Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mike Jones. Who? Mike Jooooones!

Greetings. I have a lot to talk about in this issue, so it should be an easy one to get through. Sometimes I’ll ramble about just a few topics, but I should have some shorter takes in this one, broadening the horizons or something like that. The past few weeks I’ve ran a Wednesday Blog, that features both RAW and Real World in the same page, but this one I’m breaking up. Since I’m writing this up on Tuesday afternoon and haven’t seen Real World, you’ll get the Real World thoughts a few days later once I watch that and then The Bachelor on Wednesday night.

Super Monkey Ball! Due to playing Tiger Woods 2005 constantly, we took a break from that a bit over the weekend to battle in Super Monkey Ball. At first glance, this game looks like such a kiddie game, and it probably is, but it’s very addicting. For the old school fans, I compare it a bit to Marble Madness for NES. It’s one of those games that’ll have you hooked, but when you start losing, it’s one where you want to take your controller and bash it against a wall, breaking it into pieces. It’s not a brand new game, but it is worth checking out if you have a GameCube to play and I’m sure you could get a good price on it nowadays. There’s also a Super Monkey Ball 2 out there as well.

What happened to Roy Jones Jr? Dang. This guy was at the top of the world a few years ago, getting reports as him being the best boxer of all time. That’s still debatable, but his past couple fights have been rough. He recently fought unknown Glen Johnson. Yeah, I’m thinking the same as you. Who? Mike Jooooones! Nah, not Mike Jones, this is Glen Johnson. And in the 9th Round of their fight, Big Glen totally messed up Jones. He hit him with two punishing shots to the head and that was the start of things. As Jones was falling to the canvas, his head bounced against the ground. Needless to say, Jones was mangulated. His eyes were in the back of his head, they literally had to open his mouth manually to get his mouthpiece out so he wouldn’t choke, and he had a concussion. That’s rough to see one of the most dominant boxers ever get worked like that against a tomato can, but that’s how boxing goes. Speaking of Jones, and I’ve said it in here before, but you need to pick up his new CD: Body Head Bangerz – I Smoke I Drink. Jones actually has some talent in my opinion in slanging lyrics. If you’re into Dirty South Rap, then you’ll enjoy this one. It has a heavy arsenal of rappers including Lil Flip, Juvenile, Bun B, Mike Joooones, B.G., Fiend, The YoungBloodz, Petey Pablo, Choppa, and Lil Boosie.

Thursday night, I forgot to type about this one. Me and Cork hit up the movies to see Mr. 3000. It’s a baseball movie, so we were interested, but I was skeptical on the situation. I thought it was going to be a really cheezy movie, but I was proven wrong. This is actually a pretty good movie and we both thought so. You really can’t go wrong with Bernie Mac in a comedy, so that’s worth it alone, but the rest of the storyline and characters flows pretty good. Not many major stars in here, but don’t let that fool you. Angela Bassett is his starring partner and she was looking real good. After doing some research on http://imdb.com, I find out that she’s 46 years old, dang. I knew she was a MILF, but didn’t realize she was that high up there in age. Oh well, age is just a number anyways after a certain point. And for whatever it’s worth, Bernie Mac is also 48. Go peep this movie out.

How about my Bears’ luck? We did beat Green Bay last week, but this week, our starting quarterback, Rex Grossman is done for the year after his ACL went out. Grossman isn’t a star, but he’s our future QB, but now who knows. Who knew? With a knee injury at a young age, that can’t be a good thing. So what do we do? We sign Chad Hutchinson for not one, but 2 YEARS. Ugh. I guess it could be worse, we could still have Kordell Stewart. I’m glad we didn’t go the route of signing some washed up, pushing 40 years old QB type. Might as well give the young guys a try. We did get beat by Moss this week, but at least it was close and the bright spot is that Thomas Jones rocked the house once again. He must be putting an extra dose of roids into his body this season because it’s paying off.

A quick update on ping pong before moving onto the meat and potatoes of the Blog, the RAW Report. The 50-game series with me and my Dad is just about over. Unless I totally fall apart, I should win this one. I’m up 48-38 right now, so that’s having me sitting pretty. I haven’t played in about 3 weeks, so I’m due to start playing a bunch again. Playing pong when it’s cold is the best time though, as I can’t wait to play in the winter out in my garage.

Last night RAW was held in Kansas City. On the football front, things can’t be any worse for the Chiefs, as Dick Vermeil is crying himself a rivahhh for being defeated. Not undefeated, defeated. And this was a team many picked to go really far this year. They won’t be with that defense and the defense this year was supposed to be greatly improved. Oh, so it’s wrestling you want. Sorry, I got on one of my tangents.

As far as RAW being held in Kansas City, it was at the Kemper Arena. This is the same arena that Owen Hart tragically fell to his death at Over The Edge 1999. Ironically, speaking of deaths, RAW opened tonight with a tribute to The Big Bossman, who passed away this week. I don’t have any numbers, but I bet the profession of wrestling has a high percentage of early deaths compared to a lot of other jobs you could have. It’s just unbelievable the amount that has died just in the past few years alone. We could write a big Blog on wrestler deaths, but that wouldn’t be fun.

The show opens up with Triple H and Eric Bischoff talking about Taboo Tuesday. I just can’t get excited for this quite yet, but maybe by the time October 19th rolls around, my mind will be changed. HHH was complaining of how the fans will pick who he faces here, to which Shelton Benjamin comes out to shut him up. This starts our match between these two, of course interrupted by a commercial. HHH busts him with the World Title and the bell is rung. Is there anything more weird, or would it be weirder, than the Kane/Lita saga? This week Kane talks about how Lita is still in a state of shock after losing the baby. Fine by me, as that means Lita didn’t get a chance to ruin a segment on RAW by opening up her mouth. Kane tells Gene Snitsky he’s next for what he did. To that, Snitsky beats down Val Venis. Snitsky is a huge dude, but I wish they’d do something with Val. He’s not that bad of a wrestler. The KC crowd kept chanting “Baby Killer!” to Snitsky though, which was entertaining.

Up next was my favorite segment of the night. I know I hype up Ric Flair too much in here, but he’s simply the man. He comes out in his pimp suit and cuts an awesome promo on how Randy Orton is called The Legend Killer. He names off people that Orton has beaten and calls them greats, but Flair claims himself the only Legend. He shoots down Bret Hart, Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, and hometown legend Harley Race. Orton comes down and does a nice job himself. He admits that Flair is The Man, but he says it’s sad how he’s came to be today, as he does just what HHH tells him. Orton’s little cocky arm stretch thing gets me everytime. Orton claims to have grown up practicing the Ric Flair Strut, as we all have, but today while I was working out, I had to practice my Orton cockiness.

I won’t bother talking about some matches in the middle, Eugene, nor the Diva Party for Christy Hemme. The main event was Orton taking on Evolution member Batista. HHH comes down to help Batista, but Orton gains control. Playing on what Orton told Flair earlier about how he does what HHH says, Flair didn’t come out till the end of the match. As HHH was going to bust Orton with the chair, Flair takes it out of his hand making some think he’s going to crack HHH, but he’s the dirtiest player in the game. He takes the chair and wails away on Orton himself. Batista hits a Batista Bomb for the win in this No DQ Match and Evolution taunts him to end the show. I’ll let JR take us away with the ending, with his exact words:

So much for the crack in Evolution’s armor that we thought we might be seeing here tonight. Orton has got to win this match! Orton has got to win this match! To get to Taboo Tuesday! For the chance to meet the Champion! God Almighty! What the hell? Has Flair going crazy? Has Flair lost his mind? Is The Game so desperate to hold onto that World Title? Thanks to this no disqualification setup, Orton has been... The Legend standing on The Legend Killer! Orton has been eliminated from Taboo Tuesday’s World Title consideration. I thought Flair had come to his senses. Ugh! I can’t believe this! Flair snapped, The Game, he’s cracking for Taboo Tuesday. I thought Flair had come to his senses. But Randy is out of the running. Randy Orton cannot wrestle for the World Title at Taboo Tuesday thanks to Evolution! What in the hell is Flair thinking?

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hey Preppie

Since we last spoke, I should have enough to fill some reading time for you all. I last left off with some RAW and Real World talk. I won’t jump right into Wednesday’s TV action yet, as I’m not sure you’re ready for it. As far as what is coming up next week, nothing crazy out of the ordinary, but we’re due for another WWE Pay Per View on October 3rd, which is SmackDown’s No Mercy.

I did something today I rarely do. I ended up going to a wedding of a buddy of ours. The wedding started at 12:30 and we didn’t get to eat at the reception until a bit after 4:30. So it was brutal times as far as waiting goes. The thing I liked about the reception is that when they announced the bride (our buddy) and the groom, the chick came out to Notre Dame’s Fight Song. Does it get much better than that? Also, at the program at the wedding itself, the back of it said “Go Irish”. I hope to sneak something like that in my wedding, but that is years and years away. I may have my groomsmen wear Celtics jerseys and the chicks can wear Celtics skirts. Fear.

Now to Wednesday night. As I wrote in an earlier Blog, I said that I was going to watch the new season of The Bachelor. I know you’re thinking, what in the world has gotten into me? I’m not sure I can answer that one either, but at least I’m man enough (although I’m sure watching this makes me less manly) to admit I watch. The setup for this year’s edition? They have not one, but two bachelors. BOFTH! They also start the show out with 25 chicks. Each guy gets to meet with the girls and after the meetings, each girl votes which guy she wants to keep for the duration of the show.

A quick preview of each bachelor? Both bachelors are 40 years old, which is weird. More on the age thing later. First, we have Byron. He’s a pro fisherman who has been divorced once. He’s not big on younger girls as he said he’ll cut them off. We’ll see though. Next we have Jay, who is decked out with gray hair. At least he has hair at age 40, so not too shabby I guess. He’s an entrepreneur or so they say and used to own his own computer networking company. Now he’s in the real estate business in New York. He went to prep school as a kid, so we’ll call him Preppie, just as Slater would call the infamous Zack Morris. I can’t really judge dudes, but I was rooting for Jay to win this thing. Byron ends up winning though, so Jay is now sitting at home, updating Blogs like the rest of us, while Byron has a mansion full of dirties to pick from.

Now to the chicks. I’ll call this year’s series: The Bachelor – In Search Of MILF. You know what a MILF is anyways, so I’m not breaking down any stories about that. The youngest chick of the bunch is 27 and the oldest is 39. I feel old enough, but it’s funny that none of the girls are younger than me. I’ll go on a little rant about a girl named Krysta. She’s 28 and straight up says she’s all about the money. Her purpose on the show is to start drama. Although it makes for great TV, as we all like some head busting, she’s not the kind of drama that I like watching. Hopefully before the show is over, the rest of the house jumps this girl and leaves her laying, Evolution style. After that comment, I realize I’m too caught up in this show already. Just shoot me now.

I have an idea to spice up The Bachelor though. We’re always getting these rich people who are spoiled. Here’s one you can try next time if you want some ratings. In fact, I’ll give you two options. One is that you can pick a cast of gangsta thugs and have them go at it. That’d be some high drama there and you wouldn’t know what to expect. The other route you can go is to pick a group of white trash folks and let them go at it. You’re telling me you wouldn’t watch either of those? Since half of this stuff is probably rigged anyways, they should just throw in a few random people like this one each season with their goal to make everybody else’s life miserable.

The past two days last week at work I had a totally opposite set. On Thursday, I was with 12th Grade kids and then on Friday I had 6th Grade. You don’t realize how tiny these 6th Grade kids are until you had some older kids the day before. They can’t stay still that well either, but that’s expected with the little ones. I don’t mind the young ones, but I prefer the older ones, it’s more laid back too with that level.

Three wins in a row for my Irish. We’ve had a streak of at least three wins in a row in every single season since 1969. Crazy stat there. We just beat Washington 38-3. We were up 31-3 at halftime and were rolling. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see that part of the game since I sacrificed Irish time for the wedding, doh! We’re now 3-1 on the season after opening up the year with a crushing loss to BYU. We have two more home games in a row, Purdue and Stanford, so hopefully we come strong in that series. Top 25 for sure after this game, even if Washington is a bunch of winless bums.

In the world of cards, ESPN ran the World Series Of Poker Tournament Of Champions earlier in the week. This featured the Top 10 in the world supposedly and they battled it out in Texas Hold Em. I’ve talked about this in Lobstah before, but I guess you’ll get a double dose if you’re a fan of Lobstah. Kind of like a double scoop of ice cream if you will. I’ll post the 10 members of this tourney, just as I did in Lobstah:

Doyle Brunson: 76 & 77 WSOP Winner; Mentioned in Rounders
Jonny Chan: 87 & 88 WSOP Winner; Mentioned in Rounders
Howard Lederer: dubbed The Professor and takes his game seriously
Phil Helmuth: 89 WSOP Winner; big loudmouth, but funny
Annie Duke: Lederer's Sister
Phil Ivey: Young thug who gets some respect; don't know much about his history though
Chip Reese: The best in stakes games; supposedly won the most money ever playing Poker
TJ Cloutier: Another old timer and played in a Rose Bowl in the 1950s
Daniel Negreanu: 2004 WSOP Player Of The Year
Greg Raymer: 2004 WSOP Winner

Through all of this, they showed all 3 hours on TV. The final two to do battle were Annie Duke and Phil Helmuth. They were playing for $2 million and I love how they just stack all of the money right on the table for them to ooze machismo over. At the end, Duke takes Helmuth out. The best part of it was that Helmuth took a fit. He was back in the hall kicking the walls and saying how rough it was. I guess he couldn’t handle being beat by a chick, but she’s no slouch, as she learned from her bro.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

And Orton Beats Flair With The RKO!

This may be my favorite Blog of the week to type up. I’m actually typing this one as I didn’t waste time at work today writing one out. Funny thing is that I had a whopping 4 kids all day long. Talk about having it rough, hah. I’ll tell more about an incident that went on at work today at the end of the Blog. Since I write a lot of Wednesday posts, or will now often with Real World ending the night before and the RAW Recap from Monday, I’m looking for a title of this day’s piece of work on a regular basis. Like a recurring theme here.

RAW greeted us from the scenic area of Tucson, Arizona. I’m not sure how scenic it is actually, but RAW was held there, so it didn’t matter to me. Vince made his “big” announcement this week to shock the world. Or so I thought anyways, but it’s not that huge to me. I guess if you’re a hardcore wrestling fan and read up on the news, nothing should surprise you, but this one dealt with Taboo Tuesday. What’s that one? It’s a Pay Per View they’re running on October 19th for the fans. The fans have the ability to choose who Triple H has to defend his World Title against, as well as many other matches the fans get to pick from. I can’t wait to laugh at the buyrate this PPV gets as it’s going to be awful. WWE can’t get a huge PPV following anymore for their Sunday PPVs, let alone one on a Tuesday night. I’ve not missed a WWE PPV since 1997 and I’m not considering this one. It’s possible if they charge $20, but not if they’re charging $35 like normal. And that’s on Real World night, ouch. The end of the RAW Diva Search happened on Monday too. Not that anyone cares, but Carmella lost and Christy Hemme ended up winning. You can check out this crazy red headed chick’s site at: http://www.christyhemme.com. Carmella got into some legal problems and I think that’s the reason she didn’t win. Maybe it wasn’t rigged after all, but who knows. I do know that my boy TheFreak is happy about this selection.

What else went down in Tucson that is worth talking about? Good God the baby didn’t make it! Kane did a great acting scene here as we find out that Lita and Kane’s baby didn’t make it after last week’s hit she took when Snitsky pushed Kane into Lita. The best part of this entire segment after Kane busted up the place and went psycho is that they didn’t let Lita say one word. Brilliant. Make her know her role as the worst actor evarrr. HBK and Jericho battled in a nice one until Captain Charisma Christian and his lackey Tomko beat both of them down to a No Contest, ugh. Our main event was Evolution taking on Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, and Shelton Benjamin in a 6 Man Tag Match. Orton wins with a RKO on Flair, who did two fall-flat-on-his-face moves this match, which makes it worth it for me. In what is becoming a favorite section of my RAW edition of the Blog, I’ll let JR take us to the end of RAW:

Wait a minute! Orton tagged himself! Randy Orton tagged himself in! Orton made the tag! The Dropkick! There goes the Animal! And there goes the World Champion! Orton is now on fire here! Orton was knocked out! RKO! The RKO! The RKO! And Orton beats Flair with the RKO! This match ended just exactly as Randy Orton said it would! With three letters ladies and gentlemen! Don’t forget em! R! K! O!

Real World this week? Pathetic. Are we going to have some real drama storylines in this season yet? I haven’t given up hope and I’ll watch till the end, but so far it hasn’t stacked up to past years. This week featured two plotlines. One was Big Willie Style and how he brings over the entire gay community to hang in the house. This freaks out MJ and Landon for whatever that is worth. I still love how MJ thinks Nashville is so tiny. Give me a break dude. Step foot in Shinnston and see how big Nashville is to you then. It’s like a culture shock for me to go to Philly, but I love the town. Our other notion dealt with Dirty Sarah buying a pair of $140 jeans. This has Mel blabbing to the whole house on what Sarah spent. Sarah gets all worked up over this and confronts Mel and says she shouldn’t have made a big deal out of it since it’s her own money and she can do what she wants. What’s up with girls crying over meaningless junk? If Karamo wasn’t gay, he’d gangsta stroll in there and pimp slap them across their face. Which leads us to next week. Karamo in cuffs! No, not cuffed up with his gay buddies, but the po-po apparently arrests him and MJ cusses him over something. Karamo gets in his face and plays the race card by asking MJ how many times cops have asked him if he’s carrying a gun. I’m sure they’re hyping it up into something bigger than it is, but I guess that’s why we have to tune in next week.

Yesterday it was Tiger time! For what has been hyped about in here for weeks, I got Tiger Woods 2005 for GameCube. It’s already worth the price of admission and different than last season’s to an extent. The graphics are much more smooth as far as menus and the like goes. The options are setup better in this year’s version as to how you play the Legend Tour and things of that nature. In this one you get Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Justin Timberlake for some strange reason, and many others. My complaint is with the soundtrack to this year’s game. It’s nonexistent. You get Outkast opening thangs up for the theme, but during game play, everything is soft and instrumental. That’s the only thing I can complain about so far. I’m hooked as much as I have been for the past few Tiger games that have came out and you need to hop on board this madness. I could write a bunch on this game, but there’s two reasons why I won’t. One is that most of you could care less about this game and secondly is that I have to go play it here in a few minutes, so I can’t waste valuable tee time.

It’s time for another CD update. I’ve been loading up my buddies good with CDs lately, so if you would like to trade or find something you like, get back with me. Since the last time we talked, these are my newest additions:

E-40: The Mail Man (E-40’s second CD that features the song that put him on the map, Captain Save A Hoe)

Hollow Tip: Mercenary Life (Sacramento rapper who has some really good lyrics. If you’re into the Bay Area/Cali rap, this one is for you.)

Mr. Kee: The One (Yet more Bay Area rap here. To me, there’s no such thing as bad Bay Area rap. It’s easily my favorite genre of rap.)

Pitch Black: Pitch Black Law (NY rappers who I’ve seen in concert before. I couldn’t tell how good they were in person at the time since they just screaming around, but the CD sounds pretty good.)

Royce Da 5’9”: M.I.C. Make It Count (Former buddy of Eminem and D12, who now trashes them, this Detroit rapper has another one out and it’s slated for stores on October 26th. This dude can flow and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, so check out his stuff if you’ve never had the chance.)

Trapper The Rapper: Man Of The House (I liked the name of this one when I saw it and figured he was worthy of my collection. Sad that we get so greedy that we download rap that we don’t even know of, but that broadens the horizons and internet chat about the underground scene is what gets many low budget guys started.)

I’ll end on a story of this kid I had in class today. I had the BD (Behavior Disorder) group today at a local middle school. Everyone freaks out because they have the impression that these kids are so out of control, but I find it opposite. They’re so used to teachers and everyone cussing them all of their school time, no wonder they have discipline problems. They don’t around me anyways as they basically just need some attention and some guidance. Anyways, this one dude today was great all day and then something nuts happened. He went to a teacher I was with and said he was hearing voices in his head. He went to the bathroom to straighten things out. How’d he do that? By bashing his head against the wall repeatedly. Not easy either, like ECW hardcore style against a steel chair. Kid was in there talking to these voices. The bathroom for this group is in the actual room, so I got to be part of that. No, not part of the bathroom, but hearing the dude go crazy. The counselor had to come down and fix him up. After that, he was back to normal. See what you guys miss out on? It was interesting to say the least.

I’m talking to my girl Tata right now and I think I may have to give in and watch The Bachelor tonight. Wednesday nights are usually rough for me as far as TV goes (until NBA season anyways) and with the season premiere starting tonight, I may just hop on this trainwreck. It has to have drama, so that always equals good TV. Yeah, I know I’m weird. I listen to hardcore Bay Area rap and then watch The Bachelor for fun. What a combo. At least I admit it.

Rapper: E-40 -- Song: Captain Save A Hoe -- Album: The Mail Man

Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane
What's that niggas name?
Captain Save A Hoe mane
More faster than a speeding bullet
To put on his cape and scared
I put the fake the fake the funk the funk
To me that's not the way to do it
Captain Muthafuckin' Save A Hoe game to me
Flexin just like a little ol' bitch
All up in front of my company
Had to check his ass with an ear check dump and pumpin'
Talkin' to him while I'm beatin' his ass
Pumpin' fear talkin' bout nigga you gone retrospect somethin here

Monday, September 20, 2004

The Frozen Tundra Of Lambeau Field

Let’s start this week off right. Weekend posts are usually fairly easy to come up with since a lot of action goes down. If you’re not a sports fan, you probably don’t like these posts, but then again, most of my Blog action deals with sports, so if you’re been reading all along, I have you hooked already. I’m actually off work today and that hasn’t happened in a while. The bad part is that I have absolutely nothing to do on my off day. I don’t have to workout or anything of that nature and other than that, I really don’t want to go somewhere and blow more money. I may just sit around and finally get to watching Rounders. Yes, I know it’s a sin that I haven’t seen this movie before, but I’ll get to it sooner or later.

I’m in such a coma right now that I just typed up this big thing about my high school football team. Considering I did that in the last Blog, I guess I need to delete that, ugh. I will give one little stat from the team we played though. We played Lewis County, a Triple A team and my crew is Double A. It should be a nice win to beat someone in a higher class, but this wasn’t anything to brag about. Lewis supposedly only had 20 kids dressed for their team a few weeks ago. It’s the only team in their entire county and they have 20 kids on their football team? As Kasher would say about the USA teams in the Olympics or Ryder Cup, for shame!

Time for a quick Notre Dame update. Since my buddies around this area will give you the West Virginia football report, I’ll stick to my crew. There hasn’t been many rumblings this year between ND and WVU fans, so that’s kind of surprising. I thought WVU fans would be trash talking me big time since they’re predicted to win the title. Then again, my close buddies that are WVU fans don’t usually go that route, so I won’t say anything bad about WVU football today. I still don’t root for them, but I don’t think my hatred for them (the team, not my boys) is what it was for say.. 5-10 years ago. A road trip for my Irish this weekend, as we were on ESPN in a night game against Michigan State. Michigan State had 6 turnovers, so we should’ve rolled huge. Well, we ended up winning 31-24 and MSU made a nice comeback in the 2nd half. Still, the Irish got the win. The most important thing and I’ve said it before, is that we have a stud in the making, true freshman running back, Darius Walker. He’s already taken the job away (for the most part) from Ryan Grant, who is no slouch in his game either, being a 1000 yard guy last season. We’re still not in the Top 25, ugh. We’re 26th in the AP Poll, while 29th in the USA Today Poll. Up next is three straight home games against Washington, Purdue, and Stanford. Hopefully we can prove some people wrong (I was a doubter myself), but if we stick with the running game, we may be ok this season.

I was also a doubter of Bernard Hopkins beating Oscar De La Hoya on Saturday night. I had a chance to watch it, but I chose to watch the Notre Dame game instead. If I would’ve left immediately after the ND game and went to watch the fight, I would’ve been cutting it close, so I didn’t take a chance. Besides, like I said in Lobstah, if I’m paying money for a Pay Per View, I want to watch the entire thing, even if I’m pitching in with other people. I went to Undernet’s #boxing to catch a nice live feed of the fight. Reports had it as a nice match with the scores pretty much dead-on through 8 rounds. Then that’s when it all imploded. Down goes Oscar in the 9th! With what you ask? A gut shot! You don’t see that often in boxing and a lot of people don’t give credit to going to the body as much. They look for the head shot to put the dude to sleep, but the body can slow the dude down a lot. It’s weird though seeing a guy like De La Hoya who has abs of steel go down with the ab shot. Shows that it can hurt to anyone, especially if you’re caught with something mean right under the ribs. He was down for like a minute after this shot too, which is impressive. Is Hopkins a legend? That’s tough to say. He really hasn’t faced many “greats” over his span, but that’s not totally his fault. Dude is 39 years old, looks like a crackhead (if you couldn't already tell by his pic there), but gets the job done. I was sick and tired of people not saying that Hopkins was old all week, yet they said that De La Hoya is. What? Oscar is 8 years younger. Props to Hopkins though, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of De La Hoya in a major classic-level fight.

Da Bears! We played the Packers in Green Bay. We were 8 point underdogs according to the bookies. Being a fan of the Bears, I didn’t even give us a chance of hope to beat the Pack, who is my Super Bowl pick this year. That pick isn’t looking great now though, but who knows. Anyways, you best represent! From the FROZEN TUNDRA OF LAMBEAU FIELD, the Bears put the Pack away, 21-10. Our new coach Lovie Smith, in the offseason, said that his main goal was to beat the Pack and he’s already done that. At that time, he said he knew how to beat them, so I guess he was right. We play Moss next week in Minnesota. They better give some love to Thomas Jones though, as he had a whopping 159 total yards for my Bears.

Here’s more food recommendations. As I’ve said before, Dairy Queen has the best burgers out there in my opinion and they don’t get any respect for this. If you’re into DQ burgers or even if you’re not, you need to try the new FlameThrower. I had to check the website to see what was all on it. I’ll let the website give us the description: “Made with two all-American, all-beef patties, whole leaf lettuce and tomato, and topped with zesty jalapeƱo bacon, spicy Pepper Jack cheese and tangy Tabasco Chipotle mayonnaise to create an extra zing.” This thing is pretty hot actually if you’re into that type of thing. It’s big too, so it’ll fill up most normal people.

I’ve been on a roll lately by downloading CDs. I ended up getting three more yesterday. What’d I load up on? AZ’s Final Call, The Alchemist’s 1st Infantry, and Lil Romeo’s RomeoLand. If you like the New York scene, you’ll be into AZ’s stuff from this Brooklyn cat. This is the first CD of his I’ve gotten before for some reason, but I’ve heard his stuff. Nas really looks up to him and AZ helped Nas get his start. If you get some of his older CDs, you’ll see Nas on a lot of it. The Alchemist I’m not sure what I’m getting here, but I saw the track list and it’s loaded up with quality. It may be a mixtape of sorts, but here’s a list of who all is on this CD: Styles P, Lloyd Banks, Devin The Dude, Mobb Deep, Nina Sky, Dilated Peoples, Sheek Louch, B-Real, Nas, T.I., and a lot more. It can’t be bad with those names can it can it? We’ll see. Of course, we get these all before the stores do, so not too shabby. The last is Lil Romeo’s new one. Since Romeo is still a kid, this isn’t gangsta rap or anything of that nature, but it gives you a good vibe. It’s not as childish as you’re thinking, but it’s a decent CD actually. His Dad is on it of course and he gives out a lot of shout outs to the New No Limit. It’s probably the same thing anyways from the old, but hard to tell. I figure I’ll download more today. Nothing else going on.

It should get interesting with tonight’s episode of RAW. As noted before, Vince McMahon is set to announce something huge. I just hope it’s not something stupid and really is something big. The only match announced is a nice 6-Man Tag featuring Evolution taking on Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, and Mr. Benjamin. If you promise something big, you better deliver. Especially to wrestling fans who have been here before. The surprise factor is what gets wrestling going good and with the downfall it’s seeing in ratings at the moment, it’s due for some kind of boost. The hot point of wrestling was probably in the 96-98 era. In that time, you had the prime of nWo, DeGeneration X (my favorite stable of all time), Austin carrying the WWF on his shoulders, ECW doing their thing, two shows to flip to on Monday nights, and much more. It was kind of a fad then. Everyone and their brother was a wrestling fan and you could go anywhere and strike up a wrestling conversation. Now flip to 2004, and I realize we’re a lot older now, but it’s very rare to see some true wrestling fans in my area at least. Out of my crew, they all used to watch, but I’m the only one now that is still a diehard fan. 25 years old and one of my favorite things to do is watch wrestling? Yeah, I admit it. I’ve grown up with it forever, so no point of staying away now, especially if I like it. I always say it’s a soap opera for guys.

Tonight brings upon a nice Monday Night Football matchup. The way I look at it, I see enough football during the weekends. It’s strictly wrestling time on Monday night for me. After RAW is over, I’ll flip to the game, but only after wrestling is over. We have tonight’s battle with Minnesota and Philly, Moss against TO, Culpepper facing McNabb. Moss goes on record to saying he’s far and away the best receiver and usually TO isn’t afraid to run his mouth off, stayed quiet after these remarks. Does that mean TO wants to show his mouth on the field by his game instead? I still say Moss is in a class of his own as far as receivers go. I’d put Starvin Marvin Harrison at #2 right now, with TO #3. Harrison’s stats are unbelievable. He’ll go down as one of these Karl Malone/Kevin McHale/Hank Aaron types of players who were greats, but I feel as if they didn’t get enough credit for what they achieved, even though they’re Hall Of Famers, getting the underrated effect.

I’ll end up this piece by leaving you with a little Crime Mob:

Group: Crime Mob -- Song: Knuck If You Buck -- Album: Knuck If You Buck

Well I'ma gat totin' pistol holdin'
Nigga on yo damn street
Stompin jumpin bumpin
And we krunck off in this damn thing
Throwin dem bows up at deez hoes
They screamin they bleedin from they nose
But we start to swing we makin niggaz hit the flo'
Ain't no game off in this thang
We be deep off yo party
Crime mob niggaz gettin started
And we niggaz be the hardest
So if a nigga come and run his mouth just like ho
Punch 'em dead up in his nose
And stomp his ass down to the flo'

Knuck if you buck boy [repeat 10x]
Knuck if you buck
Knuck if you buck
Knuck if you buck
Kn Kn Kn Kn Kn Kn
Knuck if you buck boy

Saturday, September 18, 2004

East Side Heavy Hitter

I’ll start this one off with how Cork Dizzle did his the other day. Sway Dizzle has nothing on Cork Dizzle by the way. Anyways, props to everybody who has been filling up the comment box. It’s getting some HUGE action in there and the Blog servers must be ready to blow up due to the fans that hopped aboard the Madhouse. Again, much appreciated to all who take part. If you want plugs in here, pics of something special, or just anything in general, let me know about it and I’ll see what the engineers behind the scenes at the Madhouse can come up with for you.

How about today (yesterday?) I got to play music teacher at my old high school. Like I know about music? I could teach them about the history of rap music, but that’s about all I’d be able to help those kids with. I could have them sing some Dru Down tunes. Earlier in the week, I subbed at ManDingo’s school as an art teacher. Another thing I have absolutely no talent in. I’ve always been able to write really neat, but I am by far the worst drawer there is. The #basketball guys sure do fear my Yahoo Graffiti skills though. I’m due for some Graffiti action one day though. We’ll have to get some big crews happening for that one.

Speaking of my old high school, we got our first win of the season tonight against some downright bums. Then again, my school is bums too, but a win is a win, so we’ll take them anyway we can when we’re a whopping 0-3. We have probably another game the rest of the year that we can win, but not many other chances. It’s sad times in my town and has been for a long time when it comes to football. I just can’t get into local high school football as far as actually going to the games. I keep up with it a lot, but don’t go to games like I do for basketball.

Speaking of basketball: 45 DAYS TILL NBA OPENING NIGHT!! Now that’s what I’m talking about. If you thought I didn’t have a life during this time of the year you haven’t seen anything yet.

How’d I spend my Friday night? I geared my day around the start of the Red Sox/Yankees Weekend Series from the Boogie Down Bronx. Due to a few rain delays throughout, this game was about 5 hours total in length. I barely moved off of my couch all night during this one as it was so intense. The two rain delays hurt El Duque (who is probably 44 years old in real life, when they say he’s 34), so he was only able to go about 3 innings. That’s when Tanyon Sturtze, best known for the dude who got whipped during the A-Rod/Varitek fight a few months ago, comes in and takes ovahhhhh! 3 innings of 5 strikeout ball when normally he gets rocked. Anyways, the Yankee Stadium crowd gives him a deserving standing ovation. In the end, Mo Rivera blows the game and that ruined my night. I’m ready to bust up the house right about now. Not that I’m scared of the Sox, but just the fact that I sat there for 5 hours to have it end like that. It was still a great game, but obviously not how I wanted it to happen.

I’ve started to recently get chills over a commercial that is out. Yep, that’s right. It’s the new Tiger Woods 2005 game which I’ve been hyping up in here for a while now. Next week I’ll finally be able to get it in my precious hands and it’ll be like I won the lottery or something. I’m pumped just thinking about creating my guy for this season’s issue. More to come on that once I actually start to play the game, either Monday night or Tuesday for sure, depending on when it comes in.

The past few days I loaded up on 10 new CDs that I’ll roll down in this Blog for no apparent reason. The collection grows by the day, so that’s always fun times. It’s interesting to download some guys you don’t know of though out of random, as that can broaden your jamming capabilities. Or that probably shows my greed for CDs online, who knows. Who knew? For example, I didn’t know about Conspiracy Clique or Gangsta O down below, but I’m glad I do now and they’re highly recommended. Also, if you’re into downloading just one song at a time, you need to hit up the collabo featuring Lil Jon, Trick Daddy, and Twista. It’s called Let’s Go and has Ozzy’s Crazy Train as the beat. If you’re tired and listen to this one, you’ll be wide awake in no time after this crunkfest. Let’s goooooooo!

Beanie Sigel: Hung Jury The Mixtape
Conspiracy Clique: Kickin Down Dooz
DTP: Fuck U Mixtape
Gangsta O: Independent Dope
Lil Tweety: The Bad Boy
Master P: Master P & Friends
MC Eiht AKA Tony Smallz: Smoke In Tha City
Skinny G: Texasized
Stev-O: The Unexpected
WC: West Side Heavy Hitter

I haven’t had the chance to listen to each of these yet, but I’ve listened to a good bit so far. Beanie Sigel and DTP’s mixtapes weren’t as good as I expected, but you need to load up on Conspiracy Clique, Gangsta O, and MC Eiht. You definitely can’t go wrong with some WC action, as he brings his C-Walkin ways and comes as hard as ever with this stuff. It’s a mixtape as well and he has some popular beats in this one, such as his rendition of Lean Back, except his is called Beliee Dat as the chorus goes like this:

I talk a lot of shit and be actin up
But nigga, I can back it up, nigga
Beliee Dat!
Beliee Dat!

Or the opening that goes like this:

Stalkin, walkin in my high top Taylors
From the home of the Lakers
But we still claim the Raiders
Keep those 45 blazers for haters
Grew up gang bangin playin Centipede, Space Invaders
Downtown muggin, Crip and Blood we study
It’s this shit and some huggies, bunny hoppin on Huffys
Pendletons, alligator shoes
And ball in junior high school was like I attended gladiator school
And for the low jacks and throwbacks
We pose for the Kodak and go pass the crooked sacks
Bumpin oldies, stylalistics, Escorts
Olde English letters on the back of our sweatshirts
Call one time to roll us
Bumpin Eazy-E on our tape recorders
Better with peachy bowlers
Only the G’s can comprehend what I’m speakin
Dub-C muthafucka I’m the Last Mohigan, nigga

Why I typed that out myself, I have no clue. Takes a while to get lyrics of something that isn’t already posted on the web somewhere. You get more bang for your buck here in the Madhouse, so I hope you like that dose. Since I’m talking about music, I’ll admit I’ve changed in the opposite direction of my thoughts on Alicia Keys. Not her singing, but her looks anyways. I used to think she was a dirty because she did some funky stuff to her hair years ago, but now she’s smoking, or at least I like.

A quick prediction on the big boxing rumble tonight. Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins takes on Oscar “The Golden Boy” De La Hoya in a Middleweight Title Match for Hopkins’ gold. Hopkins is a 2:1 favorite, but I’m still picking Oscar to take this one in decision. Oscar usually comes up big in matches that he’s against the wall with. Hopkins does have the size and power to take Oscar out early though, but I think Oscar is a smarter boxer than that now, plus Hopkins’ 39-year old age has to catch up with him sooner or later. I can’t get enough of Hopkins’ interviews though. Dude is a straight up crackhead, but he’s funny.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

"You're Fired!"

The day after Unforgiven, we journey from Portland to Seattle. Seattle was the site of RAW, but the question that needs to be asked is whether the bad show from Sunday could be improved upon. The show opens up with a party from Triple H, with a huge lifesize cake in the ring. The ring is full of girls that Flair brought for HHH. They go to open the cake and Randy Orton dives out of it with a Crossbody. HHH gets thrown into the cake and Orton gets the last laugh.

During the RAW Diva Search segment, Vince comes out. In my opinion, Vince is the best actor in the company. He even does it better than Flair in that category if you ask me. He comes out and threatens Coach with the classic, “You’re fiiiiirreeddd!” Vince then says he has a major announcement for next week’s show, so stay tuned. The 10:00 main event was a nice tag bout with Jericho and HBK joining forces against Christian and Tyson Tomko, The Problem Solver. You can’t go wrong with Y2J and HBK together. Our main event finale wasn’t really a match. It was Evolution in a Handicap Match versus Randy Orton. The point of this match was to bring back Shelton Benjamin, otherwise known as Mr. Benjamin. This then brings out Chris Benoit to help Orton and Benjamin beat down Evolution to end the show. I’ll let JR tell you how it went exactly:

RKO by Randy Orton! Randy Orton survived this much to the chagrin of Triple H and Evolution! Bischoff had it all setup to serve Randy Orton on a platter but it didn’t happen that way King. It didn’t happen tonight! Triple H stole the World Title at Unforgiven! But based on what we’ve seen here tonight it is Randy Orton’s destiny to regain the Heavyweight Championship of the World!

The season finale of the World Series Of Poker went down last night. It wasn’t live, but the broadcast was live if that makes sense. I’ve never been a card player, but over the past few years that they’ve shown the Texas Hold Em tourney on TV, it has me hooked. I still don’t play for any money, but I’ve played a bunch online and it’s pretty addicting stuff and I’m catching on fairly quick. ESPN did a great job of making stars out of some of these amateurs and it had you compelled to see how they would play each hand. The winner this year was Fossil Man Greg Raymer, who took home $5 million buck-a-roos.

Week 2 of Real World Philly happened last night as well. I am disappointed that no major drama happened in this episode. The show focused on four people with similar storylines. The first has MJ and Sarah. Sarah, the resident slut, has been trying to hook up with MJ. During this show, MJ calls up his chick from back home and says it is basically over. It went well, but MJ was worried that he’d end up cheating on his girl, so he was honest with her and told her his situation. That’s a stand up guy there. Nothing bugs me more in relationships than people cheating. Well, the thought of it anyways since I’ve never been part of that personally. I know I couldn’t for my part do that to someone. I’d rather have the chick tell me to beat the trail if she’s going to cheat on me. It could be roid rage time if that position backfired. I’m calm 99% of the time except for playing sports. I got on a tangent. What was I talking about?

Anyways, Sarah keeps trying to get some off of MJ, but gets shot down. Not 2Pac style, but you know how we roll. I’m sure she’ll get it eventually, but not quite yet. Then she turns into a drama queen and freaks out because MJ gets a hot girl at a bar and didn’t do anything with her (Sarah). Let’s move on to our next incident. Shavonda calls her man up and ends that partnership. Landon steps in and tries to get his pimp on. He’s flowing good until he gets into the liquor and that turns her off. I’m the same way with a chick, but then again, I’m weird. Most guys couldn’t wait to get a drunk chick because they’d take advantage of them, but that’s a huge turnoff to me. Landon goes on to say in the confessional room that he loves Shavonda, or as they call her on the show, Vonda. That brings upon the infamous MJ Face (which The Bootyologist DerekHood put into BSG’s Pantheon of Faces) and he’s like, “You LOVE her?!” That was my favorite part of this week’s show. These two will also hook up in the near future. Not Landon and MJ, although I wouldn’t put it past this house since they have two gay guys already, but Landon and Vonda. Get your minds out of the gutter, people! My mind is always in that direction, so I guess I’m a lost cause. Then again, I’m the same guy who still laughs at immature/middle school jokes. I have to bite my tongue a lot at work when I see kids doing what I used to. I want to roll laughing, but can’t.

Once again, I’m writing this out by hand at work since I have too much time on my hands. In a strange way, I like writing my Blogs out by hand when I get the chance. It definitely makes the day go by much faster. Yes, I still type it up when I get home, but with it all written out, it gives me more time to be a bum online. Like I need to spend more time online anyways huh? I wouldn’t have it any other way. The internet 0wnz j00!

On the fantasy football front, in both A#FL and US#FL, I got two huge wins. One was cheap against Rahl as he was unable to update his team due to the hurricanes in Florida. Still, I’m starting out undefeated, so fear. My sleeper pickup that makes me proud is Antonio Gates of the Chargers. Not many guys knew a lot about Gates, so I was about to get him in both leagues late. He starts out the year with a whopping 118 yards on 8 catches. That’s from a tight end and not to mention I have both Tony Gonzalez and Gates in USFL. I can only start one tight end in that league, so I hope that’s not a problem. Then again, Gages may or may not have a great season, but I like my chances. My Bears got beat to open the year, but at least the fantasy side of things is mean so far. The next update more than likely will be late Friday night. Let me know what you think about that dose of gangsta Blog love.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Back To The Barbershop

It’s time yet again for an update with my barber. Yes, I know it seems like I get my haircut all the time. I probably go every 3 or 4 weeks on the average. This trip was a pretty good one as it was the day after my old high school got beat by a Single A team in football. As usual, he had ways to fix our team. It’s the best going after we lose that week because he’ll be all kinds of… you guessed it, FIRED UP. Not only did he give his theory on high school football, we got to talking about college football and betting. This is another topic that gets him going. I asked him about his bets that day, knowing what his reaction would be. He acts like he is finished betting, but we all know better. He brings this one along, “Fuck those games! Those motherfuckers!” After that, it was Notre Dame chat, when the biggest Irish fan in the area walks in (Paulie Ayers for the locals). Of course, me and Paulie always find someway to talk about Notre Dame when we see each other in town or when I work at the school he teaches at. A few hours to go (at that point) until the epic Michigan/Notre Dame game and we both thought Notre Dame would get rolled…

That will be my lead-in to the game itself. The spread on this game was Michigan favored by 14. The good thing was that it was in South Bend, Indiana. Our main running back, Ryan Grant, was back in action after messing up his hamstring. Ironically, he wasn’t our feature back this day. Enter Darius Walker, the man who broke Hershel Walker’s high school records in Georgia, the Dirty South. And did I mention he is a freshman? This kid reminded me of older Notre Dame teams, led by the run. On a side note, he simply dominates in NCAA 2005 for the video game fans taking notes. We strayed a bit from the West Coast Offense. Ty Willingham is a heck of a coach, but how I long for the option days of Lou Holtz. That’s easy to say now though when we are losing every year. Yet we didn’t lose this week. The one team I want to beat each year, Michigan, went down 28-20. We still are not a good team, but it feels nice to beat a Top 10 team, a hated rival, anyway you can get it.

Towards the end of the game, I went to eat at probably my favorite place in the area, Minard’s, in the mean streets of Clarksburg. I tried a new dish called Pasta Rockefeller. What is this combination? Pasta (imagine that!), spinach, scallops, along with olive oil go into this beast. If you’re into garlic loaded Tally food, this is for you. I’ll definitely get this one again for sure. In fact, I’m craving some right now, doh!

Sunday creeps in on us. Or as Bone Thugs N Harmony would say back in the day, Creepin On Ah Come Up. This is the true opening of NFL games, even if we had a game on Thursday as well as Saturday. My Bears played a division foe in the Lions. Both of these teams are brutal bottom feeders. Here’s a stat to munch on: The Lions come into Chicago by losing 24 straight road games. 24! That is a total disgrace. With that, I should be feeling safe about this matchup. As college football analyst Lee Corso would say, “NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!” Yes, we got rocked by the Lions, ending their road loss streak. Great, just wonderful. The final was 20-16. We had the ball inside the 10 yard line with less than 30 seconds left and blew it. The only bright spot was that my boy Thomas Jones had a nice debut as our starting running back.

While reading my girl Jenn Jenn’s latest Blog entry, I’m saddened by the amount of girls who aren’t big sports fans. This is true in my area at least, not sure about yours. Jenn is big into football this year, which impresses me a great deal. If you’re a hardcore sports fan and a girl, where have you been all my life? As Don West would famously say, “GEM MINT 10’S DO NOT EXIST!” In Shinnston they sure don’t anyways. And if you’re a Celtics fan, I may just marry you on the spot.

Time to end up with WWE Unforgiven. Cork and Spank come over to take part in the festivities. Before the wrestling talk, here’s one last football note. Cork (Dolphins fan), Spank (Bills fan), and me (Bears fan) all lost this week in NFL action. The funny thing, or maybe sad, is that my Bears scored the most this week out of our teams (Dolphins: 7, Bills: 10, Bears: 16).

Unforgiven was not a great Pay Per View. It wasn’t horrible, but I personally only liked two matches on the card. One of those was the opener, Chris Benoit and Steven Regal against Ric Flair and Batista. Flair is pure entertainment. For being an old man, you know exactly what moves he will do, but he’s still the man. Our favorite is easily when he’s getting rocked, wobbles in the middle of the ring for a good 5 seconds, then falls flat on his face. It never gets old. That alone, with Flair involved, is worth it. Benoit makes Flair tap out with the Crossface. The other match I enjoyed was the Intercontinental Title Ladder Match, Jericho versus Christian. This wasn’t a 5-star Ladder Match, but nonetheless a good one. Jericho ends up winning but a part the three of us liked is when King and JR overemphasize injuries. During this match alone, they say we have lacerations on the arm, compressed vertebrae, ladder shot between the eyes, as well as groin mangulations. HBK made a nice return against Kane, doing his signature moves, and bleeding like a pig. In the main event, which could’ve been better, Triple H returns to form by getting his title back from Randy Orton with the help of Evolution. A shady ending disappointed many. The next Pay Per View? October 3rd, No Mercy, a SmackDown production.

I’m done for now. The next Blog will talk about RAW from Monday, Real World Week 2, and whatever strange happenings goes on in The Madhouse Of Bird33. One.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

"Holla Holla Playa Playa!"

That title, as the great Teddy Long of WWE fame would say..

I’m going to start this thing off with a bet I lost in a major way. I may have talked about it in here before, so for anyone that wanted the update, it finally was accomplished. Since the Atlanta trip, me and Cork had a bet going between two things. I didn’t think he could bench 155 pounds (my weight is why I picked that) one time and also I didn’t think he could throw a baseball 70 miles an hour. As I was getting all buff the other day, or trying my best anyways, Cork pimp strolls into the gym to face the test of strength. I put 155 on the bar and stand on the spot rack to see what the deal was. Cork takes the first rep down, and does he get it? BOOM as John Madden would say. I didn’t know what to think and I totally underestimated Cork’s shredded muscular frame. Anyways, he rips off 3 real easy and racks it. 3?! And I didn’t think he could get one, doh! That’s pretty impressive stuff for a guy who doesn’t lift. Ladies, get a ticket on the Corkscrew right now, because it’ll be full soon!

What about the pitching side of things? We’ve yet to try this one and hopefully will get to one day. While at Turner Field in the ATL (gorgeous stadium by the way), we were going to settle the bet at one of the speed pitch events, but the lines were crazy long, and we didn’t want to miss much of the game for that. I’m sure Cork will prove this one wrong too. These bets were for $1, just something to say we bet on. To sidetrack, I won $1 in the ATL for betting Cork that we wouldn’t get back to the place we had our car at (we rode a bus to the game) by a certain time. I won that one easily, as it took us like 90 minutes to get from the stadium to the sports bar we parked at, which was like 20 minutes away, if that. As for me personally, I know I couldn’t throw a baseball 70 miles an hour. I’ve never been able to throw for speed for some reason. I know if I tried, I’d probably throw out my shoulder or something and MANGULATE it. I say 60 would be pushing it for me, but who knows.

This next story could only happen in West Virginia, unfortunately. While awaiting high school football highlights, I had the local news on. One of the main stories, I kid you not, was how this guy in my area got a DUI on a tractor. Yes, you read that right. This was in Fairmont by the way. No wonder the Dub V gets a bad reputation. That does have me laughing good though. I would’ve loved to have been on scene to watch that in progress. It could’ve been the highest of high comedy right there before my very eyes.

We now move onto high school football since I talked about that in the last paragraph. What in the world is up with my Cougs? My old high school was supposed to make the playoffs this year for the first time in a decade. High hopes were going all over the town. That’s not out of the ordinary, but we fell flat on our faces so far and it appears it’s only going to get worse. How about a nice fat 0-3 start? This week we got beat by a Single A team, ugh. We’re Double A if you were lost. We have no school spirit either. I’m not sure what’s up with this. I’m sure if we won more, it’d happen, but still. Back in the day (not my day because there wasn’t a bunch of spirit then either) everyone was into the games. My school has a big following, but it’s mostly people out of high school already. I hope for the Cougs’ sake, they can salvage the season, but it’s looking pretty grim at this point. Not to mention every other team in the county is off to an unbelievable start. Liberty and Bridgeport lock heads next week in an undefeated battle. I probably do about 75% of my substitute teaching day at Liberty, so props to the kids out there for really playing well early in the season for what was written off as a predicted horrible season. Maybe they got my crew and Liberty’s predictions backwards? Also, Notre Dame can’t be touched on their passing game, Byrd is showing people they don’t need Miguel Lockett, and even South Harrison is creaming people like it’s their job. Just insane madness going on in rugged Harrison County.

I’ll touch another point on high school football. I keep up with the entire state as best as I can with scores. It’s weird because I normally don’t go to many football games in person. Basketball is another story. In the past few years, I’ve went to tons of Cougs basketball games and other teams around the county. Football in my little area really isn’t that competitive. You know what you’re getting, which is kids trying hard, but very very very few ever play at a higher level after high school. Then again, that’s understandable since scouts can go to a huge area and see a handful of Division-I talent just on one team instead of coming here in the middle of nowhere and maybe seeing one great player.

Yesterday (when you read this anyways) I had some mean battles in pong. I played a total of about 30 games. I haven’t played that many games in quite some time, so it was good stuff. I literally get more of a workout playing pong than I would basketball. I played for a good 2½ hours straight, fear. I know the non-pong fans find that hard to believe, but take my word for this one. I was soaking wet, but it was worth it. I even made a few diving attempts which is fun. In a span of the 30 games, I lost only 4 games, so I’ll take that any day of the week and be happy with it. I was bringing the pain, so hopefully the game continues. Or as our boy Good ‘Ol JR would say, THE GAME! The Cerebral Assassin! Unforgiven on Sunday!

I might as well give a quick preview and my predictions for Sunday’s extravaganza. As of now, there are only six matches announced, but there should be a few more over the weekend. The highlight is Triple H going after the gold against his former boy Randy Orton. I’ll go with Orton in this one. We also get the return of HBK! Woooo! HBK takes on Kane in this matchup, which didn’t receive much hype, but I’ll go with HBK to get his revenge. I don’t see a loss for either of these guys helping though, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong, and I’m sure HBK will be able to get something out of Kane that most other wrestlers couldn’t. How about the Ladder Match? I’m straight up crunked up to watch this one as it should be great if all goes right. That’s Jericho taking on Christian, with my pick of the match being Christian. How about the Tag Title Match with La Resistance throwing their belt on the line against the ECW duo of Rhyno and Tajiri? I think the ECW boys are due for the belt, but I’m taking the Frenchies to continue their long run as champs. Regal and Benoit join forces to take on the legendary Ric Flair and Batista. Three of these four are really good ring workers, so I’m excited about this one, even if it’s not getting hype. I look for Benoit to make someone tap here in pain. Lastly, we have Victoria chasing after Trish’s Chick Title. This is about as good as it gets for chick matches, but that’s nothing major. It may be ok, but it won’t blow the roof off the building either. I look for Trish to retain.

Depending on when the next Blog gets whipped into action, it should feature the Unforgiven review, this weekend’s football action, a RAW review, and who knows what else the Madhouse holds? Stay tuned for that one..

We add a new member to Blog Land. Everyone gets hooked into doing this sooner or later. If you don’t have a Blog right now, you need one. You’ll give in eventually one of these days. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Anyways, my girl Jenn steps into the action with a great first post. I’ve talked about her in here before, so now you can experience her world at:

“Jenn Jenn’s Real World”: http://lilraines.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Fear Wal-Mart

Let’s not waste any time here. I’m jumping right to it. Yep, Real World Philadelphia started up last night and I can’t be anymore excited. Yeah, it’s sad that I’m hooked to this show, but at least I admit it and you all know you like it too. We have what should be an interesting crew this year with tons of drama scheduled, at least on the previews, so I hope it delivers. I doubt we match CT or Brad from the past few seasons, but hopefully we can get someone half as good. Right now I’m going to run down each of the roomies in this episode, straight from Philly.

I’m going through these as they were introduced on TV, so that’s why you get this order. First we have MJ, a 23 year old curly haired buff dude who played football at Vanderbilt. He even got some NFL camp tryouts, so he’s no joke as far as that side of things go. He supposedly only likes blonde girls and he’s our resident redneck of the bunch, although not as neck as you’d expect. Next we have Melanie, a 21 year old Education major from Cali. It’s tough to judge these people from one week, but oh well. She’s a blonde with hair way too short for my standards. No drama with her in the first episode, but one of the dudes goes nuts on her next week. Our third person is Karamo. Upon first look, he’s this gangsta thug who is into rap and the like. He very well may be, but he’s also gay. And he’s not fruity gay, he’s a masculine gay if there’s a such a thing. More on this later, but Karamo is 23 and from Houston.

Sarah, 23 and from Tampa, is our porn chick of the bunch. First, she has fake tits. That’s fine by me, no biggie. Not that I’d know anything about them in person, but you know how that goes. Anyways, she’s always talking about how she can’t go without a guy for a few days and on the first day was all over the guys in the house. She had all the guys in the house feel her fake tits, so I’m sure she’ll be major drama. She looks real good, but not my type right off the bat anyways. Maybe she won’t be dirty all year, who knows. Our fifth person is Landon, straight out of thuggish ruggish Wisconsin. He’s another curly haired dude who just got out of a 7-year relationship, dang. Anyways, he’s ready to bust out all over these chicks, and so far is buddies with MJ, so we’ll see what kind of action they get into.

Two more to go. Up next is Shavonda, a 24 year old Hooters working black chick. Mmm.. Now this is good times here. She doesn’t seem to be gangsta, but that’s ok. She’s dating a whitey right now and next week’s preview has her going crazy on him over a phone call. Then from what I could tell (maybe I’m wrong here?) she and Landon hook up in the future. Lastly, we have Big Willie Style. Actually, he’s tiny, and the only style he has to him is being overly gay. So yep, we have two gays in the house, both opposites of their “gayness” I guess. I realize every Real World season has to have the token gay guy, but two? Why not throw in a criminal in there every now and then to mix it up? How about a crackhead? A mute? Snoop Dogg? I guess that adds to the drama, but not the drama that makes for good TV in my opinion. These guys aren’t going to get crazy drunk and make fools of theirselves, rumble, or any of that stuff. Karamo may though, who knows, but MJ tells him how it is next week from the looks of things? I guess I’m just never around gay guys. I don’t have anything against them just as long as they’re not all over each other in front of me. Then again, I don’t like seeing dudes with their chicks all over each other in person, so I guess it goes both ways.

What do we have now? We have two straight guys, two gay guys, two single chicks, and one chick with a man. Yet, MJ has a chick from back home whom he’s been with for two months and he doesn’t want to jeopardize that, but we all know what happens in the Real World. The porn chick will get what she wants off him in the end, he won’t be able to resist. Also, Shavonda looks to be on the outs with her man too, so we’ll see how that one pans out. A few other quick tidbits you want? Hmm… The house is just nuts. This is like a house you see on Cribs or something, not counting Redman’s dump. Huge trees inside the house, their bathrooms are built like NBA locker rooms, pillars everywhere, you name it. The weird part of it is that it’s in Downtown Philly for the most part. What’s up with that? Like right on the main streets, weird. Philly is a great city. I’ve been there twice and really like it. Why not put these people on the outskirts a little? The historic section of town is pimped out and nice to view as a tourist, but that’s not near my favorite part of the area. I doubt they do, but I’d like to see them go through South Philly where it’s all dirty and what you see on TV a lot. It’s ghetto, but I like that area just to say I’ve been through it. Also it’s home to the ECW Arena and Geno’s famous Philly Cheesesteak. Hopefully I’ll make another trip to Philly this year for a NBA game. My ECW trip to Philly in 2000 was my by far my favorite thing I’ve ever done. And being there for an NBA game too last year? That’s about as good as it gets. I’ll spare you some NBA talk in this Blog though, as I’m getting chills thinking about the season, but you’ll get enough of that during basketball season.

I was off work today (Wednesday) and figured I’d do something rather than sit on here for hours at a time. I’ve done enough of that already today as usual, but nothing else to do. Around 1:00 I roll to do some shopping and eating action. I hit up my Chinese place and tear that up like it’s my last meal. Today’s plate consisted of General Tso’s Chicken, Pineapple Chicken, Pork Fried Rice, Lo Mein Noodles, some other kind of noodles, Cheese Wontons, and a piece of watermelon. All for a whopping $5.30. You can’t beat that price with a stick.

Then it was off to Wal-Mart. Why I’m talking about what I bought today I have no clue, but that’s the excitement I can bring you in here. I loaded up big on some blank CDs today. Normally I buy them in packs of 50, but today I went for the 100 pack for $26 or something. I go with Memorex if anyone was wondering. $26 for 100 CDs? Again, you can’t beat that with a stick. In the stores, you’re paying $15 or whatever for a new CD. That’s fine and dandy, but why not just get them for free on here? It’s much easier, plus you can get them way before the stores can if you’re into that type of thing. I know it’s greedy, but if it’s out there, why not? Also at Wal-Mart, I was shopping away, getting some pimp gel for my hair, when out of nowhere this woman walks up. She was probably about 40 or so and for the guys out there wondering, she wasn’t MILF quality, so that was a bummer. Anyways, she looks at me and says, “Has anyone ever told you that you look just like Jeff Gordon?” I was wearing a hat and maybe since we have the same hair color or whatever, who knows? I didn’t know what to say, so I just kind of laughed and told her that I’ve never heard that one before. Made some small talk by saying that I wished I had his money, and whatever else. I found that kind of funny though and maybe you’ll enjoy it too. I crack up when people or even myself get compared to famous people. So far off the top of my head outside of the Gordon thing, I’ve been told over the years that I look like Marc Bulger of the Rams, John Stockton, and Freddie Prinze Jr. I dunno, just going on what some people have told me before, so who knows. Who knew? Who do people say you look like? Let us know.

Afterwards, I roll to Gabriel Brothers. If you’re not in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Ohio, you probably don’t know what Gabes is. I’m sure a couple other states have it, but not many. It’s a cheap outlet store where you can get stuff for mad prices. Usually when I go in there, I go wild buying clothes and hate myself for it. Today I held my own though. I have way too many clothes sadly. I’m like a chick when it comes to that department I think. Anyways, I didn’t go hyper today in there, as I just got two things. Well, three. I like Gabes because you can get pimp pants for real cheap. I got a pair of Sean John (Puff's company) pants today for only $20, so I’ll take that. Then I saw a buff shirt for only $7 or something, plus it was green and white with a collar (pop em) so I had to get it even if I didn’t need it. The third was some socks, but that’s not worth mentioning, but you get it anyways. Then lastly, it was a trip to the mall. Each mall trip wouldn’t feel right without tearing up a Double Doozie cookie from the Cookie Factory or whatever that shop is called. Loaded up with icing, so you can’t go wrong with that. Then it was off to Target to get a few shirts and home. Too exciting for you guys to handle huh?

Since I’ve typed up enough already, I’ll just end by saying that I’m finishing up watching the ace of my fantasy baseball staff, Johan Santana simply destroy the Orioles. Give him the Cy Young already. This is a keeper league I’m in (we keep 5 players) and before the season started, I almost did not keep Santana. Whew, good thing I decided to keep him along. Now he’s a stud. He’s striking out people left and right. Hopefully I didn’t strike out on this Blog. I think it’s at least triple-worthy. Until next time…

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Choking Donkey

Where’s the beef? Due to reading The Boston Sports Guy’s recent article on the year 1984, that slogan is stuck in my head from that time period. I also figured it would be today’s opener to this piece of work. Finding a decent opening it tough, but not quite as tough as finding a topic to suit you all. That’s why you see me giving props to my boys (holla at em) and cuties out there when my mind goes blank. If you ever get the urge to help me out with a topic heading or pictures you’d like to see in here, hit me up in the comment box.

I like to touch all bases in here to have you feasting for more immense information. That’s why I’m about to treat you to a story from the depths of Appalachia. Or as Snoop Dogg would say in the infamous Who Am I:

From the depths of the sea, back to the block
Snoop Doggy Dogg, funky as the, the, The D.O.C
Went solo on that ass, but it's still the same
Long Beach is the spot where I served my cane

This one I will enjoy to tell. An online friend of mine was chatting away as usual, when out of nowhere, BANG! She had to leave the computer for a bit because.. I’m not sure you’re ready for this, but here we go: One of her baby donkeys was outside choking. Needless to say, I was interested already from the get-go. She finally came back online and I wanted updates. You think it is exciting to see a big trade run across ESPN’s ticker at the bottom of the screen. You’ve never had the all important Donkey Update straight out of the farmlands of West Virginia. Anyways, the donkey ended up having a muscle spasm in his neck. Who knows, who knew?! He was able to breathe just fine, so that’s a relief. Then I was told the names of all the donkeys on her land and that was entertaining in itself. I wish I had saved it though. The moral of this story? When you sit online 24/7, and you’re bored to death, you never know when your night can change instantly by the elusive Donkey Update. Consider yourself lucky to be able to know that story. It’s one where words can’t do it justice, it was hilarious.

Now it’s time for the RAW Report. Last night featured not one, but TWO (BOFTH of em!) Cage Matches. Our first was the 10:00 main event with Triple H facing Eugene. What this one marks was HHH leaving Eugene a bloody mess. Good ‘Ol JR was worked up, calling HHH the Cerebral Assassin (one of my favorite wrestling nicknames) about 249 times. At the end of the show, Orton took on Kane. It was labeled a disqualification and HHH runs out to lower the cage. Note, the first part of this match was a regular match. Bischoff urges the ref to restart the match in the cage. Rage in the cage! What I may end up doing each week is to put JR’s exact quotes as RAW ends. That cracks me and my buddies up every single time. This week goes as: “Orton trying to get the hell out of here! Orton is on the steel cage again! Triple H has got him! Triple H has got Orton! Triple H is gonna pull Orton back in! Orton fighting! Fighting for survival here! They’re on top of the cage again! Orton has avoided destruction! Randy Orton has been more cerebral than the Cerebral Assassin! Randy Orton has been more physical tonight than Triple H, King! More dominant! Randy Orton has outplayed The Game! This is Orton’s destiny! To be made the World Champion! This Sunday at Unforgiven!” Unforgiven is this Sunday and it’s a strong card. I won’t bore you with the rest of RAW, but let’s just say that Jericho and Christian have a LADDER MATCH on Sunday! I’m pumped for that one as both of these guys should be able to go good in this type of match. We haven’t had this type of match for a while either, so we’re due. Cork predicted this right on the nose that it’d be a Ladder Match. More on the card later in the week.

I’m sitting here at ManDingo High (most of my sub days are here as they hook me up something proper like). I don’t have access to a login name here for the internet at the school, so I can’t update my Blog online at work. Thus, I have so much time to kill that I’m writing this out by hand (old school baby!). At the moment, I have four kids in my class, I kid you not, no pun intended. I have my planning period for my last class, so I’m done for the day at 1:20. That’s an awesome deal for sure. My kids now had work to do in the computer lab and they’re finished. Since we’re at the end of the hall, nobody bothers us. They’re jamming away, as long as they don’t blast it, it’s cool with me. What do they listen to? One boy has been listening to nothing but Eminem and 2Pac. His buddy next to him is listening to a mixture between some hardcore metal as well as being up on his rap game. Quite the combo indeed. To the other side of the room is two girls listening to JoJo, Nelly, and Usher. I like Usher stuff, but is there a girl of any age who doesn’t like him? Vegas needs odds on that. And if that paragraph is confusing, remember I wrote that down on paper first, so just pretend that I typed it up in class.

On paper, it looks as if I have a bunch written. I hope it’s that way after I type it up, but I doubt it will be. Anyways, my hand is tired, so more to come in a few days. In that edition, I will talk about the new season of Real World and whatever else goes down. One.

Since one of my kids was jamming Eminem and we haven’t heard much Em solo lately since he’s doing D12 stuff, I’ll post the two chorus bits of one of my favorites.

Rapper: Eminem – Song: Marshall Mathers – Album: The Marshall Mathers LP

You see I'm, just Marshall Mathers (Marshall Mathers)
I'm just a regular guy,
I don't know why all the fuss about me (fuss about me)
Nobody ever gave a fuck before,
all they did was doubt me (did was doubt me)
Now everybody wanna run they mouth
and try to take shots at me (take shots at me)

Cause I'm, just Marshall Mathers (Marshall Mathers)
I'm not a wrestler guy,
I'll knock you out if you talk about me (you talk about me)
Come and see me on the streets alone
if you assholes doubt me (assholes doubt me)
And if you wanna run your mouth
then come take your best shot at me (your best shot at me)

Sunday, September 05, 2004

"No Barkin From The Dog, No Smog"

I’m trying to get used to my waking up early schedule during the week and still somehow staying up late on the weekends. After two days of waking up at 6:00, I was only able to stay up Friday night till 3:30 and last night I went to bed around 3:00. Still, not too bad, but I’ll get back into the groove of things by being up crazy late again probably.

I have some good and also some bad to talk about in this feel good edition. First, I’ll start out with the bad. The first true week of college football started this week. Most of the people reading this, your team won big in a major way. West Virginia, Arkansas, Miami, Penn State, or whatever team you represent. I think I’ve covered most of the fans out there in Blog Land. Yet if you’re a Notre Dame fan, it’s not fun times indeed, and the WVU fans can’t be anymore happy about that. We locked heads with BYU last night on ESPN at 9:30. Weird time for an Irish game, but I was geared up for what I thought would be a win. Wrong! Our starting running back, Ryan Grant, was mangled with a hammy injury, so we had to roll with RBs who have never played before. You can’t use excuses though, as we would’ve lost either way I’m sure. This was just an ugly game. For being in a so called West Coast Offense, we didn’t take any deep chances at all hardly. As WWE’s Hurricane would say, “Wusupwitdat?” Things won’t get any better next week either, as we take our thumpings from Michigan, ouch. Enough on that, we suck. This is the first year in quite a while that I have to admit that WVU is much better than my Irish, ugh.

Yesterday I went on a little CD craze. I’ve been due to load up again and a lot of these aren’t out in stores again as usual. Here’s what I rolled with to add to the collection:

Froze Ony: Gutta Ways (Dallas rapper; Juvenile, Mike Jones, Lil Flip, Bun B, and Twista on this CD)

Masta Ace Incorporated: Sittin’ On Chrome

Mystikal: Prince Of The South – The Hits

Nelly: Sweat

Nelly: Suit

Pearl Jam: 10 (yep, I got a non-rap CD from Cork, imagine that)

The Roots: The Tipping Point

Silkk The Shocker: Based On A True Story

Trae: Same Thing Different Day

The great ManDingo started up a College Football Fantasy League, so that should be interesting. What’s the idea with that? Each week, we pick 2 quarterbacks, 2 running backs, 2 wide receivers, 1 kicker, and 1 defense. I’ll post how I did once all the games for the weekend are done, so you’ll have to hold off for that epic information. Not that anyone cares, but I’m posting my Week 1 Lineup:

QB - Aaron Polanco, Navy
QB - Ryan Hart, Rutgers
RB - Earl Charles, Marshall
RB - Alex Haynes, UCF
WR - Taylor Stubblefield, Purdue
WR - Josh Davis, Marshall
K - Tyler Jones, Boise State
DEF - Tennessee

It’s time for some rumble talk in the area. With the Tally Rally happening this weekend, there was bound to be fights all over the place, especially at the Morra Tournament. I haven’t heard any results yet, but usually the crew from my town wins every single year. Anyways, someone from a rival team put their fingers in one of our guy’s faces, a cousin of mine (Mickey Tate for the locals) and then the melee ensues. I’m just going from the word around town, but eventually everyone gets involved and fists were flying. I hate to miss out on watching that action, but oh well. Happens every year with our crew and these guys are like 35. Still cracks me up though and this is all over Morra. It gets pretty intense up there. That’d be worth the trip just for that and I miss out.

Only a few days away! Tomorrow I have off, so I’ll just gear up for RAW of course. So that’s the start to what should be a good week. What is a few days away though? New season of Real World! You know you’re all excited or you better be. This year’s season will be in Philly and they’ve already had a ton of commercials for it. The San Diego cast has little vignettes of what they think of the new crew. Tuesday nights are getting good once again. Seems like forever since the last season ended. I’ve been sitting here all day watching the San Diego Marathon, even though I’ve seen them all a bunch the way it is. It never gets old. Exciting things I do all day huh?

I’d like to shout out a birthday wish to none other than Clark Riley, who turns 25 today. For the locals who forgot that date, at least I’m here to remind you. Have a good one man, we’re getting old. And since birthdays are usually good times, I’ll end with one of my favorite old school anthems here:

Rapper: Ice Cube – Song: It Was A Good Day – Album: The Predator (1992)

Just wakin up in the mornin gotta thank God
I don't know but today seems kinda odd
No barkin from the dog, no smog
And momma cooked a breakfast with no hog (damn)
I got my grub on, but didn't pig out
Finally got a call from a girl I wanna dig out
(Whassup?) Hooked it up for later as I hit the do'
Thinkin will I live, another twenty-fo'
I gotta go cause I got me a drop top
And if I hit the switch, I can make the ass drop
Had to stop, at a red light
Lookin in my mirror and not a jacker in sight
And everything is alright
I got a beep from Kim, and she can fuck all night
Called up the homies and I'm askin y'all
Which park, are y'all playin basketball?
Get me on the court and I'm trouble
Last week fucked around and got a triple double
Freakin niggaz everyway like M.J.
I can't believe, today was a good day (shit!)

Friday, September 03, 2004

Blossoming Buckeye

Thanks to Cork for today's Blog title. He's sitting here reading a college football magazine of mine and it has an Ohio State player on it with that caption.. So there's your reason..

The long weekend is finally here. Labor Day Weekend huh? Not that I’ve done much labor, but I’m still happy to get a 3-day break. I did get to start back to work this week, so that made for some coma-induced mornings at 6:00. Thursday was my first day back and I played English teacher at my old high school and then today I roll to ManDingo’s old high school (Liberty for the locals) and play History teacher for the day. Both good days and I much prefer the high school system compared to middle school. In the high school setup in my area, they have 4 classes per day at 90 minutes each. This means that due to each teacher getting a planning period and lunch, I technically have 2 hours to be a bum while getting paid, and teaching 3 classes. That’s a nice enough setup for me, which is usually spent in basketball season working on fantasy stats, watching TV, or reading some kind of sports action. Monday I have off, which pretty much everyone reading this will hopefully, but no plans for the weekend. There’s a chance I could hit up the Tally Rally (Italian Heritage Festival) tomorrow sometime. I was going to go with some buddies tonight around 6:00, but I opted for a 2 hour nap after work since I was a mess.

One of our buddies (Fleece for the locals) is in the Morra Tournament. He’s been doing that for a few years now with the Italian crew from Notre Dame for the most part. A few other guys went up to watch him battle tonight, which I’m sure was worth the time of being there just to see Flee get all fired up. I saw my town’s team (which always wins) loading up on beer for the festivities before going up while I finally got gas for my beast and they seemed excited. Yes, the first time I got gas in over a month. Cork thinks he’s filled up 8 or 9 times at least in that period. That’s nuts if true. I had about a fourth of a tank and put $22 in to fill me up. Not bad if I’m only filling up once in a blue moon. I get about 3 times the amount per gallon in my car now than I did on my old Pimpmobile.

Speaking of pimp rides, yesterday I went shopping and eating Mexican with Cork. We saw this old school Snoop DeVille, cherry red, with a hydraulic kit in it. Maybe it was just for show, but you don’t see that often in my area. The inside of the car looked all tricked out. Cork goes to get his hair did and while he did that, I roll to Target. I had to load up on printer ink. I needed a thing of color ink as well as black. My bill was near $60. Sad that after a few buys of ink, you put more into that than you did your actual printer.

We roll next to El Rincon, the best Mexican place in the area. It’s a dirty joint, so that usually means good food. I use the Waffle House Theory on other styles of food as well and it works good for Mexican. How about the deal I got? My total bill was a whopping $3.75. I got a cheese quesadilla and a chicken enchilada. No, that’s not a huge meal, but it did enough for me at the time and I ripped them off good. Cork ended up getting two chicken quesadillas and his bill was only $5. Can’t beat that with a stick. It also helps to get water with your meals as that saved us a few bucks. It adds up. Sitting next to us was this group of drunken rednecks. This was at 5:00 and these people were trashed. The chicks were burping out loud (that doesn’t bother me, but a chick doing that is just different) and screaming on their cell phones. This one freak chick had huge tats all from her neck down through her chest.

As I type this up, my old high school is down 14-0 to a pretty good AAA team right now at the half. That’s definitely respectable. We had high hopes this year to actually have a winning record (very rare here) and are in danger of starting out the year 0-2. That’s not good times at all there. Hopefully we can bounce back Juvenile style and get some movement in the right direction in the next few weeks. How about this one? Morgantown High (one of the best teams in the state) was up 63-0 at halftime. Yes, you read that right. Halftime, that’s sick. Why couldn’t the opponents just play stall ball? They had to know they were getting their brains beat in.

Tomorrow opens up college football season for Notre Dame. It’s a 9:30 start on ESPN if anyone out there is bored for that one. We can’t do any worse than last year, if we do, I’ll be one fired up fan. Last season we went 5-7. Things are shaky in Ty Willingham’s West Coast Offense. We lost our best player from last season as well, Julius Jones, now with the Dallas Cowboys. I always hate to look forward to our schedule, but there’s one game I look forward to every season, whether we’re good or not. That’s Michigan, which may be possibly my most hated sports team. We play them at Notre Dame this year instead of the Big House. Usually those games are tight, but for the past few years, they’ve gotten out of hand. Michigan beat us down last year 38-0 and it was over in like the first 5 minutes. That better not be the case this year, but Michigan is great again this season.

In a short note.. Last night I got a call around 7:15 or so from my buddy Mudcat. He asked me if I was interested in drafting for a fantasy football league. Sure, I’m always interested in that. What was the catch you ask? How about he wanted me to be there at 8:00! Ouch. They had someone drop out at 7:00 and were scrambling to find an 8th man. I’m not sure how they ended up doing, but I need a little more than 45 minutes to prepare if I’m putting money into a league. Nice of them to ask me, and even though I could draft in 45 minutes time, I’d rather not.

Let’s talk about some tennis. US Open action is going on this week if you’re lost on that situation. I’m not a hardcore tennis fan, but I do follow the sport. I’ve watched a ton of this tourney though for some reason. Right now I’m watching Andy Roddick simply destroy this guy and he put up another 152 mile per hour serve. That’s just not right at all. And before this one, I watched my girl Serena put out the next teenage tennis slut named Golovin. She’s from one of the Soviet countries and is only 16, but they showed her grinding at this bar for one of her highlights. She does have talent though supposedly, so who knows. Anyways, Serena does her thing and puts her out in straight sets. Watch highlights for her getting a point at the net while doing a split, mmm.. And just a bit ago, Youzhny and Nalbandian went an insane 4 hours as Youzhny eliminated the #8 seed.

For today’s rap fix I’ll go with some Fabolous. I popped in his Street Dreams album and realized how underrated it is. Not too many bad songs on this thing. Fabo is due for something soon and I’ve always liked his style. I’ll leave you with some of his action:

Rapper: Fabolous – Song: Sickalicious -- Album: Street Dreams

They call me G-H-E-T-T-O
Black star power, like B-E-T shows
I'm usually pullin up in the G-T slow
Flashing my ring finger with the E-T glow
I'm that nucca, act rucka
Certified plat nucca
Semi-auto, gat bucca
Take that fucka
Lay flat sucka
I'm the Negro, amigo
Get every bay from Tampa to Montigo
They say I got the lifestyle, and the E glow
I'm in the blow range, no matter where he go
I'm that homie
Gat on me
I'm the kid not that phony
Anybody that know me
Knows im here to get that money! Yeah!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

September Already?!

Another day with no work here. It starts off slow early in the school year, so that’s fine by me. It’ll pick up soon enough to where I’ll be waking up at 6:00 everyday. Fun fun. It’s always good being a bum, so I can’t complain too much. It’s not like I have a lot of bills to pay, so I’m not struggling in need of a paycheck, even though I haven’t had one all summer. They’ll be nice when they start coming in though, for sure. That means more Celtics gear to buy and whatever else useless things I can find to load up on.

Early this morning, I woke up around 8:15 or so. I could’ve slept longer, but we had some electricians fixing the wires in our house, as I wake up to the sound of drills or something going off. I did go to bed around 1:00 though and I’ll take 7 hours of sleep any night. Since I didn’t have to workout today, I figured I’d ride to the mean streets of Nutter Fort with my parents around 8:30 or so. We need a new couch for our living room so we roll to Grandma’s House to pick something out. “Grandma” is actually a wee little Italian dude (5’2” if he’s lucky), but in commercials, he dresses up as a Grandma and does funny ads. It’s kind of catchy and a lot of people around here don’t even know who he is when he’s out of costume. For the local guys, if you don’t know, Grandma has a smoking hot daughter. I don’t have a clue on her age, maybe 25? I could be off on that one though.

After we do some furniture shopping, we hit up the 4-wheeler shop for Dad. Every house in West Virginia has to have a 4-wheeler and guns all over the place or it just wouldn’t be right. Me personally, I’ve rode Dad’s old one just a handful of times. I like it, but not enough to get into it to say I know anything about them. Just not my thing I guess. He did have a green 1999 Yamaha Kodiak 400, but today he bought a new blue Yamaha 660 Grizzly. Way too much power on this beast for me, but it is pretty sweet. I was driving it around earlier, but I doubt I use it a lot. Knowing my luck, I’d wreck it and that wouldn’t be good times at all. 4-wheelers are getting like computers now. Digital gauges and it’s easy to use to where a complete idiot like myself about them can ride it.

Last night I got caught up watching the US Open (tennis) on USA. Normally on Tuesday nights, I’m watching the World Series Of Poker on ESPN. I completely forgot about it this week since I was wrapped into tennis action. I did get to see a great 5-set battle between Ferrerro and Zib. Then they showed Maria Sharapova (6’0” and skinny as my finger, but everyone is in love with her; she’s cute, but not my type) struggle with some bum American girl. After that, they showed Andy Roddick completely dominate some young thug who was just overwhelmed to be there playing. Roddick fired one serve in at an insane 152 miles per hour. I’d be afraid to stand in front of that one. Serena’s outfit in this tourney though, mmm.. This isn't what she has going on for this year's tourney, but this one might be my favorite of hers.

I did catch the last 40 minutes or so of Poker, so that was decent enough. It’s not like I can’t watch the million replays they show during the week, so I’ll get caught up somehow. My favorite part of this week’s episode dealt with Doyle Brunson. Doyle is probably the oldest guy there and he’s a 2-time champ from 1976 and 1977. Anyways, he gets eliminated during last night’s episode and the entire place gives him a standing ovation. They wouldn’t do that for anyone else, and there happens to be a lot of legends in this tournament. Doyle walks out, cane and all, like the pimp he is and tells everyone to have fun. Also, a great hand that I enjoyed had “Jesus” take out some bum amateur. Jesus is also a former winner, as he’s won in 2000. By the way, Jesus is Chris Ferguson and he has the trench coat going with the long hair and sunglasses, while looking like, you guessed it, Jesus. The guy he was playing last night was up big going into the river (last card on the table in Hold Em) and Jesus didn’t have much of a chance. A few cards before that, Jesus drops his glasses, and stares the dude down gangsta style. He decides to go all-in and comes up with the only card he could get to win the hand and got it. The amateur also went all-in and went home crying. Jesus started celebrating and he’s usually not an animated dude. He had to make the punk know his role, The Rock style. As of now, there are two former champions still alive. Those are Jesus and 1995’s winner, Dan Harrington.

Holy cow! Did the Yankees game really happen last night? That was brutal and I’m glad I didn’t have to suffer through that one on TV. Final score you ask? 22-0! This is the worst lost in Yankees history. Evarrrrrr! The Indians put the smacketh upon us, again, The Rock style. Boston has been hot and now they’re only 3½ games out of 1st Place. We play Boston 6 more times this year as I said in a recent post, so that will be key. Should be fun to see how it plays out. Probably a month ago in here, I counted the Sox basically as done as dead, so I hope I don’t have to eat any words. I’m not worried now, but it is getting closer between the teams.

In anticipation of Tiger Woods 2005, we’ve been playing a lot of Tiger Woods 2004 lately on GameCube. On September 20th, you can bet I’ll have that one for sure. It’s the one game each year that I definitely want over the past few years. It’s one that has a high replay value and you can pick it up and play anytime. It’s also good times to battle with your buddies in since we’re all pretty even. Spank shot a ridiculous 49 today, so props to him on that. Also, some high school kid shot a 32 on a Morgantown country club course in 9 holes. That’s video game quality and downright sick. The funny thing is that with the trio of Cork, Spank, and myself, we’ll all buy Tiger. That’s a given, but we’ll all have it on a different system, so that’s kind of funny. PlayStation 2 for Cork, Xbox for Spank, and GameCube for me.

Hard to believe that the month of September is here. Just think of it this way. We’re less than 4 months away till Christmas. Crazy stuff there and Mom is already asking me what I want this year so she can get out and buy stuff. I don’t have a clue though, go figure. I’m pretty content with the stuff I have as I’m fairly low maintenance, but I’m sure I’ll find something that’ll peak my interest. Any ideas from the Blog fans out there?

Thanks to Blahah (there’s not an internet site this guy hasn’t seen), you have to check out this video and song of some Ivy League kids making fun of some rappers. They actually have decent talent is the weird part. They’re the P-Unit and go into character with each rapper they try to mock. Check it out for yourself.

P-Unit: http://www.princeton.edu/~rmoore/punit/

It’s time go watch the 3-pack of Around The Horn, PTI, and I, Max, so I’m out. Then time to gear up to eat ribs and go shopping. See you guys soon enough. Holla.