Saturday, September 11, 2004

"Holla Holla Playa Playa!"

That title, as the great Teddy Long of WWE fame would say..

I’m going to start this thing off with a bet I lost in a major way. I may have talked about it in here before, so for anyone that wanted the update, it finally was accomplished. Since the Atlanta trip, me and Cork had a bet going between two things. I didn’t think he could bench 155 pounds (my weight is why I picked that) one time and also I didn’t think he could throw a baseball 70 miles an hour. As I was getting all buff the other day, or trying my best anyways, Cork pimp strolls into the gym to face the test of strength. I put 155 on the bar and stand on the spot rack to see what the deal was. Cork takes the first rep down, and does he get it? BOOM as John Madden would say. I didn’t know what to think and I totally underestimated Cork’s shredded muscular frame. Anyways, he rips off 3 real easy and racks it. 3?! And I didn’t think he could get one, doh! That’s pretty impressive stuff for a guy who doesn’t lift. Ladies, get a ticket on the Corkscrew right now, because it’ll be full soon!

What about the pitching side of things? We’ve yet to try this one and hopefully will get to one day. While at Turner Field in the ATL (gorgeous stadium by the way), we were going to settle the bet at one of the speed pitch events, but the lines were crazy long, and we didn’t want to miss much of the game for that. I’m sure Cork will prove this one wrong too. These bets were for $1, just something to say we bet on. To sidetrack, I won $1 in the ATL for betting Cork that we wouldn’t get back to the place we had our car at (we rode a bus to the game) by a certain time. I won that one easily, as it took us like 90 minutes to get from the stadium to the sports bar we parked at, which was like 20 minutes away, if that. As for me personally, I know I couldn’t throw a baseball 70 miles an hour. I’ve never been able to throw for speed for some reason. I know if I tried, I’d probably throw out my shoulder or something and MANGULATE it. I say 60 would be pushing it for me, but who knows.

This next story could only happen in West Virginia, unfortunately. While awaiting high school football highlights, I had the local news on. One of the main stories, I kid you not, was how this guy in my area got a DUI on a tractor. Yes, you read that right. This was in Fairmont by the way. No wonder the Dub V gets a bad reputation. That does have me laughing good though. I would’ve loved to have been on scene to watch that in progress. It could’ve been the highest of high comedy right there before my very eyes.

We now move onto high school football since I talked about that in the last paragraph. What in the world is up with my Cougs? My old high school was supposed to make the playoffs this year for the first time in a decade. High hopes were going all over the town. That’s not out of the ordinary, but we fell flat on our faces so far and it appears it’s only going to get worse. How about a nice fat 0-3 start? This week we got beat by a Single A team, ugh. We’re Double A if you were lost. We have no school spirit either. I’m not sure what’s up with this. I’m sure if we won more, it’d happen, but still. Back in the day (not my day because there wasn’t a bunch of spirit then either) everyone was into the games. My school has a big following, but it’s mostly people out of high school already. I hope for the Cougs’ sake, they can salvage the season, but it’s looking pretty grim at this point. Not to mention every other team in the county is off to an unbelievable start. Liberty and Bridgeport lock heads next week in an undefeated battle. I probably do about 75% of my substitute teaching day at Liberty, so props to the kids out there for really playing well early in the season for what was written off as a predicted horrible season. Maybe they got my crew and Liberty’s predictions backwards? Also, Notre Dame can’t be touched on their passing game, Byrd is showing people they don’t need Miguel Lockett, and even South Harrison is creaming people like it’s their job. Just insane madness going on in rugged Harrison County.

I’ll touch another point on high school football. I keep up with the entire state as best as I can with scores. It’s weird because I normally don’t go to many football games in person. Basketball is another story. In the past few years, I’ve went to tons of Cougs basketball games and other teams around the county. Football in my little area really isn’t that competitive. You know what you’re getting, which is kids trying hard, but very very very few ever play at a higher level after high school. Then again, that’s understandable since scouts can go to a huge area and see a handful of Division-I talent just on one team instead of coming here in the middle of nowhere and maybe seeing one great player.

Yesterday (when you read this anyways) I had some mean battles in pong. I played a total of about 30 games. I haven’t played that many games in quite some time, so it was good stuff. I literally get more of a workout playing pong than I would basketball. I played for a good 2½ hours straight, fear. I know the non-pong fans find that hard to believe, but take my word for this one. I was soaking wet, but it was worth it. I even made a few diving attempts which is fun. In a span of the 30 games, I lost only 4 games, so I’ll take that any day of the week and be happy with it. I was bringing the pain, so hopefully the game continues. Or as our boy Good ‘Ol JR would say, THE GAME! The Cerebral Assassin! Unforgiven on Sunday!

I might as well give a quick preview and my predictions for Sunday’s extravaganza. As of now, there are only six matches announced, but there should be a few more over the weekend. The highlight is Triple H going after the gold against his former boy Randy Orton. I’ll go with Orton in this one. We also get the return of HBK! Woooo! HBK takes on Kane in this matchup, which didn’t receive much hype, but I’ll go with HBK to get his revenge. I don’t see a loss for either of these guys helping though, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong, and I’m sure HBK will be able to get something out of Kane that most other wrestlers couldn’t. How about the Ladder Match? I’m straight up crunked up to watch this one as it should be great if all goes right. That’s Jericho taking on Christian, with my pick of the match being Christian. How about the Tag Title Match with La Resistance throwing their belt on the line against the ECW duo of Rhyno and Tajiri? I think the ECW boys are due for the belt, but I’m taking the Frenchies to continue their long run as champs. Regal and Benoit join forces to take on the legendary Ric Flair and Batista. Three of these four are really good ring workers, so I’m excited about this one, even if it’s not getting hype. I look for Benoit to make someone tap here in pain. Lastly, we have Victoria chasing after Trish’s Chick Title. This is about as good as it gets for chick matches, but that’s nothing major. It may be ok, but it won’t blow the roof off the building either. I look for Trish to retain.

Depending on when the next Blog gets whipped into action, it should feature the Unforgiven review, this weekend’s football action, a RAW review, and who knows what else the Madhouse holds? Stay tuned for that one..

We add a new member to Blog Land. Everyone gets hooked into doing this sooner or later. If you don’t have a Blog right now, you need one. You’ll give in eventually one of these days. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Anyways, my girl Jenn steps into the action with a great first post. I’ve talked about her in here before, so now you can experience her world at:

“Jenn Jenn’s Real World”:


Janet said...

Hello there thanks for the comment. How do you change that option on my blog. I am not sure where to find that at. Yes I am Sue's friend. I have known her for years. Too many if you ask me.......haha just kidding. Sue's brothere is married to my sister. She was the bad kid on the other side of the street when we were growing up. She was the one that mom warned us about, and now my sister and I are just about as bad as her. Talk to you again soon

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