Sunday, October 30, 2005

All Hail The EDDFL!

Wow, this post I’m going to have to shorten down somehow since I have a lot to talk about. I know I haven’t posted since Tuesday, but I’ll try to get something good up for you guys here. The main part of this post will be my annual fantasy basketball league draft that was held yesterday. For those who aren’t basketball fans, you’ll at least see a picture with me and my crew.

Time for the 2005-2006 E-Town Diaper Dandies Fantasy League (EDDFL) to get underway. The setting? Fairmont USA Steak Buffet. 10 guys in attendance and 2 guys by phone. The guys in the league this year are as follows, in order of our picks: Defending champion Sidell who drove about 10 hours for this madness, Mudcat, ManDingo, Fleece, Hammer, Riley (the first phone guy, in Michigan), Spank, Fortney, Posey (the second phone guy, in Maryland), Cork, TJ, and me. As always, in person we get some great stories and trash talking. Sidell missed last year and had to call by phone, but him in attendance boosts up the excitement even more. And you never know what Fleece is going to say with his wild stories. I got my money’s worth in food though as I had 3 steaks, a salad, 4 M&M cookies, a cinnamon roll, and probably 6 root beers.

I’ll first run down my team and then I’ll throw up the group pic. We drew cards to see what pick we have out of tradition. I ended up drawing the Queen, the last pick, doh! I did get back-to-back picks when it was my turn since we do the snake draft, but still I’m happy with what I did and got many of the guys I was after. Ladies and gentlemen, yourrrrrr 2005-2006 E-Town Junkies!

1. Paul Pierce: BOS
2. Ron Artest: IND
3. Dwight Howard: ORL
4. Ray Felton (R): CHA
5. Andre Iguodala: PHI
6. Danny Granger (R): IND
7. Raja Bell: PHO
8. Marquis Daniels: DAL
9. Zaza Pachulia: ATL
10. Mike Dunleavy: GS
11. Hedo Turkoglu: ORL
12. Gerald Wallace: CHA
13. Chris Andersen: NO
14. Darko Milicic: DET
15. Mike James: TOR

In the pic, we have.. In front, I’m on the left and Cork is seated. Standing we have from left to right: Hammer, Fortney, Fleece, ManDingo, Spank, Mudcat, TJ, and Sidell. Sidell is holding a picture of Riley if you were wondering about that. Good stuff.

Onto other topics. Friday night Denny’s trip. I went early for my standards. One of the earliest I’ve ever been. Me and Cork leave around 11:15 or so and hit up Wal-Mart first. I didn’t buy a thing in there this time, not bad. Then we roll to Denny’s and I wasn’t too hungry. I did get some rice and cheesesticks though. While there, a big crew from the mean streets showed up. Mudcat and Fortdogg from the EDDFL were in attendance along with Fortney’s wife Abbey, my cousins Ozzie and Kari, Ozzie’s girl, Isaiah, Darren, and Matt. Big crew. Then Mikey Dodd shows up with his chick. We always see people we know up there.

The movie for school last week was Kicking & Screaming with Will Ferrell. Good kid flick here and it’s funny. Mike Ditka plays a good role in it too. It went as predicted, but it’s a good movie that isn’t long and gives you a nice laugh. No idea what we’ll watch this week though. I do have a meeting to go to on Tuesday, so I get off work just to hang out. I can’t beat that with a stick.

An update on the dude I have on home arrest. Supposedly he got tired of it and cut it off. In the process, he ran away from home with no backup plan. Weird. Now I guess he’s back in a home until he’s 21. Some characters I have, but they’re fine around me, so go figure.

I was at Wal-Mart on Friday and forgot to mention this one. When I was pulling in, the Girls Gone Wild bus pulls out. I met Cork up there and then he left to go eat since I had already done so. I call him a few minutes after seeing the bus and he said he saw it too and it was heading up to Morgantown (where WVU is at and 45 minutes north of me). So I’m sure some of my buddies who party it up in Morgantown might have some stories there of some dirty girl showing off for the camera. Not that I’m complaining.

Halloween is tomorrow. Anything big going down for that? Not that I know of. I’ll be giving out candy though, so that’s always interesting. My area gets loaded up with kids. It’s only an hour, so I can deal with that. Then it’s time for wrestling at 9:00!

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Try this one. Clean underneath the keys on your keyboard. Pry them up with a little ruler or something like that. They come up easy. You’ll be surprised how filthy it is under there. Even if you’re a neat freak, it’ll still be a dirty mess.

2. 2 days till NBA season opens up.. 2 days until NBA season opens up.. 2 days until NBA season opens up.. 2 days until NBA season opens up!

3. Want to check out people’s driver’s license pictures online? My boy The_Freak sent this one to me and it’s interesting. Check it out at

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


So what’s happening with me lately? We last left off with the Halloween party and the action that went with it, as well as some other minor things. This time we have some topics to go with that which some people will like and others may not, we’ll see..

After the Halloween party on Saturday, it was a Denny’s trip. First time I’ve been there in a while, so I was due for our regular late night visit. Cork was along for the festivities for those who couldn’t have already guessed that. It’s a festivus for the rest of us. We went early for our standards and got there a bit before 1:00. I get the usual, pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, and a thing of cheesesticks. Then we roll to Wal-Mart and didn’t look around much because we would’ve ended up spending like wildmen. Cork went to buy a fantasy NBA magazine for this year. I’ve had mine for a while now.

How about this one? First day of snow! Yep, a week or so ago it was like 75 and on Tuesday we get snow. About 9:00 as RAW was starting (of course I’ll talk about RAW later) on Monday, the snow was bringing it down. I go to bed and there’s a good bit out there. I wake up and it’s a mess, but still school is on. A lot of counties around me had delays or were closed. I get to work and start typing up a thing for my kids that day to work on. I save it and about 30 seconds later, the power goes out. It never did come back on. So, we got out very early huh? Not so fast my friend. We didn’t get out of there till 1:00. Why they kept us there all day long with no electricity, none of us could figure out. So what happened? Kids were in rooms all day just being bums with nothing to do. People running around the halls, it was fun, but would’ve been better to sleep at home instead.

Sunday night was madness. Yep, the madness from the greatest online fantasy NBA league there is, the A#BA. 20 guys in this league and it’s some competitive stuff. Here’s my entire roster, which is youth filled as I do a lot in my fantasy leagues. The first five guys are my keepers from the previous year. Ladies and gentlemen, yourrrrrr 2005 Memphis Sounds:

1. Dwyane Wade – G (Miami)
2. Mike Bibby – G (Sacramento)
3. Corey Maggette – G/F (LA Clippers)
4. Antoine Walker – F (Miami)
5. Josh Smith – F/G (Atlanta)
6. Charlie Villanueva – F (Toronto)
7. Zaza Pachulia – F-C (Atlanta)
8. Danny Granger – F (Indiana)
9. Channing Frye – C (New York)
10. Melvin Ely – F-C (Charlotte)
11. Darko Milicic – F-C (Detroit)
12. Freddie Jones – G (Indiana)

Here’s a stat. Only 3 guys on my entire roster are older than me. Ricockulous! I’m excited though. I like the youth movement and have a lot of guys with multiple positions. Some of those names you might not even know if you’re not a hardcore hoops fan, but those guys have some potential, trust me.
EDDFL Draft this Saturday.. EDDFL Draft this Saturday.. EDDFL Draft this Saturday. Say it with me. You have no idea how pumped I am for this one. It’s the one thing me and my boys look forward to each year. I’ll definitely have pics and stories from this whenever I can. This is basically my life. It is probably Reason #1 why I am single and I have no problem with that.

RAW on Monday you say? The Vince segment mocking JR’s colon surgery was pure genius. Morally right? No, but I’m sure JR at least was asked if they could go through with a storyline making fun of his surgery that recently was successful in real life. This to me is one of the more creative and funny RAW segments ever. I’m not sure how long will leave this video up, but even if you aren’t a wrestling fan, you’ll appreciate this. Go watch it at:

Not a lot of wrestling on RAW this week though as they’re trying to hype up Taboo Tuesday, the pay per view next week. I did like how The Hurricane got rid of that gimmick by turning on Rosey and now goes by his real name of Gregory Helms. Maybe now we’ll finally get to see him wrestle how he used to do in WCW. They teased Stone Cold coming out after Coach called him out, but they brought Steph in his truck instead. She’s looking awesome. JBL and Rey Mysterio showed up to RAW to challenge at Taboo Tuesday. The end had Angle beating Cena with Bischoff’s help.

Here we go with a big CD update.

Big Boi: Got Purp – Volume 2. I haven’t listened to this one yet or even know what is on it, but Big Boi of Outkast fame presents it. I’m guessing it’s up and coming guys he likes plus some lyrics from Big Boi himself?

Bun B: Trill. This one is some hard south rap. Tons of people on this CD. Try saying these in one breath: Pimp C, Too $hort, Scarface, Mannie Fresh, Young Jeezy, Petey Pablo, Mike Jones, Lil Flip, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Devin The Dude, Z-Ro, Juvenile, T.I., and Jazzy Pha. Free Pimp C and let’s get UGK back together.

Killa C: Tainted Flesh. I haven’t checked this one out. Killa C is boys with Tech N9ne though, so it’s demented rap. We’ll see how talented he is, but I can’t give an opinion thus far.

Lil Wayne: The Mayor of the South. This is a mixtape that I really enjoyed. You know what you get in mixtapes, but this one is fun. I’m a big fan of Lil Wayne’s anyways, so that helps. And in recent news for those who care, Lil Wayne joined the group Boyz N Da Hood a few weeks ago. T.I. also joined the group, as Young Jeezy leaves the crew. Interesting.

Rev Run: Distortion. The man, simply put. Yep, that Run from Run DMC. This is a rapper who will always get my full respect for what he’s meant to the business over the year. You’d think that it wouldn’t come as hard, but he brings his style of old. A very very short album, but worth getting. The song released now, Mind on the Road, is excellent.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I’ll jump a day and give birthdays for Wednesday, October 26th. Pat Sajak of Wheel of Fortune fame is 59, wow. Hillary Clinton goes for 58. Jaclyn Smith, an original Charlie’s Angel is 58 and still looks nice. Kevin Sullivan the wrestler is 56, dang. Pimp music legend Bootsy Collins turns 54. Natalie Merchant of 10,000 Maniacs is 42.

2. Sean Paul needs slapped around.

3. I did a random search on Yahoo for the number 20,345. This is the first website they give: Better get your dual ruled pads before they sell out!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I Bury Those Cockroaches!

Weekend post! Are you excited as much as I am with this action? Well, I’ll try to get you in the mood if not. Guess I’ll have to bring my pimp game to entice everyone a little closer to The Madhouse of Bird33. Come on, you know you want to.

Halloween party on Saturday night and it was a good turnout. All of the guys joked of how it reminded us of dances back in the day since the chicks did all of the dancing and the guys were just bums against the wall hanging out. Me, Stevie Buck, and Cork were all saying we needed some thug music played. A few of us were messing around doing the A-Town Stomp, C-Walk, and Harlem Shake. I went as Beavis and that seemed to be a good hit. Beavis mask, Burger World shirt with his name on it, and there you go. My favorite costume of the night by far was Jimmy Mills and his Flair getup. He had the suit, tie, sunglasses, white wig, and even the belt. Then to make matters better, Mudcat comes as JJ Dillon, the former manager of The Four Horsemen back in the day. He played the part great. Mudcat was the most entertaining thing of the night, he had a good time. The chicks looked good of course since half of them didn’t have much on anyways. Cork went as a thug, P. Miller shirt, P. Miller sweats, an orange doo rag tied up 2Pac style, aluminum foil on his teeth, and a big Celtics chain I let him borrow. He did it big.

Friday’s movie for school? We watched Fat Albert. I was a little leery on it being good, but I liked it. I wasn’t sure if it’d keep my kids’ interest that much, but they were glued to the TV, which surprised me. It’s worth checking out. Omarion and Marques Houston had big parts in that for the R&B fans. Also, the one and only Farnsworth Bentley played the part of a store worker at a rich boy suit shop. The two lead chicks in this I thought were smokin’ though. They are Dania Ramirez, a Dominican girl and Kyla Pratt. Quality indeed.

Notre Dame with a win to redeem the USC loss. We smacked around BYU on Saturday, but were supposed to do that. Our passing game was nuts. Brady Quinn went for 467 yards and 6 touchdowns. He could’ve had a lot more if we wanted to be punks and keep him out there. Mo Stovall had 4 of those TDs. We get a week off to prepare for Tennessee. Our next 3 games are at home. Only one road game left the rest of the year, I like my boys’ chances.

Here’s a topic that will get some people going I’m sure. I’ve talked about shaving and stuff like that in here before. No biggie. Well, I got curious to see how the waxing thing would go. I ordered a nice wax kit with all of the goodies to go with it. It worked ok, but it’s way too much work in my opinion. I don’t think I layered the wax on correctly either, but oh well. I’m sure it’d be better if done professionally, but I was impatient and wanted to give it a whirl. Yes, I know, I’m weird, but at least I’m not afraid to admit it. And anyways, to all the loyal girls who give me good comments, I’m sure your boy Ty waxes too, nothing wrong with that.

Any CDs this time around? Only one surprisingly and it’s not a rap CD. What?! Did I lose my mind? Nope, but I figured I’d get some good old school 70s and 80s stuff. I’m into that. I need to get a collection of 80s hair band music going too. The one I get this time is from Foreigner and it’s called The Definitive. 20 songs on this beast and Foreigner is extremely underrated if you ask me. Cold As Ice, Waiting For A Girl Like You, Urgent, Double Vision, Hot Blooded, Dirty White Boy, and Jukebox Hero are all this thing. You know you like it.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Today’s random US city, courtesy of The_Freak. Blue Ball, Pennsylvania. Actually, there are two cities in PA named this. Would it be ironic to have blue balls in Blue Ball?

2. Today’s random celebrity height courtesy of the great would go to Paula Abdul. She’s a whopping 5’0”.

3. And the Scarface quote of the day from Tony Montana: “Fuck Caspar Gomez! And fuck the fuckin' Diaz brothers! Fuck 'em all! I bury those cockroaches!” Now that’ll be in my head for a week.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oldsmar, Florida

Well hey to everybody out there. Middle of the week post here and I'll ramble on about anything and everything. I can't think of anything majorly exciting that has went down the last few days, but never fear, I'll think of something.

With a wrestling tie-in, my boy Fortney and his wife (although I say they've always been married since they've been together forever) are putting together a Halloween party this Saturday. Rumor has it that Jimmy Mills is being the one and only Ric Flair. Why didn't I think of that? Genius, as I can't wait to see how he pulls this one off. I have one up my sleeve too that I think will be a hit, but I won't reveal anything on that yet. Should be interesting.

This Sunday night, #basketball is ready for the biggest online fantasy draft of the year. Yep, that's right. At 6:00 EST, it's the 2005 A#BA Fantasy Basketball Draft! 20 guys in this league and it's the most competitive league that I play in outside of the EDDFL. We all keep 5 players each offseason. I'm rolling with my boy Antoine Walker, Dwyane (yes, Dwyane) Wade, Mike Bibby, Corey Spaghetti Maggette, and the kid sensation Josh Smith. I predict that Maggette is hurt in 2 weeks time once the regular season gets here. I hope I'm wrong. Barring that, I really like my keepers, so we'll see how the draft goes. I'm picking 9th to start things off, so I should have a quality selection. Youth movement!

Speaking of the EDDFL, we're a little over a week away! This may very well be my favorite day of the entire year. Too close to call between that and the NBA Draft. Anyways, our draft is Saturday, October 29th at the hallowed grounds of the USA Steak Buffet in Fairmont starting at 5:00. Weird time, weird day, and weird draft setting, but we're up to try new things. I have the draft board ordered, have my rankings ready to go for the most part, and should have a nice turnout. We have 11 in for sure. Last year we ran with 13, but one got the boot. The pimp slap if you will. We're waiting on word from Balky to see if we have 12. Either way, this league and the NBA itself is what I live for.

Real World this week wasn't too bad. Courtesy of my boy The_Freak, he says there are 5 weeks left. It always seems like the last episode is right around the corner, but we do have more. This season isn't that good, but I didn't mind this episode for some reason. Weird stuff with Rachel and her man, or ex-man. He comes all the way from New York to hang with her, only for her to tell her that she just wants to be buddies. Uh.. Then before he got there, she promised him all of this sex and he didn't get any. Kind of dirty there. Why say it then? At least be honest with the dude, he seemed like a nice guy, who knows. The same guy puts money away each month as he's saving to buy her an engagement ring. Guess that won't be happening anytime soon. Then we have Danny wanting to sue the kid who beat him down outside of the bar early in the season. They found the kid and pressed charges. Dude could face between 5-20 years in jail or $500,000 in fines. He shouldn't get anything big, but who knows. I think they were both in the wrong. If Danny would've beat down that guy, he would've been bragging about it and it would've been another story. He needs CT to pay him a visit to show him how to "WUUURRRKK" someone over. I think he should have to pay something maybe, but jail time?

RAW was an interesting show this week, but not a good one I didn't think. Not many matches to speak of as there was a lot of talking this time around. We did have three Taboo Tuesday Qualifying Matches though in that the winners of those would go into a fan vote to see which one would face Angle and Cena in a 3-Way Dance (ECW style) for the WWE Title. First, we had Big Show take out Edge. JBL's screen appeared, distracting Edge, and Show got the win. Then we had a nice one with HBK and Carlito. HBK wins with a nice looking Sweet Chin Music through a chair move. Mickie James, yum.

Ric Flair deserves his own paragraph for what he did this week. Not only did he come out and cut one of his classic interviews, he came out with his head bandaged up. He just took his stitches out from slicing himself open a week ago. So what does he do? To make HHH scared, he busts open the cut on air with punches of his own and it's bleeding like a faucet. Some insane stuff, but it definitely got the point across for the storyline.

Now much going on in the world of CDs. The only one to mention this time around is the newest from JT Money called Undeniable. For those who haven't heard JT Money stuff before, you're missing out.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Today's birthdays? Evander Holyfield is 43 and doesn't have a clue about it. Irritating Ty Pennington of the home fix-it-up shows is 40. He needs Flair to bloody him up. Chris Kattan is 35, I'm not big on him either. And last, we have the infamous Omar Gooding and he's 29. Also known as Demetrius Harris from Playmakers or his hosting of Wild & Crazy Kids back in the day.

2. Today's random city to search for on Mapquest? Oldsmar, Florida. It's in the Tampa-St. Pete metro area. 11,910 people there in 2000, so there's your geography lesson.

3. 66 days till Christmas.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Chinese Restaurant Out Of Business! Noooo!

Here we go for some weekend chat. I’m opening up with something that almost made me cry on Friday. After work, I drive to the Chinese place I always go to. I get there and the entire restaurant is empty, nothing is left. Doh! My beloved Chinese stop is out of business and I didn’t even get any warning. Did these people get deported? Did they move somewhere? Did the Mafia come in and threaten to break their kneecaps if they didn’t pay up? We may never know!

The new season of MTV Next has started up and of course I’m hooked. Yesterday I watched 3½ hours of this stuff, some I’ve even seen before, but I’ll watch them over and over. A few quick things from some of the new ones: One guy got nexted because he didn’t like baseball. Why can’t I find a chick like that? This one chick got nexted because she had fake tits. What’s wrong with that? They’re still big. Another one had this guy get nexted because he suggested that the girl get a boob job, hah. One guy got sent packing because he forgot the girl’s name. I’m telling you, this show is addicting.

Another new MTV show is Run’s House. Yep, that same Run from Run DMC. Reverend Run is followed around with his family and what goes down. They show this on Thursday nights at 10:30. Thursday for me is pretty boring as far as TV goes, so this shouldn’t be hard to watch on a regular basis. If not, MTV will show 474 reruns per week of it. Only one episode has been aired so far, but I liked it. Then again, I’m a big fan of his anyways, so maybe that’s why.

I finally hit up a Denny’s trip for the first time in a good month or two. I went with Cork and Jimmy See Da Baby (Jimmy who works with Cork for the locals) around 12:30 or so. No big drama went down though, but we got out of the mean streets for a few hours, so it was fun. I got the combo I get the most up there. That is 2 pancakes with strawberries, an order of cheesesticks, and raspberry tea. It was worth the time just to hear Cork and Jimmy argue as they both had me cracking up good. Most of it was over music they liked and weird tattoos.

The movie I watched this week at school? It was Guess Who with Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher. Pretty funny movie here and I liked it. My kids got a kick out of it too, so I guess that’s all that matters. I haven’t seen a theater movie in a while. I’m due for one of those, but nothing great is going down with those lately that is wanting me to go for sure. Kasher of #basketball fame and also a regular poster in here under my comments started up a nice game in the hallowed grounds of Lobstah. Each week, he’ll post the theater movies and everyone taking part of the contest guesses which movie is going to gross the most money for that weekend. Then you also have to pick the total money it will earn. You can earn 2 points each week if you win both sides, 1 if you get the movie and not the money, or 0 if you pick wrong. It’s not an easy one, but fun. Kasher is a creative guy.

Only one CD this time around? What’s up with that? This one is the latest from M.O.P. and it’s called St. Marxmen. I’m not huge on this one after the first listen through. Their older stuff was a lot harder. One song is worth checking out though and that’s the tribute song to Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Unless you’re a fan of M.O.P. to begin with, you probably don’t want this one. If you’ve never heard of M.O.P., get some of their old stuff as they have some serious energy and toughness to their rhymes.

USC and Notre Dame, wow! This is one for the ages. Am I mad? Definitely. Going into the game, I didn’t expect my guys to come close. But when it gets this tight at the end and my guys lose, I’m ready to tear my room apart. My guys had USC going for it on 4th down around their 15 yard line. We double down (Double Down Trent) on a WR and he burns both of them. USC drives down to the 1 eventually. 7 seconds left and we bump the ball out of Leinart’s hands to the sidelines. They get it again on the 1 and score. USC stays undefeated. Then WVU wins today, ugh. Just shoot me now for this sports day.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Sunday’s birthdays: “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen is 56. George of Seinfeld (Jason Alexander) goes for 46. Eric Montross, former UNC and Celtics baller is 34. That’s about it. Some other bums, but nothing spectacular.

2. Cork was out the other night and my Mom made some chocolate pudding for us. He’s never had hot pudding in his life, weird.

3. Can’t go wrong with some Bubble Tape.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Carlito's Cabana

Some interesting topics to get to on this one since our last post on Friday. I had to catch up on sleep for the weekend, so I did that on Friday night by sleeping 10 hours. That geared me for Saturday night. I went to bed on Sunday morning at 9:30 AM. Yeah, I'm way way too addicted to the internet. I need to take a couple days off a month to just sit and do nothing, but that's no fun, so I'll continue to live on here and rot away, hah.

In response to me staying up that late, Cork wrote me a message while I was asleep:

Bo Jangles1981: 9:30?!?! You might be retarded

Yeah, I guess I am. Nothing else to do in my area though. At least I had some fun while doing it, but isn't that the point? I didn't really accomplish much by staying up that late though, but go figure.

Something I've recently started to get into. That's chicks with blonde hair who put black streaks in it or ones with black hair who put blonde streaks in it. It looks trashy, but I still admit to liking this new fashion. Maybe I'm weird. No idea what this stuff is even called, but I'm sure some girl will fill me in on this on a comment. I'm too lazy to find a good pic of it though, so I'll just put Trish Stratus up for no reason.

Sports over the weekend? My Irish didn't play as they get a week off to prepare for the beatdown that USC will give us. Hopefully I'm wrong on that. My Bears didn't look good though. I got to watch this one on TV. The D was awesome, but this game against the Browns was one of the worst offensively played games I've ever seen. In high school news, this Friday my high school does battle with the school I teach at. Tough to root either way on this one, but I think the school I'm at now should win on the road in the mean streets of Shinnston.

Last night my Yanks lost and that is never a good thing. At least Boston is done too. Out of the teams left, who is really pumped (outside of that city's fans) to see these matchups? The Cards are awesome, but the average fan could care less. Same with the Angels. A great team, but they get no respect. The only thing exciting going on in baseball now according to the media is to see how well Roger Clemens does for the Astros. I'll be pulling for them since they're underdogs and they have my boy Andy Pettite. Speaking of my boys, last night was probably the last game that Bernie Williams suits up for the Yankees. Come on, I don't care how old and worn he is, he deserves to be a Yankee for life. The ovation he got a few nights ago in Yankee Stadium put a tear in my eye.

It's back.. Oh yes it is. What am I talking about? Solo's Bets! Into betting on games, but don't want to throw down real money? This setup is very fun and competitive. You can bet on most sports and he'll be adding a lot more options soon. You start out with $1000 and can play the spread, over/under, set up groups, and if it's anything like the old version, we'll one day be able to play multiple team parlays. I'm starting out the year 2-0, but with betting, you can never beat the system. I picked the Bengals/Jags game over 37 on Sunday and also hit the Steelers getting 3 points last night. Giddy up!

Time for wrestling chat? I believe it is. This Sunday was WWE No Mercy, a SmackDown production. Nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn't a bad show at all, but it didn't blow the roof off the place either. Bobby Lashley has big potential, but dude took way too many roids. He's insanely wide, like can't fit through a door. And I didn't mean that in a perverted way. Ken Kennedy. If you don't know him yet, prepare to soon. He's going to be a superstar. His mic skills alone are awesome, but his ring work is also nice, especially his finishing move.That was about the 37,403rd Casket Match we've seen. Nice touch by having Guido and Juventud go at it right before the main event.

RAW? Doink The Clown showed up? Awesome Carlito's Cabana that featured HBK, Big Show, Cena, Angle, and Edge. The mic work here was impressive. Cena was actually original for once and it didn't look as if his lines were scripted. I love how USA lets them get away with saying more on air. Nice 6-Man Tag Match featuring these guys as well. I'm still a huge HHH fan, even if many others are not. Trish beat Victoria with the help of Mickie James (Alexis Laree). Mickie was looking real good and supposedly has wrestling skill. Doesn't hurt that she was busting out of that top either. Bonus points there. The end saw the McMahon Family (minus Shane) fire Good Ol' JR. Stephanie was looking unbelievable and it doesn't get much better than the mean and nasty Vince character.

A bunch of CDs to end up on here..

Dru Hill: Hits. Should be some good pimpin' music, but I haven't listened yet. It always cracks me up when Sisqo tries to act all bad though. Dude, you're 5'4"/115lbs.

8Ball & MJG: Ghettoville – The Remix Album. Real good stuff here. 8Ball and MJG keep it gangsta. Lots of guests on this one and the sampled beats used from classic songs are a nice touch.

Public Enemy: Rebirth of a Nation. This one comes hard at ya, old school PE style. They always have a meaning behind their raps and I like that they haven't switched up their ways after all of these years. MC Ren and Dead Prez on this album. Still going strong after nearly two decades.

Slum Village: Slum Village. Seems like these guys just put out a CD. They're from Detroit and mix it up with the pimpin' stuff and rap. Usually you don't see a self-titled album as one that isn't their first release, but who knows. This is a good one though.

Twista: The Day After. Loaded up with people and I'm impressed with this. Johnny P, Pharrell, Trey Songz, Lil Kim, Jamie Foxx, Snoop, Mariah Carey, and Juvenile just to name some stars. Twista even busts out the pimpin' stuff for this CD. A very good one that you all need in your collection. Speaking of Lil Kim, I think she's looking awesome in her new video, Lighters Up. A short little thug with a body (even if it is fake), that's about as good as it gets for me.

Let's end this thing quickly, real proper like..

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I'm on Yahoo's front page and see an ad for a thing called a Chevrolet HHR. Looks to me like it's a replica of the PT Cruiser, who knows.

2. 8:45 AM as I type this up.. In Shinnston, it's 63 degrees with a high of 74.

3. And boom goes the dynamite.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Most Known Unknown

What's going on in my neck of the woods lately? Easy week at work, one that is over already basically. Today (Thursday) is my last one of the week with kids. Tomorrow is used for teacher meetings. Basically I have a few short meetings through the day. The other time, I'm hanging out in my room getting plans ready for next week (which I already have done) and killing the rest of the time on the internet. What a day.

Movie day today for the kids since they're off Friday. What'd we watch? XXX: State of the Union. Good movie here. I liked the first XXX better, but this one is also worth seeing. I saw it in the theater too. Surprisingly, not much cussing in this one. Rated PG-13 mainly for the violence. Another Ice Cube movie that I like, imagine that.

How was Real World this week? Frankly, I'm getting tired of the Danny and Mel saga. They're both immature if you ask me and I think the rest of the crew is right on them. Although I agree with Danny in that I'd probably be jealous too if my chick was all over another guy, but I guess it could be worse. If you look like her, guys are going to be all over you no matter what. They're both being punks about it. Also, with their job, only a few of them seem to be into it. Nehemiah and Lacey are meaning business. Next week we see Rachel find out on tape that Lacey was talking behind her back. You can't cut this drama with a butter knife. Good show this week though, just too much Danny and Mel for my liking.

Quick update on my Yankees. Tied 1 game a piece with the Angels. I'll take that for now and see how the rest of the series plays out. It's off to New York now for a few games, so my guys have a shot to win there. Then again, the Angels can also win in New York if they win out. Big Wang pitched good last night, but faltered late in the game. Not a bad outing at all though, we just didn't get the win.

I can go on and on for a few posts on how WWE Homecoming was this week. I'll do my best to make it fairly short, but don't take my word on that since it is wrestling after all. A 3-hour show, very well done in my opinion. The last 20 minutes or so I didn't care for, but the rest of it was pay per view quality. I know they've done it a bunch in the late 90s, but the interaction with Austin and the McMahon Family was pure gold. I'm usually a type that would much rather have a wrestling match going on than talking, but if the mic skills are this good and entertaining, I don't mind some mic work. Nice to see Shane on the show too. HBK and Angle put on a clinic and the Ladder Match where Edge beat Hardy was great as well. Hogan teased a match with Austin one day. Would be a crazy money maker, but neither would want to lose. SmackDown got screwed hard, because they had a scheduled 8-Man Tag and Bischoff called it off.

My favorite part of the show may have been seeing the legends in attendance. Dusty Rhodes was given the mic for this segment which I was loving. Good to see Dusty and WWE on good terms again. Also, for the diehard wrestling fans, if you are anything like me, you absolutely loved seeing Kevin Von Erich there. It was in Dallas, so of course the fans went wild for that. I wish people nowadays would have some idea how big of a name Kevin was in the 80s as he was right there on Flair level for a while. The entire family is a big soap opera as only a few are left who didn't overdose on drugs. Sad to see. Kevin might have the best Dropkick I've ever seen. If not him, it's Lance Storm or Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell of the Killer Bees.

Update on the EDDFL for anyone that cares. Our draft this year (fantasy NBA) will be on October 29th. We're doing it on a Saturday for a change to switch things up. We're also having it at the Fairmont USA Steak Buffet, which will be a unique setting, but we do get a backroom to ourselves. Not many other options we had, but I'll roll with whatever. Those people up there won't know what to think when a crew of 12 guys rolls in carrying magazines, pens, printouts, and me walking in with the huge draft board (more on that later this month). We're a rowdy bunch, should be fun to take over that place. Or as the nWo famously said in 1996, "We're taking ovahhhhhh!"

I've loaded up big on CDs this week. I'm back in the grind of going insane and getting a bunch and this week I've done well. Here are the new ones:

DJ Quik: Trauma. I haven't listened to this one yet, but everyone and their brother is on it. B-Real, The Game, Chingy, Wyclef, T.I., Jodeci, and Ludacris. Oh yeah, Nate Dogg is on this joint. That's worth the buy alone.

E-40 Presents The Bay Bridges Compilation. If you're into Bay Area stuff, you'll recognize some guys on this. If not, you won't know too much. It's real nice, but I'm probably biased towards anything Bay Area. Outside of E-40, you get Keak Da Sneak, Mac Mall, The Federation, and many other lesser name guys. The beats are done by Droop-E. You have to hear this guy do an exact impersonation of the old school cartoon character, Droopy.

Hieroglypics: Full Circle Tour. These guys are from Oakland and I don't know anything about them. I read some reviews and they were all positive. A term that cracked me up that seems like it can't go wrong in rap is that they are "wordsmiths". Hopefully their lyrics are as good as the reviews say.

Jin: The Emcees Properganda. My first Chinese rapper. This guy made it big by dominating BET’s 106 & Park Freestyle Friday a few years back. He’s one of few who have been retired on that show since nobody could touch their flows. The rest of you would know him from being in The Fast and The Furious. He’s good.

Little Scrappy: Full Metal Jacket. This one is a mixtape and has 29 tracks on it. You know what you get with mixtapes. Some of them are fun, so I look for this one to do well.

Ray J: Raydiation. Pimpin' music here. Ray J is Brandy's brother for those not in the know. Fat Joe, R. Kelly, Mya, and Brandy on this CD. R.Kelly and Nate Dogg are at the same level to me. If they're on an album, I'm definitely interested.

Three 6 Mafia: Most Known Unknown. Real good stuff here. If you just want one song to get from this album, go with the one just released. That is Stay Fly featuring 8-Ball, MJG, and Young Buck. Also on these tracks are newcomer Chrome who gets big hype, Paul Wall, Project Pat, Frayser Boy, Lil Flip, Remy Ma, and Lil Wyte.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I’ve said it before, but Cherry Coke is about as good as it gets.

2. Did you know that 9 out of 10 men will be considered overweight at sometime in their lives? And 1 out of 10 men are 250 pounds or more?

3. Powerball is over $200 million now, nuts.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Feliz Navidad

Time for the post-weekend update. Boring Monday here and of course I'm starting it off with not much sleep. On Friday night though, I got a whopping 11½ hours sleep. I slept hardcore that day and it was nice indeed to catch up from the weekdays. Last night though I start my work week out with 5½ hours sleep, oh well. 4-day week here though, as Friday is teacher meeting day. I still have to come, but basically I get paid to play on the internet all day.

If you're not a fan of sports or wrestling, this post won't be for you I doubt. Just a warning. But you can give me a comment anyways, hah.

Not sure how I can get around the sports stuff so I won't bore everyone, but that's where I'm starting at. I won another fantasy sports title and it's my first one in a few years. Yesterday I beat TyLaw to become the 2005 A#BL NIT Champion. It's not the top tier title of that league, but something I'm proud of for sure. It literally came down to Ty's last player of the night and he didn't come through, so I get to add the win to my name. My team hit 28 homers in the final matchup (2 weeks long). They were on some serious roids. Also in that league, Cork took home the main title. So that makes it a WV sweep as we did some dominating things to that league. Good to see.

Now that October is here, that means we're just around the corner from the EDDFL getting underway. As stated before, our draft will be held on Saturday, October 29th. We still don't have a place to draft yet, but we're working on it. For the locals, Damon's is booked up the night we want it and TJ's is out of business. Should be interesting to say the least. I'll be ordering the draft board very soon.

Playoff baseball time! The Yanks clinched the AL East on Saturday, so they now face the Angels starting tomorrow night. The Angels have the homefield advantage, so that won't be easy at all. A lot of our fans are looking ahead to playing the Red Sox in the next round, but the Angels have a great shot of knocking my boys out before that. We'll see, I like my chances though of them doing good. I hope I'm right.

Football news? My Bears were off this week. At least they didn't lose. In college news, Notre Dame went to West Lafayette and laid the smack to Purdue. Wasn't even close. 28-0 at halftime? I didn't expect anything like that. Brady Quinn is putting up some sick numbers as of late. ESPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning Show was saying he's a Heisman candidate. I don't know about all of that now, but that is always nice to hear.

TNA's first show on Spike TV was Saturday night. It's on at 11:00 for those who want to watch next week. Very good show I thought and it impressed me. I hope they can continue to do well. It's in a weird timeslot though as it's no competition to the WWE right now and probably never will be. They did open the show up right by showcasing The Phenomenal AJ Styles. Styles is awesome and you need to watch him wrestle if you haven't yet. The Dudley Boyz end the show by cleaning house on Jarrett. They called out the WWE, but for some reason, Spike didn't show that on TV. Give the Dudleyz the mic and they'll be great here, especially if they ever turn them heel.

Tonight is the big thing I've been waiting on for a while though. WWE Homecoming. You've been sick of hearing about it in this space I'm sure. But it's a 3-hour extravaganza. For the people in the US, flip your TV to the USA Network at 8:00 to watch what will hopefully be a can't miss show.

Just one new CD this time around. This is the latest from Bizzy Bone and it's titled Speaking in Tongues. I haven't listened to any of this yet, so I can't give an opinion. But if it's anything like Bone Brothers, featuring Bizzy and Layzie earlier this year, it should be high quality. We'll see.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I just got done eating a few Kool-Aid Gels jello packs. These things are delicious.

2. For whatever it's worth, right now I'm wearing a red and tan flannel t-shirt, khakis, brown slip on shoes, and Mexican boxers with Santa all over them that says Feliz Navidad everywhere. I figure I can bust Santa out in October and not feel weird about it.

3. Homecoming Week here at the school I'm at. Today is 80s Day. I feel old when a lot of these kids weren't even around during the prime days of the original Nintendo.