Saturday, June 10, 2006

Laugh Now, Cry Later

So what's happening? It's time for the Norm MacDonald Weekend Update in here. Not too eventful of a week, but of course, that doesn't stop the production line from getting in another post. And there's another reason I had to get a post in by June 10th, as it was a promise I made to a buddy of mine. I'd like to wish my girl Shell a Happy 19th Birthday. Another reason to make me feel all old, but you know how it goes. You only feel as old as you are, so in that case, I'm like way young. Have a good one up there Shell, in the mean streets of the eastern panhandle.

My #1 habit is biting my fingernails. I've done it forever. Here's a stat you might like: As far as I know, I've never used a pair of fingernail clippers. Yep, true stuff. I either pick at them till they rip off or just bite them. People have told me to put the paint stuff on them, but that wouldn't help. Like I said, if I'm not biting them, I'm just picking away. Well, today ended a streak. I went about a week without biting them, but I couldn't take it any longer. Now they're all back to the low level.

Any handheld video game fans out there? I'm bored and wanting to spend some money on something. Tomorrow there is a new version of the Nintendo DS coming out, the DS Lite. There's also a package where you can get the new Mario game for it, simply titled New Super Mario Bros. Go figure. It's gotten great reviews since it has came out and Nintendo means business in the handheld world. Oh, PSP was supposed to be great? You ever seen anyone with those pieces of garbage? I didn't think so either. If I get a DS, I'll be on with a report, but I haven't totally made up my mind yet. All of the places I've called said that the first shipment is already sold out, so I'll have to wait till the middle of the week more than likely, doh!

Kind of a topicless week. Summertime and I'm a total bum. I did switch my workout routine and have been going extra hard on that, but that's no story that people want to read about. Or about me sleeping in till 2:00 or so each day. Sunday is the ECW One Night Stand pay per view. It didn't get nearly the buildup that it did last year for the debut show. Still, I'm pretty excited to see the crowd that night for the extravaganza.

I got a lot of CDs to get through here. We'll mention my latest for the rap fans out there following along.

B-Real: The Gunslinger - Part II: Fist Full Of Dollars. I haven't popped this one in. Just listened to a few tracks so far. This is B-Real of Cypress Hill for those wondering if that's the same guy. The stuff I did hear was really good. B-Real has a distinctive voice, that's for sure.

Busta Rhymes: The Big Bang. The only thing I didn't care for on this one is that Busta didn't do too much by himself. Every song featured someone almost. Who all is on this? Q-Tip, Missy, Swizz Beats, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Raekwon, Nas and his chick Kelis, and others. I know what you're thinking. Stevie Wonder? Yep, the song rocks too. It's called Been Through The Storm. You best check that out. Also, Busta is with Dre now, so that can only mean great things since Dre is almost godlike.

Da Muzicianz: Da Muzicianz. Ying Yang Twins' boys. D-Roc set this group up and at least one of them is his real brother. It's straight crunk music, so don't get your mind set on true lyrical geniuses here. But it's got some good beats. Their song out now, Camera Phone is quality. Also, these guys do pretty good when they slow it down to big pimp.

Ice Cube: Laugh Now, Cry Later. Pick this thing up. I know I'm biased towards Cube stuff, but he hasn't changed since he began. He didn't go the Snoop route and turn all girly. Cube delivers the gangsta stuff and stays true to it. His stuff lasts through time. Speaking of Snoop, Cube even convinced him to get mean in one song, imagine that. For a minute, it felt like the 1992 Snoop that we all love. Why We Thugs is the one released now, it's good.

Obie Trice: Second Round's On Me. This was a mangled version. I'm guessing it's a mixtape I got, but I'll have the actual release soon. Still, Obie has been due for his sophomore release for quite some time.

Papoose: The Boyz In The Hood. Here we go with some lyrical skills. Pap has been around for a while, but not a lot know him. I haven't listened to this yet, but I have big hopes for it based on his reputation in New York.

KRS-One: Life. Take that last comment and multiply it by 5. Another guy, like Cube, who has stayed true to his style since the 80s. One of the best out there in my opinion on pure rapping and real hip hop. Check it out. A true legend.

3 Quick Thangs:

1. What's the birthdays for Sunday, June 11th? Boxer Leon Spinks turns 54, who once fought local legend Tommy Thomas for the Shinnston fans reading. Actress Sela Ward is 50 and still looks good. Rocker Richie Sambora goes for 47. Big lipped Lisa Rina, which I think looks fine even with the goofy lips, celebrates her 41st. Can't go wrong with big lips. Rod Strickland, former NBA baller and streetball legend, is 40.

2. Thanks to Kasher for finding the Vida Guerrera Playboy pics. Cork has been waiting on this one for some time and I thought they turned out real good. Check for yourself, you know you'll like it:

3. It's time for the coin flip. Haven't done one in a while. Today we're using a 2005 dime. And the outcome?... TAILS!


Chrissy said...

Well you did good on the nail biteing until you coulnt take it :-p. Blogs have been gettin good. Sorry ive been behind on reading them but I got all caught up on one of my bord days.

Shell said...

Hey thanx for doing this for me. Awesome :) lol In my younger years haha my father use to hit my hands to stop me from my finger nails have fun! buh byes for now


DirtyKash said...

Even the chicks enjoyed the Vida Guerra pictures. I'm sure.