Wednesday, September 22, 2004

And Orton Beats Flair With The RKO!

This may be my favorite Blog of the week to type up. I’m actually typing this one as I didn’t waste time at work today writing one out. Funny thing is that I had a whopping 4 kids all day long. Talk about having it rough, hah. I’ll tell more about an incident that went on at work today at the end of the Blog. Since I write a lot of Wednesday posts, or will now often with Real World ending the night before and the RAW Recap from Monday, I’m looking for a title of this day’s piece of work on a regular basis. Like a recurring theme here.

RAW greeted us from the scenic area of Tucson, Arizona. I’m not sure how scenic it is actually, but RAW was held there, so it didn’t matter to me. Vince made his “big” announcement this week to shock the world. Or so I thought anyways, but it’s not that huge to me. I guess if you’re a hardcore wrestling fan and read up on the news, nothing should surprise you, but this one dealt with Taboo Tuesday. What’s that one? It’s a Pay Per View they’re running on October 19th for the fans. The fans have the ability to choose who Triple H has to defend his World Title against, as well as many other matches the fans get to pick from. I can’t wait to laugh at the buyrate this PPV gets as it’s going to be awful. WWE can’t get a huge PPV following anymore for their Sunday PPVs, let alone one on a Tuesday night. I’ve not missed a WWE PPV since 1997 and I’m not considering this one. It’s possible if they charge $20, but not if they’re charging $35 like normal. And that’s on Real World night, ouch. The end of the RAW Diva Search happened on Monday too. Not that anyone cares, but Carmella lost and Christy Hemme ended up winning. You can check out this crazy red headed chick’s site at: Carmella got into some legal problems and I think that’s the reason she didn’t win. Maybe it wasn’t rigged after all, but who knows. I do know that my boy TheFreak is happy about this selection.

What else went down in Tucson that is worth talking about? Good God the baby didn’t make it! Kane did a great acting scene here as we find out that Lita and Kane’s baby didn’t make it after last week’s hit she took when Snitsky pushed Kane into Lita. The best part of this entire segment after Kane busted up the place and went psycho is that they didn’t let Lita say one word. Brilliant. Make her know her role as the worst actor evarrr. HBK and Jericho battled in a nice one until Captain Charisma Christian and his lackey Tomko beat both of them down to a No Contest, ugh. Our main event was Evolution taking on Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, and Shelton Benjamin in a 6 Man Tag Match. Orton wins with a RKO on Flair, who did two fall-flat-on-his-face moves this match, which makes it worth it for me. In what is becoming a favorite section of my RAW edition of the Blog, I’ll let JR take us to the end of RAW:

Wait a minute! Orton tagged himself! Randy Orton tagged himself in! Orton made the tag! The Dropkick! There goes the Animal! And there goes the World Champion! Orton is now on fire here! Orton was knocked out! RKO! The RKO! The RKO! And Orton beats Flair with the RKO! This match ended just exactly as Randy Orton said it would! With three letters ladies and gentlemen! Don’t forget em! R! K! O!

Real World this week? Pathetic. Are we going to have some real drama storylines in this season yet? I haven’t given up hope and I’ll watch till the end, but so far it hasn’t stacked up to past years. This week featured two plotlines. One was Big Willie Style and how he brings over the entire gay community to hang in the house. This freaks out MJ and Landon for whatever that is worth. I still love how MJ thinks Nashville is so tiny. Give me a break dude. Step foot in Shinnston and see how big Nashville is to you then. It’s like a culture shock for me to go to Philly, but I love the town. Our other notion dealt with Dirty Sarah buying a pair of $140 jeans. This has Mel blabbing to the whole house on what Sarah spent. Sarah gets all worked up over this and confronts Mel and says she shouldn’t have made a big deal out of it since it’s her own money and she can do what she wants. What’s up with girls crying over meaningless junk? If Karamo wasn’t gay, he’d gangsta stroll in there and pimp slap them across their face. Which leads us to next week. Karamo in cuffs! No, not cuffed up with his gay buddies, but the po-po apparently arrests him and MJ cusses him over something. Karamo gets in his face and plays the race card by asking MJ how many times cops have asked him if he’s carrying a gun. I’m sure they’re hyping it up into something bigger than it is, but I guess that’s why we have to tune in next week.

Yesterday it was Tiger time! For what has been hyped about in here for weeks, I got Tiger Woods 2005 for GameCube. It’s already worth the price of admission and different than last season’s to an extent. The graphics are much more smooth as far as menus and the like goes. The options are setup better in this year’s version as to how you play the Legend Tour and things of that nature. In this one you get Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Justin Timberlake for some strange reason, and many others. My complaint is with the soundtrack to this year’s game. It’s nonexistent. You get Outkast opening thangs up for the theme, but during game play, everything is soft and instrumental. That’s the only thing I can complain about so far. I’m hooked as much as I have been for the past few Tiger games that have came out and you need to hop on board this madness. I could write a bunch on this game, but there’s two reasons why I won’t. One is that most of you could care less about this game and secondly is that I have to go play it here in a few minutes, so I can’t waste valuable tee time.

It’s time for another CD update. I’ve been loading up my buddies good with CDs lately, so if you would like to trade or find something you like, get back with me. Since the last time we talked, these are my newest additions:

E-40: The Mail Man (E-40’s second CD that features the song that put him on the map, Captain Save A Hoe)

Hollow Tip: Mercenary Life (Sacramento rapper who has some really good lyrics. If you’re into the Bay Area/Cali rap, this one is for you.)

Mr. Kee: The One (Yet more Bay Area rap here. To me, there’s no such thing as bad Bay Area rap. It’s easily my favorite genre of rap.)

Pitch Black: Pitch Black Law (NY rappers who I’ve seen in concert before. I couldn’t tell how good they were in person at the time since they just screaming around, but the CD sounds pretty good.)

Royce Da 5’9”: M.I.C. Make It Count (Former buddy of Eminem and D12, who now trashes them, this Detroit rapper has another one out and it’s slated for stores on October 26th. This dude can flow and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, so check out his stuff if you’ve never had the chance.)

Trapper The Rapper: Man Of The House (I liked the name of this one when I saw it and figured he was worthy of my collection. Sad that we get so greedy that we download rap that we don’t even know of, but that broadens the horizons and internet chat about the underground scene is what gets many low budget guys started.)

I’ll end on a story of this kid I had in class today. I had the BD (Behavior Disorder) group today at a local middle school. Everyone freaks out because they have the impression that these kids are so out of control, but I find it opposite. They’re so used to teachers and everyone cussing them all of their school time, no wonder they have discipline problems. They don’t around me anyways as they basically just need some attention and some guidance. Anyways, this one dude today was great all day and then something nuts happened. He went to a teacher I was with and said he was hearing voices in his head. He went to the bathroom to straighten things out. How’d he do that? By bashing his head against the wall repeatedly. Not easy either, like ECW hardcore style against a steel chair. Kid was in there talking to these voices. The bathroom for this group is in the actual room, so I got to be part of that. No, not part of the bathroom, but hearing the dude go crazy. The counselor had to come down and fix him up. After that, he was back to normal. See what you guys miss out on? It was interesting to say the least.

I’m talking to my girl Tata right now and I think I may have to give in and watch The Bachelor tonight. Wednesday nights are usually rough for me as far as TV goes (until NBA season anyways) and with the season premiere starting tonight, I may just hop on this trainwreck. It has to have drama, so that always equals good TV. Yeah, I know I’m weird. I listen to hardcore Bay Area rap and then watch The Bachelor for fun. What a combo. At least I admit it.

Rapper: E-40 -- Song: Captain Save A Hoe -- Album: The Mail Man

Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane
What's that niggas name?
Captain Save A Hoe mane
More faster than a speeding bullet
To put on his cape and scared
I put the fake the fake the funk the funk
To me that's not the way to do it
Captain Muthafuckin' Save A Hoe game to me
Flexin just like a little ol' bitch
All up in front of my company
Had to check his ass with an ear check dump and pumpin'
Talkin' to him while I'm beatin' his ass
Pumpin' fear talkin' bout nigga you gone retrospect somethin here


DirtyKash said...

That plumber chick has a GREAT butt!

josh said...

Excellent stuff Birdman, especially with the pic of plumber ass. Throw in some Beavis action, and you've got all the makings of a top-notch blog. You've kind of got me interested in Tiger, but no way can you get me hooked on The Bachelor.

Anonymous said...

OMG.. can you believe that the girls picked the nasty dude on the Bachelor? They SO shoulda picked Jay!!


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