Sunday, February 25, 2007

Emperor's Delight

It's now time to get back to our normal blog style. I should have a lot of topics to cover since the last one featured the interview with Thug Chuc. Again, thanks to Thug Chuc for stopping by the Madhouse and giving us some of his goodies, it was a lot of fun. This will be the last post in the month of February and we know that time is just breezing by. The question is where do we begin? I don't think it matters where we start out, just as long as it all ties together somehow. With that in mind, let's get things crackin'.

I'll bounce all over the place on days here, but that's the style I like to do. Switch it up, hit you all from left field so you don't know what's coming. That way, you keep reading the action. Saturday night it was another trip to Shogun for some Japanese hibachi times. The purpose was to celebrate the birthday of Ozzie (Friday) and Sweet Pea (Thursday). There were 8 of us on this trip: Ozzie, Sweet Pea, his chick Aubrey, Ferris, Fortney, Abbey, Maulberry, and myself. Once again, I didn't leave disappointed. I got the steak (medium rare) and scallops again. Scallops rock big time, I'm telling ya. If you leave here hungry, something is wrong. I usually have to give some of my food away, so my buddies never complain about that part of the night. Maul went huge with the Emperor's Delight (filet, lobstah, steak, and scallops I believe was what was there) and tore that stuff up like no other. His bill was $45, but as we said, you can't put a price on food, you just go at it. We also had the birthday gongs going right in our ear, that left us deaf. It also didn't hurt that me and Ozzie got a great view at this smokin' hot chick at the table next to us. It's funny how the goofy dudes get these type of chicks more than you'd expect. The guy she was with was a bum, but he either had money or something else to keep her going, who knows, he could've been Dirk Diggler for all we know. Then at the end of the night, Fortney ran out of there as fast as possible as he screamed, "I'm going to shit myself if I don't get out of here right now!" It was perfect timing too. I'm close to that quote, so that will have to work. I need to carry a notepad around me for those moments, but that one cracked me up.

On Wednesday, it was field trip time with my kiddies. The main thing was that I didn't get sick on the bus ride up, so that is huge. Usually I'm horrible on a bus, but I took my car sick pills and that helped. Plus, it wasn't a school bus at least, so we got to ride in style. I would've been in bad shape on a school bus, being jarred around. We went to Wheeling Jesuit College for a science program. The kids loved it and I thought it was a pretty good time too. They got to be in stations as if a comet came crashing down and how to fix their space shuttle in that situation. On headsets, sending messages back and forth from room to room, they were all over it. On the bus, we watched Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. I've never seen Star Wars stuff and am not interested at all, but this movie wasn't too bad actually. They liked it, so that kept them quiet. If it wasn't that, most of them had a Nintendo DS on the bus and they battled with those, good times.

We're rocking it out pretty good on American Idol now. Last week they booted 2 chicks and 2 dudes, so we're down to 20. They got rid of Barefoot Paul, Rudy, Tranquillo, and Boring Amy. I'm fine with those, although I wish Sundance got the shaft, he was brutal. This past week, the chicks straight up dominated the dudes. Not many of the dudes brought much to set them apart from each other. In the dudes, I'm pulling for Beat Box Boy Blake, he pimped it out and showed that he can also sing well too. Brandon is pretty good too and Jack Osbourne should last a while due to his personality. On the chicks, there's a ton of really good ones so far, but it's early. Far and away, Lakisha means business out there. Not that I know much about singing, but she put on one of the best single night performances I've ever seen on the show. Just ricockulous stuff. The judges said she was on a completely different level than anyone else. Simon told the rest of the 23 people to book their plane ticket because we have our winner right here. Steph, Sabrina, and Doolittle also were very good. Although Antonella can't sing that great, she has some nice almost porn level pics floating around on the internet. If she keeps that up, she'll earn an elite spot in the Dirty Thug Ho of the Week.

What's been going down with Real World lately? One main thing and it makes for great TV watching. Brooke, the black haired hottie I was huge on early on in the show due to that, her body, and the accent (I get hooked on those too easy) has now turned crazy psycho. She's a disaster now and just freaks out when someone jumps her case. You gotta see her go nuts on these other chicks. The thing that gets me, I doubt she could whip anyone, she just cusses them like crazy, then a minute later, she's bawling her eyes out. Get out of here with that garbage, go cry to someone else.

The season is almost over, but for those who have been following The White Rapper Show on VH1, it's great in my opinion, but I'm weird. Monday night (Feb 26th) at 10:00 PM EST is the finale and we're down to two rappers. They are John Brown ( and $hamrock ( Both of these guys are talented I think. John Brown brings some NY vibe as he's the self titled King of Da Burbz and his Ghetto Revival. $hamrock reps the ATL to its fullest and goes more with a club type rap, but he does it great. Tough pick here, but I'm going to pick John Brown to win this thing.

Some NBA news? Last week the NBA invaded Vegas and I thought it was definitely an entertaining weekend. My predictions weren't too bad, I had Mikey Miller winning the 3 Point Shootout (Jason Kapono won there), but I had my boy G-Money Gerald Green doing his thing by winning the Dunk Contest and bringing the pain, I had that one right, as well as the West thumping the East's heads in the actual game. That weekend is always one of my favorites of the entire year, it's excitement at it's best. That's the happy side of basketball. We were also dealt with the sad side of things as former Celtic great Dennis Johnson had a heart attack at the age of 52 and passed away. That totally shocked me and it's not a good thing to hear about. DJ doesn't get enough credit for the kind of baller he was in the day. The Basketball Jesus himself, Larry Bird, says he's the best teammate he's ever had. Magic Johnson said DJ was the best defensive guard of all time. That's high praise. A 3-time world champion and 1979 Finals MVP, he played well in the clutch and rarely made dumb mistakes. Get him in the Hall of Fame, you'll be missed DJ. A quick memory I have of DJ is when I went to a Clippers/Hornets game a few years back with my crew. We had front row seats on the floor thanks to Mikey Darway. That's when DJ was an assistant on the Clips and he was at one point about 15 feet from me. I was in awe, that made my trip. So long DJ, you always got my respect.

It's time for an update to my CD collection. What did I get recently? I'm about to tell ya..

Frost: Blunts & Ballerz. A surprisingly good CD from this Cali rapper in the LBC. If you haven't heard anything of Frost before, give it a chance. I have a few of his albums and they're nice.

Ginuwine: I Apologize. Into pimpin' music? This CD works just fine. Ginuwine isn't on every song, but don't let that stop you from picking this bad boy up. After normally vibing with rap, it never hurts to pop in some pimp stuff every now and then as well.

JR Writer: Writer's Block 4. One of Dipset's members is at it again. JR goes unheralded, but he can spit it. Cork was saying how all of the Dipset guys sound the same and that's fairly true, but this is still worthy of owning.

Keak Da Sneak, P.S.D. Tha Drivah, & Messy Marv: Da Bidness. These three guys together doing it for the Yay Area. I like Messy Marv the best out of this bunch personally, but when you get them all jumping in together it makes for some impressive flows.

MC Eiht: Representin'. True gangsta rap hasn't quite left us. Eiht comes from Compton and has been around the game for a long time. He tells it like it is and has a story in his raps that come out solid. Eiht is a big name, but he still needs more credit.

RZA Presents: Afro Samurai Soundtrack. Ugh, what a waste of time this was. I'm a huge RZA guy, but I was wishing this was more of a solo RZA CD rather than what they gave us with this junk. Sure, the few RZA songs on this thing are great, but then you're also flooded with weird instrumental beats from the show, dumb skits, and not nearly as much rapping as you'd want. Give us something soon RZA, we're due.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: (I gotta give my girl Jas in Arizona props on finding this filthy. Nice work indeed. I'm never above giving someone credit who drops in some ideas for the blog, it's always appreciated.)

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: For those who haven't seen Britney going nuts on the paparazzi, you're in for a treat. What an absolute mess she is, but we can't turn our head from it, we want to see how she screws herself up even more. Sad, but you all know it's true. Thanks to Kasher for usually providing a lot of our video footage:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's roll with our birthdays for Monday, February 26th: Singer Michael Bolton, he turns 54. Singer Erykah Badu goes for 36. Footballer Marshall Faulk, he's 34 and wants to come back next year. Jenny Thompson, US 2-time gold medal Olympic swimmer, she's also 34. There's a lot of C-list athletes, but they don't deserve a mention. What a horrible list today, that's a joke, unacceptable. February 26th, no soup for you!

2.Today's Fun Fact? The average bra size today is 36C. That seems high to me, but I'll take the fact's word for it. Ten years ago it was 34B. This was in 2003, so close enough. We're moving up, always good in my book of course, you know how I am with that.

3. Note to self.. Not good times when you shave your nipple. The chicks wouldn't know, but the dudes who shave their chest, it's bad times. Burns like crazy, hah. I got a little too close and then doh. Just a little cut is all it takes, it's not like I sliced it big or tried to obviously, but there ya go for this week's shaving story.


Kristen said...

Ouch..shaving your nipple cant be fun times. My feelings is that the average bra size is what I wore in 4th I'm not impressed. :)The dirty ho is from where I'm from...just search that area...and I'm sure you'll find a few. Well...take care and have fun up there.

Not Kate said...

You shave your chest? I'll add that to my file of 'Things I Never Guessed about Bird33'.