Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Foundation

Middle of the week update time now. With January almost in the books, has the first month went well or not? I’d say 2005 is off to a good start, although nothing legendary has happened so far. That could change this Sunday though, when my favorite Pay Per View of the year is shown, WWE Royal Rumble. There hasn’t been as many surprises at the Rumble that there normally is in years past, but it’ll still be worth the purchase. I’ll hit on a lot of TV shows as I don’t do a whole lot else than watch TV. Then we’ll see what else we can get into on this edition.

Yep, as I said last week, the VH1 shows definitely have me hooked. Three shows in particular have a lot of people talking each Sunday night. The first shown is Surreal Life and Mini-Me makes this show all by himself. The supporting cast is great too as this has been a good series early on. Mini-Me drank Mountain Dew for breakfast one morning which I thought was great. Then they all go horseback riding and he can’t go since his legs aren’t even big enough for a little pony they give him. Then as they were camping by the fire, Chyna tells everyone that about 6 months ago she tried to commit suicide with an overdose of pills. Yep, that’s surreal.

Strange Love? That’s also a real good one. Flav was on this week. This week he took his pimp suit to a formal dinner with Brigitte and her rich friends. She didn’t know how he’d react, so she got him etiquette lessons the week before. This week he rolls into the dinner and they don’t know what to think. Their reactions when they saw him walk in with the suit were great. They are never around black people for one and he just kept messing with them because they didn’t respect his game. He jumps on the piano and does a pretty good job, but nobody was paying attention. Then Brigitte leaves with Flav and doesn’t say bye to her buddies since they were punks about it.

If you like stuff getting mangled, I saw a good one on Monday while on my way to work. For the locals, the location is between the Stonewood and Lost Creek exits. I was jamming away to some Daz Dillinger (more on that in a bit) and out of nowhere on the interstate, traffic is stopped. After sitting there for about 10 minutes, they cleared a lane off for us to get by. What was the ruckus about? There was an SUV (I think anyways, it was that bad) that was literally laying in the middle of the road on its top. Outside of the SUV was this dude talking on the cell phone. He was hardcore, ECW style. How so you ask? I’m guessing he had to be the driver, but he had blood all over him. His hair was nothing but blood and his face was a mess. Yet, he had to get out there on his cell phone and take care of business. That’s a mean dude there as he didn’t seem to care too much. Put him in this weekend’s North Central West Virginia Toughman Contest. Speaking of that, I haven’t hit that up in several years, but you get your money’s worth. This is a place where a guy can’t even think to take his chick at or he’ll get hounded by the crowd which is 95% drunken rednecks ready to throw bows at your head all night. It’s basically a hardcore rock concert atmosphere (not that I’d know) or maybe like a rap concert (which I’d know about, but they need to come to the area more). The first night is always fun as you get to see the bums get their heads pounded. Some even fight drunk, no joke.

What’s new in the world of CDs since Sunday? We have three to add to the collection and all are very good or so I thought so anyways after the listen. The list:

Daz: Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta LP. 19 tracks on this beast and it’s officially a good CD since Nate Dogg is on it. It ain’t a hit unless Nate Dogg spit. He has a few good updates from older songs such as My Ambitionz As A Ridah 2005 (a tribute to 2Pac), Bomb Ass Pussy 2005 (from his days with Kurupt), and Fuck Tha Police 2005 (out of respect to NWA).

Geto Boys: The Foundation. The Houston trio of Scarface, Willie D, and midget Bushwick Bill who for some reason I thought was dead. If you want some true gangsta rap, this is it. Geto Boys stuff is some of the hardest rap out there, so if you’re all about the clubbin’ rap, this isn’t for you. They straight up tell it how it is. This is the best of the new ones I have, it’s quality.

Paul Wall & Chamillionaire: Controversy Sells. More Texas rappers here and Paul Wall is a whitey for those who aren’t familiar. A very good album and worth the pickup as these two work so well together. Not only that, but you need to go download a song called True and another one called Back Up Plan featuring Devin The Dude. You need more Devin The Dude stuff in your collection too. “Dodgin’ all your calls, you’re horny and want to grind him, but ya just can’t find em. So here’s what ya do, call 832-567-you remember the rest, just ask for Devin. I cum quick, but not too soon, leaving nutty rubbers all over the room.”

Up next is the RAW and Real World reviews before we shut down shop. Real World huh? This week wasn’t anything too huge, but it did have one interesting part. This was part two of the Fiji trip. First, Landon and Vonda have been all over each other throughout the show. One week Vonda hates his guts and will have nothing to do with him. The next? She’s all over him. This reminds me of a generic version of CT. CT is a legend, so nobody can compare to him from the Paris days. CT had the game down if you ask me. He was a punk at times, to where the girls hated him, but the next day he’d get all romantic and have them eating out of his hand. Anyways, Karamo was getting fired up that Landon and Vonda were together. Karamo thinks all thugs should be oppressed like he is. He said he wanted to slit Landon’s throat, hah. Landon is the one who slices people up with the big knives. I guess he doesn’t remember that. Anyways, he sits there and cries about it like a baby wherever they are at and brings the mood of the house down. Someone needs to bust this dude up, but nobody in this house will do it since they’re all wusses.

The last RAW before the Rumble huh? This one was in Oklahoma, home of JR, so they had to hype that one. We hype him every week in here, so that’s nothing new. I’ll just talk about the main event and then later in the week if I post, I might give my Rumble lowdown. The main event I was looking forward to all week. It was Flair taking on Orton. We all know how it’d end with JR screaming about Orton’s fate, but I was excited to see Flair in a main event. I don’t care, Flair still gets it done. Orton eventually wins with a RKO with a lot of interference by Triple H. I’ll save the ending for JR as usual:

Two referees have been decimated! Oh no! Come on! What the hell? This is enough! Enough! Enough! Triple H is going to jam that title into Orton! My Orton just saved his soul there! And Orton trying to fight out. RKO! RKO! Out of nowhere! It can happen that quick! Count him ref! Count him! Count him faster! It’s over! That’s damn right! This kid against all odds is standing! Look what Orton is staring at! The World Heavyweight Title that Triple H was trying to mangle Orton’s knee with! It’s his destiny! Is it Orton’s fate to regain the World Heavyweight Title? How can Randy Orton be derailed? He’s beaten every member of Evolution in the last few weeks in one-on-one competition. Oh look out now. Triple H doesn’t want any of Orton! If he wanted any, he’d go back in there and get some more right now! Triple H is frustrated! He didn’t want anymore! But he gets more this Sunday on Pay Per View at the Royal Rumble!


That's Me said...

Toughman Contest...that's some good stuff right there.. as many 100%rednecks as the Fire Marshal will allow in the armory.I haven't gone the past few years, but being somewhat of a "Redneck Girl" myself, it used to be a family thing for my brother, my dad & of course myself. Quality entertainment for sure~!~ If you ever get the chance.. treat yourself to a night out. You'll get your $'s worth in laughs, no doubt.

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