Friday, September 03, 2004

Blossoming Buckeye

Thanks to Cork for today's Blog title. He's sitting here reading a college football magazine of mine and it has an Ohio State player on it with that caption.. So there's your reason..

The long weekend is finally here. Labor Day Weekend huh? Not that I’ve done much labor, but I’m still happy to get a 3-day break. I did get to start back to work this week, so that made for some coma-induced mornings at 6:00. Thursday was my first day back and I played English teacher at my old high school and then today I roll to ManDingo’s old high school (Liberty for the locals) and play History teacher for the day. Both good days and I much prefer the high school system compared to middle school. In the high school setup in my area, they have 4 classes per day at 90 minutes each. This means that due to each teacher getting a planning period and lunch, I technically have 2 hours to be a bum while getting paid, and teaching 3 classes. That’s a nice enough setup for me, which is usually spent in basketball season working on fantasy stats, watching TV, or reading some kind of sports action. Monday I have off, which pretty much everyone reading this will hopefully, but no plans for the weekend. There’s a chance I could hit up the Tally Rally (Italian Heritage Festival) tomorrow sometime. I was going to go with some buddies tonight around 6:00, but I opted for a 2 hour nap after work since I was a mess.

One of our buddies (Fleece for the locals) is in the Morra Tournament. He’s been doing that for a few years now with the Italian crew from Notre Dame for the most part. A few other guys went up to watch him battle tonight, which I’m sure was worth the time of being there just to see Flee get all fired up. I saw my town’s team (which always wins) loading up on beer for the festivities before going up while I finally got gas for my beast and they seemed excited. Yes, the first time I got gas in over a month. Cork thinks he’s filled up 8 or 9 times at least in that period. That’s nuts if true. I had about a fourth of a tank and put $22 in to fill me up. Not bad if I’m only filling up once in a blue moon. I get about 3 times the amount per gallon in my car now than I did on my old Pimpmobile.

Speaking of pimp rides, yesterday I went shopping and eating Mexican with Cork. We saw this old school Snoop DeVille, cherry red, with a hydraulic kit in it. Maybe it was just for show, but you don’t see that often in my area. The inside of the car looked all tricked out. Cork goes to get his hair did and while he did that, I roll to Target. I had to load up on printer ink. I needed a thing of color ink as well as black. My bill was near $60. Sad that after a few buys of ink, you put more into that than you did your actual printer.

We roll next to El Rincon, the best Mexican place in the area. It’s a dirty joint, so that usually means good food. I use the Waffle House Theory on other styles of food as well and it works good for Mexican. How about the deal I got? My total bill was a whopping $3.75. I got a cheese quesadilla and a chicken enchilada. No, that’s not a huge meal, but it did enough for me at the time and I ripped them off good. Cork ended up getting two chicken quesadillas and his bill was only $5. Can’t beat that with a stick. It also helps to get water with your meals as that saved us a few bucks. It adds up. Sitting next to us was this group of drunken rednecks. This was at 5:00 and these people were trashed. The chicks were burping out loud (that doesn’t bother me, but a chick doing that is just different) and screaming on their cell phones. This one freak chick had huge tats all from her neck down through her chest.

As I type this up, my old high school is down 14-0 to a pretty good AAA team right now at the half. That’s definitely respectable. We had high hopes this year to actually have a winning record (very rare here) and are in danger of starting out the year 0-2. That’s not good times at all there. Hopefully we can bounce back Juvenile style and get some movement in the right direction in the next few weeks. How about this one? Morgantown High (one of the best teams in the state) was up 63-0 at halftime. Yes, you read that right. Halftime, that’s sick. Why couldn’t the opponents just play stall ball? They had to know they were getting their brains beat in.

Tomorrow opens up college football season for Notre Dame. It’s a 9:30 start on ESPN if anyone out there is bored for that one. We can’t do any worse than last year, if we do, I’ll be one fired up fan. Last season we went 5-7. Things are shaky in Ty Willingham’s West Coast Offense. We lost our best player from last season as well, Julius Jones, now with the Dallas Cowboys. I always hate to look forward to our schedule, but there’s one game I look forward to every season, whether we’re good or not. That’s Michigan, which may be possibly my most hated sports team. We play them at Notre Dame this year instead of the Big House. Usually those games are tight, but for the past few years, they’ve gotten out of hand. Michigan beat us down last year 38-0 and it was over in like the first 5 minutes. That better not be the case this year, but Michigan is great again this season.

In a short note.. Last night I got a call around 7:15 or so from my buddy Mudcat. He asked me if I was interested in drafting for a fantasy football league. Sure, I’m always interested in that. What was the catch you ask? How about he wanted me to be there at 8:00! Ouch. They had someone drop out at 7:00 and were scrambling to find an 8th man. I’m not sure how they ended up doing, but I need a little more than 45 minutes to prepare if I’m putting money into a league. Nice of them to ask me, and even though I could draft in 45 minutes time, I’d rather not.

Let’s talk about some tennis. US Open action is going on this week if you’re lost on that situation. I’m not a hardcore tennis fan, but I do follow the sport. I’ve watched a ton of this tourney though for some reason. Right now I’m watching Andy Roddick simply destroy this guy and he put up another 152 mile per hour serve. That’s just not right at all. And before this one, I watched my girl Serena put out the next teenage tennis slut named Golovin. She’s from one of the Soviet countries and is only 16, but they showed her grinding at this bar for one of her highlights. She does have talent though supposedly, so who knows. Anyways, Serena does her thing and puts her out in straight sets. Watch highlights for her getting a point at the net while doing a split, mmm.. And just a bit ago, Youzhny and Nalbandian went an insane 4 hours as Youzhny eliminated the #8 seed.

For today’s rap fix I’ll go with some Fabolous. I popped in his Street Dreams album and realized how underrated it is. Not too many bad songs on this thing. Fabo is due for something soon and I’ve always liked his style. I’ll leave you with some of his action:

Rapper: Fabolous – Song: Sickalicious -- Album: Street Dreams

They call me G-H-E-T-T-O
Black star power, like B-E-T shows
I'm usually pullin up in the G-T slow
Flashing my ring finger with the E-T glow
I'm that nucca, act rucka
Certified plat nucca
Semi-auto, gat bucca
Take that fucka
Lay flat sucka
I'm the Negro, amigo
Get every bay from Tampa to Montigo
They say I got the lifestyle, and the E glow
I'm in the blow range, no matter where he go
I'm that homie
Gat on me
I'm the kid not that phony
Anybody that know me
Knows im here to get that money! Yeah!


DirtyKash said...

Bird, I just enjoy reading your blogs, as they are so random, which I like. I guess that is why there is a picture of Van Damme right in the middle of the post for no reason whatsoever. Keep up the good work and it is nice to see you enjoy tennis action. The second week of action starts soon and that means that big names are facing off. Later!

Bird33 said...

Good comment there Kasher. Funny story on the pics tonight. I was sitting here and Cork came over. I was looking through some pics that were similiar to what I was talking about, but couldn't find any at the right size I wanted.. so instead of looking around forever, Cork tells me to search for Street Fighter pictures. And out of nowhere, I see the Van Damme pic and had to go with it. I also have no clue who the 3 thugged out whiteys are either. They're random as well.

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