Tuesday, October 25, 2005


So what’s happening with me lately? We last left off with the Halloween party and the action that went with it, as well as some other minor things. This time we have some topics to go with that which some people will like and others may not, we’ll see..

After the Halloween party on Saturday, it was a Denny’s trip. First time I’ve been there in a while, so I was due for our regular late night visit. Cork was along for the festivities for those who couldn’t have already guessed that. It’s a festivus for the rest of us. We went early for our standards and got there a bit before 1:00. I get the usual, pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, and a thing of cheesesticks. Then we roll to Wal-Mart and didn’t look around much because we would’ve ended up spending like wildmen. Cork went to buy a fantasy NBA magazine for this year. I’ve had mine for a while now.

How about this one? First day of snow! Yep, a week or so ago it was like 75 and on Tuesday we get snow. About 9:00 as RAW was starting (of course I’ll talk about RAW later) on Monday, the snow was bringing it down. I go to bed and there’s a good bit out there. I wake up and it’s a mess, but still school is on. A lot of counties around me had delays or were closed. I get to work and start typing up a thing for my kids that day to work on. I save it and about 30 seconds later, the power goes out. It never did come back on. So, we got out very early huh? Not so fast my friend. We didn’t get out of there till 1:00. Why they kept us there all day long with no electricity, none of us could figure out. So what happened? Kids were in rooms all day just being bums with nothing to do. People running around the halls, it was fun, but would’ve been better to sleep at home instead.

Sunday night was madness. Yep, the madness from the greatest online fantasy NBA league there is, the A#BA. 20 guys in this league and it’s some competitive stuff. Here’s my entire roster, which is youth filled as I do a lot in my fantasy leagues. The first five guys are my keepers from the previous year. Ladies and gentlemen, yourrrrrr 2005 Memphis Sounds:

1. Dwyane Wade – G (Miami)
2. Mike Bibby – G (Sacramento)
3. Corey Maggette – G/F (LA Clippers)
4. Antoine Walker – F (Miami)
5. Josh Smith – F/G (Atlanta)
6. Charlie Villanueva – F (Toronto)
7. Zaza Pachulia – F-C (Atlanta)
8. Danny Granger – F (Indiana)
9. Channing Frye – C (New York)
10. Melvin Ely – F-C (Charlotte)
11. Darko Milicic – F-C (Detroit)
12. Freddie Jones – G (Indiana)

Here’s a stat. Only 3 guys on my entire roster are older than me. Ricockulous! I’m excited though. I like the youth movement and have a lot of guys with multiple positions. Some of those names you might not even know if you’re not a hardcore hoops fan, but those guys have some potential, trust me.
EDDFL Draft this Saturday.. EDDFL Draft this Saturday.. EDDFL Draft this Saturday. Say it with me. You have no idea how pumped I am for this one. It’s the one thing me and my boys look forward to each year. I’ll definitely have pics and stories from this whenever I can. This is basically my life. It is probably Reason #1 why I am single and I have no problem with that.

RAW on Monday you say? The Vince segment mocking JR’s colon surgery was pure genius. Morally right? No, but I’m sure JR at least was asked if they could go through with a storyline making fun of his surgery that recently was successful in real life. This to me is one of the more creative and funny RAW segments ever. I’m not sure how long WWE.com will leave this video up, but even if you aren’t a wrestling fan, you’ll appreciate this. Go watch it at:


Not a lot of wrestling on RAW this week though as they’re trying to hype up Taboo Tuesday, the pay per view next week. I did like how The Hurricane got rid of that gimmick by turning on Rosey and now goes by his real name of Gregory Helms. Maybe now we’ll finally get to see him wrestle how he used to do in WCW. They teased Stone Cold coming out after Coach called him out, but they brought Steph in his truck instead. She’s looking awesome. JBL and Rey Mysterio showed up to RAW to challenge at Taboo Tuesday. The end had Angle beating Cena with Bischoff’s help.

Here we go with a big CD update.

Big Boi: Got Purp – Volume 2. I haven’t listened to this one yet or even know what is on it, but Big Boi of Outkast fame presents it. I’m guessing it’s up and coming guys he likes plus some lyrics from Big Boi himself?

Bun B: Trill. This one is some hard south rap. Tons of people on this CD. Try saying these in one breath: Pimp C, Too $hort, Scarface, Mannie Fresh, Young Jeezy, Petey Pablo, Mike Jones, Lil Flip, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Devin The Dude, Z-Ro, Juvenile, T.I., and Jazzy Pha. Free Pimp C and let’s get UGK back together.

Killa C: Tainted Flesh. I haven’t checked this one out. Killa C is boys with Tech N9ne though, so it’s demented rap. We’ll see how talented he is, but I can’t give an opinion thus far.

Lil Wayne: The Mayor of the South. This is a mixtape that I really enjoyed. You know what you get in mixtapes, but this one is fun. I’m a big fan of Lil Wayne’s anyways, so that helps. And in recent news for those who care, Lil Wayne joined the group Boyz N Da Hood a few weeks ago. T.I. also joined the group, as Young Jeezy leaves the crew. Interesting.

Rev Run: Distortion. The man, simply put. Yep, that Run from Run DMC. This is a rapper who will always get my full respect for what he’s meant to the business over the year. You’d think that it wouldn’t come as hard, but he brings his style of old. A very very short album, but worth getting. The song released now, Mind on the Road, is excellent.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I’ll jump a day and give birthdays for Wednesday, October 26th. Pat Sajak of Wheel of Fortune fame is 59, wow. Hillary Clinton goes for 58. Jaclyn Smith, an original Charlie’s Angel is 58 and still looks nice. Kevin Sullivan the wrestler is 56, dang. Pimp music legend Bootsy Collins turns 54. Natalie Merchant of 10,000 Maniacs is 42.

2. Sean Paul needs slapped around.

3. I did a random search on Yahoo for the number 20,345. This is the first website they give: http://www.officeworld.com/Worlds-Biggest-Selection/AMP20345/05Q4/. Better get your dual ruled pads before they sell out!


Me said...

First things first, I'm OCD u can't do that to me! What about todays birthdays? You can't skip todays, unless of course u do todays on ur next one? Ok I'm think u got too much time on ur hands doing random searches for numbers just to see what u come up with lol. Thanks for the entertainment.

yvonne said...

hey whats up. i like the blog. video is f-n awesome. lol. interesting search of a number. got time? well, i want some snow down here in texas. we got snow last year, it was awesome. bet ya don't believe that one, harlingen got snow. miracle. well, i will hit ya back up later. peace

Dirty Mother Ph0cking Kash said...

That's an interesting picture you posted of Stephanie McMahon. Would you say that those are breast implants she has? Her breasts are as round as any I've seen.

Bird33 said...

Yep Kasher, those are fake. I could show some good before and after pics and it's easy to notice. They're humongous now, but that pic doesn't do justice. I like it though.

Kristen said...

Sounds fun at Denny's, always does. Cheesesticks and pancakes? Man, I thought I had some weird food things going on. Snow day is awesome..maybe I'll see one in my lifetime. Well, have fun up there..