Sunday, October 15, 2006

Real Mashed Potatoes

Yep, we're back in action. This past week has treated me rather well, so I can't complain. Then again, you guys know I always try to be in a good mood, no drama in my part of the town. Plus, nobody listens if you complain anyways, forget those whiners. A fairly long blog is in store, so I better gear up. Now onto important things for everyone to read..

We're now one week away from my favorite thing to do all year, fantasy NBA. Next Sunday, my crew will be drafting live from Bunny's in Fairmont thanks to a hookup from Sorine. We have 11 in the league this year, with 2 out of state drafting by phone on 3-way. Not 3-way Screech style, but you know. Our draft board came in the mail a few days ago and everyone is itching to get this draft underway.

I survived Week 1 of the little kids. Yep, the elementary level ones. As stated before, I have to do 6 weeks of student teaching in an elementary school to complete my masters degree. I have a mixture of ages, but most of mine are in 1st grade and they're something else. I thought I'd be hating elementary stuff, but it rocks so far. These little kids are funny cats, no doubt. Plus, I'm at a school with maybe 3 or 4 total male teachers, so how bad can that be? Then again, most of the chicks are MILFs so I have to stay away from that drama, but it can't hurt to look. We'll see how the upcoming weeks go with the kiddies, I'll keep everyone updated.

My sleep schedule is a mess as everyone knows. Starting on Friday night, me, Spank, and Cork played 9 straight hours of NBA Live 2007 for PS2. We're getting pretty far in our dynasty with the Knicks of all teams. We're already into January and our record is a horrendous 2-31. Like I said, this game is super hard, but we're still into it regardless. Then on Saturday, we played 5 more hours. Between A's food and Chinese, we ordered an insane amount of stuff the past few days, it was nuts. Well worth blowing money on though, nothing else to spend it on. Yes, we're nearly 30 years old and spend most of our weekends playing video games. And we admit that, so be it. What else should I be doing? Hanging at some bar and trying to get some filthy greasy chick loaded up with tattoos and diseases that also smokes? Forget that mess. Then again, that's more than I'm with right now, but still. The single life rocks. Oh yeah, I went to bed on Friday night/Saturday morning at 8:15 AM, not bad.

I'm a neat freak and like things all organized. What does that have to do with anything? I was rolling home from work on Friday, minding my business. I was in front of Rite Aid for the locals and this truck was in front of me with the traffic around 3:10 or so. I'm surprised I haven't done it a lot before, but I had my first fender bender. This guy had a long hitch on the back of his truck and I didn't think I was that close, but apparently I was. I heard it scrape the front of my car and didn't like the sound. The dude pulls off into the Rite Aid lot and I follow. He gets out, is a really nice dude, and just wants to check if my car was ok. He said he could care less about his truck and knew I couldn't hurt it, which I didn't. I have to get the front of mine fixed though. I could leave if like that, but I'd be freaking out since it's not all perfect. Sure, I don't drive anything crazy, but I still take real good care of it. It happens though, no biggie. Plus, I'm a horrible driver anyways, so to those reading, it's not that surprising.

I don't get the whole wedding reception thing. Maybe it was just because I wasn't around my crew on Saturday night, but I'll set the story up. There isn't much of a story, but I like to talk about random things, so this is what you'll get. It was a reception at Village Square for a cousin of mine who got married. A nice setup and the food wasn't bad. It was mostly a family gathering, it didn't get rowdy, and I just wanted to eat and get out of there after making my appearance. I ended up staying longer than I wanted, but sometimes you have to do things like that. The chick scene was about slim to none and that's never good times at a wedding reception. Then again, I got to hang with the hottest chick in Shinnston for a good bit as far as my personal rankings go (not a family member you freaks that were thinking that since I said it was a family gathering and I'm in WV), so that helped the boring night if nothing else. And for the locals keeping track at home of my rankings, my #2 hottest chick in Shinnston, even if she doesn't live in Shinnston, is Betty the mail chick. But since she works here, she qualifies.

Is it new CDs you want? This time I went off as I have 9 to present to you. The collection is never ending and I have some rock solid stuff in this one. Here we go, as usual, in alphabetical order:

Frost: Till The Wheels Fall Off. I don't know anything about this guy, but he's a Mexican rapper in East LA. I saw his CD in a Bay Area room and figured I'd give him a listen since it got a few good reviews. We'll see.

Hi-Tek: Hi-Teknology - Volume 2 (The Chip). A legendary DJ here. His work with Mos Def and Talib Kweli in the 90s put him on the map. He's from Cincy, but he's pretty much labeled a NY DJ since that's where he made it big time in Brooklyn. You want some true hip hop? Load up on this action.

Layzie Bone: Cleveland. As I've said before, it seems like Bone members have a new CD out every few weeks. They go to work in the studio. I like the title of this one as well since it's simple and you know what you're getting. Plus on my trips to Cleveland, it'll fit the ride perfectly.

Ludacris: Release Therapy. Most are into Luda since he's kept his style of rap the same for years. A nice crew on this CD that features Young Jeezy, Field Mob, Pharrell, Bobby Valentino, R Kelly, Beanie Sigel, Mary J, and others. That's powerful. The track Tell It Like It Is, listen to that one. Interesting stuff in there plus he has a section where he rips into Chingy.

MC Eiht: Compton's OG. One of the most respected West Coast gangsta rappers. He's been around for a minute, that's for sure. Another who hasn't changed his style one bit. Into some mean rap? Eiht is your man.

P Diddy: Press Play. Puff is at it again as it's been a while since his last solo joint. Puff cracks me up more than his actual talent, mainly for his dancing. No rhythm for his dancing at all, but it's good entertainment to watch. I'm sure he doesn't care though, dude knows how to make crazy money. This CD is loaded up with people. That's one thing I'm not as big on with Puff as he can't really do many songs by himself. He likes to spread the wealth. You get Twista, Timbaland, C-Lo, Nas, Mario Winans, Keyshia Cole, Mary J, Jamie Foxx, Dirty Aguilera, and a bunch of others.

Skant Bone: 4 Seasonz. I'm guessing most reading don't know this guy unless you're a huge Bone Thugs fan. This guy was from the branched off Mo Thugs group they had a while back. He does his thing and of course most of the Bone Thugs crew is on the songs, so it can't be bad based on that you wouldn't think.

Webstar: Caught In The Web. This CD is making rounds and being famous for featuring Chicken Noodle Soup that has Young B doing her thing with Webstar. Other than that, you get a lot of NY DJ type stuff and check it out if you're into that type of thing.

Xzibit: Full Circle. X to the Z has been due for a new album for a while. I've always liked his raps since he just doesn't care and tells it how it is. On this one you get the pimp boss Too $hort, The Game, DJ Quik, and Kurupt.

Bird's Dirty Thug Ho of the Week:

Bird's YouTube Moment of the Week: Everyone is going to love this. Wrestling fan or not, you need to watch this. This is rare footage of a 1994 incident featuring manager Jim Cornette. He's in a car with a group of wrestlers and they pull up to a Dairy Queen drive thru. They order a ton of food and the DQ people don't believe they really want it and are messing with them. They pull up to the window and the DQ chick tells them they don't have it all ready. That's when Cornette flips. One of the wrestlers in the backseat had a camera and filmed the festivities. You'll be cracking up good. Anyways, here is Jimbo going on a cussing tirade on DQ, to the point where he gets out of the car and opens up the drive thru window. Enjoy:

3 Quick Thangs:

1. Let's go with birthdays for Monday, October 16th: First off, I gotta wish a happy one to Carolina who celebrated a birthday on the 15th. That's today as I write this, nice. She would've slapped me around good if I didn't mention her in the blog, so I'm top of my game today. On Monday? Suzanne Somers is 60, ridiculous. You're not supposed to look like her at 60. Then again, nothing on her body is real at this point. Actor Tim Robbins, born in WV, goes for 48. 7'7" Manute Bol turns 44 on this day. Flea of the Chili Peppers is also 44. Wrestling vixen Missy Hyatt, the first diva of wrestling is 43. You can easily find her bouncing around naked on the internet if you're bored. Kordell Stewart, the more than likely gay QB, is now 34.

2. Just heard a stat. WV has more kids die under the age of 18 than any other state out there. Ouch.

3. I'm a big mashed potatoes fan, but there's a big difference. Instant mashed potatoes are the world's worst. They gotta be the real deal for me to want any part of that.


Chrissy said...

HAHA the mail chic is hot :-p Thats a funny & your just like my lil sister when it comes to mashed potatos they have to be real or she woulnt eat them and shes a HUGE masted potato fan!...But nice blog :-p

Anonymous said...

Wow, it has been a long time since I have been by your blog. I was a cadet teacher in high school for the 2nd and kindergardeners. They were so much fun. Well, I would say how about them Cardinals, but right now they are doing horrible in this game. Hope things are going great for ya, sounds like they are.

Kristen said...

1st graders are great..sounds like fun. In a hurry..but sorta like the wedding, just wanted to let you know I was here. Hope you have fun up there, later

c-note said...

Who is your #1?

I like my potatoes baked & loaded.

Bird33 said...

What's up Clark? I didn't even put the #1 in there, thought people knew that on me and once I stated the Village Square stuff. My bad. Mary Alessio.

The_Freak said...

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