Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thoughts of Randomness

Hola mi amigos or something. Everybody doing ok out there? First off, I got a crazy amount of comments sent to me while chatting about The_Freak's idea of the Dirty Thug Ho of the Week. Not many comments in here this time for some reason, but it was one of the most comments I've gotten in a normal chat after someone has read that. With that in mind, we might as well keep that idea going strong and see what happens next.

Saturday night was interesting. Cork "was" done working at A's Pizza after a solid 8 years he put in. Now he's baaack, Bobby Brown style. So one of his bosses had a little party for him at the place. Earlier in the day, they were at Mule's wedding and the night was just starting. Me and Spank were at my place watching the UFC fights and Cork calls around 11:15. He asks if I have any ping pong balls. Of course, I have a zillion out here since we're back into playing. Anyways, he wanted me to bring a few down to A's so they could battle in beer pong.

We get down there and we see Bri, Nuzum, Zo, and one of Bri's buddies running circles in front of the restaurant on the highway. Then we go inside and you name it and that type of drink was being consumed. We got in some great stories, watched those guys play beer pong, and I had about enough after an hour. The whole party scene isn't for me at all, but I made the rare appearance, so big ups there. Weird when you're the only guy there basically not drinking, but it was fun.

Here's a shocker to most reading who haven't heard yet. It looks like I'm out of the single world. After almost 4 years of being single and being happy with that, I might as well give the whole dating scene a try. With as picky as I am, I think I found a keeper. Her name is Ashley. She's short (5'0"), Italian, Catholic, dark hair, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, likes sports.. That's about as good as it gets for me, huge bonus points. Yesterday we hung out in Fairmont for a while, then it was off to Morgantown. Get this, I woke up at 7:00 in the morning for a date. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, that's not like me, hah. Anyways, it was definitely worth it. We hit up the Morgantown Mall for a bit until the movies opened. Then we watched The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Funny thing is we were the only two people in the entire theater, but you won't hear me complaining. Pretty good movie too I thought. After that, we hit up the new Cheddar's restaurant up there which was pretty decent and then our first trip to Cooper's Rock, a state park with a nice overlook for the people who don't know of that. So all in all, a quality time. I won't bore you anymore with that, but that's a story that you didn't expect to read for a while. Now everyone and their brother can stop trying to set me up with dirties that I'm not interested in, hah.

Aside from the date, yesterday also marks the biggest day of the year for me. Yep, the NBA Draft. As usual, I write down every pick from beginning to end with the team, player, height and weight, school, and position. Then I also keep track of all the trades too, so it's very busy, yet I love it. Cork was here for the festivities. My Celts did rather well I thought. They had the #7 pick and traded it away to Portland along with Raef Fear LaFrentz and the worst defensive player in the league (worse than Nash if that's possible) in Dan Dickau for streetball legend Sebastian Telfair and Theo Ratliff. My guys also swung a deal with the Suns where we ended up with Rajon Rando of Kentucky. He needs to put on some pounds. I don't like that we gave up a future 1st Round pick with that though, but we'll see.

I won't write a bunch of wrestling stuff this week. But I will go over Vengeance real quick and see how bad my predictions were. My overall record? 5-3, nothing to write home about. However, the three-way of Nitro, Benjamin, and Carlito was one of the best WWE matches I've seen all year. I still rank Angle against Undertaker higher and that right there shows how awesome Angle is. Benoit and Finlay are also a candidate for match of the year too in WWE. The DX stuff on RAW is going strong and they're doing a nice job of it so far. ECW is getting a bit better, but there's still a LOT they need to work on and I'm getting worried.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Birthdays for the last day of June (June 30th): Comedian David Alan Grier turns 50, wow. Actor Laurence Fishburne goes for 45. Former NBA baller Mitch Richmond is 41. My favorite boxer of all time, Mike Tyson, hits 40. Tom Green, wish him a Happy 35th. Baseballer Chan Ho Park celebrates his 33rd. American Idol chick Fantasia Barrino is 22.

2. Have dogs always been allowed in a mall? I must be sheltered, but I saw a few dogs yesterday while I was shopping. I never see that.

3. ESPN2 has been showing the World Domino Tournament. They can put anything on TV I guess, but for some reason, I'm sitting here watching. It sucks you in.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Reggie Abercrombie

Hello peeps. I come back to you while drinking a Mountain Blast Powerade. It's no Gatorade, but it'll have to work. We got a new feature to the Blog today and we'll see if we can run with it. I think it'll be something fun to try. Stay tuned later in this post to find all the details, you won't want to miss what The Madhouse of Bird33 and associates has in store for you. And as always, this info comes at you free of charge. You know how we do.

So summer has started. It started on June 21st to knock off the so-called longest day of the year. I've said my thoughts on summer before, but I won't put people in a bad mood. I just like colder weather myself, nothing wrong with that. Anything over 75, I'm not too big of a fan of. If I were given a choice between 90 degree weather or 30, I'd jump all over that 30 like it was the last Cadbury Egg in the store.

Here's a new feature we're going to try in here to spice things up. I can't take credit for this piece of advice, so I have to give credit where it's due. It comes from loyal Blog contributor, The_Freak. I'll post his ideas, leaving out his screen name (although I doubt he'd care much if it was in here), but here goes:

(3:05:23 AM): Your Blog should throw out a random MySpace page.
(3:05:51 AM): Just some random bum, or a wrestler, music dude, something
(3:06:43 AM): Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week

Excellent idea if I must say so myself. Actually it's genius, so we're going to roll with this one to see if the fans get into it or not. I may even have creative names for whatever kind of page I'm showing. For example, on this post, I'll use The_Freak's idea of Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Since this is the official start of this section, I'll use The_Freak's suggestion for a page. A crazy hot Dominican chick. Just look at those pics, our words in here can't do it any justice. I know the dudes will be all over this one. Heck, most chicks are going to be into this one it's so nice.

WWE RAW this week brought us the return of DeGeneration X. I thought it got started off on the right note. Whether you're a wrestling fan or not, you can appreciate some good ol' fashioned DX. As much as I like HBK, he doesn't seem to fit in the new version, but that's ok, Triple H will be able to carry the lewd jokes and make the bset of it. Is it just me, or is Armando Alejandro Estrada one of the better managers we've seen in recent WWE memory? At least in the short run. Whatever happened to the traditional male heel manager? I'm all about seeing chicks bounce around like the next dude, but not many of them make great managers in my opinion. As far as ECW goes, it was MUCH better than Week 1. Still, they have a lot to improve, but I liked this show at least.

Pay Per View Night is upon us. This time, it's WWE Vengeance and that's Sunday with a stacked lineup. This is one of the better cards on paper that I've seen in quite some time. I'll give you my quick predictions, which I'm sure I'll screw up. Uuuuuuuumaga destroys Eugene. Kane wins by DQ over Impostor Kane. Flair (hometown boy as it's in Charlotte) over Foley in what I expect to be a good match. I say Orton sneaks in a win against Angle somehow. Carlito to be the new IC Champ over Benjamin and Nitro. Cena over Sabu. Sabu isn't human, but he makes for great TV. DX smacking around the Spirit Squad. Edge getting the title from RVD.

One CD to mention this time. Field Mob: Light Poles & Pine Trees. These guys from the Dirty South figure out some funky names for their albums, but they always deliver musically. I'm a big fan of Shawn Jay out of this duo, he does it big.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. The battle to quit biting my nails didn't go over so well. I lasted about a week without biting them and started getting all freaked out and worry about not biting them, so one day I just bit them all down and I'm all calm again. A habit I've had forever.

2. For what it's worth on the family side of things, Mom turned 55 on Thursday, so big ups for that. And anyone keeping track, Dad turns 57 in August.

3. Birthdays for Friday, June 23rd? This is pathetic. We don't have one single A List birthday to mention. We got a few run-of-the mill C List athletes, but they're not worth talking about. As usual when we have trash, check for yourself:

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Doritos & Hot Sauce

Over a week since my last post. Where have I been hiding at and what have I been doing? The answers to your questions are soon to be answered in this very space, so stay tuned..

I'm not sure how many of my buddies that are fathers reads this, but if so, have a big Father's Day out there wherever you are!

I was out of town for the past few days with my parents. They have a place in the "mountains" that I've written about before. This big whitey ended up getting some much needed sun though. I got burnt a bit, but that's easy to do for me since I'm not out in it a lot. I also got some tennis action in. I now realize speed can't get you that far if the rest of your game isn't good. My serve was way off and it's usually pretty good. My backhand? On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being a beast, I'd rate mine a -5. I can run all over the place, but I need to connect all parts of it to get my game improved. Still a very fun game though.

I also spent a little time fishing, but a ton of it just watching TV, reading the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and being hooked to my new Nintendo DS Lite. A very slick system and one you should check out. It's not that outrageous price wise (I don't think anyways) for being a pimped out version of the regular DS. I've already beaten the New Super Mario Bros. I put some hardcore hours into it, but still it was a bit too easy on that part. I still have all of the minigames to get through though, but all in all, I'm very happy with getting this handheld system. You can even do online play with an adapter, that could be something.

RAW was an awesome show this week, way more than ECW can say. But more on ECW later. Two things I will focus on. The first is that the reformation of DeGeneration X finally started on Monday. It's been brewing for a while, but now it's in full mode. Hopefully it turns out to be decent, they're off to a nice start. They have a funny press conference for Vengeance (the next RAW PPV on June 25th) at Also, the mic work during the Flair and Foley segment was top notch. Two of the best ever on the mic and they put on a show.

The return of ECW on Tuesday night on the Sci-Fi Network. I'd rather that moment didn't happen in my life because what I saw was not ECW. That was just a disaster, brutal times. That was WWE Heat level, I'm serious. Maybe worse. First off, don't have it in a SmackDown arena. Those fans have no clue what ECW was. I know it isn't going to be the ECW of old, but the first week was a bad start. I guess it can't get any worse. So let's pretend this week didn't happen and next week they can start fresh.

Only one new CD to mention this time. WWE: Wreckless Intent. Just a so-so effort for me on this. Then again, I'm not a big rocker type guy and that's pretty much what this whole CD was. Some of the themes you get are Batista, Orton, Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Triple H, and many others. The stuff I liked was really good, but it also had its down points.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment at 8:00 in the morning, ugh. Not that I mind the dentist, but waking up at like 7:00 or something in the summer is never good times. That and the dentist bill won't be fun either, but that's life. My teeth are all white and pimped, but since I eat candy and whatever else, I'm always having some kind of work done to them.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's go with some birthdays for Monday, June 19th. Paula Abdul and her cracked out self is 44. Actually, this is one pathetic birthday list. Check for yourselves:

2. As far as the Blog readers go, we do have The_Freak celebrating one quarter of a century, the big 25 for Monday. So be sure to tell him that when you see him online, good stuff there.

3. You know what's good? And some who know me I've told this to before. Doritos and hot sauce. Pour some Doritos into a bowl, crank the hot sauce all over them, and there ya go. Quality snacking indeed. Thanks me afterwards.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Laugh Now, Cry Later

So what's happening? It's time for the Norm MacDonald Weekend Update in here. Not too eventful of a week, but of course, that doesn't stop the production line from getting in another post. And there's another reason I had to get a post in by June 10th, as it was a promise I made to a buddy of mine. I'd like to wish my girl Shell a Happy 19th Birthday. Another reason to make me feel all old, but you know how it goes. You only feel as old as you are, so in that case, I'm like way young. Have a good one up there Shell, in the mean streets of the eastern panhandle.

My #1 habit is biting my fingernails. I've done it forever. Here's a stat you might like: As far as I know, I've never used a pair of fingernail clippers. Yep, true stuff. I either pick at them till they rip off or just bite them. People have told me to put the paint stuff on them, but that wouldn't help. Like I said, if I'm not biting them, I'm just picking away. Well, today ended a streak. I went about a week without biting them, but I couldn't take it any longer. Now they're all back to the low level.

Any handheld video game fans out there? I'm bored and wanting to spend some money on something. Tomorrow there is a new version of the Nintendo DS coming out, the DS Lite. There's also a package where you can get the new Mario game for it, simply titled New Super Mario Bros. Go figure. It's gotten great reviews since it has came out and Nintendo means business in the handheld world. Oh, PSP was supposed to be great? You ever seen anyone with those pieces of garbage? I didn't think so either. If I get a DS, I'll be on with a report, but I haven't totally made up my mind yet. All of the places I've called said that the first shipment is already sold out, so I'll have to wait till the middle of the week more than likely, doh!

Kind of a topicless week. Summertime and I'm a total bum. I did switch my workout routine and have been going extra hard on that, but that's no story that people want to read about. Or about me sleeping in till 2:00 or so each day. Sunday is the ECW One Night Stand pay per view. It didn't get nearly the buildup that it did last year for the debut show. Still, I'm pretty excited to see the crowd that night for the extravaganza.

I got a lot of CDs to get through here. We'll mention my latest for the rap fans out there following along.

B-Real: The Gunslinger - Part II: Fist Full Of Dollars. I haven't popped this one in. Just listened to a few tracks so far. This is B-Real of Cypress Hill for those wondering if that's the same guy. The stuff I did hear was really good. B-Real has a distinctive voice, that's for sure.

Busta Rhymes: The Big Bang. The only thing I didn't care for on this one is that Busta didn't do too much by himself. Every song featured someone almost. Who all is on this? Q-Tip, Missy, Swizz Beats, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Raekwon, Nas and his chick Kelis, and others. I know what you're thinking. Stevie Wonder? Yep, the song rocks too. It's called Been Through The Storm. You best check that out. Also, Busta is with Dre now, so that can only mean great things since Dre is almost godlike.

Da Muzicianz: Da Muzicianz. Ying Yang Twins' boys. D-Roc set this group up and at least one of them is his real brother. It's straight crunk music, so don't get your mind set on true lyrical geniuses here. But it's got some good beats. Their song out now, Camera Phone is quality. Also, these guys do pretty good when they slow it down to big pimp.

Ice Cube: Laugh Now, Cry Later. Pick this thing up. I know I'm biased towards Cube stuff, but he hasn't changed since he began. He didn't go the Snoop route and turn all girly. Cube delivers the gangsta stuff and stays true to it. His stuff lasts through time. Speaking of Snoop, Cube even convinced him to get mean in one song, imagine that. For a minute, it felt like the 1992 Snoop that we all love. Why We Thugs is the one released now, it's good.

Obie Trice: Second Round's On Me. This was a mangled version. I'm guessing it's a mixtape I got, but I'll have the actual release soon. Still, Obie has been due for his sophomore release for quite some time.

Papoose: The Boyz In The Hood. Here we go with some lyrical skills. Pap has been around for a while, but not a lot know him. I haven't listened to this yet, but I have big hopes for it based on his reputation in New York.

KRS-One: Life. Take that last comment and multiply it by 5. Another guy, like Cube, who has stayed true to his style since the 80s. One of the best out there in my opinion on pure rapping and real hip hop. Check it out. A true legend.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. What's the birthdays for Sunday, June 11th? Boxer Leon Spinks turns 54, who once fought local legend Tommy Thomas for the Shinnston fans reading. Actress Sela Ward is 50 and still looks good. Rocker Richie Sambora goes for 47. Big lipped Lisa Rina, which I think looks fine even with the goofy lips, celebrates her 41st. Can't go wrong with big lips. Rod Strickland, former NBA baller and streetball legend, is 40.

2. Thanks to Kasher for finding the Vida Guerrera Playboy pics. Cork has been waiting on this one for some time and I thought they turned out real good. Check for yourself, you know you'll like it:

3. It's time for the coin flip. Haven't done one in a while. Today we're using a 2005 dime. And the outcome?... TAILS!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Midget Fever!

The first thing I have to talk about is so good that I'm not even going to need an opening line to hook you guys in with. I was at my boy Posey's 28th cookout/birthday party on Friday night. I could tell a number of tales from that night as it was fun, but there is one in particular I will focus on.

This guy I graduated with rolled up to the party. He's one of the greatest storytellers that I know and always has something funny to say. Anyways, he starts talking about how he started internet dating. He said that he didn't have anything to lose with it. He was talking to this chick online and had seen face pictures of her. After talking for a while, he asked where she was from. She told him Morgantown, which is about 45 minutes north of us for those not in the area, and home of WVU. They agree to see each other in person since it's close. He calls her up while he's in Fairmont (halfway from my town to Morgantown basically) to set up a place to meet up with her since he wasn't familiar with her exact area. The phone call he said should've warned him enough. He said she had this rough mean voice and could barely speak English..

So after talking to the chick, they set up a place to meet. He sees her and then gets out of the car to do the greeting. Come to find out, the chick is a midget. Doh! He said he didn't know what to think. But still, he goes up to her, has to lean way down to hug her and says it's weird already. He takes her to the Boston Beanery (a local eatery/bar) to hang out. The first thing he notices is that when they sit down, she can barely see the table. He starts freaking out, wondering what the proper midget etiquette is, but doesn't do anything to embarrass her. Then he starts thinking of ways to end the date since he's already in a jam..

He starts to hit on the waitress and any chick that comes by just to fire this chick up and have her not want the date to go on any longer. Well, to his dismay, that didn't effect this chick one bit. The next thing, this chick asks him to come over to her place. Now he's really stuck. That was his out to turn that offer down, but he didn't for some reason. To make a long story short, he supposedly got some off this midget. He had another internet date after that one that was even worse (maybe another story for another time) and says that pretty much ended things for him on the whole internet dating scene, hah. I was rolling the entire time because this guy tells the story to make you pay attention to every word. One of the funnier things I've heard in a while and I know putting it into text does it no justice, but there you go, the story of a dude meeting a Korean midget who could barely speak English.

I'm always talking about being an internet junkie. Most people know that anyways, but Saturday through Sunday morning, it was epic. I was up for 16 hours that day (3:00 PM-7:00 AM). Yes, my hours are screwed up, but that's how I roll. Anyways, here's a stat that might blow you away or show how less there is to do in Shinnston: Out of those 16 hours, I was online for 13 of those, no joke. The 3 hours that I wasn't on, I hung with my boy Spank for a bit, worked out, showered, and ate. Sad part is, this probably isn't my biggest streak like that. Oh well, nothing else to do, it's good times.

I may or may not have a new post up by then, but this Sunday night I'm getting excited for. This is a wrestling paragraph for those I scare away with that. This Sunday, it's ECW One Night Stand. Last year's attempt at this was a success and they're having it at the famed Madhouse of Extreme, the Hammerstein Ballroom. I know it's not the same ECW, but anything even near that is always worth it. The ECW fans are like no other as far as intensity and their wrestling knowledge. Bad news is that WWE upped their pay per view prices to $40 (was $35 for a while) for each show, doh! Back in the day that wasn't a big deal since there was more of a wrestling fan base it seemed and I had a crew over watching every event. Now I'm basically the only one of my crew (yeah, I'll never grow up) who is still a huge wrestling guy. I haven't missed a PPV in quite some time, but I may have to miss a few every now and then for the up in prices and that they're going to be having more shows.

I don't have any CDs to update on this time. I did get Busta Rhymes' newest one, but it's the clean version. So I won't add that to the list yet or give it a listen until I get the real deal. I should have Ice Cube's newest very soon too as it's out there and some other hot ones ("We have a hot one!"- Randy Jackson) in the near future.

My NBA Finals prediction? I'm going with the Mavs over the Heat in 7 games. I won't be mad either way whoever wins, but it'd be nice to see my boy Antoine Walker (my favorite player in the league) get a ring on his finger for Miami. Ironic that he played for both Dallas and Miami.

I don't think anything too out of the ordinary is going down this week, but you never know. Let me know what you think or what's new in your world. Talk to you all soon enough.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Props to our very own Clark Riley who got some big recognition recently:

2. YouTube is awesome. Everyone has seen this a zillion times, but it never gets old, so I'm posting it for your viewing pleasure:

3. Birthday time.. This one will be for Tuesday, June 6th. Annoying actress Sandra Bernhard is 51. And so isn't Dana Carvey, so big ups to him. Tennis great of his day, Bjorn Borg goes for 50. Comedian Colin Quinn turns 47. That's about all I can do for ya there, not many good youngsters.