Sunday, November 26, 2006

Flu, Wii, & Monopoly: The Excitement!

Whew.. the flu tore me up the past few days. I've been a mess, but now finally starting to get my appetite back. You know I'm feeling bad when I got online Friday for about 10 minutes and that was it. The rest of the time was spent in bed, throwing up, and all of that fun stuff. But we're back in action now as it's time for another edition of the blog. I have some interesting topics to get through this time, so let's bounce around and see what happens.

Early Saturday night/Sunday morning, I made my journey to Target to wait in line for a Nintendo Wii. I got up there around 4:00 AM and I was #15 in line. They had 24 to sell, so I was in business. The weird part is that everyone was freezing their nads off. Snow was spitting, people were in sleeping bags, etc. There was pizza, people would make hot chocolate runs for everyone, and whatever else. Also, mostly everyone there had a Nintendo DS so we battled in a lot of that stuff throughout the night. Yeah, we're nerds, hah. At 7:00, the Target guys came out and gave us our "ticket" so we'd be able to get in the store at 8:00. So I got my system, fought for a copy of Zelda: The Twilight Princess, and was on my way home. After all of that, I can easily say you need to load up and buy a Nintendo Wii. I won't bug everyone in this post about it, but it's great. Zelda is scary for how good it is so far.

For the first time in quite a while, we got a Monopoly night going. We did that on Wednesday night after ball. We roll to Posey's for the festivities. Only a 4-person game, but it still rocked nonetheless. Cork and Scherri were in attendance, but they just watched this game. Coming in 4th Place was the man of the house, Posey. I came in 3rd. I always say, Monopoly is a game you can have a bad night in and still have a blast playing. Maybe I'm weird. Our next placements were a couple tandem as Spank took out his girl Alicia in a heated battle. Spank is tough to beat in Monopoly, always has been. Our game lasted about 2½ hours, it was good times. If anyone is interested in Monopoly ever, definitely count me in.

I figured out the cause of my flu symptoms. That was from Posey and Scherri's baby girl, Kirsten. I'm sure I mangled that spelling, but it'll have to work. Scherri had the same thing that I did, except hers was a day earlier. It also didn't help that I played ball this week 3 days out of a 4-day span, plus I'm up at all hours of the night on here. I guess I never learn. But I'll be back on my feet. I hate missing some days of working out, but that happens.

Thanksgiving was a good time. You can't go wrong with turkey and all the chocolate pie you can eat. Spank joined the family for the action, as he's family anyways, if that makes sense. After watching football and being bums, Cork stopped over to battle in Wii with me and Spank. I think I have Posey and Spank convinced to buy a Wii in the very near future. I know I'm biased towards Nintendo stuff, but trust me on this one. It's the real deal and all the reviews out there seem to be very high on the system. We'll see.

I've talked about a rapper a while back in a CD I got by the name of Thug Chuc. You probably don't remember that, but it's not a big deal if you forgot. Anyways, he's from Shreveport, Louisiana and I chat with him a decent bit online for whatever that's worth. Nothing too crazy, but in an upcoming blog, I'll be doing an interview with him to get some plugs out for his new single, his website, and whatever else I or anyone can think of to ask. It should be something different to add to the blog space.

Since it's holiday season, it's about time for me to start getting Christmas cards ready. I don't send them till the middle of December, but it's one of my favorite things to do, I'm weird like that. I send a crazy amount out and it's not just a Merry Christmas card with my name on it. That's too boring. I go all out by putting in a big writeup, blog style, to make it special. If you aren't on the Christmas list from the past and want on, just fire off an email to I'll hype this up again I'm sure, so be on the lookout.

Real World: Denver
has started and I have yet to give my thoughts. I'm behind on this one, but do have it taped. Even though MTV runs it every half hour it seems, I'll catch it soon and hope to have a review in the next blog. I've seen a bit so far, but I won't give my whole review until I get to see everything. Hopefully it's better than the last few seasons, although that won't take much to top at all.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week: This is a great one. I have to give credit to my girl Felisha for finding this gem. Check out Dora getting down, you won't be disappointed:

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs

1. As expected, my Irish got smacked around by USC. Still, my boys end the year on a nice note, with an 10-2 record, I'll take that. At the beginning of the year, with our schedule, I said we'd lose a few games at least. We'll still get a big bowl. BCS? Who knows. Possible matchup with WVU? I doubt that, but at least a lot of people in this area are quiet after the South Florida game. It could be worse.

2. Let's try out some birthdays. Monday, November 27th. Dang, it's almost December. Bruce Lee would be 66 if he were still around kicking heads off. Jimi Hendrix would be 64. Bill Nye The Science Guy turns 51. Baseball manager Mike Scioscia goes for 48. Robin Givens turns 42. NBA baller Nick Van Exel is celebrating 35th. Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) goes for 30, wow. And in local news, Kari Southern hits 28, so if you see her around, wish her a good one.

3. Clerks II comes out on DVD this Tuesday, pick this one up. Just take my word on it. It's one awesome movie.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Santa Riding A 64 Impala

We're officially into the holiday season of the year. I love the holidays as much as the next guy, but can't we wait until Thanksgiving is here first before big action goes down? Take for example this one: I was watching TV last night after work and I see a Christmas parade going on in Wheeling, WV that they were showing live. You kidding me? That was November 17th. Thanksgiving isn't until the 23rd, yet we've already had a fat boy Santa riding through the streets in a 64 Impala? You get my point anyways. Or how about people who put their trees up insanely early? Oh well. I'm definitely in the spirit though, but let it get here first.

It's new video game system weekend and people are getting rowdy. Friday was the first sale day of the PlayStation 3. These are going for $600 and very few were being released in stores. That led to some people getting shot over being in line (true story) and fights breaking out like mad. Now that is some good entertainment. I'm not getting the PS3 though, you guys know I'm much more of a Nintendo guy. So that's Sunday's release of the Nintendo Wii. People camped out for the PS3, so I assume the same will be said for the Wii. However, more of a stock will be released for the Wii, so maybe I'll have a chance for the first day they are out. I'll be there in my bulletproof vest and ready to be in line for this madness. I'm pumped to get my hands on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. If not on the first day, hopefully very soon afterwards.

Last Saturday night it was more ping pong action and it was classic times. We started around 10:00 PM and ended after 3:00 AM. Straight pongin' and we all had good games. The funny thing this time around was that everyone was beating everyone. Not one single person seemed to be consistent all night. The first tourney was won by Buck. He plays the second tourney and is the first guy out. Go figure. Also, Mudcat only won just one game all night and he's usually one of the better players of the bunch. I left around 3:00 with just a few guys left, so I'm not even sure who won the second tourney. I wasn't on my game, but when you still get to play pong all night, watch some games on TV, and just be an all out bum, that doesn't get much better.

A quick update on local ball for those reading. We've been playing at School Square on Thursday nights, but that has ended. Why? The Jerry West kids have it booked the rest of the winter, so we have to move our operation. That means it's The Lighthouse time and we'll get back to that on Thursdays from 7:00-9:00 or whenever we end. This week however, we're changing it up. Thursday is Thanksgiving, so we're moving it back a day to Wednesday. I know Sidell is in town for the madness, so we should have a nice crew that night when we get it situated. Nolan will be in too, but he gets in late Wednesday, he'd be good to play on Friday.

Now I'm on Thanksgiving break and I'm pumped to have 9 straight days off. I'm sure it'll fly by, but the relax time should be quality. That means I ended my 6 weeks of student teaching with the little kiddies. Going in, I thought I'd hate the elementary setting, but it rocks. Those little kids are funny times. Now that I'm fully certified in all levels of special education, it's time to get back to subbing until something opens up full time. If not this year, then next fall for sure. I should be in business, we'll see. On my last day, all of my 3rd grade kids that I was in a co-teaching/inclusion class with all wrote me these cards and read them aloud. It was unexpected. As soon as I walked in, they were busting out these cards from their desk, but I didn't have a clue. At that age, you get some entertaining cards to say the least, it was good.

CD time once again. Even after the big set I added last week, this time I needed some more to fix my addiction. What'd I end up getting?

The Game: Doctor's Advocate. Wow.. That's my first reaction. Miss the days of early 90s gangsta rap? This one is for you. First, The Game tells a great story with his rap as he's not just rambling along. Second, you get big respect to the man, the myth, the legend, Dr. Dre in this one as the CD is named based on him. It's too hard to pick a #1 favorite, but I couldn't see any bad sections of the CD. Ol' English is a very good track. Also, we get the return of the mean/gangsta Snoop, circa 1992. That's in the track called California Vacation that also features Busta Rhymes. It's been a long time since I've seen Snoop bust out a verse like this, so I'll post the lyrics on it after the CD reviews..

Snoop Dogg: Tha Blue Carpet Treatment. I haven't listened to this one yet, but I'm excited for it. Snoop hasn't been the same recently, but he still has the potential and talent to bring it back old school style. One track alone that I've listened to has me excited enough. Since I'm biased towards anything Dr. Dre, he's on this CD and actually spits out a verse on the track Imagine that also features D'Angelo. It's gold.

We haven't done any lyrics in a while, so I'm due. As promised, here's the Snoop verse from California Vacation:

Check game
I'm gonna show you how to bang
Uncle Snoopy is it true you from that game
All the time neph
I gotta let my nuts hang
A chest full of chains
Left hang with a pinky ring
I'm in a Steeler cap
Swisher Sweet, pillow back
My little hood rat, baby got that mini mac
Baby got that 20 sack
Baby got plenty dat
Whatever you send us my nucca, we gonna send it back
I'm in the club getting with this snub gettin love
With 20,000 crips and 20,000 bloods and
We don't give a fuck about none of ya'll
And when you hit the city, you betta holla at the Big Dogg
I done seen niggas hit LA and get their chains snatched
Then they call me up beggin me to get their chains back
What I look like, da muthafuckin po-lice?
There's certain rules you gotta follow when you in these streets.
Especially when it comes to this Cali shit
And I ain't talkin' bout hangin in the Valley bitch.
Gangbang niggas all up in the alley crip.
On some real talk nigga
We the real West.
Bird's Video Moment of the Week: You're going to love these little thug kids going at it as the adults just let them battle. It's wrong, but you know you'll enjoy it. The language in this one will crack you up too. Kasher found us another to use.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs

1. Birthdays.. Sunday, November 19th: Calvin Klein is our oldest mention today and he's 64. Ahmad Rashad goes for 57. Meg Ryan hits 45. Actress Jodie Foster celebrates her 44th. 1992 and 1996 Olympic gold medalist Gail Devers is partying for her 40. Another 96 gold medalist, Kerri Strug, happy 29th.

2. Ohio State vs. Michigan for the National Title, even though OSU won the first matchup today. And Troy Smith for Heisman. My Irish have an outside chance, but we'd need help, plus Michigan already beat us. Then I doubt we play well with USC at USC, but you never know.

3. At 7:50 PM on Saturday night, it's 40 degrees for whatever that is worth to the fans out there.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Shinnston's Excitement

I'm bringing the pain in this post. So many things to talk about that I wish I was able to spread it out better. That's how it goes in my world at times. Too much excitement for the regular person to handle, it's quality, or so I like to think anyways. Get ready for a fairly long post and we'll get this baby started..

I'll jump from day to day here, so it won't be in any certain order. Friday night was action though. It was road trip time with the crew. A crew of eleven of us (Me, Spank, Cork, Sickles, Kari, Fortney, Abbey, Swiger, Mudcat, Ozzie, and Matt Mills) roll to Uniontown, Pennsylvania for some Red Lobster feasting. Luckily for our crew, they had the all you can eat shrimp deal going for $17. You can't beat that one. I'm not a big eater, but I still was able to get my money's worth. Spank, Fortney, Mudcat, and Ozzie can straight put away some food. Thumbs up from my meal for sure. We had to wait 45 minutes, but that's no biggie when you're getting some good chats in with the crew. That's part of the entertainment. We took 3 cars for the trip. Fortney drove, which there's nothing wrong with. However, the other 2 drivers were myself and Kari, easily the worst drivers of the group. We made it back home safely though surprisingly. Also, on a sidenote, we saw this older dude wearing some MC Hammer pants from back in the day. Yep, the Zubaz ones for those in that era. Our crew laughs in his face pretty much with Mudcat being the loudest of the bunch and they got all fired up calling us hillbillies. That's good entertainment.

Also on Friday night, after we roll back from Uniontown, we stop in Morgantown. Not all eleven of us. That crew by that point was myself, Spank, and Cork. We go to the midnight showing of Borat as it finally comes to my area. And boy, was I ever pumped to see this. It was basically a sellout in there. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to jump on this one quickly. No joke here, it's way over the top, but one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. We turned down a trip to Lil Vegas to see Borat and made a good choice. Our trio joked about how old we're getting when everyone in the theater seemed like little kids. I'm sure a lot were, but that's when you know you're gaining up there in age. It's cool though, you're only as old as you feel or act. In that case, I feel like I'm about 12 years old. This dude sat by me made the movie even better. I compared him to an And1 fan you see on the DVDs of them going wild and running onto the court after a fancy play. Well, this guy would laugh like crazy at the big parts and then would turn to me (who he didn't know) and would keep asking if I heard what Borat just said. I want to see this movie again and soon.

On the video game front, we finally beat Bully for PS2. An awesome game and one that you'd be hard pressed not to be hooked to. It definitely consumed me and I put some hardcore time into playing that one. Also, we're a week away from the Nintendo Wii (and lesser news to me , the PS3) from being released. It looks slim that I'll get my hands on a Wii on the very first day, but I'm sure going to try my best to get it that day. I'm too loyal to Nintendo and I know what they bring to the table, so that's where my heart is going to go with the new systems coming out. More on that when I finally get the system.

Ping pong! Monday I stopped at Fortney's Funhouse (that'll be the working name until we find something more creative to call the hangout) for a ping pong tournament. You kidding me? That's some solid fun there, especially when there's a crew of good players and we had a football going on TV at the same time. Who all played that night? Spank, Mudcat, Ozzie, Fortney, Abbey, Matt Mills, Buck, Sweet Pea, and myself. We also had Mookie Talerico stop in the house for a few minutes so he could leave with some good luck on his side. I won both tourneys and I always say pong is like riding a bike, you get a few games in you and you're back on your game. Nothing fancy with me. I get a paddle, rip off the padding on both sides and sandpaper it down all over to make it smooth and as light as possible. Then out comes the power game. I can't stand back and play defense in pong. I'm coming straight on offense. If I lose that way, so be it, it happens. I can do the spin stuff if I have to, but that's no fun to me. If you keep your opponent backing up and having no idea where you're going to hit it, you get results. There wasn't a bad player in the house, this could be something regular that'll get some nice competition.

On Election Day (it still amazes me that a ton of people are too lazy to get out of their seat and go vote) I went with Ozzie to the mean streets of Fairmont to a legendary spot. Yep, that's right, Yann's hot dogs. You go to this place and you can either tell them you want onions or not. That's the only request you're basically allowed. The old man that runs it is a hot dog nazi and he runs a tight shop. You can't get ketchup on your dogs or he'll flip out. You go to this place for the experience alone, not just how great the food is. You're guaranteed to have the old guy be pissed off and ready to bust your head up. For what it's worth, Spank ate 18 of these one day. Anyone in the area who hasn't been to Yann's, where have you been hiding at? It's time to pull your head out of the sand and get moving up Route 19 and roll into West Fairmont.

How's pickup basketball been going? Two big nights of play this week, Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday, we played at my old high school's gym. We rolled with 10 guys exactly. Who all was in attendance? I know you don't care, but I'm typing it up anyways, so there. Me, Ozzie, Fortdog, Little Sinclair, Barron, Lil Romeo, Ski, Sweet Pea, Buck, Parsons, and Sponge. I love this court since it's straight up run and gun. I had one of my worst shooting nights in quite some time though, but still had fun that I got good runs in. Thursday night was where it was at though. This will be our last Thursday at School Square. For those reading in the area, we'll be back at The Lighthouse on Thursdays from 7:00-9:00. Anyways, the Thursday crew? Me, Ozzie, Sweet Pea, Fortdog, Spank, Big Barney, TJ, Sonny, Posey, and Buck. I rocked it out that night or felt so anyways. The team I had was Spank, Fortney, Big Barney, Ozzie, and myself. We ended up winning the series, 4 games to 2. I like to get out and go. My theory is to make the other guys tired. Take off running as fast as you can or press defense in their face and they're bound to mess up or get mad. I shot well here too, but my favorite is getting steals and getting a fast break going. 2nd hour you really can run and gun when some start getting tired. Our team had everything. We had Fortney and Ozzie dominating the paint like no other. They're a force down there, they need to shoot more. Barney is always on, he plays half speed and still nobody can touch him. I also never complain about being up on defense with Spank as the other guard as we get to use some press D.

I lost my voice over the past few days and it's rough. It started out with sinuses and a sore throat, but as I type this now on late Friday night, I can barely get a voice out. You never appreciate something until you lose it. Not that my voice won't come back, but maybe that's my body telling me that I ramble on and talk too much and it's shutting me up for a few days. Give it the ol' pimp slap if you will. It could be worse though.

My Bears lost, doh. I wasn't one of these crazy people who actually think they were going to go 16-0. I can't see a NFL team doing that nowadays, but maybe I'll be proven wrong eventually. My guys are now 7-1 and playing well, but it's early. I see them losing several more before all is said and done, but they'll still be playoff bound. My Irish have been getting things going as well. Currently they are 8-1 as they go into Saturday's game against Air Force and are a Top 10 team in the BCS. Air Force and Army are winnable games, but knowing my luck, they'll lose one of those. Then it's the season ended against rival USC, out there, ouch. You never know.

It's time to put more into my addiction. That time would be new CDs I've gotten in the past few days. Here's what we have added:

Ron Artest: My World. Yes, that Ron Artest of the NBA. You never know what you're going to get with him, so why not get this CD? You know if you're a basketball fan you're interested in this one just to see what he says or does.

C-Murder: The TRU Story - Continued. The brother of Master P is at it again as he's done pretty well after getting out of jail. He keeps his style the same and if you're after some mean rap, here you go.

Coolio: The Return Of The Gangsta. Another one I was curious about. Coolio hasn't done much of anything lately, so I figured I'd give it a try. Bad mistake. This is a brual CD. The only decent song on the CD is one with Snoop. Don't waste your time here.

The Dayton Family: Return To Dayton Ave. Shoestring and Bootleg are at it again. These dirty guys are from the streets of Flint, Michigan. They'll never be mainstream rap as they're too hardcore for that. If you're into some thug raps, here you go. They're very good.

De La Soul: The Impossible Mission. This is a mix between rap and R&B as these guys have been around for a long time. If you're into the smooth flows, don't sleep on this crew.

Flavor Flav: Hollywood. Flav's solo project here. He doesn't once talk about the Flavor of Love show, which was surprising. A very good CD here and Flav is probably the best hype man in the business. He has a few songs where he brings it with the lyrics as he can do, but he also has several funny pimpin love type songs. He still gets it done in the rap game, even at his age. You get a mixture here, pick it up.

Ice-T: Gangsta Rap. He hasn't done much lately, but he's still the same Ice-T. Most know him now as the actor, but he was real good back in the day. O.G. is still one of the most underrated rap albums. I remember being a kid when Cop Killa came out and they banned it from the stores.

Jibbs: Jibbs Feat. Jibbs. We're going with more of the club rap here. This kid has been rapping since he was 8. A St. Louis native who says, "I was murdering 21-year-olds, 25-year-olds when I was 11 and 12, Jibbs recalls with a laugh." The song everyone knows so far from him is Chain Hang Low.

Jim Jones: Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment). This one is worth the get for the street anthem We Fly High. It's blowing up all over. The New York Giants come out to it each game and you'll see all kinds of people doing the "Baaaaalllinnn'!" stuff made famous by Jim.

Tek: I Got This. When getting this, I thought it was the Tek of Real World fame as he's a low budget rapper. But this is the Tek that is a member of Smif-N-Wessun. I haven't listened to this one yet to give a review, but it can't be too bad.

Z-Ro: 1 Deep. If you haven't heard of Z-Ro, you need to. This Texas rapper can spit out the lyrics and does it in a big way. I have a few of his other albums and like all that I've heard so far.

Bird's Video Moment of the Week
: (This isn't for the weak at heart, but something the famed Rahl sent me a few days ago at random. It's messed up for sure, but you'll still check it out.)

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I haven't done birthdays in a while, so here we go. Let's go with Sunday, November 12th. First off, we'd like to wish my boy Cork a happy one. He gets to celebrate his 25th, one fourth of the way to 100. Charles Manson is 72. Singer Neil Young goes for 61 and so doesn't Hall of Fame announcer Al Michaels. Sammy "I cheat and use corked bat" Sosa turns 38. Tonya Harding of figure skating fame hits 36. That'll do it.

2. This video is so good that I had to include it. Heard about the deer that ran into a Target store in Iowa? Check this masterpiece out, it's great:

3. For what it's worth, I just finished some chicken ramen noodles and a glass of OJ. Not bad.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Your Memphis Sounds

November is here, for whatever that's worth to the fans keeping track at home. I know I've been due for a new post, but that's how it goes sometimes. I'm not on a time schedule here, I just pump them out as often as I can. Realistically, I try to get a post in a week, but this time around it didn't go quite as planned. You win some, you lose some. Now we're back in action and it's time to break things down as only we know how to do in here.

Not having a post in over a week, I should have some topics to dust off and different things to chat about in this go-round. I'm going to start off with Halloween. No reason I'm starting out with that date, but I'll keep everyone on their toes. During the day at work, since I'm still with the little kiddies, I got to see the latest fashions and what they were all wearing. I didn't have any idea what would be the popular costumes, but quickly found out. For the guys, I'd say the winner would be pirates as they're playing off the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, neither of those movies I've seen yet. Guess I'm missing out. There didn't seem to be a winner with the girls as no costume seemed to have a lot of people wearing the same thing. Then at home that night, I gave out candy with my boy Spank. We ran out of candy at 6:45 and had to shut down shop. My little area of town booms during Halloween time, it's a madhouse. I'm never surprised by how many of the high school kids still come out. These guys are twice my size and come up for candy, it cracks me up good.

Oh, you thought I forgot about NBA Opening Night and now that the season is here? You all know me way better than that. NBA is what I live for as when Celtics time gets here, I get crazy pumped up. Baseball and football rock, but it's no comparison at all to NBA. I realize I'm in the minority here, at least in my area, but for me it's all about being a hardcore NBA fan. There were only 2 games on TV for Opening Night on Tuesday, but Wednesday rocked it out. That's where my NBA League Pass comes in handy, the sole reason I've had my satellite for 10 years. I get every game for every team in the league, you can't beat that with a stick. I'll ramble on enough about NBA though the year, but I won't drown you in that so soon.

However, my other fantasy basketball league drafted this past Sunday. It's the league of all leagues for the #basketball crew. This is our 20-man keeper league that has been going on for a good while now. The message board for this league is like no other. I don't care how good of a fantasy league you are in, I'm laying huge bucks that your message board can't compare to ours. It's a fight you can't win. We each keep 5 players and then have a draft each year that lasts 7 rounds. Who did I end up with? My plan of action is usually to go youth and I'm happy with the team I have going into the keeper league. Surprisingly, 3 guys on my team are older than me. That's a lot older than I usually go, hah. Anyways, ladies and gentlemen, here is yourrrr 2006-2007 Memphis Sounds:

1. Dwyane Wade: Miami (G)
2. Mike Bibby: Sacramento (G)
3. Charlie Villanueva: Milwaukee (F)
4. Andre Iguodala: Philadelphia (G/F)
5. Danny Granger: Indiana (F)

New Draftees
6. Rudy Gay: Memphis (F)
7. Andrew Bynum: LA Lakers (C)
8. JR Smith: Denver (G)
9. Francisco Elson: San Antonio (C)
10. Desmond Mason: New Orleans (G/F)
11. Jose Calderon: Toronto (G)
12. Travis Outlaw: Portland (F)

We're gearing up for Real World time again. Yet another crew is ready and this one will happen in Denver. What does Denver have to offer? It's different at least and the previews look real nice. A lot of drama and that's the reason to watch, simple as that. It has to be better than the last few seasons were, especially Key West and Philly. Real World: Shinnston. The characters in this town, that'd be gold for TV, people would eat it up. And you think I'm joking on that one.

I'm fired up over the Borat movie. I was getting excited to see this one. I'll have to check where the closest location is, but they took it out of a ton of theaters across the country due to complaints. Now, only 800 total theaters get it across the country and that's not many for those who don't know. Many of your big showings get around 3000 different theaters running for it. And yes, I admit to being in a fantasy box office league for movies with the #basketball crew. It's competitive and actually a fun thing to do, you'd be surprised. Each week we pick which new movie will make the most money and then we also predict the amount in millions that it'll do. Now back to Borat, it won't be shown in my area. Doh! We get screwed by not getting certain movies, it's bad times. We never get thug movies since this area is too racist and I doubt many people would go, but that doesn't mean that some wouldn't go see. Borat isn't a race thing, it's just more of a controversial storyline, but it's all in fun.

My thoughts on the WVU/Louisville game? I won't trash talk too much, but I will say that I'm way excited that some of the fans around here just got their mouths shut up. WVU has a great team, I'll even say that and I'm not a fan. However, no matter what their team is like, a lot of people around here think they are the world's best and all of this junk. I had to hear it all day at work on Thursday and how pumped everyone was and they were writing off Louisville. They got on me for not wearing blue and gold. Friday comes along and they're all crying in the morning over the loss. So I wear my blue and gold and come to work decked out in Notre Dame gear. I'm not going to trash talk them, but they got the hint. I'm not saying ND is the better team, who knows, but I know that they all have their mouths zipped. Good times in E-Town.

Bully is one awesome game. I picked up this game a few weeks ago for PlayStation 2. Maybe I've written about it before, I don't even remember. It's some addicting stuff and you need to pick it up if you're a video game person. I'm about halfway through it and that's playing nonstop for a while. It's a game that you'll never get bored playing and a ton of things to keep you busy. I just got done playing it for about 7 hours straight and my eyes are about to pop out.

It's time for my latest dose of CDs to add to the collection..

Lloyd Banks: Rotten Apple. Out of the CDs I got this time around, this ranks 4th, but don't let that fool you. This is a good CD and Banks usually delivers. I didn't say it was great, but you'll enjoy the listen from an underrated player of G-Unit.

Belo: The Truth. Straight fire. This is Belo from Do Or Die fame for those who know of that group in Chicago. I had to keep listening and listening to this one as it was that good. One of my favorites of the whole year so far, it's that nice. Pick this bad boy up.

Birdman & Lil Wayne: Like Father, Like Son. Another very solid choice. I didn't get any CDs this time around that I thought were subpar. The story here for those who aren't in the know is that Lil Wayne's Dad passed away about 10 years ago. Ever since, Birdman pretty much took him under his wing (no pun) and Lil Wayne looks as him as the father figure. Some songs I like on this one include Stuntin' Like My Daddy (the single out now), You Ain't Know, Leather So Soft, and Army Gunz.

John Legend: Once Again. You want pimpin' music? You might not be able to handle this one. A smooth vibe from this talented musician. Bonus points since chicks will be guaranteed to be all over ya if you bust out some John Legend. That's my advice for the day. If you don't want to try it, that's your choice.

Bird's Video of the Week: (This is just nuts. I bet I've watched it 100 times. Then again, I'm weird and go crazy over flippy type stuff, but this is the real deal.) Thanks to Kasher for finding this gem.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. You know you spend too much time online when you get this scenario. I'm typing up this part at 4:15 AM on Friday night/Saturday morning. I'm now entering a Wyoming chatroom. I'm talking to my buddy DerekHood in Arkansas and I was joking how Wyoming gets less respect than even our states, so I figured I'd drop in to see the action. It was dead. Imagine that, but I tried.

2. Come on chicks. Isn't it about time the tramp stamp tattoos on your lower back have grown out of style? Get something original. I've preached on that a million times in here before. Or hey, better yet, get nothing at all. Imagine that. If I offend you, so be it. You're not original, so I'll call you out on it.

3. One more piece of advice for everyone? If you see loose change on the ground, pick it up. You're not too good to leave some money laying on the ground are you? It all adds up, yet most people will just look at it lying there and think it's garbage. And that's your third "imagine that" bit of the day, talk to you all soon.