Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Japanese Food? Rocks..

Everyone is thinking that I haven't made a post in over a week due to the Bears loss. Sure, I'm not feeling the greatest about that, but someone has to lose and that day, my guys didn't deserve it. Thomas Jones did his thing and the defense held their own for having to be out there for so long, but Rex Grossman is trash. He was out there half drunk it looked like. Take some chances dude. I don't mind losing the Colts though, they're all about class and don't act like punks. Other than that, it gives me time to freshen up my thoughts and get a brand new post in for the people to read.

Even though I don't mind Peyton Manning, I had to throw in this pic courtesy of The_Freak:

It's been way cold here lately and we've been getting some quality snow. Now that's what I'm talking about. Winter has finally rocked it out and I'm pumped about that. I'm weird and like the cold stuff, especially snow. Also, it makes my work week way easy when I get to sleep in all day and get paid for it. I'll take that. But most of that is spent doing too much on here, it's an addiction, but nothing else to do in my town. Then again, there's always something to get into online, might as well take advantage of it.

Saturday night I was treated to something I've been slacking on for years. Yep, I hit up Shogun in Eastpointe, the Japanese place with my crew. I've never tried Japanese before and now I'm totally hooked. There were 11 of us in attendance: Me, Ozzie, Fortney, Abbey, Kari, Matt, Mudcat, Sponge, Sweet Pea, Aubrey, and Aubrey's sis. It's expensive, but I always say that for being tight with my money at times, I'm never tight when it comes to food. Gotta get some of that in me. I order steak (medium rare) and scallops. I could've ate a plate of scallops and been fine. I also got the noodles, soup, and salad to go with it. If you leave this place hungry, something is wrong.

We had to wait like an hour and ten minutes just to sit down, but I'd do it all over again for sure. I'm ready to go there today. It was also my first time watching the cooks do all of the tricks. Supposedly my crew said our guy sucked and gave him a hard time, but I wouldn't have known any better, he impressed me a lot. Besides, my food rocked, he can mess up the tricks as much as he wants as long as the meal delivers. If you're a bum like me and haven't tried Japanese at one of these places, here's your warning, get there as fast as you can.

Maybe I've posted about it before, I have no idea. But if not, I've been hooked on playing Runescape online. I played it a few years ago, but really started getting into it again as of late. It's a RPG and gets way addicting. The graphics aren't what you play it for, you go for the gameplay and storyline. If you want to add my name on there and are a player, my name is DruDown894. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

How's the TV landscape holding up? I have a new show for you to watch if you haven't seen yet. VH1 has a show called The White Rapper Show. Pure entertainment. Some of these cats have some nice talent, while others not so much. You get a lot of big names in the rap game as part of this show helping out, so it's no joke. Real World hasn't been that great so far, but I'm still watching as usual. The same goes for American Idol, although it hasn't picked up steam yet until they get to Hollywood.

I'm not as hardcore of a college football fan as some, but I still spent all day on Wednesday watching the ESPN Recruiting Insider on ESPNU. I'm happy with what my Notre Dame boys ended up with. Everyone knows they have already had Jimmy Clausen signed, the #1 ranked QB in the nation. What other holes did they fill? Golden Tate, the #2 WR in the land also chose South Bend. Maybe when he goes pro one day, I can claim him as a long lost cousin and get some bucks, hah. Kerry Neal, DE, is the one to watch. He's the #4 DE in the country and is a kid that seems to come across as a young gentleman in interviews. I know Charlie Weis is huge on character. So in a quick rundown of just Top 10 players at their position, we landed the #1 QB, #2 WR, #2 TE, #2 CB, #4 DE, #4 ILB, #7 OT, and #9 WR. I'm ready to rock with that.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: (For those who haven't heard the story, this is a great one. Gil Arenas and DeShawn Stevenson of the Wiz had a bet for $20,000. What was the bet? Gil bet that he could hit more three pointers from college range while shooting one-handed than DeShawn could hit NBA with regular form. Anyways, Gil ended up with a ridiculous 71-100 to win. It's all in the video, great entertainment.)

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's try some birthdays for Thursday, February 8th. News anchor Ted Koppel is 67. Nick Nolte is now 66, but I've seen other sites with different ages, who knows. Sensational Sherri Martel of wrestling fame is 53. Another wrestler, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Happy 52nd. Rocker Vince Neil celebrates his 46th. Little guy Gary Coleman, 39. NBA baller Alonzo Mourning, he hits 37. Actor Seth Green is 33.

2. For the people that have been asking about the Thug Chuc update, it's still a go. He's been doing the travel thing as of late, but we have the interview pretty much ready to post, we're just not sure on an exact date. I'll let ya know what's new on that.

3. Today's weird but true fact? On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year.


Kristen said...

Hey...I was going for the Bears too over here, but Tony Dungy deserves his win, so I cant be upset about it. Speaking of quality we all went out and made a snowman and snow angels in about 4 inches...first "big" snow here. Great stuff. Well, have fun up there on the internet. :)

c-note said...

Did you know the southern most part of the U.S. to ever get snowfall is Homestead, FL? It happened in January of 1977. This excludes Hawaii as it has some mountains that get snow at the top of them.

Ozzie said...

That Arenas/Stevenson shootout was classic. Pure entertainment.

Not Kate said...

Japanese food does rock! I've been to tepinyaki twice, where they do the tricks for you, and loved it both times. It's great when they get you to catch the food in your mouth and stuff.

This weekend we went to a cute Maori-infusion restaurant in the city (the only one I've come across) and it was great. This old toothless guy had a mike and guitar and sang cute versions of songs we all knew. I'd recommend it if you're ever a tourist in Wellington....