Sunday, June 18, 2006

Doritos & Hot Sauce

Over a week since my last post. Where have I been hiding at and what have I been doing? The answers to your questions are soon to be answered in this very space, so stay tuned..

I'm not sure how many of my buddies that are fathers reads this, but if so, have a big Father's Day out there wherever you are!

I was out of town for the past few days with my parents. They have a place in the "mountains" that I've written about before. This big whitey ended up getting some much needed sun though. I got burnt a bit, but that's easy to do for me since I'm not out in it a lot. I also got some tennis action in. I now realize speed can't get you that far if the rest of your game isn't good. My serve was way off and it's usually pretty good. My backhand? On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being a beast, I'd rate mine a -5. I can run all over the place, but I need to connect all parts of it to get my game improved. Still a very fun game though.

I also spent a little time fishing, but a ton of it just watching TV, reading the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and being hooked to my new Nintendo DS Lite. A very slick system and one you should check out. It's not that outrageous price wise (I don't think anyways) for being a pimped out version of the regular DS. I've already beaten the New Super Mario Bros. I put some hardcore hours into it, but still it was a bit too easy on that part. I still have all of the minigames to get through though, but all in all, I'm very happy with getting this handheld system. You can even do online play with an adapter, that could be something.

RAW was an awesome show this week, way more than ECW can say. But more on ECW later. Two things I will focus on. The first is that the reformation of DeGeneration X finally started on Monday. It's been brewing for a while, but now it's in full mode. Hopefully it turns out to be decent, they're off to a nice start. They have a funny press conference for Vengeance (the next RAW PPV on June 25th) at Also, the mic work during the Flair and Foley segment was top notch. Two of the best ever on the mic and they put on a show.

The return of ECW on Tuesday night on the Sci-Fi Network. I'd rather that moment didn't happen in my life because what I saw was not ECW. That was just a disaster, brutal times. That was WWE Heat level, I'm serious. Maybe worse. First off, don't have it in a SmackDown arena. Those fans have no clue what ECW was. I know it isn't going to be the ECW of old, but the first week was a bad start. I guess it can't get any worse. So let's pretend this week didn't happen and next week they can start fresh.

Only one new CD to mention this time. WWE: Wreckless Intent. Just a so-so effort for me on this. Then again, I'm not a big rocker type guy and that's pretty much what this whole CD was. Some of the themes you get are Batista, Orton, Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Triple H, and many others. The stuff I liked was really good, but it also had its down points.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment at 8:00 in the morning, ugh. Not that I mind the dentist, but waking up at like 7:00 or something in the summer is never good times. That and the dentist bill won't be fun either, but that's life. My teeth are all white and pimped, but since I eat candy and whatever else, I'm always having some kind of work done to them.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's go with some birthdays for Monday, June 19th. Paula Abdul and her cracked out self is 44. Actually, this is one pathetic birthday list. Check for yourselves:

2. As far as the Blog readers go, we do have The_Freak celebrating one quarter of a century, the big 25 for Monday. So be sure to tell him that when you see him online, good stuff there.

3. You know what's good? And some who know me I've told this to before. Doritos and hot sauce. Pour some Doritos into a bowl, crank the hot sauce all over them, and there ya go. Quality snacking indeed. Thanks me afterwards.


Mel said...

Loved the wrestling part of this! D-X coming back better be better then that ECW stuff. I mean honestly, it sucked. I do agree with you in a lot of this post. Last year they wouldn't stfu about the ECW 1 night stand, but this year it's like...they've had enough. But Raw was good monday and I loved it when they told Vince to suck it :D lol. All in all you know how to write. Keep me informed ;)

Chrissy said...

Doritos & Hot Sauce is some good quality college food :-p My friend introduced me to that & got me hooked :-p