Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Baby Makin' Music

Greetings fellow bums, what's happening? We got some stuff on the plate for you in this edition. A preview of the topics we'll go over? The EDDFL Draft with the storyline behind that, the finale of Flavor Of Love 2, sandlot football, snow, Mountain Dew, and clocks falling back. You know me, I like to hit up all kinds of interesting things, some more interesting to others, while some is complete ramblings. Either way, it's some good advice for you all to live by. :)

Since NBA season is right around the corner, everybody knows that is what I live for. Boston Celtics ball and fantasy NBA, it doesn't get much better. On Sunday, it was the annual EDDFL (E-Town Diaper Dandies Fantasy League) Draft. I've been doing fantasy NBA since I was about 10. I have the league information saved from at least 1993 or so, wishing that I had the beginning years, but that's close enough. What an interesting ride it was just to draft though, but more on that in a few. As stated a while back, we had 11 in the league this year. 9 were live in attendance, while we had 2 guys from out of state drafting. A staple to the league, ManDingo, is taking a year's leave of absence from the group, but he's back in to rock it out next year as his spot is saved. Of course, I'm providing you all with the group pic this year. Look at us doing our thing. In front it's me and Cork. Standing it is Mudcat, Fortney, Spank, TJ, Fleece, Ozzie, and Posey.

The plan? We were to meet at Bunny's Lounge in Fairmont at 12:30. We should've known better. Anyways, Sorine was supposed to hook us up, but the idiots that we are, we thought he'd be reliable for once. Nope, ugh. Dad laughed at us from the beginning for going through with that plan and he's one of Sorine's buddies saying that. He didn't show, so we had to move our camp, eventually to the old Smokehouse BBQ and what a choice we made. We had a big room to ourselves, a TV, booths, tables, just a ton of room to have some space. TJ had the duty of being draft central as he had a 3-way going through his cell between Riley (in Michigan and regular blog comment guy for those not in the know) and Sidell (in South Carolina).

I had 3rd pick out of 11. I am happy with what I did and here is your 2006-2007 E-Town Junkies.. Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is no longer!

1. Dwyane Wade: MIA
2. Joe Johnson: ATL
3. Adam Morrison: CHA (R)
4. Gerald Wallace: CHA
5. Boris Diaw: PHO
6. Charlie Villanueva: MIL
7. Josh Smith: ATL
8. Josh Howard: DAL
9. Jorge Garbajosa: TOR (R)
10. Drew Gooden: CLE
11. Sammy Dalembert: PHI
12. Stromile Swift: MEM
13. Damon Stoudamire: MEM
14. Darko Milicic: ORL
15. Jarvis Hayes: WAS

The first snowfall in Shinnston went down on Monday. That's great in my book as I'm a huge winter fan and not into the hot junk. We've had a few weak winters in the past few for our standards. I think we can be due for some big action as far as snowfall goes, let's only hope anyways. I crack up when people around here freak out at the sight of snow. It's not like we live in Florida or something, we're in a decent snow area. Get used to it.

Anyone get to see the finale of Flavor of Love 2 a few weeks back? You talk about a great show. If you're all about watching drama on TV (not in your own life, that's never fun), this show is for you. Flav ended up sending New York packing again as she flipped out on the final day and turned into her Mom. For those who saw that, you know exactly what I mean. The winner this year is Deelishus. Deelishus was on 106 & Park the other day on BET and she was looking nice, the show didn't do her justice. Also a rumor they said is that New York might be getting her own show called Flavorette. What guy wants to get hooked up with that piece of work?

Last weekend it was sandlot football time. The time before that time, we had 10 of us playing. This time we were able to round up 14 for bigger action. We started out on the main field at Lincoln and then got kicked off and had to go to the practice field. Almost 30 years old and getting kicked off fields, only my crew. The practice field is perfect size though. Who all was in attendance? Me, Spank, Fortney, Posey, Ozzie, Ferris, Jeffery Swiger, Bart, Linville, Buck, Sweet Pea, Slim, Albright, and Mookie. Guys aging from 16-28, not too shabby. I like playing D a lot more than offense. Play some corner and get a chance to lock someone down. Nobody can lock down Bart though, he's a machine. 6'4" with speed, just lob it up there, he's bound to get it most of the time. I think we'll have something regular going on Sundays, but you never can tell with the guys in this town to if you can count on them or not. Want to play? Let us know, you're in.

Even the non-wrestling fans will crack up at this one. If you've kept up with the news the past week or so, you know that K-Fed Kevin Federline has been on WWE Monday Night RAW. I was thinking the same as you were before seeing it. He just played himself and the crowd went nuts on him, he played the perfect bad guy and it has worked very well so far. The WWE is getting some mainstream media coverage of this and in process they are hyping up K-Fed's new rap CD coming out on Halloween. That has to be a disaster, but I'll get it just because I'm curious.

In a few random notes.. Don't pick up Puff's new CD that I mentioned in the last blog, Press Play. It's brutally bad I thought and Cork agreed with that assessment. Maybe you'll feel differently. Also, I'm due for a new pair of basketball shoes. Last week the bottoms started giving out on my And1's that I've had for a while, so it was time to load up today. I'm too fast for my own good out there on the court that I come out of my shoes, hah. Or something. Since I'm a Converse guy from back in the day, I got a nice deal on the Dwayne Wade 1 LE kicks. Red, white, and blue. They're pretty pimp.

Remember, clocks fall back this weekend an hour. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Bird's You Tube Moment of the Week: http://youtube.com/watch?v=5YZuPFSkTgU

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: http://www.myspace.com/stephani3

3 Quick Thangs:

1. I've been on this huge Mountain Dew kick the past few weeks for some reason. I was never big on it back in the day, but I guess I am now. I still try to limit my pop drinking, but every now and then I gotta load up, you know how it goes. Do The Dew. It's no Cherry Coke, but it'll work.

2. I can't wait for the Borat movie, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. That's going to be something else. For those who don't know of the Borat skits on Da Ali G Show, you're straight up missing out. Check out the previews online, you're going to love it.

3. Ever get so tired you're standing up being all dizzy? That was me at work all day today from being online till the wee hours and waking up with not much sleep. I never learn. They probably thought I was all mangled.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Real Mashed Potatoes

Yep, we're back in action. This past week has treated me rather well, so I can't complain. Then again, you guys know I always try to be in a good mood, no drama in my part of the town. Plus, nobody listens if you complain anyways, forget those whiners. A fairly long blog is in store, so I better gear up. Now onto important things for everyone to read..

We're now one week away from my favorite thing to do all year, fantasy NBA. Next Sunday, my crew will be drafting live from Bunny's in Fairmont thanks to a hookup from Sorine. We have 11 in the league this year, with 2 out of state drafting by phone on 3-way. Not 3-way Screech style, but you know. Our draft board came in the mail a few days ago and everyone is itching to get this draft underway.

I survived Week 1 of the little kids. Yep, the elementary level ones. As stated before, I have to do 6 weeks of student teaching in an elementary school to complete my masters degree. I have a mixture of ages, but most of mine are in 1st grade and they're something else. I thought I'd be hating elementary stuff, but it rocks so far. These little kids are funny cats, no doubt. Plus, I'm at a school with maybe 3 or 4 total male teachers, so how bad can that be? Then again, most of the chicks are MILFs so I have to stay away from that drama, but it can't hurt to look. We'll see how the upcoming weeks go with the kiddies, I'll keep everyone updated.

My sleep schedule is a mess as everyone knows. Starting on Friday night, me, Spank, and Cork played 9 straight hours of NBA Live 2007 for PS2. We're getting pretty far in our dynasty with the Knicks of all teams. We're already into January and our record is a horrendous 2-31. Like I said, this game is super hard, but we're still into it regardless. Then on Saturday, we played 5 more hours. Between A's food and Chinese, we ordered an insane amount of stuff the past few days, it was nuts. Well worth blowing money on though, nothing else to spend it on. Yes, we're nearly 30 years old and spend most of our weekends playing video games. And we admit that, so be it. What else should I be doing? Hanging at some bar and trying to get some filthy greasy chick loaded up with tattoos and diseases that also smokes? Forget that mess. Then again, that's more than I'm with right now, but still. The single life rocks. Oh yeah, I went to bed on Friday night/Saturday morning at 8:15 AM, not bad.

I'm a neat freak and like things all organized. What does that have to do with anything? I was rolling home from work on Friday, minding my business. I was in front of Rite Aid for the locals and this truck was in front of me with the traffic around 3:10 or so. I'm surprised I haven't done it a lot before, but I had my first fender bender. This guy had a long hitch on the back of his truck and I didn't think I was that close, but apparently I was. I heard it scrape the front of my car and didn't like the sound. The dude pulls off into the Rite Aid lot and I follow. He gets out, is a really nice dude, and just wants to check if my car was ok. He said he could care less about his truck and knew I couldn't hurt it, which I didn't. I have to get the front of mine fixed though. I could leave if like that, but I'd be freaking out since it's not all perfect. Sure, I don't drive anything crazy, but I still take real good care of it. It happens though, no biggie. Plus, I'm a horrible driver anyways, so to those reading, it's not that surprising.

I don't get the whole wedding reception thing. Maybe it was just because I wasn't around my crew on Saturday night, but I'll set the story up. There isn't much of a story, but I like to talk about random things, so this is what you'll get. It was a reception at Village Square for a cousin of mine who got married. A nice setup and the food wasn't bad. It was mostly a family gathering, it didn't get rowdy, and I just wanted to eat and get out of there after making my appearance. I ended up staying longer than I wanted, but sometimes you have to do things like that. The chick scene was about slim to none and that's never good times at a wedding reception. Then again, I got to hang with the hottest chick in Shinnston for a good bit as far as my personal rankings go (not a family member you freaks that were thinking that since I said it was a family gathering and I'm in WV), so that helped the boring night if nothing else. And for the locals keeping track at home of my rankings, my #2 hottest chick in Shinnston, even if she doesn't live in Shinnston, is Betty the mail chick. But since she works here, she qualifies.

Is it new CDs you want? This time I went off as I have 9 to present to you. The collection is never ending and I have some rock solid stuff in this one. Here we go, as usual, in alphabetical order:

Frost: Till The Wheels Fall Off. I don't know anything about this guy, but he's a Mexican rapper in East LA. I saw his CD in a Bay Area room and figured I'd give him a listen since it got a few good reviews. We'll see.

Hi-Tek: Hi-Teknology - Volume 2 (The Chip). A legendary DJ here. His work with Mos Def and Talib Kweli in the 90s put him on the map. He's from Cincy, but he's pretty much labeled a NY DJ since that's where he made it big time in Brooklyn. You want some true hip hop? Load up on this action.

Layzie Bone: Cleveland. As I've said before, it seems like Bone members have a new CD out every few weeks. They go to work in the studio. I like the title of this one as well since it's simple and you know what you're getting. Plus on my trips to Cleveland, it'll fit the ride perfectly.

Ludacris: Release Therapy. Most are into Luda since he's kept his style of rap the same for years. A nice crew on this CD that features Young Jeezy, Field Mob, Pharrell, Bobby Valentino, R Kelly, Beanie Sigel, Mary J, and others. That's powerful. The track Tell It Like It Is, listen to that one. Interesting stuff in there plus he has a section where he rips into Chingy.

MC Eiht: Compton's OG. One of the most respected West Coast gangsta rappers. He's been around for a minute, that's for sure. Another who hasn't changed his style one bit. Into some mean rap? Eiht is your man.

P Diddy: Press Play. Puff is at it again as it's been a while since his last solo joint. Puff cracks me up more than his actual talent, mainly for his dancing. No rhythm for his dancing at all, but it's good entertainment to watch. I'm sure he doesn't care though, dude knows how to make crazy money. This CD is loaded up with people. That's one thing I'm not as big on with Puff as he can't really do many songs by himself. He likes to spread the wealth. You get Twista, Timbaland, C-Lo, Nas, Mario Winans, Keyshia Cole, Mary J, Jamie Foxx, Dirty Aguilera, and a bunch of others.

Skant Bone: 4 Seasonz. I'm guessing most reading don't know this guy unless you're a huge Bone Thugs fan. This guy was from the branched off Mo Thugs group they had a while back. He does his thing and of course most of the Bone Thugs crew is on the songs, so it can't be bad based on that you wouldn't think.

Webstar: Caught In The Web. This CD is making rounds and being famous for featuring Chicken Noodle Soup that has Young B doing her thing with Webstar. Other than that, you get a lot of NY DJ type stuff and check it out if you're into that type of thing.

Xzibit: Full Circle. X to the Z has been due for a new album for a while. I've always liked his raps since he just doesn't care and tells it how it is. On this one you get the pimp boss Too $hort, The Game, DJ Quik, and Kurupt.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: http://www.myspace.com/jrowm

Bird's YouTube Moment of the Week: Everyone is going to love this. Wrestling fan or not, you need to watch this. This is rare footage of a 1994 incident featuring manager Jim Cornette. He's in a car with a group of wrestlers and they pull up to a Dairy Queen drive thru. They order a ton of food and the DQ people don't believe they really want it and are messing with them. They pull up to the window and the DQ chick tells them they don't have it all ready. That's when Cornette flips. One of the wrestlers in the backseat had a camera and filmed the festivities. You'll be cracking up good. Anyways, here is Jimbo going on a cussing tirade on DQ, to the point where he gets out of the car and opens up the drive thru window. Enjoy: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Id4rZhN_LEg

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's go with birthdays for Monday, October 16th: First off, I gotta wish a happy one to Carolina who celebrated a birthday on the 15th. That's today as I write this, nice. She would've slapped me around good if I didn't mention her in the blog, so I'm top of my game today. On Monday? Suzanne Somers is 60, ridiculous. You're not supposed to look like her at 60. Then again, nothing on her body is real at this point. Actor Tim Robbins, born in WV, goes for 48. 7'7" Manute Bol turns 44 on this day. Flea of the Chili Peppers is also 44. Wrestling vixen Missy Hyatt, the first diva of wrestling is 43. You can easily find her bouncing around naked on the internet if you're bored. Kordell Stewart, the more than likely gay QB, is now 34.

2. Just heard a stat. WV has more kids die under the age of 18 than any other state out there. Ouch.

3. I'm a big mashed potatoes fan, but there's a big difference. Instant mashed potatoes are the world's worst. They gotta be the real deal for me to want any part of that.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Screech Pulls A Dirty Sanchez

What's happening out there today? I'm doing great here and it's time for another post. I guess you figured out that much by now, considering it was about a week since the last update. That's how I've been doing it around here lately. You know how I roll, straight from the mean streets of East Shinnston, so look out. In this edition we get to talk about another road trip to Cleveland, NBA Live 2007 updates, Yankees, Notre Dame, EDDFL, teaching little kids, dirty hoes, and who knows what else is in store for you. You'll just have to lean back and watch the show.

Road trip! Off to Cleveland for some Ring of Honor wrestling action. Me and Spank roll out of Shinnston around noon after battling in some NBA Live 2007 before leaving. More on that later. We first stop at Wal-Mart to get some fantasy basketball magazines. Also, more on that later as well. Before leaving our county, we eat at Applebee's and are fired up they don't have the select two entrees for $10 deal or whatever anymore. Now they hype up this dork from The Food Network and you can pick from like 4 different things he has a recipe for, get out of here. We get to Cleveland around 6:00 or a little before. It's about a 4 hour trip, but with messing around and not being in a rush, there you go. We hit up mostly older rap for this ride. 2Pac, Trick Daddy, some older Birdman, and of course when you get near Cleveland you have to put in Bone Thugs or it wouldn't be a Cleveland trip. We eat at some Lizard Lounge (close enough) place up there before the show, I forget the name.

Now it's off to the show. We have 2nd row tickets and we're pumped. As we get there, the line is going way down the street before the doors open. With ROH, the wrestlers are hands on and you can hang out with them like you would a regular bum. We pull in to park and we park right beside the champion, Bryan "The American Dragon" Danielson. I've raved about him before as being one of (if not the best) wrestler in the world. We pull in and see Dragon and also Samoa Joe hanging in the parking lot talking to the fans.

We see this dude pulling in driving a Mustang. He goes to park in a spot and somehow hammers on the gas and runs over a concrete uprise and mangles his car. He's sitting there for about 5 minutes not doing anything. His buddy runs out of the car and heads to the show. Weird already. Anyways, Spank walks up to this guy's window and tries to help him to move the car. The guy was cranked up on acid or something hardcore because he was a total mess. For the first hour of the show, the guy was in a trance and we got a good laugh out of him. Kids, don't do drugs. You might end up all tuned up on acid and wreck your Mustang.

We're in the building. I won't ramble on about the exact show because I know that 90% of the people reading don't even have a clue what ROH is (the shame). The matches were off the chart, the fans are the best in the business, and you get a quality experience. Everytime they come back to Cleveland, they have my money for sure. I load up on 8 new DVDs while I'm there. Yes, I'm an idiot, but nothing else to spend my money on. Outside of Joe and Danielson, we felt the presence of Jim Cornette, a true legend in this business. He may be the best on the mic in all of wrestling and he did his thing for about 10 minutes straight as he had the crowd eating out of his hand. During the intermission, we hung outside in the parking lot to get some air. While out there, we're talking to Homicide (the same that is on TNA on Thursday nights, Spike TV at 11:00). He's a huge Yankees fan and so am I. We kept getting updates on the Yanks game going on that night through our phone. A very cool guy and easily approachable. He also told us of some inside info dealing with TNA, so that was fun.

The trip back to the mean streets of Shinnston. We had to hit up White Castle again or it wouldn't be a trip. We ended up getting 13 cheeseburgers (remember they're little), 2 orders of clams, onion chips or whatever they're called, cheesesticks, and drinks that were insanely big. They mangled our order, kept apologizing, and I don't think the guy working could read or write. Someone left in front of us in the drive-thru as they were pissed. It was worth the wait for some greasy food, I liked it.

Quick sports news. My Yanks got routed in their series with the Tigers. My boys got one win, ouch. Game 2 was nuts as they had Verlander and Zumaya both throwing in triple digits. Zumaya hit 103 at least once out there on the gun that I saw. That's just nasty. The only guy that seemed to get around on these guys was Sheffield and that's because he probably has the quickest (as well as hardest) swing in all of baseball. Not much I can say. I'm happy for Jimmy Leyland though. I'm in the camp that isn't against A-Rod though. Sure, he choked in the clutch, but he still had a good year. Not MVP like as he should, but his numbers in a "bad" year are what most would consider a career year. As far as my Irish, they got the win at least against Stanford. We're finally in a stretch of lesser teams, so hopefully they don't screw it up. 5-1, next week it's UCLA. As I type this, my Bears are up 30-0 on Spank's Bills as the 4th quarter starts. That's mean.

EDDFL! Yep, fantasy NBA is right around the corner and that's what I live for. Today we had our draft lottery at my house and that was a fun time. 11 guys in the league this year and I'll be talking about that a lot more. Here's the order we're picking this year for our upcoming Draft Day on October 22nd, live from Bunny's in Fairmont:
1. Riley
2. Fleece
3. Me
4. Cork
5. Fortney
6. Spank
7. Mudcat
8. TJ
9. Sidell
10. Ozzie
11. Posey

I was wanting somewhere in the middle of the pack, but I'll take #3 and be happy with it. This is the first year that we've had a draft lotto, so it'll be fun to see how the preparation goes and how everyone's mock drafts work out.

Starting tomorrow, and for the next 6 weeks, I have to do student teaching in an elementary school in special education and I'll have my full Masters degree when all is said and done. I'm kind of excited for that, so that'll be nice when I take care of that business. I've done very little elementary work, so hopefully I don't have to smack any of those little tots around, hah. Give em the ol pimp slap. I think it'll be ok though, I'll just have to adjust.

A quick NBA Live 2007 update. Me and Spank are already done with an entire month's worth of games. Still hard, but we have a win and we're on our way now. Sure, we could wuss it down and put it on pansy level, but what's the fun in that? This will more than likely be my last game until the Nintendo Wii comes out next month, but we'll see. I want to get Bully in a few weeks for PS2, but hard to tell.

2 new CDs to the collection. They are both 2Pac compilations. One is called A Decade Of Silence. This one features 13 songs that are mixed or featuring other people and then another 7 songs that are his early years. Some of those you wouldn't even recognize as 2Pac. The other CD is called Sunset Boulevard. This one has a lot of stuff that wasn't released before and older tracks as well.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: http://www.myspace.com/miss_tease

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's roll out the birthday carpet for Monday, October 9th, also Columbus Day: John Lennon would've been 66. The racist, former Senate Majority Leader of the Republican Party, Trent Lott is 65. Actor Robert Wuhl goes for 55. Actor Scott Bakula is celebrating his 52nd. My boy Mike Singletary, one of the best linebackers ever, Happy 47th! Former Celtic and NY streetball legend Kenny Anderson hits 36. Golfer Annika Sorenstam also has her 36th.

2. For the locals, we're back to playing ball regular again. For a while, we'll be ballin' it up at School Square on Thursday nights. 7:00. Bring whoever you want. Then when it gets colder and when Jerry West starts, we'll move to The Lighthouse. This town is nothing but lazy bums, but spare a few hours of your week to play some ball, you won't be disappointed.

3. How come nobody is making more of the porn featuring Screech of Saved By The Bell fame? Supposedly there is a 40-minute sex tape going around. Surprisingly I haven't tried to download this mess yet, but I'm sure it'd be easy to get. Things I'm reading say he's there with 2 other chicks and the famous Dirty Sanchez move is part of this video. Don't know what that is? Look it up, but I'm guessing most know that one. Screech in porn? Sure, it's weird, but you know you're definitely interested now. You're straight lying if you say you wouldn't watch just out of wonder.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Flavor Flav & Weiner Dogs

Time flies and I don't even know about it. Has it really been another week since my last post? I guess so. October is already here too and stuff just keeps going by. Things are going great with me though, I can't complain. I'm seeing Christmas commercials and things of the like on TV, so I guess we're getting there. I'll have a variety of topics this week for the fans, so we're ready to cook something up.

Nice comments on the last blog, much appreciated. Dom, hopefully I have a non-model chick for ya for the thug ho this week that you asked for. This one doesn't appear to be in anything big, but I could be wrong with that. 200 some friends and I don't see any mention of her in videos or doing shoots. Who knows. Kristen, awesome job on the Garrett Wolfe stuff. You get my respect on that, considering a lot don't even know much about him yet sadly.

I'll bounce back between days in here, but I'll start with Sunday. We got some ball action in then. Not basketball this time, but this time we rolled with some football. No tackle since we're all old and stuff and that wouldn't be a good idea, but it was still a great time. We had 10 in attendance and went to my old high school's field. They were chalking up the main field, so we had to play on the practice field, fine by me. Hopefully we can play next week and start something regular. Anyways, we had 10 in attendance. Team 1 was Ozzie, Bart, Slim, Big Mac, and myself. We took on Fortney, Sweet Pea, Nick At Nite, Matt Sickles (I still need to get used to the whole Matty Cakes nickname, but it's a good one. Someone fill me in on how that one started.), and Swiger. Pretty competitive stuff. The first game, it was tied 10-10 (we just played by scores, so that's 10 TDs). The defense on either side didn't stop a single drive for some reason. Bart dominated. At 6'4" or whatever he is, he'd catch stuff over people and he was our main threat. I had the speed game in full effect, catching some deep passes and making some moves, so I was happy. Second game my crew won and we ended up playing to 5. I didn't get as sore as I thought, but my thighs are blazing.

Anyone been keeping up with Flavor of Love 2 on VH1? If not, you're mising out on some truly good TV drama. We're down to the finale next week and this past week got crazy. Flav invited the 3 girls' parents that were left (New York, Crazy, and Deelishis). And yes, Flav spells it Deelishis. New York's Mom was over the top, more so than New York herself. That added to the show as she was rumbling with everyone. Flav brought his 37 kids onto the show this week too, so they could do some detective work and weed these girls out for who he should kick out. Funny that I found out that Flav is a Grandpa too. He's 47 and these chicks in their early 20s are all over him, that's classic. What a pimp. Anyways, Crazy gets the boot this week because she's fake and was only on there to get her demo CD heard. I'm telling ya, take my word on this show and watch it when it's on. Next Sunday is the finale, be there!

After a week of waking up early, it was time to start the weekend in style. Spank bought NBA Live 2007 for the house. He's at my house more than he is at his, so he said why not just buy it for our crib. We got it for PlayStation 2 and it's a quality game. The gameplay is smooth and I like how it's setup. The one thing that we can't get by is how hard this game is compared to past years. We're not the type to put it on wuss level to make it easier, so we'll roll with getting our heads beat in for a while until we start to punish opponents. We picked the Knicks as our team in our franchise because they're pathetic and we're doing the co-op deal. We're both on the court at the same time, so that makes it interesting. So far so good though, it'll keep us busy, nothing else to do in Shinnston.

That night, we ended up playing Live for 9 straight hours. Yep, we were in a coma when the night was over, but that's about as good as it gets. You can't have a video game night without loads of food either. Why not go for the town's best, so we ordered off A's. One of our biggest orders in a while. Our bill was $40 before the tip. I got a steak hoagie with extra cheese, sweet peppers, and onions. I also got a small antipasta salad (the only real kind of salad to get in my opinion) and a funnel cake. Spank loads up on an Italian burger, small pizza, antipasta salad, and also a funnel cake. Big Jimmy came out to deliver it, so we hooked him up good on the tip. We're both idiots when it comes to tipping, but they deserve it, so we treat them good. Nobody else gives them nice tips, so we might as well load up.

As mentioned, another trip to Cleveland this Friday. Ring of Honor Wrestling for this year's Survival of the Fittest 2006. I know what you're thinking, especially to the non-wrestling fans. I'm actually going to drive 4 hours to see a wrestling show and drive back on the same night? Of course. I'm not thinking twice about it, especially with how good the show was in July, titled Generation Next. Road trips rock anyways, plus given the chance to see the best wrestling organization out there, it's a no-brainer.

No new CDs this time around. I know I'm due for that though. A lot of good ones coming out soon. What should be on the list in the near future? Ones I'm interested in this month include: Celly Cel "The Wild West", Ludacris "Release Therapy", Webstar "Caught In The Web", Napoleon "Loyalty Over Money", Unk "Beat'N Down Yo Block", Lloyd Banks "Rotten Apple", MC Eiht "Compton's OG", Belo "The Truth", Puff "Press Play", Layzie Bone "Cleveland", Jibbs "Jiggs Featuring Jibbs", Scarface "Made", Birdman & Lil Wayne "Like Father, Like Son", C-Rayz Walz "1975: Return Of The Beast", Dayton Family "Return To Dayton Ave", 8Ball "Light Up The Bomb", Flavor Flav "Flavor Flav", Ice-T "Gangsta Rap", and Lil Jon "Crunk Rock". Wow, I guess October will be a busy CD month for me. More than I thought, we'll see what I can come up with out of this bunch.

Bird's YouTube Moment of the Week: Anyone seen the two kids dancing around to the Crazy Frog music? If you haven't, you're in for a treat. The skinny kid cracks me up good in this. The little kid is a riot too because he acts all hard and rough throughout. Enjoy, you won't be disappointed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgoOihBb78w&eurl=

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=25172798

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Oh yes.. Nintendo finally put out the release date for their new console, the Nintendo Wii. November 19th. And for $250, you get the system, controller, and Wii Sports thrown in. I'll be first in line for that bad boy. No XBox 360 or PS3 for me, it's all Wii since I'm a diehard Nintendo guy.

2. Birthdays.. Tuesday, October 3rd. Former Yankee, Dave Winfield is 55. Politician Al Sharpton goes for 52. One of the greatest relief pitchers ever, Dennis Eckersley, hits 52 as well. Rocker Tommy Lee is 44. Gwen Stefani turns 37, I bet that surprised some. Neve Campbell is 33. What happened to her? We saw her naked that one time and then her career went downhill. Go figure. That's all I can do for ya today.

3. A neighbor of mine down the street puts their weiner dog on a leash outside. It's funny stuff to see a weiner dog anyways as those dogs rule, but to see one stuck to a leash and tied up is quality. Maybe that's just me.