Wednesday, September 15, 2004

"You're Fired!"

The day after Unforgiven, we journey from Portland to Seattle. Seattle was the site of RAW, but the question that needs to be asked is whether the bad show from Sunday could be improved upon. The show opens up with a party from Triple H, with a huge lifesize cake in the ring. The ring is full of girls that Flair brought for HHH. They go to open the cake and Randy Orton dives out of it with a Crossbody. HHH gets thrown into the cake and Orton gets the last laugh.

During the RAW Diva Search segment, Vince comes out. In my opinion, Vince is the best actor in the company. He even does it better than Flair in that category if you ask me. He comes out and threatens Coach with the classic, “You’re fiiiiirreeddd!” Vince then says he has a major announcement for next week’s show, so stay tuned. The 10:00 main event was a nice tag bout with Jericho and HBK joining forces against Christian and Tyson Tomko, The Problem Solver. You can’t go wrong with Y2J and HBK together. Our main event finale wasn’t really a match. It was Evolution in a Handicap Match versus Randy Orton. The point of this match was to bring back Shelton Benjamin, otherwise known as Mr. Benjamin. This then brings out Chris Benoit to help Orton and Benjamin beat down Evolution to end the show. I’ll let JR tell you how it went exactly:

RKO by Randy Orton! Randy Orton survived this much to the chagrin of Triple H and Evolution! Bischoff had it all setup to serve Randy Orton on a platter but it didn’t happen that way King. It didn’t happen tonight! Triple H stole the World Title at Unforgiven! But based on what we’ve seen here tonight it is Randy Orton’s destiny to regain the Heavyweight Championship of the World!

The season finale of the World Series Of Poker went down last night. It wasn’t live, but the broadcast was live if that makes sense. I’ve never been a card player, but over the past few years that they’ve shown the Texas Hold Em tourney on TV, it has me hooked. I still don’t play for any money, but I’ve played a bunch online and it’s pretty addicting stuff and I’m catching on fairly quick. ESPN did a great job of making stars out of some of these amateurs and it had you compelled to see how they would play each hand. The winner this year was Fossil Man Greg Raymer, who took home $5 million buck-a-roos.

Week 2 of Real World Philly happened last night as well. I am disappointed that no major drama happened in this episode. The show focused on four people with similar storylines. The first has MJ and Sarah. Sarah, the resident slut, has been trying to hook up with MJ. During this show, MJ calls up his chick from back home and says it is basically over. It went well, but MJ was worried that he’d end up cheating on his girl, so he was honest with her and told her his situation. That’s a stand up guy there. Nothing bugs me more in relationships than people cheating. Well, the thought of it anyways since I’ve never been part of that personally. I know I couldn’t for my part do that to someone. I’d rather have the chick tell me to beat the trail if she’s going to cheat on me. It could be roid rage time if that position backfired. I’m calm 99% of the time except for playing sports. I got on a tangent. What was I talking about?

Anyways, Sarah keeps trying to get some off of MJ, but gets shot down. Not 2Pac style, but you know how we roll. I’m sure she’ll get it eventually, but not quite yet. Then she turns into a drama queen and freaks out because MJ gets a hot girl at a bar and didn’t do anything with her (Sarah). Let’s move on to our next incident. Shavonda calls her man up and ends that partnership. Landon steps in and tries to get his pimp on. He’s flowing good until he gets into the liquor and that turns her off. I’m the same way with a chick, but then again, I’m weird. Most guys couldn’t wait to get a drunk chick because they’d take advantage of them, but that’s a huge turnoff to me. Landon goes on to say in the confessional room that he loves Shavonda, or as they call her on the show, Vonda. That brings upon the infamous MJ Face (which The Bootyologist DerekHood put into BSG’s Pantheon of Faces) and he’s like, “You LOVE her?!” That was my favorite part of this week’s show. These two will also hook up in the near future. Not Landon and MJ, although I wouldn’t put it past this house since they have two gay guys already, but Landon and Vonda. Get your minds out of the gutter, people! My mind is always in that direction, so I guess I’m a lost cause. Then again, I’m the same guy who still laughs at immature/middle school jokes. I have to bite my tongue a lot at work when I see kids doing what I used to. I want to roll laughing, but can’t.

Once again, I’m writing this out by hand at work since I have too much time on my hands. In a strange way, I like writing my Blogs out by hand when I get the chance. It definitely makes the day go by much faster. Yes, I still type it up when I get home, but with it all written out, it gives me more time to be a bum online. Like I need to spend more time online anyways huh? I wouldn’t have it any other way. The internet 0wnz j00!

On the fantasy football front, in both A#FL and US#FL, I got two huge wins. One was cheap against Rahl as he was unable to update his team due to the hurricanes in Florida. Still, I’m starting out undefeated, so fear. My sleeper pickup that makes me proud is Antonio Gates of the Chargers. Not many guys knew a lot about Gates, so I was about to get him in both leagues late. He starts out the year with a whopping 118 yards on 8 catches. That’s from a tight end and not to mention I have both Tony Gonzalez and Gates in USFL. I can only start one tight end in that league, so I hope that’s not a problem. Then again, Gages may or may not have a great season, but I like my chances. My Bears got beat to open the year, but at least the fantasy side of things is mean so far. The next update more than likely will be late Friday night. Let me know what you think about that dose of gangsta Blog love.


Anonymous said...

I'm reviving myself from the level of slacker!! But only because you drop down and getcha eagle on in my journal every day and yes, I know how we roll. :P What can I say? Us Dubbya Vee folk roll like no one else, 'cause we pimp, yo. Hah, I'm done with that. I'd just like to thank you for the wonderful details you give in your posts. I missed The Real World last night and I was sad, but you fixed it because I now know everything that happened, you rock babe!! :D Can't wait for those late night talks;) --- about UNC whoopin' up on everyone!! Woot Woot! Thanks for everything, kiddo (ironic, right? hehe) Hold the fort down :)

Janet said...

Hey there, thanks for the information on how to change that setting. Sue told me that you download music where do you get yours from? Just thought I would drop you a line and say hello. Have a good one and keep smiling:)

Bird33 said...

A confusing setup to how I get my music, but I could send along the steps if you're interested. I download entire albums at once instead of individual songs. It's much easier and quicker that way and you can build up a collection very easy..

If you're interested in that, click this link:

You'll have to download a chat program called mIRC. You'll also need to download a program called WinRAR. It'll be very confusing if you've never used mIRC before.

If you don't want to go that route, I'd recommend WinMX if you've never tried that.

josh said...

Epic post there Eduardo. I'm glad you mentioned the setting in the Confessional room, including MJ Face, because I forgot to mention that part in my blog
(that's folks) but you covered me there.

And on your post from the other day about Darius Walker, I had forgot he went there, but that was a HUGE get for you guys. He was a complete stud in HS. We almost got him in a Razorback uniform, but came up just short in the end. If I remember correctly, his dad was a Hog way back in the day. I wish we coulda got him, he's the real deal.

josh said...

I forgot to mention ... not only did his dad play at Arkansas, he was an All-American.

How he couldn't sway the kid to make the right choice, I'll never know.

DirtyKash said...

Ha! Do ya really write your blogs by hand? That's cuh-ray-zee!

Bird33 said...

Yep Kasher. I don't do that for EVERY single Blog though. That there would be nuts, but every now and then it's fun times or a good time killer. I guess I could get online at work when the kids are in class, but I'm a big enough bum anyways. Might as well act like I'm doing something special.

Derek, your boy Darius Walker did make the right choice. You just had it all backwards. Of course he wants to don the gold helmet and tradition. Unfortunately, that's about all we can get excited for nowadays. I hope we don't get back to our regular ways this week against Michigan State. Rutgers showed them who was boss, so hopefully that's not saying a whole lot..

Well, time to head home for a nap since I was a bum today at my old high school.

Thanks for the comments guys. I look forward to them.

Susie said...

Wow Ed, 7 comments! I think I will make it 8! Hope all is well for you. Take care sweetie! :)

Anonymous said...

i'll make it 9! i missed raw and RW this week. im slacking!


DirtyKash said...

I'll make it 10!

Susie said...

1 more comment to make it 11! Get this thing updated! ;)

Susie said...

1 more comment to make it 11! Get this thing updated! ;)

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