Saturday, September 18, 2004

East Side Heavy Hitter

I’ll start this one off with how Cork Dizzle did his the other day. Sway Dizzle has nothing on Cork Dizzle by the way. Anyways, props to everybody who has been filling up the comment box. It’s getting some HUGE action in there and the Blog servers must be ready to blow up due to the fans that hopped aboard the Madhouse. Again, much appreciated to all who take part. If you want plugs in here, pics of something special, or just anything in general, let me know about it and I’ll see what the engineers behind the scenes at the Madhouse can come up with for you.

How about today (yesterday?) I got to play music teacher at my old high school. Like I know about music? I could teach them about the history of rap music, but that’s about all I’d be able to help those kids with. I could have them sing some Dru Down tunes. Earlier in the week, I subbed at ManDingo’s school as an art teacher. Another thing I have absolutely no talent in. I’ve always been able to write really neat, but I am by far the worst drawer there is. The #basketball guys sure do fear my Yahoo Graffiti skills though. I’m due for some Graffiti action one day though. We’ll have to get some big crews happening for that one.

Speaking of my old high school, we got our first win of the season tonight against some downright bums. Then again, my school is bums too, but a win is a win, so we’ll take them anyway we can when we’re a whopping 0-3. We have probably another game the rest of the year that we can win, but not many other chances. It’s sad times in my town and has been for a long time when it comes to football. I just can’t get into local high school football as far as actually going to the games. I keep up with it a lot, but don’t go to games like I do for basketball.

Speaking of basketball: 45 DAYS TILL NBA OPENING NIGHT!! Now that’s what I’m talking about. If you thought I didn’t have a life during this time of the year you haven’t seen anything yet.

How’d I spend my Friday night? I geared my day around the start of the Red Sox/Yankees Weekend Series from the Boogie Down Bronx. Due to a few rain delays throughout, this game was about 5 hours total in length. I barely moved off of my couch all night during this one as it was so intense. The two rain delays hurt El Duque (who is probably 44 years old in real life, when they say he’s 34), so he was only able to go about 3 innings. That’s when Tanyon Sturtze, best known for the dude who got whipped during the A-Rod/Varitek fight a few months ago, comes in and takes ovahhhhh! 3 innings of 5 strikeout ball when normally he gets rocked. Anyways, the Yankee Stadium crowd gives him a deserving standing ovation. In the end, Mo Rivera blows the game and that ruined my night. I’m ready to bust up the house right about now. Not that I’m scared of the Sox, but just the fact that I sat there for 5 hours to have it end like that. It was still a great game, but obviously not how I wanted it to happen.

I’ve started to recently get chills over a commercial that is out. Yep, that’s right. It’s the new Tiger Woods 2005 game which I’ve been hyping up in here for a while now. Next week I’ll finally be able to get it in my precious hands and it’ll be like I won the lottery or something. I’m pumped just thinking about creating my guy for this season’s issue. More to come on that once I actually start to play the game, either Monday night or Tuesday for sure, depending on when it comes in.

The past few days I loaded up on 10 new CDs that I’ll roll down in this Blog for no apparent reason. The collection grows by the day, so that’s always fun times. It’s interesting to download some guys you don’t know of though out of random, as that can broaden your jamming capabilities. Or that probably shows my greed for CDs online, who knows. Who knew? For example, I didn’t know about Conspiracy Clique or Gangsta O down below, but I’m glad I do now and they’re highly recommended. Also, if you’re into downloading just one song at a time, you need to hit up the collabo featuring Lil Jon, Trick Daddy, and Twista. It’s called Let’s Go and has Ozzy’s Crazy Train as the beat. If you’re tired and listen to this one, you’ll be wide awake in no time after this crunkfest. Let’s goooooooo!

Beanie Sigel: Hung Jury The Mixtape
Conspiracy Clique: Kickin Down Dooz
DTP: Fuck U Mixtape
Gangsta O: Independent Dope
Lil Tweety: The Bad Boy
Master P: Master P & Friends
MC Eiht AKA Tony Smallz: Smoke In Tha City
Skinny G: Texasized
Stev-O: The Unexpected
WC: West Side Heavy Hitter

I haven’t had the chance to listen to each of these yet, but I’ve listened to a good bit so far. Beanie Sigel and DTP’s mixtapes weren’t as good as I expected, but you need to load up on Conspiracy Clique, Gangsta O, and MC Eiht. You definitely can’t go wrong with some WC action, as he brings his C-Walkin ways and comes as hard as ever with this stuff. It’s a mixtape as well and he has some popular beats in this one, such as his rendition of Lean Back, except his is called Beliee Dat as the chorus goes like this:

I talk a lot of shit and be actin up
But nigga, I can back it up, nigga
Beliee Dat!
Beliee Dat!

Or the opening that goes like this:

Stalkin, walkin in my high top Taylors
From the home of the Lakers
But we still claim the Raiders
Keep those 45 blazers for haters
Grew up gang bangin playin Centipede, Space Invaders
Downtown muggin, Crip and Blood we study
It’s this shit and some huggies, bunny hoppin on Huffys
Pendletons, alligator shoes
And ball in junior high school was like I attended gladiator school
And for the low jacks and throwbacks
We pose for the Kodak and go pass the crooked sacks
Bumpin oldies, stylalistics, Escorts
Olde English letters on the back of our sweatshirts
Call one time to roll us
Bumpin Eazy-E on our tape recorders
Better with peachy bowlers
Only the G’s can comprehend what I’m speakin
Dub-C muthafucka I’m the Last Mohigan, nigga

Why I typed that out myself, I have no clue. Takes a while to get lyrics of something that isn’t already posted on the web somewhere. You get more bang for your buck here in the Madhouse, so I hope you like that dose. Since I’m talking about music, I’ll admit I’ve changed in the opposite direction of my thoughts on Alicia Keys. Not her singing, but her looks anyways. I used to think she was a dirty because she did some funky stuff to her hair years ago, but now she’s smoking, or at least I like.

A quick prediction on the big boxing rumble tonight. Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins takes on Oscar “The Golden Boy” De La Hoya in a Middleweight Title Match for Hopkins’ gold. Hopkins is a 2:1 favorite, but I’m still picking Oscar to take this one in decision. Oscar usually comes up big in matches that he’s against the wall with. Hopkins does have the size and power to take Oscar out early though, but I think Oscar is a smarter boxer than that now, plus Hopkins’ 39-year old age has to catch up with him sooner or later. I can’t get enough of Hopkins’ interviews though. Dude is a straight up crackhead, but he’s funny.


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Hey Bird.

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