Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Matador Will Break Your Arms

Well, here we are again. It’s the weekend edition for the peeps out there. Anything new? As usual, probably not, but I’ll make it seem like some big action has been going down. Everyone is getting into a panic over this huge snow we’re supposed to get. I’ll believe it when I see it. One thing that bugs me is that half the people in my area must think they live in Florida because when the first thought of snow is predicted, they turn into Cornholio and don’t know what to do. People, we’re in West Virginia. We get a lot of snow. Deal with it instead of being scared about it. Sure, it might be a pain at times when it comes to shoveling your way out of the house or trying to unbury your car, but I’ll take this weather over the hot stuff any day of the week.

Friday I didn’t have school, so that was nice to sleep in all day. I had this day booked up for a few weeks now. You’d think it wouldn’t be good to miss a day of work if you had something scheduled and was a sub. Well, the nice thing is that if I have a day scheduled ahead of time, and we get a snow day out of nowhere, I still get paid. I can’t complain about that. I might not get any benefits like the fulltime teachers get, but at least if I have a day lined up and it snows or something, I still get the cash. Yet if I don’t have a day lined up and the kids get out, I get zero. Fair enough, as those days are fun as well, since you get to sleep all day, and I’m real good at doing that.

This past week, in two different nights, I got a whopping 11 hours sleep. It was mean. I guess that happens after a few nights of getting 4 hours of sleep, but it all evens out. I could’ve gotten more on Friday, but it was noon and Dad woke me up to go workout since he didn’t want to wait any longer.

What’d I load up on movie wise this week? This time around I roll with Dodgeball and Bobby Jones: Stroke Of Genius. I’m big on comedies, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy Dodgeball. It hopefully will be worth the time. The second movie is a serious one, but it has a good story to it. This one deals with old school golf legend Bobby Jones (circa 1920s). He won a whopping 13 majors from 1923-1930 and remains the only player to win the Grand Slam in the same calendar year. Tiger later did this to rename it the Tiger Slam, except his wasn’t in the same year period if that makes sense. Or how about the Serena Slam in tennis? Same concept.

I went to my regular Chinese place a few days ago. I wrote before how they have an American worker up there. It’s a dude and he’s not there much, but still. Even worse for this trip. This American dude was training this American chick on her first day. What?? Two Americans in this place? Sure, they’re not back there cooking and all, but that is still strange to me. I’ve ranted about that before, but why can’t they go to Applebee’s or something if they want a waiter job? Then again, a waiter at a Chinese buffet place has to be simple, so I guess that’s my answer. That and free food at the place. I’d feel weird working there, but I should offer to work there part-time myself.

I’m slacking in the past few days on CDs. I loaded up like crazy over the past week, so I was due for a little break. The only new one I’ve downloaded in the past few days is the Coach Carter Soundtrack. This one I was surprised with. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the soundtrack is good times. Who is on this beast? Fabolous, Chingy, The Game, Lil Scrappy, Ciara, Kanye, Common, Twista, Faith Evans, Mack 10, St. Lunatics, and a few other random bums. It’s worth the get.

Another episode of Tilt is in the books from ESPN. The second episode was pretty good I thought. The storyline is really picking up and it has a nice flow to it. I won’t give a rundown of the topics since I’m sure most don’t get into it, but I enjoy it anyways. The Matador character is done great so far in the first few weeks. I know he’s the bad guy of the show, but how can you not like him? Maybe that’ll change eventually, but he gets it done. Someone crossed his path one night and he had to jump on their arm, breaking it, to get answers out of them. Mean stuff there, but it makes for good TV, hah.

Here’s an update to the Blog. I rarely type out my Blogs in full in one sitting, whether it’s a smaller one or bigger post. What I normally do is open up Word and type out little things through the week that I want to post on and keep saving it. Yeah, I know, that’s weird. But I like to be organized. Anyways, what does all of this mean? I just got done watching Dodgeball, so I’ll give a review on that. Going in, I thought it’d be funny, but very cheezy. You need to go out and check this one if you already haven’t. A lot of cameos in it that will have you cracking up out of nowhere (Chuck Norris, David Hasselhoff, Lance Armstrong, William Shatner). Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller hit their roles perfectly, but the rest of the cast fits in nicely as well. Marcia Brady was looking great in this movie too. Not the old school Marcia Brady, but Christine Taylor if that makes sense, from The Brady Bunch Movie. She kisses a chick in this movie too if that’s worthy of you wanting to pick up the movie.

Next week a show that I was into last year returns. BET’s version of the Real World comes back into action for its second season. The show is called College Hill for those who were into that. Season One was from Southern University and this year it’s from Langston College in Oklahoma. There are 3,500 people at this thug school and 1,000 of them tried out to be on this show, that’s impressive. It can’t be any worse than the current Real World season on MTV right now from Philly. At least this one should give us some good drama, or at least the premiere season of this did last year. It’s shown on Thursday nights at 9:00 PM Eastern, so check that out. Highly recommended.

I believe it’s time to roll on out. I’m suffering from the brutal loss my Celtics had earlier to the Hawks on Saturday night. The good thing is that my favorite player, Antoine Walker, is on that team. I guess if I have to lose, it should be to him. Later.

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