! But he gets more this Sunday on Pay Per View at the Royal Rumble!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Matador Will Break Your Arms

Well, here we are again. It’s the weekend edition for the peeps out there. Anything new? As usual, probably not, but I’ll make it seem like some big action has been going down. Everyone is getting into a panic over this huge snow we’re supposed to get. I’ll believe it when I see it. One thing that bugs me is that half the people in my area must think they live in Florida because when the first thought of snow is predicted, they turn into Cornholio and don’t know what to do. People, we’re in West Virginia. We get a lot of snow. Deal with it instead of being scared about it. Sure, it might be a pain at times when it comes to shoveling your way out of the house or trying to unbury your car, but I’ll take this weather over the hot stuff any day of the week.

Friday I didn’t have school, so that was nice to sleep in all day. I had this day booked up for a few weeks now. You’d think it wouldn’t be good to miss a day of work if you had something scheduled and was a sub. Well, the nice thing is that if I have a day scheduled ahead of time, and we get a snow day out of nowhere, I still get paid. I can’t complain about that. I might not get any benefits like the fulltime teachers get, but at least if I have a day lined up and it snows or something, I still get the cash. Yet if I don’t have a day lined up and the kids get out, I get zero. Fair enough, as those days are fun as well, since you get to sleep all day, and I’m real good at doing that.

This past week, in two different nights, I got a whopping 11 hours sleep. It was mean. I guess that happens after a few nights of getting 4 hours of sleep, but it all evens out. I could’ve gotten more on Friday, but it was noon and Dad woke me up to go workout since he didn’t want to wait any longer.

What’d I load up on movie wise this week? This time around I roll with Dodgeball and Bobby Jones: Stroke Of Genius. I’m big on comedies, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy Dodgeball. It hopefully will be worth the time. The second movie is a serious one, but it has a good story to it. This one deals with old school golf legend Bobby Jones (circa 1920s). He won a whopping 13 majors from 1923-1930 and remains the only player to win the Grand Slam in the same calendar year. Tiger later did this to rename it the Tiger Slam, except his wasn’t in the same year period if that makes sense. Or how about the Serena Slam in tennis? Same concept.

I went to my regular Chinese place a few days ago. I wrote before how they have an American worker up there. It’s a dude and he’s not there much, but still. Even worse for this trip. This American dude was training this American chick on her first day. What?? Two Americans in this place? Sure, they’re not back there cooking and all, but that is still strange to me. I’ve ranted about that before, but why can’t they go to Applebee’s or something if they want a waiter job? Then again, a waiter at a Chinese buffet place has to be simple, so I guess that’s my answer. That and free food at the place. I’d feel weird working there, but I should offer to work there part-time myself.

I’m slacking in the past few days on CDs. I loaded up like crazy over the past week, so I was due for a little break. The only new one I’ve downloaded in the past few days is the Coach Carter Soundtrack. This one I was surprised with. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the soundtrack is good times. Who is on this beast? Fabolous, Chingy, The Game, Lil Scrappy, Ciara, Kanye, Common, Twista, Faith Evans, Mack 10, St. Lunatics, and a few other random bums. It’s worth the get.

Another episode of Tilt is in the books from ESPN. The second episode was pretty good I thought. The storyline is really picking up and it has a nice flow to it. I won’t give a rundown of the topics since I’m sure most don’t get into it, but I enjoy it anyways. The Matador character is done great so far in the first few weeks. I know he’s the bad guy of the show, but how can you not like him? Maybe that’ll change eventually, but he gets it done. Someone crossed his path one night and he had to jump on their arm, breaking it, to get answers out of them. Mean stuff there, but it makes for good TV, hah.

Here’s an update to the Blog. I rarely type out my Blogs in full in one sitting, whether it’s a smaller one or bigger post. What I normally do is open up Word and type out little things through the week that I want to post on and keep saving it. Yeah, I know, that’s weird. But I like to be organized. Anyways, what does all of this mean? I just got done watching Dodgeball, so I’ll give a review on that. Going in, I thought it’d be funny, but very cheezy. You need to go out and check this one if you already haven’t. A lot of cameos in it that will have you cracking up out of nowhere (Chuck Norris, David Hasselhoff, Lance Armstrong, William Shatner). Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller hit their roles perfectly, but the rest of the cast fits in nicely as well. Marcia Brady was looking great in this movie too. Not the old school Marcia Brady, but Christine Taylor if that makes sense, from The Brady Bunch Movie. She kisses a chick in this movie too if that’s worthy of you wanting to pick up the movie.

Next week a show that I was into last year returns. BET’s version of the Real World comes back into action for its second season. The show is called College Hill for those who were into that. Season One was from Southern University and this year it’s from Langston College in Oklahoma. There are 3,500 people at this thug school and 1,000 of them tried out to be on this show, that’s impressive. It can’t be any worse than the current Real World season on MTV right now from Philly. At least this one should give us some good drama, or at least the premiere season of this did last year. It’s shown on Thursday nights at 9:00 PM Eastern, so check that out. Highly recommended.

I believe it’s time to roll on out. I’m suffering from the brutal loss my Celtics had earlier to the Hawks on Saturday night. The good thing is that my favorite player, Antoine Walker, is on that team. I guess if I have to lose, it should be to him. Later.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Essential

I’m definitely due for a new post in here, so let’s get to it. Nothing crazy has went down in Shinnston since last Friday’s entry, but should that surprise you all? A preview of things to come? Video game talk, wrestling, new CDs, VH1 shows, Real World, and whatever else we have time to fit in. Sounds like the ordinary huh?

I’m getting addicted to the game Animal Crossing. I don’t even believe it ends is the weird part, but it sucks you in. How can a game where you don’t fight (yet), has no cussing, no blood, or anything mean about it be so good? Maybe others won’t like it, but this one gets good reviews over the years. A kiddie game for the Nintendo fans, but I still eat that stuff up. I look for Cork to give his opinion on it in his next Blog. He may have a different opinion than I, but he at least checked it out for a bit. We’re both in the same town, in the mean streets of Compton. It’s hard to explain the concept of this game if you’ve never played it, but I’m hooked.

Real World this week was lame. Ugh! Why couldn’t it be like two weeks ago when Landon flipped out? Now we’re back to what most of this season has been doing, rough times. There should only be a few weeks left though thankfully. This week was their trip to Fiji. Looks like a pretty awesome place to go to though, yet no storylines came with it. Sarah tries to hook up with all of the British guys, but they keep shutting her down. Then behind her back, they start calling her a slut, hah. Then her and Mel rumble because Mel walks up and tries to get with these guys that were talking behind her back. Mel was the one that relayed that to her anyways. What’s up with Mel’s hair? That stuff is rough, ouch. It’s like a clump of garbage and on top of that, it’s boy hair. Then at the end of the show, Landon and Vonda are getting stuff going, but she leaves in the middle and can’t continue. Doh! Shot down!

I rented two movies this past weekend that I could keep for a week, so not a bad deal there. I ended up getting Saved! and Breakin’ All The Rules. I was on another Mandy Moore kick I guess. Saved! isn’t that awesome, but at least you get to check her out during the movie. She turns evil in it too, which is a role I’ve never seen her play. The movie isn’t horrible, but it’s nothing to write home about either. Breakin’ All The Rules is a recommendation of DerekHood, but I’ve yet to check it out. Hopefully I can see it before I have to take it back on Friday, but times are looking slim. Gabrielle Union is also in this thing, which you definitely can’t go wrong with.

VH1 has been rocking it out lately. Three shows I’m big on. I watch entirely too much TV. If I had to go without TV or internet, I’d be screwed till the end of my life probably. The new Surreal Life is great. All of the seasons so far have been really good. This one features Mini-Mi, Chyna, Da Brat, and Peter Brady to name the main ones. Mini-Me got trashed on the first night there and he was a mess. He was naked and wizzing on the hallway carpet. And he drives around in one of those old people scooters, it’s great. Then you have to watch Chyna to see how cracked out she is. I was telling Cork that we should’ve put her on the Lobstah Deathpool this year. She’s up till 7:00 in the morning (sounds like us, but at least we’re not on crack) just kicking and jumping around the house. Peter Brady is the laid back guy of the group, but I was surprised how ripped up he is. Peter Brady works out?? I’m ready for Da Brat and Chyna to throw down, we know it’ll happen. Next we get Strange Love, a show spurned off of last season’s Surreal Life. This one is about the times of Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen. You have to check this one out. The funny thing is that Nielsen has a fiancĂ©e, yet spends a lot of time with Flav who is trying to pretty much steal her away. Only in Hollywood. And to see the lines that Flav gives her is great. This week, he goes to a fancy dinner with her rich friends and she doesn’t want him to embarrass her. He gets this pimp suit and starts singing love songs to her at the piano in front of them and they don’t know what to think. The preview makes it looks good anyways. The third show is Celebrity Fit Club. This is where you have two teams of celebs and they are in a battle to see who can lose the most weight. A different cast of characters here with a few being Biz Markie, one of the Baldwin brothers, one of Steven Tyler’s girls, the Snapple woman, Kim Coles, and a few others. It’s been worth it after the first two weeks, so we’ll see.

What’s new in the world of CDs? I have seven new ones since the last post, so I’m doing pretty good. In alphabetical order, here we go:

Bay Madness: The Compilation. This is some Bay Area stuff featuring JT The Bigga Figga and San Quinn as the main rappers. My theory is that you can’t go wrong with Bay Area rap.

Cutmaster C & Gravy: The Streets Is Still Watchin’. A mixtape featuring a bunch of random guys. Young Buck, Busta Rhymes, Redman, M.O.P., 50, Styles P, Eminem, Jadakiss (he’s on every mixtape it seems like), Keith Murray, Remy Ma, JR Writer (found the spelling finally Cork), Fat Joe, and others.

De La Soul: The Grind Date. This one is downright awesome. I wasn’t sure what to expect of De La Soul, since the majority of their hits came in the late 80’s. They haven’t changed their style and they can still bring it. If you’re into some rap lyrics that mean something, this is your stuff and it has a good flow to it. Ghostface Killah, Carl Thomas, Flavor Flav, and Common are part of this CD. One of the better CDs I’ve heard in a long time.

Do Or Die: Back 2 The Game. I figured I’d get on a Do Or Die kick. This is a 2002 album and just like all Do Or Die stuff, it certainly delivers.

Do Or Die: Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead. A 2003 release and I like this one better than Back 2 The Game if I was taking a poll on it. Both are awesome gets.

E-White: The White Album. One that I don’t know anything about, but it’s rap and he looks funny, so I’ll give it a try. It can’t be bad.

Dean Martin: Dino – The Essential Dean Martin. What? Non-rap? Yep, that’s what this one is. I go way back with this one since I needed some old time Mafia music in my collection. I’ve been looking for Dean Martin stuff for a while, but he’s hard to find on here it seems, but has a million CDs or close enough. Now I just need my Mafia suit to go with it and I’ll be set. I can always remember being with Donnie Brasco (Sanford for the locals) and he’d be jamming this stuff constantly. Can’t go wrong there.

Two weeks until WWE Royal Rumble, so with that in mind, RAW has to get put into high gear to prepare. They gave us two quality matches this week. The others weren’t anything to talk about, but I still enjoyed the show. One was HBK taking on Christian. This was a good match, where the crowd added even more. The show was in Toronto and anytime there’s a Canadian crowd, they are great. They’re right up there with Philly and Chicago. They can’t stand HBK anyways, so that made their reaction better. Toronto is weird when it comes to a wrestling crowd as they cheer for the bad guys. I like that though, but you don’t see that often these days. They completely go against what the WWE wants them to cheer for, so it’s funny to see. HBK wins this one cleanly in what was a good match. I hope this elevates Christian. The other match I liked was fellow Canadians going at it, Jericho facing Benoit. Jericho was born in New York, but we all know he’s more Canadian than American if that makes sense. These guys went at it like we know they could and Jericho ends up with the win. Afterwards they get in each other’s faces and then give us the respect by shaking each other’s hands ECW style. The fans were all over that and that’s always a good ending to a match if it was a good one. The main event was Kane versus Snitsky. Not much of a match, but the ending is what will make us remember it. It was over the top and cheezy, but still it made for good TV. Kane gives a Chokeslam off the stage to the floor and JR just freaks out. This is one of the better JR endings in a while in my opinion. Take it away JR..

Oh My God! Don’t do this! Don’t do it Kane! You’re going to break the man’s back! Oh God! Oh My God! Kane just took Snitsky to hell with him! Kane just took Snitsky to hell and followed him into town! My God! Kane and Snitsky, they’re broken in pieces it looks like! Kane is.. Referee there to check on them, but what the hell you going to do? There’s broken bodies everywhere! I think.. I think Kane threw Snitsky all the way to hell. All the way to the concrete floor! And went with him for the ride! My God! My God I can’t believe this! Neither man is moving and that’s not a damn good sign. Kane knew he was going to take Snitsky to hell, but Kane was going to go with him! Kane paid the ultimate price to send Snitsky to hell. And neither man are moving and we need help here badly. This is the worst sign of all, with nobody moving. Oh God… What a night. They’re hurt. Hurt bad..

I guess I did have something to talk about anyways. I think I wrapped it up good and made your wait worth it. If not, I can go down knowing that I tried at least. Good to have Dom and That’s Me back in the fold here. Their Blogs were down for a while, but now they’re back in business, so check theirs out if you could:


That’s Me:

Friday, January 14, 2005

"When You're Rich You Don't Write Checks"

Fear the random topics because that is what you’re about to get. I’ll touch all bases in this one, so hopefully there is something that everyone will like. I’m now on a 3-day weekend, well make that 4 days. I didn’t work today and have Monday off to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Since there are just so many thugs in Shinnston, they give us the day off. That one always puzzled me, but I won’t complain with a day off. I could see if we were in Compton or something. More on Compton later, so hold that thought if you will. Or as the great Dusty Rhodes would say, “If you wiiiiilllll!”

Real World was back again on Tuesday night. There was only one thing revolving around this episode and that was dealing with Mel’s rash. Last week they hyped it up to get us thinking what she had. Was it herpes? Syphilis? Gonorrhea? Nope, none of that stuff. What it ended up being was scabies. This freaked Mel out and everyone else in the mansion. Apparently it has little bugs just jumping all over her body and they can get the other people infested. I know nothing about that, so I won’t say much on that topic. They bring in a doctor to check everyone and make sure the house was clean enough. Some of the people said that it was a good thing Mel had this since it gave them an excuse to clean up their dump. Blah. Give me some drama instead of this mess. Last week I thought they turned the corner when Landon was Abdullah The Butcher and slicing heads off Mafia style with his knives. This week we had an annoying chick with scabies. Joy. Next week’s preview has them partying like they won the Super Bowl when they find out their vacation is going to be in Fiji. You had to see the scene when they found this out and they were jumping around like little middle school cheerleaders. Too funny.

I have a TV dilemma right now. Two of my favorite nightly shows to watch are Around The Horn on ESPN and I, Max on Fox Sports. Around The Horn is on at 5:00 and Max used to be on at 6:00. Well, lo and behold, we have a conflict. For some reason, Fox moves Max to 5:00 to battle head-to-head with Around The Horn, ironically the show that Max used to host. No! It’s not fun flipping back and forth between these two shows now. I thought they took Max off the air until ManDingo let me know of the time change. 5:30 wouldn’t be as bad. Most people gear up for Pardon The Interruption at 5:30, which I watch, but I like these other two shows a lot better personally. At least Max has reruns going at 10:30, so I’m saved for a bit.

In one of the classes I sub for a lot, the kids just got done reading the book A Walk To Remember. Every chick out there is infatuated with this movie. I have to come clean on this one too. As you all know, I’m into chick flicks as far as being a guy goes. I’m not afraid to admit it. Does that make me less masculine? Who knows. Anyways, I’ve seen this movie before and since the kids were done with their book the previous day, they watched the movie in class yesterday. Here’s the situation I had. I had a half day of work, which meant I got to sleep in till around 10:00 or so. Thumbs up so far. I had to be at work at 11:15, which isn’t bad at all. Then, to top that off, I didn’t have a class till 1:20 since I got there during my lunch and planning period of this teacher. In that last class, I had a total of 5 kids. Yes, you read that right, a whole 5 of em. So basically I got paid to do fantasy NBA stats during my planning period and then watch a movie with the kids. I stole that money! Not Mark Blount style for the NBA fans, but still it was easy money that day. Anyways, you can laugh all you want for me liking A Walk To Remember, but it’s good stuff, one of my favorites. I had a few thug boys in the class and they actually paid attention to this thing. Go pick it up. To answer questions to whether I own this movie or not, I’ll admit that I do. You just can’t go wrong with long haired Mandy Moore. Not a lot is much better than that.

On the book front, I just finished reading Let Me Tell You A Story. This is the one with Red Auerbach and John Feinstein. Simply a fascinating read. Even if you’re not a Celtics fan, I think you’d like reading this book. There are stories till no end with this thing. At 87 years old, Red is still just as knowledgeable as he ever has been about basketball. He tells it how it is too, as there’s no pushing Red’s buttons. The Celtics stories are good enough for me, but he talks about every level of basketball and knows just about everyone related in sports or entertainment. There’s a chapter in there just about Michael Jordan. First, Red has always given Jordan major props for being a great player. He does that in the book, but the interesting part is about Jordan’s days in management with the Washington Wizards. He tears Jordan a whole new one in that and leaves nothing behind. I could give quotes on just about every page in this book, but I’ll spare you guys with just one part. It was from Rob Ades, who represented Coach Mike Jarvis when he was negotiating with Jordan about trying to become head coach of the Wiz. Ades goes to talk to Jordan and this ensues:

“I was stunned,” Ades said. “He was asking Mike (Jarvis) to take no more money and less years than he had on his contract at St. John’s to take over what had been a bad team for a long time. So I told Michael that we wanted seven years at four million a year. He looked at me and said, ‘What’re you, nuts?’ I told him yes, I was nuts; that we had now both thrown out numbers that were ridiculous on both sides and could we now maybe get down to business.”

“He was pissed. Really pissed. We started talking about what some other coaches were making. I mentioned the deal Jeff Van Gundy [another client] had just been given by the Knicks to make the point that I didn’t expect that kind of money because Van Gundy had taken the Knicks to the Finals. This time he really blew up: ‘Don’t you ever mention that fucking name in my office!’ Now, I’m in shock. I knew he didn’t like Van Gundy, fine, but you can’t respect an opponent? You can’t concede he’s a pretty good coach? I guess not.”

Now I’m onto my next book. By the way, sports books are all I read, sorry. I’ve talked about this before and it’s Me And My Dad with Paul O’Neill actually writing it, helped by Burton Rocks. Burton Rocks sounds like a good porn name. Anyways, in two days, I’m over halfway through this beast. It’s that good of a read that I can barely put it down. It teaches a lot of lessons about life and family, not just baseball. I know most reading this hate the Yankees, but that’s not a reason to stay away from this book. The baseball info so far is worth it and right now I’m at the beginning of the 1995 season. O’Neill is truly a class act and he played with as much intensity as just about anyone I can think of. Here’s a quote I love about my favorite baseball player of all time, Don Mattingly. He dedicates about a half chapter to Mattingly alone and he goes as following:

“From that day to this, I can say that I have more respect for Don Mattingly than for anyone else I have ever played alongside in my entire career. Before games, as other players went through every kind of conceivable preparation and ritual to get mentally and physically ready to play, Don’s strategy, which he articulated many times to me was simply this: ‘I’m just going to go out there and be myself today.’ Simple as it sounds, it worked, and it was so true of him. He never tried to be anything less than genuine, and he never tried to make himself another type of hitter besides the type he was.”

I strolled to GameStop today and figured I’d check out some used GameCube titles. I had money to burn (a mistake) so I went in there and picked up Animal Crossing. Just like Paper Mario, the first impression you get is that it’s a kiddie game. It may very well be, but once you start playing, you’re hooked and it sucks you in. I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews on this one for the past few years, but never checked it out. eBay had the prices for it way up there for a while, but GameStop had it for $15, so I hopped on that like it was gold. My cousin Zack kept telling me to get this one, so I did what any video game fan would do, went out and took care of business. I almost bought a few 2003 NHL games for $10 a piece, but I’ll save that for another rainy day. Anyways, in Animal Crossing you are pretty much in charge of your own little house and town. Think of it being Sim City that is more hands-on. Shinnston wouldn’t fit for the naming of my city, so I now reside in Compton. Funny seeing these little cartoon dudes all happy talking about Compton. Animal Crossing is only for straight gangstas. Yes, I'm almost 30 years old playing this game, so what. :)

ESPN ran the feature episode of Tilt last night. This is the poker series that is shown on Thursday nights. After the first show, I’m into it. It’s not awesome yet, but I feel that it could be. The storyline you ask? Three poker fiends are together as a team. They are Eddie, Miami (a chick), and Clark. Their goal is to strike down The Matador (the series’ bad guy, but best poker player out there). The trick is that The Matador has a team ring of his own that he uses illegal tactics to win these games. Then they pull a swerve on us and have a cop and his boys trying to take down The Matador as well. So basically we have some teams going at it each other sneakily and it should be good drama. I’m sure that sounded confusing, but we’ll get through it.

Last night and today I loaded up somewhat on some new CDs. I won’t give huge details here, but this is what I went with, so I’ll just give a small list:

Do Or Die: Greatest Hits. Some very underrated Chicago rap here. Pimpin’ rap if you will. If you haven’t heard these guys before, you need to get with the game, because you’re so far behind.

Bizzy Bone: The Beginning And The End. Bizzy also has an album called the Alpha & Omega, literally the same meaning as The Beginning And The End. Weird.

TRU: True. TRU is the trio of Master P, C-Murder, and Silkk The Shocker together on one album. They have a few albums out there, but this is the first one I’ve gotten.

Jay-Z: Fade To Black Mixtape. I’m not a Jay-Z guy, but since it’s rap and it’s free, I’ll get it. I was talking to my girl Manda and she was asking about the new Jay-Z DVD and if I could find it online. I was searching around and found the mixtape, so I figured I’d go for it. 37 tracks on this one. You can’t go wrong with a girl who likes rap and downloads a ton of CDs like I do.

Murda Mook: The Untouchable. No idea on this guy, but the name sounded mean, so we’ll give it a whirl.

I did the CD section quick this time because I wanted to touch on Randy Moss before I end. I’m loving this stuff so much. Moss is a punk, granted, but he’s pure entertainment. I don’t like the fact that he doesn’t try hard on every single play, but if he puts his head to it, he can’t be stopped by anyone on the field. Nobody. Anyways, he got fined $10,000 for motioning a moon to the crowd after a TD last weekend. That’s not the funny part. Yesterday he was getting in his ride and a reporter asked him about the fine. I’m literally laughing out loud at what Randy says. Way to represent West Virginia, hah. Anyways, here we go:

Reporter: Write the check yet, Randy?”

Moss: When you’re rich you don’t write checks.”

Reporter: If you don’t write checks, how do you pay these guys?”

Moss: Straight cash, homey.”

Reporter: Randy, are you upset about the fine?”

Moss: No, cause it ain’t shit. Ain’t nothing but 10 grand. What’s 10 grand to me? Ain’t shit. Next time I might shake my dick.”

Hah hah hah! That’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. I think it’s best that I end with that.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Inverted Backbreaker!

What’s up? Let’s get right into it with a bunch of wrestling talk and other things.

Perfect! Yep, that’s how I did with my wrestling predictions for WWE New Year’s Revolution. A lot of them were easy, but I haven’t had an entire card picked right in a while, so I’m happy with that. What I’m not happy with was the pay per view as a whole. One thing saved it and that was the main event. More on that in a second, but I’ll mention a couple of other happenings. Trish got her title back from Lita, but the match had to be cut short. Why so? Lita attempted a Lou Thesz Press to the outside and mangled her knee. Now she has to get surgery. Lita was out a year or so for her neck and now this. It looked bad watching it live too. I’m not the biggest Lita fan, but it’s never good to see constant injuries in wrestling. Also, Shelton Benjamin kept his IC Title as he beat Maven not once, but twice, in a matter of about 10 seconds, literally. Apparently these two had some awful matches on the house show circuit that the company didn’t think they could carry a pay per view atmosphere. Thank goodness for the Elimination Chamber though. That saved the night by a longshot. This was a bloody mess and it was a good match in my opinion. Benoit sliced himself open too deep and blood was gushing from his head all match. Like spurting out of there. The end had Triple H take out Orton to get his belt back.

Now onto RAW.. The scene of the night was whether or not Batista could trust Triple. Bischoff sets up a main event of Orton against Batista for the #1 Contender Spot. Edge takes down Rhyno in a Royal Rumble Qualifying Match. Edge then takes the mic and calls out HBK and says he cost him the belt at the PPV. HBK was great on the mic here. The show was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the fans started up “You screwed Bret!” chants to which HBK told the Canadians to stay in their own country. That and the guy was taking up his TV time. HBK tells Edge to earn the title like he did, by winning the Rumble and then winning the belt at WrestleMania. I like this storyline. The main event wasn’t bad either. Triple H came on the apron with a chair to help Batista. Batista didn’t want his help with the chair and then Orton pushes Batista into HHH, busting himself with the chair. Orton then cranks on the RKO for the win. As you can guess, JR was loving this since Orton is his boy. What’d you think JR, tell us please:

Inverted Backbreaker! Orton with the Inverted Backbreaker! Referee! The referee has to restrain Flair! Orton is thinking RKO, Flair is trying to intervene. Batista.. Orton is measuring The Animal. Batista is dazed.. The Legend Killer! Oh my! Batista countered the RKO! Wait a minute! What the hell is this? Now Triple H wants Batista to use that chair! Oh! Orton just.. just smashed Batista into the chair! The cover! Yes! Orton did it! I don’t believe it! It was fate! It is fate! Orton capitalized and the fighting is all over. Batista can not believe this! Seemingly, Batista had control of most of this match. There’s the #1 contender! Randy Orton is the #1 contender for the World’s Heavyweight Title! Batista is irate! Too bad! Orton is the #1 contender! Triple H, you better beware!

Saturday night was the Denny’s trip. We end up lea that was so ving my house around 2:00. Cork is here playing video games and then we go pick up Trev. I was cracking up at some of the chick stories Cork and Trev were telling me on the ride up, something for entertainment. I must be missing out on the cell phone deal. These guys big pimp on their phones and this was after 2:00. Trev just tells them whatever and they listen, hah. Not a bad job indeed. I guess he has them trained good. I load up with my usual of pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream and some cheesesticks. No, not together, but on different plates.

I’m slacking this week on getting CDs, but I did get a few new ones to mention. The first one is The Game. No, not Triple H, but this one is the Compton G-Unit member, Dr. Dre inspired rapper. His new album is called The Documentary and it’s really good. It comes out next week, but you know how we do. It’s definitely worth getting if you like the West Coast type of rap and with Dre beats all over most of the tracks, which seals the deal for me. Secondly, I got Ol’ Dirty Bastard, a.k.a. Dirt McGirt’s latest and last, Osirus. This one is pretty good too, as it’s a mixtape, but not with screaming DJs that you’d think of when you hear the word mixtape. This is the one he was working on when he collapsed in the studio. My favorite on this CD is one called Pop Shots, download that bad boy.

How are my basketball teams doing? First off, the Celtics aren’t at .500, but that’s still good enough for 2nd Place in the lowly Atlantic Division. Their record as I type this is 16-19. We (yeah, I realize it’s not clichĂ© to use ‘we’ as a team I support since I don’t own them or anything, but I do it anyways, so deal with it) just got done smacking the Magic around last night by the tune of 119-101. Nothing to brag about, but with as up and down as the Celts are this year, I’ll take any sort of win. Tomorrow night we do battle with #basketball’s favorite team, the Toronto Raptors. We’re in the midst of a fairly easier type of schedule right now, so hopefully over the next week or two we can improve. Lots of trade rumors surfacing with my boys though, some even have Pierce in them. It should be an interesting month and a half. Also, Mark Blount is a piece of garbage. I hope you’re reading this.

On the college front, the North Carolina Tarheels are rocking it out so far. They’re a nice 13-1 with that loss being the first of the year without Ray Felton against Santa Clara. Still, it’s Santa Clara, so no excuse needed. Our past three games have been over 100 in points scored. Or how about we’ve been under 70 only one time this year and under 85 just twice. We’re ranked #3 in the AP and #4 in the USA Today Polls. The next few games? Georgia Tech, at Wake Forest, and at Clemson. If you’re wondering, the first Duke matchup is February 9th at Duke and the one at Chapel Hill is our last game of the year, March 6th.

The next edition, whenever that is, should feature some Real World and Tilt action. Nothing else really finalized for the rest of the week. Friday night though I’m excited to see the return of my favorite NBA player come back to Boston, Antoine Walker. This isn’t his first time back in Boston since the horrible trade way back when, but I still look forward to it. I’ll get to see him again in person on February 4th. That’s the annual NBA trip me and some of my boys take. We’re leaving that Friday and heading to Philly to see Antoine take on AI. We have sweet seats (I’m never picky on seats personally), but I’ll pay anything for an NBA trip. After the game, the rest of the crew wants to head to Atlantic City for some gambling times. I won’t blow much money at Atlantic City hopefully, but I’m going along for the ride since an NBA trip is involved and we’ll get to his up Geno’s for some Philly cheesesteaks. I think everyone else is looking forward to Atlantic City more, but you can’t top NBA when I’m being asked. That’s a long way away though, but I’ll talk about that when it goes down.

That’s it for now. Nothing too crazy, but that’s life sometimes here in the mean streets of Shinnston.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

I Got Nothin'

Thanks to the legendary DerekHood for giving us the Blog title for the day. He says "I'm all uncreative", but I figured I'd use what he said first anyways.. Here we go..

As I type this, I barely have enough space to sit at my computer desk. I have a busy weekend going on here at the house. I got some new dressers in for my room, but the problem was getting it up here. With how my house is structured, it’s one of the weirdest setups I’ve seen. You can barely get anything up my stairs to my section of the house. The corner up the steps is too sharp and the ceiling is too low. Needless to say, the new dressers wouldn’t go up there. After ripping into the wall, tearing some of the ceiling up, we couldn’t muscle our way through to get it up there. So now what? We move on to our final option. That was to get the dressers up on top of our roof and then carry it through one of the windows. We managed to get it up there though, thanks to my boy Spank who is stronger than 5 people. Of course since I’m little, I had to be the one to get on the roof and get that part of the job done. I’m afraid of heights, and even climbing up a ladder to my roof gets to me, but I toughed it out, so fear.

Now that the dressers are in here, I didn’t exactly figure out beforehand how I would rearrange my room. I can barely walk in my section of the house with junk just laying around everywhere. I’ve gotten rid of so much garbage that I don’t need, but it doesn’t look like I have. This is just the start of things I guess. Last night I had to clear enough space in my video game room so we could battle in some action there.

Cork and Spank join for the festivities. Spank brings his XBox over and a few minutes later, Cork is over. They then run to load up like crazy on some video games. The games they ended up getting? Mafia, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Ninja Gaiden, Halo 2, and Crimson Skies. Madden 2005 was also here for the collection. Cork doesn’t have an XBox yet, but he’s already started to buy games and controllers for when he buys it sometime in the next week or so more than likely. It’s a must for any system you have to get a wireless controller. They’re that good, trust me. This is a great system. I haven’t played a lot of it until last night, but it’s worth it. I like the controller setup for the most part, except for the stupid white/black buttons and the start/select buttons. I guess it can’t be perfect as every controller has their flaws.

How’d I like the games? I haven’t played Ninja Gaiden yet, but Cork says it’s great. Mafia is one I’ve been wanting to check out. I’ve seen ads for it before and they got a good deal on it used for only $20. Of course it’s rated mature. The game starts out as you being a cab driver, but due to some experiences, you’re forced to join the Mafia. We haven’t gotten too in-depth with this one, but I like the idea of the game so far a lot. You can’t go wrong with some 1930s Mafia action. San Andreas isn’t out for XBox, so we went with Vice City. As far as the missions, they speak own their own. But it’s fun enough just going around town, driving whatever vehicle you can jack, then just busting up innocent bystanders. A violent game, but that’s why everybody likes it. It’s really addictive. Last night was also the first time I was able to check out Halo 2. I’m awful at weird control games, but this one is worth the billing so far. It’d be real nice if you had a big crew of guys going at it in this one. I want to try the multiple TV hookup one day. I like it since it’s pretty much Unreal Tournament. Crimson Skies is a nice airplane game, but it wasn’t one that I was good at honestly. Plane games I could never catch on to for some reason, but the storyline is pretty good.

I wake up this afternoon at around 1:30 (not bad for a weekend) and Dad came back from Wal-Mart with a DVD for me. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time, The Pride Of The Yankees. You more than likely haven’t seen this movie, but you really need to. Go find this one, whether you’re a Yankees fan or not. This is a 1942 movie starring Gary Cooper. It’s in black and white and I know what you’re thinking. It can’t be any good. This one may possibly be in my top 5 movies of all time. If not, it’s very close. Anyways, this is the Lou Gehrig Story and Cooper plays Gehrig dead on. The real Babe Ruth is also in this movie for whatever that’s worth. It’s 2 hours and 8 minutes, but well worth your time. Dad found it for only $7.50 too, which you can’t beat with a stick. Not even the famous hickory stick. Or how about the Singapore Cane? Check out the ratings for this movie, it gets some mad hype and it lives up to it. It’s a tearjerker if you know of the Gehrig storyline, but the entire movie is quality stuff.

Tomorrow is WWE New Year’s Revolution. I’ve already talked about this earlier in the week, so I won’t bore you anymore with that too much. Just remember that we’re pumped to watch the 3rd ever Elimination Chamber Match. This structure consists of supposedly 2 miles of chain, 10 tons of steel, and is 36 feet in diameter. It’s a great setup and usually guys in this match will take a big time beating. Wrestling will be hot for the next 3 or 4 months. We have my favorite pay per view coming up at the end of the month in WWE Royal Rumble. Then we gear up a few months later to April 3rd, where we’re blessed with WWE WrestleMania 21. This should mean for some huge RAW shows (and SmackDown too, but I don’t get that). If you’ve been slacking on your wrestling watching as of late, remember that football season is over as far as Monday Night Football goes, so get your TV set to RAW on Monday nights at 9:00 PM Eastern. That should be your first priority on Monday nights anyway.

I can’t think of anything big going down for the upcoming week. Thursday features the debut of ESPN’s new series, Tilt. This is a poker series and due to how popular poker has become over the past few years to the World Series Of Poker being shown on ESPN, they’re banking that it’ll get them some ratings. It’ll be shown each Thursday at 9:00 Eastern. I know a lot of my buddies aren’t looking forward to it since we get commercials shoved down our throats every 5 seconds. I told them that even though we see the commercials constantly, we’ll be hooked eventually. The same thing happened with Playmakers, which I’m still bummed that they never ran a second season with, doh! Their main character is a dude called The Matador, also known as Michael Madsen in real life. He’s been in some decent movies in the past. I don’t recognize any of the other cast members though. Tilt has a funny sequence that they preview though that I can’t get out of my head:

“Did you even look at your cards?”- Opponent after The Matador threw down a bet without looking at his cards

“No, but I saw the look on your face when you saw yours.”- The Matador

“…. I fold!”- Opponent

Oooooh! The drama! Hah. Not drama in a Real World sense, but you get where I’m coming from. The Boston Sports Guy said last week’s episode of the Real World was his favorite of all time. Wow, that’s stretching it, but he ate the Landon flipping out like a serial killer up. Speaking of TV, after some college hoops just ended, I’m watching some arm wrestling. Yes, ESPN is showing arm wrestling at 4:00 in the afternoon, go figure. I guess they know they can’t compete with the first NFL playoff game, starting shortly after. I’m watching the first few minutes and there’s a dude from Charlestown, West Virginia. No, that’s not Charleston. It’s two different places. Then again, most people don’t even know that West Virginia is a state, so why do I bother. Anyways, this dude from Charlestown is talking some crazy trash and they say he’s the best arm wrestler out there. That’s something I could never do. I’m an awful arm wrestler, always have been. You’d think I’d be a good arm wrestler being a single guy with no chick, but no luck, hah. The wrists just don’t have it I guess.

That’ll put the recap on this edition of The Madhouse Of Bird33. Thanks to everyone who sent the birthday wishes a few days ago. I appreciate that a lot. It ended up being a real good one. Until next time, holla back youngin’.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Oh My God! Triple H Kicked Out!

You want to know what I’m thinking right now? Actually I don’t either, but I’m due for a new post, so I’ll whip something together here in no time. The new year is starting off pretty good. Through three days of the week, I’ve only worked one day, so I’ve had some extra bum time. Tomorrow is my 26th birthday, so I’ll be getting old there. I didn’t ask for much or need anything, but my parents constantly ask me what I want, so I guess I had to pick out something. I just ordered a lot of stuff from Eastbay and want to have manicotti for my birthday dinner. I’m not too hard to please. I never did get around to ordering a pimp cup yet. I’m slacking bad on that one. Just for comedy’s sake, I’ve always wanted one of those to have around the house, even if I don’t drink. I’ll put some orange Gatorade or something in it.

I started back to work yesterday. I was used to going to bed at 6:00 or much after for most of my Christmas break. Yesterday I had to wake up at that time. Not fun times at all, especially after 4½ hours of sleep. The day was cake though. I got to play Shop teacher, like I know anything about that. At least I didn’t have to bust out any tools to cut my hands off. Basically they got to be bums and hang out. They wanted to watch Hardball, so I was cool with that. A real good movie for those who have never seen that one. I know what you’re thinking, Keanu Reeves being starred as a baseball coach? Doesn’t seem realistic, but trust me, it’s worth checking out. If you’re a wuss, you’ll cry during this movie more than likely too, but it’s good times. I’m always willing to check out a baseball movie anyways, especially one with little thugs in it from the ghetto. In random business, I see that Matrix Boy is 40, dang. Also, half of the class rumbled in Unreal Tournament as usual as this is better than porn to these kids it seems.

That same day at ManDingo High, there was a big time rumble. It’s been a while since I was near a good rumble at work. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see this one, but caught the tail end aftermath. I’ll set the tale of the tape on this one. We had one boy that was roughly 6’4”/180lbs and the guy in the other corner was 6’0”/220. I’m awful at guessing height and weight, so that will have to work for now, but these weren’t little kids fighting here. I got there as it was over and 220 had his shirt ripped off while 180 had his face busted up good. Funny to see a kid getting taken out with his shirt off. That’s just classic fighting there. Of course the kids watching it loved the scene. If I had stayed in the lunchroom for another 30 seconds, I would’ve been able to watch the madness. Yes, even teachers like to watch a good fight every now and then. I won’t ever grow up. One teacher even let them rumble he was into it so much apparently. That’s good stuff. If they’re going to get kicked out 10 days or whatever, they might as well get their money’s worth.

RAW this week was held in Long Island, New York. Most New York crowds are pretty hot, so this one was good. Could they compete with last week’s great RAW that had the Beat The Clock Night? This week started off big with Benoit taking on Batista. They’re really building up Batista and I hope it works out good. I hope this doesn’t get Benoit lost back in the shuffle though, but Batista pulls out an impressive win with the Batista Bomb. Edge and Jericho went at it next with Edge winning with help of the ropes on his pin. Kane also returned to get all up in Snitsky’s grill and setup their match for Sunday. Our main event was solid, but they may be doing it too much these days. Orton faced Triple H. Everyone in the Elimination Chamber match on Sunday faced another member in that match on RAW. We get a clean ending here with no run-ins, I can respect that. I’ll let JR tell it how it all went down:

What the hell is Edge doing? Edge is going for the Spear! Now Jericho! Jericho intercepted Edge! Edge was no doubt going to break Shawn Michaels in half! It is all out.. it’s chaos! And Jericho with that Suicide Plancha right over the top! Michaels is taking over! The referee is incapacitated. Michaels is the official now. That’s what it’s about. Shawn Michaels is the special referee on Sunday. That’s what it’s about Triple H, whether you like it or don’t like it. Uh oh.. Oh… Wait a minute! Wait! Wait! Wait a minute here! Orton is up! Orton is up! Oh! Orton with the RKO but was countered to no avail! The Game! It’s Pedigree time! It’s countered! The rollup! The rollup! Oh my God! Triple H kicked out! Oh! RKO! Orton got it! Orton got it! Orton wins the match! Orton beats The Game! Randy Orton did it by God! He beat The Game with the RKO! Just like Orton said he was going to do! I didn’t see any cheating, but the question is, will Randy Orton do it again this Sunday night? Or will it be one of the other five men who will put their heart and their soul on the line in the Elimination Chamber? One thing we know, by God for sure, we will crown a new World’s Heavyweight Champion this Sunday on Pay Per View!

Last week I announced it early. It now will be this Sunday for our next Pay Per View, WWE New Year’s Resolution. Outside of the main event Elimination Chamber (HHH vs Jericho vs Batista vs Orton vs Benoit vs Edge), we have Kane facing Snitsky, Trish locking heads with Lita, Benjamin defending the IC Title against Maven, Eugene and Regal putting their Tag Titles on the line against Christian and Tomko, and Jerry Lawler in the squared circle with Muhammad Hassan’s ring debut. I’ll give quick predictions on these six matches. I’m sure there could be another match or two added, but at the time I write this, that’s the card. In the main event, I’m taking Triple H to get his belt back. With the push Snitsky has received, it’s tough to pick him to lose here, but Kane returns for the win. This is a tough one to pick. I’ll take Trish to get her belt back from Lita as well. Benjamin and Maven I’m looking forward to (even if Maven is still green), but Benjamin wins here in an athletic match. The tag match, ugh, I’m tired of Eugene. I’d like to see Christian get a belt, but Tomko doesn’t deserve it either. I’ll go with Eugene and Regal to retain. Hussan will destroy Lawler. I have no clue what kind of wrestler Hassan will be.

A few new CDs since the last post. Nothing major, but I’m bored, so I’ll update that. I get three on this trip and am due to load up again soon in the next few days. First, we have the latest from the 504 Boyz. This is Master P’s crew and he’s with them a lot on these tracks. This is a 2002 CD and I’ve had their older one, Goodfellas, but never got around to this one. Goodfells as is famous for the song Wobble, Wobble featuring 504 of course along with P, Silkk The Shocker, C-Murder, and Mystikal. That’s a loaded up crew there for just one song. Their 2002 project is called Ballers and you’d more than likely know Tight Whips from this album. Up next I went with Busta Rhymes’ newest, although it’s not that new. I just didn’t have it before. I need to get some more Busta. This one was also from 2002 and is called It Ain’t Safe No More. This one is famous for Make It Clap (not one I was ever big on) and I Know What You Want featuring the hottest woman alive in Mariah Carey. My favorite on this CD is one called Call The Ambulance, so try to download that one. Last, I get a group made popular on BET UnCut, a.k.a. Porn Hour, called Federation. Cork and Derek will be the only guys reading this to have a clue on Federation more than likely. Derek, you know these guys with their song Donkey. Some quality chicks in that video. I didn’t expect a lot from these guys, but was surprised I even found their CD to download. They’re from Fairfield, California so they’re in the Bay Area. Some heavy hitters on this CD such as E-40, Dat Nigga Daz, and Twista.

Here’s a wild and crazy stat. One that I may not have ever done in my life. I’m on a 4-day streak without candy. I might have to get myself checked because that’s just not right. I figure one day I’ll go on this crazy binge and just go nuts on it. I know it won’t last too much longer, but 4 days for me is pretty mean indeed.

Here’s a picture that ManDingo sent me. I was cracking up good when I saw it, so I had to post it on here, especially since I’m a Pitino fan:

Real World last night. Let’s see. It can be summed up in one quick sentence. Landon is a drunken idiot. But it makes for good TV I guess. First off to open the show, Vonda is talking to Karamo about being black. She says she’s always told she acts white, but is black on the outside. I can see that with her. Then she says she can’t be oppressed like Karamo is to whites, but she says they have each other to talk to now. Nothing too exciting there. As JR would say and as Derek put in his last Blog, business is about to pick up. Landon gets home wasted after a night out with his boy MJ. He gets home and outside of the door Mel is there with her buddies from a bar that only she likes to go to get away from the rest of the house. Landon gets in Mel’s face and Mel’s buddies start telling him off. He then thinks he’s a tough guy as his roids kick in and he wants to whip them all by himself. These guys weren’t big, but they were weird looking tatted up dudes. I don’t think he wanted a piece of them to be honest. Then Landon goes in the kitchen and puts a knife in his back pocket. As he’s walking to the crew to cut them up into little pieces, Karamo takes him and walks him back. Then Landon gets a few more knives and starts playing around with them before putting them away. He’s Ninja Gaiden! Next week Mel gets some kind of rash that she doesn’t want to talk about because she says it’s gross and it shows the crew freaking out when they hear. Maybe she has herpes or something. Hard to tell with some of these dirties. Then they get news of where they’ll take their trip to.

You got some fighting, movie talk, music, wrestling, Real World, and a few random items in this edition. I hope that holds ya down for a bit.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

I'm Bored!

Props goes to my girl Tatapatch for picking today’s Blog title. It’s not as easy as you think to come up with titles, hah. Enjoy.

I went to Wal-Mart the other night since I was out of Gatorade. I can barely survive without my Gatorade, so I had to get up there as soon as possible before I had a nervous breakdown. This was the night before New Years Eve and it was a madhouse. I was only there for Gatorade, Baked Doritos (worth getting if you haven’t tried), the best chips on the market in some Mister Bee stuff straight from West Virginia, and a few other little things. I stroll to the express lane of 20 items or less. That line was a mess, but I had to wait it out anyways. In line, I was talking to this military dude and he gave me his life story. I’ll talk to anyone, so I figure if I was in line that long, I might as well listen. He gave me a good one though and asks me if I was still in high school. I told him I was pretty sure I was older than him by a good bit. He told me he was 22 and I said I had 4 years on the guy. He didn’t know what to think. That kind of cracked me up though, but I guess that’s not a bad thing that I looked young according to that guy, so I’ll take that. This Thursday I’ll be a whopping 26 and I still can’t grow a real beard. Hopefully when I’m like 50, I still look young.

Doh! I screwed up big time in my last Blog. WWE New Year’s Revolution is not this Sunday, it’s next. I was just typing away and had it in my mind all week long to get geared up for the Pay Per View. Then Cork corrected me in the comments and I have to wait another week. It’ll be held on the 9th now, not the 2nd like I first thought. No wonder I was confused to why there were only three matches announced so far.

Did anything big go down on New Years? Nothing really, but it went good nonetheless. No, I didn’t go out and get trashed to where I wouldn’t remember what I did the night before. I must be missing out on that concept and the excitement that goes with it totally. What I did do though is a tradition over the past several years. Becoming bored with the network New Years celebrations, I flip over to BET for their festivities. It’s a festivus for the rest of us. They had a lot of good live performances there and it was funny that the BET big wigs couldn’t bleep out a lot of the cuss words fast enough. Ludacris, Jadakiss, N.O.R.E., Young Buck, and Lloyd Banks were just a few of the rappers who did their thing on stage. On the chicks side of things, Ashanti and Ciara were both looking great as usual, yum.

Cork came over to hang to watch the BET countdown and see the melee that ensued. Not much of a melee though, but I have to hype it up somehow. Then it was Paper Mario time. Cork is all over this one as he’s dominating as of late. It’s always tradition for some video game action on New Years. We used to hold the 2-day marathon of staying up nonstop the whole time like idiots and just battling.

I get tired of everyone asking all the time about each other’s New Years resolutions. I can’t think of any huge ones this year. I may try to slack down on eating a lot of sugar, but that’s always tough to do. I did stop drinking pop 4 years ago (in mid January it’ll be 4 years anyways), so I’ve been able to go without a sip of pop for that long. I’m talking like I’m an alcoholic or something. If I ever break the streak, it’ll be with Cherry Coke for sure though. I’ve also slacked off in my sweet tea drinking. When I’m not at home, I’ll drink sweet tea when I’m eating out, but when I’m at home, I make it with no sugar. Seem rough? It’s not as bad as you’d think. It didn’t take me too long to get used to it.

Here’s a sick and demented, yet interesting pool we have going on among the masses of #basketball rank and file. The fans of Lobstah already know about this, but I don’t believe I’ve chatted about it in here. Props to Kasher for coming up with this idea. A few weeks ago, Kasher comes up with the #Balls Celebrity Deathpool 2005. What better way to celebrate the new year? The rules of this game? We all pick ten people who we think have a chance of dying over the course of the 2005 year. This is how Kasher explains it, “Pick 10 celebrities. For each person on your list who dies in 2005, you rack up points that correspond to 100 minus the person's age at death.” For example, if you pick someone who dies at the age of 50, you take 100 and subtract 50 from it, giving you 50 points in the pool. If you go out on a limb and pick someone that is 20, you gain 80 points. Yes, I know. It’s straight up messed up, but you can’t begin to tell me that you’re not interested just a little in this creative work. First, I’ll post my picks and then give the Lobstah link so you can see everyone involved.

Jason Giambi (New York Yankees player)
Scott Hall a.k.a. Razor Ramon (wrestler)
50 Cent
Mark Mangino (Kansas football coach)
Muhammad Ali
Saddam Hussein
Carmelo Anthony (Denver Nuggets player)
Martha Stewart
Ruben Patterson (Portland Trailblazers player)
Rudy Tomjanovich (Los Angeles Lakers coach)

#Balls Celebrity Deathpool 2005:

Some I had a reason of picking and some I just totally went out on a limb with to make things interesting. I’ll probably give updates on how the standings go throughout the year. A lot of the other guys had some well researched picks, so we’ll see how those end up. Quite a few repeats for Richard Pryor, Muhammad Ali, and The Pope to name a few.

After recommendations from Cork and DerekHood, I just got done watching Collateral. This one stars Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. Jada Pinkett Smith is also in it, with long hair. Long Hair Jada and Short Hair Jada are two different people. I won’t argue that one. She was smokin’ with the long hair. With short hair, she looks like a dude. For anyone taking notes at home, long hair on a girl is probably my favorite thing. First off, you definitely should pick this movie up and see it as soon as possible. It’s that good. Both Cruise and Foxx play their roles to a tee and it has you on the edge the entire time. I’m not going to spoil anything. It’s a 2-hour movie and the first 1:55 was unbelievable. It was just great. The ending, ugh, was WEAK! Don’t let that fool you though because it’s still an awesome movie. Jamie Foxx is underrated here for sure.

I’ll leave you all with that piece of work to chime in the new year with. Peace. Or as the great Demetrius Harris from Playmakers fame would say, "Payyyyccceee!"