Sunday, February 25, 2007

Emperor's Delight

It's now time to get back to our normal blog style. I should have a lot of topics to cover since the last one featured the interview with Thug Chuc. Again, thanks to Thug Chuc for stopping by the Madhouse and giving us some of his goodies, it was a lot of fun. This will be the last post in the month of February and we know that time is just breezing by. The question is where do we begin? I don't think it matters where we start out, just as long as it all ties together somehow. With that in mind, let's get things crackin'.

I'll bounce all over the place on days here, but that's the style I like to do. Switch it up, hit you all from left field so you don't know what's coming. That way, you keep reading the action. Saturday night it was another trip to Shogun for some Japanese hibachi times. The purpose was to celebrate the birthday of Ozzie (Friday) and Sweet Pea (Thursday). There were 8 of us on this trip: Ozzie, Sweet Pea, his chick Aubrey, Ferris, Fortney, Abbey, Maulberry, and myself. Once again, I didn't leave disappointed. I got the steak (medium rare) and scallops again. Scallops rock big time, I'm telling ya. If you leave here hungry, something is wrong. I usually have to give some of my food away, so my buddies never complain about that part of the night. Maul went huge with the Emperor's Delight (filet, lobstah, steak, and scallops I believe was what was there) and tore that stuff up like no other. His bill was $45, but as we said, you can't put a price on food, you just go at it. We also had the birthday gongs going right in our ear, that left us deaf. It also didn't hurt that me and Ozzie got a great view at this smokin' hot chick at the table next to us. It's funny how the goofy dudes get these type of chicks more than you'd expect. The guy she was with was a bum, but he either had money or something else to keep her going, who knows, he could've been Dirk Diggler for all we know. Then at the end of the night, Fortney ran out of there as fast as possible as he screamed, "I'm going to shit myself if I don't get out of here right now!" It was perfect timing too. I'm close to that quote, so that will have to work. I need to carry a notepad around me for those moments, but that one cracked me up.

On Wednesday, it was field trip time with my kiddies. The main thing was that I didn't get sick on the bus ride up, so that is huge. Usually I'm horrible on a bus, but I took my car sick pills and that helped. Plus, it wasn't a school bus at least, so we got to ride in style. I would've been in bad shape on a school bus, being jarred around. We went to Wheeling Jesuit College for a science program. The kids loved it and I thought it was a pretty good time too. They got to be in stations as if a comet came crashing down and how to fix their space shuttle in that situation. On headsets, sending messages back and forth from room to room, they were all over it. On the bus, we watched Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. I've never seen Star Wars stuff and am not interested at all, but this movie wasn't too bad actually. They liked it, so that kept them quiet. If it wasn't that, most of them had a Nintendo DS on the bus and they battled with those, good times.

We're rocking it out pretty good on American Idol now. Last week they booted 2 chicks and 2 dudes, so we're down to 20. They got rid of Barefoot Paul, Rudy, Tranquillo, and Boring Amy. I'm fine with those, although I wish Sundance got the shaft, he was brutal. This past week, the chicks straight up dominated the dudes. Not many of the dudes brought much to set them apart from each other. In the dudes, I'm pulling for Beat Box Boy Blake, he pimped it out and showed that he can also sing well too. Brandon is pretty good too and Jack Osbourne should last a while due to his personality. On the chicks, there's a ton of really good ones so far, but it's early. Far and away, Lakisha means business out there. Not that I know much about singing, but she put on one of the best single night performances I've ever seen on the show. Just ricockulous stuff. The judges said she was on a completely different level than anyone else. Simon told the rest of the 23 people to book their plane ticket because we have our winner right here. Steph, Sabrina, and Doolittle also were very good. Although Antonella can't sing that great, she has some nice almost porn level pics floating around on the internet. If she keeps that up, she'll earn an elite spot in the Dirty Thug Ho of the Week.

What's been going down with Real World lately? One main thing and it makes for great TV watching. Brooke, the black haired hottie I was huge on early on in the show due to that, her body, and the accent (I get hooked on those too easy) has now turned crazy psycho. She's a disaster now and just freaks out when someone jumps her case. You gotta see her go nuts on these other chicks. The thing that gets me, I doubt she could whip anyone, she just cusses them like crazy, then a minute later, she's bawling her eyes out. Get out of here with that garbage, go cry to someone else.

The season is almost over, but for those who have been following The White Rapper Show on VH1, it's great in my opinion, but I'm weird. Monday night (Feb 26th) at 10:00 PM EST is the finale and we're down to two rappers. They are John Brown ( and $hamrock ( Both of these guys are talented I think. John Brown brings some NY vibe as he's the self titled King of Da Burbz and his Ghetto Revival. $hamrock reps the ATL to its fullest and goes more with a club type rap, but he does it great. Tough pick here, but I'm going to pick John Brown to win this thing.

Some NBA news? Last week the NBA invaded Vegas and I thought it was definitely an entertaining weekend. My predictions weren't too bad, I had Mikey Miller winning the 3 Point Shootout (Jason Kapono won there), but I had my boy G-Money Gerald Green doing his thing by winning the Dunk Contest and bringing the pain, I had that one right, as well as the West thumping the East's heads in the actual game. That weekend is always one of my favorites of the entire year, it's excitement at it's best. That's the happy side of basketball. We were also dealt with the sad side of things as former Celtic great Dennis Johnson had a heart attack at the age of 52 and passed away. That totally shocked me and it's not a good thing to hear about. DJ doesn't get enough credit for the kind of baller he was in the day. The Basketball Jesus himself, Larry Bird, says he's the best teammate he's ever had. Magic Johnson said DJ was the best defensive guard of all time. That's high praise. A 3-time world champion and 1979 Finals MVP, he played well in the clutch and rarely made dumb mistakes. Get him in the Hall of Fame, you'll be missed DJ. A quick memory I have of DJ is when I went to a Clippers/Hornets game a few years back with my crew. We had front row seats on the floor thanks to Mikey Darway. That's when DJ was an assistant on the Clips and he was at one point about 15 feet from me. I was in awe, that made my trip. So long DJ, you always got my respect.

It's time for an update to my CD collection. What did I get recently? I'm about to tell ya..

Frost: Blunts & Ballerz. A surprisingly good CD from this Cali rapper in the LBC. If you haven't heard anything of Frost before, give it a chance. I have a few of his albums and they're nice.

Ginuwine: I Apologize. Into pimpin' music? This CD works just fine. Ginuwine isn't on every song, but don't let that stop you from picking this bad boy up. After normally vibing with rap, it never hurts to pop in some pimp stuff every now and then as well.

JR Writer: Writer's Block 4. One of Dipset's members is at it again. JR goes unheralded, but he can spit it. Cork was saying how all of the Dipset guys sound the same and that's fairly true, but this is still worthy of owning.

Keak Da Sneak, P.S.D. Tha Drivah, & Messy Marv: Da Bidness. These three guys together doing it for the Yay Area. I like Messy Marv the best out of this bunch personally, but when you get them all jumping in together it makes for some impressive flows.

MC Eiht: Representin'. True gangsta rap hasn't quite left us. Eiht comes from Compton and has been around the game for a long time. He tells it like it is and has a story in his raps that come out solid. Eiht is a big name, but he still needs more credit.

RZA Presents: Afro Samurai Soundtrack. Ugh, what a waste of time this was. I'm a huge RZA guy, but I was wishing this was more of a solo RZA CD rather than what they gave us with this junk. Sure, the few RZA songs on this thing are great, but then you're also flooded with weird instrumental beats from the show, dumb skits, and not nearly as much rapping as you'd want. Give us something soon RZA, we're due.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: (I gotta give my girl Jas in Arizona props on finding this filthy. Nice work indeed. I'm never above giving someone credit who drops in some ideas for the blog, it's always appreciated.)

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: For those who haven't seen Britney going nuts on the paparazzi, you're in for a treat. What an absolute mess she is, but we can't turn our head from it, we want to see how she screws herself up even more. Sad, but you all know it's true. Thanks to Kasher for usually providing a lot of our video footage:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's roll with our birthdays for Monday, February 26th: Singer Michael Bolton, he turns 54. Singer Erykah Badu goes for 36. Footballer Marshall Faulk, he's 34 and wants to come back next year. Jenny Thompson, US 2-time gold medal Olympic swimmer, she's also 34. There's a lot of C-list athletes, but they don't deserve a mention. What a horrible list today, that's a joke, unacceptable. February 26th, no soup for you!

2.Today's Fun Fact? The average bra size today is 36C. That seems high to me, but I'll take the fact's word for it. Ten years ago it was 34B. This was in 2003, so close enough. We're moving up, always good in my book of course, you know how I am with that.

3. Note to self.. Not good times when you shave your nipple. The chicks wouldn't know, but the dudes who shave their chest, it's bad times. Burns like crazy, hah. I got a little too close and then doh. Just a little cut is all it takes, it's not like I sliced it big or tried to obviously, but there ya go for this week's shaving story.

Monday, February 19, 2007

20 Questions With Thug Chuc

As promised, I wanted everyone to be patient for a while. I had been wanting to try something a little different to switch up the normal happenings around here. Things changed late in 2006 when I was in contact with Thug Chuc and through working on some ideas the past few months, we finally have something ready to go. First off, I'd like to send a big thanks Thug Chuc for the opportunity to get this out to the masses to read. It was a blast setting it up and figuring out how to put it into action.

I won't keep everyone waiting. You already know I can ramble on and on, so I'll get right at it. The idea we're rolling with is to do a 20 Questions theme and Thug Chuc holds nothing back, trust me on that one. You will soon see some insight into the man and what his thoughts are. As they say, you think you know, but you have no idea.

Ladies and gentlemen.. I present to you.. Thug Chuc!

1. Take us back to the beginning. Give a basic idea of your childhood before you jumped into the rap game.

Thug Chuc: "My childhood was interesting; and although surrounded totally in poverty, I never knew it. In my neighborhood all of the bums, drunks, drug addicts, prostitutes, and all other types of street people knew me well and loved me. I don’t know if it was because of my Great Grand Mother who was a devout church woman; or my Grand Mother who was a devout street woman; however they loved me. They would give me money for candy, sodas, etc…, but never drugs and alcohol or any wrong doings."

2. We've talked before about your accomplishments in high school and collegiate sports. For those who have not been to your website (, explain how sports played a role in your life to make you a successful person.

Thug Chuc: "Sports gave me my first father figure in the form of a coach, and also gave me an identity and respect because I was a winner. Before sports I really was ridiculed and picked on by people, except for the street people I mentioned earlier. Once people witnessed my talents, their whole attitude changed and they treated me different."

3. Who were some of your inspirations (both at a personal level in your area or family or a celebrity you looked up to) at a young age and why?

Thug Chuc: "My uncle Charles Ray???????? (I won’t mention his last name), but he was strong, athletic, cool, loved, respected, could dance, had a good sense of humor, pretty women on his team, and he was a major person in the streets, if you know what I mean."

4. I know you don't hold anything back. You go into detail on your website about your long stay in prison. Give us things that were both good and bad about that situation. In your words, paint the picture for those who have no idea what the prison system is about and what it is like going through it.

Thug Chuc: "The prison system is designed to house you, and it’s up to you to correct or rehabilitate yourself in an environment that you would not believe how negative it is. Small things that you take for granted everyday is taken away from you when you go to prison. Stuff you never even think about until it’s taken away from you. Like making a regular phone call… huh? I can’t give it justice in this interview, but I’m working on a book about it called “Jail Tales” and there is excerpts of it on my web site"

5. What is your opinion on rappers out there who "claim" to be bred from a life of crime only to find out that they are just doing it to sell albums?

Thug Chuc: "Well I can see the temptation of a situation like that, you know the fame and all and the benefits thereof; but I just hope the guy/girl who is faking it don’t get caught up in a real life situation because of it, and also realize that there could be some consequences to their reputation or to their person."

6. As you were growing up, who were some of the earlier rappers that you looked up to? Did you try to pattern your style after a mixture of any of those?

Thug Chuc: "All man L.L. Cool J was the shit in my eyes, and the first time I saw the video, I Ain’t No Joke by Rakim, I damn near lost my mind. I recorded that video and watched it over and over and over. I didn’t even go back outside to play football that day. I would say I was inspired, but I didn’t emulate their styles, it just made me wanna be a rapper."

7. What current singles are you digging at the moment?

Thug Chuc: "That’s That Shit by Snoop Dogg w/ R. Kelly."

8. Are there any certain rappers that you would one day like to do a collaboration with?

Thug Chuc: "Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, D.J. Quik, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Scareface, Jay Z, 50 Cent, and although he’s not a rapper I would love to do several songs with R. Kelly."

9. Lyrically, who do you believe is the best rapper of all time and why?

Thug Chuc: "Very hard question, hmmmmmmmm…… I have a few because I can’t settle on one and I love lyrics so…..Rakim, Scarface, Ice Cube, and I got to give it up for Ice T., you just gotta go back and listen to him bruh."

10. What is the landscape of the current rap game in the Shreveport area? Who are some up and coming cats from the area that you are high on? If there are any at the moment.

Thug Chuc: "Well it’s like this with me since ‘Port City hasn’t broke out yet so to speak, I love all Shreveport rappers and wish them success because we have enough hating going on to run over. And the current landscape could be a whole lot better because of the potential."

11. With the craze of MySpace hitting the internet the past few years, have you thought of branching out and creating your own page through MySpace to showcase your music?

Thug Chuc: "My page is"

12. Through our chats, you've noted that one of the most inspirational things you try to tie yourself up in, deals with your writings. What's your focus for that and share some of your favorite ideas over the years.

Thug Chuc: "The printed word is the best form of communication in the world and the best way one can express himself/herself to the fullest. Writing is eternal and you can leave your thoughts to generations to come. Like this one that was written about my album:"

13. As always, there is beef between the new, younger rappers with the veterans. One example is Young Jeezy going at it in a war of words with Nas. Jeezy says it's time for the new and that Nas can't be doing it forever. What is your take on each side, in general (not necessarily with Jeezy and Nas) of this beef that happens all the time?

Thug Chuc: "Beef is for sales, and if it’s not prove it. You say how? If I am so upset with someone that I have to make a song about him for all to hear, then why don’t I just go to the guy and punch him in his shit, or we can meet up and fight. Or if he wants everybody to know our business and it has to be public, shit we can fight and set it up to be on pay per view. Otherwise all of that talk is cheap. On the real streets and in prison, all of that talk will get your hat brought to you – POTNAH!"

14. Do you get a chance to travel much to showcase your music? What are some of the more memorable places you have been and how did they take to the Shreveport style?

Thug Chuc: "I travel a lot, that’s one of the reasons it took me so long to get back with you on this but, I get good responses everywhere I go, they love my flow in La, Ca, Tx, Ks, Mo, Ok, Ark, Ms. Ga, Fl, Ny, Va, Mass, Nj, Nc, Sc, and all the states I go to I have product (cd’s & videos) with me and it just confirms that I will hit, it’s just a matter of time and opportunity."

15. Who do you feel are some of the most overrated rappers out there today and why?

Thug Chuc: "Those who sacrifice song substance for that bullshit. It’s like lyrics these days don’t mean anything when it comes to songs, but we about to bring it back to the real. Like Star Wars, it’s about to be Return of the Lyricist."

16. What's the most powerful line of lyrics (from any song, including yours if you wish) that you've ever heard?

Thug Chuc: "I like all of my shit so that wouldn’t be fairly objective but, the first line in Jay Z song Lost Ones is the shit. And I quote “I heard muthafuckas sayin’ they made Hov/Made Hov say, Ok, so make another Hov/” – That shit right there is some heat for ya ass! (If you know the history behind it)"

17. What are some additions you plan to add to your website in the future? Anything the fans should be looking forward to?

Thug Chuc: "All of my progression will be documented and also videos, commercials, and anything relevant to the business."

18. Do you ever plan to get on the production side of things and either distribute your beats for someone or eventually being part of management in a production company?

Thug Chuc: "Yes because that’s an excellent way to give back, you know, if you make it or if someone give you your break, well you owe that same favor to the next guy who has potential but no opportunity."

19. Do you have any ideas for future videos that you will be shooting? Where I'm From
( was solid and I thought it showed the city and people rather well. Do you plan to go another route for your next videos?

Thug Chuc: "Of course and I don’t wanna give it all away but just know that my videos will have a concept and story line to it, and some kind of theme and not just a thoughtless bunch of flatteries."

20. What does 2007 have in store for Thug Chuc?

Thug Chuc: "No one knows the future, but I have faith in mines!!!!!!!!!"

Once again, I'd like to thank my man Thug Chuc for the interview. I had a lot of fun doing it, so I hope everyone enjoyed the read. Do me a favor and definitely check out his website (, MySpace (, and the video for Where I'm From ( Also, I'd like to give him credit for providing the pics to use in the interview, he did it big. Feel free to drop comments in here or better yet, go straight to Thug Chuc's pages and either leave a comment or email, it'd be greatly appreciated.

A hot thing that a lot of people look for at the end of my regular posts is the infamous Dirty Thug Ho of the Week. Chuc gave me a heads up and said he always cracks up at that part. I will end the interview with this chick I found on his page. Jas, in my next regular post, your chick will be going in, I didn't forget about ya. Every other section I normally do can wait till next time, but I can't forget about this:

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Joe Rogan & Valentine's Day Thoughts

We're back in action after last week's post. It's time to recharge and see what has been going on for the past week and what we'll be getting into soon. This is one of those where I'll have topics and opinions all over the place, so I should hopefully have at least one interesting thing in here for everyone reading. I have one that might catch people's attention on a holiday, so we'll see. Grab your bag of Doritos, crank some hot sauce on them (trust me on this), and enjoy your boredom.

Finally, it's no longer a weak winter in my area. Last year we hardly got anything which is kind of rare, but this year we're rocking it out. For the past two or three weeks, I've barely had school. If I do, it's either been a delay or they'd send us home early. You can't beat that with a stick. Then next week I only have one actual day of classes with my kids, have a field trip another day, then the other three days to just show up and play online. I'll take that.

It looks like the wheels are in motion for my crew's next road trip and I'm excited. We're rolling 8 deep on this trip and it isn't until April. We'll be hitting up Atlantic City for 2 days and then on the backside of the trip, we're rolling to DC to watch the Wiz and Bulls battle in NBA action, as both should be battling for high playoff spots. I'm not much of a gambling guy, but I'm always in for a road trip, especially with a lot of people. We'll be renting a big van so we'll have plenty of room and we'll all be together instead of taking a few different cars. Who all is part of this action? Other than myself of course, we have Ozzie, Spank, Cork, Kari, Matty Cakes, Fortney, and Abbey along for the action. Props to Ozzie for already booking the hotel (the hotel looks pimped out from the website I saw), getting the game tickets, and getting the van ready to go. That's organization at it's best, you know I'm all about that.

I'm sure late in April I'll have a blog talking just about that road trip with who knows what kind of stories. I don't look to gamble, but I have just as much fun in Atlantic City watching the big time rich boys just throw money around like water. And there's always somewhere to walk around at up there, it's impressive. I'm probably the only one on in the trip going solely for the NBA game. I don't care what kind of trip or who is in involved, if a NBA trip is part of the plans, count me in. The rest of the trip should just be icing on the cake. I'm still deciding what I'll spend my money on in Atlantic City. Being that there aren't too many single guys on the trip, a possible tittie bar trip for the few singles has to be in the works, but not sure how that'll work out. Hey, at least I'm honest. Might as well see some quality dirties instead of the bums around here. That's why I very rarely go around here.

The streak is snapped! What's that you ask? Yep, my Celtics are finally out of the losing manner. They were on an 18-game losing streak. Yeah, it was that bad. On Wednesday night, the tide was turned as they smacked around the hapless Bucks. I'll take it though. My guys are still the worst in the league, but it sure beats going after a losing streak. Greg Oden, hopefully we get a shot at you this year man. Pierce is back, so that can't hurt, but we're still awful. At least they get a break now due to All Star Weekend. Oh yeah, great branch off into our next scene..

This weekend is one of my favorites and has been since I was a little guy. First off, this year's festivities are in Vegas for NBA All Star Weekend. They're seriously going to put a bunch of NBA players and dirty skanks following them around in Vegas? That'll be lovely and nothing but pure entertainment. We need cameras rolling at all times with that action. I look for a record to be set with how many illegitimate kids will be produced during the weekend. Anyways, I look forward to three things basically. The Rookie/Sophomore Game on Friday, the Dunk Contest, and Three Point Shootout. Some quick predictions? I look for the sophomores to mangle the rookies this year. In the Dunk Contest, I look for my boy G-Money Gerald Green of the Celts to dominate, and the 3 Point Shootout winner is going to be Mikey Miller with his girly hair. Saturday night is where it's at for me. Sure, we got the actual game on Sunday, but it's become a joke recently to where they all want to be And1 and they don't take it as passionately as they did back in the day.

Here's a topic that will surely get some people riled up. There's no point of just writing all bland and plain without some real emotion behind it. You get pure honesty around here. Like I always say, I don't think it comes across as being a punk or I hope not anyways, but this is what we'll work on: Valentine's Day. If you get offended, just jump to the next paragraph because I'm bringing it here, Joe Rogan style (more on him later). Yep, we had that action go down on Wednesday. I never have a problem with this day. I rarely have to spend money on it anyways and I can't complain about getting candy. Cadbury Eggs are out! They're only THE greatest candy in the history, I will not argue that. Candy is my weakness. Anyways, I know I'm not a chick and can't get into their heads, but the single chicks literally freak out and go totally psycho on this day because they're either A) jealous, B) say how pointless the day is when really they want to be part of it but won't admit, or C) complain about their friends being all over their dudes or chicks. "Ugh!! The worst day of all tiiiimme! This is horrible! People put too much into this day! Wahhhh!" Cry me a rivahhh. Sure, I can play that route and complain too since I'm single, but stay positive with it people. It's not going to ruin your year, trust me. Besides, the single life normally is awesome anyways. I'm sure girls see that totally different than I do, but that's my side of the story. It's a holiday that won't go away and will forever make huge bucks, so deal with it. And no, I'm not in a bad mood (99% of the time I'm pumped up), I'm just telling things how they truly are, that's what you get around here. I hit all topics.

Now that we got that out of the way, I'm on a roll. I haven't talked about my workout habits lately, so I might as well touch on something with that. I'll try not to bore anyone as this shouldn't be crazy long, but maybe someone out there can take it as being useful. I've always been on and off supplements for a long time now. In a few months, it'll mark my 13th year of working out (free weights) without ever taking more than a week off at a time. I'm always proud of that. Sure, I'm no roid freak, I'm a little guy, but I still like to stay in good shape. With that in mind (and I might've talked about this before, I have no clue), I'm on a new creatine product from Pro Performance called Mega Creatine Extreme. I haven't used creatine in a while, so I was due. A lot of supplements don't settle too well with me since I have a weak stomach, but this stuff is very good. The taste isn't bad, I have lemon lime and it's similar to Gatorade. You can feel it kicking in with energy as soon as you take it. So far I'm giving it a thumbs up and it's paying off in the gym. I got off No-Xplode for a while and tried something different. No-Xplode works so good that it's scary. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing because it got you insanely hyped up for a workout like nothing else. I can't even describe it, but so far the creatine mix is working well too.

Idol thoughts? Yes, we're down to 24 after Wednesday night's show. We have 12 dudes and 12 chicks. I'm sure we'll all change our mind a zillion times on who we'll be rooting for, that's the fun part about it. I can't pinpoint it down to one person I'm for quite yet, but here are some of the ones right now that I'm pulling for. Will they make me turn on them eventually or will I stick with them? On the guys side, I'm pulling for Sanjaya, Jack Osbourne, or Beat Box Boy. The people who watch will know who I mean with those names. On the girls? It's tougher because I have it narrowed down to five: Antonella, Alaina, Lakisha, Hot Haley, and Jordan Sparks just because her dad is Philippi. If we're basing it on hotness, Antonella right now blows the rest of them away, she's incredible. And how can ya not be hot with a name like that? And if we're going on the singing end of things, Lakisha so far is on a whole different level than these other girls. That's just my opinion, I don't know much about singing of course.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. It's time to celebrate the birthdays on Friday, February 16th: Kim Jong-Il, president of North Korea is now 65. Fans of the great Team America: World Police movie will know him as they made fun of him good in that one. LeVar Burton of Roots and Reading Rainbow fame, 50. Rapper Ice-T is 49, dang. Tennis great John McEnroe volleys along for his 48th. NBA baller Kelly Tripuka is also 48, he was way underrated as one of the greatest pure scorers ever. Another NBA baller, Mark Price, Happy 43rd. Running back Jerome Bettis, 35. In #basketball news, we have Bono going for his 28th on Saturday, while Blog reader Kristen in Germany, goes for the big 21 if I'm right on that, have a good one over there. :)

2. I'm getting in another video in here because this is well worth it. Thanks to Blahah of #basketball fame for finding this gem. Anyone seen Joe Rogan simply OWN Carlos Mencia to his face? p0wnz! f not, you're in for a treat. 10 minutes of Mencia looking like a total fool and Rogan going absolutely crazy. YouTube has been putting it down due to copyright laws from Mencia, but we still have a link:

3. Today's fun fact? Baby robins eat 14 feet of earthworms everyday.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Japanese Food? Rocks..

Everyone is thinking that I haven't made a post in over a week due to the Bears loss. Sure, I'm not feeling the greatest about that, but someone has to lose and that day, my guys didn't deserve it. Thomas Jones did his thing and the defense held their own for having to be out there for so long, but Rex Grossman is trash. He was out there half drunk it looked like. Take some chances dude. I don't mind losing the Colts though, they're all about class and don't act like punks. Other than that, it gives me time to freshen up my thoughts and get a brand new post in for the people to read.

Even though I don't mind Peyton Manning, I had to throw in this pic courtesy of The_Freak:

It's been way cold here lately and we've been getting some quality snow. Now that's what I'm talking about. Winter has finally rocked it out and I'm pumped about that. I'm weird and like the cold stuff, especially snow. Also, it makes my work week way easy when I get to sleep in all day and get paid for it. I'll take that. But most of that is spent doing too much on here, it's an addiction, but nothing else to do in my town. Then again, there's always something to get into online, might as well take advantage of it.

Saturday night I was treated to something I've been slacking on for years. Yep, I hit up Shogun in Eastpointe, the Japanese place with my crew. I've never tried Japanese before and now I'm totally hooked. There were 11 of us in attendance: Me, Ozzie, Fortney, Abbey, Kari, Matt, Mudcat, Sponge, Sweet Pea, Aubrey, and Aubrey's sis. It's expensive, but I always say that for being tight with my money at times, I'm never tight when it comes to food. Gotta get some of that in me. I order steak (medium rare) and scallops. I could've ate a plate of scallops and been fine. I also got the noodles, soup, and salad to go with it. If you leave this place hungry, something is wrong.

We had to wait like an hour and ten minutes just to sit down, but I'd do it all over again for sure. I'm ready to go there today. It was also my first time watching the cooks do all of the tricks. Supposedly my crew said our guy sucked and gave him a hard time, but I wouldn't have known any better, he impressed me a lot. Besides, my food rocked, he can mess up the tricks as much as he wants as long as the meal delivers. If you're a bum like me and haven't tried Japanese at one of these places, here's your warning, get there as fast as you can.

Maybe I've posted about it before, I have no idea. But if not, I've been hooked on playing Runescape online. I played it a few years ago, but really started getting into it again as of late. It's a RPG and gets way addicting. The graphics aren't what you play it for, you go for the gameplay and storyline. If you want to add my name on there and are a player, my name is DruDown894. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

How's the TV landscape holding up? I have a new show for you to watch if you haven't seen yet. VH1 has a show called The White Rapper Show. Pure entertainment. Some of these cats have some nice talent, while others not so much. You get a lot of big names in the rap game as part of this show helping out, so it's no joke. Real World hasn't been that great so far, but I'm still watching as usual. The same goes for American Idol, although it hasn't picked up steam yet until they get to Hollywood.

I'm not as hardcore of a college football fan as some, but I still spent all day on Wednesday watching the ESPN Recruiting Insider on ESPNU. I'm happy with what my Notre Dame boys ended up with. Everyone knows they have already had Jimmy Clausen signed, the #1 ranked QB in the nation. What other holes did they fill? Golden Tate, the #2 WR in the land also chose South Bend. Maybe when he goes pro one day, I can claim him as a long lost cousin and get some bucks, hah. Kerry Neal, DE, is the one to watch. He's the #4 DE in the country and is a kid that seems to come across as a young gentleman in interviews. I know Charlie Weis is huge on character. So in a quick rundown of just Top 10 players at their position, we landed the #1 QB, #2 WR, #2 TE, #2 CB, #4 DE, #4 ILB, #7 OT, and #9 WR. I'm ready to rock with that.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: (For those who haven't heard the story, this is a great one. Gil Arenas and DeShawn Stevenson of the Wiz had a bet for $20,000. What was the bet? Gil bet that he could hit more three pointers from college range while shooting one-handed than DeShawn could hit NBA with regular form. Anyways, Gil ended up with a ridiculous 71-100 to win. It's all in the video, great entertainment.)

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's try some birthdays for Thursday, February 8th. News anchor Ted Koppel is 67. Nick Nolte is now 66, but I've seen other sites with different ages, who knows. Sensational Sherri Martel of wrestling fame is 53. Another wrestler, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Happy 52nd. Rocker Vince Neil celebrates his 46th. Little guy Gary Coleman, 39. NBA baller Alonzo Mourning, he hits 37. Actor Seth Green is 33.

2. For the people that have been asking about the Thug Chuc update, it's still a go. He's been doing the travel thing as of late, but we have the interview pretty much ready to post, we're just not sure on an exact date. I'll let ya know what's new on that.

3. Today's weird but true fact? On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year.