Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Inverted Backbreaker!

What’s up? Let’s get right into it with a bunch of wrestling talk and other things.

Perfect! Yep, that’s how I did with my wrestling predictions for WWE New Year’s Revolution. A lot of them were easy, but I haven’t had an entire card picked right in a while, so I’m happy with that. What I’m not happy with was the pay per view as a whole. One thing saved it and that was the main event. More on that in a second, but I’ll mention a couple of other happenings. Trish got her title back from Lita, but the match had to be cut short. Why so? Lita attempted a Lou Thesz Press to the outside and mangled her knee. Now she has to get surgery. Lita was out a year or so for her neck and now this. It looked bad watching it live too. I’m not the biggest Lita fan, but it’s never good to see constant injuries in wrestling. Also, Shelton Benjamin kept his IC Title as he beat Maven not once, but twice, in a matter of about 10 seconds, literally. Apparently these two had some awful matches on the house show circuit that the company didn’t think they could carry a pay per view atmosphere. Thank goodness for the Elimination Chamber though. That saved the night by a longshot. This was a bloody mess and it was a good match in my opinion. Benoit sliced himself open too deep and blood was gushing from his head all match. Like spurting out of there. The end had Triple H take out Orton to get his belt back.

Now onto RAW.. The scene of the night was whether or not Batista could trust Triple. Bischoff sets up a main event of Orton against Batista for the #1 Contender Spot. Edge takes down Rhyno in a Royal Rumble Qualifying Match. Edge then takes the mic and calls out HBK and says he cost him the belt at the PPV. HBK was great on the mic here. The show was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the fans started up “You screwed Bret!” chants to which HBK told the Canadians to stay in their own country. That and the guy was taking up his TV time. HBK tells Edge to earn the title like he did, by winning the Rumble and then winning the belt at WrestleMania. I like this storyline. The main event wasn’t bad either. Triple H came on the apron with a chair to help Batista. Batista didn’t want his help with the chair and then Orton pushes Batista into HHH, busting himself with the chair. Orton then cranks on the RKO for the win. As you can guess, JR was loving this since Orton is his boy. What’d you think JR, tell us please:

Inverted Backbreaker! Orton with the Inverted Backbreaker! Referee! The referee has to restrain Flair! Orton is thinking RKO, Flair is trying to intervene. Batista.. Orton is measuring The Animal. Batista is dazed.. The Legend Killer! Oh my! Batista countered the RKO! Wait a minute! What the hell is this? Now Triple H wants Batista to use that chair! Oh! Orton just.. just smashed Batista into the chair! The cover! Yes! Orton did it! I don’t believe it! It was fate! It is fate! Orton capitalized and the fighting is all over. Batista can not believe this! Seemingly, Batista had control of most of this match. There’s the #1 contender! Randy Orton is the #1 contender for the World’s Heavyweight Title! Batista is irate! Too bad! Orton is the #1 contender! Triple H, you better beware!

Saturday night was the Denny’s trip. We end up lea that was so ving my house around 2:00. Cork is here playing video games and then we go pick up Trev. I was cracking up at some of the chick stories Cork and Trev were telling me on the ride up, something for entertainment. I must be missing out on the cell phone deal. These guys big pimp on their phones and this was after 2:00. Trev just tells them whatever and they listen, hah. Not a bad job indeed. I guess he has them trained good. I load up with my usual of pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream and some cheesesticks. No, not together, but on different plates.

I’m slacking this week on getting CDs, but I did get a few new ones to mention. The first one is The Game. No, not Triple H, but this one is the Compton G-Unit member, Dr. Dre inspired rapper. His new album is called The Documentary and it’s really good. It comes out next week, but you know how we do. It’s definitely worth getting if you like the West Coast type of rap and with Dre beats all over most of the tracks, which seals the deal for me. Secondly, I got Ol’ Dirty Bastard, a.k.a. Dirt McGirt’s latest and last, Osirus. This one is pretty good too, as it’s a mixtape, but not with screaming DJs that you’d think of when you hear the word mixtape. This is the one he was working on when he collapsed in the studio. My favorite on this CD is one called Pop Shots, download that bad boy.

How are my basketball teams doing? First off, the Celtics aren’t at .500, but that’s still good enough for 2nd Place in the lowly Atlantic Division. Their record as I type this is 16-19. We (yeah, I realize it’s not cliché to use ‘we’ as a team I support since I don’t own them or anything, but I do it anyways, so deal with it) just got done smacking the Magic around last night by the tune of 119-101. Nothing to brag about, but with as up and down as the Celts are this year, I’ll take any sort of win. Tomorrow night we do battle with #basketball’s favorite team, the Toronto Raptors. We’re in the midst of a fairly easier type of schedule right now, so hopefully over the next week or two we can improve. Lots of trade rumors surfacing with my boys though, some even have Pierce in them. It should be an interesting month and a half. Also, Mark Blount is a piece of garbage. I hope you’re reading this.

On the college front, the North Carolina Tarheels are rocking it out so far. They’re a nice 13-1 with that loss being the first of the year without Ray Felton against Santa Clara. Still, it’s Santa Clara, so no excuse needed. Our past three games have been over 100 in points scored. Or how about we’ve been under 70 only one time this year and under 85 just twice. We’re ranked #3 in the AP and #4 in the USA Today Polls. The next few games? Georgia Tech, at Wake Forest, and at Clemson. If you’re wondering, the first Duke matchup is February 9th at Duke and the one at Chapel Hill is our last game of the year, March 6th.

The next edition, whenever that is, should feature some Real World and Tilt action. Nothing else really finalized for the rest of the week. Friday night though I’m excited to see the return of my favorite NBA player come back to Boston, Antoine Walker. This isn’t his first time back in Boston since the horrible trade way back when, but I still look forward to it. I’ll get to see him again in person on February 4th. That’s the annual NBA trip me and some of my boys take. We’re leaving that Friday and heading to Philly to see Antoine take on AI. We have sweet seats (I’m never picky on seats personally), but I’ll pay anything for an NBA trip. After the game, the rest of the crew wants to head to Atlantic City for some gambling times. I won’t blow much money at Atlantic City hopefully, but I’m going along for the ride since an NBA trip is involved and we’ll get to his up Geno’s for some Philly cheesesteaks. I think everyone else is looking forward to Atlantic City more, but you can’t top NBA when I’m being asked. That’s a long way away though, but I’ll talk about that when it goes down.

That’s it for now. Nothing too crazy, but that’s life sometimes here in the mean streets of Shinnston.


josh said...

Holy good lord you had me scared with the Bret Hart picture there. I was thinking "oh hell... he came on RAW and I missed it!!" and I was about to weep uncontrollably and then start breaking things. Hell, I might've even rolled over to highlander's room and slapped a sharpshooter on him.

Awesome deal you've got lined up with NBA, Geno's and then some gambling action all at once. Maybe you can get your Mike McD on in Atlantic City and then buy up a luxury box for a game in the FleetCenter for the #basketball reunion.

War UNC.

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